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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  January 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a bay area journalist released from iran. he had will be locked up accused of spying and tonight the deal that got him and three other hostages free. >> that journalist's release was part of a delicate deal orchestrated by the obama administration and wendy gillette," iranian state television announced the news saturday a swap of four americans being held prisoner in iran for exchange for seven iranians held or charged? >> >> the u.s. state department also dropped international arrest notices and charges for 14 iranians. the four freed americans are washington post reporter jason rezaian, former u.s.
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marine amir haq mati saeed abedeni and knottralov khosravi. >>student matthew trevithick was also released as part of a separate agreement. >> they should be on their way home to their families. >> reporter: prisoner swap was announced hours before the united nations the international atomic agency certified that iran met his commitments with the nuke lalar deal with six world powers. >> iran has undertaken significant steps that many, and i do mean many people doubted that would come to pass. >> reporter: president obama lifted executive sanctions and that means iran can now sell oil on the open market. iran will have access to the global banking system and the country will recover $100 billion in frozen assets
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overseas. if it's discovered that iran is still moving ahead with its nuclear program the deal calls for sanctions to once again be imposed wendy gillette cbs news. one of the men freed jason rezaian is from the bay area and we have reaction from his friends. >> reporter: this is what jason's friends and families have been waiting for and we're told that the bay area native will be flown to switzerland with his wife and his brother is this there for the much anticipated reunion. >> they fouled be on their way home to the families. >> reporter: after 18 months behind prison bars washington post journalist jason rezaian can now come home. >> this morning i heard the news he was released. >> reporter: she was jason's neighbor for many years. >> he always knee me as gina from across the street and he was jason from across the street. bay area native graduated from marin academy and gina says
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their families were good friend and when she heard jason was held prisoner. >> i was heart broken. >> the 39-year-old was accuse of espionage in july 2014 and his family and the washington post adamantly denied all accusations. >> tonight the celebration of his anticipated release continues across the country. cameras typically aren't allowed in the national press club, but today they made an exception. >> it's a very happy day, but this day also never needed to happen. >> reporter: local leaders are calling this a great dib diplomatic achievement, but the representative from san rafael hoffman says the most important thing is to get jason up in airport and out of iranian airspace switzerland jason and the other former detainees will be transported to a basis in
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germany for medical treatment. the umbrellas were out and windshield wipers going on geary boulevard in san francisco and of course elsewhere. heavier rain is on the way for the bay area and another storm winding up in the pacific. look at this, it's bond to deliver a good blow to the bay area later on sunday. and on sunday night. now for right now, hoy def doppler is dried out and not much in the rain, but if you look at how much is forecasted, as much as 3" for the north bay the next 36 hours and that is not all. height surf warning is in effect and posted through early monday morning. swells are expected to peak tomorrow at about 20'. >> we'll have more to cover and bring the forecast in a few minutes. a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a tour bass in san francisco. a witness told the chronicle he saw the man waving his arms and shot of the shutting out at
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driver. the bus was reported making a right-hand turn and police say he was in the crosswalk at the time. now it happened at post and divisadero streets and police say it's too early to tell who is at ultfault. >> appears at time, but it's early in the investigation to say who had the right-of-way. so can't tell you exactly. >> reporter: police will be talking to passengers who were on the bus and they hope surveillance video infranearby buildings are provide some clues. and just a couple of months ago this tour bus went racing through san francisco's streets before slamming into some scaffolding at union square, more it than 20 people were injured this that crash. now the driver says the brakes went out, causes him to lose control. the chairperson says the bus was never inspected because the company that operates the bus never registered it with the dmv. >> and to tin continue this crashing theme a couple of city vehicles in a smashup in san
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francisco. this time between a muni streetcar and parking enforcement vehicle that sent one person to the hospital. we're told that the driver of the parking vehicle has injuries at market and 10th before 6:00 tonight, nobody on the streetcar was hurt. >> getting our look at two men suspected in a massive credit card skimming scam. the pictures were snapped by atm machines in the bay area, where the men were able to use the credit card information stole to with draw money. police say they have identified nearly 50 victims. all of them had a connection to this place, the gas shop on sir francis brake in san anselmo. >> two different withdrawals were taken of $500, one in palo alto and two times they with drew from san anselmo for $500 each. >> so here are those pictures
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again. give them a good look. if you recognize the men you are asked to call police in larksburg. >> police arrested a man in a knife who tried to rob grocery store workers. say they this man walked in and took some item and walked out without paying. they say he pulled out a large knife. police arrived minutes later and arrested him. san josi police are looking for whoever vandalized this sign on the al madin sign. a second full day of searching turned up no sign of a missing skier near donner summit. reporter says rescuers are fighting two things. time and weather. >> reporter: the search is over tonight, but some of the same people will be back here at first element erm. we spoke to some of the search-
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and-rescueuse scribe the conditions as extremely difficult. it was raining pretty much nonstop today and there was the avalanche danger. more than four dozen searchers spent all day on the mountain look for anything sign of the missing sri instructor, but the weather worked against them. >> we had a steady downpour of rain and sleet up here today. so it made searching difficult for the searchers. it was pretty wet up there. it also made it difficult for the dogs. >> reporter: 23-year-old carson may was left seen 2:00 thursday on a ski lift heading up mountain. at type there were whiteout conditions at top of the summit and it's believed that carson may have become disoriented. crews are searching for the area a cell phone ping was heard. >> somebody who is coming back is live is what we're hoping for. >> reporter: andrew mcmaster the ski lift instructor says the conditions have been can be brutal.
