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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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after the president's state of the union address. the latest news and weather, always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: iran detains 10 american sailors in the persian gulf and seizes two u.s. navy patrol boats. also tonight, the president on the state of the union, and our new poll on the state of the race to succeed him. >> for many months they basically ignored us. well, guess what? they're not ignoring us right now. that's for sure. >> pelley: a clean water emergency, deliveries needed door to door, not in the third world but in the heart of america. and why michelle obama invited this young boy to be her special guest at the capitol tonight. >> people often say, "you're doing a great job raising him," and i say, "he's raising me, too." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from washington.
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>> pelley: this is our western edition. president obama interrupted preparations for tonight's state of the union address to deal with a breaking development in the persian gulf. iran seized two small u.s. navy boats and took 10 crew members into custody. cbs news national security correspondent david martin is following the story at the pentagon. ep reporter: the two small boats were on route from kuwait to bahrain but ended up on iran's farsi island in the persian gulf. u.s. officials believe the boats and the 10 sailors aboard were picked up after they had suffered a mechanical breakdown and drifted into iranian territorial waters. officials do not know if shots were fired, but say iran's foreign minister has personally assured secretary of state kerry "the sailors will be allowed to continue their journey." it would seem a harmless incident, except that two weeks ago, iranian revolutionary guard ships fired off rockets within a mile of the american aircraft carrier "truman."
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the rockets were aimed the other way, but firing live munitions in the middle of crowded shipping lanes drew a strong protest from the u.s. scott, u.s. officials expect the sailors will be allowed to continue their journey as soon as it is daylight in the persian gulf. >> pelley: david martin, reporting at the pentagon. david, thank you. tonight, cbs news has confirmed that ten yemenis held at guantanamo bay will be transferred to middle eastern countries that are now willing to take them. with that, the population at the u.s. detention camp for terror suspects will fall below 100 for the first time. president obama had vowed to close guantanamo in his first address to congress in 2009, but congress so far has blocked him. in just a short while, we will hear the final state of the union address from the 44th president, but first, the battle to become the 45th. a new cbs news/"new york times" poll out moments ago shows the
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democratic race tightening. have a look. last month, hillary clinton had a 20-point lead nationally over bernie sanders. tonight, sanders has cut clinton's lead to seven. the senator from vermont talked to our nancy cordes. >> reporter: for senator sanders, every poll that came out today was better than the last. a new hampshire poll showed him widening his lead over clinton 53 to 39. an iowa poll showed him pulling ahead of her there by five points, a 16-point swing in one month. do you now consider yourself the front-runner, at least in those two states? >> i'm feeling better and better that we can win both states. you know, when we began in iowa, i think the first poll had us at 2%-- 2%. >> reporter: his reversal of fortune forced clinton to step up her attacks in ames, iowa today, where she called his "medicare for all" plan "impractical," even "risky." >> if that's the kind of
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revolution he's talking about, i am worried, folks. >> reporter: her daughter, chelsea, carried the message to new hampshire. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obamacare. >> it is an indication that the clinton campaign is getting very, very nervous. >> reporter: even if you win in iowa, and in new hampshire, how do you compete in south carolina, in florida, states where hillary clinton has a huge organization and a huge head start in the polls? >> gee, nancy, that's the-- that's the question that was asked to me eight and a half months ago about iowa and new hampshire. well, things have changed. things will change in nevada. things will change in south carolina. >> reporter: but they're going to have to change, not in eight and a half months-- they're going to have to change in a few weeks. >> i know, we have pretty good ground organizations as well. >> reporter: clinton argues this is the natural tightening you see at the end of any race, but even sanders admitted to us, scott, that he's resonating, even more than he ever expected. >> pelley: nancy cordes with the key interview tonight. nancy, thank you. on the republican side, our national poll finds donald trump
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leading his closest rival, ted cruz, nearly two to one. marco rubio is the only other candidate in double digits. here's major garrett. >> did he not get the memo "live free or die?" >> reporter: ted cruz, deadlocked with donald trump for first in iowa, returned to new hampshire for the first time in two months and again tried to dispel trump-planted questions about his birth in canada and legal status for the white house. >> the legal question is quite straightforward. itich is that, the children of u.s. citizens born abroad are natural born citizens, are citizens by birth. >> reporter: but one of cruz's law professors at harvard, democrat lawrence tribe wrote, "the constitutional definition of a 'natural born citizen' is completely unsettled." john mccain confronted similar questions as the g.o.p. nominee in 2008. mccain was born on a u.s. military base in panama. >> i am very confident that ted cruz is legitimately qualified
