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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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it's wednesday, january 13. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:00. a plummer who was stuck in a muddy trench in east oakland for more than 13 hours is now safe. oakland firefighters managed to pull the 42-year-old man out this morning. he was barely conscious as he came up. this happened at 24th avenue and east 24th street. the man wheeled into an ambulance around 2:00. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: the hole in which he was stuck is all shored up this morning. but this was the scene of a very slowly moving rescue. it took about 14 hours and finally ended at about 2 a.m. that's when this man was pulled from the ground next to a 10- foot sewer line. he had been working on that line when the trench collapsed on him at about 12:30 yesterday afternoon. rescuers had to work to stabilize that trench so they could pull that man out safely. they gave him some pain medications and kept talking to him throughout the rescue. his head was about 7 feet below the ground and one of his feet lodged in mud.
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his coworkers spoke after the man was freed. >> so i want to say thank you one more time, everybody. thank you. >> did you get a chance to talk to him? >> yes, we went straight to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. >> reporter: the man's name is rojelio esparza. he is 42-year-old old and is doing okay in the hospital. anne makovec, kpix 5. i'm sure he is ready to sleep in his bed and have this behind his. hive in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. parts of the bay area are seeing heavy rain this morning. as yet another storm system moves in, the golden gate bridge, wet roads there and everywhere. >> let's check in with julie watts who is updating her numbers as we speak. good morning. >> good morning. yeah, we are tracking light to moderate rainfall for many locations this morning on the
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road. in fact, let's go to hi-def doppler and talk about the heavy rain now. so we are looking at 580 here. a moderate cell in pleasanton showers there. in milpitas get ready for moderate rain heading your way right now. sunol heavy rain right now. in addition to heavy rain, we are seeing gusty winds especially on bridges. so keep that in mind out there. temperature-wise we are mild in the mid to tupper 50s for the most part but the big weather story is the heavy rain. our very pedestrian lines off to a wet start with -- our weather headlines off to a wet start with gusty winds. staying breezy and more rain on the way. we'll time out wave after wave here coming up in just a bit but first we have to time out your commute. how's it looking? >> will it take extra time to
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get around. causing a busy right. right now new accident westbound 92 at clawiter blocking lanes. speeds under 25 miles per hour westbound off 880 connecting to the san mateo bridge. 22 minutes from 880 to 101. sluggish across the toll plaza. 880 northbound through oakland no trouble. southbound we have some stop- and-go conditions as you head out of hayward making your way into fremont. westbound 24 still clearing an accident through orinda. looks like that's still causing a backup there so slow-and-go conditions. metering lights are on at the bay bridge and you can see 23 minutes now carquinez bridge to the maze. backed up into the maze. wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. northbound 85 right at winchester this accident no word of any injuries. the number 4 lane is belonged, the right lane.
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still early but we are seeing a little slowing towards that wreck. and also some yellow on our sensors so northbound 101 out of san jose starting to get busy. 15 minutes now four drive time. -- for your drive time. guadalupe parkway sluggish northbound. santa rosa, the road is shut down toed road at 101 at the overpass there for an overturn big rig. that's been there for quite some time so it's going to take a while to clear it out. use an alternate. not affecting 101. but it is busy out there and busy through the altamont pass. time now 6:04. raiders are staying in oakland at least for now. nfl team owners and the commissioner met in dallas to vote on which two teams would move to l.a. >> reporter: ratedders owner mark -- raiders owner minced no word after hours of discussion and debate the 32 owners voted to keep the raiders in oakland
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bring the rams to l.a. and give the chaners to move there, too. roger goodell even announced the nfl would throw in consolation prizes. >> we would give $11 million to the chargers and raiders to use to help build a facility. >> that was not enough for davis. he walked off the stage mid press conference and was frustrated when we caught up with him in the hall. >> $100 million will that help? >> i don't believe that's going to fill the gap that we have right now. >> reporter: the focus of his wrath? the city of oakland's failure to reach a land deal with the raiders. >> i have no message for libby schaaf right now. she no, sir what it's going to take to get something done. >> reporter: what is it? >> i have already told you that, man? >> land? >> land. >> let's go, raiders. >> reporter: raider nation celebrated. a handful of die-hard raiders fans came all the way to houston to simply stand outside the hotel and urge the owners to keep the raiders in oakland. >> our home is oakland that's why we're here to make our voices felt and heard.
