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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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happy friday! ! a beautiful shot atop the transamerica pyramid and down below there in a couple of weeks will be super bowl city. we have a major announcement coming from the host committee ceo keith bruce about super bowl week all the prep before something you're going to love to hear. >> exciting news. >> around 5:30. good morning, everyone. it's january 15. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. this morning, detectives in san leandro are talking to suspects and witnesses to try to figure out why gunfire erupted outside a busy shopping mall and who is responsible. kpix 5's anne makovec is at bay fair center where the shots were fired last night. anne. reporter: yeah. this is a pretty busy place at 6:40 p.m. that's when those shots rang out. so police are still talking to people this morning and reviewing a lot of surveillance footage trying to figure out exactly what went on. at one point, the bay fair mall was locked down. it looks like the shooting occurred between 2 groups on one side two men who were walking in the parking lot, on the other a group of people
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driving in a car. and police still trying to figure out their relationship. but they say this was not a random act. >> one of the things we will always look at in a case such as this where you have a shootout in the parking lot of a shopping mall is whether or not gangs are involved in this and right now we do not know that. >> reporter: now, right after this shooting, police got reports that two men ran into the mall. they found those guys on the other side of the mall outside of the movie theater. those men were detained for questioning. and police have also been canvassing the local hospitals to see if any gunshot victims may have turned up there. right now it looks like nobody was actually hit by gunfire. though did find one vehicle -- they did find one vehicle, though, that had them. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. a man is under arrest for allegedly killing a woman at uc- san francisco's main campus. uc police say an altercation happened just before 5 p.m. yesterday on parnassus avenue. the suspect and victim
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reportedly knew one another and the man was taken into custody immediately. it's not clear if they were students or patients at uc. a man linked to a dead stolen car suspect is now under arrest. early yesterday, alameda county sheriff's deputies chased a stolen pickup truck on hesperian. it went on to highway 238 in san lorenzo and then the driver climbed a wall and jumped. he fell about 40 feet near a cemetery and died. his passenger was found with stolen property and drug paraphernalia. he is now at the santa rita jail. the rain made a mess of the roads all over the bay area last night. these commuters had a terrible time getting out of san francisco. in the sierra, well, they had plenty of snow. if you are heading up there for the weekend, you will need your chains to get through all of that snow and slush. >> it is 5:02. let's check in with the gang now and roberta, you were up at northstar, what, a couple of
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days ago and said the best skiing ever. >> i have been skiing in tahoe since the mid-'80s and the best conditions can be experienced right now. i don't want to sound like a commercial for tahoe. it is what it is. i talked to seasoned groomers who have been grooming the slopes for 30 years and they have never seen the conditions so pristine. we are just getting layers and layers and layers of more snow on top of more snow. so if you are heading to the greater lake tahoe area, gianna will be the one to tell you about if chains are required but right now i have to tell you we still have snow on the fly there in tahoe with more coming. mostly cloudy skies over san francisco right now with our air temperatures very mild. it's going to feel the difference out the door from 42 to 56 degrees. hey, the winds are diminishing but will blow today out of the south 10 to 20 miles per hour. it's a dry morning commute a dry lunch hour. it is a dry evening commute and look what happens. this is storm number 8. and it blows through the bay area later on tonight through your saturday morning. you will hear the raindrops on the rooftops while we are sleeping in. then during the day mostly
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cloudy skies a few scattered showers. your sunday, monday forecast still coming up. but right now let's send it over to gianna. >> and you're right, chains are required for 50, 80 and 88 heading up to the snow of the keep that in mind. also if you are headed out of marin this morning, everything looks good. it's "friday light." that means the weekend is here! drive is quiet. southbound 101 from the 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza 14 minutes. san mateo bridge looks good, westbound taillights across the span towards foster city coming off 880 clear also so 13 minutes between 880 and 101. bay bridge a few cars out there starting to stack up in the cash lanes. maybe about 10 cars deep. but overall no metering lights. still quiet but a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. a huge step forward for self-driving technology. the obama administration is pledging nearly $4 billion to further research and development. kpix 5's keit do is live in san jose on this friday with more on this very ambitious new
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plan. kiet, good morning. reporter: yes, good morning. you know, this is big news for autonomous vehicle driving industry the feds pledging $4 billion over the next decade. experts say this is a big move for safety saying that it could be as revolutionary as seatbelts and airbags. in a few years cars on the streets will be able to talk to each other to prevent crashes. the feds are right now working with industry leaders to develop rules and regulations for what's called vehicle-to- vehicle communication or v to v to be phased in over the next few years. as this animation shows the linked cars share information like speed and direction several times a second. so if a vehicle several cars ahead of you stops abruptly your car would know almost instantly and warn you to slow down or even brake for you. it may also be able to talk to infrastructure like stop lights, telling the driver how long until a light changes. v to v builds on technology
