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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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morning. pope francis delivered his christmas address criticizing what the holiday has become rebuking society's intoxication with consumerism, abundance and wealth contrasting that with the simplicity of the birth of jesus christ. volunteers at glide memorial are taking the pope's advice and giving back this holiday. >> kpix 5's jackie ward is live at the church where thousands will turn out for their annual christmas breakfast. merry christmas, jackie. >> reporter: merry christmas, brian. merry christmas, anne and to all of you watching us this christmas morning. we are at glide where 5,000 people are expected to get a hot ham and turkey dinner with all the fixings. jean cooper is the holiday coordinator. you have some special volunteers who will be serve today. tell us about them. >> so, um, the foster farms hunger bowl is this excessive we on the 28th down in levi's plaza so the teams from i think past 12, i'm not a football
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expert at all -- >> you got it right. >> pac-12. >> they are here in the city. so we'll have ucla here, um, around 11:00 this morning i think. defense and then offense. then they come down and serve and make bag lunches for later. >> this is a tradition to have football players come in on christmas morning. what's that like to have big athletes giving back to the community on such an important day? >> it's a lot of excitement. so, you know, christmas day is the beginning of our holiday season. it is mellow compared to thanksgiving. so the energy that they bring kind of like livens up the place. if you go down to our dining room and you may go down and see them later they are actually quite small. if you think about it. so when you add 50 football players and you know some of them are linebackers, it gets tight down there and it's a lot of fun. loud and excited and it's a good time. >> that helps get the spirit up
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here for sure this morning. well, jean, thank you so many. everything gets under way in just a little bit here. volunteers start showing up in 15 minutes. they are serving coffee, grits, eggs and then the big thanksgiving -- not thanksgiving -- it's turkey though, turkey and ham dinner for christmas. in the tenderloin, jackie ward, kpix 5. also in san francisco the salvation army will prepare and deliver about 4,000 meals this morning to people who aren't able to make it out of their homes. breaking news this morning in san mateo county. two people were killed early this morning in a crash on highway 1 in pacifica. right now all northbound lanes of the highway are closed at paloma avenue for the investigation. two cars crashed just after 2:30 a.m. >> it appears that we had a wrong-way driver involving a head-on collision that ignited the -- one of the vehicle fires. the driver that was traveling
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the wrong way was determined to [ indiscernible ] within his vehicle. >> a driver of the other vehicle was rushed to a hospital condition unknown. his passenger died in the crash. wow. >> a rare weather event in the sierra foothills. cell phone video of a tornado in el dorado hills. something right out of kansas! lemoore abrams reports. >> reporter: first sightings came from highway 50 where drivers spotted a strange white column in the sky. it was more than a winter cloud. >> you could see it rotating. >> reporter: the grandfather and grandson team flew a remote control airplane right into it over folsom lake. >> we could see a funnel cloud that was forming over dike 8 which i believe is called folsom point over the lake from this side and we could see lightning as the cold front moved through. >> reporter: a mean mix that wreaks havoc from folsom to el dorado hills. >> it's moving into houses! well, maybe, i don't know.
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>> reporter: linda douglas heard a loud boom then went outside to find this tree fell on her car. >> i have always wanted to see a tornado. but, you know, maybe not this up close and personal. >> reporter: her goat shed is also buried under the rubble, but the goats are okay. but christmas won't be the same. >> we have been here for 45 years. and we have never had anything like this before happen. >> reporter: more sudden chaos down the street at this smog shop. the roof collapsed. the awning in pieces. pipes and met tal exposed. it may be one of the biggest surprises of the night. local emergency crews say despite all this damage, they didn't have a single report of injuries. just a lot of mess to clean this christmas. in el dorado hills, lem or abrams, kpix 5. experts from the national weather service are trying to determine if there was a tornado in the central valley. power knock out in modesto. authorities say a tree fell on power lines causing a domino
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effect. that toppled at least 11 power poles. one went through the roof of a business, no reports of injuries. hail in sonoma county. here's yesterday afternoon in petaluma. that lasted for 20 minutes. more snow in truckee tahoe. at elevations as low as 2,000 feet. if you plan to drive there, chains are required on 80 east of kingvale and u.s. highway 50 from kyburz to meyers. and here at home, there is snow on mount hamilton. bay waters spilled over piers yesterday in san francisco along the embarcadero. >> it will be cool and windy and cold tonight. king tides around 10 a.m. so the usual spots, the off- ramp from northbound 101 into mill valley will be flooded. they will probably shut down that off-ramp in a few hours.
