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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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threat of serious and imminent terrorist threats. security forces carried out more than a dozen raids and arrested 16 people. still on the run is the man linked to the terrorist attacks, salah abdeslam. today david cameron was in pairs and i said he will seek parliaments go ahead to take part in air strikes on isis in sir are. >> security will be very tight as americans travel to their thanksgiving destinations this week. >> reporter: if you're heading out this week by there plane, train, or bus, expect to see a lot more of this. authorities making a concerted effort to be more visible with heavily armed officers at virtually every airport, train station, and tourist destination in the country.
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over the weekend in new york city, police held a three-hour drill in the subway. and for the first time, there was a simulated attacker in a suicide vest. >> we have beefed up our resources where we can handle a number of events going on simultaneously or are essentially. >> there will be extra security for flights heading into the u.s. amtrak is adding more trainerring to accommodate the extra passengers traveling for thanksgiving. service will be added to self routes across the country, including the capital corridor are and sunday joaquin which have stops in bay area stays. the busiest days this week will be tomorrow, wednesday, and
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sunday. >> k rails turned into dangerous project isles when the tour bus barreled right through them. they should have been weighed down with water by the contractor, but many in were empty. public works was supposed to inspect them. >> from here on in, we're going to make sure that our inspectors from san francisco public works go out and make sure that those k-rails are going to be filled with water. and public works is going to have a lot of inspecting to do. we checked other sites in the city, and found several where k- rails were partially filled with water, or empty all together. >> time to take a look at the roads. >> we have an accident westbound 80 near hercules. it's causing a bit of a backup. coming out of the highway 4 area. so give yourself a few extra minutes there. once you get to the bay bridge, you can see a few break lights into berkeley and emeryville, and backed up into the maze at
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this point. 26 minutes now to the maze on the east shore freeway. everything is right on time. 45-plus trains for bart, everything is cruising right along. we're seeing brake lights through antioch into pittsburgh. starting to see some company there. let's get a look at weather. here is roberta. >> three minutes after are the hour at 6:00. back to work and school. this is what you need to know heading out the door. we have some big-he time changes beginning right now. first up, pockets of fog, liver more, congestion, and hayward at the -- livermore, concord, and hayward. tomorrow morning at this time, we should have the spotty light
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rain showers developing. we're taking a look at sfo. could be some delays due to fog developing. we're in the 40s and 50s out the door. we had a record high yesterday in oakland at 72. today 63 there. down from 68 in san francisco to the upper 50s. i'll have a full forecast coming. san francisco hopes to insure that everyone has a warm place to stay during cold err weather. the city's winder shelter program started last night. the temporary homes will be open to people who would normally spend the night on the streets. reginald dillard is one of them. he works part-time, but said finding affordable housing in the city is next to impossible. >> happy to have someplace to
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come. very happy. i'm on every list in town to get a one bedroom place with a kitchen and a bathroom. >> dillard is staying at a church, and it will be his home for the next 7 days. the program includes two meals a day. >> about 30 people displaced after a fire rips that you berkeley apartment building. one person was injured after the flames erepresented on dwight way, not far from the cal campus. >> at that moment, i said what do i need to take immediately, and it's everybody out. >> richard nelson lives deathly underneath the apartment that caught fire. he and his neighbors lucky they got out when they did. >> it sounded like an explosion. >> he said he heard his disabled neighbor yell for help. and then he smelled smoke. berkeley firefighters say they're investigating what caused fire inside the apartment that caused part of the roof to collapse, shot 20
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to 30 foot flames into the air. and damaged not only homes, but businesses, as well. >> what were you expecting when you got here. what was going through your find as you were driving over here? we never really know, of course. >> aaron murdock and his parents own a store and business for nearly five decades here in berkeley. he said his mother is taking it hardest. >> she's, you know, crying. >> although he's forced to shut down the store and 30 people mite must find a place to stay just three days from thanksgiving, they agree on one thing, there is something to be thankful for. >> hey, it's a business, and a lot of these folks lost their homes up there, and that's much worse. >> richard said neighbors were able to carry him out before he was taketon a hospital. one cat did i do. the red cross is helping victims with a place to stay, at least for now. a historic church in napa
