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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right on the border between richmond and pinole. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live at that scene. >> reporter: good morning. we have learned from the chp that this was not a random act of violence. they say that shortly after it happened, a man and woman in their 21st century were dropped off at the hospital -- in their 20s were dropped off at the hospital with gunshot wounds that were non-life-threatening and investigators say those were the original intended targets. so an innocent family was caught in the crossfire. look at the bullet hole in the car that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time on i-80 near the richmond and fitzgerald exit. the bullet passed through the passenger window, missed all three kids in the back seat. the car pulled off the freeway and into a gas station and a mom checked out the 2-year-old to find the toddler was only slightly injured by flying glass. >> it's pretty miraculous that none of the occupant were hit especially the three children
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that were seated in the back seat. >> reporter: last night's shooting was the sixth in the past few months. in december a gunman shot at an suv. the driver was shot and ran into a nearby denny's for help. in november a sedan was shot in the westbound direction of san pablo dam road. it's unclear if they are related. call police if you know anything about them. kiet do, kpix 5. super bowl 50 in the bay area is now 26 days away. last night chopper 5 caught nfl crews laying down new sod on the playing field ahead of the big game february 7. betty yu was on the ground at levi's stadium in santa clara last night as work ramps up on and off the field. >> reporter: with weeks to go before the super bowl, fresh shod is going in. 75,000 square feet of it. chopper 5 saw crews working a long day to install the new
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turf. >> the game is the shortest event that's going to be on it, the week before that is when all the traffic is with the halftime shows and the pregames and things like that so it's got to be able to withstand all of that before game day. and then it's got to perform on game day. >> reporter: 86-year-old george toma will be there. he had a hand in laying the turf in every, single super bowl. >> honor and pleasure, you know, i didn't know i would do 50. i did the first one. >> reporter: of course this one will be much grander. we saw the parking lot in front of the stadium get closer to looking like a car-free fan zone. over in downtown san jose, at plaza de cesar chavez, this plot of grass will turn into a beer garden grove with performance stages. and in the sky, expect lots of private jets. the faa and nfl expect more than 1100 aircraft to fly into bay area airports a week before the big game. to reduce congestion after the
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game, pilot must reserve their departure times. >> security is my number one and plus being in law enforcement that's my number one concern. again, i want everybody to be able to arrive safely, enjoy the event. >> reporter: police chief mike sellers could not go my security details. he said his force is ready. the host committee expects most people to come from san francisco for the big game. they expect that trip to take about 2 hours. keep in mind most of the parking around here will have to be prepaid and tasman drive right behind me one of the main roads will be shut down in both directions for a week before the game. in santa clara, betty yu, kpix 5. the san jose earthquakes are offering two of their fields to the young soccer players displaced by super bowl 50. the "mercury news" says the quakes would not charge rental fees. a santa clara youth soccer league has sued the city of santa clara and the nfl, which is building a super bowl media center on the city-owned soccer complex. the youth league is concerned
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about long-term damage to the field. a judge is scheduled to rule today on an injunction that would halt the nfl's work on the site. >> kids are going to love that. nfl owners are now in houston expected to decide by tomorrow whether to allow any teams to move to the los angeles area. oakland raiders owner mark davis he arrived yesterday in houston. he is looking to move the raiders. the raiders around chargers have proposed a joint stadium in carson while the st. louis rams hope for a facility in inglewood. but in an interesting twist, published reports say momentum is building for a shared stadium in inglewood between the rams and the chargers. so if that happen, the raiders would stay in oakland for now and the nfl could help them finance a stadium. kpix 5's christin ayers is number houston. she is going to bring us live reports on those special nfl meetings starting later today. let's see how the roads are doing this morning. gianna. >> outside your slow-and-go conditions on the bay bridge altamont pass, we are actually
