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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning, everyone. tuesday, december 8th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:00. a flight from sfo to paris was diverted overnight because of a threat three and a half weeks after the paris attacks. the jet took after at 3:00. it was en route to charles degaulle. it was diverted. there was an anonymous threat. the plane was searched. nothing was found on board. donald trump is not backing down from criticism about statements he made about muslims. >> our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad. >> trump's solution, he wants to ban all muslims from entering the united states. now his plan is drawing
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comparisons to hitler. >> i think it's extreme. i really do. i think he's just telling some of the extremists in our country what they want to hear. you know, close the borders, all muslims are terrorists. i think it's a bad thing. >> so far, the trump campaign is standing by the statement even sending out a campaign e- mail to supporters outlining his policy. new details are emerging about how a husband and wife prepared for their mission to kill in san bernardino including visits to gun ragings. the two suspects were radicalized for quite sometime and two days prior to the massacre, syed farook signed for target practice with his rifle. >> was there anything about him that stuck out? >> not anything close. >> he did ask you a question. his gun was smoking. what does that tell you about the experience with guns that he had? >> it was a new rifle e was not
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familiar with it. >> he went to the range at least twice. the two assault rifes used in the attack. the two rifles were purchased by enrique marquez. several candlelight vigils were held last night in memory of the san bernardino victims. they included one in campbell organized by the service employees spwhrbl union. ten members of the seiu were killed in last week's attack. >> it was a gut-churning reality because just like us they are serving the most vulnerable people and we had no idea if the attacks were aimed at a worker or if it was aimed at the system in general. >> the organizers say as the story unfolded in san bernardino, they felt a sense of vulnerability and worried they could be targeted, too. a major vote in san francisco could determine whether the warriors will get the new arena in the mission bay neighborhood. jackie ward live at san francisco with more on today's
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vote. hi, jackie. >> reporter: well, frank, despite the mounting success of the golden state warriors, the people are still resisting plans to build a new arena in folks and today the board of supervisors will hold a hearing and vote that will impact the future. they are voting on the final report. that's a 5,000-page report that include a plan to use $08 08 -- $80 million. the report was released october 23rd and certified ten days later, not heaving -- leaving enough time for the public to go over. in a poll, it shows 12% decrease in support of the arena. this is compared to poll numbers commissioned by the warriors and released back in july. >> this process has been ram roaded an rubber stemmed through at the behest and desire of the wealthy and well to do whose interests are not in the interests of the people
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of san bernardino. >> reporter: if the board appeals, the alliance plans to move forward regardless. meantime, a spokesman for the warriors project theys you the team's -- tell us the team's polling shows huge support. they say people like the fact that the arena is being built that's easily served by mass tran -- transit. back to you. let's check in about with -- with bean gianna -- with with -- with gianna. >> metering lights are on. you are backed up to the maze. 24 minutes westbound 80 carquinez bridge. keep in mind, we have reports of foggy conditions. mostly near the county line there. fairfield may be affected.
