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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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a rain-weakened hillside gis way... closing a busy east y road. just one of the effects of e latest el nino storm... and there's more o rain closes a busy hillside road. one of the effects of the el nino storm. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. keeping an eye on the storm on this holiday. we're getting a short reprieve from the po torrential downpours but today the bay area will get slammed by storm
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number 10. jackie ward has more. >> reporter: here people are keeping an eye on this, the very creek that crested the last time we had an el nino winter. this isn't the place people are watching closely. mother nature will continue to wreak havoc all over the place. back in february of 2014, this is what the san anselmo creek waters looked like. today there's a stronger, more powerful current. >> definitely raging more. >> reporter: this creek is what brought people out on a damp holiday morning, including a father and his daughter. >> i think the only time we might be somewhat concerned is if there's a flash flood in the middle of the night and we might sleep through it. >> reporter: downtown business owners aren't taking any chances. the flood gates and sandbags are out ready to block water from coming in. >> i'm kind of poking around the office to make sure everything works, the flood gates are working well and all of the things are in check and stacked up.
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>> we're checking the flood zones. at the urging of my wife we've taken necessary flood precautions which means that everything in the garage is 3 feet off the floor. >> reporter: sunday night's storm proved to be destructive. this rockslide forced chp to bows both directions of highway 84 for more than three hours. and drivers trying to get to southbound 101 from the eastbound 380 connector in south san francisco couldn't this morning due to a big rig that overturned and was fully engulfed in a flames. in pacifica, a giant hole opened up after getting pummeled by crashing waves repeatedly, damaging 15 to 20 feet of the sidewalk. this morning as the tide came in in mill valley, part of this parking lot had to be closed. in the south bay, the saratoga exit off southbound 280 had to be closed as well. as el nino wraps up, safety the primary concern. but the people are not worried about the creek cresting like
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it did back in 2005. they believe that it would take quite a bit more for it to reach that level. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> thank you. roberta is watching the high- def doppler radar for the next wave of rain. here it comes. >> we saw 2.50 in mount saint helena. this is it, high-def doppler radar. can you see it? the leading edge of precipitation now entering just to the south and to the west of eureka. otherwise, let's try to put this in movement so you can plan on when you will need the umbrella. here's the future cast. mostly cloudy skies throughout the day today and evening. here we are at 5:00 tomorrow morning. north bay, also the coastal areas with rain coinciding with high tide at 7:15. 6.8 deep and then you go through lunchtime, 24 hours from now, we will have moderate to heavy rainfall. we'll tell you just how much rain to expect as far as totals are concerned. that's coming up later in this
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newscast. frank and michelle? >> okay, roberta. thank you. crews are with the marin county search-and-rescue team have joined the effort to find a missing skier in tahoe. carson may was last seen thursday afternoon skiing at sugar bowl. 50 people are scouring the mountain looking for him. bad weather hampered the search over the weekend. searchers in hawaii say they've seen no signs of the marines involved in a helicopter crash off oahu's northshore. their aircraft went down in a training mission late thursday night. since the tragedy, ocean safety lauf gurds on watercraft have over -- lifeguard on water have covered over 150 yards. just minutes ago, john burris called for a investigation into the death of mario woods. wood -- woods was fatal show
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shot by police in december. but police chief greg suhr justified the use of lethal force. burris wants the department of justice to decide. >> you have officers essentially engaged in a firing squad activity at his expense and there should be, in my view -- those are civil rights, criminal violations. >> mayor ed lee says he welcomes the investigation and that he hopes for a more transparent police department. new at noon, the murder of an ohio police officer made more chilling by an ominous call warning of the killer's intent. the body of the officer was discovered behind a building last night. shortly before the gruesome discovery, dispatchers got a call from a woman saying her ex- boyfriend was out to kill an officer. police tracked down the suspect and arrested him. a wanted suspect in the november paris attack is behind
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bars. police say he was arrested in morocco. according to reports, he traveled to syria with one of the paris suicide bombers to receive military training. his exact involvement in the attacks that killed 130 people remains unclear. french police say one suspect wanted in the attacks is still at large. three americans freed from prison in iran are now at a u.s. military hospital in germany. creak -- craig boswell has more. >> reporter: a swiss air force plane landed in geneva carrying jason rezaian. rezaian was among three former iranian prisoners on board the aircraft. his brother ali is waiting for him in germany. >> i was able to speak to him this morning on the phone. he's just really happy to be out. he got a good night's rest. >> reporter: iran released five americans from the prisons over the weekend. one flew direct to boston. another stayed in iran. this woman wanted to help her brother learn what he's missed.
