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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  KPIX  November 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning, everyone. it's thursday, november 26. i'm michelle griego. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone! ! i'm frank mallicoat. glad you joined us. nearly 6:00. you're probably stuffing the bird or getting ready for a big feast today and we are going to tell you, it's cold outside. so stay indoors. >> it is cold! michelle said earlier if you have no room in the fridge, stick the bird on the front porch! hopefully by now it's in the oven or it may not be ready. that's what i'm told from people who actually know how to cook. i'm not one of the them. temperatures out there chilly freezing in santa rosa 32. 38 livermore. 35 in concord. 44 in san francisco. clear skies areawide a look at what to expect your headlines clear and cold to start. sunny but chilly this afternoon. we do have some rain moving back into the forecast later on this weekend. well, late weekend early into next week. high temperatures not warming
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up. we'll see plenty. sunshine but temperatures are in chilly. 50s areawide. i'll have the full forecast coming up. >> traffic on a holiday is usually light. that's 880 in oakland. if you are on the highway you're in luck because you're moving along fine. bay bridge toll plaza, if you are coming into san francisco nice and early to get in line for some black friday specials, tonight you'll whiz right through the toll plaza. everything easy breezy on this holiday. people across the bay area are waking up to frigid temperatures as julie was talking about. and mark kelly shows us how some folks are staying warm in walnut creek. reporter: one of the coldest nights in months and we found people outdoors some place tennis and these guys at the skate park. >> a lot of people would say you're crazy for being out in this cold. do you think you're crazy? >> i thin i'm pretty crazy. >> reporter: but they say once they get moving the body warms up in no time. >> it's not raining so we're skating, dude. >> reporter: at toby's trees, crews are working late to make sure the christmas trees are all spruced up for the big shopping weekend.
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40 years in the tree business. but they say this cold this early in the season is something new. does it put you in the holiday mood? >> absolutely. absolutely. it's very seasonal and festive out there. >> reporter: but the award for best way to stay warm in the cold might have to go to these two choosing to have their dinner outside near a warm fire. >> now, the fireplace is really nice. it's keeping us nice and warm. and, um, we're looking forward to enjoying a nice meal here. >> reporter: so no actual freezing overnight here in walnut creek. but these are some of the lowest temperatures we have seen in the past 10 months. in walnut creek, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> mark, you needed a hat. it was cold out there, come on! [ laughter ] it is 6:02. forget about black friday. tomorrow some shoppers are skipping thanksgiving dinner to get a head start on some of the best shopping deals of the year. anne makovec joins us live in
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pinole where catchers are pitching their tents outside a best buy there. good morning anne. >> reporter: good morning. it is chilly out here. so these are the brave people not only willing to skip at least part of the thanksgiving, but brave this cold. in fact, i'm here with clark sims. come on over, clark. he has been here since, get this, guys, tuesday! clark, tell me why on everett have you been doing this? >> i started doing it last year. it's just fun to do. you meet nice people. it's cool to do. >> reporter: you have a little bit of strategy tag teaming with people? >> yes. my auntie is kind of like the coordinator so she asked everybody to do a shift so each person comes in, they will do like three or four hours or maybe half a day or sleep overnight. that's how we do it so everybody won't be all at once here. >> reporter: so it's not that bad and you're still going to make thanksgiving dinner? >> yeah. hopefully my mom will cook it tonight or most likely
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tomorrow. >> reporter: okay. turkey will be had. clark sims, thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: good luck with everything. so best buy opens at 5:00 tonight and closes at 1 a.m. and then reopens at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. so this whole black friday thing is bizarre and all over the place now that stores are opening on thanksgiving. but we are still here to report on t live in pinole, anne makevoc, kpix 5. security is being beefed up at transportation hubs and malls this holiday weekend. and at new york's iconic thanksgiving day parade. it comes less than two weeks after terror attacks in paris killed 130 people. isis has since threatened new york city in a video. president obama and the city's mayor are encouraging people to get out and enjoy the holiday in spite of the security concerns. >> we cannot let the terrorists succeed at psychological warfare. that's what it is! they are doing what they do to try to create fear. to try to change us. >> taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> even with stepped up security federal officials stress there are no known
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credible threats against the u.s. highway patrol looking into yet another shooting on interstate 80. the latest happened on tuesday night eastbound lanes between ashby and university avenues. ' car with three people inside was struck. nobody was hit. broken glass did cut a woman's face. >> this is a pretty scary situation. the family was very fortunate that the round didn't hit one of them. >> investigators are trying to determine if the shooting is connected to two others on i-80 this month. the man was wounded in a shooting in san pablo and a shooting in pinole killed one person and injured another. chp has said the victims in the first two shootings were targeted. alaska airlines is apologizing for a baggage handling game gone wrong at a bay area airport. betty yu shows us what one passenger caught on camera. reporter: this is what a southwest passenger saw from his window before take-off.