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doing okay overall. in fact, let's check conditions. metering lights are on so we are starting to fill in a bit on all approaches to the bay bridge as well but still only 22 minutes or 23, rather, carquinez bridge to the maze. starting to see slow-and-go conditions as well at the 4/580 -- at the 24/580 split. sluggish up the incline. things filling in across the upper deck of the bay bridge. 880 nimitz freeway both directions, not a bad ride as you work your way past the coliseum. southbound 880, slower speeds as you work your way just past 238 into hayward crossing over to the san mateo bridge traffic very light no delays between 880 and 101. and the roads are dry. that's good news but that could change. here's julie. >> that's right. hi-def doppler is dry this morning. although we could see a stray shower especially for the north bay ahead of the approaching storm system. overall today mostly cloudy and dry. and as you can see the golden gate bridge camera no moisture there this morning. current temperatures outside in
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the 40s and 50s so relatively mild although chilly now in the south bay at 44. san jose 44 in santa rosa. later today temperatures remain mild topping out in the low 60s for the warmest locations inland. partly to mostly cloudy to start, dry and mild. rain tonight into tomorrow. pretty much off and on for the rest of the week. we'll time it out coming up. tonight president obama will deliver the state of the union address laying out priorities for his final year in office. and one of his guests will be 23-year-old spencer stone of sacramento. he and two friends took down a gunman heading to paris on a train last year. yesterday a reporter asked mr. stone who he would rescue first in the obama family if he had to. [ laughter ] >> the president, first lady, kids or dog? >> i think the president would want me to save the first lady
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first. so i'll go for the first lady. i think he would agree. i hope he agrees. [ laughter ] >> maybe the children. >> i would think so. >> you can watch the state of the union address tonight right here on kpix 5 at 6:00. and just as the president is about to give that speech, americans are evenly split on his job performance in the oval office. a new cbs news/new york times poll just out this is morning says 46% approve of the job mr. obama has been doing, 47% disapprove, 45% like his handling of the economy, but at the same time only 27% say the country is headed in the right direction. while two-thirds say it's off on the wrong track. two presidential candidates will be noticeably missing at the main event in this thursday's republican debate on fox business network. they announced carly fiorina and rand paul will not be among the 7 prime time candidates. the decision was made based on the network's criteria which relied on recent polls.
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the two were invited to the undercard debate. rand paul declined. he is protesting the process. a showdown is expected over a proposed bicycle law in san francisco. the bike yield law would put a lower priority on citing cyclists who roll through stop signs and red lights. mayor lee will veto it. the board of supervisors will have a second vote today. it passed in the first vote but not with a veto-proof majority. video gives us a look at the raid that brought down joaquin "el chapo" guzman. >> and one bay area city could make men's and women's bathrooms a thing of the past. the reason for the potential change. >> and we're dry today but a storm is on the way. what that means for your morning commute tomorrow. i'll have details coming up. >> lots of company for that altamont pass ride this morning. i'll have a look at your south bay travel times coming up.
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newly released video shows the moments mexican police raided the hideout of drug kingpin joaquin el good morning. welcome back. time now 6:12. here's a live look at mostly cloudy skies this morning. we are starting cool in the south bay but mild temperatures. later today we are dry but rain is coming. i'll tell you when coming up. newly released video shows the moments mexican police raided the hideout of drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman. [ loud noise ] >> guzman spent 6 months on the run after escaping from a mexican prison through intricate continues last year. investigators were able to track guzman down by following actor sean penn who met with the kingpin for a rolling stone interview. guzman will be extradited to the u.s. where he faces drug trafficking charges in at least six states. a man accused of setting fires to houses belonging to groomsmen from his wedding will
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be in court today. 33-year-old joshua van buskirk of walnut creek facing charges of arson and two counts of child endangerment. the charges stem from a garage door fire in concord as two children slept in the home. other suspicious fires happened last month in concord, antioch and pleasant hill. a san francisco supervisor plans to make bathroom trips comfortable for all genders. today supervisor david campos introduces an ordinance that would require the city's uncle person restrooms to be available to every gender. bathroom signs would read all gender restroom or gender- neutral. it would only apply to single stall restrooms. businesses with bathrooms with multiple stalls do not need to make changes. sunday could be a big day for spacex. they are scheduled to launch a rocket from vandenberg air force base. that satellite known as jason 3 will be used to monitor global sea levels. spacex will then try to recover
