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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  KPIX  December 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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wait almost happy new year it's 2016 in some parts of the world. this is the scene in sydney, australia about an hour ago. here in the bay area, we have to wait almost 18 more hours to ring in 2016. so we'll embrace the end of 2015. thanks for starting it with us. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy new year to one and all. it is 6:00 on this new year's eve and there will be a lot of celebrating here in the u.s. tonight of course and security is very tight. michael jackson reportsjackie ward reports from the embarcadero. >> reporter: it's supposed to be crowded here with 200,000 people later on tonight to bring in the new year. you can see barriers are getting ready to be set up behind me. this is the city's largest public new year's eve event so of course safety preps have been in the works for a while now. barriers line the embarcadero along the route and police have
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extensive plans in place to keep everyone safe. police alert everyone to be alert. >> we want the method to be that if someone sees something, act upon it and say something. don't assume someone else will. we don't know unless we are informed. >> reporter: the coast guard has set up a 1,000-foot safety zone at the ferry building in effect until 12:30 a.m. that means that boaters aren't allowed in the area without special permission. we are at a beautiful location in front of ferry building but if you want a really great view of the fireworks, go to mission and folsom streets somewhere along there is your best bet on a view of the fireworks. from the embarcadero, jackie ward, kpix 5. new year's eve security will be time in some u.s. cities because of a threat from overseas. it warns of possible attacks in new york, los angeles and washington, d.c. federal officials say the threat was
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uncorroborated and based on a single source but still with a million people expected in times square tonight, new york leaders aren't taking any chances. back here in the bay area, the city of oakland is warning people not to fire guns in the air to celebrate. the city warns of the zero tolerance policy on that because the bullets come down and they could injure or kill somebody. police will also be looking for people shooting off illegal fireworks. some local transit agencies offering free rides to new year's revelers starting at 8 p.m. caltrain runs until 2:15 a.m. free rides continue until 5 a.m. on vta, samtrans, ac transit and muni. bart is also extending service until 3 a.m. but is not offering free rides. if you are working today, sorry! but the good news is we feel your pain. easy breezy getting into work, right, gianna? >> no major problems or incidents on the freeways this morning but we are dealing with some transit issues right now. we are just getting word of a [
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indiscernible ] reported in san francisco at 24th and church affecting muni lines and j- church. schultz are in place until further notice. plan for delays. the rest of mass transit is on time. bart systemwide. as a result are in place for the delays. no ferry service tomorrow. the freeways very quiet bay bridge metering lights have not been turned on. in fact, things are free- flowing out of oakland into san francisco. quiet on the nimitz. no delays into oakland. no delays into fremont. here's roberta. good morning, everybody. what you are experiencing right now as you go ahead and venture on outdoor maybe to collect the newspaper and the morning paper we'll have temperatures away from the bay into the 30s coast
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into the 40s. bay bridge now under clear skies. east of the bay bridge it's 39 in oakland. it's 42 in san francisco. so again that's what you will be experiencing later on tonight. meanwhile today's temperatures, we have been stuck in the 50s for days. no 60s for ten days. a gentle breeze. i'm tracking two different storms that will impact your weekend. i'll talk about that coming up at about 18 minutes after the hour. back to you. happening today, a south bay youth soccer league is taking the nfl to court. they say the nfl super bowl plans could ruin their fields. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live at santa clara out sight levi's stadium with more -- outside levi's stadium stadium with more on that. >> reporter: good morning. members say they are afraid after the nfl is done with their field, that the kids won't have a place to play not to mention the youth soccer league said this decision was made behind their backs so now they are suing the city. the youth soccer league says
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their fields are being handed over to the nfl for free and they are worried about the condition they will be returned in and league leaders say the original plan for the field was staging for the halftime show but now it's going to be a media center for 6,000 press. the concern is the pitch will be destroyed, the grass and irrigation. >> when the soccer park is returned it's not going to be returned in march. it's probably going to be, you know, returned sometime in april or may after everything is repaired and after the grass takes root and everything. >> reporter: as a result, leaving 200 youth soccer games without a home venue or any venue in sillicon valley big enough to handle the games. santa clara youth soccer league says what they would like to see happen is for the 49ers to be good neighbors and voluntarily offer up their practice field for the media center. we know that the judge will hear the lawsuit this morning. but the field is expected to be
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handed over to the nfl as early as monday. reporting live in santa clara, cate caugiran, kpix 5. new this morning, the mother of the so-called "affluenza" teen was handed over to u.s. marshals this morning after being captured in mexico. texas prosecutors say she will be charged with hindering the apprehension of a juvenile which could mean up to 10 years in jail. she has been on the run with her son since he was seen on video drinking. he got probation for killing four people in a drunk driving arrest as a youth. bill cosby was arrested for sexual assault against a temple university employee back in 2004. if convicted, he could face up to 10 years behind bars. he turned over his passport to the court. he didn't enter a plea. >> this case involves a woman and a man who had a consensual adult relationship over time.