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is holding services again for are the first time it was it was reg tagged after theth earthquake. it took 15 months to restore the church. the pastor said he is thankful for the timing of the quake. >> had the earthquake struck while people would have been in here, many would have been injured. some may have died. held in iran on espionage charges has been sentenced prison term. n a washington post reporter held in iran on espionage charges has been sentenced to a prison term. he has already been in jail for 16 months. yesterday a spokes for iran's judiciary confirmed that sentence has been handed down, but did not say how long it was. the post's foreign editor said quote every day of that jason is in prison is an injustice. and berkeley police are facing
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legal action for their response to the black lives matter protest back in december. thousands participated in their protests that turned violence. police escalated tensions, they allege, by using inappropriate tactics. a press conference will be held outside city hall this morning outlining the lawsuit. >> tonight the city council in san carlos will look at a plan that will make it tougher for chain stores to set up shop in the town. under they were propose. chain stores would be required to get a conditional use permit and hold a public hear president reagan they're allowed to open in san carlos. >> they're encroaching and changing the habitat of the basic neighborhood. >> i think you have to preserve your treasure, wharf that may,, and for san carlos, it's the sweet little downtown. >> earlier this year, palo alto
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passed a similar ordinance. >> 16 people are hurt after a gun battle suddenly breaks out at a block party with hundreds in attendance. >> we all know that traffic in the bay area is not so pleasant, and now a report is out telling us how much gas is being wasted and work hours, as well. >> good morning, everyone, we have rain. we have cooler temperatures, and we have snow in the local mountains. i have that report coming up. >> and we've got foggy freeways. i'll tell you why. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. we're taking a look out towards embarcadero, what you can see of it, because we have areas of fog. not only into do we have fog, but we have cooler temperatures
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working their way into the bay area. we have rain and local snow. we have your weather report coming up in four minutes. >> a block party in new orleans turned violent yesterday when two groups opened fire on one another and the crowd. police say 16 people wounded when the shots rang out. the block party was org participatized at a playground as part of a music video shoot. police are asking for help he in identifying those who pulled the trigger. two of the word's biggest drug companies have joined forces, pfizer and allergan. the $150 billion deal creates the world's largest drug company by sales. tonight we'll see who takes the lead in a fight over a dog park. it's the only dog park in downtown san carlos that opened two months ago.
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>> you can hear it in your unit, and it's just very irritating. >> you know, there's going to be a little barking, but even with children at a playground, you're going to have children that make noise and scream. >> at first some dogs arrived two early or stayed too late, according to the park director, but opponents still want the city to move the park somewhere else entirely. >> a san jose charity said it needs more people to donate turkeys. >> say credit heart community service hopes to donate food to the poor on thanksgiving, but they are needing turkey. two of the country's worth traffic bottle necks are right here in the bay area, and it's costing the economy millions of dollars. jackie ward joins us at the bay bridge toll plaza, one of the areas mentioned in some new
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findings. jackie good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. exactly. this area is heavily congested, especially this time of day. that's no surprise. but we do have a new report out this morning telling us just how many work hours and gallons of gas are being wasted. the highway users alliance is telling us number one on the list is eastbound i-80. and each of these bottle necks last about two miles, and causes an annual delay of about 2 million hours and wastes between 700 million and 800 million of gas. but there is hope. according to the group by fixing the top 30 bottle necks over 20 years, could see a savings of $39 billion did due to lost time, and reduce green house he emissions by bills of
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bounds -- billions of pounds. los angelesin' los angeles has six of the top 10 bottle necks in the country, though, so at least we're not he l.a. >> that's hour motto, right? at least we're not l.a.? >> yeah. thank god. thank god. >> that 580 weave, that's crazy. >> people who travel from the bay area, i have friends who will talk about that, like i don't get that maze, and i'm, hike, you have get used to it. that's why we come if early to help you out, and you get stuck it in, unfortunately. here is a look at your backup on the bay area. you're backed up well into the maze. 580 and 880. not quite on 24 yet, but is enitching back that way. we do have a handle of accidents on that side of the east shore freeway. one at herculies, and one at richmond near mcdonald. you can see traffic is slow. yellow and is red sensors
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behind this wreck. once you get past that, a bit of a break, and then it slows again before mcdonald. you're going to see brake lights, and then busy again heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. so we're seeing slow and go speeds, but as you see on that eastbound side, no delays there. cal tran, effect on time for past transit. last 0 brake lights, though, through pittsburgh and antioch. looking a little better coming off the antioch bridge. checking the pass westbound 580. 26 minutes now. a lot of those delays coming around tracy, 205, westbound you see the red there. and then you'll see brake lights once again as you head towards the dublin interchange. the nimitz freeway.