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a stage of the rocket on an ocean drone ship which is a barge with a landing platform. spacex tried it before but without success. 6:14. let's check traffic and weather. >> it's been light overall. we have typical slow-and-go conditions on 580 westbound. altamont pass to 680 a 21- minute ride. no accidents though on 580. and 21 minutes isn't too bad as you head out this morning. keep in mind overturned vehicle about a half mile from patterson pass. looks like the intersection is not blocked but it's a serious accident. looks like it may have taken out a pole so pg&e headed out to the scene. lots of activity there. keep that in mind. southbound 680 a few stop-and- go conditions for your morning drive. concord to walnut creek may be slow. cutting across 4 we are seeing lots of green so no delays westbound as you head through
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there. you will see 24 slow down once you get towards 580 towards the bay bridge. looks like antioch improving, as well. no delays really off the antioch bridge. in fact it's all shifted now into pittsburg where we are seeing speeds around 31 miles per hour in some spots. but it's easing up at the eastshore freeway. here's a live look at conditions at the bay bridge right now. looks like we are backed up to the maze. 25 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 880 looks good. rain is heading our way. hi-def doppler looking for any showers and as of right now not on doppler although we can't rule out a few stray showers ahead of the approaching storm especially for the north bay. for right now, though, the weather story is mild temperatures, cooler in santa ray and santa rosa 44 degrees but overall 40s and -- [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> topping out in the low 60s for some of the warmest spots inland like mountain view,
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fremont, 59 in fairfield, 58 in santa rosa today. the big weather story of course is the rain. we do have that dry break today again could see a couple of scattered showers ahead of this system. take a look at this system. tapping into all this subtropical moisture. this is a great indication of el nino. storm 7 of the year moves in tonight. overnight tonight into wednesday. the good news is the front passes through overnight tonight the heaviest rain and the highest winds so they won't be passing through right during the morning commute. here we time it out with futurecast again. clouds today and here's the front around 11:00 beginning to make its way through as we pause for the morning commute we have widespread scattered showers expect a wet road tomorrow but not real heavy rain. we have pocket of heavy rain not real heavy rain. then we advance on a couple of days and now we're here thursday night. this is where our next round of rain passes through. the next system a little bit weaker so we are not going to see as much rain out of this one but still going to just be
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enough to mess up our morning commute a little bit make for slick roads. sunrise today 7:25. sunset 5:11 this evening. and a look at the extended forecast shows this is just the beginning of what will be a soggy week. now, this may be a little deceptive. keep in mind we have the storm moving in tonight into wednesday. we get a break for the second half of the day wednesday first part of thursday. another storm comes in thursday into friday. another one saturday. these are all weak systems not a lot of rain just enough to keep adding to our rain totals and chipping away at that drought. back to you. >> thank you. the warriors have become important television for every basketball fan even steph curry's pre-game workout is important. the harlem globetrotters are in the bay area this week. >> they got a show at oracle in oakland and the s.a.p. center in san jose starting on
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friday night. >> and joining us again, globetrotters orlando melendez and buckets live from san francisco. spinning the ball on the finger i have always loved seeing that. >> i cannot do that. >> it's hard. i tried to do it at a camp and yeah, it's really hard. so the globetrotters, such a rich history. did you always know you wanted to be a globetrotter? >> um, you know what? i always wanted to be a professional athlete. and i'm living out my dream playing for the world's most famous team. i had a scholarship for track and field. american football. and obviously basketball. and i chose basketball. here i am. >> buckets, talk about that world record most underhanded shots from half court made in what a minute? you made 6? >> yes. >> what was that like? >> it was awesome. the record was 5 in one minute. i made 6 in 46 seconds. and you know, as a kid, you get an opportunity to go to the library. and you always kind of pick up a guinness book of world records to see, you know, who is the fastest person in the
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world the tallest and the shortest person in the world and, you know, to have an opportunity to be in the guinness book of world records is definitely a blessing and when i found out that they were going to print me in that book, i went to the store and i swept all of them off the counter. [ laughter ] >> you must be great at horse. [ laughter ] >> yeah. so awesome watching that video while were you talking there. el gato, can you tell me what fans can expect to see at this year's shows? >> a lot of excitement and dunks and dribblers. we have some -- we got three women in our team this year they are great dribblers and show off for you guys. we celebrating the 19th of year so actually we are wearing retro, our back in the day uniforms with short shorts and really tight jerseys and a stripe socks and my team will be working out so we don't -- >> here's the socks. >> there you go.
