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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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wow, a lonely golden gate bridge out there. >> my friend bob just came in. >> hey, bob. [ laughter ] >> it's raining. it is wednesday, january 13. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30 on a wet wednesday. >> a man stuck in a trench in east oakafor 13 hours is rescued. he was working on a sewer liar yesterday when the trench collapsed and he was stuck in mud underground. this morning crews got him out. we'll get to that story in just a minute. but first we are keeping an "eye on the storm" hitting the bay area big and bold this morning. this is what it looked like on highway 24 in pleasant hill this morning. it was a mess. the roads are slick and i think you can see an accident there along the side of the highway. take it slow and easy. i got in a half our ago. it's dumping in san francisco, at least it was. >> if the boss is watching we got in 45 minutes ago. [ laughter ] >> an hour ago. i don't know what you're talking about. [ laughter ] >> i was here all night.
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>> i was here at 2. >> it was interesting. i was telling the weather producer when i came in it must have been a little bubble because i didn't get a raindrop from the time i left my door to the time i got here. >> oh, wow. >> but everything was soaked. the ground was saturated. and i was just in a lucky little pocket of dry. do not let that deceive you. it's going to be a wet morning commute. as these guys can attest it's coming down hard at times. gusty winds out there as well so be cautious on your bridges today. here's hi-def doppler. as you can see, light to moderate showers with a couple of pocket of heavy rain. we are going to zoom into one of those right now. you can see this one in oakland. this is going to be moderate to heavy rainfall right now coming down right over 80. we are going to see these throughout the morning so keep that in mind as you head off to work or school. temperatures right now mild in the 50s. so warm for this time of day and your weather headlines to get you through the day, we are off to a wet start with gusty winds, showers off and on
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throughout the day staying breezy more rain on the way unsettled through the extended forecast and we'll time out all that rain coming up in just a bit. but first, any problems on the roads yet? >> yeah. you know, those winds now are causing wind advisory so chp issued a wind advisory on the richmond/san rafael bridge. so breezy across the span this morning. here's a live look. we have slick surfaces -- well, use caution towards the toll plaza there. the golden gate bridge, very lightly traveled right now. but again, keep in mind you have some busy conditions as you head out of marin this morning for the slick surfaces with slower speeds. high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge and we have a backup just a slight one about 10 cars deep in some of the fast lanes. fastrak cruising through. wet on the san mateo bridge. we'll check the altamont pass coming up. a successful rescue of a man buried for more than 13 hours. overnight crews pulled up a 42-
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year-old plumber from a trench when it collapsed on him on east 24th street. the man was wheeled into an ambulance around 2 a.m. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the scene with more on how they pulled him to safety. >> reporter: yeah. the scene has been shored up. the city has covered up the hole that you can see here behind me. this was the scene of a slowly moving rescue for about 10 hours yesterday ending two a.m. the man was pulled from the ground next to a 10-foot sewer line. he had been work on it when the trench collapsed on him at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. they had to stabilize the trench. they gave him pain medications and tacked to him. his head was 7 feet below the ground one foot lodged in mud. his coworkers spoke after the man was freed. >> i want to say thank you to
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all the neighborhood to be, you know, waiting for this. we are very happy with him. we are happy for you guys. >> reporter: the map's name is [ indiscernible ] esparza. he was working as an independent contractor. the raiders are staying in oakland for now. right now the team owner is unhappy about it. christin ayers is in houston and chased down mark davis to get some answers. reporter: raiders owner mark davis minced no words. >> this is not a win for the raiders. >> reporter: after hours of discussion and debate, the nfl's 32 owners voted to keep the raiders in oakland, brin the rams to l.a. and give the chargers the option to move in there, as
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well. >> we'll give $100 million to the chargers and to the raiders to use to help build a facility. >> reporter: that was not enough for davis. he walked off the stage mid press conference and seemed vest visibly frustrated when we caught up with him in the hall. >> it won't fill the gap. >> reporter: the focus of his anger, the city of oakland's failure to reach a land deal. >> libby schaaf knows what it's going to take, land. >> reporter: raider nation however celebrated. a handful of die-hard fans came to houston to simply stand outside the hotel and urge the owners to keep the raiders in oakland. >> our home is oakland. that's why we're here to make our voices heard. >> reporter: but this victory may be short-lived. davis said he would consider making just about any city in the country home and refused to commit to keeping the team in oakland through 2016. >> i don't know that we'll be -- where we'll be. >> reporter: mark davis said
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bottom line the raiders don't even have a lease at the coliseum. currently there is nothing tying them down to that stadium. it has expired. reporting in houston, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the nfl decision has led to cautious optimism though for oakland fans and city leaders. as kpix 5's mark kelly reports, they are just happy to have more time. reporter: at ricky's sports bar in san leandro a drink for keeping the raiders in oakland for now. >> today is a victory. they will be here one more year. >> reporter: but the pressure to keep them longer falls on mayor libby schaaf striking a deal with team owner mark davis. >> we recognize that the clock is ticking, that this opportunity will not last forever. so we'll treat it as such. but my hope is that we are given a year. >> reporter: the mayor says the $100 million from the nfl will make a tremendous difference. but she still is putting her foot down no taxpayers money.