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you can see traffic a little slow on that northbound side. southbound not doing bad. we're really going to see brake lights near hayward and the san mateo bridge. there it's starting to back on on that westbound side, but foggy there, as well, and here is roberta with more on that. >> it is so foggy this morning, we cannot sail the way to mount diablo. usually we can see it out over there. we do have visibility issues into the central valley this morning in stockton. visibilities down to about a quarter of a mile. temperature-wise, 40s and 50s. today we're going to cool by a good ten degrees. big changes in our weather pattern begins today. in fact, yesterday, we understood a record high 72 degrees in oakland. today about 10 degrees cooler there. and then we will have the rain from an associated cold front moving into the bay area from about this time tomorrow morning with some spotty
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showers. we will cece our temperatures into the 50s. this is futurecast. you can play along apt home. you can see by the clock, this time tomorrow morning, a hit and miss scattered shower. that is the front that slices through the bay area from the north to the south with pockets of moderate rainfall by lunch hour, and then moves out in spotty showers through the evening commute. that's your wednesday morning about this time, and then it blows out of here, and a cool air mass just nestles into the bay area. we could see up the to three quarters of an inch of rain in throughout the tri-valley. according to the south and north, and almost a half an inch of rain around the coast side and pacifica. if you were head hing to the high sierra for the holiday, you will definitely need the chains and will need to bubble up, as well. temperatures overnight by thanksgiving morning into the single digits. our estimates coming down 50s, 60s, west winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. by the looks of our extended forecast on tuesday fight into wednesday morning, we could start to see a dusting of snow
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in our local mountains. snow level drops down to about 3,000 feet. thursday morning, some black ice on some of our inland locations. that's a look at our forecast. make it a great day. >> el nino continues to get stronger, and the latest projections indicate it will be like nothing we've seen before. >> coming up, both area football teams in desperate need of a win yesterday. and the warriors trying to become only the third team in history to start are a season with 15 straight wins. highlights straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. tomorrow night at oracle arena, the eyes of the sporting world
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will be on the warriors who look to set the new record for the fastest start in nba history. unfortunately for luke walton, all of the wins will be credited to steve kerr. first half, klay thompson through it up for bogut. big man brought down the house. warriors up by 6 at the break. iguodala finds barnes, throwing it down. golden state wins and they get the lakers tomorrow. the big unit raising the 12th man flag in seattle. seahawks and 49ers, not quite the rivalry it used to be. the hawks win 29-13. the raiders unable to get on track in detroit. fourth quarter, stafford kept it himself. the lions beat the raiders. and oakland has dropped three straight, now 4-6. and the puck continues to bounce the sharks way. they score four goals in the
6:25 am
third period, come back and beat the blue jackets 5-3. san jose was 6-0 on that road trip. and finally summary's beats the stanford men plast night on the hard wood. so get ready for the warriors. you know the best part about this? they can break that record tomorrow night at oracle against? wait for it. the los angeles lakers and kobe bryant. see you tonight. one of the worst time infers the nba, only got a couple of wins. we're going to keep with that theme here. pelicans and the sun is. this is a four-point play. the pelicans get their third win. they're not very good either. 122-116. your play of the day right there. >> bay area police arrive at the scene of a bizarre accident to find a dog walker dead and a
6:26 am
truck completely submerged. >> and a pair of attacks happened less than two weeks ago, and now americans are heading into the busy holiday travel season, and airports are at heightened alert all over the country.