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a worker tossing luggage like a beanbag while another clapped. each time workers tried to hurl the bag farther. >> the perception is it also like they are tossing a customer's bag. >> reporter: that's why chase platon shot it from his cell phone and put it on southwest's facebook page. it wasn't southwest. it was alaska airlines workers. alaska says they were tossing a company bag filled with magazines as part of an employee game. in a statement tonight, alaska says this game should not have been played at the airport. the optics of this video are unfortunate and we apologize for any confusion this has caused san jose travelers or southwest airlines. >> if you are going to do something like that, i would do it elsewhere. you shouldn't do something like that right next to a place where they are loading customer bags on the plane. >> it looks super shady. >> reporter: we showed video of the game to passengers flying out. >> i would say it's bad taste
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to be honest. >> reporter: customer bag or not? >> basically, just reassures everyone what they are fearing because everyone already thinks that people mishandle their baggage. >> reporter: alaska airlines says it also had a talk with all three of those employees seen in the video. outside mineta san jose international airport, betty yu, kpix 5. it's a historic day for pope francis. today he will say his first mass in africa. he went through the crowds in kenya in the popemobile. this morning he told catholics and muslims they have little choice but to engage in dialogue to ward off the violent attacks nairobi has experienced. time now is 6:07. no girls allowed. that's what the bay area group is being told. and now the boy scouts of america is facing new pressure to change its tradition. >> downtown san jose is already
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up and at 'em for the 1 1th annual silicon valley turkey trot. the band is playing and 26,000 runners are on the way. we'll give you all the details. >> and we are off to a clear and cold start for that turkey trot but if your thanksgiving plans take you out of town stay tuned. we'll have the travel forecast coming up. [quickly] the news is good! [quickly] sports w [quickly] let's go shopping! doors open tonight, 6pm at target.
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♪ tonight, hdtv prices will drop to record lows. ken, how are you getting ready for this deal? with subtle hints... barbie, i want an hdtv. doors open tonight 6 pm at target. this week's "king tides" ha caused good morning. welcome back. time now 6:11. here's a live look at the bay bridge. not a lot of traffic out there. clear skies, cold conditions, clear with the exception of that one cloud off in the distance. i have your forecast coming up in just a bit. this week's king tides have caused problems in marin county. one business seaplane adventures is feeling the brunt of it it.
