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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 21, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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yes. >> thanks for watching. your local update is coming up at 7:26. >> betty, you made it. well done. >> thanks for having me. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, december 21, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." chaos on the las vegas strip when a car plows through a crowded sidewalk killing one and injuring dozens. a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows chris christie surging in a key state. major garrett is on his campaign bus. and democratic candidate bernie sanders will be with us live. and why miss universe had her tiara taken away on live tv. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> some oldsmobile came rushing
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down on the sidewalk, just mayhem. people down. >> a hit-and-run leaves dozens injured. >> at least one person was killed. the person drove on and off the sidewalk. six nato members have died near bagram air base. lindsay gram ey graham is d his bid for the white house. >> i want to thank everyone who has taken this journey with us. and now donald trump and hillary clinton are setting their sights on each other. and rescuers are searching for 91 people after a landslide. more than 900 people were evacuated. colombia! >> things were pretty awkward at the end of the miss universe pageant. >> i have to apologize. miss universe is philippines. it was my mistake. it was on the card. new hampshire forced to close more than a dozen schools after receiving a threat of violence.
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>> police are still determining if that threat is credible. this morning an airfrance passenger was evacuated after a fake bomb scare with hundreds on board to kenya. and a pickup truck came crashing down the hillside. the driver climbs out of the truck and quickly flees. and there's beckham again. what is going on? >> they aught to throw him out of the game, joe. this is embarassing. here's what they concluded. apple engaged in a sophisticated scheme to pay little or no corporate taxes on $74 billion in revenues held overseas. >> that's total political crap. >> on "cbs this morning," -- >> martin shkreli took to twitter. >> i have to say, it's a lot to be the most hated man and in the pharmaceutical industry. that's like the leader of smashmouth.
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this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm anthony mason with vinita nair and christine johnson. as we wake up in the west, a woman is in custody after she deliberating ran her car into a crowd on the las vegas strip. one person died and nearly 40 others are hurt. police say the woman had a 3-year-old inside her car. >> it happened near the paris hotel and casino. john blackstone is in las vegas. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say a 20-something woman in a 1996 oldsmobile mowed down dozens of people. witnesses say people were thrown into the air and drug down the sidewalk. investigators are taking alcoholic tests of the woman and
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studying surveillance video of the chaotic incident. in a moment of horror, the driver of this car barreled through a busy las vegas sidewalk. witnesses say she had a toddler with her. >> people were bouncing off the car. she rode the sidewalk. >> people were punching the window trying to get the child out of the backseat. she accelerated again and kept mowing people down. >> reporter: emergency responders set up a triage center to attend to nearly 40 vehicles. the normally bustling vegas strip was partly shut down. one person is dead and at least six more are in stable condition. >> she was up off the street onto the sidewalk, two or possibly three times. and based on the evidence and information from our fatal investigators, at this point we are treating this as an intentional act. >> reporter: police say the violent rampage started near the planet hollywood resort. the suspect drove on and off the sidewalk reaching the paris hotel and casino. >> it literally was like she was not trying to stop the car.
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she was just sitting there just looking straightforward, not even moving. >> reporter: the suspect attempted to drive away but was tracked down in a parking lot. >> yeah, she did drive off. we were able to get her detained. and she's being interviewed as well as being tested for impairment. >> reporter: police say the driver and the 3-year-old in the car were unharmed. among those who were injured in this incident were four university students from pacific university in oregon, wrestlers here for a competition. witnesses say the car was going anywhere between 30 and 40 miles an hour as it struck people, mowed them down on the sidewalk here on the strip. >> so frightening and sad. john, thank you. a suicide bomber attacked a joint nato and afghan patrol this morning north of kabul. officials say an explosion killed six nato soldiers near bagram airfield. three international troops were also wounded. the taliban claimed responsibility. u.s. officials have not said if
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any americans were among the casualties. but bagram is the biggest base in afghanistan. and two campaign staffers are suspended in the wake of the democratic breach scandal. the vermont senator apologized to hillary clinton at saturday's debate. the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows clinton ahead of sanders in iowa where the first caucuses will be held six weeks from today. clinton also enjoys a huge lead in south carolina ahead of sanders by about 2 to 1. but sanders tops clinton in new hampshire. the first state in the nation to hold primaries. julianna goldman is in with the mounting pressure on candidates. >> reporter: saturday evening's debate for the democrats was pretty civil. but with a quick apology from sanders and a pass from clinton, the matter was largely settled until sunday. >> i apologize. >> reporter: bernie sanders was
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less apologetic to the democratic national committee for responding to the data breach but temporarily cutting off access to his voter files. >> look, a staff member or more of my team acted inappropriately and we'll deal with that. but to shut off access to my campaign's information, what word would you use, sabotage? >> reporter: clinton's campaign says they are waiting for the independent investigation to determine if campaign secrets were stolen. >> i don't think we should discount what happened here. they did go in, they took data, they tried to save it. >> we should move on because i don't think the american people are all that interested in this. i think they are more interested in -- >> reporter: but the dispute was a blip on the abc stage saturday night when clinton, sanders and martin o'malley mostly sparred on national security -- >> i worry too much that secretary clinton is too much into regime change and a little
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bit too aggressive. >> with all due respect, you voted for regime change with respect to libya. >> reporter: to the economy. >> should corporate america love hillary clinton? >> everybody should. >> they ain't going to like me. and wall street is going to like me even less. >> reporter: they came together around a common foe, donald trump. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: on sunday the gop frontrunner said those claims are unsubstantiated. >> it is just another hillary lies. she lies like crazy about everything. >> reporter: trump continued his criticism of clinton on social media slamming her on twitter sunday for briefly disappearing after a commercial break saying it was really strange when hillary was missing from the podium last night. not very presidential. well, anthony, the explanation a clinton campaign official told
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us unlike the men's room, the lady's room was a two-minute walk each way and the break was only five minutes. >> julianna goldman, thank you. and senator bernie sanders will be with us in our next hour. we'll look at what is next in the data breach controversy plus his struggle to close the gap beyond new hampshire. that's ahead. and now we have breaking news in the republican race. south carolina senator lindsey graham just announced in an online video he's suspending his campaign. he was around 1% in many polls. our battleground tracker shows donald trump has a new rival in new hampshire. support for governor chris christie has jumped to 11% in our latest poll. major garrett spoke to chris christie and he's with the bus in nashua, new hampshire. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after interviewing chris christie on this campaign bus, he told a town hall in peterborough it's no longer showtime, it's gametime. and the nation is depending on new hampshire to pick a future president. christie loves to tell voters