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home after a fire ripped thh a bay area apartment comple and a bad batch of synthetic drugs may have sent more th dozen people to california hospitals. weather ad libs a bad batch of synthetic drugs may have sent more than a dozen people to california hospitals. >> we are tracking fog, cooler temperatures, rain, and snow. we've got it all coming up. >> and your monday morning drive is getting busy.
6:30 am
big rig estimate along 680. details coming up. >> good morning, everyone. time now is fearly 6:30. >> today british prime minister david cameron met wet the french president in paris. he said he will seek approval from the british parliament to take part in air strikes in sixer. -- in syria. brussels is on its highest terror alert he for three days in a row. armored vehicles, soldiers, and police officers stand watch outside train stations. security forces carried out more than a dozen raids and arrested 21 people. >> this prompting higher security measures here in the u.s. let's look at more on what's being done to keep travelers safe. >> good morning. millions of americans take to the skies and hit the roads
6:31 am
this holiday week. authorities will be working hard to have a greater show of presence, special lith by the paris attacks still fresh in everyone's mind. 46 million people will travel in the united states this week, and they will see extra officers, patrol dogs, and guns at virtually every airport, train station, and tourist destination in the country. jeh johnson, only land security director, said his agency is ready forking the. >> i always hesitate to rank threats, but the copycat, the lone wolf actor are ones that we're constantly focused on. >> the tsa said it will handle 25 million passengers this week week with enhanced screenings. >> we're more aware of the increased security now, and that people may be a little more nervous, but at the same time, we're still traveling. >> bomb threats redirected three flights last week from
6:32 am
the u.s. heading overseas, including a turkish airlines flight to istanbul. police held a three-he hour active shooter drill in the city's subway system in new york city. for the first time, they had a simulated attacker in a suicide vest. >> we are prepared to handle a number of different events going on simultaneously or sequentially. >> and extra security number place for flights heading from overseas into the united states. if it feels like you waste a lot of time on the tarmac when you play, it's because you too. according to analysis by the a.p., the last nine months, 23 minutes longer were spent between taxi and takeoff due to
6:33 am
major landing strip reconstructions. a climate scientist from nasa says el nino has the potential to bring powerful storms to the entire state. >> why is it important that a lot of these storms hits northern california? >> our water supply is tied to northern california, and it's been in a drought for more than a decade. >> but el nino can be costly. storms in the winter of 1997 and 1998 caused a half billion dollars in damage, and were blamed for 17 deaths in the state. >> i think this is the first monday we haven't had rain in three or four weeks, right? >> that's a good call, because we did have it three sundays into monday in a row. the timing is critical, especially with people heading out of town for the big holiday giveaway. what you will notice is that we do have pockets of fog, and also have some cooler air. in fact, right now, looking at
6:34 am
temperatures today at least 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, when we had a record high of 72. that was in oakland. rain arrives after midnight tonight. we're looking out towards the epicenter -- towards the embarcadero center. >> we have report office accident involving a big rig that lost a load of lumber in lanes. slow coming away from 580, but most of the brake lights start around stone ridge, all we way down to 84 where that trouble spot is. we have a lot of lumber spilled
6:35 am
in lanes, so it will ache a while to clean that mess up. you will so i a fee brake lights into hayward as you work your way across the san mateo bridge. and the san mateo bridge is now getting busy. we are deal, and foggy conditions this morning, so limited visibility, so use caution as you work your way across the span. >> police are looking into the death of a pedestrian who was struck by an out of control pickup in san francisco. that pickup jumped the curb saturday near lake he merced, the victim walking her dog at the time. the puck pickup then landed in the water. a witness said the pickup was going full is speed. interest hit the curb, same speed, no brakes, and hit one of the, you know, like one of the people who were walking,
6:36 am
and badly, like, flew off, like the curb, and it was, like, do seer, like, hit. >> the woman driving the pickup was not injured. police say it does not appear that drugs or alcohol were a factor are in the crash are. >> all passengers are safe after a pleasure boat burst into flames off the southern california coast. the flames spread so quickly saturday no one could get to the life jackets opinion lifeguards from venice beach got there fast, and were able to rescue a baby, her parents, and with other adults. >> a fire tore through an apartment building in berkeley, leaving 30 people without a place to live. it happened last night on dwight way. everyone able to get out, although one person was injured. a man who lives in the apartment said he heard his upstairs neighbor who is disabled call for help, and then he smelled smoke. split sound like an explosion. >> there was a lot of smoke coming out of the windows, and then out the roof.