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there's flooding on the property. >> it's closed business down. our passengers can't get to our facility. you can see caltrans has off- ramps blocked on the both ends. >> he says there could be worse problems in the future with king tides. the company's building is sinking as the bay infills under it. sudden change of weather in sacramento county sent people to the hospital. look at that. a freak windstorm blasted a flea market yesterday in the town of golf. people ran for cover as tents, poles, tarps and all kinds of debris were tossed into the air. in the town of galt. >> it doesn't matter about me. i'm worried about my 9-year-old sister. >> several merchants saw their goods get blown away. one man estimates he lost $2,000 worth of merchandise. thousand of runners and walkers are gathering in
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downtown san jose for one of the biggest thanksgiving day traditions. kpix 5's jackie ward is live near the starting line with more on the big charity event. jackie. reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving. the race founder and organizer said this turkey trot is the world's largest timed turkey trot. unbelievable to think of that. it's a busy morning around here. 27,000 runners come to downtown san jose from elite women's 5k, costume costume. there's a 10k wheelchair race and elite men's 5k. a 10k at 8:30 and 5-k run/walk starting at 9:10. 26,000 people are trying to raise a million dollars to give: to local food pantries and organizations. we caught up with karl guardino to tell us more about the spirit of this morning. he is the founder and organizer. >> however tag line is help and
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hope. we help food banks and the counties and we help our housing trust silicon valley. >> reporter: over the past 10 years, they have been able to raise $5 million. and this morning, runners are also bringing pounds of food. they are expected to bring something like 40,000 pounds of food. the festivities get under way at 7:30 including a mayor's race 90 political people will be here this morning taking part in this event. live in san jose, jackie ward, kpix 5. another thanksgiving day tradition the annual big bone game in san jose. it features football teams from the city's two oldest public high schools, the san jose bulldogs and lincoln lions. it draws thousands of people to city college stadium every year. the big bone game began in the 1940s. it is named after the unique trophy a cattle femur that a student found in his dad's butcher shop decades ago. game time this morning 11 a.m. that's kind of foreign here
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but on the east coast especially up in new england today is high school football day. there's over 100 games in massachusetts all over new hampshire and that kind of thing and all the alumni come back. >> i grew up going to the big bone. i went to hoover junior high school, all my friends went to lincoln. big bone was like the biggest deal every year. >> it's fun. >> even in junior high it was a big deal. >> have fun out there today. bundle up! grab a jacket out the door. bundle up. 41 your current temperature in napa. actually warmer than we started out at because we have a little bit of a north wind helping to warm up there. everywhere else chilly 32 freezing in santa rosa. 37 san jose. 38 in mountain view. satellite perspective showing that area of low pressure that brought us the showers now off to our east. pretty stagnant weather pattern not a lot of change, keeping us chilly for the rest of the week and most of the weekend. what to expect? well, clear and cold out the door this morning.
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continued sunny but cool days as we move on into the weekend. changes by late weekend as we usher in our next chance of showers by monday. travel forecast sfo no travel delays no arrival delays right now at least not weather- related. and all of our major hubs actually looking good. the only place we have any real concerns for weather-related delays might be chicago. 4:52 your sunset this evening. temperatures in the 50s areawide. definitely cool for this time of the year. the extended forecast shows more of the same for the next few days. increasing cloud cover on sunday. next chance of showers monday and again on wednesday. 6:16. a look at your morning commute if you are taking transportation. you're not going to get a ferry. ace trains shut down today because of the holiday. everything else is on a sunday schedule. everything is moving along just fine. dashcam video captured a
6:17 am
wild police chase in new jersey as police tried to track down a murder suspect. it it led police across a median and oncoming traffic in a major freeway. at one point the suspect went 90 miles per hour. he was cornered by police and arrested. the suspect is facing charges in the stabbing death of his girlfriend. more demonstrations last night on the streets of chicago enraged by the video released by a cop shooting laquan mcdonald. protestors ripped lights from christmas trees, fences surrounding the tree were also removed. police arrived and arrested the protestors. police were out in full force all over chicago for the second night in a row. the gatherings were largely peaceful. protestors walked along 35th to police headquarters calling out the names of rahm emanuel, anita alvarez and gary mccarthy for them to be removed. many saw the demonstrations as ' chance to united. >> this is a call for black people to take action and unite. >> i want to see the killings stop.
6:18 am
>> black friday protests are scheduled tonight and will last through tomorrow morning. there is new pressure on the boy scouts of america to let girls in as full members. six young girls in sebastopol are teaching themselves how to build a campfire because they say they didn't learn it in the girl scouts. at one point, they started participating in activities alongside a local boy scout troop. >> i really like competition and i really enjoy competitive nature and also working in teams and so being in boy scouts gave me the opportunity to work with boys and girls alike in a competitive nature. >> news of the girl's participation reached the local boy scout council which last month barred them from further scouting activity. up next, a football fan's sweet revenge after getting kicked out of a football game. how he got back at the cops sending a whole bunch of those. coming up.