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like blind spot detection and automatic braking already found in some vehicles. here's the ceo of ford motor company. >> i think to a certain extent they will but we'll see what the future brings on that. again, our -- we're working very hard towards bringing and continuing to have more and more of those features in the vehicle. we'll see what the consumer decides. >> reporter: this technology isn't perfect. this is information from a dmv report that tracks so-called disengagement by self-driving cars. this is where the vehicle suddenly turns control back to the human driver. google is doing the best at one disengagement per 1200 miles. other companies still trying to catch up like one nissan which has one every 14 miles. the secretary of transportation is bullish on it. ford motor company predicts we'll have autonomous vehicles available to the public in four years. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5 kiet do, kpix 5.
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ac transit will increase bus service by 14% in june. it was approved this week. the oakland-based bus agency will invest $24 million into improving service throughout alameda county. ac transit plans to hire more drivers, mechanics and even getting new buses as a part of the expansion. a sacramento man arrested last week now facing a terror indictment. aws mohammed younis al-jayab was charged with making a false statement involving international terrorism. the iraqi refugee allegedly lied to investigators about traveling to syria two years ago and joining a group linked to the "islamic state." he said he was visiting his grandmother in turkey. also allegedly he talked on social media with a suspect in houston about weapons training and going to syria. indonesian police have arrested three men they say helped carry out deadly explosions in jakarta yesterday. five attackers used hand made bombs panned suicide belts in the attack on a starbucks and traffic police booth.
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two civilians and all of the attackers were killed. the world health organization has announced the ebola outbreak is over in west africa. some sierra leone officials disagree. they said a corpse tested positive for the virus. now they are checking the contacts of that 22-year-old woman who died this month. everybody wants to know who bought the lucky tickets to wednesday's record-breaking jackpot but it could take weeks to get an answer. so far, the trio who split $1.6 billion is staying under the radar. people are celebrating at the stores where their tickets were sold. in fighting among republican presidential candidates in a debate less than three weeks before the iowa caucuses. seven candidates took to the stage last night in south carolina. previously donald trump, senator ted cruz out of texas have been friendly during the primary season but last night the gloves came off. trump took jabs at cruz's
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citizenship status, presidential eligibility. cruz fired back. >> very, very fine constitutional attorney that feels that because he was not born on the land, he cannot run for office. >> on the issue of citizenship, donald, i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you. >> donald trump's mother was born in scotland and cruz was born in canada to an american mother. last night other candidates fought to stand out from the tw front-runners, as well. super bowl fever took over mineta international airport. signs and banners are up all over the airport. travelers cannot walk in the door without seeing them. super bowl 50 at levi's stadium is on february 7th. you can see the game here on kpix 5. be sure to stay with us for a big announcement in just about 30 minutes. super bowl host committee ceo keith bruce will be here with big news you want to hear. time is 5:09. as the state deals with the threat of more el nino rain, the governor says he has a plan. what's being done to make sure enough responders are there to
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keep us all safe. >> and it was the field goal attempt seen around the world. and now days after the minnesota vikings' stunning play-off loss the team's kicker is getting support in an unlikely place. good morning. we'll be taking a look at our weather watcher and seeing how much rain has fallen where you live and how much more to expect for the holidays. >> and from the traffic center, no accidents but it is getting busy at the bay bridge. i'll have details coming up. alabama ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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governor jerry brown releas new action plan on water. the department of water resources says spatch at least 15 governor brown released a new action plan on water. the department of water resources says it is prepared to dispatch at least 1500 flood responders statewide. that's 700 more than that they could last year. experts say it's important to prepare for these storms but once they hit, first responders will be ready to help those in need. >> mother nature can be unforgiving but as much as we can, we want to be ready. >> the state says they are also being pro-active about monitoring levees. they have already completed inspections of 1600 miles of levees. california farmers will get less water for crops to help save an endangered fish. delta smelts are in danger due to muddy water from winter storms. it's steering them off course into water pumps linked to the
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sacrament-san joaquin river delta. now federal officials are temporarily reducing watered deliveries from the pumps that go to many farms. and october gas leak in an l.a. county town put more benzene in the air than previously reported. benzene is a cancer-causing chemical. now so cal gas admits there are higher levels of it than anticipated after an october leak in porter ranch. the annual sea lion arrival celebration happening today at pier 39. it does not look like that, however. the sea lions have been near the city's top tourist attraction. it's still a mystery why they suddenly begin flocking to the pier shortly after the earthquake of '89. walking tours begin at 11 a.m. bring your earplugs. they're they are loud. they are fun to watch. all right. let's check the roads. gianna has a look.