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a head up. a new wreck reported at bailey. motorcycle involved in the accident. no word if any injuries are reported. westbound highway 4, you will tap the brake lights as you work your way into pittsburg. san mateo bridge looks good. 15 minutes between 880 and 101. let's see how our weather is doing. take a look at this. it's our live doppler. tell me what do you see. absolutely nothing. there's nothing happening right now as far as any precip is concern but there it is. it's up against the northwestern section. we have light rain. what we have is light fog. we do have heavy fog, however, in napa where visibility is down to a quarter mile. half a mile visibility at sfo and one-mile visibility in santa rosa. currently air temperature anywhere from 50 degrees in san jose to 50 in livermore. it's now 50 in concord. we do have a dense fog advisory in effect for the carquinez
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straight and the delta and the fog streams all the way into the central valley, encompassing sacramento and stockton. today, becoming partly cloudy. temperatures mild. 61 to about 67 degrees. the winds remain light out of the west at 5. rain is coming the we'll track it together -- rain is coming. we'll track it together coming up. two of the biggest cities in the bay area are in dire need of more shelter place for the homeless. tonight they will each vote on emergency plans. kiet do is live and we understand that el nino is adding to the urgent need to get something done. >> reporter: we're live at the was dom community center -- bascom community center. if approved, it could be one of four sites that could be transformed into homeless shelters to get them through el nino. san jose and oakland are set to take bold steps to help the home les survive the winter storms. on any given night in san jose, about 4,000 people sleep on the
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streets. the city council will vote to spend $430,000 for temporary shelters. here are the details -- if approved, the program will house 100 people per night for 30 nights between december 15th and march 31st. the sites are bascom community center, tully community library, the washington united youth center and bibliotech library in downtown san jose. the vote would create a temporary chuf shelter program, relaxing some of the laws to make it easier for religious institutions to temporarily house the homeless. as for oakland, they are considering declaring a shelter crisis. that means the city would temporarily suspend building and county codes. and oakland votes at 5:30. san jose votes at 1:350 p.m. kiet -- 1:30 p.m. kiet do, kpix 5. a woman's body was found to
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a home on mclaughlin avenue. her identity has not yet been released. a a -- a woman accused of burying her baby born alive has pled not guilty. last week, two people walking on a bike path in compton heard shallow cries. the sheriffs found the baby. the woman faces a potential life sentence. students at san lorenzo schools are expected to stage another sit-out again today. hundred of students skipped class yesterday too protest their teachers contracts. contract talks have been stalled since october. but the district said the current offer is plenty and brings the average teacher salary is more than $81,000 a year. it's some of the highest not just in the county but in the state of california. >> it all falls back on the
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teachers. that dollar amount, i feel it's not enough to survive. >> the district says declining revenue and enrollment is hurting the bottom line. contract talks are due next month. today, san francisco mayor ed lee will mark a construction milestone for a new hospital in the city. the ceremony for the new california pacific medical center set for this morning at 11:30. the event signifies the placement of the last people in the construction of the hospital that's on van ness avenue and geary. time now is 6:09. san francisco police are promising changes in response to the deadly shooting of a suspect that drew outrage from the community. and a powerful storm causing some big problems in the pacific northwest, including a big public health concern. and see that storm. that storm will impact the bay area. we'll track the timing together. and some foggy spots for your eastshore freeway commute. the new wreck reported along
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good morning. let's take a look at the bay bridge. you can see the top there. but we do have overcast skies. just getting reports in from sfo now. we have delays at 1 hour and 21 minutes on some arriving flights due to areas of low clouds and fog. we'll talk about the local forecast and how it affects your morning commute in less than four minutes. we'll head north where they are dealing with major flooding in portland, oregon night. the storm caused the sewer system to overflow in the willamette river. officials are warning people to avoid contact with the river for at least the next 48 hours because of bacteria in the water. rain is expected to last until
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the end of this week. and the l.a. dodgers trade's trade for chapman has hit a snag due to a domestic dispute back in october. mlb is now investigating. it's not yet known if the dodgers will abandon their pursuit of that all-star pitcher. in san francisco, calls for change after a confrontation that's raising questions about police suspects and the use of deadly force. [ sirens ] >> it happened last week in the bayview. here's more on what the naacp is demanding. >> reporter: san francisco's naacp chapter brought in two members of the city police commission to talk change five days after a group of police officers shot and killed mario woods as he held a small kitchen knife. >> we're gonna change the
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policy. we're gonna change the procedures. >> reporter: words that rang hollow for a frustrated community. >> if change will not come, would you be willing to resign your two seats on the commission? >> how many more of us, of me, have to die, have to get killed before you guys do something about it? >> i'm tell you, it takes time to make change. >> reporter: commissioners stood behind mayor lee as he and the police chief laid out changes they are making now for future incidents without deadly force. >> the chief is equipping officers with body sheets. >> i'm gonna ask for tasers. >> reporter: solutions the naacp say do not address a much deeper problem. >> do we need tracers -- tasers? if the chief cannot do this, he need to resign. >> that police commission meeting is tomorrow night. the naacp will be there and so will the chief asking for those
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tasers. san francisco's bike yield law is expected to hit a stop sign when it gets to the mayor's desk next week. the board will likely vote on the proposal that allows bockists to street stop signs as yield signs but mayor lee said he will veto it. the board need 8 out of 11 to override the mayor's veto. let's get another check on weather and traffic. >> things are busy, especially on 680. we have this new accident at main street. it's blocking lanes. motorcycle involved in this one. be careful out there as you work your way south. expect some delays especially through walnut creek. if you plan to cut over to 24. 24 is looking okay. it's gonna bog down once you get towards 580, that's where everything gets slow near the mess. we really stop and go conditions as you work your way through here.
