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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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snowfall by tomorrow. winter storm warning continues. rain here, snow there. >> love it. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: round six for seven republicans. >> i don't think harry truman could be picked for president in this format. >> pelley: also tonight, gas is on sale, but falling energy prices are causing pain. the winning powerball numbers include 7-eleven. >> chino hills, chino hills! >> pelley: with so many great performances by black actors, where were the oscar nominations? and we'll say good-bye to alan rickman. >> i'm the half-blood prince. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the candidates for the republican presidential nomination go at it in south carolina tonight.
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it is round six, and only seven of them made the cut. a national poll just out tonight shows that donald trump is way out front, 13 points ahead of ted cruz among g.o.p. primary voters. here's major garrett. >> reporter: before a capacity crowd of 11,000 last night in florida, donald trump responded to charges that his campaign is built on anger, fear and division. >> i'm very angry, because i hate what's happening to our country. i am angry. >> reporter: with only seven podiums on stage tonight, candidates will get more time to argue why they would be a better alternative to trump. chris christie told us he's ready to be attacked. >> people never shoot backwards, major. they always shoot either to the side or forwards. so that means i have to be right next to him, or ahead of him. >> reporter: the latest iowa poll shows 42% of likely g.o.p. caucusgoers have decided on a candidate while 56% could change their minds. that could benefit john kasich, who still polls low in iowa but has jumped into the fight for
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second in new hampshire. kasich said he will not go after trump this evening. >> i think sometimes in these debates you can get caught up in back and forth and fireworks, and i don't really like that, but i would tell you this: i don't think harry truman could be picked for president in this format. >> reporter: ted cruz, running slightly ahead of trump in iowa, could face questions about failing to fully disclose a loan he received from goldman sachs for his 2012 senate campaign. cruz's wife, heidi, worked for goldman sachs at the time. >> we will amend the filing. but all the information has been public and transparent for many years. and that's the end of that. >> reporter: iowa voters will, of course, pay very close attention tonight. and scott, senior iowa republican officials here for the debate told us they expect turnout on caucus night february 1st could exceed the 2012 turnout by up to 20,000, in part they said because some democrats and many long-dormant republicans have become motivated by trump's campaign. >> pelley: major garrett
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covering the debate for us tonight. major, thank you. now on the democratic side, it doesn't get much tighter than this. the latest poll in iowa shows hillary clinton just two points ahead of bernie sanders. it's virtually a tie because of the poll's margin of error. here's nancy cordes. >> and i have felt for the last several weeks that we had the wind at our back. >> reporter: sanders' feelings were confirmed today, and the latest poll brought back vivid memories of 2008, when clinton's commanding lead in iowa slipped away at the end. >> i congratulate senator obama. >> reporter: then and now, her powerful campaign, and its war chest, were supposed to overpower insurgent opponents. but it's sanders who is holding larger rallies while clinton sticks to town halls. >>i will fight for you. i will work for you. >> reporter: sanders is also airing more tv ads, reaching voters like tim pool of topeka, iowa.
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>> i agree with senator sanders. you can't have 2% of the people of this country making 400 times more than everybody else. >> reporter: today, sanders surprised clinton with this ad that seemed to be aimed at her. >> there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. >> reporter: the clinton campaign accused him of violating this longtime promise: >> you're looking at somebody who has never run a negative tv ad in his life and never will. >> reporter: clinton campaign manager robby mook convened a conference call with reporters to drive the point home: >> reporter: but even that was reminiscent of 2008, when clinton routinely tried to convince voters that senator barack obama was just another politician, not a visionary.
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scott, she can take heart in the fact that she's still leading in iowa by ten points among those who say they will definitely caucus on february 1st. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thanks. of course, the campaign will be dominated by the economy, and today oil closed at just over $31 a barrel. since june of 2014, the price has fallen about $75, taking the price of gasoline along for ride. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is with us. jill, that's good news for most people. >> reporter: absolutely. consumers reap a great benefit from low oil. last year, the average household saved $660 at the pump. it's like an unexpected tax refund. and cheap gas prices, along with low interest rates and an improving job market, helped boost auto sales. last year, auto makers sold a record 17.4 million cars and light trucks. >> pelley: but for a lot of folks in the country, it's bad news, too. t reporter: absolutely. you know, after a big boom from 2010 to 2014, there is pain in the energy sector.