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>> it's layered up in all the wrong ways which definitely adds to the danger of going on the backside. >> reporter: luckily better weather is in forecast. >> tomorrow we're planning on taking our searchers over to the slide area, and we're going to do a grid search and pole- digging and avalanche dogs and eliminate that area and move to the next area. >> carson may's father remains optimistic and says his son is an experienced skier and knows the mountain. for now this remains a search- and-rescue. at. >> now to campaign 2016 the g.o.p. race get ising more contentious with the two front-runners exchanging fire on the campaign trail. and the democratic candidates are also getting ready for a fight >> ted cruz cracked a joke
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about liz closest rival after getting stuck in an elevator on saturday, but battle between cruz and donald trump is serious. >> today they have another story where he forget another bank, citibank and he forget. >> in nathan new hampshire trump brought up a loan by cruz and trump unleashed half a dozen tweet attacking cruz for his canadian birthplace and for slamming "new york values." the democratic race is intensifying too, the candidates are getting ready to face-off in charleston, south carolina on sunday night in a final debate before the iowa caucuses february 1st. they attended the first in the south dinner a not to south carolina being the first state to vote
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after iowa new hampshire. cbs news charleston. the democratic debate begins tomorrow night at 6:00 our time. tonight we're getting word that long time san francisco clothier wilks bashford has died. close friends tell us he was battling cancer. bashford founded a clothing store chain had in his own name. he was 83 years old. still ahead he was caught on-camera hitting his uber driver. why this passenger is now suing saying he should be the one getting paid. plus federal help for a town facing a drinking water crisis. why some say it is not nearly enough to fix the damage? ,,,,,,
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more than three decades ago. prosecutors dropped the case against "john joseph scott" because of insufficient evidence. he walked out of a san mateo county prison thursday. he was accused in the 1983 death of sharon ra drop the case against john soaves scott because of insufficient evidence and worked out of san mateo prison thursday. he was accused in the 1983 death of shriner ray. a california man caught on- camera attacking an uber driver is in a second battle with the driver, this i'm off-camera. this is video of benjamin golden hitting the uber driver in southern california this video quickly went viral after it was learned that the suspect was a taco bell executive.
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in november the driver sued golden, but now golden is fighting back, counter suing the driver, climbing he was "recorded illegally." and golden claim because of the media coverage he suffered from emotional discretion, humiliatation and the loss of his job. >> there is no end in sight for an environmental doctor in southern california, natural gas has been pour nothing porter ranch for least three months. the neighborhood is north of l.a., about 4,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes. state regulators held meetings last night and they want answers now. >> what are you doing now to help us? [ applause ] >> the gas company is saying that there will be no long-term health effects. do you believe it? >> no, i have a biochemistry degree, so i know. i don't believe that. >> well, infrared video shows
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gas spilling from the well in the hills above the area. some have suggested burning off the gas, but the state says that is too risky because there could be an explosion. >> president obama declared a federal emergency in flint, michigan, the city has been in crisis for months and as cbs reporter shows us not everybody is satisfied with the help on the way. >> reporter: the president's announcement did not quell anger outside of flint city hall. where flint activists michael moore blamed the governor for a crisis that goes beyond water. >> it's not just the water crisis, it's a racial crisis! it's a poverty crisis! >> the problems began in april, 2014 when the city switched it's water source to save money, but the water
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wasn't properly treated and developed lead from pipes and causing a children with high- levels of lead in their blood to double. president obama approved federal funds for flint. >> for almost two years we have been crying and begging and asking for clean water. >> reporter: leeds in drinking water should not exceed 15 parts per billion and flint more than half of the homes safin the after over 1,000 ppb and the highest retrating was 13,2,000, more than twice what the epa considers "toxic waste." problem persisted for a-year- and-a-half before officials admitted there was contamination and switch back to the original water source, but the damaged pipes still make the water unsafe to drink. that is why the national guard will be handing out water for the foreseeable future. back here at home, homeowners in half moon bay are on edge, the waves are eating away the beach and it's crumbling. there are concerns that sewer line in the area could go next
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and that could send waste spilling into the ocean. people in the area are also worried about safety. >> for this road to go would be really a big loss for the county. >> we're very concerned for people, because a lot of kids walk up and arun around here and a kid would fall 20' into rocks and ocean. >> san mateo county is asking for permission to do emergency repairs and all utility companies are have been asked to come in and make sure their lines are okay. getting people prepared for el nino and other emergencies was the goal of three wock shops in the east bay. emergency personnel walked people through preparations for strong winter storms and other emergency like potential terrorist attacks. >> super bowls and other major sports events are major targets and people should be encouraged that law enforcement is working night and day to make sure that