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it's "friday light" this morning. westbound 580 this morning, the usual delays but it's a nice ride so far. but there's some puddling still out there so keep that in mind from the rain we had overnight and early this morning. all right. taking a look at 580 westbound through the dublin interchange, so far, so good. no delays here. in fact, we are seeing a few brake lights out of tracy westbound but that's typical this time of the morning. we are starting to see cars stacking up at the bay bridge. mostly in the cash lanes. no metering lights just yet so traffic still lightly traveled out of oakland into san francisco. all approaches to the bay bridge are still quiet. golden gate bridge a couple of cars on the road making their way southbound out of marin into san francisco. so far this has been nice this morning. 13 minutes to go from 880 to one one on the san mateo bridge so easy commute towards the peninsula out of the east bay. northbound 880 nimitz freeway near oakland so far a few cars
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on the road but overall fairly light as you head towards the maze. southbound not seeing any delays as of yet. that typically starts around 5:45 we see it start to thicken on 238 on the southbound side but right now traffic is clear through there. in fact all the way into fremont you won't see any delays along the nimitz freeway. but will it be dry today? here's roberta. >> it will be dry as you head out the door. it will be dry as you head back home. and then we have rain arriving later on tonight. let's go ahead and take a look at 5:16 our weather watchers see who is up. 47 degrees, that would be tim woods in benicia. tim has to say, although it's 47, and some clear skies now, they have seen .2" of rain in the past 24 hours. we need more rain. we are going to get it. right now out hi-def doppler radar places all the rain out of the area over the central valley but storm 8 is queued up ready to move in. mostly cloudy skies looking towards the bay bridge right now. we have a very low ceiling. i do anticipate delays at sfo on some arriving flights and
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we'll keep you posted on that. we are in the 40s and 50s. winds have been dialing back under 10 miles per hour after a very breezy evening. dry today with sunny breaks. we may see a couple of rainbows out there. soaking rains arrive later on tonight. scattered showers through the weekend. love this. this is our water vapor. this is a lot of moisture that has lifted up above the ocean waters. it's in the atmosphere. so when you get these areas of low pressure pushing through it taps into that water vapor. storm number 7 from last night. here's 8 that will affect our friday night. and here's storm number 9 that will affect our weekend. 9:00 we start to see the leading edge of the front pushing into the bay area overnight. waking up to raindrops on the rooftops at 7 a.m. and a hit-and-miss scattered showers throughout the day on saturday. and then here comes your sunday for the most part the north bay sees the rain in the morning
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hours. then it slides across the central bay during the afternoon and then we will see the rain carry on over into our holiday on monday. over the next five days up to 6 inches of rain in the north bay. two in the santa clara valley which is a lot. but we are scattering it out so that's good news. until 10:00 this morning we have the winter storm warning in effect for the high sierra. 10 inches of snow have fallen at the tip-top of heavenly valley. make sure you have the chains heading to squaw valley. red dog express always my favorite run of the day. meanwhile today's temperatures under mostly cloudy skies and a few sunny breaks in the 50s and 60s. the winds out of the south about 5 to 15 miles per hour. so here you have it. just count on needing that umbrella on again off again each day through the holiday on monday. then tuesday rain showers are likely. cloudy skies on wednesday and thursday. i know we have keith bruce from super bowl 50 here at 5:30. i'm going to give him an exclusive super bowl forecast coming up. >> can you do that so far out.
