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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  November 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. happy black friday. a few shoppers coming into the city a lot of folks have today off. and good for you! because it's a mini holiday. >> we're celebrating for you. [ laughter ] >> we are. >> congratulations. >> it is friday. november 27. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00 on this friday the day after thanksgiving. and look at that. >> yeah. look at that. the cold weather is sweeping across the bay area. a freeze weather will be in effect. pleasanton last night not a lot of people outside. the only people outside were people walking their dogs. the cold didn't keep everyone inside. nope. some people found a fun way to burn off the thanksgiving calories. they braved the cold and went ice skating at the embarcadero. >> it's supposed to be cold. they must have felt at home on the ice. >> yeah. >> supposed to be cold there, yeah. >> it's not as cold as yesterday. good news for folks who are
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heading out to those black friday outlets up in the north bay. everyone else, though, chilly out the door. grab a jacket. notice the temperatures difference. down south san jose, 36 degrees. 39 fremont. 35 livermore. then up north where we actually had a freeze warning in effect for today, it's been canceled, temperatures 47 in santa rosa, 46 napa, 49 san rafael. why? well, here's why. down south in, say, san jose winds are calm right now. and that's keeping temperatures chilly. in fact, downright near freezing in some locations. farther north, north winds warming things up. north winds at 20 in napa. 16 in fairfield. your weather headlines, chilly this morning but not cold everywhere. staying cool this afternoon opening topping out in the 50s, chance of showers in the forecast. details coming up after traffic. traffic is still black friday light at the bay bridge toll plaza. on a regular commute we would have backups into the macarthur
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maze but it's been wide open. those metering lights are off and traffic is flowing well heading into san francisco. same story for the golden gate where southbound traffic has been fine leaving southern marin. in fact, all of our bridge commutes are very quiet at this hour including traffic approaching the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. enjoy the light traffic. if you normally take the livorna exit from south 680 it's closed overnight because of a fatal accident. you're going to have to use rudgear as an alternate. 680 flowing well in both directions. more coming up. black friday shoppers are braving the cold and the crowds to take advantage of the best bargains of the year. >> anne makovec is live at the san francisco premium outlets in livermore where stores have been opening since about 6:00 last night. >> reporter: yeah. that's right.
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you know, it's made for a much calmer black friday experience than other black fridays i have covered throughout the decade. a lot of stores opened on thanksgiving. here at the san francisco premium outlets in livermore, they opened at 6:00 last night and they will be open until 10 p.m. so that means you don't see the sort of door bus sting that we have seen in years past. it's black friday today. the biggest shopping day of the weekend. retailers who have operated in the red all year finally making it into the black. this weekend shoppers are spending $80 billion in stores and online. it is cold out here and early but shoppers say it's all worthwhile. >> i'm exhausted but ready to spend more money. >> everything is cheaper. why wouldn't it be worth it? i can't get, like, regular stuff for, like, , like, i bought $30 dress for $3. >> reporter: on average each american shopper is expected to
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spend more than $800 this holiday season. that's up more than 3% over last year. the biggest sellers this year. i don't know who is getting a car for christmas but is sounds nice, cars, apple products and "star wars" merchandise. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> dualy noted. car for christmas. we gotcha. major shopping centers will have extra security this busy day after thanksgiving. it's all in response to the recent terror attacks in france and, of course, there's an occasional misbehavior among shoppers like these two men fighting at a kentucky mall. there they are. >> we have police officers in uniform, undercover police, our own security force and we make changes and adaptations as needed. >> the national retail federation expects sales to hit $630 billion, 3% over last year. today protestors in chicago plan to discourage people from
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shopping along the city's magnificent mile. the activists are protesting the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a chicago police officer. the shooting happened last year but returned to the spotlight this week when surveillance video was released and the officer was charged with first- degree murder. chp investigating a deadly crash westbound 580 overnight in oakland. one person was killed, three people were injured, in a crash near the 98th avenue exit. it appears the car crashed into a tree. the three injured all taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of the injuries or what may have caused that crash. we're entering that time of the year where people are going to more parties and drinking more. kpix 5's emily turner explains how one ridesharing company is helping put the brakes on alcohol-related accidents. >> reporter: 'tis the season for holiday festivities and football parties and because of that it's unfortunately high season for drunk driving but uber says it's making a marked difference by making sure you get home safely. >> it's the smart thing to do.
