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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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golden gate bridge. pretty clear day out there so far. >> it is monday. >> it is monday, november 30. i am michelle griego. >> yes get ready for the holiday rush. i am frank mallicoat. >> you have that cold air and you know you need a jacket heading out the door this morning. good morning everybody heading out there, freeze warning in effect away from the bay. if you live in any of the counties highlighted then you know how cold it is out there right now. we do have temperatures out there currently below freezing. it is freezing in concorde, clean walnut creek and across the bay. later today, increasing clouds in the north bay. we have temperatures under 60 degrees still. we will talk about the warm up, when you can expect it, and when you need the umbrella but first here's gianna . good morning, welcome back to work. so far no delays to report and
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not a lot of discuss -- construction. 880 both directions looking good, were in the green zone northbound 880, to the san mateo bridge. >> the hot cop of the castro is in hot water, he faces felony hit and run charges. he is out on babel -- out on bail. >> reporter: it was just before two that 30 sunday morning when san francisco police were called to a hit and run at the corner of montgomery and broadway. tray, who lives above were -- heard what happened. >> i noticed a black and orange dodge charger part right about here -- parked right about here . >> reporter: but the driver wasn't here.
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police said they arrested one of their own in the hit-and-run case, 38-year-old officer christopher kohrs of san francisco. sources confirmed to kpix 5 that the charger belonged to christopher kohrs and that he left it at the scene of the crash. >> his name may not be familiar but his face and abs probably are. he was dubbed the hot cop attend -- of the castro. kohrs has been a public relations magnet, taking part in the als bucket -- icepack a challenge and imposing in your -- uniform and talking about issues of the day. with -- in an interview with kpix 5 last year he said this:>> it makes me happy that i can be approachable. that is a big part of a police officer's job. >> reporter: on his facebook page tonight, there were lots of comments including not so hot -- not so hot anymore.
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we talked to the police department -- we reached out several times to the police department and each time we were told no one was available to speak to the matter. we were told no one was available due to quote a -- and identification matter. >> they also won't comment on whether officer kohrs was under the influence. police say 22-year-old anthony karen sick is considered armed and dangerous. he has been on the run since saturday afternoon when his girlfriend caught -- called 911 to say she had been stabbed. by the time police arrived it was too late. his car was later found abandoned infant carlos. police evacuated a nearby clinic where he was thought to be inside. after a massive search they were unable to find him. if you see kirincic do not approach him. call 911 immediately . right now president obama
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and world leaders are meeting in paris for a potentially historic climate conference. don champion reports security as an out -- is at an all-time high following the terrorist attacks in the city two weeks ago. >> reporter: with heavily armed officers manning guard, paris is essentially on lockdown this morning. obama and other world leaders are in town for un climate conference. -- after landing his first stop was the bottom club theater, the site of the worst -- bataclan theater, the site of the worst of the attacks a few weeks ago. riot police have been deployed in massive numbers, more than 300 people were detained by authorities after police fired tear gas at protesters throwing bottles. they were angry about the demonstrations during the long planned conference.
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in the wake of the terror attacks the summit itself poses an enormous security challenge. bruce holsey spent 40 years protecting dignitaries around the world. >> this is the highest threat environment i have ever seen. there's so much going on not just with isis, but other protesters and this is an incredibly critical threat for us. >> 100,000 police and personnel -- security personnel are stationed throughout the city. obama is staying at the heavily guarded us ambassadors residence instead of a hotel. don champion, cbs news. >> the tower turned green and will be lit like a tree through thursday. today several environmental groups will meet to propose a limit on refinery emissions. they want the air quality management district to include limits on emissions of greenhouse gases. according to the groups which include the
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ciardi -- sierra club refineries , they do not have facility wide limits on those emissions. let's get a check on the weather right now. it is 4:36. roberta it looks pretty clear right now. >> i was flying in yesterday from oklahoma and dallas and you could see the haze lingering across the bay area from everyone firing of their fireplaces. i was surprised we didn't have a winter spare the air day in effect because of that hayes. we do have more clear skies and temperatures dipping below freezing this morning so you may see the need for turning of the furnace or lighting the fire. we do have a freeze warning in effect away from the bay from all of those red highlighted areas. as you step out the door this morning right now we have temperatures in the upper six -- upper 20s in the north bay and it is freezing to the east and 37 degrees in san jose. it is now 37 in san francisco. -- 53 degrees in san francisco.