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>> reporter: but this victory may be short-lived. davis said he would consider making just about any city in the country home and refused to commit to keeping the team in oakland through 2016. >> i don't know that where we'll be. >> reporter: he said bottom line the raiders don't even have a lease at the coliseum currently there is nothing tying them down to that stadium. it has expired. reporting in houston, christin ayers, kpix 5. and the team released a statement last night saying the raiders will now turn our attention to exploring all options to find a permanent stadium solution. the statement did not mention oakland. but it thanked fans throughout raider nation for their support. oakland mayor schaaf is optimistic the city can eventually reach a deal with the raiders. >> we recognize that the clock is ticking. that this opportunity will not last forever so we will treat it as such but my hope is that we are given a year. >> mayor schaaf says the $100
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million from the nfl will make a difference but insists no taxpayer money will be used. president obama has a little more than a year left in the white house and last night he delivered his final state of the union address. >> i don't want to just talk about next year. i want to focus on the next five years. the next 10 years. and beyond. >> the president said americans must not allow election year division to put economic and security progress at risk. many republicans criticized the speech calling it light on the issues. one supervisor is you pushing for a key change to san francisco's sanctuary policy. debates over the policy surged after appear illegal immigrant shot kate steinle last death and killed her. sheriff hennessy called for tighter communication between her department and immigration authorities. and now supervisor avalos is introducing a change that would prohibit law enforcement from offering voluntary notification to immigration officials about when an inmate will be released from custody. violent felons would be an exception.
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a public apology from the san francisco board of supervisors to the mother of mario woods. supervisor david campos introduced a resolution offering the apology and condolences. woods is the man killed in a police shooting last month which sparked protests and a lawsuit. resolution calls for police reform and to establish july 22 as mario woods remembrance day. >> thank you for the apology. [ sobbing ] >> somebody please tell me why they're back at work. i don't get it. >> gwen woods was referring to the officers who shot her son. supervisor london breed also called for a federal investigation into the man's death. time is 63:08. a bay area sheriff's deputy finds himself facing charges for an incident at a fast-food restaurant. why he allegedly pulled a gun on store employees. >> the powerball jackpot is big
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and getting bigger. coming up, we'll explain why there's a very good chance somebody is going to win it this time around. >> and we're off to a wet start today. but more rain is on the way. details coming up. >> and that wet weather causing problems for your morning drive. i'll have your top traffic trouble spots coming up. time is 5-- ,,,,
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only at your local ford dealer. an alleged thief in san jose appeared to be celebrating good morning. welcome back. here's a live look outside. you can see rain on the lens. light to moderate showers throughout the bay with a few isolated pockets of heavy rain for the morning commute. we are timing out the showers and showing you the heavy rain coming up. an alleged thief in san jose appeared to be celebrating on surveillance video after swiping a child's birthday present. a woman is seen skipping after
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taking the package from a porch last friday. it held a present for a 4-year- old girl. the video shows the same woman dancing across the street to another home and stealing mail. neighbors shared the video and hope someone recognizes her. a santa clara county sheriff's deputy who was armed and apparently hungry is in some serious trouble. veteran deputy sheriff benjamin lee was arrested for dui and brandishing a firearm. witnesses say lee became angry while waiting in line at a fast- food drive through early sunday morning and pointed a gun at employees. colleagues at the sheriff's department say this incident is tough for all deputies. >> these have happened in the past and will probably happen in the future but they are isolated, rare and, um, we understand the public does have a high standard. >> employees called 911 and the police arrived within minutes taking lee into custody. he is on administrative leave pending the investigation. a new bill before california's senate would require law enforcement officers to secure guns left in
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cars. they are exempt from current firearms laws and vehicles. this would require all gun owners in california to lock firearms in trunks or lock container hidden in the vehicles. the bill follows fatal shootings in san francisco and oakland that involved stolen officer guns. well, it's been a big story for weeks. it's the biggest lottery in the history of mankind. it's $1.5 billion and it's growing by the minute. kpix 5's kiet do is live in san jose where long lines are expected to form as the day goes on. hi, kiet. >> reporter: yes. good morning. you know, perhaps you have noticed this but the signage is not big enough for the jackpot. it's only got three digits and so it's maxed out at $999 million. the jackpot is currently at $1.5 billion but lottery officials say that number is very likely to jump as people rush in to buy at the last minute.