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meanwhile, back in the bay area, freeze watch -- mill valley is in the bay area -- freeze watch friday and saturday night so tonight, tomorrow night, for most inland valleys. overnight lows in the 20s. we'll get record lows possible tonight. low pressure meanwhile heading east. a chance at rain. on the futurecast, you can see we'll start out with some clouds. but when the clouds clear, we should have a beautiful mantle of snow maybe on mount hamilton. that would be nice to see. we'll have to wait for that. look what happens overnight. there is no cloud cover so it's going to be cold. in the bay area. what's going to happen today, a few scattered showers possible not likely. snow above 3,000 feet. maybe a few showers in the north bay. but aside from that and after
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we dispense with this minor chance of showers this morning high and dry into new year's eve and then we hope rains ramp up in january. we shall see he only have a few mass transit options today. san francisco's muni system will be operating on a very limited schedule. some routes will not be running. many other local transit agencies including bart, caltrain and vta will operate on sunday. parking meters, street sweeping, commuter towaway and residential parking will not be enforced today. that means you can park on most streets. that includes parking meters on port property. there's not going to be any regular mail delivery today but the u.s. post office will delivering priority mail, express packages and letters. so if you see a postal carrier, tell him or her thanks. because just like anne, they are working this christmas day
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voluntarily. local deliveries start at 8:30 a.m. a thrilling win for the raiders in what may be their swan song in oakland. in a few weeks we'll know whether the team will move to los angeles. cate caugiran shows us fans packed the stands to let raiders know that this is where they belong. >> yeah, stay in oakland! right? let's go, baby, right here! show you support! >> i hope they stay. i think you will. there are a lot of people working towards that. >> reporter: once is enough for them to go. >> we need to put a winning product on the field. and show that they are improving. >> reporter: the raiders wrapped up the last home game of the season. they handed out hundreds of posters. >> ever year the raiders have been in oakland we have been to almost every game.
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this is a symbol of family and community. >> reporter: the raiders are looking to move to los angeles in a brand-new stadium. >> if there's a loser of the sweepstakes between three team competitions to get to los angeles it's possible the nfl might help them here and i think this has the best fan base in the world as you can see. you're going to see this tonight. we are going to act like it's a play-off game. >> reporter: the nfl is expected to vote on who makes the move to l.a. in a few weeks. >> it's just a matter of the politics to get the stadium situation dealt with. >> reporter: oakland's mayor libby schaaf said fans should keep the faith. in a statement she tells kpix 5, we're confident we can keep the raiders in oakland in a way that works for the team and its fans. and is responsible to our taxpayers and protects the public dollar. the mayor says the city plans to update the nfl on their progress next week and ask for more time for a deal n oakland cate caugiran, kpix 5. for the second time in weeks a fan rushed the field last night in the final minutes of the game. police cat up to him as you can see -- caught up to him as you
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can see on the 10-yard line. he didn't quite make a touchdown. we now know the names of the alameda county sheriff's deputies caught on video beating a man in san francisco last month. the legal office says they are luis santamaria and paul weiber. the surveillance video shows them chasing stanislaus petrov into the alley and beating him with batons. petrov suffered several broken bones. now, right before this, officers say they led officers on a car chase that started in san leandro. they are on paid leave. >> now 10 minutes after 6 on this christmas morning. some last-minute shoppers in the south bay had a knew way to beat the crowds this -- new way to beat the crowds this year. their secret state ahead. >> while people head home for the holiday for their family some californians are out looking for love. >> and we are looking for a dry day today. saturday looks nice but a little something coming in on sunday. we'll look ahead all the way into 2016. after a break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as we look live to that beautifully decorated christmas tree in san francisco we are seeing it quite clearly as we start out with very chilly temperatures and freeze watches posted for the night. details coming up in weather in a few minutes. in the southern u.s. tornadoes are now linked to at least 14 deaths. experts say unseasonably warm weather generated tornadoes from mississippi and arkansas all the way up to michigan. lights are back on in an east san jose neighborhood after a garbage truck caused a power outage there. a truck hit a utility pole near story road knocking down power lines. pg&e says at one point about 12 hundreds homes and businesses didn't have electricity. public health officials say
