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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. it's also the way -- to tien n-b-a record. the warriors -- seven seconds left in the quarter running with livingston lobbing it out. that's the way to finish a quarter. >> it's also the way to tie an nba record, the warriors looking unstoppable tonight and on the brink of making history. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. sports director dennis o'donnell joins us now. what's the record and why do you think they'll get it? >> this is a fun story. everybody has been asking how many wins will the warriors get in the season? we've been saying it's not a matter of when the warriors are going to lose but when? right now it looks like the all time record is inevitable. steph curry had a season low 19 points because he didn't even play in the 4th quarter. golden state took control in the 3rd and beat the nuggets by
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13. they are now 15-0 tying the mark for the best start in nba history. when you have whatever and zero, that's pretty cool. i don't think i've ever been 15- 0 all my life except for one year of aeu basketball. >> maybe two games ago it became real conversation in the locker room since we're here, we might as well get it done. now since we're 15, might as well get 15. >> they can set the record tuesday night against, wait for it, the lakers and kobe bryant. >> you any they'll do it? >> you know kobedoesn't want to see that record happen right in front of his face. warriors set the record tuesday night. we'll be there. we'll have a lot more on gameday coming up at 11:30. in other news now in berkeley tonight dozens of people are out in the cold just days before thanksgiving after
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a fire ripped through their apartment building. one person was hurt when the fire erupted this evening not far from the cal campus. kpix5's maria medina is at the scene with let's next for the victims. >> reporter: this fire was so intense every single one of berkeley's fire trucks was on scene. 1 man said he felt his apartment shake before he escaped. >> at that moment i said what do i need to take immediately and is everybody out? >> reporter: richard nelson lived underneath the apartment that caught fire, he and his neighbors plucky they got out when they did. -- lucky they go the out when they -- got out when they did. >> it sounded like an explosion. >> reporter: he said he got his neighbors out and then he some offed smoke. berkeley firefighters are investigate -- some smoke. berkeley firefighters are
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investigating what shot 20 to 30-foot flames into the air and damaged homes and businesses as well. large you expecting when you -- what were you expecting when you got here? what was going through your mind when you got here? >> you never really know. >> reporter: aaron and his family own a business here five years in berkeley. he said his mother is taking it the hardest. >> she's crying. >> reporter: although he's forced to shut down the store and about 30 people must find a police to stay days away from thanksgiving, aaron and richard agree on one thing. there is something to be thankful for. >> lay, it's a bus and a lot -- hey, it's a business and a lot of these folks lost their homes up there and that's much more important i think. >> reporter: the condition of the 1 victim is unknown, but richard said neighbors carried him out before he went to the hospital. one cat died. the red cross is helping those people with a place to stay at least for now. live outside a mild night after a balmy day, probably our
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last one of the season. big changes on the way for the bay area this week, a cold low plunging south from alaska tuesday. temperatures will come down. so will a little rain. thanksgiving looks cool and at this point dry. we'll have the complete details coming up when we cover the forecast in a few minutes, but bundle up this week. it's going to be cold. tonight san francisco is making sure everybody has a warm place to stay through the cold snap. the city's winter shelter program started tonight. the temporary homes will be open to people who normally spend the nights on the streets. reginald dillard, sr. is one of them. he works part time but says finding affordable housing in san francisco is next to impossible. >> happy to have someplace to come, very happy. i'm on every list in town to get a one bedroom place with a kitchen and bathroom. >> reginald is staying at a church. it will be his home the next seven days. this program includes two meals
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a day. a new twist tonight in a san francisco tour bus crash. we've learned some of the damage may have been preventible, mark kelly on the important safety step that was not taken. projectiles when that ed through them. the >> reporter: large orange k rails went to protect pedestrians from vehicles instead turned into potentially dangerous projectiles when that tour bus barreled through them. these k rails should have been weighed down with water, but many were bone dry. >> there were some that had some water in them. stop didn't have water in them. so it was really -- some didn't have water in them. so it was really a mixed bag. >> reporter: we've learned it's the contractor's job to fill the k rails with water, but public works as inspector failed to do its job, too and catch the problem. today gordon says that changes. >> here on in we're going to make sure that our inspectors from san francisco public works go out and make sure those k rails, the barriers, are going