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i think i did a year ago actually. i'm sticking with it. >> 68 degrees and sunny? >> close. 60! [ laughter ] well, bart passengers got a really big surprise when they saw who else was riding the train. >> yeah. cool. a woman posted this video on twitter showing the harlem globetrotters putting on a show for commuters yesterday. how about that? the globetrotters also showed off their ball handling skills alongside the warriors' steph curry at oracle arena in oakland last night before the laker game. the globetrotters have several bay area shows lined up beginning tonight at s.a.p. center in san jose and at oracle arena again in oakland tomorrow night. it was one of the biggest upsets in sports so far this year with only seconds left in the 4th quarter, minnesota vikings kicker blair walsh missed a 27-yard field goal sunday that could have advanced his team in the play-offs. of course, there was disappointment. but walsh is now finding
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support in a minnesota elementary school. >> keep on trying. we love you so much. >> i feel bad for you. don't give up. you're still number one. >> these first graders wrote kind words and letters of encouragement to walsh so he would turn the favor personally thanking them for the letters. he plans to keep the cards and letters the students sent to him. >> very cool. it is 5:20. gun safety a number one concern across the nation and the state is making some changes. what they're proposing to be removed from assault weapons when we come back. >> good morning, everybody. chip kelly i know you got some thoughts on it, huh? huh? so do i. that and kobe bryant adios to oracle last night. we have the highlights. >> panned what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show.
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good morning, everybody. got to start you off with the 49ers. if it's about high-profile
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experience, reviving a franchise, chip kelly apparently is the head coach, best available. somebody's got to fill those seats. overhaul an offense that plummeted to 31st in the league. say what you want about the end of his three-year run in philadelphia, but kelly did run the fastest offense in the league with 10-6 his first two seasons before it went south. on the field and apparently with the media, as well. >> chip got arrogant at types and he is probably going to take a little bit of that edge off. >> i was being sarcastic. i thought that would go over big in this crowd. >> got to change some of his stubbornness because the media can destroy you if you don't win. chip is a guy that i think is smart enough to learn from all that. last night in front. a star-studded packed oracle arena, kobe bryant of the lakers bid the warriors and oracle adieu. did you know he scored the most points against the warriors than any other team? there he is with his former
5:25 am
teammate luke walton. bryant played 27 minutes. he scored 8 points. he has that injured achilles heel. the lakers were in striking distance until the warriors shook them off. don't see that every day. an "excuse me" dunk by steph curry. he scored 26. warriors won 116-98 but it was kobe bryant's night. he checked out for the final time at oracle after a 20-year career. that was the best of kobe bryant at oracle. people will be leaving with the image of number 24 for a long time. what a show. see you later, everybody. play of the day, we are going to take you back to the nba hardwood. we have cleveland at san antonio. an example of how a missed shot can become something pretty special. watch. how about that. leonard with the impressive put-back slack in the paint.
5:26 am
san antonio went on to beat the cavaliers 99-95. they are only about 2 or 3 games behind the warriors by the way. the spurs 35-6 on the season! and they get our play of the day. >> we have to keep an eye on them. >> we do. 5:26. super bowl 50 is right around the corner. this morning a big announcement. the host committee is here with news. >> reporter: and coming up, why police are scouring security footage after a shooting at this popular mall. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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host committee c-e-o keith e is in studio with us in jusa few minutes. and no rain today, but we he our eye on the storms movin. what to expect this weekend.