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here he has the strength to do that job. we asked the governor if he was aggravated that donald trump appears to have cornered the strength market. >> i don't think he's cornered that market. i think he's the loudest person in that market. see, i'm running for president, major. i'm not running to be the most popular guy in the senior class. >> reporter: against donald? >> well, he'll be as serious of a candidate as he wants to be. and what comes out of your mouth matters. >> reporter: out of trump's mouth saturday was a call for russia's vladimir putin. despite repression at home in ukraine and syria. >> i believe i'll get along fine with putin. >> reporter: trump even questioned whether putin's government was come poliplicit journalist deaths. they put russia tenth on the list of nations to kill those with impunity. 90% of murders there result in
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no convictions. putin's comments drew the wrath of jeb bush. >> you don't brag about what guy he is, he's a dictator, he's a bully. >> reporter: while trump welcomed putin's praise, marco rubio told "face the nation" he would never accept putin's endorsement. >> no, i don't. vladimir putin is a political actor. he's not someone who is going to go down in history as a great leader. >> reporter: christie told us that in general he's avoided reacting incessantly to everything that trump says because, as the governor told us, if trump is talking about trump, if he's talking about trump, then everybody's talking about trump. christie knows to win here he has to capture as many votes as possible and along the way talk trump's numbers down. >> major, thank you. overnight one of the most powerful men in sports was banned from the game of soccer. sepp blatter, long-time
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president of the world organization was found guilty of the ethic violence. so was the official once expected to replace him. now they are both sidelined for eight years. mark phillips is in london with the latest move and a wide ranging corruption scandal. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, this was the judgment by the ethics committee in world soccer. it's not a criminal conviction for corruption, not yet. but the result is effectively the same. sepp blatter, governing president of fifa for 17 years and the power for 40. he's been found guilty of breach of loyalty. the bandage on his face could be connected to a recent health scare. the issue, a $2 million payment to this man, head of european soccer. the two men say the money was a delayed payment for work. the ethics committee saw it differently. platini was also banned and
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fined. blatter who says he'll appeal was typically defiant. >> i'm sorry that -- >> reporter: but not sorry for what he'd done. more sorry for himself and the team sport. >> i'm sorry that i am as president of fifa this punching ball. and i'm sorry for football. >> reporter: things could get worse for sepp blatter and many others following the fbi triggered arrest of the number of fifa officials in switzerland last may and the criminal investigations launched by swiss authorities as well. sepp blatter was forced to promise to resign and called for new elections in february. with each term in this saga, the beautiful game becomes uglier. >> mark phillips, thank you. thousands of people across the u.s. remember a 15-year-old from tennessee who did something extraordinary. he died trying to shield three girls from a shooting.
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zaevion dobson is his name. >> reporter: on this football field, zaevion dobson had star potential. the week before he was killed. he went to a stop the violence rally with his mother. this morning people around the country are now celebrating her son as a hero. >> it's a part of me that wants to be angry but i just can't. >> reporter: because you're so proud of what he did. >> yes. >> reporter: president obama tweeted zaevion dobson died or saving three friends. another tweeted, to say this young man is a hero is an understatement. mrs. dobson, you raised an intelligent angel, god bless. how does that make you feel? >> it made me feel like, wow,
7:15 am
you did -- you're doing your job as a mother. >> reporter: knoxville police say zaevion was playing video games with friends when stheped out to talk to a group of girls and got caught in the middle of gang gunfire. >> he jumped on top of three girls to shield them -- sorry. to shield them from the shooters. >> reporter: do you wonder why my child? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you say to those gang members who fired those shots? >> stop the violence. stop it. he asked me one time, what am i going to do? what's in it for me? i said, zaevion, your time coming. when his time came, the trump is sounding. the angels came down and they took my baby to heaven. i know they did. and zaevion, he's looking down
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smiling because he made an impact on the whole world. >> reporter: there were five gang members who shot at zaevion according to police. one was shot and killed by another gang member, police believe. another is in jail this morning. and authorities are looking for three others. zaevion dobson will be buried the day after christmas. >> just devastating, david. thank you. french prosecutors announced this morning that a passenger is under arrest after a fake bomb forced an airfrance flight to make an emergency landing. the passenger reported finding a suspicious device in the bathroom sunday during the flight from paris to a resort island in the indian ocean. the pilot diverted to kenya. 473 passengers and crews safely evacuated down emergency slides. it's the fourth hoax in recent weeks against airfrance. comedian steve harvey is apologizing for a bizarre mix-up at last night's "miss universe pageant." he crowned miss colombia the winner but that was a mistake.
7:17 am
moments later her tiara was awkwardly removed. miss philippines was actually the winner. man, oh, man. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. it's not the biggest mistake in the history of the universe, but probably the biggest flub in the history of miss universe. you don't often see the backstage craziness that i experience. imagine this, seconds ticking down on the end of the live broadcast and everyone is frantically trying to figure out how to tell the announced winner that she is actually first runner-up. >> miss universe 2015 is -- colombia! >> reporter: for about two-and-a-half minutes ariadna arevalo was miss universe until steve harvey returned and said this -- >> i have to apologize.
7:18 am
the first runner-up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is >> reporter: the actual winner, pia alonzo wurtzbach appeared stun. for more than a minute those on stage seemed at a loss of what to do. steve harvey quickly admitted his error. >> i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> reporter: unfortunately, it was not harvey's only mistake of the night. he tweeted, i want to apologize emphatically to miss philippines and miss colombia. he misspelled philippines and colombia. the tweet was quickly deleted and corrected. what could be seen as the final indignity? the crown was taken from miss colombia and barely made it to miss philippines before the broadcast cut to the final credit. the twitter universe posted the
7:19 am
pack stage video with the new winner and runner-up. >> it was very -- nontraditional crowning moment, isn't it? >> yeah. very -- very 2015. >> reporter: the miss universe organization issued a statement. unfortunately, a live telecast means that human error can come into play. our sincerest apologies to miss colombia, miss philippines, their families and fans. just wow. i was a preliminary judge for this year's pageant as well so i did get to see the inner workings of everything. i also got to see just how seriously these ladies take this contest. and i tell you what, last night it was craziness inside the arena as well. the crowd was booing, people wouldn't leave despite repeated apologies from the p.a. system. and asking everyone to leave. they just didn't want to see the end of this. anthony? >> michelle, thanks. at least miss colombia can say she was miss universe for two-and-a-half minutes. new technology helps an olympic athlete avoid tragedy.