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boy have they! 80% of all the numerical combinations have been purchased and of all 44 states and u.s. territories that play, california lead the way in sales. on monday morning, californians were buying up lottery tickets at a rate of $7.7 million per hour. that's nearly double the national average. today they expect that rate will go up to $10 million an hour. part of the reason is so big is the snowball effect drawing in people who don't usually play. >> waited in line to buy my sandwich and then said, hey, you know what, i'm here i'll buy a couple of powerball tickets, too. >> reporter: if you win the lump sum payment is $930 million before taxes. ticket sales cut off at 6:59 p.m. tonight. the drawing is at 8 p.m. our time. good luck. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5.
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you know what's going to happen? someone is going to win. then it's going to be 200 million and big deal, it's not a billion, i'm not playing. show me the money. >> you said you don't want anyone to win so it grows. >> i guess i'm selfish in that regard but i'll take care of all my fellow employees in the morning. >> good. >> we'll all be billionaires until somebody wins. see we'll keep it going. >> we'll take this show to tahiti on the road. >> there wouldn't be any traffic probably. >> you would be relaxing with a beverage. >> i will take that. all right. you're not relaxing on 92. westbound at clawiter lanes blocked for an accident and a second accident in the area. so we have slow speeds on that westbound side. so you will see delays as well kind of a trickle effect to 880 now. southbound hayward over to 92 on the bridge itself, not doing too bad but your drive times from 880 all the way into
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foster city will take you 24 minutes but again it gets a lot better once he get past the toll plaza. elsewhere, 880 northbound nimitz freeway near the coliseum. we are starting to see it fill in a little bit. mostly as you work your way north of there, again southbound here is what looks good. it's 238 down to about fremont. we are starting to see slow conditions. eastbound 580 at isabel accident clearing out of lanes. it's westbound 580 where we are seeing some stop-and-go conditions. 24 miles per hour in some spots slow-and-go out of tracy all the way to the top of the pass there. and then it really slows down towards the dublin interchange. here's a live look at conditions as you connect over to 680 and that's slow. south 680 also seeing a few brake lights as you head out of pleasanton right around sunol so we are seeing some of our slower speeds. bay bridge metering lights are on. they were turned on just a little bit late this morning. 24 minutes now for that eastshore freeway ride. carquinez bridge as you head towards the maze. wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. northbound 85 right at winchester this accident
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cleared out of lanes. but the damage is done. we are seeing a line of cars behind this so a little slow working your way northbound 85 just past 17. 101 also starting to bog down a bit this morning through the south bay as well as guadalupe parkway because we are dealing with all this wet weather and here's julie with more on that. >> we are tracking that wet weather on hi-def doppler this morning. we are getting breaks in the rain around san francisco but still seeing moderate to heavy cells this morning. heavy rain moving up into the higher elevations farther north. here's some light to moderate rain passing 121 right along 116. napa getting rain, sonoma, petaluma, all light rain. this is the type of rainfall you can expect throughout the day today kind of pockets of light to moderate rainfall off and on and then extended dry periods, as well. storm number 7, the front is passing through the low still
6:19 am
offshore we'll continue to see showers like this through at least midday if not early evening hours then we get a break before storm number 8 moves in. this is for the second half of the day tomorrow. so your morning commute tomorrow looks good. it's the evening commute that will be wet. we'll time it out here on futurecast. the front passed through and now we are seeing scattered showers behind that front continuing throughout the day today. a break for the first part of thursday and then the next system moves through. this is a weak one relatively fast-moving it moves on out of here overnight. we are dry for the first half of friday but then friday night another system moves in. this one slower moving so it will likely linger into at least the first part of saturday. what to expect? a rundown here, a wet start with gusty winds this morning. showers throughout the day and breezy. and then unsettled over the next seven days. sunrise today 7:25. sunset 5:12 this evening. by sunset i do think we'll start to see showers dissipate. high temperatures today in the upper 50s near 60 degrees. that's not the lead weather story. your main headline today is