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it's slow out of antioch. westbound 4. a bit of a break. you will be on the brake lights. that's westbound 4 at bailey. taking a look at conditions coming off of the east shore freeway westbound as you work your way toward the carquinez bridge. it's pretty foggy in the area. limited visibility. westbound, once you get toward the bay bridge, 27 minutes to go from the carquinez bridge to the maze. this is backed up into the maze. slow and if conditions there. you will see delays at the incline. a lot of company as you head across the span in san francisco. so far no delays, 16 minutes between 880 and 101. golden gate bridge looking good. southbound. northbound seeing some delays. we'll have to look into that and see if there's anything reported. 880 northbound starting to bog down a little bit past the coliseum. southbound delays mostly into hayward as you head into fremont. taking a look at the 580
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connector over towards 680, westbound, altamont pass. delays. you see the brakes to the 680. how foggy is it? it's so foggy, the national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory in effect for the delta and carquinez strait. anywhere in the yellow area, we have dense fog anticipated until about 10:00 this morning with visibility down to a quarter mile. for morning commuters, this does encompass the valley toward stockton and sacramento. the clowg is causing delays at sfo up to -- cloud cover is causing delays at sfo up to one hour. out the door, in the 50s. doppler, this is live. we have precipitation to the north. right around the eureka area. and to rio del as well. we will not see the rain until tomorrow morning in the north bay. that would be some scattered showers. the bulk of the energy on
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thursday. until then, we do have cloud cover that continues to stream into the bay area. this system i'm kind of impressed with. it's a potent cold front. you can see the core right there. it's banging up against the pacific northwest bridging a record amount of rainfall there. as it continues to slide into the area. we'll remain on the dry side through wednesday. and then we're anticipating up to three quarters of an inch of rain through the bay area. cope pea yuts amounts to the north. future cast, let's track the system together. again, in and out of the clouds today, tonight into your wednesday. and there it is, light rainfall by the lunch hour in the north bay. that's the front. it's gonna bring us some heavy downpours at times and some gusty wind up to 45 miles an hour. we have lots of wraparound moisture behind that front. count on needing that umbrella through about friday morning. up to about an inch and a half easily of precipitation in ukiah. fog this morning, a foot and a half of snow in the high sierra. there's your sunup and sundown.
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back in between temperatures in the 60s. today, mild day increasing clouds, wednesday, rain and wind on thursday. number 33 in the house, talking about 50, rochelle, you got the details? >> yes. 49ers legend, roger craig, he will join us to discuss the big game super bowl 50 which is less than two months away. that's coming up at 6:30. he will talk about all of the other festives planned for all of the -- festivities planned for all of the morning. these cal bears are everywhere. they were a factor in the monday night football game last night. >> heisman trophy. >> what a run! christian mcaffrey! ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. if you are inside stanford football, i mean, a really insider, you may be saying to yourself after the news yesterday, again? this saturday, another cardinal has the seat at the heisman hopeful table. christian mcaffrey, one of three taking it to new york's announcement event. ncaa record-setting 3500 all- purpose yards. no player in the country has the production he has. as far as saturday goes, coach david shaw thinks that old east coast bias may be too powerful a force. >> christian is not one of those guys that -- the stats are what they are. there are a lot of guys that create a lot of yards but they are not fun to watch. you gotta see this guy. you have to watch him. but doesn't have a lot of notoriety because half of
6:25 am
america sleeps while he's doing what he does. cowboys in town with the redskins. 45 seconds left, dallas up. kurt cousins. you like that? deshaun jackson, tied at 16. too much time for the cow folks. bailey from 54 yards. we're done here. cowboys win it, 19-16. the redskins tied for first with the giants and the eagles in the nfc. that's sports at this hour. everybody have a terrific tuesday. i will see you later. all right. we'll hoop it up. play of the day. kevin garnett, mr. aarp still showing he still has game, a little attitude. take that right there. the finish over griffin and kg lets griffin hear about it.