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>> we love the socks. >> those are cool. >> yeah. so we bringing back those those the first half the show and a lot of excitement. >> how do you become pay globetrotter? i was looking at your bios. you have some impressive stats in college ball. >> they have scouts like any other professional team and they scout guys and girls in colleges and they look for three criteria. they looking for great athlete, they looking for great basketball players, and they are looking for certain character because we definitely have to carry a heavy torch that was lit so long ago, you know, being ambassadors of goodwill traveling all over the world making people laugh and smile despite language barriers. so it's not just about the game of basketball. it's about the game of life and our scouts do a good job of finding good guys along with being good basketball players and entertainers. >> what's your favorite trick
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before we go? >> my favorite trick? all right. hold this. >> there you go. the spin,. >> right on command. >> you guys tip it off. friday night, you're going to be in san jose at the s.a.p. center and at oracle where the warriors play on saturday. guys, thanks so much. and all the best here in the bay area. >> thank you so much. >> usually i do my interviews like this. >> i love it. [ laughter ] >> keep spinning, guys. >> awesome. thanks so much. it is 6:21 right now. the bay area's top sightseeing destination may have gotten too popular. details on a possible plan to close vista point.
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good morning, everybody. a david versus goliath matchup in the college football title game. clemson just one national championship facing alabama with 15 titles to their resume'. nick saban smiled his first all season. alabama tied the game at 24. ensuing kickoff they go for the on sides kick. humphrey recovers. a few plays later howard a touchdown. he had saban cares about his fifth career national title. the coach how about that onside kick? quick note. the sharks winners last night over the flames. they have 14 wins on the road. that is 8 more than they do at the tank. and tom coughlin now on the 49er interview list for that vacant head coaching job. i'm dennis o'donnell.
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we'll update that for you tonight at 6:00. thank you, dennis. play of the day. we are going to take you back to the college football play- off championship. golden state shaun livingston and iguodala teaming up for the alley-oop to perfection and the putdown. guess who won. the warriors beat the heat 111- 103 to improve the win/loss record to an amazing 36-2. they will go for their 68th straight win, wednesday, because denver will come to town. that's your play of the day. it is 6:26 right now. preparations for super bowl 50 are ramping up. the ceo of the host committee will be in studio to help us plan for all the excitement leading up to the big game. >> and we are live near the pinole-richmond border where there's been another freeway shooting. we'll explain why the chp says the ending of this one was miraculous.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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january 12th. i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat. time is 6- good morning, it's tuesday, january 12. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. a mother is holding her toddler tight this morning after a bullet flies through their window while driving on 880. it happened near the fitzgerald exit between richmond and pinole where kpix 5's keit do picks up the story with the latest on the ongoing investigation. >> reporter: this morning we learned about a big break in the case from the chp h they say a man and a woman were
6:31 am
dropped off at a local hospital with gunshot wounds. they were in their 20s. the injuries were non-life- threatening. they were the intended target. it was not a random act of violence. one family was caught in the crossfire. this bullet hole in the car, they happened to be on i-80 near the richmond and fitzgerald exit in pinole. the bullet passed through the passenger window, missed children in the back seat. the car then pulled off the freeway into a gas station and the mother found the two-year- old toddler in the back with slight injuries from flying glass. >> they should count their blessings. it was miraculous. >> reporter: i-80 had seen a rash of shootings in the past few months n december a gunman drove up to a ford suv in san pablo and opened fire. that suv driver got shot. then ran into a nearby denny's restaurant for help. in november a sedan was shot up in the westbound direction near san pablo dam road. it is unclear if all of these
6:32 am
incidents are related to last night's shooting. if you anything about any of these incidents, chp wants you to give them a call. live in pinole, kiet do, kpix 5. the gunman who killed a man on a bart train in oakland is on the run this morning and as kpix 5's juliette goodrich reports, the train's security camera system may not be much help in identifying a suspect. >> reporter: detectives say they are reviewing bart's surveillance video from that night but a source says some passenger cars don't have cameras. they only have faults camera housing units to give the impression there are cameras. bart had no comment.>> reporter: detectives say they are reviewing bart surveillance video from that night. we did see more police at the west oakland bart station and riders said they aren't too worried about their safety and hope this is an isolated incident . >> it didn't upset you? >> no, i don't think about it.
