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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  November 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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help in the fight. >> they are not coming to consider for divisions of troops to go invade anyplace. they are needing help with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. >> the french president will meet will mr. obama next week in washington and so far officials say air strikes carried out by french and russian jets in raqqa have killed more than 2 dozen isis militants. the mayor of new york city is urging people to go about their lives normally despite a threatening video from isis. don champion reports from times square. reporter: heavily armed officers now stand guard in new york city's times square. the landmark is at the center of a new threat from isis. >> the people of new york city will not be intimidated. >> reporter: in a rare late night press conference wednesday, city officials called for vigilance. the threat came in a video released online by the terror group. it shows a suicide bomber preparing for an attack and footage of tourist sites and restaurants in times square. >> there was nothing new about
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that video. it looks like it's been hastily produced. it is a mishmash of previously released video. we believe it's a compilation of videos going back to one in august. >> reporter: in all, about 19 seconds of old footage from around new york appears in the video. police officials say it just reaffirms that the city remains a top terrorist target. following friday's deadly attacks in paris, the nypd has already beefed up patrols and dispatched a new counter- terrorism unit. >> i want to encourage all new yorkers to continue to go about their business normally. >> reporter: in recent days, isis has also threatened attacks in washington, d.c. after 9/11 new york has been at the center of numerous terror plots including the failed attempt to detonate a car bomb in times square five years ago. don champion, cbs news new york. >> the police commissioner says new yorkers should be aware but not afraid. in response to recent acts
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of terror today congress takes up a proposal that toughens screening for some refugees. the idea has lawmakers divided including those from the bay area. kiet do is live in san jose with a closer look at the debate. kiet. >> reporter: yes, good morning. in this national debate, two voices in particular stand out. senator dianne feinstein and representative mike honda. they have both impassioned arguments over what to do with the syrian refugee crisis. this debate is dividing republicans and democrats who fear that syrians entering the country might carry out terrorist attacks. senator feinstein wants to make it tougher for syrians and iraqis to enter the u.s. by targeting the so-called visa waiver program. that program allows citizens from certain countries to fast track entry into the u.s. feinstein is essentially trying to cut off what could be seen as a loophole in that program. >> let's say france has had 2,000 people leave to go and fight. they are a visa waiver country so the people come back to france and then come to the
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united states. so the bill we would propose would strictly limit that. >> reporter: house republicans also plan to introduce a bill today adding roadblocks for syrians and iraqi refugees. that bill would require the fbi to conduct background checks and the department of homeland security would need to certify refugees were not a threat. all this is drawing sharp criticism from representative mike honda who was in a japanese interment camp. we cannot let the extremist perpetrators drive us into such a misguided action for it is when we allow them to lead as you way from our principles and ideals that we as a country suffer. the white house says they will veto the bill saying it would undermine efforts to help refugees. kiet do, kpix 5. kiet has a jacket on but kind of nice outside. >> that's nothing! you know what?
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>> that's nothing. >> you know what he is going to be wearing next week? his little blue mittens! >> we know those mittens, right? >> we do. from last season. [ laughter ] >> we love his little mittens. we have a big time change coming into our forecast beginning with next tuesday evening and yes, we are going to be getting some rain but more noticeably will be the very cold air mass. 40s and 50s is as good as it's going to get. right now we have areas of ground fog inland. 41 degrees in livermore. 53 san francisco. where kiet do is, it's 46 degrees. north of the golden gate bridge into the 40s except for fairfield in the upper 30s. very spring-like but our temperatures will be topping off from 63 in pacifica to 73 degrees in santa rosa. a bit of a north-northwest breeze to 10 miles per hour. we'll have the full forecast coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. still a smooth commute for
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bay area roads. 880 is looking good. a quick drive time now just a brief 16-minute drive between 238 and the maze in oakland. bay bridge toll plaza looking good. very light traffic. so enjoy it while it lasts. still flowing well all the way across the bridge heading into san francisco. and the golden gate commute is also looking good. highway 37 which was shut down for most of the day yesterday because of that big accident, that reopened last night, both directions are now open approaching 121 and bart is on time. i'll have another look at "kcbs traffic" in less than 10 minutes. >> thank you. rescue teams in napa are searching for a jet skier who vanished overnight. police say the 50-year-old woman was last seen by the brazos bridge near the napa valley marina. the coast guard and napa county sheriff are using helicopters and boats to search for the woman. a stretch of highway 37 in sonoma county opened once again after a deadly crash. the last lane reopened just a couple of hours ago.