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host committee ceo keith bruce is in studio coming up. >> no rain today but we have our "eye on the storm" moving in. what to expect this weekend. >> and we do have our eyes on hi-def doppler radar and at this time we are not picking up any kind of rain showers in the bay area. but we'll tell you when to expect the next storm heading this way. >> and an accident along the altamont pass plus are the metering lights on at the bay bridge? i'll tell ya. good morning, everyone. it's friday, january 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy friday. time now 5:30. today detectives in san leandro want to know who opened fire outside a busy shopping mall and they want to know why. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the bay fair center where shots rang out last night. anne, good morning. >> reporter: so many questions about what happened here last night. luckily as you might imagine, there are a lot of security cameras around so police have their work cut out for them reviewing all of that footage trying to figure out exactly
5:31 am
who may have shot at whom. the shots rang out when the mall was very busy. it was 6:40 p.m. and at some point soon after the mall was on lockdown. it looks like the shooting occurred between two groups of people. on one side two men walking in the parking lot, on the other a group of people driving in a car. police still trying to figure out their relationship. but they say this was not a random act. >> quite honestly we don't even know if both parties shot and one another or one group shot at the other. those things we'll look for when we try to dissect the security video that we can hopefully get when we are debriefing the witnesses. >> reporter: right after the shooting police got reports that two men had run into the mall. they found them on the other side of the mall outside a movie theater. those men were detained for questioning. police scoured local hospitals looking for any gunshot victims. didn't find any. so at this point, it looks like
5:32 am
nobody was actually hit by gunfire. one vehicle was. all part of this investigation. live in san leandro, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> we are getting a break from the rain this morning but parts of the bay area got soaked overnight. several more storms are in the forecast. plenty of fresh snow in the sierra. and that means a lot of you might be heading up to the slopes for the weekend. chains are required on interstate 80 and highway 50. >> you know who is numbering all these storms? roberta gonzales. we are up to number 9? >> we just finished with 7. so number 8 is queued up to move into the bay area tonight. then we have 9 that will impact our weekend weather, as well. that's only 15 days into the month of january. so we'll clearly see double digits as far as the number of storms. good morning, it is our hi-def doppler radar. it is not picking up any rain yet. did you hear the thunder and see the lightning yesterday? it was so powerful it even
5:33 am
rocked my house. the dogs yelped out. none of that today. in fact as we look at the current conditions, looking towards levi's stadium, 24 days away until super bowl 50, currently mostly cloudy skies, air temperatures into the 40s and 50s. it's a mild to this end of the workweek. here's our futurecast. you can play along at home. watch this. here's a lock as it ticks on by. this is your lunch hour. you can actually eat outside today. we have sunny breaks but then here's storm number 8 queued up moving in tonight. we'll track the storm together later. let's send it over to gianna. >> thank you roberta. altamont pass westbound 580 we have reports of an accident fear there portola. it's in the center divide. it's been there for some time hopefully clearing now but unfortunately we are seeing delays behind that accident with drive times up to 20 minutes westbound altamont pass to 680. bay bridge, no metering lights just yet.
5:34 am
in fact, those fastrak lanes are moving along quickly as you work your way westbound out of oakland past the pay gates. cash lanes are delayed right around to the first overpass. and westbound 80 right at 7th street look out for a broken- down box truck in lanes. but 80 at 6th if you are heading in and out of san francisco, traffic is light. a bay area lawmaker is trying to strengthen gun control in california. assemblyman david chiu of san francisco wants to ban what he calls the bullet button. it's a button that allows a gun user to detach a magazine. currently the button is too small for human fingers but he says the button still allows them to be replaced too quickly. ricardo medina one starred in the kids show power rangers. he is now facing murder charges accused of killing his roommate last january by stabbing him. they had an argument over a woman. if convicted medina could serve up to 26 years in jail. we are 24 days away from
5:35 am