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california is experiencing a rise in norovirus cases. that's the virus that leads to severe stomach issues. there have been 32 confirmed cases since the beginning of october. the highly contagious virus can spread quickly in crowded environments. health experts recommend careful handling of food as well as frequent and thorough handwashing. a canadian couple is thanking their messy dogs for turning them into multimillionaires. they went to a gas station to rent a carpet cleaner, picked up a lotto ticket and they won $14.5 million. last-minute shoppers discovered something new at a busy sillicon valley mall. kpix 5's keit do shows us what they discovered. >> reporter: for the longest time, one of the biggest complaints about shopping at valley fair is park. they just finished building a new parking structure right next to the macy's. that's supposed to ease a lot of the pressure. let's check it out. >> it's called the monroe
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street garage and it just opened on black friday. it's four stories tall and most of the 2100 spots are now open. at noon on christmas eve, steve couldn't believe his luck. >> did you think it would be this easy to find parking? >> no. >> this is christmas eve. and look at the parking. >> wonderful. >> reporter: maya blair didn't even bother with the other garages. >> come often to this garage probably. other people get trapped in the other garages that were here in the first place. >> so you're a pro? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: so there you go. the best kept secret in valley fair mall for now. park in the upper levels if you want to say holiday heartache. in san jose, kiet do. >> that's where i guess when you're returning stuff. according to a new poll shoppers are spending an average of $830 this christmas season. sales dropped 5% below average previously. this year they are expected to
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go 5% above average. >> that's making me feel cheap. $830? that's a lot money. i'm below average. >> it's all part of celebrating. a different kind of celebration for jews who find the night before christmas lonely. >> it's called the "matzoball" which is one of the biggest jewish single events of the year and an alternative to swiping on those dating apps. dozens of singles mingled last night at the event in hollywood. many said even if they don't find their soulmate there it is still a chance to meet new friends. >> i'm hoping to meet a nice jewish girl. >> mingling with your own kind. >> the "matzoball" dates back to 1987 and is held all over the country including san francisco. well, ladies and gentlemen, on this christmas morning, we are waking up to fairly chilly conditions and the possibility maybe at sunrise of seeing some
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snow in the hills. that would be really nice. very rare in the bay area. 36 at concord. oakland 37. 46 in san francisco. 34 degrees in san jose. santa rosa 30. here's how it looks on the hi- def doppler. it's mostly raining on the fish this morning. high pressure drives most of that offshore. dries us out actually. but it's going to cool us down as well. that's why at least a freeze watch posted for tonight and tomorrow night. most inland valleys in the bay area will have overnight lows in the 20s. we stand the possibility of setting some record lows tonight. here's what's happening. low pressure is finally kicked inland. it's on the back side of that low. on the east side of the building high pressure ridge we are going to have northwesterly winds and that will scour the bay area. most of the clouds on the futurecast. there's the potential for a few coastal showers this morning. but aside from that, we recall clear it out as the day goes on. here's what it looks like overnight. clear skies and that means cold temperatures. so after a little bit of a
6:19 am
chance of a shower or two this morning we'll get increasing sunshine snow above 3,000 feet. snowing at santa cruz last night and snowing on hamilton. it will be dry but cold through saturday. tahoe valley ski report shows: tomorrow nice, plenty of sunshine, a few showers around on sunday. but not much. and then monday through new year's eve we are going to be looking at sunny conditions and temperatures in the mid-40s but in terms of big rainmakers we are going to have to wait until sometime in 2016. the raiders close out their home season in overtime. could they send charles woodson out a winner? kickoff straight ahead. ,,
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uare off in oakland 6:23. it's the matchup basketball fans have been waiting for all season long. the warriors and the cavaliers square off in oakland in a christmas day showdown the first time since they met back in the nba finals. >> the memories come back as soon as you walk into the building but also understand it is one of 82. we want to play well going against the best team in the league right now. but it's not like the season ends if we lose. >> you probably remember the last time these two met at oracle. steph curry lit up the cavs defense scoring 37 points in front of a crowd that was absolutely losing their minds. many experts considering today's game a preview of the 2016 finals. good morning, everyone.