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>> dozens of women have recently said that cosby also took advantage of them sexually but in most of the cases, the statute of limitations to file charges has expired. so this is the first time cosby has been charged with a crime. bay area woman is talking about her own experience with cosby. helen hayes of san anselmo says he assaulted her in 1973 at a tennis tournament in pebble beach. the statute of limitations for sexual assault is only 10 years in california. so the deadline to file charges has expired. >> he came up behind me and rubbed his body up against the back of me and then reached his right hand over my right shoulder and grabbed my right breast. >> state senator connie leyva plans to introduce a bill that would eliminate statutes of limitation for rape but such laws don't work retroactively so it wouldn't affect cosby or any other past case. get ready to pay pg&e more
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in the new year. the average bill will go up 7% the biggest hike in a decade. the extra money won't pay for any of the penalties connected to the deadly explosion in san bruno five years ago. second harvest food bank of santa clara says they don't have enough food to feed bay area families. the organization says they are $6 million short of their $15 million goal. they say that due to skyrocketing costs of housing in santa clara and san mateo they have seen a 5% increase of people in need. to learn more go to time is 6:08. california is going to see some significant restrictions on guns starting tomorrow. the new law that is will hopefully save lives. >> and rescue crews in the midwest have their hands full this morning as historic floods sweep away entire homes. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, we are tracking the first storm of 2016 that will hit the bay area. i'll tell you which day to expect it. >> and we are getting word of a sinkhole causing muni delays in
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san francisco. details coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning a look towards levi's stadium and not including today it's 38 days until super bowl 50. a factoid for you this morning provided by our traffic producer. how did the super bowl gets its name? the super bowl was coined by kansas city chiefs owner lamar hunt who took it from the then popular toy, the super ball. you can see the super bowl right here on kpix 5 february 7th. thank you, roberta. it's 6:12. at least 20 people are dead after historic flooding in the
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midwest. video posted to facebook showing debris from a home crashing into that bridge. in missouri, the u.s. army corps of engineers says nine levees have topped off with rainwater and another dozen are considered at high risk of a break. over the last three days the area saw 11 inches of rain. a grand jury has indicted the man who provided the gun used in the san bernardino massacre. 24-year-old enrique marquez is charged with five counts including conspiring with a terrorist and providing two assault rifles used in that mass shooting. 14 people were killed, 22 others were injured when sayyid two people shot them. a woman is going to court. fairfield police found a 4-year- old boy unresponsive tuesday morning. he died. police quickly called his death
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suspicious. they arrested his grandmother, 51-year-old dawn raines-hewes. neighbors are trying to make sense of it. >> i just think it was some neglect going on definitely to handle all the kids at once. >> they don't know the motive. they say the grandmother could face murder charges. there were two other small children in the home at the time of that drowning but they were unharmed. some major changes coming to california gun laws starting in the new year. starting tomorrow, you can't carry a pellet or bb gun unless it's a bright color. the new law will help protect people. >> looks like a real gun. maybe we as a society can do you a favor and make you carry around something that will give a police officer a split second to maybe make the choice to not kill you. >> another law starting new year's day bans gun owners from carrying concealed handguns at schools and colleges. happening today, a new
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mattress recycling program kicks off across the bay area. california is now the second state in the nation with a program to curb mattress and box spring dumping. the group bye-bye mattress say over 50,000 unwanted beds end up in landfills every year. drop-off facilities are now located throughout the bay. if you have some extra stuff laying around, goodwill is hosting a donate-a-thon. the last chance of the year to get a tax write-off. drop-off gently used goods at the goodwill truck yard on mission street between south van ness and 11th street in san francisco. the donate-a-thon runs from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. there will be surprise guests and musical performances if you need a little motivation. >> it's a really good idea because you're supposed to ditch all your stuff at the end of the year before the new year comes in right? >> did i it last year. you don't even have to get out of your car. >> i was sick yesterday. >> no heavy lifting involved. >> i ended up cleaning my closet and i probably pulled out 20 shirts and t-shirts and off they go.