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you don't want to hurt others. why not make the easy call. >> reporter: that call is being made more and more often. uber did a study with temple university. it found the percentage of alcohol-related driving fatalities went down 5% in every california city after uber settled in. >> we see that when people have more choices, they are empowered to make the right one. so we are seeing that as people learn more about uber they are making the right choice instead of driving and getting behind the wheel. >> reporter: that's especially helpful during the time of year that plays host to some of the biggest drinking days. last night, for example, is known as blackout wednesday. the bars are packed and uber says their cars were, too. in fact, he says, they have seen an uptick in the last year. >> they like to go home safely and not have to worry about a dui especially being here in california. >> reporter: that would be especially important during super bowl when the city is flooded with thousands of extra people and plenty of them partying. >> we definitely need drivers. the demand continues to increase and we know that during super bowl time is going to be even higher. >> reporter: so uber has launched an incentive program to recruit more drivers to meet
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the need. in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. taylor farms pacific is recalling a vegetable mix all linked to the e. coli outbreak. 19 people who ate costco chicken salad were sickened in 7 states including california. tests point to an onion celery mix. costco stopped selling it november 20 when it got word of a possible contamination. a chipotle in washington is reopened this morning just nine days after health inspectors gave it a poor review amid an e. coli outbreak. health inspectors found inadequate hand watching facilities and improper holding temperatures. the e. coli outbreak has spread to six states including california. despite the risk, customers were unfazed. >> too late now. i just got a nice delicious burrito bowl. it's delicious. i'm still going to go eat. hope i don't get anything. >> the company released a statement saying, each location went through a deep cleaning and employees replaced all the
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ingredients and changed food preparation procedures. 07 team usa. another security scare at the white house. -- 6:07. another security scare on how a fence-jumper made it on the front lawn of the white house keeping teen drivers on the road off the phone. the new device has more to do than just texting habits. every. >> not as cold as yesterday. i'll tell you why coming up. >> and 880 still rolling well in both directions through the oakland area but we are looking at some delays now in alamo where we have an exit shut down. i'll have details on that and give you backup alternates with "kcbs traffic." ,,,,,,,,,,
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alram fire. it's burning at breaking news. this is in berkeley where crews
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are on the scene of a two-alarm fire. it's burning at the mandarin garden restaurant at shattuck and addison near the cal campus. there are unconfirmed reports of partial evacuation and roof collapse at shallic and addison street in berkeley. a number of fire apparatus there as they are working on this fire. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. there was a significant boost in security for the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. hundreds of nypd officers lined the parade route through downtown manhattan where more than a million spectators gathered to enjoy the holiday tradition. it went smoothly except for two men who were arrested for flying a drone over the route. brussels is on edge but the terror alert level is lowered a notch. the belgium capital spent a week under the high alert following the paris attacks but the country's prime minister says the threat of fore attack
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is no longer considered imminent. french president francois hollande and russian president vladimir putin are pledging to work together with the united states to defeat isis. hollande is trying to establish a coalition against isis. the white house was on lockdown. as kris van cleave reports, an unarmed man named joseph caputo is in custody accused of jumping the white house fence. reporter: a photographer captured the moment caputo wearing gloves draped in an american flag hopped the fortified white house fence holding a binder in his mouth before throwing his arms in the air seemingly in celebration. >> just heard him take a big deep breath and whisper to himself, let's do this! and he took off! he jumped over the barricade and then climbed the fence. and once he went over, he lifted his armed up. >> reporter: the intruder dropped to his knees with his hands in the air as the secret service rushed to arrest him.
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>> everyone was yelling and kids are crying. who is this? very unexpected. >> reporter: his flag was put into an evidence bag while a bomb squad searched the white house lawn. the fact the intruder made it over the fence raises questions about the security upgrades put in place over the summer. in july, new spikes were installed on the white house fence to make it harder to climb. the secret service called that a temporary security measure until a long-term solution could be downed. this follows a series of embarrassing incidents for the secret service including a security breach where a fence- jumper got inside the white house made it all the to the -- the fence-jumper got inside the house and made it all the way to the east room. he was one of three men to jump the fence last year. police tell us criminal charges are pending against joseph caputo but at this point we have no idea why he climbed the fence or what was in that binder. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. >> caputo was unarmed. today it's all about traffic. >> lack of traffic. >> not really.