6:24 am
the videotape of last night's game won't be sent to the hall of fame. but charles woodson's cleats probably will. the raiders took the chargers to overtime hoping to send woodson home a winner. the 18-year veteran announcing his retirement last monday. five minutes left oakland trailing 17-12 but then, derek carr to michael crabtree, touchdown, two-point conversion raiders 20-17. chargers right back down the field. a minute left, lambeau from 45 yards out to tie the game. good! 20-20 in overtime. the raiders did get a field goal. they are up 23-20. last chance for the chargers, incomplete, incomplete! the raiders win 23-20 in overtime sending charles woodson out a winner in his final home game. >> it's been a joy for me to come back and play here for a second time around. you guys welcome me back with open arms as if i never left.
6:25 am
i just wanted you to know that you guys are under great leadership, man, and this team is going to get so much better really, really soon. [ applause ] >> class act on the field and off. he will have one more game against kansas city at arrowhead stadium. the raiders win finishing the season 8-8. i'm dennis o'donnell have a very merry christmas. play of the day from college football. san diego state and cincinnati in the hawaii bowl. the aztecs receive the opening kickoff. made some impressive moves. got some good blocks. and he went all the way! that really set then to for the rest of the game, too. the mountain west champions walloped cincinnati 42-7. now 25 minutes after 6:00 on your christmas morning and christmas day will be spent picking up the pieces for some
6:26 am
northern california families after a pair of devastating tornadoes. >> volunteers are already hard at work here at glide where they are serving thousands a nice hot ham and turkey dinner for the holiday. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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i'm anne makovec. and i'm brian hackney. good morning. merry christmas. it's friday, december 25. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm brian hackney. catholics around the world in some estimates, 2 billion of them, gathered for midnight mass. bethlehem them is where jesus christ was born. it comes during a rough time in partly cloudy skies of the world. crowds were smaller than usual because of the recent uptick in
6:30 am
violence between israelis and palestinians. back here at home volunteers getting ready to spread christmas cheer at glide memorial in san francisco. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from the church where thousands will turn out for their annual christmas breakfast. merry christmas, jackie. good morning to you both. and merry christmas right back to you. so things have picked up quite a bit at glide the last 20 minutes or so. volunteers they are like a fine- tuned machine here. jean cooper is the one in charge of all this and we have food on the table now. everything is getting going. >> we are starting to get ready to go. so we have our core group of volunteers come in first and set the stage for the rest of the volunteers that come in. >> you're serving a big breakfast and dinner. a lot goes into this. >> so we start cooking well in advance of the event and then like yesterday we had quite a few people here volunteers here help prepare for today so they prepared all our stuffing and put the yams in pots and
6:31 am
started to get vegetables ready so we are ready to go. >> reporter: looks like you keep things healthy here a lot of vegetables and it wouldn't be possible without your donors. 8400 pounds of turkey was donated? >> yeah. so, um, the foster farms company who is sponsoring the hunger bowl this year, they donated 8400 pounds of turkey. so we'll be using some of that today. and then they have also given us a large donation of chicken earlier this year so both very critical to feeding our guests throughout the year. >> you feed about 5,000 people today? >> today we'll do about 5,000 meals. and then regularly during the year we serve about 2500 to 3,000 a day. >> so your website just in case people want to help out today or in the future? >> so, um, and there's a variety of ways to help us. so if you hit, give, it will talk about volunteer opportunities, how you can give money and other ways to help us. , thank you so much for
6:32 am
this and for all you do. back to you in the studio. >> it's a reminder they need help year round. in vatican city, pope francis delivered his christmas address criticizing what the holiday has become. the vicar of christ rebuked society's intoxication with consumerism, abundance and wealth contrasting it with the simplicity of the bird of jesus christ. some wild weather in northern california. this is video of a tornado yesterday in el dorado hills. we'll hear from people who lived through that in just a minute. and here in the bay area, a tree brought down power lines in san carlos. the tree toppled over on winding way near windsor drive at 8:00 last night. nobody was hurt. pg&e says it's working to restore power to about 44 people by two p.m. >> and check it out. mount hamilton has a good dusting of snow yesterday believed to be the first time in decades that mount hamilton
