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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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morning. you want to take your time if you are heading out. it's tuesday, january 19th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30 on this wet tuesday. a wet, wet commute. on the bay bridge, windshield wipers going full force as drivers make their way into the city. but this new round of rain could spell trouble t half moon bay seeing dang from earlier storms. forceful waves brought several feet. we learned a sewer line is exposed now. local sewage will spim in as well. crews had a mess when sea wall completely collapsed. now they are working to protect nearby homes to prevent infrastructure near the shore from crumbling. it's a messy tuesday. >> we want the rain but it's causing a lot of trouble.
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>> we've been really fortunate this el nino season. 20 years ago, almost 30 years ago when we had the effects of el nino, we had it at once. we've been able to handle it. we've already seen up to 12 inches of rain throughout some areas in the bay area through the month of january. i think today is the day where we'll start to see it take it toll. we have to stay on top of everything as you head out the door this morning. we have a hot of ponding on the road. a lot of heavy rain falling. gusty winds and those winds will lead to the potential of downed power lines or trees. this is our doppler radar. you can see the bands near the 580/680 corridor to brentwood, altamont pass, tracy, you have heavy rain and look at the new band of heavy rain pushing onshore, anywhere from mill valley, to sausalito into san francisco along the peninsula where we do anticipate more coastal erosion. in addition to that, we have high tide at 7:15. about 6.48 feet.
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we will see some flooding in those usually prone areas as well. the clouds and the rain right now, looking out towards the transamerica pyramid. winds blow up to 15 miles an hour. we have a wind advisory in effect for solano, it eb compasses -- encompasses vallejo. we'll talk about how much rain you can anticipate. right now, let's see if it's taking its toll on the roads. here's gianna. getting reports of a trouble spot at north 880, two lanes are blocked. we're seeing yellow on the sensors. might see slow and go speeds. other than that, it's fairly quiet. but still very early. we anticipate a busy commute. the fast track users, no delays as you head out of oakland into san francisco. it's slick surfaces out there.
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take a look at the conditions out of marin county. southbound 101, 580 into san francisco. it will only take you 15 minutes right now as you head towards the golden gate bridge this morning and 880 looks okay northbound as you head into oakland. >> thank you. the latest el nino storm is hitting the bay area bringing those strong winds sand slick roads for the morning commute. the rain will be heavy at times and is expected to continue for hours. jackie ward is in the marin headlands to show us the conditions there right now. >> reporter: good morning. well, forecasters are calling this the wettest january since 2010. boy, we've certainly felt it. we're here in the marin headlands where it's a light rainfall. we're experienced everything from light to moderate. wind gusts not so bad. we're focused on the commuting hours. our commute starts earlier than most. this is what it looked like after 2:00 a.m. from the east bay.
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in one of our producers made his way on the bay bridge into the city. you can see ponding and puddling from the storm forming. the bridges will be where it's windy. you need to pay attention on those bridges. a lot of slippery spots. poor visibility out there this morning as well. on our way to the north bay, we stopped on van ness street to show a couple of spots here is around 3:00 tara moriarty. you can see already see the puddles are forming there. we're expecting a lot of downed trees and power lines today. the wind is expected to pick up. and this is just the beginning as she was saying high tide coincides with this morning's storm. we're bracing for what the day holds for us. back to you. >> is there a danger of rock slides because of all of the rain we're getting? >> >> reporter: yeah, of course. sunday night, the -- the ground is so saturated, the trees can't hold onto anything.
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we saw a rockslide yesterday. we're expecting more of that activity this morning. from the marin hedlunds, jackie ward, kpix 5. developing news near santa cruz at this hour. the coast guard is searching for two people who were swept away in the ocean. calfire says four people were on a small cliff in bonnie dune when a wave crashed pulling them in the water. crews rescued two people from the group. two others still missing. we've learned a search helicopter heading back to the area at this hour. a san jose river is seeing the plus side of this wet weather. water is unrushing through the guadalupe river. recent storms raised the water levels and now the water is
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flowing. in san francisco, a high surf rescue with a happy ending yesterday. the man in gray was snapping pictures of wild waves from rocks but he got trapped after. luckily, these rescue swimmers braved powerful waves and got him to shore safely. they caused a massive traffic jam on the bay bridge yesterday. protesters chaining themselves and cars together shutting down all of the westbound lanes of the bay bridge. andria borba was there when they moved in. >> reporter: crossing all five lanes of traffic, the bay bridge blockade ground traffic on westbound 8 -- brought traffic on westbound 80 to a halt. the protesters were in charge for at least a little while. >> you will be subject to arrest. >> reporter: the chp was aware of protest plans and had
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crewses staged at the toll plaza but wasn't able to prevent the shutdown. >> they were able to get on the bridge and to control the lane. >> the first annual bay bridge block party. >> reporter: 20 minutes after the protest began, with cars stacking up, the bolt cutters arrived. the chain links were replaced by zip ties. the damage traffic-wise even on the martin luther king, junior holiday had where been done. >> i think i'm about to turn my car around and go home. >> it's not fair. i understand, you knee, the message but -- you know, the message but the way they are going about it it's not right. >> reporter: the protest was centered around the black lives matter movement attention [chanting] >> reporter: when asked whether mucking up traffic would muddy