super bowl 50 which means traffic in san francisco will only get worse. super bowl week officially kicks off january 30th. but closures and all the craziness, that will begin a week from today. san francisco is expecting one million visitors. the festivities also coincide with the chinese new year and the 30,000 people that brings to the city. >> the main focus is to keep people moving. we'll have some disruption in the downtown area. and we are trying to work with the city residents and visitors to make sure they can get where they need to go. >> transportation officials have one piece of advice for super bowl week. don't drive. take buses and trains instead. and they are adding extra just for that specific reason the big announcement we have been telling you about. the line-up is set for the free concerts at super bowl city. there are big names to talk about. joining us to talk more about the line-up is super bowl 50 host committee ceo keith bruce. thanks for coming in. >> welcome back. >> thank you. good to be here. >> you have some big news about
5:36 am
the free concert series. you told us about alicia keys. >> the super bowl 50 host committee is proud to announce or concert series of pre- performances during super bowl week. so we'll have over 35 free performances throughout the week from local community artists such as local blocko and others well known in the local region during the day and, of course, we'll have our headliner line-up starting on that opening saturday night january 30th all the way through saturday february 6 the night before the game. >> okay. well let's talk headliners. who's coming? >> okay. so on january 30th, we kick off the host committee's opening of super bowl city and nfl experience and everything going on in downtown san francisco, so we call that saturday night light. so that celebration will first start with the relighting of the bay lights on the willie l. brown, jr. bridge. we are very proud to work with them to relight the bay lights. they will come on permanently at 7:30. then the lights come on, then we have a fireworks show presented by macy's and then at
5:37 am
8:00 our own bay area's chris issak will be the headliner act on city stage presented by levi's. >> roberta likes that. [ applause ] >> so do a lot of other people. we are excited about him opening up super bowl week there at city stage at super bowl city. then we go to santa clara where heart are play at mission college on sunday night. >> they are fabulous. >> they are a lot of fun. >> those girls can bring it. >> then we'll take a break on the stage monday and tuesday and then the cps concert series starts, thank you very much, on wednesday evening. headlined by matt nathanson. singer song writer with bay area roots. thursday the band perry country group. >> love them. >> they are terrific. on friday one republic the famous rock band on friday february 5th. and so those will all be our headliner acts wednesday, thursday and friday nights. the third fourth and fifth of february. we cap it off on february 6 with grammy award winner a leisha keys playing on the city
5:38 am
stage and then finally opening act a local act here from oakland goafle will be playing to kick it off so just a fantastic week of performances. we are excited about it. >> they are free right? >> 100% free. all free to the public. >> how do the fans get there? >> don't drive. [ laughter ] >> michelle said it earlier. don't drive. take public transportation. the city stage is right there in the biermann park in the middle of super bowl city so you can take lots of public transportation, taxi, uber, however. come early so enjoy super bowl city. the nice thing is the concerts are generally in the evening starting around 7 or 7:30 and will finish up by 9:30. so you want to get there early enjoy super bowl city, walk around, get something to eat and then watch the concert. it's all free. >> how do you decide on the performers? >> well, it's a lot of work. people just think over, these guys just show up. this is a year of work to figure out who is available during super bowl week.
5:39 am
you have bands playing everywhere. directv is hosting the dave matthews band and ferrell on thursday and friday. you have metallica playing at at&t on saturday. so depending on your musical taste you can do whoever. but it's really -- the one nice thing is everyone in the entertainment business recognizes how big super bowl week is. you know? it's cross cull cheer. it's about the game and it's about football and the nfl. and american culture but it's also the entertainment and halftime show. we found a lot of interested parties who want to play. >> sounds like you're providing a lot of good entertainment for everybody. >> i like your vest, by the way. >> thank you. >> you can leave it if you like. >> i'll take my mic off. >> we'll see more of you a couple more weeks. >> thank you. let's take another look at all the performers for super bowl 50's free concert kicking off saturday january 30. right in the heart of super bowl city. there are the names. it should be a great week.