6:26 am
garnet gets the bucket. take that. donald trump has managed to unite both republicans and democrats in their opposition. the growing backlash. we all know the golden state warriors are making history but the people of the mission bay still don't want them in their neighborhood. we'll tell you about an important vote happening today.
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and i'm frank ma good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, december 8th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:29. donald trump continues to make
6:30 am
his case for his plan to ban all muslims from ept erg the country -- entering the country. he's managed to unite fellow candidates from both parties guess him. >> reporter: donald trump is not backing down from his latest proposal coming on a total ban from muslims coming into the u.s. in south carolina, he try making his case. >> we have no idea who is coming into our country. we have no idea if they love us or hate us, we have no idea if they want to bomb us. >> the country's largest muslim civil rights organization quickly fired back. >> donald trump sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob. >> reporter: the billionaire 'oat -- the bill air's o's are
6:31 am
take -- the billionaire's opponents are taking exception. >> jeb bush super pac released this ad blasting trump and other gop contenders. >> when the attacks come here, the perp behind this desk will have to protect your family -- the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. >> reporter: many of trump's supporters at last night's south carolina rally were not phased by the controversial remarks. >> liked to hear what he had to say. i think we need somebody strong like that. >> reporter: the next campaign stop for trump, iowa on friday. >> on twitter, hillary clinton said "this is represent pre --
6:32 am
reprehensible and divisive. people gathered in san bernardino to hold a vigil who died in the shooting. among them were county workers who just returned to work earlier in the day for the first time since the attack. and the fbi said the husband and wife who committed the attacks had been radicalized and prepared by visiting gun ranges. two days before the attack, syed farook went to a range in riverside. an instructor said he appeared to be operating a gun. two of the guns used in the attack were purchased by enrique marquez. he's talking to investigator. governor brown is in paris for the climate change summit. he also talked about the leaders who need to join forces against these threats. >> i would like to see more
6:33 am
collaboration between the federal government and state the to -- state authorities. here in california, we work closely with the fbi and other federal agencies. >> two years ago, brown vetoed a bill that would have banned styles with detachable magazines including what are known as bullet-button rifles. one of the rifles used in the attacks had that same device. today citi councils in oakland and san jose are holding emergency votes to try to help the homeless get through winter storms. in san jose, down members will vet -- counsel memorials will vote on spend -- members will vote on spending $430,000 on sites. vacant structures could be converted into shelters. a surf warning up along the northern california coast. you can see some of the big
6:34 am
waves that came crashing in. some of them could get up to 20 feet high. that warning about expire at 4:00 a.m. yes. but we still have the sneaker waves. if you are going to the coast, be mindful of that. you want to get out there and -- unless you are really great at it -- i don't want to say -- >> watch from afar. >> yes. we do anticipate that high surf warning to go back into effect on thursday as a more potent system works its way this way. right now, the only advisory we have noted is that dense fog advisory with visibility less than a quarter mile in throughout the carquinez strait and delta this does encompass the sacramento valley as well. if you are commuting into sacramento, travel with caution. doppler not picking up any precipitation. we're starting to see leading edges of rain showers. right now, a layer of low cloud and fog, some dense fog around
6:35 am
sfo. we have delays at 1 hour, 21 minutes on some arriving flights. we are in the 50s. temperature-wise, pretty mild under a partly cloudy into the 60s. but coming up, at 48 minutes after the hour, we'll track the incoming system together. gianna? >> thank you. let's jump to the freeways. westbound highway 4 at bailey, we're still dealing with an accident, causing a backup all the way to somersville. once you get past this, things are clear. southbound 680 right at main street, this accident clearing over to the side. but the damage is done. taking a look at 580 westbound, altamont pass to 680, we see brake lights. slow and go out of the altamont pass. no surprise here. metering lights are on. the marin county board of
6:36 am