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the message one proprotester said this -- >> i think it's important to know that the people dying in the streets, their lives are worth having to wait a little while. >> reporter: as for future protests, the uncle of oscar grant said this -- we shut down the bay bridge and we will let everyone know the super bowl with the bay area is all -- what the super bowl with the bay area is all about. >> all it takes is a few protesters and cars to cause gridlock. last august, dozens of protesters blocked two offramps in oakland after a man suspected of armed robbery was shot and killed by police. and in december, 2014,
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protesters shut down state highway 24 calling for an end to police brutality and in ferguson, thousands protested a grand jury's decision in the fatal shooting in michael brown's case. the bay area protesters geared toward disrupting and calling attention to alleged to police brutal i. in the past few days, demonstrations have gotten personal with a wakeup call at mayor ed lee's home urging him to fire greg suhr. protesters happened at the home of libby schaaf and bothly's police chiefs. >> what makes san francisco and oakland unique is their location and their ability to draw in national and international attention. that's why they've become the target of the latest round of
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demonstrations. >> yesterday, mayor lee was shouted down at an interfaith martin luther king day celebration. fbi and san francisco is not saying what potential security warnings are inside a report but we talked to someone who could talk about it. >> there will be law enforcement secreted around the stadium that you won't see or know about. they are there. >> retired fbi jeffrey harp says one potential threat to a successful super bowl is a gadget thousands of americans got for christmas, the drone. >> if someone were to use a drone to dispurse something, it would be a hazardous situation. >> it also warns about a vandal potentially cutting fiberoptic
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cable, potentially shutting down the internet. >> so if fiberoptic cables get cut, it impacts financial institutions and silicon valley and a lot of infrastructure in that area. >> but harp says the biggest security threat is a repeat of something we saw in san bernardino, one or a few individuals who managed to slip through the security gauntlet. >> it's the lone wolf, the individual who is self- radicalized that creates a problem that you can't detect. there's only so much that the fbi can do as far as electronic surveillance within the guidelines of the constitution. >> there are no credible threats. but what should you do to keep your safe threat at the super bowl. it's like being on and -- an airplane know where the exits
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are. ,,,,
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kpix five's betty yu tells the victim and suspect rode same bus... before things td deadly on the train. new details about what led up to a shooting on b.a.r.t. >> reporter: security cameras on a tridelta transit bus captured these images of the suspected gunman. the background blurred out on purpose. so investigators didn't tip off the suspect, that they knew he had been on board. b.a.r.t. said the suspect and 19-year- old carlos commune nez romero had some sort of -- munoz had some sort of interaction on the bus. half an hour later at the west oakland station, the gunman shot romero multiple times at close range the motive, that's still under investigation.
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betty yu, kpix 5. residents in one san jose neighborhood are protecting their homes after a rash of break-ins. surveillance video shows this suspected thief scoping out the sidewalk before he swiped the package off a step and then calmly walks off. then he circles back and this time with the bandana on his face. san jose police believe he also broke into a home on nearby muller place and stole the owner's car. neighbors these crimes stand out. >> it's a really safe, quiet neighborhood. >> just to know how close it is to home and we have two small daughters. it's surprising and shocking. >> neighbors tell us they are forming a neighborhood watch group due to the thefts. several of them plan to buy top- notch surveillance cameras. a shocking discovery for people participating in the martin luther king day of service. volunteers found a decomposing body in the mud at arrowhead marsh. the body was half clothed.
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the volunteers were cleaning up the trash in the area when they came across the body. police say it's a man between 30 and 40 years old. there was no sign of trauma to the body. it's unclear how he died. hope is fading that a ski instructor missing in the sierra will be found alive. crews are looking for 23-year- old carson may. he disappeared thursday while skiing at sugar bowl. searchers say the last ping from his cell phone. experiences skiers know time is running out. >> four days is a lightning time in that ther what and in these conditions it's hard to imagine the person is not wet and cold. >> that was by himself at the time. his father said he did not have an avalanche beaken. 4:46. the weather is wet and wild. this morning, going over the
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bay bridge, it's really something. >> we'll see more rain yesterday than today. but we have the wind influence today. we do have a wind advisory in effect only for solano county that was issued by the national weather service out of sacramento. not our immediate area that's encompassing the monterey bay area. we have wind gusting at 30 miles an hour. we have plenty of cloud cover. when you can't see the tiptop of it that's a sure sign we'll see airport delays. very mild out the door with the numbers in the 50s and 60s. here is your high-def doppler radar did. we have a huge swath. this is the initial front. it encompasses anything from the vallejo area, the trivalley into san francisco and lining the immediate seashore. otherwise it's 0 pretty light to moderate rainfall but this rain began about -- say two hours ago. it will stick with us throughout much of the midmorning hours and scattered showers during the afternoon.