6:37 am
>> the fire also forced a business on the ground floor to shut down. the land lord put up tenants in a motel overnight, and the red cross is helping them find shelter beyond that. >> a new synthetic drug called spice and making some violently ill. and a new batch is hitting the streets in san diego. many were rushed to the hospital after taking the drug. symptoms included seizures and bloody noses. a person who may have distributed the drug is in custody. >> and thanksgiving is still three days away, but some shoppers lined up for sales. one man has been in line at a riverside best buy store since last tuesday, nearly a week. he claims he has been in line for the last 7 years. help said he shops for other people, and then uses the we regard points to spend on his own family. >> my wife kind of gets bummed out because we never have a traditional thanksgiving meal,
6:38 am
because i always get, like, a to go plate. >> a bit of a shift in retail this year. some chain rei say they will be closed on black friday. others are offering early deals on-line. time is 6:38. congress is moving forward a plan to require extra screening for syrian refugees. why some california democrats are distancing themselves from president obama on the issue. and a report is out this morning. we'll tell you more about it in just a little bit.
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good morning, everyone. i know how critical the timing of the rain is for that get away wednesday. so let's walk through it together. rain arrives about this time tomorrow morning, the front is through at lunchtime, and then
6:42 am
behind, spotty scattered showers through mid-morning wednesday. your complete forecast is less than four minutes away. >> a big merger has been just been approved in the pharmaceutical industry. >> jason brooks with more. >> it's been a year of the merger, and now we have another huge one with tieser and allergen combining. this is one of those so-called inversion deals where the company doing the buying, pfizer, in this case, moves it's headquarters to another country which has very low corporate tax rates. this has been a big deal in washington is not very happy about that, of course, potentially losing a lot of tax money. few rules being issued last week. but the administration admittedly can only do so much to limit them.
6:43 am
as of now, that move could go through unless antitrust regulators stop it. it could form the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, based on sales. chipotle restaurants stock is up, despite an e. coli scare. stock market coming off one of its best weeks in a while. in fact, best week for the s&p and almost a year. bit of a flat start for this holiday shortened trading week. let's look at the big board. dow dropping about 14 points. the s&p is gaining 1 point. michelle and frank, back to you. >> all right, jason brooks, thank you. a couple of the country's worst traffic bottle necks are right here in the bay area.
6:44 am
>> and they're costing the economy millions of dollars and harming the environment. jackie ward is at the toll plaza spot included in the report. >> a new report out this morning tells us how much time and gas is being wasted because of this traffic. the report is from the american highway users alliance, and says that number 12 on their list is eastbound i-80 between 101 and the bay bridge, and eastbound i-800 between the interchange is another one. so each of those bottle necks last about two miles and causes an annual delay of about 2 million hour asks wastes between 700 and 800 million gallons of gas. but there is hope. according to the group, by fixing the top 30 bottle necks over 20 years we could save up to $39 billion due to lost time, and reduce over 17 billion pounds of green house
6:45 am
gas emissions, but the solutions are time-consuming and costly. not good news there. number one on this list is chicago. they had a 12-mile long bottle neck, puts the two-mile think into perspective a little bit. time now is 6:45. are we gridlocked? it looked a little nasty atth the toll plaza. >> it sure is. as you work your way westbound near hercules, that is in the clearing stages. it's before slow and go. delays coming off highway 4. westbound 80, that accident also in the clearing stages, but very sluggish as you work your way through there into richmond, through berkeley, to emeryville.