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our enemies can't carry out an tack and be better prepared. >> another workshop is at chabot center in oakland. >> tonight they are not seeing much at chabot because there is fog and cloudses and rain. mostly light rain at this hour, but more on the way. we're going to get hit pretty good tomorrow night and evening. you can see the fog coming up over the deck of the golden gate bridge underneath the road bed, which is a little bit slick. 55 degrees at conkorea all in the mid-50s and mild noit for the latter half the january. high def doppler look alt this guy in the pacific that will deliver a pitch to north california. one way oar another we're gotting to get hammered with the long-term off the pacific northwest. by noon tomorrow light rain will have begun to overspread the north bay. by noon tomorrow, now it's rolling on and you can see
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wham, it comes through the he central bay by midnight tomorrow night. we're going to have fairly good rain event over the bay area. heading south into the south bay, much of monday not so bad, but look at rain overspreading the bay area by tuesday morning? and extending into the afternoon. so we get rain in the north bay before midday and spreading south over the bay area. maybe a break on monday and more coming in for tuesday morning just in time for the morning commute. on the futurecast between now and 1:00 p.m., 2-2.75", almost 2" in san rafael and pleasanton .5". as we live over mostly dry san josi, showers will ease up overnight. we'll bet more rain later tomorrow and wet and unsettled in the week ahead a bit of a break one day and have a pretty good system coming through that will you see in a minute in the extended forecast. i want to make shuthat you know
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about the high surf warning posted through 4:00 a.m. monday. highest swell, 20' swells likely so be care of near the shore. it's a swell that produces rip currents. winter weather advisories in the mountains, snohomish 5600' and chains require on 50 and 80. sunrise tomorrow morning 7:24 and overnight lows low 50s for the most part and daytime highs tomorrowummer 50s, low 60s and rain on the way for the bay area. martin luther king, jr. day on monday, in the extended forecast, sunday looks wet later in the day. monday mostly cloudy and tuesday, here comes another one. pretty good storm, too. wednesday, partly cloudy and thursday cloudy and friday another system goes in. so on-again, off-again rain and a wet week ahead. as for sports i don't think it's exactly sodden over there. >> oh, yes, a couple of
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dazzling nfl divisional playoffs games for you. the packers-cardinals outcome especially produced a wow effect. if you haven't seen it, i got it next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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aaron rodgers, last years nfl up-top and why not? divisional playoff round. nfc outcome, jaw-dropping. aaron rodgers last year's mvp
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and the parks he underdog at arizona, 3rd quarter vintage rodgers escaped and found jeff janice for the score. packers up 13-7. 4 minutes left green bay up 3. carson palm's passed into the waiting hands for the go ahead 13-17. 5 seconds left, packers nevadaed a miracle down 7 and look at what happens. rodgerss lefts it good and jeff janice somehow caught in the end zone and forced overtime. tied at 20. palmer not a quick, nimble man and got away from the pressure and found a wide open larry fitzgerald and he is almost gone. he is caught inside the 5. fitzgerald caught 8 balls for 176 yards. 2 plays later, shovel pass to fitzgerald.
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we're done here. arizona won a thriller, 26-20 in overtime. philosophy gerald sized up this fitzgerald summed it up. >> craziest one you have been part of? >> craziest one? i was in high school, it was crazy, beat 789-0. crazy for all the wrong reasons. ways in some fun games, but that was great. >> alex smith and looking for win at england. tom brady increased the lead 14- 3 with the 2nd quarter numbers and led 14-6 at the half. brady hooks up with rob gronkowski twice. brady 302, two touchdowns and smith did lead a comeback. option pitch to west. just over a minute to play. got to them within 7 points,
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but ran out of time and luck. the ball tipping into the hands of woodsside high school alum julian edelman and patriots hung on to win 27-20 and vance to their 5th straight afc championship. i got more game, including the warriors. who had to go to detroit to tie a nice little bow on the first half. the first 41 games of the season. is unpredictable. life is and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care.
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mark...,,,at the detroit pistons... on big ben wallace jersey retirement night nba and warriors officially hit the mid-season mark, game no. 41 at the detroit pistons on big ben wallace jersey retirement night. there he is this all his glory. 1st quarter, steph curry from 30', miz feet were still on the paint in mid-court. scored 38, but it wasn't enough. warriors didn't shot very well and reggie jackson and the pistons played well enough. warriors down 16 at the half and by 17 in the 4th, when it happened. alley-oop, drummond shot just 36% from the floor. 113-96 and the record now 36-4. college games santa clara students in a lather, hosting
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loyola marymount. lions by 11, jacko, excuse me for the dunk. loyaloila won and broncos now 3- 5 in conference play. gimme the us sf don. scores 29 in pepperdine won by 14, 98-94. dons drop 3-5 in coverage place. former shark's goalie anti neimi playing for dallas and look at what they did for him. blew it by one of his two goals and sharks win in overtime, 4- 3. we'll be wack back ,,,,,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at seven- thirty. news and weather updates are always on cbs-sf-dot-com. that is awrap and nice having you as well ,,
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