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>> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, now that 16-game streak you have been hearing a lot about? there's another one this morning. coming up. what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. a los angeles man sent a spl ,,,,,,
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kpix 5 mathematicians have figured out that's 20 dozen. >> good for them. >> the fan was ejected on saturday after a misunderstanding over his assigned seat and he says he sent the donuts as a harp less sign of disapproval -- harmless sign of disapproval explaining no one likes coconut donuts except for those who do. police donated them to a women's shelter. good morning, everybody. dorothy says, there's no place like home. for the san jose sharks they would rather be on the road where they just wrapped up a 6- 0 trip. would the streak continue at the shark tank against the defending champion blackhawks? third period san jose down 3-1. patrick marleau off the post. his 8th goal of the season. the lead is cut to 3-2 but then just 70 seconds later the former shark andrew dejardin scores to give the hawks a two goal lead and they won 5-2 snapping san jose's 6 game win streak. back in week three the cardinals intercepted colin kaepernick four times in arizona's 47-7 win. after that game, cards safety
6:24 am
tyron matthews said the 49ers passing game was simplified. so the honey badger says facing blaine gabbert on sunday will be a much bigger challenge. >> we just moved kaepernick's tendencies, you know what i mean? so we knew what he liked to do. you don't pick up those same things from gabbert. he is better in the pocket. you can see gabbert's maturity and obviously, you know, the different things that he does well that say let's say kaepernick do well. >> warriors fans should be thankful for their 16-0 start especially when they watch the 76ers. boston's crowder hits the go- ahead three with 38 seconds left. celtics beat philadelphia 84- 80. the sixers are 0-16. they have tied an nba record with 26 straight losses dating back to last season. how good is the warriors organization right now? go to and check out my blog. have a great thanksgiving, everybody. we'll see you on sunday, the raiders!
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all right. dennis, thanks. play of the day, we have some nba, brooklyn's playing at oklahoma city. the thunder's tandem russell westbrook with a past to kevin durant, a nice dunk. oklahoma city beat the nets 110- 99. really nice pass. but it's your play of the day. next half hour... not your fathers root beer.. details on why t becoming a popular 6:25 right now. coming up in the next half- hour, not your father's root beer. details on why this new brew is becoming a popular beverage. >> and black friday has certainly changed in the past few years. but it is not dead. we are talking to some people who have been lined up for deals since tuesday. next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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what you can expect as you out for the holida tighter security is expected today from malls across the u.s. to iconic thanksgiving day celebrations. >> our man attacked on says who he would like to meet. good morning, happy thanksgiving, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. let's check in with julie watts on this forecast. first i need to ask you, who is cooking your thanksgiving dinner because you don't cook? >> my mom. >> your mom. >> mama. >> mom was up at like 2 a.m. sticking the bird in. we do early thanksgiving. 11:00. >> okay. >> so because we have lots of family. >> how about you, michelle? >> my mom is in town. so thankfully -- >> your mom too. >> my mom and my husband are
6:30 am