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to run for president, but it needs-- it needs to be looked into. >> reporter: what do you think trump, and to a lesser extent, ted cruz, have tapped into within the republican conversation? >> anger, frustration. >> reporter: does donald trump, to your way of thinking, represent the party of abraham lincoln and ronald reagan? >> i think he wants to. i disagree with him on a number of the statements and positions that he has taken, obviously. but, if that's the verdict of the republican party and the majority of americans, then i will do everything i can to help that president. >> reporter: mccain supported lindsey graham and told us, now is not the time to endorse any other republican. scott, mccain said he will endorse the party's nominee, no matter who it is, because party loyalty will not allow him to walk away. >> pelley: major garrett in the washington news room. major, thank you. now to the president's seventh state of the union address.
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margaret brennan at the white house got a look at it. margaret, what's in it? >> reporter: well, scott, president obama will strike a very optimistic tone in his speech tonight aimed at burnishing his track record and pushing back against what white house aides describe as an avalanche of negativity from republicans. we got a look at some of the excerpts just released from the white house, and we can tell you that the president will say that "the future we want-- opportunity and security for our families-- a rising standard of living and a sustainable, peaceful planet for our kids-- all of that is within our reach, but it will only happen if we all work together. it will only happen if we can have rational, constructive debates. it will only happen if we fix our politics." with just over a year before the next president takes office, mr. obama will use his last state of nhe union address to enhance his legacy. he'll take credit for the economic recovery: the unemployment rate dropped from a
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high of 10% to 5% today. and he'll tout the more than 17 million previously uninsured americans who now have health insurance because of obamacare. the president will also mention the nuclear deal with iran and the international agreement on climate change. but the speech will not include a legislative to-do list. the president knows he's unlikely to get the republican- controlled congress to support one. instead, he'll argue that his successor should continue the work he started. but in a new cbs news/"new york times" poll, most americans, 65%, say the country is on the wrong track. just 45% approve of the president's work on the economy. 34% of his foreign policy. and the war against isis is a sore spot. 67% think the fight is going badly. house speaker paul ryan: >> 46 million people are still living in poverty today, among the highest poverty rates in a generation. this is not the signs of a recovery. you combine that with the fact
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that the world is on fire, that foreign policy is getting away from us, that we are less safe, and that is why the anxiety in america is so palpable. >> reporter: tomorrow, the president will travel to louisiana and nebraska to personally deliver that message. >> pelley: margaret brennan at the white house tonight, and we hope you will join us for cbs news live coverage of the state of the union address and the republican response. john dickerson and norah o'donnell will join me right here beginning right after this broadcast at 6:00. in other news tonight, in turkey today, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a section of istanbul that is most often packed with foreign tourists. at least 10 people were killed, 15 wounded. turkey's government blames isis, but not everyone is convinced. holly williams is there. ( yelling ) >> reporter: the deadly explosion targeted istanbul's historic heart, just yards from monuments dating back 2,000
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years. at least eight of those who lost their lives were german tourists. this image captures the moment of the blast. jostein nielsen from norway was hit by shrapnel from the bomb. "we were splattered," said his wife, magna. laur clothes, my jacket, was splattered with burnt human remains." the turkish government blamed a syrian suicide bomber and said he was a member of isis. but so far the terrorist group, which normally celebrates its atrocities, has not taken responsibility. this attack comes just three months after two suicide bombers targeted a peace rally in the turkish capital ankara. more than 100 people were killed in the deadliest terror attack in turkey's modern history. turkey's a member of the u.s.-led coalition against isis
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and has tightened its border security to try to stop the flow of militants to syria. but turkey's also engaged in a violent conflict with militants from the country's kurdish minority after a cease-fire collapse last year. some here in turkey believe this spate of deadly attacks shows that syria's civil war is spilling across the border. but, scott, others blame the turkish government because of its ongoing clashes with the country's kurdish militants. >> pelley: holly williams in istanbul tonight. holly, thank you. today, mexican authorities released a new video of the capture of the drug kingpin known as el chapo. he was caught friday, six months after escaping from prison. the video shows how he nearly got away again. manuel bojorquez is in mexico. ( gunfire ) >> reporter: when the mexican marines first raided this house, there was no sign of the notorious drug lord el chapo.