6:46 am
pretty much that whole portion, stop and go conditions. you have slow and go conditions coming off of 580, possibly 24 right now, as well. san mateo at the high rise, an accident is blocking lanes. sluggish conditions as you work your way out of hayward, south 680, right at highway 84. we did do this accident with a lot of lumber, second lane. about big delays back to 580 at this point. westbound 580, past the 680. 27 minutes now for your drive time. heading to the south pay, northbound 101, this accident blocking lanes, and you can see traffic backing up. once you get past it, you have stop and go conditions on 101. north 101280 to highway 237, looks like 280 is also getting pretty busy, so your alternates
6:47 am
are slow also. here is roberta with your forecast. >> your weather change begins today. yesterday we bad a record high 72 yeses in oakland. today about 10 degrees cooler. they are telling me what they can see in their neighborhood. right now 42 degrees. that would be peggy rogers. let's see what she has to say. oh, she says good morning. thank you very much. and let's check in right here. this would be huge hughes who says its 50 degrees in san francisco, and also reports that the heavy fog is now slowly lifting. let's take a look outside right now in the city by the bay. the city of san francisco, where we have the low clouds, fog, and you can't see the tip top of the pyramid, but so far i have not received any reports of any local airport delays due to the weather. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s out the door. and again, it's going to be cooler today. turning a bit breezy, west winds at 15 miles per hour.
6:48 am
and then we have the rain. it will be developing tomorrow. notice this right here? that's a blanket of low clouds in the areas of fog, and that will hang tight to the coast all day, keeping temperatures there into the 50s. let's take a look at our rain futurecast, and we see once the rain does arrive tomorrow about this time, should be very spotty. the main front will push through around the lunch hour. by the time it moves out, futurecast is saying by wednesday morning, about 3/10 of an inch of rain. a half an inch in santa rosa. a half an inch in the santa clara valley. a lot of rain for san jose. the rain will taper off by mid- morning on wednesday, and then cooler air trickles into the bear area. in fact, by thanksgiving morning, the overnight low will be in the single digits in the high sierra with areas of snow. so today dry conditions, but if you're head hing to the high sierra over the holiday, you'll need to bundle up, and you'll
6:49 am
need chains. upper 50s in san francisco, to 64 in fairfield. tonight dipping into the 40s and 50s, but that will replaced by wednesday night into the freezing level at many of our inland locations. there you have your thanksgiving. sunny and bright, but cool. enjoy your day. >> this week u.s. senate will take up a bill to require extra security screening for refugees. >> the house has already passed the bill with more on the plan, and now california representatives voted. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> let it never be said that congress has to act slowly. think we're seeing that when they want to, they can pass a law in just a couple of days. on thursday, the house of representatives passed a bill that would make it harder for syrian and iraqi refugees, i don't know why no one ever mentions that, but it includes iraqi refugees, would make it harder for them to be admitted
6:50 am
into the u.s. the vote was mostly along party lines, with all republican voting for the law, and democrats voting against it. but 47 democrats crossed over and voted with republicans in favor of the law called the safe act. of those 47 democrats 8 were right here in california. and we've got a list of the names of those folks. as you can see, they are from all overrule the state. up for 6 and what the one thing they all have is in common is this. in 2014, they barely beat a republican challenger in their district. now, they are all coming up for re-election in 2016, and what this safe act vote shows us is that they are concerned about a challenge from the right. they don't want to hand their republican opponent an easy weapon to beat them over the head with. that explains most of the votes. the one exception here is janice hahn, who is not running
6:51 am
for re-election to congress, but is running for a los angeles city council if n a district hat has traditionally been held bay moderate republican. so for her, it looks like a move to the right to appeal to her new more slightly conservative audience. >> so just when you think they have changed, they have a bit of a catch to it. >> oh, no, it's always calculation. >> so what happened next? >> now it has to go to the senate for their approvele, and it looks like wednesday or thursday after thanksgiving is where it's going to fall in the senate schedule. now already the leader of the democrats in the senate, harry r "e" d, has said that the bill will not pass there. presumably, that means that the democrats plan to filibuster. republican it is in the senate have 54 votes. they need 60 to break a filibuster. so they'll be looking to pick off a few of those democrats or independents on the senate side. >> and what are california senates saying? >> as you know, barbara boxer and diane feinstein are right out front when it comes to u.s. intelligence and defense.