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the mining industry -- that includes oil, gas and coal -- lost 129,000 jobs last year. and that's just the direct hit. industries that serve miners, like a waitress working in a restaurant near a fracking site, may have been laid off. el a convenience store worker near an oil well had to be let go. today, realtytrac released its final foreclosure numbers for 2015. while activity is down nationally, it is up in places like texas, north dakota and oklahoma, states that rely at least in part on the energy industry. so cheap oil might help our wallets, but when it comes to the overall economy, the news is mixed. >> pelley: jill schlesinger, thanks. well, today oil was up 72 cents, end that revived wall street from its recent swoon. the dow gained 227 points. and in an echo from the financial crash of '08, today goldman sachs agreed to pay $5 billion to atone for its role in
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peddling rotten mortgages. the deal with the justice department includes penalties and mortgage relief for borrowers. today, ten prisoners from yemen were released from guantanamo bay and sent to the persian gulf nation of oman. the prison, on a u.s. navy base in cuba, was created to hold terrorism suspects, particularly from the battlefield in afghanistan. many have been held for years without charges. in 2009, president obama said he was ordering the prison closed but congress refused. 93 prisoners remain, down from nearly 700. isis says it was behind the attack today in jakarta, indonesia. bombs and bullets killed two and wounded at least 26. but the five attackers had bigger plans. seth doane is following this for us tonight. seth? >> reporter: good evening, scott. this is another example of isis trying to extend its reach.
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as more details are emerging, we're learning that the attack, which involved a series of explosions and a gun battle in central jakarta, could have been much worse. images from the scene show cars with bullet holes and attackers wearing suicide vests. one of those attackers detonated his vest inside a starbucks, but a law enforcement source tells us another attacker died when his vest detonated by accident. indonesia has more muslims than any other country in the world, but it is a country that's known for its mainstream teaching of islam, and the fear here is that isis may be gaining a foothold in southeast asia. >> pelley: seth doane in beijing for us tonight. seth, thank you. the attempted assassination of a philadelphia police officer last thursday is also being investigated as terrorism. but f.b.i. director james comey said today there is no evidence the gunman, who you see there, who professed allegiance to
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isis, belonged to a larger terror cell. officer jesse hartnett remains in critical but stable condition. the gunman was arrested. chicago has seen a dramatic spike in shootings this month. since january 1st, the city is averaging a shooting every three hours. adriana diaz is looking into this. >> reporter: just two hours into the new year, 24-year-old deandre holiday was gunned down after a fight at a new year's eve party, the first homicide of a bloody 2016. >> shots fired. i hear shots fired. >> reporter: since january 1st, 110 people have been shot compared to 37 during the same time last year. a nearly 200% increase. >> in terms of crime, it's been a little bit of a frustrating start. >> reporter: john escalante is the acting superintendent of police. his predecessor, garry mccarthy, was fired in december. >> a lot of it is gang
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conflicts, but also heavily driven by social media. >> reporter: feuds that play out on sites like facebook and twitter. while overall crime was down before the new year, gun violence is soaring. one factor: police officers may be holding back in fear of being the subject of a viral video, a point chicago mayor rahm emanuel was overheard making to attorney general loretta lynch last fall. >> reporter: do you think the police is doing enough? >> i don't know if you can do enough. >> reporter: raydell lacey's 19- year old grandson, eric, was one of the 21 people killed by guns this year. he had just started a job two weeks ago, and hoped to join the navy. saturday, he was shot in the head in an apparent ambush. lacey said he wasn't in a gang. >> before he passed, they say, "we good, y'all?" then we didn't hear him anymore and he was slumped over.