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that multi-vehicle crash happened yesterday afternoon between lakeville highway and sears point. two big rigs and five cars were involved. one of the truck drivers died at the scene. there are no reports of other major injuries. the mayor of san francisco wants the state to investigate last week's tour bus crash in union square. mayor lee says he is alarmed about allegations that the tour bus company ignored state safety regulations. 20 people were hurt including the driver who says the air pressure buzzer on the bus went off. it returned to normal but a few seconds later he heard a loud bang and the bus started to accelerate. the driver also says the emergency brake did not work. today the three drifters accused of two bay area killings will be arraigned in court. sean angold, morrison lampley and lila alli igood are accused of two killings. the gun was stolen from a car
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at san francisco's fisherman's wharf. that's not the only cases with killings from stolen guns from unlocked cars in san francisco. anne makovec has details of a new plan. reporter: good morning. that proposal is set to be announced at 10 a.m. this morning here at san francisco city hall. it is being proposed by san francisco supervisor david campos. it would require everybody who has a gun in their vehicle to keep it locked either in the trunk or in a locked box. originally, the rules were to apply to off duty law enforcement officers. this measure though would apply to anyone with a gun in san francisco. now, in addition to the drifters case that frank just mentioned, kate steinle was also killed with a gun stolen from a car. she was shot in broad daylight at san francisco's pier 14 this summer a case most notable for reigniting the sanctuary city debate but also gun control.
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now, san francisco already has tough gun control rules. in fact, those rules are blamed for running out the last gun store out of the city last month. so we'll see if people who are in favor of gun rights are going to try to come out against this measure. most likely they will unless they are just seeing san francisco at this point as a lost cause. anne makovec, kpix 5. today a parole hearing happens for the last chowchilla bus kidnapper still behind bars. frederic woods is now 64. his two accomplices richard and james schoenfeld have already been released. they all received life terms for hijacking a school bus in the 1976 and putting 26 children in an underground bunker. the victims were able to dig out and escape. woods has already been denied parole 15 times. union workers plan to protest at the san francisco airport today to support airport workers who were staging a one-day strike at 6
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other u.s. cities. cabin, terminal cleaners and wheelchair attendants at other airports are calling for better wages and union rights. san francisco workers won't actually strike but will hold a demonstration at terminal three this morning. time now 5:09. shocking video this morning shows a chopper spinning out of control. in the end it turned fatal. we have details straight ahead. >> it's one of the bay area's premiere wedding venues but neighbors say it's a nuisance. more on the wedding war just ahead. >> boy, great visibility there. but from our kpix 5 weather center, we are going to be checking in with our weather watcher and telling you where fog is an issue. >> and we have slow traffic already for the busy highway 4 commute leaving the antioch area. also delays for 680. i'll show you exactly where coming up. ,,
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the cheddar onion buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. i was driving that 580/680 earlier this morning. ramp was closed. liza battalones has that information coming up. but look at the fog limiting visibility. can't even see out to the regal cinemas. we have fog affecting many of our local areas and we'll talk about your microclimate forecast coming up in 4 minutes. two n are dead after a helicopter crashed and burned in southern california. it happened at about 4:30
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yesterday afternoon at palomar airport in carlsbad. a witness said it looked like the pilot was trying to touch down on a portable landing pad when the tail hit the ground. the helicopter spun and lost its tail then tipped over in a cloud of flame and smoke. investigators from the ntsb say they don't know the cause of the crash. they are reviewing videos taken by witnesses. 5:13 now. two off duty new york police detectives are hailed as heroes for saving the life of a stabbing victim on hollywood's scott walker. a russian tourist was on the hollywood boulevard with his family yesterday when he was stabbed by a man with a kitchen knife. it was unprovoked. new york detectives in l.a. on business saw the attack subdued that suspect. the victim had surgery and is expected to recover. california has reason to believe optimistic about the state budget. the independent legislative analyst says the state could end fiscal 2016 with almost $12