6:33 am
has snow for christmas. you won't be able to drive there though. so don't attempt that. mount hamilton road is closed east of quimby . it's a treacherous drive. i tried to do that once for a news story when we were chasing the snow. it was a live truck we got stuck and it was a mess. >> even in the best of circumstances you can't go up there -- there's 365 turns on the road up to mount hamilton one for every day of the year. i wouldn't want to count. beautifully lit up san francisco right now embarcadero and the numbers, as we're here in the predawn hours of christmas morning, merry christmas to you and thanks for coming by channel 5 and to our crew as well bringing you this telecast this morning. 36 degrees at concord. oakland 37. livermore 32. san francisco 46 degrees. in san jose it's 34. see that you will that purple? freeze watches are posted for tonight and for tomorrow night. that will be the next weather headline. because the rain has pretty much dried up. there's a few cells offshore.
6:34 am
sun coming up today at 7:23 at which time we should see that beautiful mantle of snow on the shoulders of mount hamilton. tonight, four minutes before 6:00 -- before 5:00, that sun sets. here's where freeze watches are most inland valleys. so have a care with plans and pets. here's what's happening more sunshine and gusty winds in the bay area today. we are drying out for the most part. there could be a shower or two that would be about it. in the extended forecast, put in shower icons for today only because there might be one or two. but for the most part clearing it out breezy conditions cool as well tomorrow sunny. weak little system won't amount to much. monday right through new year's eve, 2015 went like that! [ snapping fingers ] >> dry through new year's eve. today the national weather service is going to be in northern california to confirm that it was a pair of tornadoes responsible for significant damage on christmas eve. very rare weather pattern. cbs news' don champion has more on that and the devastating storms linked to at least 14
6:35 am
deaths in some southern states. >> reporter: on this holiday of giving, some people in northern california are taking stock of what's lost after an outbreak of tornadoes. >> seeing trees swirling like a blender, like they were in a blender, it was pretty scary. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: cell phone video captured the twisters roaring through el dorado county and modesto bringing down power lines and uprooting trees. >> we have been here for 45 years, and we have never had anything like this before happen. >> reporter: mike churchill saw a tree crash down on his neighbor's car, a child was inside. >> the kid said, hey, mom, stop. and it hit the back and just barely -- just barely hit the car in the back end of the suv. >> reporter: the rare tornadoes in california come as people in the midwest and south continue cleaning up after an outbreak of deadly tornadoes there this week. pastor barry reynolds, whose church was among hundreds of structures destroyed in mississippi, called it a test from god. >> he testing our faith,
6:36 am
testing how strong we gonna be. >> reporter: at this red cross shelter in holly springs donations of food, clothing and even christmas gifts have poured in. >> i have just not seen this kind of generosity in a single county anywhere i have worked. >> reporter: neighbors determined to keep the giving spirit alive in the face of so much loss. don champion, cbs news. >> i hate to tell you about this on christmas day but police are looking for a man who stabbed a woman inside a san francisco church! happened on wednesday night at st. charles on south van ness avenue. the woman says a man asked her for a key to the bathroom and she didn't have it and then she felt something stab her from behind. the suspect thought to be homeless ran off. the woman is expected to be okay. bay area community group is criticizing the decision to grand bail to a richmond man who allegedly plotted to attack muslims. the san francisco chapter of the council on american-islamic relations says it's shocked at the release of this guy,
6:37 am