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it's very cathartic. i can finally see my new stuff now. it's like oh, not wearing that one. >> all good. >> you donated it to the right cause. >> absolutely. >> how we doing on new year's eve? probably light. it's light overall, but a snag in san francisco. noe valley sinkhole 24th and church causing delays on n- judah and j-church. so plan for that with shuttle buses in place. no troubles for ace, caltrain or bart. ferries running on a holiday schedule the golden gate ferries. bart running extra service today until 3 a.m. to help new year's eve celebrations get you home safe and sound. also, mass transit doing a great job helping you get arnold. free service for new year's. muni four southbound trains at midnight. ace transit free service for new year's eve 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.
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closures on the embarcadero as a result. if you are coming in from the east bay get there early. delays on the bay bridge. they usually stack up at least before 10:30 so if you are not into san francisco by 10:30, it's going to be a slow ride across the bay bridge. right now no delays. same for the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic very light out of hayward into foster city. and taking a look at conditions at the bay bridge, metering lights are off. and you're clear on all approaches including the eastshore freeway and westbound 580 as well as the nimitz freeway. northbound is clear. there is an event at oracle tonight so you might see delays but hopefully it will be a nice clear night. gianna, when i was driving into work there weren't a lot people out there but they were already crazy! there was some cra-cra out there! good morning, everybody. if you are due west, we still have temperatures in the 40s. if you are in the east we are in the 30s. we have been picking up a little bit of a gentle breeze 5 to 7 miles per hour so when you couple that wind up with that santa rosa air temperature at
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32, it feels like it's 26 degrees outside. napa right now is in the 20s with the bit of a breeze. makes it feel like it's 22 degrees even though the air temperature is 27. it's 36 in livermore. santa rosa visibility is down to a quarter mile. we have patchy frost out there, as well. clear and chilledly tonight. what we're experiencing right now is what you will get tonight at midnight. 30s and 40s. high pressure building in from the west interesting doings farther back at the mid latitude. this is our futurecast. you will see we are clear through lunch today. we'll take you through mid my tonight. and again clear skies, friday for the first day of 2016, here comes your saturday partly sunny this is storm number one. the leading edge wants to start moving into the far reaches of the north bay by saturday
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night. then on sunday, it's a slow mover but once it does move in, it will produce about an inch of rain. it's back here still that weak low from yesterday. that's out of here. high pressure is in command and that's queuing up to move into the bay area for the second half of your weekend. then we have a more potent storm for tuesday bringing us some very gusty winds and heavier amount of rainfall. and more content as far as rain is concerned precipitation in the snowpack is going to be a higher level of elevation for the snow in the high sierra. the key thing as you head to the high sierra today through the holidays, very cold temperatures. right now only 2 above zero. going up to 25. that temperature only in the mid-20s. all weekend long. snow by sunday. 50s across the central valley today. we have a sun-up at 7:25. sundown at 5:01. we get 32 additional seconds of daylight today so get out and enjoy it with highs in the 50s. the winds are variable to 5 miles per hour. let's walk you through it again. sunshine dry conditions through
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saturday. rain arrives on sunday from storm 1. storm 2 arrives on tuesday with lingering showers and gusty winds into your wednesday. make it a great new year's eve. time 6:20. criminals are targeting a bay area neighborhood that's been without streetlights for months. the street's temporary fix isn't making people who live there any happier. >> reporter: coming up in sports a big announcement is expected to come today from cal quarterback jared goff and curry on the bench as the warriors unravel in dallas. we'll be right back. after the break. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if there was any doubt before last night should have cemented the fact that steph curry is the nba's most valuable player, curry sat out in dallas with a leg injury. first missed game of the season of.