doing it and then i get off work and i'm going to go eat. [ laughter ] >> nice. how about you, sir? >> i'm just going to head to the east bay and enjoy family. so i got family cooking for me. >> all right! >> all good. >> so that was your forecast. now back to you. [ laughter ] >> for those of how are aware going out the door, grab a jacket. it is chilly this morning. in fact, here's a look at the temperatures right now. 35 degrees in concord. 38 livermore. freezing in santa rosa. 37 in san jose this morning. mostly clear skies. pretty much areawide. here's a look at the headlines. clear and cool to start. sunny but chilly this afternoon. rain back in the forecast though by the end of the weekend early next week. here's a look at the hour by hour here in san francisco starting off this morning in the 40s. and then we are warming up just gradually 52 by lunchtime. your high today 54. yeah, not very high at all. and then by this evening, skies
6:31 am
stay clear, temperatures downright chilly freeze warning in the valleys tonight. another chilly this evening. details coming up. traffic is light and easy on this holiday. that's a look. look at that. can you believe that? bay bridge toll plaza. if it was like that every day everyone would work at san francisco. nobody coming into the city at 6:31. 880 in oakland, things are moving along just fine there, as well. glide memorial church in san francisco is one of many bay area organizations getting ready to serve people a thanksgiving meal. they are getting ready for turkey, ham, sweet potato stuffing and dessert. thousands of people thousands of people will stop by the church today. today may be the holiday but the battle for bargain shopping kicks off in a few hours. anne makovec now some serious very serious shoppers going
6:32 am
home with discounted items before people take the last bite of pumpkin pie. anne. >> reporter: yes. children, let me tell you the story about when black friday actually started on friday. it's changed in 2015. now it starts at 5:00 on thanksgiving. check out the tents that are already lined up here outside of the best buy store in pinole. i have been speaking with the family that's been taking turns on and off here since tuesday. clark sims, come on over. tell me about why you are doing this. >> um, they have great deals that's going on and also it's very fun to do meet nice people and it's like all like a family affair. >> reporter: it's become a tradition but honestly, we have maybe a dozen people here. you probably didn't need to do this. >> um, well, i'll have go with miss josette the coordinator. i think so because we get all the things we want select gifts and everything. >> reporter: what are you looking for? >> i'm getting headphones. my mom wants a tv.
6:33 am
and my cousins getting playstation 4 and other members laptops. >> reporter: are you going to do thanksgiving? >> yes, hopefully tonight. but with my mom over here and here this early this morning, probably tomorrow. >> reporter: okay. but it will happen? >> yes, a turkey will be eaten. [ laughter ] >> reporter: good luck to you guys keeping the tradition alive. the best buy store here opens at 5:00 and then it's open until 1 a.m. and then it's going to re-open tomorrow morning at 8:00. so hopefully there will still be deals left over and the sims family want to snap them up. anne makovec, kpix 5. 6:33. security is being stepped up at transportation hubs and malls this holiday season and at new york's iconic thanksgiving day parade. reporter: an army of thousands of police officers will keep close watch over new
6:34 am
york's iconic thanksgiving day parade. >> welcome to the thanksgiving day parade. >> reporter: on the eve of the festivities authorities locked down mailboxes and stood guard by bleachers along the route. >> i like snoopy too. >> reporter: as crowds gather to see parade balloons come to life. >> security is very tight. but considering what's going on, they need to take all the precautions that they can. >> reporter: the heightened security comes less than two weeks after terror attacks in paris killed 130 people. isis has since they had the end new york city in a video. >> we went let the terrorists succeed at psychological warfare, that's what it is! ! they are doing what they do to create fear and change us. >> reporter: elsewhere, security has been beefed up this holiday at airports and other busy travel hubs. >> we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> reporter: amid concerns paris copycats could strike soft targets, black friday shoppers should expect beefed up security, too. >> i guess it could be an easy target but i don't like to think about that right now.