6:33 am
>> i go to the truck driving school. it's just random. what if it's a kid or little innocent bystander, you know? i think they should tighten up, i really do. i really do. >> i see a lot of people -- >> reporter: cell phone video captures the moments after a passenger was shot and killed on the train saturday night. panicked passengers crouching down taking cover not knowing what to expect next. brad chapin was on the chain -- was on the train and immediately grabbed his cell phone. >> i was videotaping. i'm going to die. i might as well video record what's going on. >> reporter: and then after the initial fear and panic, he recalls strangers getting together to help the victim. one even performed cpr. two nurses joined in to help. he says people were driven into action. the fatal shooting is the first shooting on board a bart train in 25 years. in west oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5.
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the golden gate vista points could be closed to visitors during peak hours. the holiday season brought gridlock to the area. when tourist park cars back up on the bridge. now the bridge district is considering closing the sightseeing spots a couple of hours a day. that may bring other traffic problems. >> if we close it overflows go into other areas so it affects the national park service and sausalito. >> still, there's another solution on the table. every offering shuttle bus service on weekends and holidays. all right. let's get another check on our weather tomorrow. we need to be ready. >> the rain is coming. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. this morning's commute nice and dry. tomorrow, not so much. the good news is, the front is actually going to pass through overnight so the heaviest rain the highest winds overnight tonight. but it will still be a slick road at least -- easy for me to say -- slick roads wades for tomorrow morning's community. let's get right to the graphics, shall we? [ laughter ] >> hi-def doppler is dre this
6:35 am
morning. golden gate bridge no rain on the road or lens. right now temperatures in the 40s and 50s. so a relatively mild start. we are going to see a mild finish today as well temperatures warming up into the 60s for some of the warmest locations. your weather headlines to start off your day, partly to mostly cloudy to start. dry today with mild temperatures. and as i said the rain does return tonight. we'll see wet roads for the tomorrow morning's commute. we'll time out that rain coming up in just a bit but first, a check of this morning's commute. >> not too bad. enjoy it while you can. it's not too bad. we haven't had a lot of accidents. right now a live look at conditions westbound 580 altamont pass to 680. 21 minutes. an accident reported near airway but it is not blocking lanes. it's over to the side of the road. overturned vehicles crossroad near patterson pass a lot of activity there word of a pole down in lanes, as well. looks like the nimitz freeway northbound starting to fill in a lit bit as you pass the coliseum heading into downtown
6:36 am
oakland. southbound 880 not too bad. you're going to see brake lights around 238 in hayward as you work your way south of there cutting across the san mateo bridge. we're now starting to see a few extra cars on the road. our drive times inching up just a bit. 15 minutes now as you work your way between 880 and 101. overall quiet. not the case though at the bay bridge. it's business as usual. golden gate bridge no troubles. there's a giant hole in the ground in fremont this morning. pg&e has been doing some excavation work since the weekend and ground water was released from a pipeline causing damage caving in a road. tests found there was no leakage of sewage. but the intersection will be closed at least until tonight while pg&e and other workers finish the repairs. tonight president obama makes his last state of the union speech outlining priorities for his final year in office. weijia jang has a preview of the address to a joint session of congress.
6:37 am
>> the president of the united states! [ applause ] >> reporter: in his 7th and final state of the union address tonight, president obama will talk to the american people about the nation's challenges and opportunities ahead. >> what's critical are the kind of decisions that we make now will have a significant impact on not just the next generation of americans but future generations of americans. >> i don't think i have ever been more optimistic about a year ahead than i am right now. >> reporter: the president is expected to highlight executive actions he plans to take to increase gun control without congressional approval but the white house says he will also discuss issues where both parties can work together. >> we have seen that there's strong bipartisan support for criminal justice reform on capitol hill. >> reporter: this year, president obama invited 23 guests to the house chamber to hear his speech including a syrian refugee and an american hero. 23-year-old spencer stone and his two friends helped take down a heavily armed gunman on a paris-bound train last year. white house staffers called him last week during his commute to work. >> they called me right when i
6:38 am
pulled into my parking spot. they told me i had been invited to sit in the first lady's box and obviously i agreed. >> reporter: the white house is also using social media to spread the president's message by providing a behind-the- scenes look at tonight's event on snapchat. weijia jang cbs news, washington. >> and you can watch the president's state of the union address right here on kpix 5 starting starting at 6:00. today thech is takes up a ban on junk food from city vending machines. mike farrell wants to ban sugary and fatty items like soft drinks and candy from some 150 machines on city property, including city hall and the airport. he wants to press restaurants on public property to follow similar guidelines. he has been writing the legislation with input from the american heart association. a student pilot forced to put her skills to the test when the engine failed above a california freeway. >> and the ceo of the super bowl host committee will join us to answer some of the big
6:39 am
questions about the festivities over the next few weeks.