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here's how we're playing out your tuesday. it's a storming morning commute. the wet and the windiest conditions between 6:00 and and 11:00 a.m. and then we have more wet weather slated for the tail end of this workweek. this is our satellite and radar. this is a cold front. it generated out of the gulf of alaska and then got entrained in this atmospheric river and narrow band and that's why we have some very mild conditions out there this morning. but we do have rain showers accumulating up to 1.50 associated with this area of low pressure and they keep stacking up like planes at sfo. by lunch hour we begin to see settle down. here is the evening commute. it appears rain free. your wednesday and thursday will be much needed dry out days right here. look what happens by friday morning. just in time for the morning commute again. more rain right here in the bay
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area. now today until about wad when we might have a scattered hit and miss shower, we're looking at 1.50 of rain in the east bay. more snow in tahoe up to 18 inches in the highest peaks. 50s and 60s for daytime highs. pushing 60s all day long. rain today and rain again on friday. here is gianna with traffic. >> thank you. let's check in on our accidents here. we've got a new trouble spot as you work your way pay long highway 4. the an tip bridge. it's now over to the shoulder. we're starting to see slow and go speeds its a big rig involved in the threat. a little sluggish westbound highway 4 as you come off the antioch bridge headed into pittsburg. once you get past that, things are clear to the eastshore freeway. northbound 880 near 980, chp changed the locater to oak
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street and just cleared sfg out to the right shoulder. you can see that on our sensor here. that traffic is moving okay as you work your way northbound 880. first look at the bay bridge right now with no delays. had a couple of cars in the cash lanes. everything is clear. we're seeing wet weather. slick surfaces. 19 minutes for your drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. northbound 101 of flooding. they are doing the lane changes at the golden gate bridge. here is a live look. we have rain drops there on the cram raw. slick surfaces. be careful as you head across the span into san francisco. and in livermore, westbound 580 seeing delays. back to you guys. >> okay. thank you. sad news to share with you. glenn frey with the eagles has
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died. ♪ you can't hide your lying eyes ♪ >> "lying eyes" was nominated for record of the year in 1975. henley and frye performed one of the best duos ever. he died yesterday in new york from complications from a number of ailments including pneumonia. he was 67. a technically tricky tuesday for twitter. the social media platform is experiencing an outage all over the world. for the last couple of hours, users tried to access the site on a computer have received a message telling them that something is technically wrong. 4:51. our chocolate supply melting right before our eyes. the fit against the global shortage and how it could change chocolate that you buy coming your way. kixx ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what high-def doppler radar, i have every site scanning. you can see we have bands of moderate to heavy rainfall lineth bay bridge into oakland, richmond, also san rafael. it encompasses most of the east bay into san ramon as well. check out the peninsula. heavy rain around the sunset districtal all the way into daly is. you can see the rain really coming down on the bay bridge. slow and go conditions as you work your way across the span. the accident at northbound 880 is cleared. san francisco's old estd gay bar may be closing its doors. the gangway has been operating
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since 1910. the the owner was going to sell the bar but a lawsuit accusing him of not paying him minimum wage was filed. city officials say a few days ago, they didn't find out that walmart would be closing. walmart will not comment on why it shut down the door but some speculate it has to do with the 12.50 minimum wage, the highest in the state. >> any time a big employer leaves oakland for any reason, it has an impact and we have to do something about it. >> walmart decided to close 269 of its stores this month nationwide. the other store slated to close in the bay area is in san jose. bay area boermen, one of the country's biggest trade
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shows may notice higher prices. owners are preparing for a worldwide chocolate shortage as the demand for cocoa beans increases. some are looking for ways to boost production while maintaining quality. >> it's absolutely important. my dad always said cheap chocolate isn't good and good chocolate isn't cheap. >> today is the last day to attend the show at the moscone center from 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. some big names are boycotting the academy awards for a lack of tie versety in the 2016 nomination process. jay cau pinkett smith posted -- jada pinkett smith posted she would not be attending or watching the academy awards. all of the nominees in thetop
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categories are white. >> we're not happy with the results. so it's pushing even harder and having results come quicker. >> other hollywood heavy weights are joining the call for a boycott. spike lee tweeted the battle for diversity is not just for the academy awards but also with hollywood executives. donald trump making on apple and religion in his latest speech. our political insider offers up some insight -- next. >> it will be another wet commute. we'll show you what it looks like from the roads as this storm continues. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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it's tuesday, january 19th.m frank mallicoat mallicoat 'm michelle griego. good morning. it's tuesday, january 19th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego.
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heavy rain once again hitting the bay area hard this morning. already damaging many spots. we'll get out to the crews. first, let's go right to roberta. >> it's a one-two punch this morning. good morning. we have a combination of very gusty winds and heavy downpours. let's get right down to business with our eye on the storm. we have our def doppler radar. it's picking up plenty of precipitation anywhere this morning from eureka lining the coast all the way south to monterey bay. let's focus in on the bay area. you see this shades of yellow and orange. that signifies we have moderate to heavy downpours. backing all the way into walnut creek, concord, la fail yet, orinda all the way around 680 into san ralph mown and that nasty morning commute as far as for now and the sunol grade is concerned. as we zoom out and take another picture, another view, sfo encompassed


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