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>> telling you -- >> "friday light." >> except at the mall. >> actually it is busy at the shopping outlets. we heard from anne makovec and she said the parking lot at the livermore outlet is half full and would like a car for christmas. >> good luck, anne. >> we'll work on it. good morning. we are going to talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. and on a regular morning we would have backups extending into the macarthur maze. but on black friday, with most people off of work, westbound traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza is a breeze. so enjoy the light traffic while its here. it will get busier as the day progresses and more people are awake heading towards the malls or the city later tonight for the union square tree lighting ceremony. that's scheduled for 6 p.m. tonight. if you plan to head to the city, take bart to get into city. it's going to be busy on bay area freeways getting towards san francisco. now, heading towards highway 92, this is it right here.
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it is crystal clear and traffic is very light for the drive out of hayward bound for foster city. all our north bay roads are looking good including 101 as it rolls through the north bay, marin and sonoma counties all moving well, southbound traffic fine approaching the golden gate bridge. but we have been watching this closure, a fatal accident happened overnight involving this car over turning and catching fire. livorna off-ramp from southbound 680 is shut down since 2:40 a.m. crews are on scene repairing guardrail damaged during the accident. they hope to re-open this ramp shortly. in the meantime, continue to use rudgear as your alternate. that's a look at traffic. now to julie. thank you, miss liza. if you look very closely at the bottom left-hand side of your screen, take a look at the flags on top of pier 9 there and the palm trees? they are waving! this is a sign of the wind out there which is part of the reason that we are not quite as cold as we anticipated. we might be this morning at least from san francisco north. because we do have a light north wind this morning that's
6:17 am
helping to keep temperatures out of that freezing range. santa rosa 47. san jose 36. okay, you are close to freezing. livermore you, too 35. it is definitely cold in those locations but for most of us we are in the 40s this morning thanks in part to those north winds. light in most locations. and you can see kind of this light offshore flow here around the area of low pressure that brought us rain earlier in the week. it's now pushed off to our east. it's going to stay there for a couple of days so this weather pattern remains in place. not a lot of change over the next couple of days which means temperatures are below average for this time of the year. as long as we keep the light winds we'll stay out of the freezing range. here's what to expect throughout the day. chilly start with chilly temperatures. cool and dry through the weekend. showers returning next week. sunrise today 7:02. sunset 4:52 p.m. temperatures around the bay area, not a lot of fluctuation. 50s areawide. berkeley 54. 53 daly city.
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the extended forecast: reporter leigh martinez fin out two weeks ago a tornado ripped through the town of denair damaging 21 homes. reporter lee martinez finds out how one family is struggling to get back to normal. >> reporter: the county says this house is unsafe to live in after this huge tree fell into it during the tornado. >> want to have as much normalcy as possible. >> reporter: becky bailey is a single mother battling stage 3 breast cancer. she was at home with her three children when a surprise tornado ripped through their house. they made it out safely. but the tree broke the roof and tilted the house frame. county inspectors won't allow them back inside to retrieve their things. >> you go to the store you pick up this or that and oh, well, i don't need dental floss, i have it -- oh, yeah, i don't.