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billion in its rainy day fund. but it all depends on continued economic recovery and no new spending increases. the paris attacks have sports organizers on edge leading to increased security for super bowl 50. yesterday, local, state and federal officials held a super security scrimmage. they discussed the safety precautions in place for super bowl city. that will be at the foot of market street. san francisco's police chief says they will have comprehensive security during the events. >> if we can layer so much security which we intend to do, then they will go another way. >> emergency planners are working with the private sector as well making sure they have plenty of vantage point in the city. the super bowl host committee will no longer interfere with muni transit wires near super bowl city. they were going to take down the lines to make room for events on market street but
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that would have meant more disruption for muni. now they will work around the overhead lines. let's check the roads with liza. >> san francisco's muni, bart, all of our local transit systems are moving well right now. no delays. good morning, frank and michelle. hi there, everybody! we are going to talk about the bay bridge commute, where westbound traffic is flowing well. we still have a delay in just a few of the cash lanes. could be because of the toll shift change over at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound traffic flowing well all the way across the bridge heading into the city. san mateo bridge also looking good with a quick 14-minute drive time between hayward bound for foster city. now, 280 approaching downtown san jose all lanes are open for you. we didn't have any construction overnight so it is flowing well for all of our south bay freeways, guadalupe parkway also looking good approaching the airport. but do bear in mind 680 our sensors are picking up a pocket of slow traffic in the southbound direction. this is around the same area where there is construction scheduled until 6:00 this morning. so expect those delays
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southbound 680 as you leave the cordelia junction bound for the martinez area. we are going to move on to the rest of the commute. if you are making the 580/680 drive this is it right here. there were ramps that were shut down overnight for ongoing construction. all ramps are now open at the dublin interchange and all lanes are open as well through the oakland areas 880 flowing well both ways southbound traffic still looking good for that drive leaving the oakland area bound for hayward. now, again, all of our bridge commutes are looking good including the golden gate where southbound traffic is flowing well leaving southern marin. a 14-minute drive time between the richmond bridge turnoff and the golden gate bridge. bear in mind that highway 37 is now open. it was shut down for most of the day yesterday because of that big accident near 121. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. good morning, everyone. 16 minutes after the hour of 5:00. it's weather watcher time! and i have notice the most of our weather watchers are reporting temperatures away from the bay into the 40s. however, george has 52 degrees in san francisco right now.
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take a look at this. 47 degrees that would be steve in los altos reporting some clear skies no fog there. the dew point is rising. let's check the notable numbers into the 40s. 42 in napa. want to take a look at this picture. this is sent by bill moon in lafayette. and who says we don't have seasons changing here in the bay area? take a look at that beautiful picture there. with our seasons changing it's now 80 days away from super bowl 50 right here at levi's stadium. no network footage exists of super bowl i because it was taped over supposedly for a soap opera. you will be able to see the super bowl right here on kpix 5 february 7. in san francisco now 51 degrees. san jose 46. low 40s in santa rosa. pockets of fog in napa this
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morning and the tri-valley. we have changes next week. we have high pressure building in towards the state of california. it's getting stronger and closer so therefore, our temperatures are going up. we keep the precipitation to the north of us. but this high pressure ridge is going to break down next week with an approaching area of low pressure that's going to drop out of the gulf of alaska. it has a lot of cold air associated with it so while we will start to see the rain probably late tuesday more like wednesday into your thanksgiving, the most notable change will be the cooler air mass. it's going to turn very winter like around the bay area as far as our temperatures are concerned. it is now in the 40s going up to 68 degrees in sacramento. we have an air temperature of 20 now in the high sierra. 66 degrees where it's currently 46 in monterey bay. our numbers slightly warmer than yesterday in the 60s and in the low 70s. these temperatures are very spring-like even though the calendar says november. so we have colder and unsettled weather beginning on tuesday. wednesday is a big getaway day and it looks like we are going