5:40 am
♪[ music ] and coming up after the break, i'm kiet do we are live in san jose. self-driving cars are getting a big boost from the federal government. we'll tell you when to expect them coming up to the public. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the obama administration is dedicating nearly 4-billion-dollar new this morning self- driving cars could be a reality sooner than you think. the to be obama is dedicating nearly $4 billion to further self-driving technology. kiet do joins us live now with more details about the new plan. >> reporter: this is big news especially since these vehicles are developed right here in the sillicon valley. the obama administration pledging $4 billion over 10 years to get the cars to go
5:43 am
mainstream. they are predicting a policy in a few months. cars on the road will be able to talk to each other and prevent crashes. the feds are right now working with industry leaders to develop rules and regulations for what's called vehicle-to- vehicle communication or v to v to be phased in over the next couple of years. as this animation shows the linked cars share information like speed and direction several times a second. so if a vehicle several cars ahead of you stops abruptly your car would know almost instantly and warn you to slow down or even brake for you. it may also be able to talk to infrastructure like stop lights, telling the driver how long until a light changes. v to v builds on technology like blind spot detection and automatic braking already found in some vehicles. >> over the years we have had about 33,000 fatalities a year on our highways. if the technology then can substitute for human judgment and help us avoid those crashes, we think that we can
5:44 am
get as much as an 80% reduction. that's a huge change. >> reporter: this technology isn't perfect. this is information from a dmv report that tracks so-called disengagement by self-driving cars. this is where the vehicle suddenly turns control back to the human driver. google is doing the best at one disengagement per 1200 miles. other companies still trying to catch up like one nissan which has one every 14 miles. the secretary of transportation is bullish on it. ford motor company predicts we'll have autonomous vehicles available to the public in four years. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5 kiet do, kpix 5. growing scrutiny over bart's fake cameras. critics say real ones could have helped pin down the gunman in saturday' deadly shooting a gunman shot and killed a man at the west oakland bart station late saturday night. the train was pull of passengers but the -- the train was full of passengers but the man got away. some passengers were shocked by the news that some of the
5:45 am
cameras are fake and say more needs to be done. >> rail camera or decoy do you think? >> i feel like it's fake. >> it looks like it could be real but i feel like it's fake. >> when we're looking at what's going on in the world, they need to update it. >> there's still no motive for the shooting. bart police haven't even identified the victim yet. we learned from sources he had a fake identification from honduras. big change for bay area sports fans. former philadelphia eagle head coach chip kelly is now in charge of the 49ers. in his three years as head coach of the eagles he had two winning seasons but was fired after 6-9 last month. 49ers fans say they are open to anyone who can him improve the team. >> you know, i like him. but people are still trying to figure him out. 49ers are in probably as much need as anybody else. >> one thing chip kelly will not have as head coach of the 49ers is control of the players' roster like i did in
5:46 am
philadelphia. that still rests with the general manager. kelly is expected to be in the bay area next week for introductory news conference. and now that we know the raiders aren't moving to l.a. the question is, what will oakland do to keep them here for good? the oakland-alameda county coliseum authority will meet today in a closed session and on the agenda, possibly extending the raiders' lease. all right. let's check traffic and weather. is it still "friday light"? >> it is. some good news to report for your traffic or commute as you head to work this morning. the metering lights were turn on a little later than usual on the bay bridge. a bit of a backup but it's quiet off your approaches. eastshore freeway looks good. if you are heading from the carquinez bridge to the maze, no delays right now so that's nice. if you are coming off 580 okay, as well. but again it will start getting busy as the morning commute heats up but it is "friday light." as far as accidents go as well,
5:47 am
we have one south 880 at whipple off to the side. slow there. no delays northbound at 880 nimitz freeway looking good through downtown oakland as you head towards the bay bridge towards the maze this morning. altamont pass to 680, an accident at portola is clearing. everything is moving to the right shoulder and its sluggish westbound coming away from tracy into livermore right now. 38 miles per hour in some spots. 29 miles an hour towards the accident scene on the right side. through the peninsula this morning north 101 or the south bay, rather, 280 to 237 is clear. 280 not seeing any troubles and guadalupe parkway nice ride 85 to 101. live look in fact at 85 right now near lee. traffic is pretty light. nicely traveled as you head out of san jose. snow delays into campbell or saratoga. that's your morning right. >> i think it's light. this is our hi-def doppler
5:48 am
radar. dry conditions for the morning commute and for the evening compute. then rain moves in later on tonight. this is the scene looking out towards mineta international airport. so far no reports of any local airport delays. but we'll keep you posted. looking out towards levi's stadium where we are 24 days away from super bowl 50, oh, factoid, last time we had a super bowl in the bay area was super bowl xix back in 1985. 49ers won that game. okay. 40s and 50s out the door. you're going to feel the difference. it's mild. 40 in santa rosa. visibility down to a quarter mile due to some areas of fog. so a dry day with some sunny breaks today maybe even a rainbow or two. some soaking rains tonight. and then just plan on on-again, off-again rain all weekend because of this. i love this. it's our water vapor imagery. this is storm number 8. this is textbook perfect. look at the core, the center of the area of low pressure with this circulation in a counter rotation around that. right here a lot of instability. this front will push into the bay area later on tonight.