6:19 am
i don't need -- i do. it's things you don't think about because they're always there. >> reporter: she and her children are staying at a vacant home for now but it will be sold next month. she says there's a wait list for housing in the small town of denair. because bailey is undergoing chemotherapy she can't work. >> even in town, you know, to find a three-bedroom apartment, it's, you know, $1,300. >> reporter: she set up a "go fund me" account to help pay for a new rental home. she doesn't want to relocate out of the school district and she hopes her family will have a comfortable home for the holidays. >> i just want to go to my room with my stuff and my things and my space and you can't do that because it's not there anymore. coming up, it may be the best black friday deal of them all. the 49ers' season means deep discounts on tickets because they are not winning. what you can get for less than the price of parking. coming your way. you can e-mail your nominato
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us at: cool schools at kpix- dot-com. we may come and fee your school on the s and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,
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the guy who finally decided to kick 35 years of bad snacking habits. you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake. a special night at lambeau field last night as brett favre returned to green bay the quarterback who spent 16 years in the green and gold was honored at halftime as they officially unveiled his retired number 4. hall of fame semifinalist brett favre returns to lambeau field and fans slowly forgetting about his time as a viking. this one was a sloppy one on the field. time running down in the first half, langford rumbles into the end zone. the bears lead 14-13. 17-13 chicago, the packers with a chance to win it at the very end. but aaron rodgers' pass is
6:24 am
deflected in the end zone. the defense with a great game plan, the bears win 17-13. it wasn't a good day for tony romo and the cowboys against the panthers on thanksgiving. 2nd quarter, romo forces it, and it's picked off, 32 yards for the touchdown. heatly picked off romo twice in the -- heathley picked off romo twice in the first half and carolina up 20-3 at the half. carolina wins 33-14. and the panthers are still unbeaten at 11-0. romo left the game with a shoulder injury and he may be done for the year. now to hoops. the cal bears taking on the san diego state aztecs. fans in the thanksgiving spirit. cal up 8 at the half. in the second half, the aztecs came back from 15 points down. the three-pointer from the corner, san diego state pulls away for the upset over cal.
6:25 am
on thanksgiving, stanford falls to villanova. i'm andrea nakano and that's your sports for this morning. play of the day from one of yesterday's nfl holiday games. we got more. carolina, first drive for cowboys quarterback tony romo whose pass gets picked and goes the other way. that's kurt coleman of the panthers going 36 yards to the house. a couple of pick sixes for mr. romo. carolina won its 1 1th game, 33- 14. they are one of two undefeated teams still in the nfl your play of the day on black friday. milies left scrambling when a daycare announces it's closg down... details in the next half hour on their fight top the doors open. it is 6:25 right now. coming up, families left scrambling when a daycare suddenly closes. their fight to keep the doors open. >> reporter: cool temperatures and early hours are not stopping black friday shoppers today. coming up, we'll take a look at
6:26 am
some of the expectations of the season. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to make it to the front law charges are pending after a man caused a security scare at the white house. how he was able to make it on the front lawn. >> plus, the state's drought has farmers ready to flood their fields. how el nino water could help them grow better crops. >> off to a chilly start. your black friday forecast is coming up. >> an accident now in oakland, eastbound 580 near 980. we have lanes shut down. more coming up. and good morning, it's november 27. black friday. i'm frank mallicoat.
6:30 am
>> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. we are following some breaking news this morning in berkeley where crews are on the scene of a two-alarm fire burning at the mandarin garden restaurant at shattuck avenue and addison street. there are unconfirmed reports of a partial roof collapse and evacuations. an apartment building is a block away from cal. this is at shattuck and addison in berkeley. we'll have more information as it becomes available. it is that time of year where sleep deprived shoppers head to the stores to score big bargains. >> we know what that's all about, don't we, the sleep deprived part. kpix 5's anne makovec in the middle of the madness. she is at the san francisco premium outlets in livermore with lots of friends. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these shoppers say it's all worth it but it is cold out here and it is early. the outlets here in livermore opened at 6:00 last night. they are going to be open until
6:31 am
10:00 tonight. so it's sort of a marathon that they are engaging in here. a lot of 50% off sales. today is black friday because retailers who have operated in the red all year are finally making it into the black. between thanksgiving and so- called cyber monday, shoppers are spending $80 billion in stores and online. and you may have heard some of the criticism that a lot of retailers got for opening their doors on thanksgiving. but some families say, hey, it's a new tradition. >> this is really for a lot of people a family activity. they look for it. they come out. they love the hustle and bustle and the challenge of getting bargains and getting in here and getting the great deals. so it's a lot of fun really. >> reporter: on average shoppers are expected to spend more than $800 each this holiday season. that is up more than 3% over last year. live in livermore, anne makevoc, kpix 5. millions of americans will be shopping amid heightened
6:32 am
security this day after thanksgiving. extra patrols on hand at major shopping centers is in response to the terror attacks in france two weeks ago. and, of course, there is the occasional misbehavior among shoppers like these two men involved in a fight yesterday at a mall in kentucky. >> we have police officers and our own security force and we adapt as we deem necessary. >> the national retail federation expects holiday sales this year to hit the $630 billion mark, up 3% from last year. a freeze warning is in effect for tonight. last night was pretty cold, too. the city of pleasanton looked liked a ghost town. everyone indoors warming up around the thanksgiving table. the only guy we saw was actually a man walking his dog with his wife. there you go. it was cold out.