supervisors will vote whether to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the county. proposal has been under review by the board since october. it's undergone changes from the-- from the original plan. happening today, a major vote in san francisco that could determine what is next for the new warriors arena. jackie ward is live in san francisco with more on today's vote. jackdy -- jackie, good morning. >> reporter: despite all of the success, the people still don't want the team to have an arena in their area. the vote will be about this final environmental impact report. they will decide whether to appeal it or not. this 5,000-page report include a man to use $80 million to
6:37 am
increase city services. the report was released october 23rd and certified ten days later. , nod leaving enough time for the public to go over according to the alliance. but despite that, the group says they are gaining ground. in a poll, it shows a 12% decrease in support for the arena. this is compared to poll numbers. >> what we found is growing opposition to a warriors stadium in the mission bay, currently 49% of voters support the stadium and 42% oppose the stadium. that's very different than what the warriors release or the warriors stadium release back in july when they have found that 61% supported the stadium. >> reporter: if the board appeals the report, the alliance says they plan too move forward regardless with the argument that plans for the arena violate the crean water act -- clean water act. the team's polling still shows huge support for the arena. he said people like the fact
6:38 am
that the arena is being built. so the vote and hearing will take place at city hall at 2:00 this afternoon. jackie ward, kpix, 5. we're less than two months away from super bowl 50. tickets are already on sale for some of the big attractions surrounding the big game. >> and joining us now is a man who is no stranger to super bowl success. roger craig. you won three rings? >> he why, i -- yes i did. >> my first super bowl was in 1985 in stanford. we didn't have an nfl experience back then. but my first super bowl, i remember jack reynolds coming up to me. he saw i was nervous. i was a second-year player and he said, rook, even though i was a second-year player, he said don't be nervous.
6:39 am
play every play like it will be your last. so i did that. it gave me confidence. >> i scored three touchdowns. it was fun. >> the bay area is very excited to host the super bowl this year and the game, that's an important part for the fans but the nfl experience -- that's a lot of fun, too. >> nfl experience is great. it kind of gives you that prep you before the big game. the fans are really excited to be involved in it. we encourage fans to come out and enjoy what they have to offer. >> what can they do there? >> well, they -- there will be current players signing autographs which will be great. current players and former players. over00 -- over 100. it will be at the moscone center of moscone sent -- at
6:40 am
the moscone center and hyundai is a sponsor. it will be great to get the fans out there where they are kicking field goals and throwing passes with their favorite players. doing the things that we did as players and so it's more of a -- of a -- >> very interactive. >> interactive type of event. >> what's it like having the game here? and how has the super bowl changed in the 30, 40 years -- '85? >> yeah. don't do the math. i feel old. [laughter] >> what was it like to focus on the super bowl? you played at stanford stadium against miami? >> it's media. it's grown on a global aspect. it's a big deal. hopefully, -- what i'm looking forward is what the impact will bring to the whole bay area. i want to see 3 billion, 4
6:41 am
billion. >> yeah. >> it's been a pretty interesting year for both bay area tales. i would like to know i wore this dress, raiders gear for you and the necklace, 49ers color for you. >> i played on both teams. it's a great experience, you know, playing with the raiders that one year. we made the playoffs and you know, my records with the 49ers. i never missed a playoff. that's one thing that i cherished the most out of my career. 11 consecutive playoffs. >> what do you think about the direction the teams are headed now. you have the 49ers rebuilding and you have the raiders seeing some success. >> the raiders are doing a good job. that's -- coach del rio, he's a raider. he grew up in the east bay. he's been a raider fan. i'm glad he's able to bring that -- that energy and that excitement and enthusiasm to help the team change, you know, and when -- and win a few games. they have a chance to make the
6:42 am