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(crying) oh, god. oh, god. >> reporter: to try to curb the violence, the acting superintendent has decentralized the police gang unit. now smaller teams are permanently based in communities known for gang activity. scott, the goal is to try to stop conflicts before they start. >> pelley: adriana diaz in chicago tonight. adriana, thank you. well, here's a rarity: a winter hurricane bearing down on the azores, 1,700 miles off portugal. "alex" is the first january hurricane since 1955. forecasters say it could hit the azores tomorrow with 85mph winds. we don't know who the powerball winners are yet, but there are at least three who will share poe largest jackpot ever: $1.6 billion.
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the tickets were sold in the working-class town of munford, tennessee, the l.a. suburb of chino hills and in melbourne beach, florida. the lottery boasts that the billions it rakes in goes to help public schools in most states. we wondered how that's working. turns out in michigan, not too well. anna werner is in detroit. >> reporter: photos from detroit's public schools tell the story of dilapidated buildings, many in need of emergency repair, and pest problems. a student shot this video today of a mouse roaming a district high school. patrick bosworth's eighth grade son attends a language magnet school where he says classes are either way too warm or freezing cold. >> he's gone from one class to the other, where he's wearing a short-sleeve shirt, and then he's putting on his winter coat. >> reporter: lottery dollars were designed to help schools like these in detroit.
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they're often advertised as giving a big boost to education, but often that's not the case. 27 states give lottery funds to schools, but only eight spend it specifically on new programs like grants and scholarships. the 19 others, including michigan, do not use lottery profits as additional funding for public schools. instead, it's used to fund the existing budget. michigan state representative sherry gay danygo. do you think it is misleading to people? >> absolutely. it is misleading. >> reporter: so people who buy tickets thinking, i'm helping education, do you think they're doing as much as they are? >> absolutely. they believe they are but they're absolutely not benefiting education. >> reporter: more than $740 million lottery dollars are given to michigan schools each year. gay danygo says there's no reason the schools should be in such bad shape. >> i think that our priorities and our values are not aligned. i think we need to dispel the myth that the lottery is helping to improve education because it hasn't.
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>> reporter: michigan has the 11th largest lottery in the country, with revenues of some $2.6 billion last year. so, scott, that's $740 million that went to schools was just small portion of that. >> pelley: anna werner in lansing tonight. anna, thank you. today a memorial was held at arlington national cemetery for a tuskegee airman missing in action since 1945. second lieutenant samuel leftenant was in a midair collision while escorting bombers over austria. soldiers carried an empty casket representing his remains and leftenant's sister accepted this flag in his honor. once again there is controversy over the oscar nominations. and, there's big news and we mean big for dinosaur lovers when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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were announced today. "the revenant" led with 12, including best picture, along with "the big short," "bridge of spies," "brooklyn," "mad max: fury road," "the martian," "room" and "spotlight." there were some inspiring performances by black actors, so it surprised many today that all 20 nominees for acting are white. john blackstone says it's the second year in a row. >> what an exciting morning. >> reporter: the announcement of the academy award nominations this morning was as notable for those who were left off the list as for those who were on it. >> ...and sylvester stallone in "creed." ( cheers and applause ) >> this is bigger than they are. they have to listen to us now. >> reporter: will smith was not nominated for his performance in "concussion." nor were idris elba and abraham attah chosen for their critically-acclaimed roles in "beasts of no nation". likewise, tessa thomson and michael b. jordan were ignored for highly praised performances
5:48 pm
in "creed." instead the oscar nominations went almost exclusively to white actors and directors. only the director of "the revenant," alejandro innaritu from mexico, broke into the all- white crowd. the response was immediate. on twitter, hashtag "oscars so white" went viral. it should not have come as a surprise after the same criticism last year. this is how neil patrick harris opened the awards show: >> welcome to the 87th oscars. tonight we honor hollywood's best and whitest -- sorry, brightest. >> reporter: today on "the talk," kevin frazier blamed the demographics of academy voters. >> the academy voters still 94% white, 76% male, and their average age is 63. >> reporter: those voters did select one african american- themed movie. "straight out of compton" was nominated for best original screenplay. the writers are white. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> pelley: a classically trained actor became a legendary