6:20 am
showers. this is a bit deceiving. we are not talking a washout. we'll get brks. so instead of telling you when it will rain, i'll tell you when it won't rain. a break between the storms today. so wednesday night into thursday we get a break. we get another break for the first half of the day friday. and then likely another break sunday before more showers moving in next week. back to you guys. time now 6:20. california drivers have been sharing the road with self- driving cars for months now. wear going to have a look at the first batch of progress reports coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up a giant legend passes away. the 49ers may have lost a potential coaching candidate and the bruce mahoney classic tips off at a sold-out hilltop. bragging rights coming up. ,,,,
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together, we're building a better california.
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good morning. every city has a high school rivalry. well, mine was northgate and ignacio but that could not match the atmosphere of st. ignatius and sacred heart right here in san francisco. the hilltop getting a standing room only crowd for the bruce mahoney classic. early on sacred heart's robinson to hillman for the layup cutting the wildcat lead to three. this baby went down to the wear. -- down to the wire. darian knocks down the long jump shot for si making it a six-point wildcat lead and they won a nail-biter 61-60. first game of the hilltop sacred heart girls taking on si. 1st quarter, fighting irish, amari with 28 points. the ladies beat the wildcats 56- 43 in that game. on sunday one report said the 49ers had offered their head coaching job to hue
6:25 am
jackson. now it appears he is completely out of the running. he is no longer a candidate for the 49ers job. he had a second interview with the browns yesterday. and a source told me that jackson flew to new york last night for an interview later today with the new york giants. and as you know, the 49ers are now interviewing tom coughlin the 69-year-old former head coach of the giants. so the merry-go-round continues for the 49ers head coaching search. we'll have more on that tonight at 6:00. the raiders staying in oakland for now. i'm dennis o'donnell, have a great day. a hockey highlight grabbing the attention of our play of the day crack staff. we have tampa bay at colorado with a beauty. watch. stam-kos goal helped the lightning to a
6:26 am
>> agreat passing move. one more look as we slow it down and the finisher there. the lightning beat the avalanche in denver. and they take our play of the day. it is 6:26 right now. a "star wars" themed party in the bay area looks like fun for those attending but now the bill is due. >> reporter: and a man spends 14 hours underground stuck by a sewer line. coming up we'll show you the moment he was finally pulled to safety. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪
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♪ what' for a franchise left in limbo. the raiders facing an
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uncertain future after the nfl rejected the bid to leave oakland. what's left for a franchise left in limbo. >> new information is only adding to the mystery surrounding a set of bones found in a planter box outside a bay area home. >> scattered showers, light to moderate rainfall the story for today. more rain is on the way. we are timing it out coming up. and wind advisories for your bay area bridges. plus an accident making it tough to get to the san mateo bridge. i'll have details coming up. >> good morning. it's wednesday, january 13. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. a plumber who was stuck in a collapsed trend. for more than 13 hours is safe. rescue crews pulled him out this morning after he was trapped for more than 13 hours. he appeared barely conscious as he came up. this all happened near 21st avenue and east 24th street. the man was wheeled into an ambulance at around 2 a.m. and taken to highland hospital. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the scene with more on how they pulled him to safety. anne. >> this was a painfully slowly
6:31 am
moving rescue that took almost 14 hours the hole here behind me is norwood up and covered up. this ended about 2 a.m. that's when this man was pulled from the ground next to a 10- foot sewer line. he had been working on that sewer line when the trench collapsed on him at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. workers had to try to stabilize the trench so they could pull that man out safely. they gave him some pain medication and kept talking to him throughout the rescue. his head was about 7 feet below the surface and his feet lodged in mud. his coworker spoke. >> i want to say thank you to all the neighborhood to be, you know, waiting for this. we are very happy with him, we are happy for you guys. >> reporter: the man's name is rojelio esparza. he is 42 years old. he was working as an independent contractor yesterday. this morning he is in the hospital and at last check doing all right.