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he is also supposed to be on the bench tonight in houston. and without their leader, the warriors couldn't make their shots. they were just 41% from the floor and even worse from three. klay thompson and draymond green were a combined 8 for 30. warriors fans in big d not pleased. mavs star jj berea did his best curry impression. 5 of 7 from downtown including a game-high 23 points and dallas is up by 14. novitzky 37 years old still gets up. he had 18 points and dallas hands the warriors their second loss of the season 114-91. the final. the warriors' worst loss since 2013. cal quarterback jared goff threw six touchdown passes on tuesday in the armed forces bowl and likely saved his best for last with the bears. >> jared, i'm sure you heard the, um, the fans at the end chanting one more year. what's all that mean to you? >> i was chanting that, too. [ laughter ] >> one more year.
6:25 am
well, sonny dykes probably knows what everyone will find out today. goff has scheduled a press conference in berkeley. and according to espn, he will announce that he is going to enter the nfl draft. one score to pass along, the sharks beat the flyers 4-2. have a great day. all right. our play of the day from the nba. we got denver and portland. and the trail blazers avoiding the steal and pass to harkness. want to see a jam? here it comes. dunking baseline. nice ball handling skills there. the playsers beat the nuggets, 110-103. thanks in part to your play of the day. it is 6:25. history will be made at the port of oakland today when a megaship sails into the bay in a couple of hours. >> reporter: i'm jackie ward on the embarcadero this morning. there will be a lot of people here tonight and the city is
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making sure that everyone stays safe. 's eve celebrations ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forced one city to cancel t festivities. security is in place for new year's eve celebrations and a thwarted terror plot has already forced a city to cancel festivities. >> a heated battle over super bowl plans has one south bay youth soccer league suing. i'm cate caugiran live in santa clara with why players in the league say the city went behind their backs. >> not one but two storms heading for the bay area for the new year. i'll tell you which days to expect them. >> and we have fog and icy conditions along 37 causing problems. details coming up. >> and good morning, everyone. it is new year's eve on this
6:30 am
thursday. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. on the final day of 2015, in for michelle. >> 3, 2, 1, whoo! >> and there it is already the new year in some parts of the world. looking at the big celebration in new zealand one of the first countries to welcome the new year. the fireworks display actually eminates from the sky tower that's auckland's version of seattle's space needle. it's the tallest manmade structure in the southern hemisphere. in the bay area 2016 a little more than 17 hours away. and because of the recent terror attacks security is tight for some of tonight's new year's celebrations. >> and kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live from san francisco where large crowds and a little bit of gridlock are expected for the annual new year's fireworks at the embarcadero. good morning. >> good morning. crews are not leaving any stone unturned. they have already been out this morning. you can see the barriers behind
6:31 am
me. just need to get set up. 200,000 revelers will be here to watch the fireworks show. this is the city's largest public new year's eve event. of course, safety measures have been put into place for a while now. all along the embarcadero, barriers are set up and police have plans in place to keep people safe. in light of the recent attacks in paris and san bernardino, extra security will be out in the crowds tonight. >> we are going to have officers driving patrol cars on foot bicycle, motorcycle, plainclothes which we do typically in any type of large event. we do want this to be safe. >> reporter: the coast guard has set up a 1,000-foot safety zone near the ferry building that will be in effect until 12:30 a.m. and it means that boaters aren't allowed in that area without special permission. now, we are not standing in the optimal spot to watch the fireworks, apparently. if you want to really see them go in between mission and
6:32 am
folsom streets. along the embarcadero, jackie ward, kpix 5. new year's fireworks are canceled in the capital of belgium because of the threat of aterror attack. the brussels mayor says the decision was made after a consultation with the government officials. brussels was home to four of the attackers who killed 130 people in paris last month. the best known new year's event of course will go on tonight. here's a look at the final preparations in new york's times square. a practice run for dropping that iconic crystal ball. thousands of police officers will be patrolling that event later tonight. >> and if you are celebrating here in the bay area, some transit agencies are offering free rides starting at 8 p.m. caltrain runs until 2:15 tomorrow morning. free rides continue until 5 a.m. on vta, samtrans and, ac transit and muni. bart is also extending service but it's not free. >> that's okay. i'll be driving to work about 2:30. call me, i'll give you a free