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good. welcome back. time now 6:42. good morning. here's your high temperatures throughout the bay today. we're mild topping out in the low 60s for the warmest spots inland. 62 campbell. 58 hayward. 59 brentwood. 60 walnut creek today. by the bay, 60 in alameda. 58 sausalito. 57 stinson beach. 57 santa rosa. chance of showers in the north bay. 55 cloverdale. 56 clearlake of your full forecast is just ahead. starbucks plans to accelerate its expansion into china by opening hundreds of new stores this year. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning, michelle. good morning. frank. it could soon start to feel
6:43 am
like you're in the u.s. when you're in china when you see starbucks on every corner. the company plans to open 500 new locations each year until 2021! that would more than double its current total of 2,000 locations in about 100 chinese cities. the ceo telling the "wall street journal" he is not at all worried about what he calls rhetoric noise and issues surrounding china's economy at this moment. he believes that growth will stay strong. sales up about 6% for starbucks in china in the 4th quarter while other u.s. food companies have struggled to make a mark in china including taco bell and kfc parent company yum brand. stock market mixed yesterday. tech sector still struggle. looking better this morning. saw some stabilization in china's market overnight. that certainly doesn't hurt. let's check the big board and see how we're doing so far.
6:44 am
dow up more than 170. nasdaq up 70. s&p up 22 points. and apple is doing some heavy lifting for the blue chips and the tech sector. its shares are up about 1.5% getting a very bullish analyst upgrade from bank of america. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, kcbs news. super bowl 50 is just 26 days away and plans are taking shape all around the bay area. >> joining us to talk more about this super plan for the big game is host committee's ceo keith bruce. thanks for joining us. >> sure. good morning. >> so you have been very, very busy. >> yes. >> yes. how -- >> that's an understatement. [ laughter ] >> it is. i don't know any other word for it. how are plans shaping up for super bowl 50? >> so far, so good. as your countdown clock says, 26 days to the big game. but in just 18 days we open super bowl city which ours free to the public fan village at the foot of market street so very excited about that opening on january 30th. so we have super bowl city. we have the nfl experience at moscone north and south.
6:45 am
we have the stadium of course and all the preparations going around the stadium. so there's a lot going on in all part of th bay area. >> so you have 18 hour days? >> probably 22! >> what's the super bowl fan express? >> the fan express is an offering from the host committee. it's a easy convenient way for fans to go down to the stadium for game up a luxury motor coach equipped with wi-fi take a party bus to levi's stadium parking next to the stadium. they will find the bus when the game is over and get back to the location that they picked it up from. and the nice thing is it's locations throughout the bay area not just san francisco. so we have pickup points at the airport, oakland, peninsula, san francisco, the north bay. so we want fans from all over have an easy convenient way to get down to the game. >> everything is so spread out
6:46 am
in the bay area. so a new feature the fan zone. wha that's about? >> the fan energy piece will be the center of the super bowl city. we are known for technology so this will be a fun way for fans to play football and interact with the technological games. there will be light cycles and competition involved so there's physical and digital. you will be able to take selfies on the fan wall a 50-foot-wide wall right there in the middle of super bowl city so the fan energy zone is a dome, a wall and a stage and it will be the place to be during those nine days of super bowl 50. >> we know the super bowl halftime show is going to be epic. you have some great acts beyonce to name one. but there's a series of free concerts in the embarcadero. >> last week we announced that levi's is the new founding member of the host complete and they are the presenting sponsor of our city stage where we have six live concerts in the evening, the headline act alicia keys on saturday night february 6. later this week we are going to announce our cbs
6:47 am
concert series where a number of other artists will be announced that are playing from saturday night january 30th through the following friday night february 5. >> any hints? >> you'll recognize a lot of the names. i'll leave it at that. >> how many people have asked you for tickets? >> oh, how much time do you have? [ laughter ] >> quite a few but as i say to people we don't have any because the nfl hasn't issued them yet. we don't even know who is playing but we'll have a better sense of that after this sunday. so that's exciting, too, to see the teams whittled down to the two final teams playing in the bay area. >> and the audio guy wants to know where you got the jacket. >> this is a signature collection item from levi's. this is a part of the signature collection for super bowl 50 that they will be selling at super bowl city in their levi's store at the nfl shop and it will be available about 10 days before the game. >> keith, i want to ask you for tickets but maybe a -- i won't ask you for tickets but maybe a jacket? >> we're done. [ laughter ] >> you know where to get these.