6:32 am
live in oakland, anne makevoc, kpix 5. another storm is hitting the bay area this morning. another storm system is moving in. you can see the raindrops on the lens there. that's levi's stadium down in santa clara. with san jose in the background there, let's get the latest now and check in with julie watts and find out how much and how long. >> we are seeing some showers right now in the south bay although a lot of folks as you head out the door might go hey there's no rain out here. well, scattered showers and hi- def doppler really tells the story. you may think that there's no rain and then all of a sudden a cell passes overhead and you have a downpour. light to moderate rainfall in some pockets heavy. you can see moderate cell there right over to the north of half moon bay. another one at helen woodward side. a moderate cell to the north of american canyon. off and on scattered showers for the morning hours. temperatures mild in the mid-
6:33 am
to upper 50s for the first part of the day. warming up -- actually not a lot in the upper 50s near 60 later today. headlines we are off to a wet start with gusty winds this morning. showers today continuing off and on staying breezy and then more rain is on the way. we are going to time it out for you coming up here in just a bit. how is the rain affecting the roads? >> it's been busy this morning as you work your way westbound 92 especially. we have had this accident at clawiter. it's on the right shoulder but the damage is done a line of cars heading to the san mateo bridge causing a backup and delays on 880. 11 miles per hour south 880 as you work your way into hayward. another rick reported at the dumbarton bridge so not a great alternate. it's cleared to the shoulder. it's before the toll plaza off the 880 towards the dumbarton. looks like traffic is slow, as well. so either way you look at it,
6:34 am
pack your patience if you are commuting out of hayward from 880 over to the peninsula. altamont pass westbound 580 a slow ride 25 minutes from the top of the pass to at least 680 a lot of slow conditions out of tracy this morning. once you connect to 680, 680 seeing some delays as well as you work your way southbound through walnut creek and again into sunol. here's a live look at 880 northbound where we're seeing most of our delays downtown oakland headed towards the maze right now. southbound looking okay just this portion of 880 then again you will see delays into hayward and the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. frank. >> thanks, gianna. a party in a san francisco park leaving quite the hangover for taxpayers. hood line reports this lightsaber battle at sue biermann park last month cost the city more than $5,000. much of that is from damage to the turf at the park. the rest was for security. the signs were spot at the park, they say, sorry are the area is under renovation. a mystery persists in alamo
6:35 am
square. san francisco police say bones found in a residential planter box last month belong to a child between 8 and 14 years old. they are unidentified. bones were also found from an unknown second individual. >> when you first find bones you have to essentially see where they came from. it doesn't automatically mean that the person was murdered. they could have came from another location, brought here from another state. it's unclear. so there's a lot of different avenues one investigation can go. >> so far it's not clear how long those bones were there. new details about the california refinery explosion that injured four contractors last february. a state investigation blamed it on leaking vapor. another agency says it could have caused serious harm if debris had hit a tank with toxic acid. the refinery producers 1.8
6:36 am
billion gallons of gasoline a year but residents are asking why it uses the toxic acid. the raiders are staying in -- are staying in oakland for now. the commissioner and owners voted for the raiders to stay in oakland bringing the rams and chargers to los angeles. the commissioner says the decision does not mean though the raiders get nothing. >> $100 million to both the chargers and the raiders to use to help build a facility. >> $100 million will that help? >> i don't believe it will fill the gap we have right now. >> mark davis says the raiders need a new stadium and that money would not cover the expense. he says he is willing to move the team to any other city that can give them a stadium but raider fans are singing a different tune. >> our home is oakland. that's why we're here to make our voices felt and heard. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf unveiled plans to build a