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instead, inside a maze of dark rooms captured on helmet cameras, the marines found a group of cartel members who pleaded for their lives, guns strewn across the floor. upstairs, a stack of d.v.d.s featured kate del castillo, the mexican actress who arranged the "rolling stone" interview for actor sean penn. and then, they found this-- a light chain inside a closet that unlocked an unusual panel behind this mirror, revealing a hidden door and el chapo's escape route. and he almost managed to get away. fleeing through wood-paneled tunnels, el chapo made it several blocks underground to the city's storm sewers before he was finally arrested. the government said it had been watching the house for weeks, after a cartel member known for his tunnel-making expertise was spotted going inside. today, el chapo is locked up here, at the same prison he escaped from six months ago, awaiting possible extradition to
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the u.s. but former mexican foreign minister jorge castaneda cautioned that capturing el chapo won't make a dent in the drug business. >> there is absolutely no reason to believe that less drugs, all in all, are entering the united states from mexico than before. >> reporter: so el chapo being in prison doesn't change any of that operation? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: here at the prison, federal police have beefed up security. guzman's oldest son is believed to be filling his father's role in the cartel now, and, scott, a twitter message claiming to be from ivan guzman vowed revenge for his father's arrest. >> pelley: manuel bojorquez, reporting tonight. manuel, thank you. well, winter was awfully slow to arrive in the northeast, but now it's come in with a vengeance. driving was nearly impossible today south of buffalo, new york. two feet of snow since yesterday. in eastern indiana, have a look: mangled trucks scattered all over i-70. they crashed in blizzard
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conditions; but no serious injuries. it's not just cold descending from the north. canadians are streaming over the border to buy powerball tickets. today, the jackpot for tomorrow night's drawing grew to at least $1.5 billion. more than $19 million worth of tickets are being sold every hour. well, you can't put a price on clean water in one city where the supplies are tainted with lead. that story, when the cbs evening news continues.
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mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. >> pelley: families in flint, michigan, finally saw clean water delivered door to door today. their tap water has been tainted with lead for nearly two years after the city began drawing from the flint river to save money. the number of children with high lead levels in their blood has doubled. adriana diaz is in flint. >> reporter: these flint
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residents have been waiting a long time for this-- >> water. and this is a replacement filter. >> reporter: today, volunteers and state troopers hand out bottled water and filters, a week after michigan governor rick snyder declared a state of emergency for the city. >> pretty stressful. i mean, you gotta go and pay your water bills and then go and buy water, too. >> reporter: it was back in the october that the drinking water in flint was declared unsafe, but recently unearthed e-mails suggest that state officials knew about the lead problem as far back as july. that's when an internal state health study found high lead levels in flint children after the 2014 water switch. but residents weren't told there was a problem until two months later, and continued to drink the contaminated water. governor snyder came to flint yesterday. >> i have apologized for what's gone on with the state, and i am responsible for state government. >> reporter: flint resident gladys williams said the governor's words ring hollow. >> we're the walking dead. we just haven't had the dirt
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thrown upon us yet. >> reporter: elena richardson worries about her kids. their pediatrician told her the contaminated drinking water may be what's behind their skin rashes and mouth sores, known indicators of lead exposure. >> it's sad, and frustrating, and irritating, because it seems like nobody cares. >> reporter: why do you think nobody cares? >> because there's a high-crime rate here, and there are more poor african americans. you know, snyder don't care. he don't stay here. >> reporter: today, the governor's office told us that state experts originally concluded that higher lead levels were simply seasonal. it wasn't until october 1st that the governor says he learned there was confirmed lead in the water. still, scott, the federal justice department is launching an investigation. >> pelley: adriana diaz, thanks. joe biden reveals a secret offer from the president, when we come back.