6:48 am
that's for sure. >> try to get some sleep in the next 26 days. great to have you on. >> thank you. so exciting. thank you, keith. >> thank you. all right. so traffic. >> yes. >> we might have better luck getting the jacket than super bowl tickets. it's a crawl in the northbound side of 280. 880/17 connector very stop-and- go conditions there. busy for your drive times, as well. in fact, a couple of accidents popping in, in the south bay right now. let's jump over and show you some drive times. northbound 101, 280/680 connector to 237, 21-minute ride right now. we have an accident reported right at mckee. that may be blocking lanes. you can see northbound 280 really slow-and-go as well as the guadalupe parkway this morning. elsewhere look out for a trouble spot northbound 17 at the summit. that's been cleared out of lanes. still got you backed up to laurel, slow-and-go there. also northbound 101 at cochran we have reports of an accident there with delays there. that's sluggish. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on all approaches to
6:49 am
the bay bridge very slow. we had report of a hit-and-run accident just past the toll plaza that's out of lanes over to the right shoulder but it's 32 minutes off the eastshore freeway commute carquinez bridge to the maze this morning. very sluggish on approaches as well for 580 and 24 westbound getting slow-and-go. here's a look at the nimitz freeway. a lot of slowing as you work your way towards 92 right now. no accidents but a little sluggish there heading across toward the san mateo bridge. our drive times are slow as well as you work your way from hayward and foster city. northbound 880 though near the coliseum into downtown oakland starting to see that traffic area fill in. >> we are tracking no rain on hi-def doppler this morning. giving doppler a little bit of a break before a steady stream of storm systems moving our way. live look at the golden gate bridge temperatures are relatively mild.
6:50 am
many spots down into the mid- 50s this morning. 44 santa rosa and san jose. 50 in oakland. 48 in concord. later today temperatures mild similar to yesterday. we are topping out in the low 60s. 58 in santa rosa today. temperatures are not the big weather story. rain is the weather story. a dry break today thanks to high pressure holding off the showers from the storm system that passed by yesterday. could see a few scattered showers up north ahead of the approaching system. look at this. this storm system tapping into all this el nino subtropical moisture going to help to make it more of a juicy storm. we are going to see some good rain totals from a quarter to three-quarters inch depending where you live out of storm number 7. this storm moves in tonight overnight tonight and into wednesday morning. we will see some showers for the morning commute. timing it out today, partly cloudy, increasing clouds ahead of the front. front moves in overnight tonight. this is midnight tonight. and we start to see heavy
6:51 am
rain. tomorrow morning's commute at the end of the commute, lingering showers, slick roads but not heavy rain. thursday our next system moves in. this one weaker but still bringing rain totals enough to help chip away at the drought. sunrise today 7:25. sunset at 5:11 p.m. and a look at the extended forecast shows this is just the beginning. consistently going to see showers then a break. so rain wednesday into thursday, a break. then we get another shower thursday into friday. a bit of a break. another shower saturday, the latter half of the week these are weak systems not real heavy systems but we are still going to get just enough rain to help us out here. back to you guys >> thank you. a student pilot kept her cool in a crisis. she made an emergency landing on a highway. she and her flight instructor heard the plane's engines sputter as they tried to make it over a mountain in ventura county. her instructor blamed it on
6:52 am
engine failure. so they decided to land on highway 23. the faa is now investigating exactly what happened. a scare for passengers on board from a flight from l.a. to miami after an unruly passenger whats detained by on flight law enforcement. >> let law enforcement do their jobs. >> this video was recorded by a cbs producer who happened to be on the flight. witnesses say the man got into a fight with another passenger and shoved her into a seat. the man rushed to the back of the plane to avoid the flight attendant and that's when sky marshals took the man into custody allowing the flight to continue as planned. and a assault suspect in custody after surviving a dangerous attempt to escape police in antioch. investigators say sunny pal jumps from the -- jumped from the antioch bridge yesterday 135 down to the water. he was retrieved by fishermen, went to the hospital and is
6:53 am
expected to recover. he is suspected in felony assault in pittsburg. time now 6:52. the fight over youth soccer fields near levi's stadium may be settled and the solution should make both sides happy. >> reporter: i'm kiet do. we are live near the pinole- richmond border where there's been another freeway shooting and we'll explain why the chp says this one ended miraculously. our cosmetics line was a hit.