playoffs this year. >> what do you like in the super bowl? the patriots? they lost two in a row. >> i like carolina. carolina is doing a real good job. they found their rhythm and cam newton is just on fire right now. don't count the patriots out. do not count the patriots out. >> i knew that. [laughter] >> but the expo is on january 30th through february 7th. it's at the moscone any -- moscone center. it's open to call fans. they will be able to interact with the players and take pictures by the vince lom bauerty trophy. they -- vince lombardi trophy. >> the game is in santa clara but the party is here. >> yes. >> thanks for coming. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> great meeting you. >> pleasure meeting you, too
6:43 am
and thanks for wearing the colors. >> i just wanted to point that out. >> the nfl experience runs through super bowl sunday, february 7th. you can get your tickets on super they are $35 for acults $25 for kid 12 -- adults $25 for kids 12 and under. we'll be right back. stay right there. ,,
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6:46 am
stale talking to wronger craig -- roger craig. shares in the chipotle restaurant chain are dropping after that e. coli outbreak seems to be spreading further. >> here is ajason brooks --
6:47 am
here is jason brooks. >> just when chipotle was trying to come back from that original scare that shut down dozens of restaurants in the northwest, it's now shutting down the restaurant on boston college's campus. students getting sick after eating at that location. that has shares falling by another 2%. and lots of pressure on qualcomm. the san diego mobile chipmaker is taking a dive after the european commission announced new anti-trust charges against the company for trying to undercut a main rival in the country by lowering prices below cost and allegedly paying a client for its chips. and this is after qualcomm paid china $1 billion early this year to settle an anti-trust claim in that country. stock market is taking another dive this morning. mainly on lower oil prices down
6:48 am
below $37 at one point for the first time in seven years has waned on the energy sector. as a whole the stock market and let's see. the dow is dropping 150 points. nasdaq giving up 30 and the s&p is down by 14 points. black to you. >> all right. jason brooks, thank you. check of traffic now with gianna on what's been a busy day. >> it has been. we have a new report, westbound 92 at 880. report of a couple of cars tangled up. that will slow you down. once you get past that mess, you will see some better conditions for the most part. it eases up a bit once you head to foster city. it will take you 16 minutes to go between 880 and 101. so extra cars but speed are moving okay there. that wreck is before the toll plaza. bailey, this accident still in the clearing stages. have decent delays.
6:49 am
give yourself a few extra minutes. not doing too bad off the antioch bridge. brake lights through the altamont pass. westbound 58025 minutes toward the dublin -- 580, 25 minutes toward the dublin side. the bay bridge, your lights are on. very slow and go including the eastshore freeway. 27 minutes. carquinez bridge to the maze, 580 backed up. 24 seeing brake lights as you head towards 580. golden gate bridge looks good. haven't had any problems out of marin county this morning. south 101 has been a nice ride from 580 into san francisco. here's roberta. what do you want for christmas? how about a new -- instrument. you could become a weather watcher. this weather watcher in napa, linda. 46 degrees. cloud cover.
6:50 am
foggy and overcast. light winds. thank you for checking in. in fact, it's foggy this morning. we have a dense fog advisory in place for the carquinez strait and also the delta. visibility down to a quarter of a mile there. sfo delays up to 1 hour and 21 minutes on some arriving flights due to the deck of clouds. it's live. it's high-def doppler radar, not a raindrop locally but up north we have a little bit of light precipitation, a whole lot of rain throughout the pacific northwest. that storm is heading this way. we have a foggy start through wednesday. and then steady rainfall and gusty wind up to 35 and 40 miles an hour anticipated on thursday. okay. so we have a lot of reb -- renegade showers. this is the core. you can see the wraparound right here. and this is the front. you see a lot of rain showers ahead of that initial front itself. now, if our timing does serve us correctly, we'll have the rain staying to the north on wednesday with a little bit of light sprinkles during the
6:51 am
morning hours in the north bay. but the bulk of the activity on thursday, generally speaking up to .25 of rain right here in the bay area. we're in and out of the cloud today. tonight, and on wednesday. and then a little bit of sprinkles wednesday afternoon in the north bay and then that's the front. it will impact your thursday morning commute. hang onto that umbrella tightly. the wind are gonna increase. even though this is a cold front, the temperatures won't be too bad at all. maybe friday night into saturday dipping in the mid and high 30s. we should not receive any freezing temperatures. 60s with the fog throughout the central valley. about a foot and a half of snow in the high sierra. 60s for us. winds are flat. but will increase. have a great day, everyone. graffiti is an unmistakable sill bol of san francisco