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ahead, we'll show you how the wearable airbags could transform we're starting off with clouds and fog and light rain. it will be with us much of the day. showers turn to rain this afternoon as we get a front plunging through. showers and more rain this afternoon. the showers will linger through tuesday. forecast highs today, near 60 degrees for much of the bay area. and in the look ahead, we've got rain today, lingering showers. break on wednesday. christmas eve looks wet and cold.
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apple ceo sees a big future for the apple watch and iphone. >> ahead, parts of tim cook's "60 minutes" interview with charl rose thaw didn't see last night. >> the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by smithfield. flavor hails from smithfield. when you've got a house
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. was building homemade explos to attack local here's what's happening around the bay area, a richmond man is in custody after police say he was building a homemade explosive to attack local muslims. bomb squad detonated one explosive device found inside his home. federal investigators are trying to determine what caused a small plane to crash near bakersfield, killing a family of five on board from gilroy. the plane was headed from reid- hillview airport to henderson yesterday. the airplane was going more than 250 miles an hour, unusually fast for a single engine plane. in the next half-hour on cbs this morning, what you didn't see last night on "60 minutes"
7:27 am
with apple's ceo, tim cook. more on that, traffic and what about the wet weather? brian has your forecast and more of the break. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models.
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traffic alert has been canceled as you work your way along 101. in petaluma. petaluma north all lanes are open. still busy in would both directions as you head through there. bay bridge metering lights are on on. 23 minutes between 880 and 101. going bridge not doing too bad in san francisco. delays northbound 101 from 92 to the 80 split. here's brian. we're starting off with sprinkles around the bay area and some light rain and it will become heavier as the day progresses. the approach to the toll plaza at the richmond/san rafael bridge. numbers this monday morning, mostly in the 50s and the future cast. look at that rain. it will be wet today. more details in 25 minutes. but first back to the network.
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♪ whoa! oh, broken! >> it's a little hard to make out there. you can see the packages just tumbling out. it's a bit of package rage. a driver can't take it any more and captured on video kicking the packages in the back of his truck. witnesses say he was upset because he couldn't maneuver the packages in the space. you never want a temper tantrum captured on camera. >> i bet a lot of those this time of the year with u.p.s. drivers. this half hour, apple ceo tim cook says his company's
7:31 am
sma smartwatch has the potential to be huge. ahead, moments you did not see on last night's "60 minutes" interview with charlie rose. >> a vest may have helped save a skier's life. he plummeted down a mountain on saturday but avoided injury. that is ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the "atlanta journal-constitution" reports on former president jimmy carter teaching sunday school just hours after the death of his grandson. carter told his georgia church how 28-year-old jeremy carter died. >> he got ready to eat supper. he thought -- he told his mother, he thought he would go lie down a while, so he went to his room and laid on the bed and she went to see if he was okay and his heart quit beating. >> so sad. the cause of jeremy carter's death is unknown. "wall street journal" says
7:32 am
hackers from iran infiltrated a control system of a dam near new york, less than 20 miles from new york city. the breach happened two years ago. the incident sparked concern that reached the white house. the hackers did not take control of the dam but probed the system. "wall street journal" also has the first interview with martin shkreli sense his arrest. he pleaded not guilty after being taken into custody thursday on securities fraud charges. he says he was targeted by prosecutors because of the m apple's ceo over
7:33 am
encryption after last night's "60 minutes" interview. tim cook defended it in his interview with charlie rose. he wants tech companies to image on the device's camera means performing 24 operations. here is part of the interview you did not see on last night's broadcast. >> reporter: how important is the iphone to apple. >> it's very important. >> reporter: it's more than
7:34 am
that. >> it's very important. >> reporter: come on. it's more than that. it's more than 60% of your revenue. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: that is more than very important. >> it's incredibly important. >> reporter: exactly. more! i mean, it is the engine driving the company. it is the engine driving the company. >> well, those other engines are pretty good too. >> reporter: but 60% of your revenue? >> it's hugely important. >> reporter: you know what they say? watch out for saturation. what do you say? >> as i look at it, there is -- you know, over a billion smartphones sold a year. there is about 2 billion mobile phones sold a year. so there is still a lot more between the billion and the 2 billion. also, the underlying technologies that are possible in smartphones, things will get better and better and so i don't think the smartphone is near the end of its life cycle.
7:35 am
i think it's closer to the beginning than i think it's the end. i do. >> reporter: apple watch. does it have the potential, in your judgment, to be as significant a contributor to apple as the iphone? >> i think it has the potential to be huge. i'm not going to forecast -- >> reporter: but it's of that dimension? >> but it's huge. >> reporter: a big bet on the part of apple. it's a big bet on the part of apple this will deliver way beyond what we would have imagined from a smartwatch? >> sure. because we -- when we place our emphasis on something, we not only decide what we are working on, but it means we didn't work on something else. and so there is an opportunity cost of doing that. so we are a big believer in wearable technology and the wrist in particular and apple watch in particular. >> interesting to see how much upside he still believes there is in the smartphone. the beginning of life cycle. >> that caught me as well.
7:36 am
what do you think what else is possible? >> we will stand in lines to figure it out. >> and try to understand it. a rad. >> caller: new technology is getting credit in the morning a downhill ski racer's softer than expected landing. matthias mayer broke two vertebrae in yesterday's crash but he says it could have been much worse. contessa brewer is here to show us the safety system that protected him. >> good morning. >> reporter: in a fraction of a second the crash cutting airbag technology kicked into gear when needed most and leave mayer in much better shape than anyone who saw the fall expected. olympic gold medalist matthias mayer's world cup run came to an unexpected end after he flipped and flew and crashed his way past the saturdfinish line on saturday. during the fall, an intricate safety mechl was already at work. the spret weapon?