6:33 am
it was cold. but were there less people because of the cold or because of the turkey coma? >> i think the turkey coma. >> me, too. >> i'm thinking a lot of the stores weren't open so there might not have been a lot to do out there. >> so i'm wrong. i'm sorry. okay? [ laughter ] >> sorry, frank. >> you proved your point. let's go on to weather now, shall we? >> we do this a lot with you. frank, i'm sorry. you are absolutely right. >> i was just reading what was up there. [ laughter ] >> it was cold. i'm going to call pleasanton. [ laughter ] >> immediately. >> find out -- we are going to get to the bottom of that as soon as this show is over. first let's talk about the forecast, shall we? >> shall we? >> temperatures out there chill think this morning. i wouldn't go as far as to say cold. i'm sorry, frank. [ laughter ] >> i wouldn't -- >> it was freezing! >> it was not freezing this morning. [ laughter ] >> the coldest temperature on the map right now livermore 35. 36 in san jose. 39 mountain view. take a look up north. we are well into the 40s. take a look at the wind speeds. here's why. in the areas where we are seeing calm winds, we are seeing the coldest temperatures this morning.
6:34 am
temperatures in the 30s places like pleasanton and san jose. oo temperatures warmer than anticipated off to another chilly start this morning staying cool this afternoon showers in the extended forecast. i'll get to that in just a moment. but first a check. your roads. we want to go back to chopper 5 bringing us those pictures of the restaurant fire we have been talking about. a two-alarm fire in the berkeley area. expect to see traffic control in the area of shattuck and addison. we'll have chopper pictures for you in just a few minutes. right now we'll go to a map of the area. be prepared for delays. looks like we have chopper pictures of this restaurant fire. it's burning in the berkeley area. there will be traffic control in the area of shattuck and addison. again, one block away from uc- berkeley so expect brief traffic control and brief delays through there. as this changes we'll bring you more information as we get it. thank you very much. as we move on to the rest of
6:35 am
the commute, the 580 drive is going done busy for you. an accident eastbound 580 on the connector ramp towards 980 blocking two lanes of traffic so expect heavy traffic approaching the scene. very light everywhere else. there will be a brief delay there. better news for alamo. the livorna off-ramp from southbound 680 is now open. richmond police are investigating a homicide after a woman was found dead inside a home. police arrived at the home on 400 block of market street around 7 p.m. last night after receiving a call about a disturbance there. that's when they found a woman who had been shot and killed. police are not giving many details. the investigation is ongoing. a sex offender with a stolen boarding pass was caught before he was able to board a bay area-bound plane. the man got past airport security in salt lake city, utah earlier this month. even though the boarding pass belonged to a woman.
6:36 am
it has been left behind at a southwest check-in kiosk. 61-year-old michael salata was arrested before the plane took off. and police say when they confronted him, he tried to act like it was a mistake. tight security in brussels, belgium, but the city's terror alert level is now a notch lower. the belgian capital spent a week under the highest possible alert following the attacks in france. belgium's prime minister says the threat of an attack is no longer considered imminent. french president francois hollande and russian president vladimir putin are promising to work together with the u.s. to defeat the terrorists. hollande is in the middle of a week-long effort to establish a stronger coalition against isis. a man is in custody accused of climbing over the white house fence. the breach promised a lockdown yesterday as the first family celebrated thanksgiving. the man was unarmed draped in an american flag and holding a binder in his mouth.