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to see about .75" of rain. it could be offer because it's so far out but it looks like rain on wednesday and thursday. the turkey won't be dry. >> no. that's good. >> it will be moist. >> that's the way thanksgiving is supposed to be, cold and the fire is on. >> we are so excited we'll have the snow falling in the greater lake tahoe area. >> there you go. >> yay! >> good stuff. bring it on. 5:19 your time. homeowners in san francisco are trying to get to the root of a city tree problem. as it is now, if a tree is on your property, you're the one responsible for taking care of it which of course can cost thousands. city officials say sidewalk trees became the homeowners problem due to budget restraints. >> this is not something that public works wanted to do in the first place but we didn't have the resources to care for the trees ourselves. >> one city leader propose the taxing electricity on commercial properties to pay for the trees. petitions will be needed to be circulated in order for it to
5:20 am
become a ballot measure. residents in berkeley are speaking out over a neighbor's decision to make his home a wedding venue. check out the views from this property on panoramic hill above uc-berkeley. it's beautiful. easy to see why the homeowner rented out for nuptials but some neighbors say the constant stream of traffic can cause chaos at times. >> i think the problem is with large trucks going up and down. you know? it's a very narrow road. >> the city's cited the owner declaring the enterprise a nuisance. he insists it's no different than renting a house on "airbnb" and is now applying for a permit and waiting for an appeal hearing. it's an interesting court case out of san francisco involving embryos and a divorced couple. we'll show you how the battle ended. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, why the raiders coach disagrees with the
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penalty given to one of his players by the national football league. and i got a play you're going to flip over. straight ahead. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. when the season began the raiders pass rush looked like a team struck with aldon smith. now two of the three are done
5:24 am
for the year. aldon smith was suspended by the nfl for a year. and tuck out with an injury. with the suspension, aldon smith cannot have contact with the team until next year. that did not sit well with head coach jack del rio as oakland tries to help smith stay out of trouble. >> there's not a lot you can do when you're basically told you can't have contact, you can't be part of the team. [ inaudible ] >> contact with these guys? >> there are a lot of rules i'd like to see change. they are not waiting for me to declare which rules, but i certainly think that's something that could be looked at. >> since he has been here he has been a great teammate, a great friend. he is family to me. he knows that. i love him. but we're moving on without him. we have to. but he will be welcomed with open arms when he comes back. >> the raiders in detroit this
5:25 am
weekend. if you want to read more about the aldon smith situation, check out my blog on i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, we are going to take you to the nba off to salt lake. we have toronto, we have utah and an impressive drunk the raptors. and a two-handed slam. another look. talk about elevation. make that a one-handed slam. but in the end the jazz won with a 34 point 4th quarter. that's your play of the day. the national debate over the syrian refugee crisis is raging. two local elected officials are chiming in. we'll have that coming up in a live report. >> and a new proposal to prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands. one politician says it's common sense. judge for yourself next. ,,
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accused mastermi d last week's attacks in now dead. the very latest from france. and legislation being pushed uld ultimately dec 5,000 rounds fired. the accused mastermind behind last week's attacks in paris now dead. the very latest from france. >> and legislation being pushed today could ultimately decide whether syrian and iraqi refugees can enter the u.s. more on the plan the president is saying will never happen. >> we are one week away from thanksgiving but our temperatures are more spring- like. but we have big changes in your weather forecast. >> and it's looking like rush hour at the bay bridge toll plaza. we now have backups. i'll tell you where all the traffic hot spots are. >> good morning. it's thursday, november 19. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. new images have emerged of last friday's attacks in paris. surveillance video obtained by
5:30 am
the "daily mail" shows the chaos outside a restaurant. a terrorist can be seen in the top left corner and patrons dive inside and take cover as bullets and glass fly everywhere. people are running for their lives and there's also an image of a woman the publication referred to as the luckiest woman in the world. you can see there the gunman appears to be aiming at her at point-blank range but the weapon jams and she is able to flee. this morning officials in france confirm that the alleged ringleader of last week's terror attacks in paris is dead. jonathan vigliotti reports. reporter: french s.w.a.t. teams raided this apartment in the paris suburb wednesday where the alleged mastermind of last week's terror attacks was thought to be hiding. law enforcement officials say one suspect was killed as police threw grenades and fired 5,000 rounds. . a female suicide bomber died also. eight others including seven men and a woman were arrested. as france continues to mourn,
5:31 am