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>> we remain confident that we can get a stadium built in oakland without a direct public subsidy. >> reporter: as for davis' sticking point? land. >> mark davis brought up the land was an issue here. what would be your response to that? >> we're going to be back at the table discussing the issue of land, land values, development possibilities, those are all pieces of a puzzlele that need to get negotiated. >> reporter: fans have a message for davis. if he tries to make yet another exit from the bay area -- >> leave the raiders here. >> nowhere else are you going to find what you have here in oakland. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf said she had not yet spoken to the team owner but hopes to have that conversation as early as next week. at the coliseum, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> so if the charges commit to inglewood with the rams, the raiders will have a year to use the $100 million the nfl
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offered to help build the stadium in oakland. so that puts pressure on the owners to get something done quickly. team owner mark davis is willing to commit $500,000. the rest also have to come from other money. as for other cities rumored as potential option for the raiders, they include st. louis, san diego, san antonio, and sacramento. a santa clara county sheriff's deputy who is armed and hungry is in some serious trouble. 33-year-old benjamin lee a veteran deputy sheriff was arrested for a dui and brandishing a firearm. witnesses say lee became angry while waiting in line at a fast- food drive through and pointed a gun at employees. officials in santa clara county say this incident is tough for all deputies. >> we'll see this issue in the future. know that they are isolated and rare. and we understand that public does have a high standard. >> employees called 911 and the police arrived within minutes
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taking lee into custody. the deputy is on administrative leave pending a criminal an internal investigation. today president obama goes to nebraska and louisiana after delivering his final state of the union last night. as weijia jang reports, last night's speech touted achievements and struck an optimistic tone but was light on issues. >> i'm confident that the state of our union is strong. >> reporter: in his 7th and final state of the union address, president obama aimed to set his legacy and focused on the future. >> the future we want, all of us want, opportunity and security for our families, all that is within our reach. >> reporter: the president spoke less about policy and more on changing washington admitting he failed to bring the parties together. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency, that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse.
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>> reporter: president obama did not mention any gop presidential candidates by name but warned against rhetoric over islam. >> when politicians insult muslims, whether abroad or our fellow citizens, it's just wrong. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley gave the republican response echoing the president's call to calm the anti-muslim rhetoric. >> no one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. >> reporter: but the republican governor did give a critical view of president obama's record on the economy. >> we're feeling a crushing national debt, a healthcare plan that has made insurance less affordable and doctors less available. >> reporter: reaction to the state of the union from the campaign trail was swift with republican presidential front- runner donald trump taking to twitter calling the president's speech here in washington
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boring, slow and lethargic. texas senator ted cruz who skipped the speech was in new hampshire. >> it was more of the same. it -- it -- it was -- i think it was less a state of the union than -- than it was a state of denial. >> reporter: today president obama will head to omaha to push the major themes of his address. weijia jang, cbs news washington. >> a couple of congressmen from the bay area weighed in on last night's speech and the challenges ahead for our nation. >> the president talked about a country whose state is very strong and we are strong but we expect better of our leaders. and our leaders if we work together, we can do everything we can to keep the bay area economy moving forward. we can do much more to end gun violence. and we can certainly wipe isis from this earth. >> all in all i thought it was an outstanding speech. he clearly is at the point in his career where he knows there are very few things he will get through this congress. >> in an exclusive
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kpix/surveyusa poll 60% of californians approve of the job president obama is doing, 38 disapprove. when asked about the speech, 55% said it was just right. 26% felt it was too timid. the powerball jackpot stands at $1.5 billion and it's likely to keep going up. local business owners are already cashing in with customers often buying more than just a ticket. california lottery officials estimate that ticket sales yesterday amounted to about $50 million and today amount will likely be even bigger. >> waited in line to buy my sandwich and then, um, said, hey, you know what, i'm here, i'll buy a couple of powerball tickets too. >> if a store sells the winning ticket it gets to keep 1% of that and with the current jackpot that's about $5 million. not -- that's about $15 million. the deadline is 7 p.m. to buy your ticket tonight. time now is 4:42. she may not look like a thief but this woman is actually