6:35 am
>> reporter: even with additional security, federal officials stress there are no known credible threats against the homeland. don champion, cbs news, new york. a flight out of sacramento was forced to turn around yesterday after a bird flew into one of its engines. the united flight which had 114 people on board, had just taken off when the bird got caught. passengers say flames began shooting out of the engine. officials say the plane did land safely. it's been taken out of service. police say the man who plotted the terror attacks in france may have been behind another plot in august on a french train. the attack was foiled by three american men who pinned down the armed man. one of the train attack survivors told reportedder martin savage he wants to meet survivors of the latest attacks. >> pushed me forward and i felt like i was just hovering in the
6:36 am
air for a second. >> reporter: august 21, on a high-speed train traveling from amsterdam to paris, moogalian is one of the first to see an armed terrorist. he jumps on the gunman. an act that nearly cost his life. >> the bullet broke two ribs pierced my left lung, and then came up through the neck and came out here. >> reporter: the gunshot alerts the rest of the passengers to the danger. the attacker armed with an assault rifle a semi-automatic handgun box cutter and gasoline could kill dozens on the crowded train. but three more americans run to the rescue. among them u.s. air force paramedic spencer stone, who subdues the gunman and treat moogalian. >> he said, you know, you're a hero. but i didn't feel like a hero because, the hero gets the guy. >> reporter: paris, friday the 13th, like everyone moogalian is sickened by the slaughter. and then horrified to hear the man behind it is also believed
6:37 am
to have plotted the attack that nearly killed him. a terrifying connection. >> i can now put myself to a certain degree in the places of the victims lying there in their own blood knowing they are going to die. but nobody came to save them. >> reporter: moogalian still recovering from his own wounds and his love of music is part of that healing. it's not always easy, but he is alive. he would like to meet with some of the wounded from the paris attack. >> how would that conversation begin? >> how are you? you know? maybe you know who i am. i went through something kind of similar and i'm glad to see that you have made it through and if there's anything you would like to talk about, anything at all that we could share, it was a scary experience for me.
6:38 am
>> reporter: just as on the train, moogalian believes he has a role to play. this time not as a hero but as a survivor spreading the message of hope. martin savage, paris. police are seeking a suspect after a shooting in a san francisco parking garage near union square. drivers were stuck for a couple of hours at the garage on fifth and mission streets as police searched for that shooter. we use our units to do a systemic search floor by floor to check all the vehicles and the parking garages. >> police say the suspect and victims know each other. the victim is hospitalized in critical condition but is expected to recover. republican presidential front-runner donald trump is causing controversy again. he is accused of mocking former "washington post" and current "new york times" reporter who has a disease that limits his arm movement. >> and they are talking about northern new jersey, draws the
6:39 am
prober's eye written by a nice reporter now the poor guy you have to see this guy, ah i don't know what i said, i don't remember! he is going like i don't remember. baby, that's what i said. this is 14 years ago he still -- they didn't do a retraction. >> trump was speaking in south carolina defending his previous comments that muslims in new jersey celebrated after the 9/11 terror attacks. it is 6:39 on this holiday. small leaks may become a big problem in this bay area community. the hidden issue even the city didn't know about. >> 26,000 runners and walkers are expected to come to downtown san jose in a little bit to burn calories and give back to good causes. ,,
6:40 am
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...for goodness' sake. city of american canyon as michelle miller joins us now from
6:43 am
welcome back. 6:42. here's your high -- well, low high temperatures for today. it's going to be chilly in the 50s in the area. south bay 55. 50s in the area. around the bay a little moderate in some locations. 57 oakland. 58 in santa rosa. ukiah 56. 55 clearlake and cloverdale. how long will the chilly temperatures last? your extended forecast is coming up. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning"." michelle miller has a look. >> reporter: record crowds are expected at this year's
6:44 am
thanksgiving day parade in new york. we'll talk to bill bratton about the security events across the country and a survival guide for the thanksgiving dinner table from pot ticks to your personal life. -- politics to your personal life. and the benefits of being thankful this holiday season. the news is back in the morning. 6:44. a surprising discovery for the city of american canyon a number of city pipes are leaking. buried power lines are sending a small current through the ground causing some copper pipes to corrode and leak. so far 180 have been replaced. >> you know, so yeah, when you see a leak after all that we have been through and worked on
6:45 am
it is frustrating. >> reporter: the city says that it has tested every pipe in town now twice and they believe they got a handle on the problem but each repair costs $3,000 and the residents will have to pay for it. a hawaiian woman checked her bank account and swears she is not a serial shopper. so imagine her surprise when she logged into her bank account statement on tuesday to find an outstanding balance of more than $1.4 trillion! >> i was stunned. i couldn't believe it. the first time i saw it i had to go to the bathroom and get my glasses on to make sure it's not because of my bad eye. >> first hawaiian bank says it was a computer glitch that's resolved with no harm to anyone's account. >> just a little to her heart. >> pay off the national debt! [ laughter ] thousands are gathering this morning for a big thanksgiving day tradition in downtown san jose. the silicon valley turkey trot. >> lacing up the sneakers.