french president francois hollande is calming on the u.s. to intensify its role in the fight against isis. the topic is the focus when hollande meets with president obama next week in washington. >> they are not coming to ask for divisions of troops to go invade anyplace. they are going to need help with what's called intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. or isr. >> reporter: so far officials say the air strikes carried out by french jets and other forces have killed more than 2 dozen isis militants in the syrian stronghold of raqqa this week. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, paris. officials are also confirming that the woman who blew herself up was -- they are confirming more information about her. we are going to get that information to you when we get more details. and we are learning more about the bataclan theatre. a sacramento band the deaf tones was there with its crew that night. they left just 10 minutes before the terrorists came in and started shooting. the band was supposed to play
5:32 am
there the next night. >> of course we're lucky but i mean, you know, i can't look at it that way. i just need to continue on. this is what we do. you can't stop us. you can't stop the love and you can't stop gathering. that's the main thing. >> isis released a new video suggesting new york city is a potential target. it shows scenes from manhattan and a suicide bomber preparing explosives. nypd says the video reaffirms the message that new york city remains a top terrorist target. late last night new york mayor bill de blasio said the city will not be intimidated by that video. in san francisco, police say there are no terror ties to a man accused of scrawling an islamic symbol on a french- american school. edward vanwright was arrested a 44-year-old transient and is charged with trespass and vandalism. the graffiti found tuesday on a playground wall is a symbol for a group called 5% nation, which is an offshoot of the nation of
5:33 am
islam. san francisco police say there is no threat to the school, students or staff. and in response to recent acts of terror, today congress takes up a proposal that toughens screening for some refugees. the idea has lawmakers divided including those from the bay area. kiet do is live in san jose with a look. reporter: good morning. two bay area elected officials both democrats are at odds over this. senator dianne feinstein and congressman mike honda. both have arguments about what to do about syrian refugees. this debate has sharply divided republicans and democrats over what to do with the syrians fleeing the country and fearing that once they enter the u.s. they will carry out terrorist attacks. senator feinstein wants to make it tougher for syrians and iraqis to enter the u.s. by target, the visa waiver program. that program allows citizens from certain countries to fast track entry into the u.s. feinstein wants to block anyone from using the visa waiver program who has been in syria
5:34 am
or iraq for the past five years. >> the problem is, the european communities which are all visa waiver communities, let's say france has had 2,000 people leave to go and fight. they are a visa waiver country so the people come back to france and come into the united states. so the bill we would proposal would strictly limit that and make very clear. >> reporter: house republicans also plan to introduce a bill today adding roadblocks for syrians and iraqi refugees. the bill would require the fbi to conduct background checks and the department of homeland security would need to certify that the refugees were not a threat. all of this has drawn sharp criticism from representative mike honda who was in a japanese internment camp. he said:
5:35 am
by the way, the white house has promised a veto of that house bill should it get there saying that the bill would undermine our efforts to help refugees in the region. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. today the three drifters accused of two bay area killings will be arraigned in marin county. sean angold, morrison lampley and lila alligood have yet to enter pleas to charges of murder and robbery. they are accused of shooting a woman to death in golden gate park and a man near fairfax. both killings happened in early october. police say the gun was stolen from a car at san francisco's firner man's wharf. there are other cases involving guns stolen from unlocked cars in san francisco. kpix 5's anne makovec has more on a proposal aimed to keep those guns secure. reporter: this rule was first proposed in september. it's now been expanded and it's going in front of a committee
5:36 am
at city hall in san francisco today. this measure introduced by supervisor david campos. it would require everybody who is leaving a gun unattended in their parked vehicle to keep it locked in the trunk or a locked box. originally, the rules were to apply to off duty law enforcement officers. but this measure would apply to anyone with a gun in san francisco. now, in addition to the drifters case that michelle just mentioned, kate steinle was also killed with a gun stolen from a car. that gun belonged to a federal bureau of land management ranger. steinle was shot in broad daylight at san francisco's pier 14 this summer, a case most notable for reigniting the sanctuary city debate but also gun control. now, under this new measure, if somebody fails to comply with the rules, it would be a misdemeanor punishable by fines up to $10,000 or six months in jail. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. 5:36.