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>> every new year there is a year-end and i would save it for him. >> reporter: as the prisoners were u.s., the u.s. and other powers paid bales in crash, a reward for freezing the nuclear program. before they received compensation, iran had to ship out more than 25,000 pounds of atomic fuel, reduce the number of centrifuges and pour concrete into a plutonium reactor rendering it useless. monday, the agency capped with monitoring iran's nuclear program met with iran's president. >> for decades, inspectors will have access to the entire nuclear supply chain. >> reporter: but shortly after the sanctions were lifted, the white house announced its own new sanctions against 11 individuals and companies related to iran's ballistic missile program. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> jason rezaian is from marin. a relative called the release the most fabulous news we've heard in a very, very long
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time. they say he should be back in the united states next week and there will be a huge party at that time. checking bay area headlines. we now know the name of the pedestrian killed by a tour bus in san francisco. police say 82-year-old peter roll was killed at post street saturday afternoon. the bus driver was making a right turn. witnesses say he didn't realize that he hit the man until they flagged him down. also, in bay area headlines, san jose police looking for this man. he was caught on camera ten days ago stealing a package from a house on muller place in san jose. but he's also suspected of burglarizing a second home and stealing a car in the same street. san jose pd says if you know who he is, give them a call. and these surveillance pictures were released by burlingame police. this man is suspected of stealing money from the cash register at nut nal toyota. police say he is wearing gloves
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to possibly hide his fingerprints. events are bees held in the bay area to honor martin luther king. kiet do spent the morning on on the new mlk celebration train. >> reporter: just when you thought the annual train ride on the martin luther king, junior holiday was gone forever, it's back. >> so glad. so excited. so happy to be here. [laughter] [singing] >> reporter: every year, people of all color, religions and nationalities ride trains from san jose to san francisco. trains all around the country were organized by the late coretta scott king. they used to call it the freedom train. >> sold out! >> reporter: this is video from 2015 when it was supposed to be the freedom train's last year with ridership declining, the original organizers called it quits after 30 years because of lack of interest and funding. riders used to pay $10.
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now in 2016, caltrain stepped up and chartered the train for free. [singing] >> reporter: the agency says it's an important community event to keep going and rebranded it the celebration train. riders didn't seem to care what the name was. >> i was really happy they were able to make it happen. >> reporter: this 7-year-old says learning about martin luther king, junior on a train beats sitting in a classroom. >> he changed the law. he didn't fight. he spoke with his words. he changed the world. >> reporter: on a train somewhere in santa clara county, kiet do, kpix 5. he wrote one of the biggest songs in music history and now he's in trouble with the law. we'll tell you what don mcclain was arrested for overnight. the launch was picture perfect, the landing not so much. and a scandal in
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professional tennis. have top players been paid to lose? wouldel tell -- we'll tell you about the allegations. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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songwriter don mclean is fa domestic violence charges. new at noon, singer/songwriter don mcclain is facing domestic violence charges. he was arrested overnight at his home in maine. no information was given about the victim. mcclain's american pie was one of the most iconic songs of the 20th century. he auctioned off the lyrics last year for more than a million dollars. and check out judge judy's plane. this is what the strong winds did to it over the weekend. it had his nose pushed into the air by 80-mile-an-hour gusts. the underbelly sustained some damage as well. in case you are wondering, the plane is worth about $23
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million. campaign 2016, gun control and healthcare among the top ticks last night. here's the heated moments on the south carolina stage. >> reporter: bill and hillary clinton greeted supporters and posed for pictures following the final debate before the iowa caucus. earlier, clinton and sanders clashed on a number of issues starting with gun control. >> he voted for immunity from gunmakers and sellers which the nra said was the most important piece of gun legislation in 20 years. >> reporter: clinton slammed sanders for voting repeatwily with the nra but he pointed to his lifetime rating of d-minus. >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very disenjenous. >> reporter: fiscal policy and healthcare reform also dominated the discussion here in charleston. >> in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, we
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should have healthcare for every man, woman and child as a right. >> there are things we can do to imimprove it but -- improve it but to tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back i think is the wrong direction. >> reporter: martin o'malley was on the stage but he struggled to get a word in. >> i don't think there's been a single debate where we left people saying they heard too much from martin o'malley. >> reporter: a new poll gives clinton a lead over both rivals but sanders was unimpressed and said he's winning in new hampshire and tied in iowa where voters are set to caucus in two weeks. >> all three candidates attended a martin luther king event on the steps of the south carolina statehouse. it was a perfect liftoff. the landing, not so much. >> and liftoff of the falcon 9
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rocket. >> spacex's latest launch from vandenburg went off without a hitch. the rocket lifted a new ocean monitoring satellite into orbit but the attempt to land the booster on a droneship, well, that didn't go so well. video shows it coming down okay. but it teeters as the leg collapses and topples and explodes. spacex has managed to land on land but the ceo says a boat is much harder. well, let's get to roberta. she's one busy lady. storm number 10 is coming our way. >> let's take a look at our weather watchers. the raindrops on the rooftop in the overnight hours, wow, whispering pines 1.25. we're keeping a watchful eye on that situation. that's in the burned-out area from the valley fire this past summer. we wish you well in that area.