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to be filled with water of. >> reporter: but public works is going to have a -- water. >> reporter: but public works is going to have a lot of inspecting to do. here at other construction sites in san francisco we found k rails. look inside. there's water in there but not filled to the stop, partially filled k rails at 1st and mission and 12th and market and near 8th and selma, no water at all, the same for these near fremont and folsom. >> depends on the situation. sometimes they don't need to be filled with water, other times they do. >> reporter: but in union square the k rails should have water inside and public works has told the contractor to fix it. in san francisco mark kelly, kpix5. >> 20 people were hurt when the bus barreled through union square earlier this month. investigators are still looking into what went wrong. the driver claims brake failure. scare in the air today as a southwest airlines flight bound for l.a. made a sudden stop in kansas
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city. the plane just left indianapolis when a few passengers became unruly. the flight crew said they were acting suspiciously and disrupting the flight. the four passengers, though, were questioned on landing and then released and rebooked on a later flight while the plane continued on to l.a.x. >> people are a little on edge with everything going on, but in this case, fortunately everything worked out great. >> we didn't think anything was wrong. we thought something was wrong with the airplane, so we didn't think anything was wrong until they escorted the four gentlemen off. >> at the same time a turkish airlines flight from jfk to in stand bull diverted to -- to istanbul diverted to canada late last night because of a bomb threat. the plane took off late. there was no bomb and it landed in turkey today. new york city has extra police on the streets tonight and they're prepared for anything. the nypd held this three hour active shooter drill earlier today. it had been planned before the
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paris attacks but was later updated to include an attacker wearing a suicide vest. >> in new york city we are at this time very well prepared and continually improve nag preparedness. >> the department of homeland security also used the drill to test some of its own new technology. overseas the belgian capital remains on lockdown tonight amid warnings a terror attack in brussels could be imminent, this after a series of raids targeting suspects in the paris attacks, but tina kraus reports the most wanted man in europe is still on the run. >> reporter: streets were shut down as belgian police conducted multiple raids in and around brussels sunday. >> in total 16 persons were arrested. the investigating judge will decide tomorrow about their possible further detention. >> reporter: officials say paris terror suspect salah abdeslam is still on the run. the city remains on high alert. g a lot since
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last week - i've been prayia lot for the victims and the families. while paris is stl grieving - the .. coming back t mohammed abdeslam says he thinks his brother decided at the last moment not to go through with the attack. seven terrorists died in paris including a third brother who blew himself up outside a bar. parisians are still bringing flowers to a memorial at the bataclan theater where 89 rock fans lost their lives here to see the american band eagles of death metal. band members told vice news about that night. >> the killers were able to get in and killed every one of them except for a kid that was hiding under my leather jacket. >> reporter: the killers got in your dressing room? >> yeah. people were playing dead and they were so scared. a great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. >> reporter: at a church service near the bataclan the priest urged people to embrace love, not violence. >> i've been praying a lot since last week. i've been praying a lot for the victims, for their family. >> reporter: while paris is still grieving the city is
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slowly coming back to life. teen a krause, cbs news -- tina kraus, cbs news, paris. to campaign 2016 where there's been a big shift in the polls. donald trump has surged ahead of ben carson in a pair of new polls. an air force base news washington post survey puts donald trump ahead by 10 points. trump continued to stir emotion on the campaign trail today with his approach to muslims. he said he'd bring back waterboarding, create a data business for syrian refugees and monitor mosques. >> i think waterboarding is peanuts compared to what they do to us. >> trump claimed he witnessed arab americans in new jersey celebrating the fall of the twin towers after the 9/11 attacks. the jersey city mayor responded by saying the republican frontrunner is just plain wrong. coming up it could be an uncomfortable subject for a man, but tonight a simple new test could save many of them
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from a painful procedure and save a plot of money in -- lot of money in the process. >> plus new evidence el nino could be a huge hit this winter. >> and carlos santana like you've never seen him before, the new bay area exhibit half a century in the making. we discovered the state is quietly storing your child's dna and they can sell it to private labs without your consent charging monthly fees for identity protection big business, but we explain a one time credit freeze may are your best bargain. >> plus this seizure medicine is the first fda approved pill made with a 3d printer. expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. ,,,,