5:37 am
let's take another look at weather on a thursday. the weekend is approaching. >> first off, out the door this morning we have some areas of ground fog primarily around the tri-valley and also around the immediate seashore. good morning, everybody. heading out the door, we do have that thin layer of clouds and currently our air temperature 41 degrees santa rosa, it's 41 in the tri-valley where we have areas of fog. napa is reporting visibility issues down to about one mile due to the thin overcast. 60s with the sunshine at the beaches today through the peninsula. good morning, san jose, at 68. topping off at 70 in danville and pleasanton so a warmer day driven by a north and northwest breeze to 15 miles per hour. it will top off today at 73 in santa rosa. yeah. we're one week away from thanksgiving and our temperatures are more spring- like with 72 in lakeport. we have changes in the forecast and we'll talking about that at 48 minutes after the hour. >> good morning. we are going to talk about santa rosa driving where we are getting first reports of an accident in the southbound direction of 101 near college avenue. at least one lane of traffic is
5:38 am
shut down at this hour. our sensors are picking up light traffic though for that stretch of 101. it continues light through petaluma, san rafael, but 580 expect just a brief delay as you make your way across the richmond/san rafael bridge. it is wide open at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza so west 580 looking good there. be prepared for delays at the bay bridge toll plaza at rush hour. the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing, then it picks up across the bridge heading into san francisco. bart is on time. no delays for caltrain or "ace" train. i'll have another look at "kcbs traffic" in less than 10 minutes. uc-berkeley has decided not to reinstate a student accused of rape even though prosecutors determined there was not sufficient evidence to charge him with that crime. the man east accuser and his supporters -- the man's accuser and his supporters cheered yesterday. they took part in a campaign
5:39 am
plastering his face in posters around the campus and the word rapist. >> i told the truth. >> the accuser and her attorney plan to present the university's decision to alameda county prosecutors and hope the district attorney's office will reconsider the case. a san francisco woman has lost a contentious custody battle to her ex-husband over their frozen embryos. they signed papers they would be destroyed should they divorce. the woman argued that breast cancer made her infertile and the embryos were her last chance of having a child. the judge said a deal is a deal. >> the judge the said you signed a contract, it's binding, i am enforcing it and the eggs will be destroyed. i can't argue with that. >> court documents show the ex- husband was worried his wife would seek child support. we are still a week away from thanksgiving but for many people, the holiday shopping season actually starts this coming weekend. >> i guess. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us to talk about scoring some of the best
5:40 am
deals out there. i got to ask you, jill, is it really worth leaving that nice warm turkey dinner to go out and shop on preblack friday? >> well, good news. you don't have to leave your house but according to adobe digital research, online prices should hit rock bottom, yes, on thanksgiving day. you could snag an average discount of 27%. so you know, if you are going to maybe get a little bored with that football game, go upstairs, maybe you will get rewarded. adobe also found consumers will find different deals depending on the gift. so, you know, if you have a hot item like a big toy that's going to be coming up, actually this saturday is the best day to find those toys. it's the intersection of a good deal and availability. monday a week before cyber monday, guess what? great for electronics t the best day for jewelry is thanksgiving day. >> i thought every day was the best day for jewelry. [ laughter ]
5:41 am
>> good point. >> what is expected for total online sales? >> reporter: well, adobe says it looks like november and december sales should jump 11% from a year ago probably topping $83 billion. number one on the list is cyber monday. we should see that be the biggest day with sales topping $3 billion for the first time ever. next is black friday. and i know despite the outrage over the concept, thanksgiving is "the" fastest growing day of online shopping of all the days in the year. sales predicted to rise 18% on thanksgiving day from a year ago to $1.6 billion. we don't like our families that much. we really do want to go shopping. >> i guess. >> enjoy the turkey but have your laptop nearby. >> that's right. >> jill schlesinger live for us in new york with some tips on black friday and thanksgiving. thank you. it is 5:41. a bailiff tackles an attorney in the middle of the courtroom. next, we'll talk about why.