6:46 am
kpix 5's jackie ward is live near the starting line with more on a big charity event on this thanksgiving morning. good morning. >> reporter: you didn't tell me i left my running sneakers at home. but i am certainly bundled -- actually more than i can say for the runners and walkers who are here already this morning at the start line in downtown san jose. volunteers have been here for a few hours already. because it's a busy morning around here. 6:30 a.m. is packet pickup then the races start at 7:30 beginning with the elite women's 5k. the big event is the 10k at 8:30. then the 5-k run/walk starts at 9:10. there is a costume contest to a kids' fun zone 26,000 people are expected to be here today. we caught up with race organizer karl guardino earlier and here's what he has to say. >> for us it doesn't matter that we're big. it matters that we're having a big impact. we want to help families in need and build communities.
6:47 am
and the excitement of 26,000 people all together on thanksgiving morning doing something good is special. >> reporter: and of those 26,000 runners more than 90 elected officials are expected to be here today. their race is called the mayor's race. it should be fun. one of the biggest messages of today is that this is for charity. they are trying to raise a million dollars and thousands of pounds of food will be dropped off here in downtown san jose. jackie ward, kpix 5. and football is another thanksgiving day tradition and there are few as long running athe annual big bone game in san jose. it features the city's two oldest public high schools, san jose and lincoln. it draws thousands of people to city college stadium every year. game time is 11:00. let's take a look -- let's go to the big bone game because i know one of the alum. she is right here! she used to be in the stands. >> that's right. actually i went to hoover junior high which is the feeder
6:48 am
into lincoln. unfortunately -- well, put it that way, i went to a different high school. i'm going to say fortunately or unfortunately. let's get the forecast. unfortunately, it is chilly this morning. 32 degrees in santa rosa. 37 san jose. 38 mountain view. 42 in pacifica. the moderating effects of the pacific ocean are making things a little bit more moderate temperature-wise along the coast but pretty much cold everywhere today as that sums up your weather headlines. the low brought yours showers earlier this week. the weather pattern is stag month not a lot of change. here's what to expect the next 24 hours. grab a jacket. sunny cool days ahead not a lot of change there. we'll see changes by late this weekend as we prepare for of the possibility of showers early this week.
6:49 am
travel weather shows sunny and cool areawide. high country a slight chance of snow showers up there not going to be a blizzard not going to see significant snowstorms. we could see some snow today. areawide cool 50s in the south bay, 54 half moon bay. 55 san jose. 54 hayward and 53 in san ramon. farther north similar temperatures, 58 santa rose, 56 fairfield, 56 in antioch. and here's a look at the extended forecast: cloud cover on sunday and increased temperatures, rain monday and midweek. >> julie, you did go to the game? >> i went. all my friends went to lincoln so i was alumnus by default. >> i'm glad we got that straight. julie watts, thank you. how about the commute?