5:49 am
and we know that because you can track along at home. this is our futurecast. what do you see right here? that's your lunch hour. we have breaking activity. what do you see right there? around 9, 10:00 at night around the north bay and around the coast the rain begins and it pushes onshore overnight. we'll have rain and then by tomorrow morning, you will have some raindrops on the rooftops as the core pushes through scattered showers throughout the day. that's storm number 9 that will impact your sunday all the way to it the holiday on monday with some heavy rain and gusty winds. by the time these next two storms rumble through the bay area over the next five days up to 6 inches of rain in the wettest locations of the north bay, five inches in the santa cruz mountains. what's so great is it's just rolling in one afternoon another so it's not this big heavy downpour so we can soak it up. we have a winter storm warning in effect through the high sierra through 10:00 this morning. so far 10 inches of more snow on top of an already epic base.
5:50 am
today a mild day. 50s and 60s. pretty seasonal. south winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. again, storm number 8 later tonight through your saturday. scattered showers during the day. sunday storm number 9 rolls in through monday. lingering showers likely on tuesday. and a bit. a break in activity on wednesday and thursday. make it a great friday. many on social media seem to have the very same issues about this year's oscar con tenners. the cast of the talk got right to the it calling out the academy for nominating only white actors for the top two categories. the hashtag oscars so white has been all over twitter. and one top editor from variety magazine says it could be because the majority of academy members are over 50 and 90% of them are white. >> the second year in a row with no diversity and --and not enough gender diversity. it's like, okay, there's a problem here. >> some social media media
5:51 am
users say films like "straight outta compton" starring and produced by people of color have been shut out unfairly. academy's president says the organization is trying to be more inclusive. time now 5:51. looking to get a son prime but don't want to pay the $99 annual fee? next, your chance to get it for a lot less. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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leaving oakland says uber is partly to blame for the good morning. taking a look at your seven-day forecast, just plan on being in and out of the rain from tonight all the way through the holiday on monday. lingering showers on tuesday, as well. 880 southbound at whipple on the right shoulder 880 though through oakland looking good. a bay area retailer that's leaving oakland says uber is partly to blame for their farewell. cost plus world market moving its headquarters from oakland over to alameda. it says part of the reason is that uber bought up sears building where lots of square footage was still affordable in the city. oakland's rising rents have pushed cost plus to alameda, where it will move some 400 workers beat end of the year.
5:55 am
another san francisco record store is known for more. rasputin on powell street closed yesterday. it's the latest in record store closures. but the was spew continue spirited is strong. 11 other locations are open in the bay area and beyond. in a few hours we'll get i better idea of where the economy is heading in the bay area and other players. leading economists will talk about trends in the bay area statewide and nationally. today's conference starts at 7:30 this morning at the federal reserve bank of san francisco. and speaking of the economy, great america is kicking off two straight weekends of job fairs. they are starting earlier to avoid conflicts with super bowl events. it includes ticket scanners to ride operators to food service workers and security officers for job openings. amazon having a sale on its prime subscription. this weekend it's offering new members prime for $73 in
5:56 am
celebration of the 73rd annual golden globes. this comes after amazon's exclusive show mozart in the jungle won two golden globes. a more contentious tone in the latest republican presidential debate as the top contenders take aim squarely at each other. >> reporter: a popular mall on lockdown. a shooting investigation net few clues. we'll tell you what police have to go on this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
you've upgraded all your old technology...
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so what about this? it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. and i'm frank mallicoat this morning detectives in n figure out good morning, everyone. it's friday, january 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's nearly 6:00. this morning, detectives in san leandro are trying to figure out why gunfire erupted outside
6:00 am
a busy shopping mall and who is responsible. anne makovec reports from the bay fair center. >> reporter: good morning. this is a pretty busy place at 6:40 p.m. that's when those shots rang out. age old navy here, bed, bath & beyond so people are still interviewing witnesses and reviewing a lot of security footage. you can imagine there's plenty of that inside and outside of the bay fair mall as they try to figure out exactly what went on here. at one point, the bay fair mall was locked down. it looks like the shooting occurred between 2 groups on one side two men who were walking in the parking lot, on the other a group of people driving in a car. and police still trying to figure out their relationship. but they say this was not a random act. >> one of the things we will always look at in a case such as this where you have a shootout in the parking lot of a shopping mall is whether or not gangs are involved in this and right now we do not know that. >>


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