6:52 am
neighborhood's fleaution with an alleged gambling den -- frustration with an alleged gambling den. on the ground the word dangerous and illegal. a man who lives in the back used to have a legitimate store at that location. he said after he subleased out the space, the new tenants turned into an after-hours gambling and prostitution den. >> virtually seven days a week, partys that begin at 2:00 a.m -- parties that begin at 2:00 a.m. and it's amplified music, yelling, screaming, shouting. >> taylor says police have shown up repeatedly. now he's trying to evict the subleasing tenants as he's under threat of eviction. 6:52. a powerful storm causing major problems in the pacific northwest including a big public health concern. and in the city of san jose, with the el nino storms
6:53 am
bearing down. both cities are set to declare a shelter crisis to help out the homeless. ,, ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from his l five things to note. 55 on this tuesday. donald trump is not backing down from his latest proposal too block all muslims from coming into our country. republican presidential front- runner made his case to a crowd in south carolina last night. trump's next campaign stop is in iowa on friday. authorities are learning more about last week's deadly attack in san bernardino. federal investigators say syed farook practiced at a rifle range in riverside shortly before the shooting rampage. yesterday, the fbi questioned enrique marquez who leationdly purchased the two assault rifles used to kill 14 people. record rainfall continues to pound parts of the pacific
6:57 am
northwest. that storm system turned roads into rivers in portland, causing the sewer to overflow into the willamette river. officials are warning people to avoid contact with the river for at least 1448 hours. nothing suspicious was found on board a flight from sfo to paris that was diverted because of an anonymous threat. the jet made an emergency landing in montreal before given the all clear. a key decision on the plans to build that new warriors arena in san francisco. board of supervisors will decide whether to approve the developer's environmental impact report today. this would include two hours, shops, restaurants and garage parking. >> reporter: we are live in san jose at the bascom community center. if approved, this could be one of four sites in the city of san jose to conconverted into temporary shelters to help get the homeless through neeb. san jose and the city of oakland are set to take steps
6:58 am
to help the home les survive the -- homeless survive the winter storms. with record rainfall predicted the city council will vote to spend $430,000 for temporary shelters. if approved, the program will house 100 people per night for 30 nights between december 15th and march 31st. the vote would also create a temporary church shelter program relaxing some of the laws and making it easier for religious institutions to temporarily house the homeless. oakland is considering a shelter crisis. that would temporarily suspend building and planning cold. if approved, the city could convert empty warehouses into temporary shelters, for example. oakland votes at 5:30. san jose at 1:30. kiet do, kpix 5. northbound 880 at winston.
6:59 am
five-car crash blocking the middle lane. chp headed out to the scene. westbound 92 at 880, that accident cleared out of lanes. you are seeing slowing conditions on the san mateo bridge. within the last i would say five, ten minutes you are adding an extra eight minutes on the drive time. it will take you 24 minutes right now. also taking a look at 880 near the coliseum. northbound we're starting to see a few brake lights as well. roberta? >> good morning. we do have a dense fog advisory in place for that yellow highlighted area which encompasses the strait and the delta. visibility less than a quarter mile up until 10:00 when we anticipate the fog to burn off. we do have delays 1 hour 21 minutes due to the low clouds and fog. 40s and 50s out the door. later today, temperatures under a partly cloudy sky in the 60s. that's what you need to know. fog advisory today, rain by thursday. >> all right. thank you for watching kpix news this morning. >> say hello to mr. sun.
7:00 am
>> pretty. >> very pretty. >> happy tuesday, everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, december 8th, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." donald trump blasted for wanting a ban on muslims entering the united states. democrats and republicans united in their condemnation. how one man gave his life shielding a co-worker. and jon stewart returns to "the daily show" is a blistering message for congress. go we begbut we begin with "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> yes, we have to look


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