6:37 am
>> i just heard him take a big deep breath and whisper to himself, like, all right, let's do this! and he took off! he jumped over the barricades. and then he climbed the fence. and once he, um, went over, he kind of like lifted his arms up. >> the breach raises questions about security upgrades put in place over the summer. the suspect is identified as joseph caputo. there's no word on motive. golden state warriors getting into the post- thanksgiving spirit offering bargains to their devoted fans. they are teaming up with ticketmaster to eliminate fees all weekend long for people buying single game tickets. the fees are pricy. tickets must be purchased through the team's website before 10:00 monday night. families are scrambling after a daycare center in santa clara announced they are closing their doors with a week's notice. kpix 5's len ramirez reports,it also bad news for the community community. >> reporter: rochelle kent
6:38 am
doesn't in a what she is going to do with her -- doesn't know what she is going to do with her four children. four cs is closing with little warning forcing her to look for alternatives or stop working. >> it puts me in a predicament where i lose out and can't support my children. >> reporter: last week administrators said the center will be closing at the end of the month. >> there was no warning. it was unexpected. >> reporter: teachers will head into the holidays without a steady paycheck. >> my job will be over on the 30th. and 33 of the families that we serve won't have child care. maybe five of them have found alternative care. >> reporter: four cs stands for community child care council of santa clara county. it's a nonprofit that's been around for 40 years according to its website. unfortunately, no one was available to comment today because four cs is closed for the holiday. four cs operates five other sites in the san jose area at low or no cost. parents say administrators blame the closure on low
6:39 am
enrollment. teachers think it might be political because they unionized. they were working on a contract when the closure notice came. >> little comments that they made, it kind of just makes me wonder why they are doing this especially at this time for the families. >> it makes me upset. it kind of hurts me because the growth of my kids is what's important to me. >> reporter: rochelle kent says her kids have done well with four cs. >> they are helping me with my homework and it's really fun. >> reporter: so she organized a petition drive to force them not to close. but with days left, she has no hope. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. time is 6:39. not a black friday deal? this one is red and gold. how you can get 9er tickets for less than the price of parking. >> reporter: and when it comes to texting and driving, some people cannot help themselves. especially teenagers. now there is brand-new technology to put the brakes on that behavior. >> and the market just opened
6:40 am
up about 10 minutes ago. taking a look at the big board right now, you can see the dow is down about 17 points. we'll be right back. ,, ♪ today, apparel will cool down to 40% off. [both] 40%! [quickly] the news is good! [quickly] sports win! [quickly] let's go shopping! 40% off apparel and accessories at target.
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♪ cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no... on sale at, starting tomorrow. welcome back. good black friday morning to you. highs around the bay today. we call this the super fly. we are going to see temperatures pretty consistent bay area wide. in the 50s for the south bay, 54 sunnyvale, 54 santa clara. 53 morgan hill. east bay temperatures not a lot of fluctuation. 50s in the area. we are off to a chilly start it morning. details on the forecast coming up. 6:43. while many enjoyed a traditional thanksgiving dinner
6:44 am
yesterday, two people went for the nontraditional route. a pair of astronauts enjoyed their turkey dinner in zero gravity. >> greetings from the international space station. i'm charles. >> i'm scott. >> and we just wanted to wish you a very warm and happy thanksgiving. >> the crew of the international space station sent out this photo of their holiday meal on the menu, rehydrated turkey, yams, corn and potatoes au gratin. >> yum. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> let's check in with michelle miller who joins us live in new york on this black friday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. that meal did not sound appetizing. [ laughter ] >> no? >> good morning, frank and michelle. no! are you kidding? ahead, we are in chicago. there's a lot going on there. protestors angry about a deadly police shooting hope to shut down the famous magnificent mile shopping district. plus, the american contractor
6:45 am
who spent five years in prison in cuba gives his first interview to "60 minutes." hear what he did to survive. the new movies that may be worth watching this holiday season. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> that "star wars" film might be good. a lot of good flicks coming up. >> yeah. can't wait. >> michelle, thank you. see you at 7:00. text messaging is now an even deadlier hazard than drinking mon teenaged drivers. kiet do has details of a new device to help parents control it. >> reporter: what could be more worrisome than a brand-new teenaged driver? a teenaged driver who is distracted. there's an app for that. introducing drive alert now. an app is installed in the diagnostic port of your car. register it online, download the app on the phone and it connects to your phone with bluetooth. when the car is moving, the phone is disabled. no calls, no texts. paige and brian agreed to give it a try.