7:37 am
a specialized system of airbags concealed in matthias' vest activated only in falls. the technology has been in development for years. but only recently have a handful of elite athletes started wearing them while competing. >> it's not as big as an airbag in your car. >> reporter: canadian olympic medalist jan hudec helped test the airbag by italian maker dainese. he says by the millisecond, safety gear is always a top priority. >> obviously, bulkier and bigger than what we normally would wear. >> reporter: not only does it detect when a skier abruptly changes its potentially but can distinguish between intentional jump and off-balance close call or an eminent fall. the international ski federation recorded 808 injuries over the last nine seasons of alpine
7:38 am
competition. more than 16% of those involved the head, neck, and shoulders. downhill racing is one of the latest sports to embrace the technology. following in the foot steps of other high-speed sports, including motorcycle racing. it's a technology insiders say soon will be widespread. >> it's gone from almost science fiction level to reality in just a few years and maybe in just another year or so, it will be something you can walk into a store and buy. >> reporter: although mayer lost his chance at clinching this year's world cup safety experts consider his crash landing a real win. the austrian team says he will miss the rest of the season because he broke a vertebrae. >> it's so complex. >> for so many years, they were saying how do we keep it from deploying. you lose your balance but you can recover. >> right. >> it looked like they perfected it.
7:39 am
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♪ dare devil climber kingston says this is the most dangerous building he has ever explored. an unfinished decaying talker i dubai. last year he climbed it in the dark. this time he made it all the way up. i don't know how people do this. >> that adds another element. >> does he it because he can. >> and because those of us here would never want to. >> i can't climb to the second floor. i don't know how he does it. >> aaa says americans are paying the lowest amount of gas since
7:44 am
2009. the national average dipped to under $2 a gallon. a new company is changing how we gas up by bringing the fuel to drivers. the service is already available in silicon valley and the dallas/ft. worth area. mark strassmann shows us how the meaning of full service is getting an update. >> reporter: tony cream and his suv haven't been to a gas station in six months. >> i hate being here and i hate doing this. and then on june 11th i got my first fill-up for the first time and fill up every time since then. >> reporter: this comes to him. this truck holds 400 gallons and 400 premium and 800 regular unleaded and fills up for customers who work in ft. worth office parks. it all starts, where else? by registering with an app. >> you show up to work. you pull out your phone and press a button and go to work. when you come our your tank is full and windows are washed and never having to stop at a gas station. >> i have yet to meet one person
7:45 am
who likes to go to the gas station to get fuel. >> reporter: frank had the idea. make filling up convenient and, in some cases, also make it safe. >> we want people to just say, this is the 21st century way of getting fuel and i'm going to do it from here on out. >> reporter: what is the catch? it's not cost. there is no delivery charge. there is no subscription fee. in fact, the price per gallon is five cents cheaper than what you pay at area gas stations. price is low and booster fuel buys gas wholesale and for efficiency, services these corporate parks. this one lot may have 100 fill-ups a day. why not deliver it to somebody's house? >> we could. they are not as clustered together. there is also the fact that people are typically away during the day when our drivers work. but i think that is an area we can grow into and expand as we prove out our system. >> reporter: parents of young kids will relate to a mercedes
7:46 am
bowlen. >> i have two kids in car seats i don't want to get out of their car seats and i don't want to have to try to break up the little battles while i'm at the pump. >> reporter: the company hopes to expand nationally. seattle could be next. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann, ft. worth. >> kind of genius. >> i love this idea. >> right? >> yeah. >> i guess because we don't have all of the overhead costs, they can keep it cheaper. >> seems like we should have already had it. >> why didn't i think of that. >> precisely. parents spend big bucks for green baby products but some say they may not be getting what they pay for. ahead, new questions about harmful chemicacals in a populu brand d of car seats.s. >> a double dosose of hillar clinton. the campaiaign comedy that brouo "saturday nigh . we're starting off with cloud and fog and light rain. it will be with us much of the
7:47 am
day. in fact, the showers turn to rain this afternoon. as we get a bit of a front plunging south through bay area. showers and fog this morning. more rain this afternoon and those showers will linger through tuesday. forecast highs near 60 degrees for much of the bay area and in the look ahead, we've got rain today, lingering showers tomorrow. break on wednesday. christmas eve looks wet and cold. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kohl's. right now at kohl's take an extra 15 or 20% off already great savings! like 50 to 60% off star wars 60 to 70% off fine jewelry and the keurig mini is just $79.99 plus now you can buy online pick up in store kohl's is now open 24 hours!
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♪ can we focus? because i'm running for president again and i'm getting advice from the smartest woman i know. >> me. >> geez. i should be the one giving you advice because in 2008 i got a heck of a lot closer to the white than this gal did. >> political reunion we have all been waiting for. amy poehler brought back her 2008 hillary clinton impression sharing the state with the current "snl" hillary clinton indicate mckinnon and tina fey returned as sarah palin. clinton is not feeling comfortable until she finds out donald trump is the republican front-runner. and she breaks her cell phone before she can send another e-mail. >> they do so much but i feel
7:52 am
like we all still remember them for those two roles. >> always will. we will talk with real-life presidential candidate bernie sanders in a moment. we will look at how he believes the dnc may be trying to help hillary clinton win the democratic nomination and plus his battle with donald trump. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." should we put a jelly bean on the top? purple? absolutely. [singing] on the third day of christmas my true love sent to me. ♪ i was born a dreamer. ♪
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caus near bakersfield it's 7:56. i'm betty yu. the faa is starting to piece together what caused a small plane to crash near bakersfield killing a bay area family. the first may day call came when the aircraft was going more than 250 miles an hour, very fast for a single-engine plane. today, raymond "shrimp boy" chow is expected to testify in his own defense. he's accused of running a crime ring involved in money laundering, drug trafficking and murder. and coming up -- bernie sanders talks about his democratic presidential bid and about his recent apology for a
7:57 am
data breach. traffic and weather -- coming up. ,,,, ,,
7:58 am
we're dealing with slick surfaces. be careful. you might skip the roads and use transit. everything is on time. taking a look at the bay bridge, metering lights remain on. you are backed up to the maze. still sluggish across the san mateo bridge. westbound 92, 880 to 101, a 25- minute ride. golden gate bridge, extra volume. here's brian. all right. we're starting off with our own version of slick streets but we're looking at them through a lens, rather, the approach to the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza, light rain falling throughout the bay area. temperatures in the 50s. look what's on the way. the future cast heavy cells coming through through later this moefning. we will get a break. but we'll have to wait until wednesday. ,,,, ,,,,,,
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8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, december 21st 20rks 15. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. he address it is fallout from a controversial data breach and what he needs to do to beat hillary clinton. first today's "eye opener at 8." police say a 20-something-year-old woman mowed down dozens on the vaig strip. south carolina senator lindsey graham announced in an online video he is suspending his campaign. >> he'll be as serious a candidate as he wants to be. what comes out of your mouth matters.