6:50 am
if you need a ferry or ace, time to stay home. they are not running today. this morning costco says the cause of the e. coli outbreak is right here in northern california. at least 19 people are sick after eating costco's chicken salad. fda tests show that the vegetable mix in the chicken salad is probably the source but the feds still need to run some tests before they are sure. costco says their supplier is taylor farms based in salinas. costco gets the onion and celery mix from them and taylor farms has no comment yet. president obama brought out his best turkey jokes for the annual white house turkey pardon. >> i guess they were good. his own teenaged daughters chuckled as he spared two turkeys from becoming thanksgiving dinner. >> abe is now a free bird. he is totus, the turkey of the united states. [ laughter ] >> gobble gobble. >> this year's turkeys named honest and abe were raised in
6:51 am
the central valley and will live out the rest of their days in a farm in virginia. there may be something new on some family's thanksgiving dinner tables tonight. >> roberter jill wagner introduces us to the drink that's making a comeback from its preprohibition days. >> reporter: this is not your father's root beer. that's just one of the new brands of new hard root beers hitting the market. and don't confuse these with soda. each contains alcohol. chris adams at the coney island brewery in new york put out a new hard root beer in july. the brewery sells it in bottles and also serves it in their taproom. >> it was amazing the response to it. h century, root beer was brewed like a beer with alcohol. prohibition helped bring an end to that. now the hard version is back. >> very smooth. tastes like root beer. >> reporter: the new root beer joins other popular hard beverages on the market. hard cider, lemonade and tea are already big sellers. and hard root beer has quickly gained a following. in fact, some stores have found
6:52 am
it difficult to keep it in stock. >> we were getting calls for it before it was even available in new york city. >> reporter: kevin, the owner of a store in new york says people were buying it in the summer. >> people were buying it not just by the six-pack but multiple six-packs, reserving cases in advance. >> i think it's different. people haven't had anything like this. they can't believe it's a real alcoholic product to be honest and it's something that, you know, craft beer drinkers are always looking for something new. >> reporter: frank believes there's another reason it's popular. >> it's really good, man. incredible. >> reporter: jill wagner, cbs news, new york. >> it's really sweet. >> this week the makers of not your father's root beer debuted an alcoholic ginger ale in 40 stations with nationwide distribution by early 2016. time now is 6:52. as the thanksgiving holiday
6:53 am
gets under way security is at an all-time high. the major changes you will notice across the country. >> and happy thanksgiving! some people have just skipped right though to black friday. we'll talk with some of them next. ,, ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. across the country on this th thousand off five things to know at the :55. tighter security will be visible across the country on this thanksgiving day. several thousand officers will be on patrol in new york city along the thanksgiving day parade route. and security has been beefed up at airports and rail stations nationwide. investigators are looking into yet another shooting on 80. the latest was tuesday night in the eastbound lanes between ashby and university avenues. a car with three people inside was struck. no one was hit by a bullet. investigators are trying to determine if this shooting is
6:57 am
connected to two others on i-80 this month. and protestors in chicago are keeping it up today following the release of video showing the fatal shooting of a black teen at the hands of a white police officer. small groups of demonstrators clashed with police again last night and plan to disrupt black friday shopping. tensions in the middle east are high after turkey shot down a russian fighter jet tuesday killing a pilot. on wednesday, russia said it would deploy air defense missiles to its base in syria to destroy any target that may threaten its warplanes. turkey has released audio that it claims repeatedly warned russia not to enter its airspace but a survival pilot says no contact was ever made. and the pope is in kenya this morning where he is saying his first mass in africa. the pope took his open sided popemobile through a crowd of tens of thousands in nairobi. he has told catholics and muslim leaders they have little choice but to engage in
6:58 am
dialogue to ward off extremist attacks that have hit kenya recently. i'm anne makovec live in pinole where black friday has encroached on thanksgiving. check out the line here outside of the best buy store. this is one of several lines that have already formed around the bay area and this store is set to open at 5:00 tonight. so the good news for some of these people, they are planning to load up with electronics and going home to turkey dinner. folks in line say why not? >> i don't mind. i have a friend with me. keeping me company. i don't mind the cold. i'm good. >> reporter: yeah. and taking a live look back here in the parking lot in pinole, this family is actually here since tuesday. they have been tag teaming. the atmosphere is different because people have been camping and spending a lot of time just warming up in some of their cars. [ pause ]
6:59 am
[ no audio ] shivering turkey right there, too. love that. >> love that. good day for football. family of. should be fun. >> i know, you're heading over to mom's. >> yes. you have mom at your houses. >> my mother is cooking right now. my husband and mom are busy at work and i'm just going to go home and eat. >> enjoy your thanksgiving meals, as well. >> enjoy the holiday. we are going to be back at noontime. captions by: caption colorado
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