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>> pelley: david bowie never had hanumber one album, but that is about to change. ♪ look up here i'm in heaven ♪ >> pelley: billboard says "blackstar" is headed to the top with 130,000 albums expected to sell this week. the album debuted friday. bowie died of cancer on sunday. in an interview with cnn, vice president joe biden has revealed a touching moment with president obama. the subject was biden's son, beau, delaware's attorney general, who was battling cancer. >> i said, "you know, my concern is," i said, "if beau resigns, he has no-- there's no-- nothing to fall back on, his salary." i said, "but i worked it out." i said, "jill and i will sell the house and be in good shape." and he got up and said, "don't sell the house. promise me you won't sell the house." he's going to be mad at me saying this. "i'll give you the money. whatever you need, we'll give
5:53 pm
atu the money. don't, joe, don't, promise me, promise me." i said, "i don't think we'll have to anyway." he said "promise me." >> pelley: beau biden lost his battle with cancer last spring. and we'll be right back. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by biotene. for soothing relief of dry mouth. uth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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long-term financial security for over 145 years. >> pelley: first lady michelle obama has invited more than a dozen people to sit with her in the house chamber tonight for the state of the union address, including one young boy from bear, delaware. chip reid has his story. >> welcome. i'm tom vilsack. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, too. >> reporter: in washington today, braeden mannering, with his mother in tow, had private meetings with the secretary of agriculture... >> thank you. >> reporter: and his home state
5:57 pm
senator, tom carper, of delaware. you might be wondering what a 12-year-old did to earn such special treatment. ♪ what's up >> reporter: well, it started when he was just nine and entered a recipe in the first lady's healthy eating contest. he won, and was invited to the kids' state dinner at the white house, where mrs. obama challenged him to make a difference in his community. two days later, when he saw a homeless man on the street in the rain, inspiration struck. >> i couldn't stop thinking about him, and how he could be cold or hungry and-- or tired. >> reporter: so he put together a bag of food and asked his mother to help him find the man. >> i got out of the car, i gave him the bag and the umbrella, and he said, "thank you, son." and then i knew what to do. >> reporter: he knew he had to feed the hungry, so he created brae's brown bag, which so far has distributed 4,600 bags of healthy food. and how does it make you feel? >> oh, it makes me feel happy and-- but at the same time, not
5:58 pm
very happy because i know that they're all out there. but as long as-- as long as i'm there, it will be good. >> reporter: his mother, isristy, is so proud, she can hardly believe this is her son. >> people often say, "you're doing a great job raising him." and i say, "he's raising me, too." so... >> reporter: he says the key is to change how people see the homeless. >> i treat them as if they were my family. >> reporter: he hopes his seat of honor tonight in washington will inspire others to feel that way, too. chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: and that's the cbs >> pelley: and that's our western edition of the cbs evening news. we'll be right back at 6:00 with john dickerson and norah o'donnell to bring you the state of the union address. with thanks to the jones day law firm for this view of the capitol, and for all of us at cbs news all around the world, i'm scott pelley. see you in a minute.,,,,,,,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs from washington here is scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this will be the president's seventh and final state of the union address. and it is likely to be the last time he speaks before a joint session of congress and the president's also mindful this could be the last time he'll have so large a national audience. mr. obama will be taking what you might call a valedictory lap as he heads into his last year in the white house, and the nation's attention begins to shift to the election to succeed him. we are watching live pictures of the house chamber now. the sops shaking hands with members of the supreme


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