8:01 am
seth blatter was promised to resign. the endless saga about the beautiful game becomes ugly. everyone is frantically trying to figure out how to tell the announced winner she is actually first runner up. >> it was my mistake, houbl mistake. the cutting edge air bag technology kicked into gear when needed most. >> show up to work, pull out your phone, you come out at the end of the day, your tank is filled up, windows are washed and you drive straight home. trump slammed clinton on sunday for disappearing after a commercial break. >> sorry. >> i'm anthony mason with vinita meyer and christine john sochblt charlie and gayle are off. norah is on assignment. investigators are trying to determine why a woman plowed
8:02 am
through a crowd on a las vegas sidewalk. police say it appeared to be intentional intentional. the campaign's data director was fired last week, a glitch in the party's voter database allowed them to read hillary clinton's private campaign data. sanders apologized to clinton at saturday's democratic debate, but the candidates did focus mainly on gun control. donald trump and isis. >> number one, our goal is to
8:03 am
crush and destroy isis. >> we heard from the senator this week we must put aside the issue of how quickly we get rid of assad and come together with countries including russia and iran first. is he wrong. >> i think we're missing the point. we're doing both at the same time. >> we shouldn't be the ones declaring that assad must go. where did it ever say in the constitution, where is it written it's the job of the united states of america or its secretary of state to determine when dictators have to go. >> if the united states does not lead, there is not another leader. there is a vacuum. >> isil training videos are telling lone wolves to buy a combat assault weapon in america is to buy f gun show. it's because of the flip-flopping in washington that both my colleagues have represented for the last 40 years. >> do not tell me that i have not shown courage in standing up to the gun people. trump comes along and says i know the answers. the answer is that all of the
8:04 am
mexicans, they're criminals and rapists, we've got to hate the mexicans, those of your enemies. we hate all the muslims because all the muslims are terrorists. i believe we stand together to address the real issues facing this country, not allow them to divide us by race or where we come from. >> donald trump is sending a message to muslims here in the united states and literally around the world that there is a clash of civilizations. >> there was a breach because the dnc vendor screwed up. information came to our campaign. in this case our staff did the wrong thing. >> does secretary clinton deserve an apology tonight? >> yes, i apologize. >> senator bernie sanders is with us from burlington, vermont. good morning. >> good morning. >> your campaign fired your national data director and you've suspended two others. your ear conducting an investigation. can you tell us the status of that now and are more suspensions possible here?
8:05 am
>> well, as you know, this is the second breach that the dnc vendors have allowed to happen. what we are asking for now is a thorough investigation with the dnc from day one of these campaigns, to see what the implications of these breaches have been. have information been able to go both ways? i don't know if that's the case, but that's a possibility. the bottom line is that the first time there was a breach when we had access to clinton's information, our people said this is wrong, this is crazy and they went to the dnc. second time we had at least one staffer who did not co-the right thing. that person is gone. we have suspended several others. we certainly want to get to the bottom of this and we are working with the dnc to make sure we have all the information, and we do not want these breaches from dnc vendors to take place. again, but i believe that the action of the dnc to basically shut us off from all of the
8:06 am
information that we have put into that base, was totally inappropriate. that's an issue we continue to deal with them on. >> i want to ask you about donald trump asking for a new apology this morning. it's donald trump basically seeing a reference to him being a recruitment tool for isis should have never been a topic of conversation during this debate. >> well, let me say this about donald trump and what i said the other day. i fear that donald trump is doing a great disservice to our country internationally, fanning hatred for the united states all over the world. i have to say this, and if you know me, i'm not the most partisan guy in the world and i don't like taking harsh attacks against my opponents. i think donald trump is a pathological liar. when he goes before the american people and says he saw on a television screen thousands of people in new jersey standing up
8:07 am
and being so happy and celebrating 9/11 and the destruction of the twin towers, it never happened. >> do you any in response to donald trump hillary clinton should be apologizing? >> i'll let hillary clinton deal with that. i think donald trump needs to apologize to the mayor scan people. either thousands of people in new jersey were standing up and celebrating or they weren't. there isn't any indication that took place, any indication he saw that on television. he goes around the country talking about it. that is doing a mass disservice to the muslim people of this country and our relationship with the muslim people all over the world. >> senator, the cbs battleground tracker polls show you ahead in new jersey. but trailing behind in some of the other states. we only have a few more weeks now until the iowa caucuses. what is your campaign going to do to set things up and make a
8:08 am
difference in the poll numbers? >> well, look, if you remember that when i started this campaign 7 1/2 months ago, we were considered a fringe campaign, fringe candidate. i was at 3% or 4% in the polls. nobody knew who bernie sanders was. talking about why the middle class is disappearing, massive income inequality, corrupt campaign finance system that allows billionaires to buy electios. our campaign has caught on. the latest polls have us up in new jersey and not so far behind in iowa. we have a very strong grassroots movement in iowa and in new hampshire of volunteers and paid staff. we're knocking on a lot of doors, making a lot of telephone calls. i'll tell you, i think we have a shot to win and i'd going to be leaving for iowa in a few hours. we'll be spending a lot of time in iowa and new hampshire in the next five or six weeks. we are speaking to many, many thousands of people, a lot of
8:09 am
excitement. if we can win in iowa, if we can win in new hampshire, i think we're on our way to a national victory and one of the great political upsets in the modern history of america. look, people want a political revolution. people are tired of establishment politics, establishment economics. >> senator sanders joining us this morning live. thank you so much. governor chris christie's campaign depends on voters in one state. major garrett is riding with the candidate this morning. >> chris christie has spent a lot of time on the roads of new hampshire, now he says it's finally paying off. the governor talks to us about his recent rise in the polls and what he's learned about running for president, coming up on "cbs this morning.",,
8:10 am
a popular brand of a popular brand of car seat
8:11 am
claiming to be the only one with hazardous flame retardants may contain them after all. we'll look at them next on "cbs this morning." coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day.