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keeping away from a crime scene. how a bay area neighborhood is coming together to find her. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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appeared to be celebrating surveillance video... after swiping a little girl's biry present. kpix five's ma s. a package thief in san jose appeared to be celebrating on surveillance video after stealing a little girl's birthday present. >> stay away from our neighborhood. >> reporter: that's the message to the sashaying swindler caught on home surveillance cameras skipping proudly after her porch pilfer. >> just don't come back here. >> reporter: the victim's neighborhood julian nino says the neighborhood is disgusted. they have seen and shared the video on social media and hopes someone recognizes her. >> we to most of our neighbors, we-- we know most of our neighbors, we know each other. so we look out for each other. >> reporter: the theft happened last friday. the package contains the little girl's birthday present sent by a relative for her fourth birthday but look at the video.
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the thief's waltz doesn't stop there. the camera catches her dancing across the street to another home where she steals a neighbor's mail. >> my wife buys a bunch of things on amazon, we all do. you see the u.p.s. driver here up and down the street constantly. >> reporter: she may have gotten away with it but julian says the woman could soon be dancing to i will. >> >> i was impressed with the quality the -- to jail. >> i was impressed with the quality of the video. >> reporter: thanks to the camera that caught her entire act. maria medin kpix 5. a mystery in alamo square. san francisco police say bones found in a residential planter box last month belonged to a child between 8 and 14. so far the remains haven't been identified. bones were also found from an unknown second individual, as well. >> when you first find bones you have to essentially see where they came from. it doesn't automatically mean that the person was murdered.
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they could have came from another location, brought here from another state. it's unclear. so there's a lot of different avenues one investigation can go. >> so far it's not clear how long those bones were there. a public apology from the san francisco board of supervisors to the mother of mario woods. supervisor david campos introduced the resolution offering the apology and condolences. woods is the man killed in a police shooting last month which sparked protests and a lawsuit. the resolution calls for police reform and to establish july 22 as mario woods remembrance day. >> thank you for the apology. [ sobbing ] somebody please tell me why, i don't get it. >> gwen woods was referring to the officers who shot her son. supervisor london breed also called for a special investigation into the man's death. time now 4:47. let get a full check of weather
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and we got some breaking news. it's raining. >> yes. and we do have pockets of heavy rain now. so if you are just leaving keep that in mind give yourself some extra time on the roads this morning. heavy rain and some gusty winds, as well. let get to hi-def doppler. we have pockets in the east bay. i want to zoom into moderate to heavy cell here passing to the north of orinda passing through orinda a couple of minutes ago east port, moraga, lafayette, walnut creek, get ready for moderate to heavy rain heading your way. 50s in the area. so relatively mild to start. this is storm 7. the primary front passed through overnight but the low is still offshore. we'll continue to see scattered showers throughout the day today. possibly liquoring into the evening hours. but we have another storm waiting in the wings so we'll get a brief break for the second half of the day this first half of tomorrow. and then storm number 8 moves in friday into saturday --
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excuse me, another one friday into saturday. hold on, i'll get there. let's time it out with futurecast. here we are this morning the main rain passing through unsettled through midday into the evening commute. a break first half of thursday and another system moves in time for the thursday evening. another break the first half of the day friday, and then another system for the friday evening commute. this one will likely linger into saturday. so certainly unsettled consistently through the extended forecast. a wet start with gusty winds this morning. showers through the day and breezy. and then unsettled weather for the next 7 days. high temperatures today similar to what we have seen lately topping out in the 50s and 60s so relatively mild. really the big weather story is the rain. take a look at this wet extended forecast. so again the system likely tapering off by later on this afternoon, evening, for today.