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>> pelley: alan rickman was a born movie villain with a sinuous sneer and a voice that rolled in like a malevolent fog. >> how nice to make...your acquaintance. >> pelley: rickman's hans gruber tormented bruce willis in "die hard." >> do you really think you have chance against us, mr. cowboy? >> yippee kai-yay. >> mr. potter. our new celebrity. >> pelley: rickman appeared in eight "harry potter" films as severus snape, hogwarts' seemingly sinister professor who ultimately swore his undying love to potter's late mother. >>always. >> pelley: alan rickman died of cancer today in london. he was 69. there was a big premier in new
5:53 pm
york city today, really big. scientists call it a titanosaur. the skeleton is 122 feet long, too big to fit in its room. the head and neck poke into the hallway. it probably weighed 70 tons, as much as ten african elephants, when it roamed the forests of south america 100 million years ago. up next, the historic powerball drawing. someone who bought a ticket here hit the jackpot. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by pacific life. for life insurance, annuities and investments, choose pacific life, the power to help you succeed. and the big milestones. and just like i'm there for her, pacific life is there to help protect me and my family so i can enjoy all life's moments. pacific life. helping families for over 145 years achieve
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5:57 pm
tickets was sold in chino hills, california, and mireya villarreal is there. >> chino hills, chino hills, chino hills! >> reporter: you would think someone here actually won the lottery, but most of these people like mike gradilla didn't win anything. they just showed up to celebrate one of the winning tickets being sold here. do you think the winner could be here tonight? >> it's hard to say. if i won i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: 7-11 owner balbir atwal came here in 1981 without knowing a word of english. the outpouring of support you're getting, how great is that? >> do you want to ask these people? >> reporter: you can ask them. >> how do you guys feel? [cheering]. >> reporter: because atwal's store sold the winning ticket, he also gets a piece of the pie, $1 million. he plans to share it with his employees. >> we were the number one lottery in the nation as far as sales go.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: california sold 386 million dollars worth of powerball tickets, at one point selling 37,000 per minute. winning tickets were also sold in munford, tennessee, and at a publix store in melbourne beach, florida. >> i was watching the news and just screamed out loud, "oh, my god, my store!" >> reporter: there were also eight $2 million winners and 73 $1 million winners, tickets with only five matching numbers. last night's losers can still dream. saturday's powerball jackpot is a mere $40 million. mireya villarreal, cbs news, chino hills, california. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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crush of people.. and you've got a recipe for epic super bowl traffic. "this is bigger than 's bigger than the new at 6:00, take one already clogged city, add street closures, and a crush of people. and you have a recipe for epic super bowl traffic. >> running the olympic torch, it's bigger than the america's cup. >> the game plan for getting around the gridlock. >> don't hurt him, stop! >> a bicyclist claims he was brutally beaten by an officer. what happened when we tried to get answers from police. >> a new storm with rain, thunder and lightning blows through the bay area. we're tracking a wet thursday evening commute. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. new at 6:00 the countdown to
6:00 pm
super bowl 50. it also means countdown to gridlock especially in san francisco. thekpix 5's emily turner reports . >> reporter: it's going to be backed up here in san francisco for the week of super bowl and even the week ahead of time. you think the traffic is bad now sitting in the rain during rush hour? just wait. you will need your patience. if this is the kind of thing that makes you go crazy, buckle your seatbelt. the wild ride of super bowl 50 is about to begin and it's going to be slow going. >> keep in mind security, keep in mind the traffic is going to be a challenge. and please have patience. >> reporter: super bowl week officially kicks off january 30th. but closures and craziness begin a week from tomorrow. san francisco is expecting one million visitors. the festivities all coincide with the chinese new year and the 20,000 to 30,000 additional people that brings to the city.


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