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're a bow and arrow ♪ ,,,, ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪] or -- one they just choose avoid altogether. but now, frank mallicoat reports: a simple blood test could sava it can be a painful subject for men to talk about or one they choose to just avoid
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altogether, but now a simple blood test could save a lot of them from an uncomfortable procedure and quite possibly save lives. >> reporter: for men it's not an easy subject matter to talk about. >> now is your prostate doing? it's not something that i talk about with my friends. >> reporter: screening for prostate cancer is not an exact science. a psa blood test can lead to false alarms which can lead to an unnecessary biopsy. a biopsy is not pleasant. it involves threading a thin needle into the prostate to collect tissue. norwood davis underwent biopsy, but when he was scheduled for a second one, his doctors gave him an additional option. >> extraordinarily grateful. >> reporter: instead norwood got a different blood test called a 4k score. the test determines a man's chance of having aggressive prostate cancer. >> in stead of having a one size fits all approach we are having an individualized approach. >> reporter: dr. dikan perry is the lead author of the first
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clinical trial of the 4k score saying three of four men are unnecessarily subjected to prostate biopsies every year. the 4k score combined with a parish's medical history may help men a -- patient's medical history may help men avoid them. >> if you use several cut-offs of the 4k score, you can almost lead to the reduction of 50 to 60% of biopsies. >> it's close to a miracle for guys of. >> reporter: for some men this new tool is a -- guys. >> reporter: for some men this new tool is a welcome change that measures four different biomarkers linked to the prostate to help the man and urologist make a better decision about the next step. >> i think it will help a lot more men deal with the subject as opposed to just avoiding it completely. >> the reduction in the number of biopsies performed could also save the u.s. healthcare system a plot of money. dr. perick said it could potentially add up to $1
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billion. big pharma is about to get even bigger. guys are and -- bigger. dublin based allergan could merge with pfizer. ben tracy reports the coming el nino is shaping up to be something we've never seen. >> reporter: it's already a winter wonderland in california's mountains and they're expecting a lot more snow. scientists say a massive el nino in the pacific is still getting stronger. these warm association waters near the equator forced the jet stream that usually dumps rain on central america north bringing a conveyor belt of storms to central america and the southern u.s.
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>> this has surpassed the biggest el nino on record. >> reporter: josh willis is a climate scientist with nasa and said el ninos typically impact southern california, but this one is so big it will hit the entire state. why is it important that a lot of these storms hit northern california? >> our water supply is tied to northern california and it's been in a drought more than a decade. >> reporter: california's largest reservoirs are in northern california and they are at historic lows, but el nino comes at a cost. those storms in the winter of '97/'98 cost half a billion dollars in damage and killed 17 people in california. still after four years of intense drought the state needs all the rain and snow it can get. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> it was 52 years ago today, november 22nd, 1963, 24-year- old sniper took aim at a
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presidential motorcade in dallas and took the life of john f. kennedy. the president was on his way to a speech as the procession wound through the heart of downtown dallas and when his limousine rolled into dealey plaza, gunshots rang out. bullets struck the president in the head and in the neck as the first lady looked on in shock. kennedy died 30 minutes later and that man, lee harv oswald, was arrested for the shooting -- harvey oswald was arrested for the shooting and killed two days later by jack ruby. the president was buried in the national cemetery where an eternal flame burns on his gravesite strategically placed between the washington monument and the lincoln memorial. the photographer and the musician in a snap between lifelong friends. now the legendary carlos
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santana is honoring his friend the late great jim marshall. opilot you know and trust" there are lots of shots of with a swam marshall photographed some of the most famous moments in music history. ranscends the era" >> he was right in the thick of it. he had the tenacity, you know, and the conviction to take the shot because that's what it is. you got to take the shot. >> reporter: santana hand picked 40 photographs taken by marshall as parts of the new exhibit at the mum winery in napa, many never seen before. >> jim marshall didn't take when he took the shots. he didn't. it all went on intuition, auto pilot, you know, and trust. >> reporter: there are lots of shots of santana in the studio, with a swami and at the infamous altamont free concert that ended in violence, but mixed in are photographs of santana's heroes. >> their music transcends the era.