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later today we will be talking about temperatures under 60 and chances of rain. we will talk more about that the first let's take -- let's say good morning to gianna. you can see traffic is looking pretty good through the altamont pass, westbound 580 off to a good start as far as drive times go. 15 minutes from the altamont pass to the 680. of course typical met -- morning sloan is coming out of tracy but we are in the yellow so speeds somewhere between 25 and 45 miles per hour. it looks like traffic is okay working toward the dublin interchange but if you want to skip the roadways, use mass transit with 22 trains on time. bay bridge looking good, not a lot of cars out there yet so far traffic is clear all the way out of oakland infant san francisco. if you are taking the freeway, 19 minutes. we will look at the traffic again in a few minutes. a suspect slammed into a
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tree -- it started yesterday afternoon and ended when a woman crashed in san ramon. the driver, 19-year-old hannah mecham was pronounced dead at the scene. two others were taken to the hospital with serious injuries and police say officers were trying to pull her over for erratic driving when she took off. >> the pursuit reached about 90 miles per hour on the freeway and in the range of 70 to 80 miles per hour on the surface streets before the collision occurred. >> they later learned the car had been stolen. this week the san francisco police commission will meet to approve new guidelines for officer body cameras. one key issue is who should be able to view the videos and when. in the case of an officer involved shooting -- officers will have to give an official statement from memory before they are allowed to view their own footage.
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san francisco's public defender is pushing for a similar policy. >> you have different perspectives, right? the police officers will say i saw this, i saw that, the video may only show one perspective and not the totality of what is going on. we don't want witnesses including police officers to be tainted by viewing the video. >> the commission will also discuss whether those videos should be released to the public at a meeting on wednesday. developing this morning the man accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic will have his first court hearing. colorado springs police have sealed all information about the suspect including details about the weapon, timeline of events in a motive. robert lim astaire has -- was arrested after a five-hour standoff the day after thanksgiving. one of the victims was a veteran and his friends and family say they are still in shock. >> when you leave the war that's when you're supposed to quit losing -- you get old and
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fat and talk about grandkids eventually. >> he didn't know the guy. i forgive him though. >> stewart was only 29 years old the police officer killed, garrett swasey, leaves behind a wife and two small children. coming up next gold dragons are popping up all over one baby -- one bay area neighborhood. the story behind this unique bay area art project when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the sentinel building's doms covered in graffiti nobody knows how vandals managed tt nic a san francisco landmark is defaced. the centennial buildings dome is now covered in graffiti. no one knows how the vandals managed to get to the hot -- to the top. it is owned by francis ford coppola. neighbors say they aren't happy with the new design either. >> i think it's unfortunate because they are taking away from something everyone could be enjoying and they are making a personal statement on something that belongs to all of us.
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>> a lot of people get right in front of the cafi and take pictures with the building behind them. it's pretty scary, i think it may be is a little disrespectful . >> it's possible the fire scheme may have been used to reach the top. in the east bay graffiti takes on a different meaning. gold dragons are adorning different parts of time town and reporter sharon chan and photographer brian yoon went to investigate. >> reporter: students shaken spray -- flashes of gold. and symbols of strength. the community our project -- art project delights neighbors attended madison. the volunteer community group called dragon school has been painting 99 golden dragons all over chinatown since august. the dragons are tiny symbols
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for power and good fortune. 99 is considered a lucky number . >> we thought it would be nice to have something that would draw more people to chinatown. >> china -- chinatown has seen its share of unwanted graffiti. >> reporter: so dragon school volunteers like general my are helping local businesses unify the neighborhood. >> we're helping them out by preventing tiger -- taggers from tagging it. >> reporter: this accordion player stopped by to admire the makeover. >> it's graffiti and art and it was cool. >> reporter: about one dozen adults and teenagers gather every few weeks. they get the property owner's permission before painting their building offensive donated equipment. and as they go the young people are developing the qualities of the chinese dragons.