6:46 am
>> i think it's actually a very great idea just because that way it just takes away the distraction of the phone. and you're not even thinking about it. >> reporter: what's more, if they try to disconnect the device or use their phones while driving, their parents get a notification. we check back in after a week. >> it was weird at first because i kept forgetting that i had it so i was reaching for my phone and it would come up with a notification that says please do not use your cell phone while driving. >> reporter: page every her dad can log in online and see where she has been how fast she was going, even if she slammed on the brakes. he says it will develop good habits. >> she doesn't even think about having her phone on in the car. just focuses on driving adjusting her behavior. >> reporter: brian likes having the phone disabled. >> because you know that you're not going to be tempted by it. >> to know that that distraction was taken way is one less worry. >> reporter: the leading cause of teenaged deaths is reckless distracted driving. this chp officer can't endorse
6:47 am
a specific product but says anything that reinforces good driving habits can be useful. he says just don't use the device as a babysitter. talk your to teens. >> make sure your teen knows what's right and wrong behind the wheel why it's important to be safe so that even if the technology fails or they figure out a way to defeat it the teen has a foundation to be safe behind the wheel. >> reporter: he says when it comes to raising safe drivers, technology is great, but it's no substitute for good parenting. and just to be clear, this is not just an app that goes on your phone. there is hardware that goes inside the car. now, in addition to all the call and text blocking, the software actually scans for keywords on bullying and, um, drugs and alcohol. there is a feature that lets you know where the car is anywhere in real time. call this is dawn of the age of "big brother" parenting. >> how much does it cost? >> yeah. so the whole package is $149.
6:48 am
and then there's a $14 a month maintenance fee. live in campbell, kiet do, kpix 5. >> sounds like a good christmas gift for every parent. >> worth it to keep an eye on your children. how about traffic on a black friday? it's kind of easy breeze is he. >> it's been easy on bay area freeways although chopper 5 has been up and out in berkeley where there is a two-alarm restaurant fire in berkeley a block away from cal at shattuck and addison in berkeley. be prepared for traffic control in the area. we just got word of this fire about 30 minutes ago. so again, be prepared for traffic delays getting through ther as we move on. 580 near broadway in oakland a crash blocking two lanes of traffic. it's just a solo spinout but we have two lanes shut down eastbound 580 in oakland. and a brief delay getting through there. our sensors are picking up some of the backups at this hour. but it has been a very quiet morning on this black friday.
6:49 am
a lot of folks have the day off. and we have better news for the alamo commute. the livorna off-ramp which has been shut down since overnight because of an accident is now open. the livorna exit open off southbound 680. our sensors are picking up light traffic in both directions of 680 as you roll through the east bay. now, heading for the bay bridge toll plaza, it is wide open. very light traffic leaving oakland heading into the city. a quick 19 minutes between the carquinez bridge and the maze in oakland. if you plan to head into the city later today, you may want to think about taking bart. it will certainly be crowded around union square today. bart right now is running on time. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to julie. thank you, liza. we are off to a chilly start this morning although not seeing any freezing temperatures out there right now. clear skies over the bay bridge. and temperatures are, well, cool but i wouldn't say freezing. 38 concord. 35 livermore. 36 in san jose. 48 in san francisco. and 47 in santa rosa. in fact, temperatures a bit
6:50 am
more moderate thanks in part to a northeast flow around that area of low pressure. that's what brought us the rain earlier this week. it's now off to our east and staying there for the next few days. in fact, this weather pattern holds steady for a few days and that means chilly temperatures continue below average through the weekend. it's not until monday we start to see the change in the weather pattern. here's what to expect. clear start again with chilly temperatures but cool and dry through the weekend. showers return early next week. until then, cool temperatures. your travel forecast throughout northern california temperatures topping out in the 50s stow will stay cool and clear. the only kind of inclement weather you might face on the roads that would be heading up to lake tahoe, an off chance about 20% chance of a snow flurry or two. we are not talking blizzard conditions. but i don't think you will even need chains but bring them just in case. we cost some snow flurries and showers from time to time. isolated showers possible actually through the weekend both saturday and sunday. although temperatures slightly warmer on sunday if you are
6:51 am
hitting the slopes. 29 degrees tomorrow. 36 for you on sunday. high temperatures back here in the bay area, staying right here in the 50s areawide. a bit cooler at the coast, 53 pacifica. warmer inland, 56 fairfield. the extended forecast, we'll show it stays the same but first the great tree lighting ceremony tonight 6 p.m. union square clear skies 52 degrees, grab a jacket for the kids. here's a look at the extended forecast. temperatures staying in the 50s through the end of the weekend. chance of showers monday and later in the week. 6:51. california farmers are planning to capitalize on el nino by growing food in a new way. some farmers plan to flood their farms with storm runoff this winter season. flood irrigation is not new but using floodwaters to do it is. the injured to let water seep into the underground aquifer so it won't cost as much to pump it in the summer when needed. how does it help the crop? >> the flooding of the ground actually makes the ground even colder and the colder the ground is, the more dormant the
6:52 am
vine will go and will be more productive the following year. >> flood irrigation doesn't necessarily work at all farms across the state. farms with clay soil has water that can't pass through to the aquifer. the 49ers losses could be your gain. disgruntled fans are selling their season tickets for cheap on the cheap seats for sunday's game are selling for about $30. that's 65% off the official $85 asking price. football fans say they aren't really surprised. >> that happens with a lot of teams that end up going to the super bowl. you know, they get a lot of fair weather fans and the moment they start doing poorly, you know, they all kind of abandon ship. >> they play the cardinals sunday at levi's stadium. up next, health officials link an e. coli outbreak to a northern california farm. we have details coming up.