william celli. he is accused of threatening to kill muslims and building a pipe bomb. the organizations wants him to face federal charges and is calling for increased security at mosques. a heart-wrenching christmas eve in oakland as the community remembered a teen shot and killed this week. as christin ayers explains, this will the victim of gun violence was considered a grandson to one city leader. [ chanting ] >> reporter: these were not the candles that the family expected to light on christmas eve nor the prayers they hoped to offer. >> we pray, god, against senseless violence. >> reporter: prayers for torian hughes the 17-year-old shot and killed during a robbery sunday in west oakland. his mother standing alongside the two sons she has left told people who gathered here she is not angry. >> i'm not bitter. i'm hurt. i'm upset based on the
6:38 am
circumstance. my son chose to die noble by not picking up a gun. >> reporter: for oakland city council member lynette gibson- mcelhaney this murder in her district of someone she knew as family was personal. >> my baby, like so many other babies, has lost his life needlessly. [ crying ] >> reporter: she raised torian. >> i was -- i was there when he came out the chute. i was there when he took his first breath. and, um, i held him. the moment he was born. >> reporter: she considered him a grandchild and in her care in this community torian thrived. >> he was nurtured by the parks and rec department, um, after- school program. but not everybody in his circle had access to those things. >> reporter: in the end it was not enough to save him from the
6:39 am
perils of growing up in west oakland where innocents often become victims. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: tonight she said this city failed torian and the dozens of others who died of homicides in oakland this year but she promised to keep fighting. >> my colleagues and i are going to work to make sure that oakland becomes safe. i want everyone to want this city to be safe for every child. >> reporter: oakland police have made no arrests in the murder they say it is still under investigation. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. and there is a $15,000 reward for any information leading to the killer's arrest. now 21 minutes before 7:00 on this christmas morning. bay area hikers are treading on dangerous ground. why rangers are posting warning signs along a hugely popular trail. >> and santa just wrapped up his deliveries. and we wanted to know what happens to all those letters sent to the north pole after santa reads them.
6:40 am
now we have the answer coming up. ,, announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
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they've built up over the ho ladies and gentlemen, on this christmas morning, a full moon that's getting ready to slink -- to sink in the west. it's the first full moon on christmas since 1977 and will happen again in 19 years. what kind of bay area will it be above then? we don't know but we know what the weather is like today. what a beautiful started to the day. concord 36. oakland 37. livermore 32 degrees. in san francisco, 46. san jose has 34 degrees. chilly today. we are off to that kind of a start. all that purple means freeze watches posted in the bay area. the sun will be coming up a little over a half-hour from
6:44 am
now overnight lows in the 20s 20s. here's what's happening. we have low pressure that's over the pacific northwest. finally kicked inland. back of that see that big h? that represents high pressure. that represents northwesterly winds and things cooling down. hikers planning to burn off calories you might have built up will see warning signs on a popular trail. kpix 5's emily turner shows us a fissure opened up on a crumbling cliffside in point reyes. >> reporter: the same cliff to make point reyes national seashore beautiful can also make it deadly. the national park service says a fissure has developed along the chimney rock trail a popular photography spot that was just featured today in the "san francisco chronicle. >> we're visiting california for the holidays and, um, we just figured we should come out here and have fun.
6:45 am
>> reporter: but a fun day outdoors can become deadly when a cliff face collapses. in late march a local teacher died when a portion of arch rock collapsed days after the park service warned hikers about unstable cliffs. those same signs are now posted along the chimney rock trail. wet weather has a lot to do with this, as well. with all the rain you can see there's been a lot of erosion along the trail. wet soil weighs more than dry. it's more likely to slump in the ocean. it can happen at any time so stay safe by staying on the trail. >> we have just followed the trails and yeah, look out for sketchy parts of the trail. >> it concerns a little bit but i think we're -- we're just going to follow the trail. >> reporter: and just to give you an idea of how significant cliff collapses can be, that cliff collapse that happened near ar, rock that trail is still closed and will be closed indefinitely. in point reyes, emily turner, kpix 5.