6:37 am
sports pavilion to create jobs and be great for the city. more self-driving cars are hitting the road in southern california but they need help. nissan tested 1485 in public but reported 106 cases where the driver had to take control. google said its cars needed human help 341 times over 424,000 miles. the report was released by the dmv on tuesday. neither company says its cars are ready for the public. >> time is 6:37. president obama end -- ended his final state of the union address with an optimistic tone. melissa caen joins us for analysis next. >> and the market just opened up. taking a look at the big board this morning you can see the dow is up about 45 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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we are looking at the highs around the bay today. temperatures mild today in the 50s near 60 degrees for many spots in the south bay today. similar in the east bay, 59 in fairfield, danville and 60 in concord. 50s in the bay and north bay. but the big weather story today of course is the rain. there is more coming. and we are teaming it out in just a bit. sales of pcs keep dropping as many people are turning to their mobile devices but apple's macs are bucking the trend. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. this is a story that seems to keep going in that direction as pc sales slide as industry researchers idc and gartner report a 10 and 8% decline in the 4th quarter. a lot of that due to the shift
6:42 am
to mobile devices. also because a lot of pc owners have simply not been upgrading their pcs as often as they used to. now, both researchers think that we'll see more stabilization. idc even thinking we'll see slight growth in 2016 as more business customers upgrade to windows 10 and also more consumers user also have to upgrade pcs due to security and performance issues. apple bucking the trend. mac sales were up 3% in the 4th quarter. second straight quarterly increase for apple while other pc makers like hp, dell and lenovo have seen sales declining over the past year. stock market looking to build on yesterday's rally. apple helped out with a strong day and its shares were up again this morning. we'll see if they can lead to another positive session on wall street. we could use it.
6:43 am
dow is up by more than 60 points. nasdaq up 22, s&p up 8. >> good news on a wednesday. thank you, jason. it is 6:43 right now. we are going to check the roads. >> it's busy. we have a lot going on. in fact, west 80 to 680 the right lane is blocked for an accident with a vehicle stuck on its roof now. chp is heading out to the scene there. we are seeing delays of about 46 miles per hour so speeds dipping as you work your way through there. elsewhere we have a couple of things going on as you work your way towards the bay bridge. we had an earlier accident at highway 24. that's now been cleared but approaches now seem to be slow. metering lights are on so you're backed up into the maze now. checking your drive times out of orinda, lafayette, slow-and- go, 15 to 20 minutes through there. south 680 also seeing some stop- and-go conditions through walnut creek in a danville. things are slow there south of
6:44 am
there. nimitz freeway northbound 880 towards downtown oakland just past the coliseum, looks like we are starting to see things slow down a bit. south 880 a struggle, as well. at least right around 238 into hayward, all the way down into fremont. if you are cutting over to the san mateo bridge, couple of accidents there this morning. they have been cleared to the right shoulder. but your drive times are very slow 22 minutes 880 to 101. is improving a bit there. dumbarton bridge westbound near the toll plaza, this accident also over to the right shoulder but making it for a busy ride as you commute out of the east bay towards the peninsula this morning. westbound 580 altamont pass to 680 no accident as you work your way through here. but it will still take you 25 minutes to connect over to 680. to the south bay northbound 85, right at winchester that accident now cleared out of lanes. speeds down to about 12 miles per hour. we have some wet roads there northbound 101 through san jose looks like stop-and-go right around mckee well before there even we are seeing slow conditions before 280 northbound on 101/280 itself also seeing a busy ride through downtown san jose.