6:33 am
ride. >> there you go. >> i will. >> your phone -- >> you will be going the wrong way. >> everyone will be heading out. >> we are working new year's day and i'm being perfectly honest. i nevermind working it. >> i don't, either. >> it's a great way to start the new year being gainfully employed. i'm very thankful for it. >> you made me feel better because i was bummed about it. >> about working? >> well, you know, we can't party tonight? >> we can't?! [ laughter ] >> do tune in tomorrow at 4:30. [ laughter ] >> okay. good morning, everyone. if you have any kind of plans this evening at midnight, we're experiencing right now, okay, just go ahead and walk out the door and see what it's like. that's what you got tonight at midnight. your forecast is clear skies, temperatures pretty much in the 30s away from the bay. 40s when you get next to the bay of water, peninsula and also into our inland areas. i wanted to share with you the seven-day forecast because we will be driving the first day
6:34 am
of the new year tomorrow and equally as dry on saturday with increasing clouds and sunday we have a storm that will roll into the bay area producing about an inch of precipitation. this is more of a mid latitude storm so it won't be as cold. and then monday showers, tuesday a more vigorous system. it has gusty winds associated with it. a couple of inches of rain are expected. the snow level will be higher in the sierra but we'll have more water content associated with it. we'll talk more about this coming up at 48 minutes after the hour but first here's gianna. >> thank you. we have problems along highway 37 right now. we are getting reports of black ice there. also reports of an accident eastbound 37 near railroad up to five vehicles may be involved in this incident. chp is heading out to the scene to give us more information. right now we are not seeing any delays along 37. but also getting word of foggy conditions in the area and i checked in with roberta about this and she says that fog causing precipitation on the roads with the cold conditions. that's what's contributing to the black ice.
6:35 am
so slick surfaces as you work your way along highway 37 near black point near the port there so plan for that this morning. we'll keep you updated and again, no word if they will plan closures because of t sinkhole 24th and church in noe valley causing delays on n- judah and j-church. shuttle buses are in place. the rest of mass transit is on time. you are right on time if you are commuting across the bay bridge, no delays. the biggest cargo ship to visit the united states is steaming towards the port of oakland. the benjamin franklin is longer than the empire state building is tall. and on the water it's about 20 stories high. it's a community on the water! the giant container ship is just off half moon bay heading to the golden gate. port leaders say this huge ship is great for business. >> every eight containers translates into about one job. so these megaships regular thousands of jobs. >> the port has been planning
6:36 am
for these new megaships for years. it's one of the few ports in the united states deep enough to handle them. more of these next generation ships are expected to call on oakland in late 2016. happening today, a judge will hear arguments from a local soccer league that says the nfl plans to destroy their field during super bowl 50. ate cate caugiran is live in levi's stadium in santa clara. >> reporter: good morning. league members are fighting over this popular soccer field right behind me that hundreds of kids use in the santa clara youth soccer league. they say that they want a better plan and they are demanding answers. reporter: in 11 pages of lawsuit the latest legal kick over the tug of war between the super bowl and soccer has been delivered. the santa clara youth soccer league is suing the city about handing their fields over to the nfl for free and the conditions that they will be returned in. league president says the city made the decision behind closed doors. >> had we had a public hearing where we could have, you know, had a number of our board of
6:37 am
director members or, you know, players or parents or whatever to let the council know what our concerns were, we probably wouldn't be here. >> reporter: he and others say the original plan for their fields wasn't a media center for 6,000 visiting press but a staging area for the halftime show. >> we thought it was going to be a light use but now it's going to be used for a far greater, um, situation. >> reporter: parents and players are concerned that the plywood and stakes for a media center will destroy the pitch, potentially destroying the high quality gas and irrigation. -- grass and irrigation. >> when the soccer park is returned it's not going to be returned in march. it's probably going to be, you know, returned sometime in april or may after everything is repaired and after the grass takes root and everything. >> reporter: and leave 200 youth soccer games without a home venue or any venue in sillicon valley big enough to handle the events. >> we don't have anywhere to play. >> reporter: the soccer league has an alternate proposal, move the media center to the 49ers practice facility and leave their field as staging for the