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♪ in our "morning rounds" limiting a child's exposure to toxic chemicals is a huge issue for many parents but finding eco-friendly products could cost big money. one manufacturer claimed to market the only car seat free from the most hazardous flame retardants. investigative reporter julie watts from kpix uncovered test results that may indicate parents are not getting what they expect. >> here we go. >> car seats are supposed to keep little ones safe in the car. the foam underneath them is key to absorbing energy and protecting a child in an accident. but federal law mandates seats be made with fire retardant materials, many are which are linked to cancer, neurological disorders and developmental
8:16 am
delays. >> the ones that have been studied have been found to be associated with cancers. the neurotoxins, they're not good chemicals. >> eileen bloom says the chemicals in the foam can break down into dust, which kids inhale orrin gest by putting their hands in their mouth. >> now i'll show you some of the safety features. >> orbit baby introduced the first car seat that claimed to contain undetectable amounts. as the gold standard in green car seats, orbit quickly became a hit with health conscious celebrities and moms willing to pay a premium to protect their kids. >> orbit marketed it as the first green car seat and didn't use the fire retardant chemicals and we believed that and told our customers that. >> suzanne is the founder of a children's boutique that sells
8:17 am
items free of chemicals after consumers began to tell her their car seats tested positive, price had her own tested by a research lab. it tested positive for tdcpp. >> i remember opening the e-mail and just saying no! i just had really wished it was all a mistake. >> price says when she notified orbit baby, they questioned duke's findings, but while admitting no wrongdoing agreed to buy back unopened products from her store and price refunded her customers. >> we have rent to pay but the one thing i'm selling really is trust. >> that was in 2014. earlier this year, the michigan-based ecology ternt tested an orbit g-3 toddler seat using multiple labs and found another form. orbit baby turned down requests for an on-camera interview but has changed some claims on its website. orbit baby requires our suppliers to follow a standard that prohibits halogen atd flame
8:18 am
retardants and said it does its own testing at independent, accredited laboratories. we asked if any of orbit's own testing found concerning chemicals. orbit had no comment. but orbit is not alone. the ecology center found 75% of all the car seats tested contain potentially harmful flame retardants. however orbit is the only company that claimed otherwise. along with the american academy of pediatrics and the international association of firefighters, bloom is lobbying federal regulators to pan fire retardant chemicals from children's products and many want them out of car seats as well. >> flame retardants only protect against very small flames and the flame retardant underneath a child is not going to make a difference. >> minimizing the time your kids spending in one and never let your baby stay in the car seat outside the car. >> very useful information.
8:19 am
all right, one of the nfl's most exciting players got too excited on sunday. why odell beckham jr.'s unnecessary roughness could put him on the sidelines next. next on "cbs this morning." cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by alka seltzer cold and cough. rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. fast, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus
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announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you. thank you. gracias por su ayuda. [baby coos]
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♪ new york giants star receiver odell beckham jr. faces fines and maybe a suspension this morning. he is dominating new york headlines. "the post" calls him a giant jerk for fighting all game long sunday with carolina's josh norman. at one point, beckham blindsided him helmet-to-helmet. >> stay up right and picks up a first down. there is beckham again! what is going on? >> giants head coach tom benching beckham but didn't. the officials flagged beckham for three personal fouls during the game. the announcer asked why he wasn't thrown out of the game. >> have you seen a guy this thrown off his game before? >> they need to throw him out of the game, joe, and they just might. i mean, he is out of control. >> new nfl rules this season say any active participant in a
8:24 am
fight will be penalized. flagrant conduct will result in ejection. but beckham was not ejected and the giants made a huge comeback with beckham catching the touchdown pass that tied the game but he celebrated too soon. the panthers beat the giants 38-35 on a last-second field goal. carolina is still undefeated. >> i think, if anything, i think fans are disappointed. >> yes. >> you know, he is like the golden boy right now in the nfl. it was just so disappointing to see him acting like that. >> it seemed almost inexplicable. you wonder what is going on underneath that. >> pressure. >> it certainly is going to cost him. three offenses they say and the first offense alone is 35,000. he kept homeland fans guessing with his role as nicholas brodie. now he turns from terrorism to wall street. he and co-star paul giamatti talk on the set of "billions."
8:25 am
after your local news. that is next. ♪ e trying to good monday morning, i am frank mallicoat, federal investigators are trying to determine what caused a small plane to crash near bakersfield killing a family of 5 from gillroy, headed from san jose's read hillview airport to nevada. the aircraft flew off course going more than 250 miles an hour, unusually fast for a single engine plane. there is more snow up in the truckee tahoe area, u.s. highway 50 all the way into myers and south shore. the next half hour, a bus tour interview with presidentially candidate chris christie, that story, traffic, and weather,
8:26 am
right after the break. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:27 am
good morning from the traffic center, delays due to weather systemwide, 10-15 minutes. plan for that. golden gate ferry on time, muney as well. to the freeways, flooding reported southbound 101 through the valley. a heads up, try to avoid the area. once you get to the golden gate bridge, traffic is okay in san francisco, portion between i-80,
8:28 am
probably 15-minute ride. bay bridge, 37 minutes for the drive time. a little better. you will see delays out of the maze but it is improving along the east shore freeway commute. better news here as well in the san mateo bridge. 880 to 101, 20 minutes. the traffic accident-- here is brian. good morning, we are starting with clouds and some light rain but the light rain will develop into heavier rain as the day goes on in the north bay, then south bay, all coming from this big stream of moisture coming all the way out over the top of a high pressure ridge in the pacific. doppler showing showers enhancing, spreading south as the day goes on and we will expect heavier rain into the bay area later in the day. forecast highs near 60 degrees. in the extended forecast we are looking for lingering showers tomorrow, break wednesday, and more rain christmas eve.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, we have shown you the rise in package thefts from porches. something to think about this holiday week. could a fast growing social media site offer a solution? the ceo of next door is in studio 57. also, show time takes on the world of high finance with a new drama co-starring paul giamatti and damione lewis. jamie wax goes on the set of "billions" ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports on the u.s. expecting to announce today that lions in some parts of africa will be placed under the endangered species act and
8:31 am
comes months after cecil was killed by a minnesota dentist and make it harder to bring lion trophies into the u.s. quick and collect shopping lets customers orders online and pick up the item in a store a few hours later. one study found 60% of these ran into problems. sometimes the wrong item was received or the order was cancelled because the item was no longer in stock. the seattle times reports on the last-minute frenzy to deliver millions of christmas gifts on time. today is the busiest delivery day for the u.s. postal service. mayor carriers will deliver more than 30 million packages. u.p.s. plans to deliver about 36 million packages tomorrow in their busiest day of the year. >> you have to think this weather on the east coast, they are happy about it, you know? >> a lot easier to move them. "cosmopolitan" magazine reports on suspicions about a royal christmas photo we showed
8:32 am
you last week. amateurs expect this photo of prince william and his family was photo shopped and point out blurriness around princess chart's head and shoulders and arm and something she moved or got in the way requiring a to h touch- touch-up. buckingham palace has denied this. >> i think when it comes to photo shopping, this is not the worst we have seen, if it did happen! >> it won't be the first time. 50 days from now the people of new hampshire vote in the first in the nation primary. a cbs news battleground tracker poll in that state finds new jersey governor chris christie's support has more than doubled in the past month. it's increased from 5% in november to 11% now. this morning, christie is riding that wave on a bus tour of the granite state and major garrett is on the bus in nashua, new hampshire. good morning, major. >> reporter: good morning. chris christie has thrown everything at the new hampshire primary, sacrificing time in iowa and south carolina to traverse the granite state.