5:42 am
>> hey, let's go outside check out highway 880 over in oakland where the commute is under way. we'll have traffic and weather coming up. d that turned physical. it ,,,,,,,, i am totally blind.
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good morning, rise and shine. temperatures around the bay area spans from 42 degrees to 52 degrees. we are looking at the bay bridge where we have clear skies there. but fog an issue in other places. we'll talk about that in less than 4 minutes. 5:44 your time. video captured courtroom confrontation that turned physical. it shows a bailiff tackling california deputy attorney general jenny mariah kelly.
5:45 am
she resisted when being escorted out of the courtroom. it happened last month in san luis obispo. the video was just released. >> he grabs her hands and she pushes them away. and now he just kind of throws her to the ground. the first thing they learn as a bailiff is how to defuse a situation. not exacerbate it. >> kelly, the state attorney, was arrested for resisting an officer. her attorney says spirited discussion between lawyers is all part of the job and kelly did nothing wrong. some parents claim school officials are not doing enough about a racially charged threat found in berkeley high. a freshman's student is accused of hosting a message on the school computer this month containing the "n" word twice and threatened a public lynching on december 9 the. some people were angered at a public meeting yesterday. >> make sure that these students know that you will held anyone that's a direct
5:46 am
wrong accountable for their wrong. >> yeah! >> that student was wrong! >> the district says to protect the accused student's privacy it cannot reveal details of how he is being disciplined. >> the video has since changed but i was looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. you know, sometimes it's good to commute at 3:30. >> it is, because you're likely the only one out there. >> that's right. >> getting right to work like us. >> and it's $2 cheaper. >> that's true. some advantages. [ laughter ] >> just a few. >> that's it! [ laughter ] >> i'd rather sleep in! we are going to talk about the thursday commute this mini friday. we'll get to the bay bridge in just a second. right now, i want to talk about highway 37, which is rolling well at this hour. just a belief delay as you leave vallejo coming off the mare island bridge. 37 which was shut down for most of the day yesterday was reopened last night. there was a big accident which had shut down both directions near 121. it is now open. moving towards the rest of the commute, 580 rolling across the
5:47 am
richmond san rafael bridge. that's still looking okay. it's not too late to beat the backup there. west 580 looks good into marin county. southbound traffic looking good. no problems for the marin county commute. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are switched on about 15 minutes ago and now we have a backup at the pay gates extending to the foot of the maze. now, the good news even though it looks really slow in this picture i-80 flows well through berkeley and emeryville and 580 and highway 24 still moving at the limit through the macarthur maze. 92 at the san mateo bridge that's a little slow just at the toll plaza. it does flow well heading across the bridge toward the foster city area. bart is on time this morning. no delays for the ferries, caltrain or ace. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. good morning, everybody. we are taking a live look out towards mineta international airport where later today that silicon valley airport will add a fourth new international
5:48 am
destination. so big doings going on there. they will have that announcement this morning. at the airport we have clear skies and air temperature at 46 degrees. we dropped to 41 in santa rosa. mid-40s in oakland. napa is reporting visibility as an issue due to some pockets of ground fog. now, it will be sunny today and very mild a benign weather pattern through sunday then big changes. all right, right here we have that clear slot that's where we have pressure that continues to build into the bay area. it's deflecting the storm to the north of us. well into the pacific northwest skimming that northwest corner of the state of california. now what's going to occur is if this high pressure continues to build in all the way through the weekend, tomorrow will be the warmest day of the workweek, and again, a pretty mild weather pattern but then an area of low pressure dropped out of the gulf of alaska. it tells you one thing. it's got a lot of cool air associated with it and it has the precipitation, as well. it will provide snow for the holiday in the high sierra but
5:49 am
again very cool air mass and breezy conditions. we'll all feel the difference beginning about this time next week. 68 degrees at the state capital. today it's 20 going up to 57 in the high sierra. mid-60s in monterey bay backing through carmel. our numbers are going up in comparison to yesterday. we are talking about 60s in pacifica, 60s around the bay, 60s around the peninsula. good morning, san jose at 68 degrees. topping off at 73 in santa rosa. we have a north and northwest breeze about 5 to 15 miles per hour. there is your friday. and the weekend. and then tuesday, notice a drop in fact temperatures. rain moves in for that getaway wednesday. looks like not a lot of rain about .75" but could be sloppy into thanksgiving. frank and michelle, very interesting forecast. >> yeah. i guess so with the holiday approaching. thanks, roberta. time now 5:49. a student inventor at uc- berkeley just gave an 8-year- old girl named sophie a helping hand. >> sophie was born missing four of her left fingers.