6:46 am
horrible scene this morning in pacifica. two people were killed in a fiery crash on highway 1. this is a live look at the scene where the investigation is still under way right now. the highway patrol says one driver was on the wrong side of the road causing a head-on collision. the driver of that vehicle was killed as was the passenger in the other car. the driver of the second car is in the hospital. northbound highway 1 is closed at paloma avenue. muni is on a limited schedule today. some routes are not running. many other transit agencies including bart, caltrain and vta are operate on sunday schedules. in the city the sfmta as gifted for you. parking meters, street sweeping, commuting towaway and residential park will not be enforced today including the parking meters on port
6:47 am
property. merry christmas. palo alto based automaker tesla is putting on a light show. check it out. ♪[ music ] >> he the it's on facebook. the commercial for their new suv featuring flashing lights and opening and closing their signature falcon wing doors. it's set to the tune of the trans-siberian orchestra's wizards of winter. that's a community in alaska called north pole and a lot of kids' letters to santa claus end up there. reporter eric ruble explains what happens they arrive. >> reporter: people were lined up at santa's house in north pole before it even opened this morning. >> hi there. >> reporter: some coming from as far away as costa rica. as last-minute shoppers try to cross everything off their lists, kids haven't forgotten what they have asked for in
6:48 am
their letters to santa. >> dollhouse, barbie, barbie car. >> reporter: but what happens to all those letters sent to the north pole? >> they deliver the letters that come in a tub. >> reporter: many of them wind up here in santa's workshop behind his house. >> you ge a lot of funny letters, dear santa, please bring presents and take my brother. >> reporter: we read some after santa looked at them. >> i know you're real. i am trying to be good. i want a small "captain america,." >> reporter: some ask for things you can't give. >> can you give us a place to live. >> reporter: others put things in perspective. >> you may not know that my mom has been trying really hard to take care of me and then at the end, can you please give my mom whatever you want? >> reporter: reading these letters gives you an idea of which toys will be big sellers. >> for the past several years for girls it's been "frozen," you know, dresses or dolls. >> look at that!
6:49 am
>> reporter: these days there are plenty of gifts to choose from. >> who is is that? >> reporter: for some, sharing the holiday spirit is enough. in north pole, eric ruble, kpix 5. today is the morning that some kids are waking up to find what santa brought them. such an exciting morning! >> yes. >> what was your favorite gift you ever got? >> oh, my bicycle. i remember it back in 1915, brian? [ laughter ] >> no. [ laughter ] >> just kidding. >> if i said that about you. >> i know, i know. >> i wouldn't. >> a stingray bicycle. >> to the moon! jackie gleason reference. here we go. but what about you? >> a kitten. one year i got a kitten. oh, my. >> wow. >> little orange kitten. it was the most exciting time of my life. >> yeah. a live animal for christmas. they say don't do that. >> i know. >> that's the one you remember. it worked out for me. we are starting out with mostly clear skies around the bay area. look at that beautiful sight of
6:50 am
the bay bridge, whoa! nice start to christmas. 36 degrees at concord right now. oakland 36. i can hardly wait to see mount hamilton in the sunshine to see if it did snow there. sunrise at 7:23 a.m. sunset 4:56 p.m. freeze watch for most of the area overnight lows in the 20s and so have a care with the plants and the pets. more sunshine and gusty winds. low pressure is moved inland. because of that low and some of the showers spread over the coast range last night. there were flurries on 17 heading into the santa cruz area. so the santa cruz mountains could have snow, as well. we could have a white christmas a song that was first recorded by bing crosby in 1941, irving berlin wrote that song during a warm afternoon in la quinta, california, and he rushed out to a secretary and said, write down these lyrics quickly before i forget them. i have written the best song i have ever written! and, in fact, white christmas
6:51 am
as recorded by bing crosby in 1942 is the number one selling single of all time at 100 million copies of. they had to have him rerecord it in 1947 because they wore out the original master. native of washington, outpaced adele. temperatures in the low 50s for the bay area with mostly clear skies, gusty winds blustery christmas but hey, it's december. the extended forecast we are going to be looking for shower or two this morning but not much. we'll have mostly clearing conditions, gusty winds, saturday mostly sunny. on sunday a few showers around the bay area. monday through thursday, we have sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-50s. so it's looking crackling cold today. governor brown continued a christmas eve tradition parks
6:52 am