8:33 am
it's a risky strategy but after 55 days and 40 town halls and dozens of round table discussions, christie says he feels real momentum. in new hampshire, if nowhere else, chris christie is on a roll. >> hey! >> hey, everybody. >> reporter: such as christie's need for votes he pursues them everywhere. the first stop sunday was a meeting with homeless veterans in manchester. the pitch? intimate and subdued. to a sports bar stuffed with football fans. >> vote for me and i'll win the thing and i'll get everybody together. >> reporter: we rode with christie and his family after talk about terror fears after paris and san bernardino. >> we lived with the aftermath of 9/11 personally. kids in our school who lost their parents and friends we lost in our parish. i understand the fear and it's real, major. >> how do you think a president needs to either counsel a country or guide a country when
8:34 am
it's most anxious? >> through honesty and strength. first is honesty. you have to tell the people what the real nature of the threat is and it's going to mean there are times you are fearful. you better not offer blanket assurances because you can't give it so you say to people i will take every reasonable step under the constitution to be able to keep you safe. >> reporter: we also asked what christie has learned from the resurrection of his campaign. >> i think the biggest challenge to a presidential campaign is patience. nobody wants to have it but you have to have it. >> reporter: christie says his personality legendarily combative demands action. >> you want it to happen like this. it doesn't happen that way in a presidential campaign. >> reporter: christie has four paid staffers here in new hampshire and the same number in iowa. but he is trailing badly in iowa and has only one staffer in south carolina. christie knows this isn't nearly enough but says he'll be able to raise all of the money he needs and hire all of the staff a national campaign requires if he
8:35 am
wins new hampshire. >> thank you, major. interesting to hear him talk about his personality because that so often is brought up in all of this. >> oh, yeah. his combative personality at de due to lower levels of trust. next door is a new private social network to revive neighborhoods to connect people on safety and find a babysitter and more than 85,000 neighbors across the country uses the networking site and the cofounder is here with us. how does it work? >> next door is free and easy. it's a private social network and makes it easy for you to connected with your neighbors and communicate about the things that matter. >> is it an app our phone? >> it is an app as well as a website. you can go to and download the app and you'll take
8:36 am
part of the conversations your neighbors are having to create a stronger and safer community for everyone. >> you're not talking about setting up a network people can post more selfies. you're looking if you need to get rid of a couch, there are safety concerns in the neighborhood, those kinds of things? >> we are a social network but a social network about solving proble problems. it's about coming together with your neighbors to solve problems like finding a babysitter maybe more personal things like finding a lost dog or critical things like coming together in times of crime or natural disaster. >> how do you make sure the people using this are legitimate? >> well, nextdoor is a private social network and privacy to us means two things. the first thing you have to verify your address to join the service. so that when you go and talk with your neighbors you know they are your actual neighbors. the second thing about nextdoor is all of the conversations are private. you won't find them with a google search or shared on other social networks. we try to make it safe to share the sorts of things online you
8:37 am
would feel safe sharing i don't have line. >> i think something interesting in this app you suggest go next door and borrow a cup of sugar or something. what do you say to people this will allow people to isolate themselves even more? >> when we started the company, almost 30% of americans didn't know a single neighbor by name. part of the culprit was technology. technology in our busy lives. now technology can play a role in bringing back that sense of community and next door is an ice-breaker. not a replacement for the conversations that you have with your neighbors. it just makes it easy for those to happen. >> you actually are having partnerships with police departments in some communities. how does that work? >> one of the key cases for nextdoor is for neighbors to get together and create a virtual neighborhood watch to keep the neighborhood safer. one particip discussions needs to be the local police department. we have partnered with almost 1500 police departments across the country to create a great dialogue between neighbors and police to keep communities safer. >> how about neighborhoods behaving badly?
8:38 am
can you potentially get banned from the site and do you watch out for that kind of stuff? >> on nextdoor you have to use your real name and verify your address so the incentive to behaving badly is very, very low. at the same time, nextdoor is about solving problems so not about social things like gossip or getting to know your neighbors. it's about tapping into the power of the neighborhood. >> as with so many of these start-ups there is often criticism and one of the biggest criticisms for you guys there could be some component of racial profiling. you've been very avctive. u.s. we consider profiling to be unacceptable. how do you police that behavior? >> it's not up to us to police it but up to the neighbors. we made it clear that racial profiling is completely unacceptable on nextdoor. it hardly even happens but one occurrence is too many. we will do everything we can to remind our members that the constructive dialogue on nextdoor should stay civil and neighborly. >> how do you make money? >> we don't. we have been focused on creating the best member experience. we move forward to creating a
8:39 am
business model we i think a tremendous opportunity to connect neighbors and local businesses. >> you talk about you don't want these gossip sites. how do you prevent that? you're relying essentially on the community to police this system themselves. >> yeah. they don't really have to police the system. because the whole system is built to solve problems. it's about finding a babysitter, about getting rid of a used couch. it's about coming together if there are floods or fires. so the content itself doesn't really lend itself to gossip or people being nasty. the content lends itself to people coming together and helping each other to creating stronger and more tight-knit communities. >> we have heard a lot of about packages being stolen from porches around this time of the season especially. how does nextdoor help that? >> if your package has been stolen you can ask your hbors if they have seen anything. if you know you're not going to be home when the package is being delivered you can ask a trusty neighbor to take possession of that package instead of you. >> it's a smart idea. it's nice. you should know your neighbors.