6:54 am
the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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president obama delivers his seventh and final state of the union address tonight. the president is expected to speak bluntly about the five things to know at the :55. president obama delivers his 7th and final state of the union address tonight. the president is expected to speak bluntly about the nation's challenges and opportunities and push for reforms to the country's prison system. south carolina governor nikki haley will offer the republican response. at least 10 people are dead after a suicide bombing in istanbul turkey this morning. turkish authorities say 28-year- old syrian man set off of the explosive in a park in a
6:57 am
popular tourist district. so far no group claimed responsibility. isis is the likely suspect. the nfl owners meeting gets under way in just a few minutes in houston. the owners are expected to decide by tomorrow whether to allow any teams to move to l.a. the raiders and san diego chargers have proposed a joint stadium in carson while st. louis wants a facility in inglewood. san jose earthquakes are offering to allow a santa clara youth soccer league to use two fields at avaya stadium. the youth like has been fighting with the nfl and the city which is building a super bowl media center on their city-owned fields. it would be free from are the quakes for the kids. crews are finishing up repairs on a sinkhole in fremont. pg&e was doing excavation work over the weekend resulting in the damage at the intersection of kristie and albrae streets. i'm kiet do. we are live near the pinole richmond border where there's another freeway shooting but we have learned from the chp that this was not a random act of
6:58 am
violence because shortly after it happened, a man and woman were dropped off at a local hospital with gunshot wounds and investigators say they were the original intended targets of the shooting. however, an innocent family was caught in the crossfire. talk about a close call. take a look at this bullet hole that's in the rear window of this car. just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time on i-80 near the richmond and fitzgerald exit. the chp says that bullet passed through the window, missed the children in the back seat. the mother pulled into a nearby gas station where we're at right now and checked out the 2- year-old to find the toddler had slight injuries from flying glass. >> it's pretty miraculous that none of the occupants was hit especially the three children seated in the back seat. >> reporter: i-80 has seen a half dozen shootings in the past few months. back in december, a gunman drove up to a ford suv in san pablo and opened fire. the driver was shot ran into a
6:59 am
nearby restaurant for help. in november a sedan was shot up. it's unclear if the shootings are related. call police if you know anything. kiet do, kpix 5. north 101 at cesar chavez accident blocking the left lane approaching the scene. busy in the south bay north 101 at mckee for a rick to the right shoulder. delays of 23 minutes from the interchange to 237. 280 also slow northbound and san mateo bridge sluggish across the span. out the door this morning temperatures in the 40s and 50s mostly cloudy today. a storm moves in tonight overnight and unsettled through the extended forecast. the strongest storm system through the extended forecast likely the one passing through tonight into the latter half of the week and then we'll see some weaker rainfall weaker storm systems for the latter half of the week. >> thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. remember the next local update
7:00 am
is 7:26. >> we'll be around morning. see you at noontime. "cbs this morning" is coming up next, folks. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it isth, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." new video of "el chapo" answering sean penn's questions before the raid that let to his capture. hillary clinton attacks her rival on issues like guns and taxes. a never before seen "60 minutes" interview with david bowie. why he said searching for music is like searching for god. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> in istanbul at least ten people killed and 15 injured


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