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>> reporter: the brilliant blues rock guitarist michael bloomfield, jazz pioneer john coltrane and the phenomenal american jazz musician miles davis. marshall captured them all. >> we trust him. he trusts us and therefore you have masterpieces. >> reporter: at the exhibit opening santana brut his wife cindy and other relatives to see the -- brought his wife cindy and other relatives to see the photographs. >> i miss michael bloomfield and jerry garcia, but at the same time they just changed zip codes. they're still around. it's just a different zip code. whenever i want to access them, i see the pictures, turn on the music, peace. a ne by >> the exhibit will run until may next year. it coincides with the release of a new sparkling wine inspired by santana's music. all proceeds will go directly to santana malagra foundation benefiting underserved
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children. good for them and good for us, a little rain on the way to the bay area, temperatures on the mild side, but it's really heading south from there by wednesday. we'lling down to the upper 40s inland. as we look toward the bay bridge, right now concord 50 degrees, livermore 51, san jose 55, high cloudiness in response to low pressure spinning a beam in the pacific northwest, no rain not yet, but by tuesday we'll develop it in the north bay, but today mild. low pressure will approach northern california, so by tuesday we get increased clouds and spreads over the north bay, kind of unsettled, not a big rainmaker, very cold air, doesn't contain a lot of moisture, maybe 1/2 inch. the numbers really come down. thanksgiving day looks cool but dry, sunshine late in the day wednesday. how much do we cool down? yesterday oakland set a record of 74 degrees saturday. we were up to 68 in san
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francisco and livermore, but by wednesday livermore will only hit 48 for a high, 20 degrees cooler unanimous saturday, san jose down 17 degrees, same for oakland, san francisco down -- than saturday, san jose down 17 degrees, same for oakland, san francisco down 13 degrees. nighttime we get cold are. futurecast high clouds on the way -- colder. futurecast high clouds on the way. generally sunny, kind of a gauze of high clouds against the sun from time to time. as we look out toward levi stadium big chill in the bay area by our standards anyway this week, highs in the 40s in the coolest spot inland. on wednesday and tuesday rain chances coming in. thanksgiving day looks sunny. sunrise tomorrow morning two minutes before 7:00. daytime highs tomorrow close to average which is to say cooler than it has been lately, temperatures mid-60s south bay,
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mid-60s east bay. north bay low to mid-60s and then up by on i -- by ukiah sunshine in the low 60s. extended forecast, a little rain tuesday and wednesday. other than that thursday and friday look pretty good and saturday and sunday will cloud up a little bit. that's what's coming up in weather. as for what's coming up in news, that's why we have juliette goodrich. >> cold snap or not, nothing is about to keep these california shoppers away from the big deals, where they're already lining up for black friday. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up next on gameday the warriors look to tie the mark for the faster start in history. >> why did a raider lineman take offense to this question after the game? >> and why marshawn lynch not
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playing actually hurt the 49ers. >> and the san jose sharks do something for the first time in their franchise history all coming up next on gameday. ,, ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i
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alread thanksgiving is still four days away, but there's another tradition that is here already. some people in southern california are already lined up for the black friday deals that follow.
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>> get this. 1 man has been camped out at this riverside best buy since tuesday. he says it's a tradition for him. he's been first in line for the past seven years. he says he shops for other people as well, then uses the reward points to spend on his own family. still his wife not the biggest fan. with the holiday shopping. >> my wife kind of, she kind of gets bummed out because we never have a traditional thanksgiving meal, you know, because i always get a to go plate. >> there's a bit of a shift this year with the holiday shopping. some stores like rei have said they will be closed black friday. others are offering early deals online. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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northern california zoo ton -- after a big adventure. "masala" the red panda escad three days ago from the seq park zoo in eureka. she didn't small an mon -- a small an man is back at the -- animal is back at the california zoo tonight after a big adventure. the little red panda didn't get far. someone spotted her 1/2 mile from the zoo and called it in. masala will get a full checkup tomorrow but she seems to be okay. sad news at one of the san francisco zoo where one of the last white rhinos on earth died. nola was 41 years old and suffered from a number of age related elements. she was euthanized this morning. nola represented 25% of the known population of northern white rhinos. there are now just three left in the entire world. we, however, will be right back. ,,,,,,
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