6:38 am
halftime show. >> we're confident that the nfl will work to get it back to us. the question is, when is it going to be playable? because to return something back doesn't mean it's playable. and the judge will hear the arguments in this case this morning. but the field is expected to be handed over to the nfl as early as monday. reporting live in santa clara, cate caugiran, kpix 5. residents in one peninsula neighborhood say dark streets make them feel unsafe. dozens of streetlights in san bruno's crestmoor neighborhood have been out for months and residents said they are scared to walk their dogs in the dark and one resident said her son's car was broken into. the city provided a generator- powered street right there to help with the problem. the mayor jim ruane says they are working on the problem but they do need cooperation from the neighbors. >> what we're asking for people to cooperate with us to help us
6:39 am
with this lighting situation. we are offering them $50 a month as a courtesy payment which is a lot more than what they would normally pay. >> still not clear why the lights went out or when they will be working again a wayward pregnant seal is resting easy this morning after spending days eluding rescuers near a major highway. here she is lounging in her new home near drakes beach. there's a large elephant seal colony nearby. veterinarians checked her and she is fine. she will have the pup anytime now. she was tranquilized this week and hoisted her on a truck and relocated to point reyes. that wayward seal spent at least 2 days trying to cross highway 37 in sonoma county. time is 6:39. a california man starts recording when his hoverboard suddenly burst into flames. his advice for other owners. >> and emojis aren't just symbols.
6:40 am
how they are being used to stay protected online.
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good evening. it's the last day of 2015 and i have your new year's eve forecast for midnight tonight. we have clear skies. we'll have temperatures into the 30s away from the bay. otherwise bayside coastside and in the peninsula, with the clear skies, bundle up. the temperature near 43 degrees. be safe and take care of one another. all right. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." jeff glor joins us on this new year's eve live from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy new years eve. we'll talk about the lawyer for bill cosby and rikki klieman on what's next in the case. fighting olive oil, a 60
6:44 am
minutes report on the mafia's food fraud industry. and jerry seinfeld. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> do you ever go to the big celebration in times square? do you pack in? >> i haven't -- i did go but i haven't been in at least 15 years. it's such madness that i -- i -- i honestly cannot remember a new year's eve when i have actually been awake when the ball dropped. that's how old and boring i am now. >> we feel ya on that one. we'll be back here tomorrow morning. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00 ,:happy new year, jeff. >> thank you. an l.a. man escaped with his life after his hoverboard burst into flames. and it was all caught on camera. this man says he was headed to the post office yesterday when his board suddenly stopped threw him to the ground. we have seen that before but not this. sparks, smoke, and the guy said there was an explosion. the fire department called in had to come out and douse t the
6:45 am
owner has this advice for other hoverboard owners. >> people, if you have a hoverboard in your house, get it out. i was glad it didn't happen in my home. forget the board. i'm glad it didn't burn my house down. >> $600 hoverboard is now a melted mess. the owner suspects the lithium battery malfunctioned. last year at this time california was supposed to have a snow survey and it was canceled because of no snow. what a difference. snow as far as the eye can see eight months later. the first snow survey of the season water officials saying the snowpack is 136% of normal. >> wahoo! >> 100% of the state is still in some form of drought. most of california still dealing with exceptional drought conditions. those roads are bone dry today and not crowded. here's gianna with traffic. >> not crowded. really our only snag right now is along 37. it's a big one. we have an accident eastbound
6:46 am
37 right at petaluma river bridge. we have tracked backed up to atherton right now. four or five cars are involved in this accident. there are reports of black ice on the road so both lanes are blocked. they are trying to get at least one lane open to get through there. expect delays around the area. and again, black ice and foggy conditions there, as well. also a sinkhole 24th and church in noe valley causing problems for muni. judah and church lines affected. shuttle buses in place until further notice. no delays for bart. ferry on a holiday service today golden gate ferry. tomorrow no service at all. extra service tonight though for bart. they will be running trains until 3 a.m. to accommodate folks heading into san francisco to celebrate the new year. also, lots of changes for mass transit this evening. for everyone celebrating new year's eve, light rail will be running extra hours. free service for muni, no cable cars though buses will be in place instead. there will be four southbound caltrains as well after