6:45 am
in fact your drive times right now for 101 looks like we are in the red 20 minutes between 280 and 237. over to the richmond/san rafael bridge, high wind advisory in effect. slow-and-go conditions near the toll plaza there as work your way westbound and the golden gate bridge we haven't had really any problems out of marin county this morning. traffic is very light 101, 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza, 14 minutes into san francisco so one of the bright spots. use mass transit. it's on time all morning long for bart, ace, caltrain and muni. but again a lot of wet conditions out there. here's julie. that's right. right now, actually, some good news on the roads. most of the heaviest rain is moving east and south. look at hi-def doppler. we are not out of the woods yet. we still have scattered showers and expect to see them popping up throughout the morning commute and actually throughout much of the day. in fact, here are two light to moderate rain cells. one over redwood city, another over san mateo. it may seem clear out there until you run into one of these and then you can find problems on the roads so keep that in
6:46 am
mind as you head out this morning. storm 7 is passing through. the area of low pressure is offshore. the front already passed through. we'll continue to see lingering showers until a it passes through and then we get a break before storm number 8 which moves in tomorrow night. scattered showers and thunderstorms today through midday. thursday afternoon and evening is the nuclear weapons system. this one a weak one and quick. so it's going to pass through quickly. we are dry for the first half of the day friday. and then friday evening the next system moves on in. this one slower moving at least right now it seems so we could see this lingering on into saturday.
6:47 am
sunsetled weather for the next seven -- unsettled weather for the next seven days. snow above 5,000 feet, storm totals anywhere from 6 to 12 inches today. travel delays likely. your tahoe report: >> highs today in the 50s to low 60s. and we will see more rain as i mentioned through the extended forecast. this looks like a washout. it is not. we are getting breaks again a break between the system today and the one thursday night and then a break before the next system moves in friday night. likely going to see another break on sunday. and then wet weather continues into the extended forecast. back to you guys. >> thank you. with a little over a year left in his term president obama gave his last state of the union speech last night. >> kpix 5's political analyst melissa caen joins us now to
6:48 am
talk about the speech. good morning. >> good morning. >> i have to say one person i saw on twitter said there would be a lot more viewers if at the end of the speech he would give us all the powerball numbers. [ laughter ] >> those of you who missed the speech, obama was a lot more feisty this year in his state of the union speech. he made jokes and jabs and came off confident going into his last term. >> it's not too much of a stretch to say that some of the only people in america who are going to work the same job in the same place with a health and retirement package for 30 years are sitting in this chamber. >> nervous laughter. he made several comments like that throughout the night and he seemed relaxed, maybe a bit happy for not having to campaign for re-election. he seams to be feeling song and free -- he seems to be feeling strong and free in his time year in office. look for him to continue to use executive orders to stay the course on foreign policy
6:49 am
despite heavy criticism from republicans and democrats on his performance so far. he went after politicians who talk but refuse to vote to authorize military force against isil. >> if this congress is serious about winning this war and wants to send a message to our troops and the world, authorize the use of military force ainst isil. take a vote. >> he talked about terrorism and foreign policy but didn't mention the u.s. navy personnel being held by iran yesterday or yesterday's terrorist bombing in istanbul turkey. that is a surprise for people who expected him to say at least something about it. the gop response was given by governor nikki haley painting a picture of a brighter future under republican leadership. she took a swipe at among other
6:50 am
people presidential front- runner donald trump. >> in many parts of society today whether in popular culture, academia, the media or politics. there's a tendency to falsely equate noise with results. some pool think you have to be the loudest voice in the -- some people think you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference.that's not true. turn down the volume. when it's quiet you can hear what someone else is saying. >> overle a, nikki haley presented a kinder gentler republican party. she said we shouldn't discriminate against anyone and welcome all immigrants. according to haley, the republican party approved her speech. so we may see more efforts to distance the party from donald trump. >> things will get interesting. >> she might be a vice-
6:51 am
presidential candidate. >> for a more establishment candidate for someone more mainstream with the republicans. >> not mr. trump? >> maybe not. >> i thought it was interesting that the president talked about his biggest regret of his presidency and his biggest regret was that he could not bridge the gap between democrats and republicans. >> yeah. that the rancor had gotten to such a fever pitch during his presidency. he tried to sort of give another message of conciliation last night. whether or not in a takes hold, eh, i'm not terribly optimistic but we can hope. >> he said it would be short. and it was. a little over an hour. right? >> that's right. it was fairly short for a state of the union speech although of course donald trump said it was boring and far too long. it's too long for some people. >> melissa caen, thank you so much for your insight. today workers at mineta san jose airport are getting more training how to recognize and report suspects cases of human trafficking. the airports are magnets for