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>> wisdom, strength, commitment. >> reporter: and pride for 13- year-old arielle tang who had never used spray paint before. but we were if you -- beware if you mess with the merrill. >> -- with the mural. >> 18 generations of your family will be cursed. >> reporter: cursed or not people hope -- they hope people will see their project as they do, as good as gold. sharon chan, kpix 5 the group 8 -- hopes to paint more murals in oakland on chinatown. these brothers came to the rescue of america's national bird and it was caught on camera. they were hunting in ontario last week when they found the bird stuck in a trap. it's talent was caught so the brothers had a sweatshirt over it too, down and eventually
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they were able to three it. before they set the eagle -- sent the eagle on its way they snapped the selfie that is now all over the internet work they said they were astonished at how big the bird was closer. here it is, with one little tossed the ball to go spread it's wings. both brothers say they were happy they were there to help the bird. >> so beautiful. >> it was two canadian brothers in ontario canada. >> the cold front we head to seven days ago that raced through in about three hours, it has been stuck for five days throughout the central portion of the country, in fact you probably noticed that smalley -- snowing last night in denver. >> it's an amazing system
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there, i was there in oklahoma. and now we are tracking two separate storms heading toward the bay area. one i don't even want to refer to is a storm. the right now you do have a freeze warning in effect as you step out which means you need a jacket if you live in any of the highlighted areas. we have temperatures below freezing right now in the santa rosa area at 29 degrees. it is freezing throughout the tri- valley -- clayton in walnut creek and 37 in san jose. good morning everyone, here's what you need to know. we will start to cloud up today and we do have light rain the forecast from the north bay to the south bay, but look at these rainfall amounts. in fact most of us won't even have any drips at all. but we will see the cloud cover which means it won't be as cold as it has been the past couple days. slight winds out of the northeast. let's track this system together with futurecast. as the clouds continue to gather around the central bay today, the precipitation evaporates and becomes more of a
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-- an event where the drops evaporate before they hit land. temperatures will gradually warm . futurecast indicates six hundredths of an inch of rain in ukiah. today with increasing cloud cover temperatures in the 50s, 51 in santa rosa, 58 in san jose. we begin increasing clouds on wednesday and that will lead to more significant rainfall on thursday. for details on that shortly but first let's send it over to gianna. right now if you're back to work after a nice long holiday weekend you are in luck. traffic very light this morning. no major accidents to report. really just a couple cars working their way across the golden gate bridge. quiet conditions out of marin county. looks like we're seeing
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about a 40 minute ride this morning so not a lot going out of the county. just north of their parts of 101 as you work your way southbound, all in the green. speeds upward of 55 miles per hour. pretty nice drive, if you are making your way across the san mateo bridge, so far very light. here's a live look near the toll plaza, just a few cars making their way out on that westbound side. used for freeway looks good, we have a couple cars in those cash lanes maybe 10 or 15 cars but not causing any problems. as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. if you are taking the san mateo bridge, looks good between 80 and 101. more in just a bit. first it was black friday and then small business saturday and today, it's cyber monday. >> this is the 10th year for the online shopping holiday and
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we have more on the changing psychology of shopping. >> reporter: sun valley mall in concord was surprisingly quiet. maybe it's just the hangover from black friday, but then again something else might be happening here. >> it's easier to do it online. >> brenda shabbos is part of a growing number of people who do most of their shopping online. >> she often uses the stores as showrooms and will only buy items that she can't find them cheaper -- if she can't find them cheaper on the internet. >> what will happen, we won't have stores anymore right? >> no. >> reporter: but no shopping center can exist as a weekend event so the specifically cater to young people who are constantly online but also enjoy the social aspects of brick-and-mortar shopping. >> savvy retailers realize they have to have significant presence in both in order to be successful. >> you reinvent yourself,
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whether it's marketing or advertising, the stores will still exist.>> reporter: retailers try to keep prices competitive but they know the real advantage is getting shoppers the chance to see and touch what they are buying. >> it might look good in the picture but once you get a are like old, man. -- oh, man. >> what's the most fun part of shopping? >>i don't know! >> reporter: if you are still unsure why you should stop in the store, consider this: there are certain things you just have to be there to appreciate. in concord, john raymond, kpix 5 . >> i usually have a plan. i going to buy one item for a sister or brother and then you just kind of poke around from store to store and for -- before you know it you have three or four bags. amazon last year i bought a couple things -- how easy is this? you order and boom, it's on your doorstep.