6:52 am
they are looking at reforming america's travel visa program. they say that the u.s. lets in 20 million foreign visitors each year without fingerprinting or background checks, and that is the more likely point of entry for a terrorists. not this lengthy refs program. so they are going to -- refugee program, so they are going to focus on those visas. i'll remind you that congress needs to pass a bill to fund the u.s. government by december 11th, and as we know, funding time is threaten a government shutdown time, so in a of n a few weeks, there will be furious negotiating on a number of issues, and this time around, we canned a sir yarn refugees to the list. >> all right -- syrian refugees to the list. >> sun breads of people scramble for safety when a gun battle suddenly braves out at a block party. >> and we are less than two weeks after the attacks in
6:53 am
paris, and now all u.s. airports are on heightened alert this holiday week. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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or purchase with 0% apr financing. lockdown over fears of a potential terror attack. overnight - police detained1 people... but the fugitive the paris attacks was not an brussels belgium remains on lock down over a fear of a possible terrorist attack. the fugitive from the terrorist attacks was not among those captured in raids last night. donald trump isn't backing down from his controversial claim that thousands of people in new jersey celebrated on 9- 11 as the twin towers came down. the comments cop as trump retook the lead in the republican presidential race in iowa. >> and at least 60 people were injured in a shootout on a
6:57 am
playground if new orleans last he night -- 16 people were injured in a shoot isout on a playground in new orleans last night. all of the victims ared to recover. >> a potential lawsuit is expected to be filed today against the city of berkeley. police used tear gas and batons to break up a back lives matter protest. >> your golden state warriors making history again. they improved to 15-0 with a win against the nuggets last night. the best start to a season, and they can break that record tomorrow night when the lakers come to oracle where the warriors have won 26 straight. >> and is live at the airport in san he he say. if you are head hing outs the week by train lane, train, or bus, expect to see more of this. a conner ised effort to be a lot more visible.
6:58 am
an estimated 46 million people will travel this year, less than two weeks after the terrorist attacks. the tsa said they will handle millions of passengers with enhanced screening. >> we have now beefed up our resources where we'll be in a position to handle a significant number of evens going on simultaneously or sequentially. >> last week phony bomb threats redirected three flights. there will be extra security for flights heading into the united states. >> traffic alert. south 680 right at highway 84. a truck stuck on its side with a load of lumber. westbound 92, that action near
6:59 am
the high would rise, as you work your way between 880 and 101. a sluggish off the east shore freeway, two accidents is few been cleared, so very slow as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. >> i've been sharing with you foggy images all morning. i wanted to share this beautiful sunrise picture here with you though, but some fog that is really tree restricting visibility in some areas. we're into the 40s and 50s. santa rosa dipped down to 38 degrees. , we we had a record high 72 yesterday in oakland. today they are 63. rain-wise about this time tomorrow morning, spotty, and then the front moves through the afternoon hours, and by the time it tapers off, we could see just over half an inch of rain. we'll have areas of black ice by thanksgiving morning. >> thanks for watching
7:00 am
everyone. >> another look at mount vac do and your sunrise. have your your day, everyone. wee see you at noon. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, november 23, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the capital of belgium locked down amid fears of a paris-like attack. new overnight raids failed to nab europe's most wanted terrorist. dramatic video shows a medical student shot while trying to stop an attack. new details on the manhunt in new orleans. and the report out this morning reveals the worst traffic bottlenecks in the u.s. is your commute on this list? but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> salah abdelslam is not among the persons arrested during the


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