6:52 am
human traffickers often preying on young people traveling alone and traffic increases during major events like during the runup to super bowl 50. stooledders and congressman mike honda will roll -- city leaders and congressman mike honda will roll in out today. the movable barrier on the golden gate has saved lives. before the barrier was installed only small yellow plastic tubes separated oncoming traffic north and south. well, the movable median has proved far better preventing head-on collisions on the bridge. officials say it spared a number of drivers from deadly crashes. time now 6:52. ten american sailors captured by iran have now been freed. we'll have more on the incident creating tension from tehran to dc. >> we'll explain how the biggest jackpot in history will get bigger and also why there's a good chance this time around somebody is going to win the powerball. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
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6:56 am
iran has released the u-s ny crew detained yesterday in e persian gulf. the ten americans were a five things to know at the :55. iran has released a u.s. navy crew detained yesterday in the persian gulf. the ten americans were aboard two small patrol boats when they were detained. the pentagon says the mechanical breakdown caused the boats to drift into iranian waters. president obama travels to omaha and louisiana today one day after his final state of the union address. while democrats characterized the speech as inspirational, republicans criticized mr. obama. south carolina governor nikki haley delivered the republican response. the raiders feature is still up in the air. nfl owners voted yesterday to allow the rams to move to l.a. the chargers will have a chance to join them. if the raiders stay put, they will get $100 million from the league for a new stadium.
6:57 am
but that likely won't close the gap between owner mark davis and the city. and an off-duty santa clara county sheriff's deputy accused of pulling his gun in a fast food drive through line. witnesses say 33-year-old benjamin lee was angry because he had to wait. he pointed a gun at employees. he was drunk at the time. a man stuck in a trench in east oakland for more than 13 hours was rescued early this morning. the 42-year-old plumber was working on a sewer line near 21st and east 24th street when the trench collapsed. he will be okay. i'm kiet do live in san jose here watching the powerball numbers climb higher and higher right now. the jackpot has pretty much outgrown the signage here for the lottery. it is currently at 3 digits now and it's maxed out at $999 million. the jackpot is now $1.5 billion. the number of will go up as
6:58 am
people buy at the last minute. because of all the attention, officials say 80% of all the numerical combinations have been purchased and get this, of all 44 states and u.s. territories that play, california leads the way in sales. on monday californians were buying tickets at $7.7 million an hour nearly double the national average. they expect the number to go up to $10 million an hour today. the snowball effect, there's a lot of people who are playing who don't normally play. >> oh, super busy. especially last saturday, i had lines for five hours straight. all over the place, crazy. >> reporter: all righty. if you win the lump sum payment is $930 million before taxes. ticket sales cut off today at 6:59 p.m. the drawing is at 8 p.m. pacific time. good luck. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix
6:59 am
5. :checking the roads now let's check 80 westbound. that connector to 680 is stuck -- slow because we have a vehicle stuck on the roof in the right lane. that's got lanes blocked there. metering lights are on at the bay bridge. you're backed up into the maze. wet conditions on the san mateo bridge. we have delays for a new accident at the toll plaza. slow towards 101. we are continuing to track those scattered showers on hi- def doppler this morning. much of the rain now pushing off to the east bay. some lingering showers in the south bay. high temperatures later today in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. and we will continue to see scattered showers likely throughout much of the day tapering off this evening. we get a break overnight and for the first half of thursday. another round of rain passes through quickly thursday evening for the thursday evening commute and then another round of rain friday into saturday. and then again sunday and so on. >> thank you. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. >> yeah. we'll see you at noon.
7:00 am
captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, january 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. iran releases ten american sailers held overnight after their boats crossed into iranian waters. >> president obama reveals one of his greatest regrets in his state of the union. we'll take you inside the powerball studio ahead of tonight's $1.5 billion drawing. >> but we begin with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> u.s. officials say there are two


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