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>> yes i need to see it too. i want to see it and make sure it looks good but i also don't like standing in line. i need to go shopping. [laughter] >> it's not december yet, you're okay. [laughter] >> a teenager makes a decision that ultimately cost him his life. the tragic ending to a burglary gone wrong. and we want to know what is cool about your school in the month of december. email away right here, cool schools at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning everyone, if you live in one of those red highlighted counties you have a freeze warning in effect until 9:00.
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you need a jacket heading out the door. temperature-wise, mid-30s in the santa clara valley, mid-to- high 30s around the peninsula. half-moon bay at 39 degrees and starting off at 29 santa rosa. traffic through the south bay, here's a look at the conditions along 101 and 280. not bad at all. as you work your way from santa clara towards trimble, free and clear. more than two dozen college students recovering this morning after their charter bus overturned last night. police say the students were coming home from a thanksgiving break when the driver lost control outside richmond virginia. many had to be taken to local hospitals. >> we transported a total of 33 people from the bus. one of them has serious injuries and is determined to be critical at this point. >> the driver who was also injured has been charged with
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reckless driving. jury selection starts today in the trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter will be the first of six officers to go on trial for grades death. he is facing several charges including involuntary manslaughter. they say gray died of injuries he sustained when he was arrested by police in april. you might want to use extra caution if you are planning to hike in the marine headlands. thieves are targeting cars parked in the area. they have been spiking in break- ins lately especially in the golden gate recreation area. elites to hiking trails, bike trails and tourists with luggage are especially at risk. extra officers will be patrolling over the holiday season. a suspected burglar died after getting stuck in the chimney of a fresno area home. they say the homeowner had no idea he was there until he tried to warm the place up. he tried to light his fire
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in his fireplace and hurt somebody calling out for -- heard somebody calling out for help in the chimney. >> they tried to terror apart the chimney to free the man but that -- by the time they reached him, he was dead. investigators thought he may have been stuck there for at least a day. >> and the un climate conference is underway. it's a two-week conference but today is day one. governor jerry brown is there and we have to details. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's monday, november 30. i'm michelle griego. live from the cbs perry rea studios. -- bay area studios. this is kpix 5 news . good morning everyone, taking a live look at the toll bridge plaza. people are starting to head into san francisco. the difference from friday, right? >>yes.
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it was a holiday. >> but today is monday. >> but today is monday, november 30. >> december 1 is looking. hi everyone, i am frank mallicoat. rain now day one of a two-week climate summit in paris is underway less than three weeks after the attacks that left 130 dead and many injured. jackie good morning. >> good morning frank, they are hosting 150 world leaders from 105 countries today enclosing dish including president obama. -- today including president obama. >> some say the city is essentially on lockdown. before beginning negotiations on how to slow the pace of climate change, president obama visited the bataclan theater where the worst of the bloodshed happened a little more than two weeks ago. he was joined by friends


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