6:47 am
midnight and free service for ac transit. so you have a lot of options. fireworks start at midnight. if you are heading out of the east bay to take the bay bridge, delays really start building if you are not across the bridge by 10:30. it's going to be really slow- and-go. so do plan ahead and pack your patience. closures along the embarcadero, as well. bay bridge traffic is good no delays. carquinez bridge to the maze 20 minutes for your drive time. in fact, the metering lights were not on at all this week. it's been a very quiet week for traffic. so good news if you are headed to work. your drive times look good. quickly, 152 at the pass both directions blocked for an accident a traffic alert for three hours. happy new year's eve, everyone. good morning, time check 6:47. time to take a look with our weather watchers. thank you for waking up early. i know a lot of you are off from work and stumbling out of bed to give me the temperature in your particular area. looks like we have about 25 degrees right there that would be linda in napa. she says she has some areas of
6:48 am
fog there. otherwise, one more check this morning. how about that one right there, 35 degrees. that would be bill moon and he is in orinda with lots of clear skies. we have some areas of patchy fog and frost as you step out this morning. clear skies over the bay bridge. due west of the bridge it's 42 in san francisco. due east, everybody pretty much in the 30s. it is now 36 degrees in oakland backing all wait into berkeley, el cerrito and also alameda. so we have the patchy frost and fog limiting visibility down to a quarter nile santa rosa. sunshine today to wrap up 2015. clear and chilly later tonight. we are talking about pretty much what we're experiencing right now. that's what you will be expecting at midnight. 30s and 40s so make sure you bundle up. futurecast we have some big changes in the forecast. not so much today, here comes your midnight. and then friday will be sunny and bright in the 50s. saturday increasing clouds. partly sunny and take a lack there at the first storm.
6:49 am
it's an area of low pressure. it comes from the mid latitude. it has an inch of rain with it, not as cold temperatures but meanwhile, the area of low pressure from yesterday that's out here. high pressure is building in. a dry day. this is the first system that's on queue to move in on sunday with a lingering shower monday. another storm is way back here also equally as warm so we are going to see a little bit more of a punch to it with heavier rainfall and gusty winds tuesday into wednesday. 50s today central valley, 25 the same for the high sierra all weekend long, very cold temperatures. right now it's 2 degrees in your tahoe report. we have 32 additional seconds of daylight today in comparison to yesterday so enjoy it. in the 50s. variable winds at 5 miles per hour. storm number one sunday. storm number two on tuesday with lingering showers into
6:50 am
wednesday. be safe today have a great day. last day of trading for 2015 on this new year's eve just getting under way and wendy gillette of joins us for the latest on the last trading day of 2015. good morning. >> reporter: can you believe it? good morning, frank and anne. the opening bell just rang at the new york stock exchange. and let take a look at what it's doing now. the dow is down just over 100 points. about half a percent. the u.s. is reportedly preparing new sanctions over iran's ballistic missile program. the "wall street journal" says the potential sanctions could be imposed under july's landmark nuclear agreement. international companies and individuals suspected of involvement in the ballistic missile program would be targeted. and the next generation of high- tech tvs could add $1 billion to electric bills in the u.s. that's according to a study conducted by the environmental
6:51 am
action group nrdc and another company. ultra hi-def comes with larger screens and uses 30% more energy than hd models. >> a new type of password protection add emojis to your password. tell us about that. >> reporter: yes. that's right. british researchers have come up with a system that would require user to draw a shape when they create a pass worth. they say the system prevents almost all hacking. a british banking company already introduced passwords using emojis this year. frank and anne, i think we'll see more of that in 2016. >> i like it. i think it would help me remember it a lot more easily. glass of wine here, you know, high five up here. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> happy new year! >> thumbs up, thumbs down. christmas tree. >> thumbs up for that. >> all right. >> burrito. let's move on. wendy gillette, >> there's more emojis. go through them all, anne. [ laughter ] happy new year.