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also in orinda over 1.25 of rain did fall. ual of -- all of that rain, now we have a couple of more inches. take a look. we're starting to see lots of signs of the super bowl coming here to the bay area, 21 days. we'll have super bowl 50 right here in the bay area. look at that beautiful banner on the hilton hotel right here in the city of san francisco. gorgeous. wow. 21 days away. you know who has had the most wins in the super bowl? that would be the pittsburgh steelers with 6. denver broncos, the most losses, at 5. okay. michelle. i won't mention that again. mostly cloudy skies looking out towards san jose, min net you a airport we saw nearly a number inch of -- nearly a full inch of rain. temperature-wise in the 50s and 60s, very mild out the door.
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winds are nonexistent. doppler radar picking up the leading edge of a cold front that's heading this way. this is what you need to know. first off, mostly cloudy skies today with a few sunny breaks. we're tracking storm number 10 that will be here just in time for the morning commute and storm number 11 will move in by friday morning. this is this morning's storm. it's out of here after dumping 4, 8 inches in the high sierra as well. the next storm on tap, 1.50, possibly even 2 inches of rain expected in the highest elevations of our local mountains. this sour future cast. you can time the rain accordingly. look at the rainfall. by 5:00 in the morning hours and then pushing out very rapidly toward the midafternoon hours, we could see a hit-and- miss scattered shower by wednesday. but another storm by thursday. over an inch of rain expected over the next 24 hours in fairfield. again, we had snow in morning in tahoe, now we had a little peak of sunshine there. here is your sundown and sunset. we're talking about
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temperatures in the 50s and 60s. here is your extended forecast. it's a pretty much unsettled weather pattern each and every day. we do have rain coming by tomorrow morning. it will be rainy this time tomorrow afternoon and then more rain. so another storm by friday. >> same old stuff. it's like the same forecast over and over again. >> but we're not looking at rain on the super bowl. >> oh, good. >> 1 day -- 21 days ahead. >> i'm working on it. you may not have even his movie but you will never forget his acceptance speech -- coming up next. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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top-ranked tennis world is being rocked by reports of a top- ranked player throwing matches for money. this story is breaking as the australian open is getting underway. their heat isn't the only buzz around the courts. fans and players are talking about the match fixing allegations by the bbc, a report that the governing body looked the other way. 16 players at the australian open are among the 28 implicated. but no names are mentioned. well, his performance was award-winning. his septemberance speech adorable. >> they gave him a box to stand on so he could reach the
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microphone. that wasn't enough. someone had to hold the mic could be heard. >> you voted for me, it must be a super hard vote because of all of the other great actors in this category. >> he says he will display the award on his shelf next to his falcons. there's no better fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> tony has tips for picking strawberries. >> well, today's tip of the day will be with strawberries. it's winter time and places that grow strawberries, some places in california and florida are still growing them. there's not a lot of them coming out. what's out there is either growing in the states in small areas or being flown in. when the shoulders are green, they don't get red. once they are picked, the sugar
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content stops. they will get riper but they will not get sweeter. buy them red all the way around. when you bring them home, store them in the fridge right away. never wash them before you store them. but always wash them before you enjoy them. 140% of the vitamin c for the day. stay away from the green shoulders, the green tops, buy them all red and never wash them before you store them. always remember to eat eat fresh and stay healthy. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up tonight at 5:00, it's the largest specialty food trade event on the west coast. it's in san francisco right now. we'll take you inside the 2016 winner food show. that's at 5:00. >> roberta is buying. let's go to lunch. >> have a great day, everyone. >> taco bell.
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