5:50 am
and now she has a super hand built on a 3d printer at cal. the designer says his goal is to eventually give the design away online to enable researchers around the world to keep improving it. >> it's better than human hands. it can do something that our hand cannot do. so not just giving the same functionality, looking the same. we can make it better. >> it costs less than $10 to make each prototype. 5:50. the south bay is buzzing with news that smart drone technology can mao protect pilots. next we'll explain how they will do it. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
good morning. take a look at your tv screen. while it feels like spring today and tomorrow through the weekend, we have changes beginning on tuesday. rain arrives through that big getaway day on wednesday. and most notably, very cool days ahead. >> we have slow traffic now in both directions of the sunol grade. got an accident northbound 680 approaching north mission. that's why traffic is going to
5:54 am
be slow in the noncommute direction. and the usual southbound drive that's going to be heavy now approaching passing highway 84. time now 5:54. they are self-incriminating but one thief took a photo that was selfie incriminating. it woman is accused of knocking an el cerrito high school student to the ground and stealing her cell phone. later that suspect took this selfie which the victim found on her cloud storage account. police hope someone might turn her in. "covered california" says they are surprised by the extraordinarily high number of dental plan enrollments. they say that more than 33,000 people opted for family dental coverage. on top of that nearly 6,000 new enrollees have elected for add- on adult dental coverage. enrollment is open through january 31. drone makers are trying to keep their devices from
5:55 am
interfering with aircraft. they are on display in downtown san jose at an expo. a chinese drone has features designed to keep drone pilots out of trouble. >> the motors won't start near an airport. it won't fly above 400 feet. so it has no-fly zones built into it, stadiums, that sort of thing, are built into it. so it has geo fencing. >> not being able to boot up the actual drone within a commercial airport. >> the hope is that operators will learn the responsibilities that come with flying. the faa says it gets about 100 reports a month from pilots who say they have seen drones flying near planes and airports. today is the initial public offering for square a mobile payments providing based in san francisco. the starting price is $9 a share well below the $11 to $13 ipo that was initially expected. that values the company at just under $3 billion. square is run by jack dorsey, who is also ceo of twitter.
5:56 am
neither company has ever made a profit. a new gun control measure is set for a vote today. details coming up on the proposal and the crimes that sparked it. >> reporter: and after the paris terrorist attacks, one of the big questions is, should we allow more syrian refugees to enter the country? this issue is dividing local elected officials. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat this morni good morning, everyone. it's thursday, november 19. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:59. officials in france confirm the alleged ringleader of last week's terror attacks in paris is dead. jonathan vigliotti has more. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: france's prosecutor now says the man suspected of planning the paris terror attacks was killed in
6:00 am
yesterday's raid outside paris. they say forensic experts used skin samples to identify abdelhamid abaaoud. french s.w.a.t. teams raided this apartment in the paris suburb wednesday where they believe the belgian militant was hiding. law enforcement officials say one suspect was killed as police threw grenades and fired 5,000 rounds during the onslaught. a female suicide bomber also died after detonating an explosive vest. 8 others including 7 men and a woman were arrested. france has been on edge since the violence last week that left 129 people dead chilling video obtained by london's "daily mail" wednesday showing one of the attacks in progress. you can see one of the terrorists roaming the streets gun in hand. one woman managed to get away after the man's gun jammed. as france continues to mourn, french president francois hollande is calling on the u.s. to intensify its role in the fight against isis. >> we are not going to, um, be


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