6:52 am
6:351. passengers are calling it the flight from hell. an air canada flight flew into extreme turbulence. debris strewn all over the aisles. 21 passengers were injured. >> we thought we were dying. like you see in the movies, where they all go up to the ceiling? okay? everything went to the ceiling that wasn't anchored. >> well, the pilot made an emergency landing in calgary. injured passengers including children were taken to the hospital. witnesses say most of the passengers that were injured were not wearing their seatbelts. time is 6:2 2. the mother of the "affluenza" teen is in custody in the u.s. after landing at l.a.x. overnight. why her son wasn't with her. >> reporter: the embarcadero is already bustling with crews setting up barriers in preparation for tonight's new year's eve festivities. we'll tell thank you the safety precautions. ,, announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
6:53 am
even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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6:56 am
year-old five things to know at the :55. bill cosby free on bail until his next court appearance in january. 78-year-old comedian charged with sexual assault stemming from a 2004 encounter at's home with a former temple university employee. cosby could face up to 10 years behind bars. the mother of the "affluenza" teen landed at l.a.x. overnight accused of helping her son escape to mexico after violating probation after killing four people in a drunk driving accident. he is locked up in mexico city. his attorneys are fighting extradition. public new year's celebration in brussels belgium has been canceled due to security concerns there. police say they have arrested two men who were detained during a series of terror raids this week. authorities say the men were
6:57 am
involved in a plot to attack several symbolic sites in the belgian capital. nearly 6,000 uniformed and undercover police officers will join the crowd in new york's times square tonight. up to a million people are expected to watch the ball drop there. and the star of the show, the big crystal ball went on a kes run yesterday. it went off without a hitch. oakland police want to remind everyone that gunfire is not an acceptable way to ring in the new year. extra officers will be patrolling parts of the city where gunfire was recently reported. police will also be looking for people shooting illegal fireworks. i'm jackie ward along the embarcadero, where 200,000 revelers are expected to watch san francisco's fireworks show. this is the bay area's largest public new year's eve event. of course, safety preps have been in the works for a while now. barriers are set up all along the embarcadero. and in light of the recent attacks in paris and san bernardino, extra security will be out in the crowds tonight.
6:58 am
>> we do want the message to be that if someone sees something, we want them to say something. don't assume that someone else will say something or take care of it. we need to be informed. >> reporter: the coast guard has set up a 1,000-foot safety zone near the ferry building. that will be in effect until 12:30 a.m. boats are not allowed unless they get special permission. and for the best view of the fireworks display along the embarcadero a lot of people think between mission and folsom is where you need to be. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. some better news to report. eastbound 37 at petaluma river bridge. they opened one lane so traffic is moving on the right-hand side there. still backed up to atherton avenue. we are dealing with an accident plus some black ice reported with fog and limit visibility as you work your way in and around the area. sinkhole 24th and church in noe valley causing delays for muni. n-judah and j-church are affected. shuttle buses are in place.
6:59 am
everything else on time. no delays at the bay bridge. try to get through tonight before 10:30 p.m. or it will bog down ling into san francisco. so gianna, what time do the celebrations start at 9:00? >> yes. >> and that's the scene right there. that's where you can see the biggest party in town! the fireworks along the embarcadero. and look at the clear skies. what you see right now is what you're going to get later on tonight. and temperatures very similar. we are talking about 30s away from the bay on the ocean. 40s closer to the peninsula and the water. that's the last sunrise of 2015 over the val vaca area. good morning. we have fog in santa rosa at 32 degrees. it's freezing in concord. it's 34 in livermore. 42 san francisco. temperatures later today into the 50s across the board. we have a storm coming on sunday. a bigger storm with wind on tuesday. >> all right. and just a few seconds another time zone will welcome 2016. a live look at tokyo. captions by: caption colorado ming
7:00 am
next. have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. this is thursday, december 31st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." bill cosby faces sexual assault charges. his attorney says the comedian will be exonerated. >> reporter: floods rise to record levels. and a moment overnight and the mother of the so-called affluenza teen arrives back in the u.s. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> for many of my clients, seeing him, having to face trial, is the best christmas present that they have


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