and rec department, 91 former criminals. the big name on the list actor robert downey, jr. who had a long history of drug problems and went t prison. the pardon restores his right to vote. the governor also pardoned 18 people who committed crimes here in the bay area. they include richard ellsworth baker. in '91 he was convicted in santa clara county for personally and possession of a fraudulent id. he apparently got that fake id to work at a nightclub under age? >> he spoke about it with kpix 5. >> affected me negatively but i have kids, i have a career, i have -- it's just -- there's -- when the crime doesn't fit the punishment, i think a lifetime felony conviction on your record for having a fake id doesn't work. >> these days baker helps organize charitable car show
6:53 am
and raises money for a food bank. it's 8 minutes now before 7:00. it's certainly a white christmas in the sierra. we'll have more on the fresh round of snow straight ahead. >> everyone deserves dinner and 500 volunteers are making sure that happens for 5,000 people at glide for christmas. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ people killed continues to in the south...after severe storms and tornadoes. officials five things to know at the :55. the number of people killed continues to rise in the south after severe storms and tornadoes. officials confirm at least 14 people dead in mississippi, tennessee and arkansas. the same weather pattern brought record high temperatures to parts of the east coast. a pair of possible
6:57 am
tornadoes touched down in northern california yesterday. the first did serious damage in el dorado hills and another in modesto caused damage and knocked out electricity. nobody was hurt. it was a white christmas eve in sierra snow as low as 2,000 feet. the higher elevations got a couple of feet of new snow. thousands of people packed st. peter's square this morning for pope francis's traditional christmas day blessing. the pope called on catholics to live a life of compassion and turn away from the commercialized idea of christmas. security has been stepped up around the vatican following the attacks in paris. and in the west bank, pilgrims attended midnight mass and a wave of violence between israel and palestine held attendance at mass to low levels. mass was said at the church of the nativity in bethlehem where jesus was born. the annual festivities in manger square went on as usual. other celebrations were toned down or canceled. we are here at glide this morning with jean cooper. she is the holiday coordinator
6:58 am
and it's been a busy morning already. doors open at 4:30 so tell us what people can expect today. >> so in a few minutes, all our volunteers will be coming down and we'll pet thumb in those places downstairs and get ready for breakfast. we'll serve until 9:00 and then at 10 a.m. we start our christmas dinner. >> a lot of volunteers are waking up early on their holiday. what would you do without them. >> we wouldn't be able to do what we do. part of being a nonprofit, we don't have big bankrolls to fund people. and so we need all the volunteers we can get in order to help us serve the thousands of people that we'll see every day. >> how important is it that you guys help fight the hunger need here especially in this area? >> you know, it's super important. you know, last night i was reviewing some reports and, you know, one in five san franciscans is food-insecure so there's quite a few people particularly in our neighborhood that don't have
6:59 am
the resources necessary to make ends meet. they might be able to pay their rent or medications but they don't have the resources to also pay for healthy food and so we provide a big resource to those folks who need us. >> jean, thank you for all you do. merry christmas to you. merry christmas to all of you from the tenderloin, jackie ward, kpix 5. all right. merry christmas to you, jackie and also folks there. we are starting out with more sunshine gusty winds and as the sun comes up we should have a drier day today. futurecast shows we are driving much. rain we had yesterday to the south so we'll have increasing clarity today. in the extended forecast, it will be cold tonight and saturday we'll go to mostly dry -- weak little system comes in on sunday. but monday through new year's eve everything is looking high and dry and no big systems coming in, in sight. we hope you enjoy your christmas day however you choose to celebrate or not. we are going to be back in 25 minutes with another local news update and "cbs this morning"
7:00 am
is coming up next. merry christmas. see you later in the day as we look live over the city. a beautiful christmas day, enjoy it. come company good morning. it is friday, december 25th, 2015. merry christmas and welcome to "cbs this morning." bishop t.d. jakes shows us how religion is working to win back followers. we'll look at how pope francis barn stormed across the u.s. and the globe on his mission of change. kennedy center honoree rita moreno takes us back to her old bronx neighborhood. first, today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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