6:53 am
>> reporter: and black friday is off to a dull roar of a start. we are going to take you live to the outlets in livermore where shoppers were at it very early this morning. ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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deadly crash on westbound 5 oakland. one pers five things to know at the :55. chp is investigating a deadly crash on westbound 580 overnight in oakland. one person killed. three people are injured in a crash near 98th avenue exit. three injured were taken to the hospital. no word on what might have caused that crash. taylor farms in tracy is recalling a vegetable mix linked to nearly 20 cases of e. coli. infections are reported in seven states including california. tests point to an onion celery mixed used in costco chicken salad. costco stopped selling them on november 20 when it got word of the possible contamination. a man who jumped the white
6:57 am
house fence yesterday triggering a lockdown is facing criminal charges. joseph caputo was quickly arrested after the stunt which occurred as president obama was there celebrating thanksgiving with his family. security upgrades were put in place at the white house over the summer following a strong security breach -- a number of them last year. following a meeting with french president francois hollande on thursday, russian president vladimir putin says he is cooperating in the u.s.- led cooperation battling isis in iraq and syria. the two leaders also agreed to share intelligence on the terror group. putin remains angry other the downing of its warplane by turkey this week and will hold talks with the u.s. over that issuer. pope francis continues his tour of kenya meeting with catholics and muslims on this first historic visit to africa. the pope attended a youth rally in nairobi. next stop on the tour is
6:58 am
uganda. i'm anne makovec live at the outlets in livermore where black friday is under way. it's sort of a dull roar here behind me. the outlets opened at 6:00 last night until 10 p.m. tonight. there's criticism for stores that opened on thanksgiving but some say it's a new tradition and it cut down on the black friday stampedes. between thanksgiving and cyber monday shoppers are spending $80 billion in stores and online and shoppers say getting up early is worthwhile. >> i'm exhausted but ready to spend more money. >> everything is cheap everyone. why wouldn't it be worth it? i can't get regular stuff for like -- like -- like i bought a $30 dress for $3. >> reporter: on average, shoppers expected to spend more than $800 this holiday season up 3% over last year. live in livermore, anne makovec, kpix 5. we are going to go back to
6:59 am
chopper 5 over berkeley where it looks like the fire department is making progress. no longer any flames visible at least from this point. we do know that this fire burning at shattuck and addison does have some streets shut down in the area. it's so early in the morning on black friday no traffic delays. keep that in mind. this is a block away from uc- berkeley. meantime, we'll also want to talk about this accident. 580 in the eastbound direction near broadway, two lanes are shut down traffic slow approaching the scene. julie. >> we're off to a chilly start this morning. current temperatures in the 30s and 40s not warming a lot later today. it's areawide topping out in the 50s and we stay there through the weekend. it's not until monday that we see a change-up with the first sign of showers. >> we have a birthday shoutout. yvonne wallace is 70 today big fan of our morning show. she is a legal secretary here in town for a dear friend so everyone wish yvonne a happy birthday. >> happy birthday, yvonne! captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to central u.s. with rain, sleet, and know, record downpours forcing rescues in texas. new concerns about protecting the white house after a flag-draped fence jumper makes it onto the lawn. shoppers compete for door busters. better deals could be coming cybermonday. >> we begin with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. bargain jumpe er


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