8:40 am
>> i think it would be very useful. >> thank you so much for your time. >> thanks for having me. homeland veteran damian lewis brings a different voice to drama but not this one. >> whoa! >> slamming me. lead you down to the rubber dub and ball and chain. >> up next, lewis,,
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ ♪ i'm coming app an ambitious u.s. attorney taking on a brash hedge fund billionaire is not the latest headline on wall street but the plot of a new showtime drama called "billions" debuting in january and stars paul giamatti and damien lewis as combatants in the high stakes finance. >> reporter: damian allow be yi family face to "homeland." he is back and playing another convicted villain. at least you might believe until you meet the guy played by paul giamatti. >> the good man didn't try to kill a fresh bull. you wait until he has been stuck a few times.
8:45 am
>> reporter: it's not really easy to say where the good guy and bad guy is in the whole breakdown of this. is that something that attracted you to this? >> oh, i'm the good guy. >> reporter: with financial market wounds, still fresh for those who endured the wall street crisis nearly a decade ago, billions will touch a nerve. >> a question on the business. like highlander. there could be only one. >> co-stars damien lewis and paul giamatti relied on insiders and federal prosecutors to develop their job. anything unusual you found out about the job? >> i learned it's an arduous job with very little roux mun radiation. they don't get paid much and work in not very pleasant conditions and not an ounce of glamour to it. >> are you able that high hedge fund guys are dr of themselves?
8:46 am
>> only if they break the law. in drama, i think my character does, do you know what i mean? >> reporter: what real-life figures did you look at? >> i met a cross-section of these hedge fund billionaires and there wasn't really a discernible type. i think they all want to win. they all talk about the game. i think there is a point at which they have enough money obviously to live. but just making more money as part of the games like being at the casino. you want to beat the house. >> when was it a crime to succeed in this country? >> reporter: the role of conflicted american is one of the british-born actor has played before. damian lewis won a gold globe on "homeland." >> i'm a lucky man. >> reporter: are you finding there is as much internal and external conflict in the world of american finance as you found in the world of american terrorism? >> yes, i am. and i think one, at the moment, given the recent financial
8:47 am
history, one is pretty supposed to not like a hedge fund billionaire given the crash of '07-'08 and the way in which some people got very rich and benefited from it. >> reporter: since we mentioned damian lewis is british you probably wonder what happened to his accent? well, so did we. is it difficult for you to slide back into your original english accent at all or have you lost it? >> core, governor! lead you down the rubber dub and bring the ball and chain. >> there you go. >> no. no. going back to english is no problem at all. i'm stuck here in american accent today because i'm just filming all day and i've heard -- >> how consciously do you do that? i'll notice observe times i'm forgetting you and hear you american all the time. are you conscious about it? >> i make a conscious decision to be american but it happens
8:48 am
pretty much when you jump in the van in the morning and talk to my first american of the day and flips me over and it's easy. >> reporter: aside from playing another american on what he hopes will be another television hit, damian lewis may soon be on the big screen in a role that is actually british. online oddsmakers currently have him as the favorite to be the next james bond. with all of the attention to the character of james bond is getting right now, your name keeps getting bandied are. >> are you going to do? >> genius! >> are you going to be the next james bond? we have a scoop right here. >> i've been wanting to ask him that. >> reporter: have you really? >> but i've restrained myself. >> reporter: paul and i are asking you, damian. >> nobody has called me, put it that way. nobody has called me. >> reporter: should they call you? >> you shouldn't believe it because it's on the internet. >> we will have to wait to see who gets to play bond, but "billions" premieres next month. >> i was so distracted by him
8:49 am
speaking american! you're british! >> he really finds if he stays in that place on a day to be shooting, which we were on the set, that it helps him stay in character. >> i get it. >> we all do it, anthony. ugly holiday sweaters find a beautiful place in history in kansas! that is next on "cbs this morning"! ,,,, ♪ this just in. the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses!
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♪ don't forget you can theorder on and pick up in store the same day. i ordered this today. it's for you. boop! barbie! a new tie! shop pick up in store. ♪ >> kansas beat montana this weekend on the basketball court but fans were the biggest winners. capturing guinness world record for the largest gathering of people wearing holiday sweaters. i didn't say ugly, i just said holiday sweaters. now they are cool. 3,473 people took on the fashion challenge. the ku crowd more than doubled the previous record set last year in the uk. >> i loved a good excuse to wear an ugly sweater!
8:53 am
a lot of ugly sweaters. that does it for us. for news any time, watch our 24-h,,,,,,,,,,,,
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. that monday morning, everyone. some of the headlines at this hour, a richmond man in jail after police say he was building who may explosives. offices raided the home of william mcbrien yesterday. today, county officials will provide information on storm prep. an annual toy drive in the east bay is running seriously short on donations. the data street family resource center still needs some 1800 new toys. time for whether. got monday morning, we are
8:56 am
starting out with clouds and showers. the light showers this morning will lead to have your rain as we approach the afternoon hours. a big packet of moisture heading toward our part of northern california. that packet of brightly colored echoes are more moderate rains heading into the bay area later today. the showers linger into tuesday, christmas eve also looking wet and cold. we will get a break on wednesday. forecast highs near 60 degrees. showers tomorrow, break on wednesday, a colder system coming in on thursday. and after our break, the latest on the road ahead. stay tuned.
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8:58 am
we are still looking at delays this morning. beautiful wet weather conditions out there on the roadway. mass transit right on town -- time this morning. again, slick services, so use caution. southbound 101 with flooding reported as you make your way south of 580.
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