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more rain next week. do we have any delays on the roads because of the rain? >> we have a lot of accidents. it's busy. let's go to the bay bridge. wind advisory for the bay bridge right now. your drive time still doing okay but slick surfaces out there. we are keeping an eye on it. a lot of spinouts are being cleared quickly but as far as things blocking lanes, starting to see slower speeds westbound 24 out of orinda, lafayette, an area where we are seeing a lot of rain so not surprising both directions sluggish there. flooding an issue this morning. northbound 880 jackson street on-ramp to 880 there is flooding at the bottom of the ramp so use caution there. 880 itself still doing okay as far as drive times. no accidents there. we have a big rig accident on
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todd road at moreland. it's not blocking lanes. it may be a visual distraction on 101 both directions. high wind advisory on the richmond/san rafael bridge. slick surfaces there. south 101, 580 to the golden gate bridge, 15 minutes. 92 both directions so far, so good 13 minutes between 880 and 101. 280 at mariposa an accident, plus another one near the altamont pass. more on that coming up. a bike yield law in san francisco has final approval from the board of supervisors. but not from the mayor ed lee. the law would instruct police to make it a low priority to ticket bicyclists for rolling through stop signs in the city treating them as yield markers as long as it's "safe." but mayor lee says the measure would make streets dangerous and he plans to veto it.
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with super bowl 50 less than 4 weeks away, some changes are taking place in cities hosting game events. among them san francisco where there are now dozens of cameras on market street. the municipal transportation agency says the cameras are traffic-related meant to keep track of buzz and trains. that area will be the location of super bowl city a fan village set to open january 30. time is 4:52. it might look like fun but this party came with a big bill. how much taxpayers are footing for the bill to clean it up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. we're looking at your high temperatures. the lead weather story today is the rain. but temperature-wise we are
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mild topping out in the upper 50s to 60s for the south bay. a similar scenario for the east bay. 60 in pleasant hill. 60 concord. 59 fairfield. around the bay topping out in the upper 50s, 57 san francisco. 58 berkeley. 58 santa rosa. 49 lakeport. 54 cloverdale. 53 ukiah. but the big story is the rain more on that coming up. >> checking the roads, we have reports of a new accident involving two vehicles. it's northbound 280 just before mariposa. looks like the left lane is blocked. one vehicle facing the wrong way also on the right shoulder. more details coming up. a party in a san francisco park leaving a hangover for taxpayers. this lightsaber battle at a park last month cost the city more than $5,000. much of that from damage to the turf at the park. the rest for security. the signs were spotted at the park. they say sorry, the area is under renovation. crews installed the movable
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median barrier on the golden gate bridge a year ago and it's credited with saving many lives. before this barrier was installed, yellow plastic tubes separated cars moving in opposite directions. but the movable median has proved far better at preventing head-on collisions. the bridge manager says it has spared a number of drivers from devastating crashes. >> i think one of the things that most impressed me is how quickly the drivers accommodated to the barrier being there and how well it been received by people. you know, it's very rare that we do anything here where we don't at least get a few complaints and i don't think i have heard a single negative comment. >> the bridge manager says the movable barrier has been repositioned 1200 times in the last year without a single problem. more self-driving cars are hitting the roads here in california but they still need humans to help out. according to a report released,
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nissan tested just 1485 miles in public but reported 106 cases where the driver had to take control. google said its cars needed human help 341 times over 424,000 miles. the report was released by the dmv on tuesday. neither company says its cars are ready for the public. as this self-driving honda could have used a human, the car got somehow into very verse and went in circles at a busy intersection in moreno valley. no one was inside at the time. police closed down the street in both directions and put a spike strip down to stop the self-driving ride. no injuries. the honda's owner says a mechanical error caused it. it is 4:57. president obama delivered a message of hope in his final state of the union address. but republicans were quick to criticize next our political analyst is onset with a closer look. >> a very slowly moving rescue finally comes to an end. coming up we'll look at the
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moments that this man was finally freed. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's 5:00 and already you see a lot of cars. it's wednesday, january 13. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. good morning. it's 5:00. a plumber stuck in a trench in east oakland for more than 13 hours is now safe. oakland firefighters managed to pull the 42-year-old man out this morning. he was barely conscious as he came up. this happened at 24th avenue and east 24th street. the man


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