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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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onboard plus the driver. 10 passengers including a 7- year-old child were sent to four area hospitals. the bus was on an overnight trip from los angeles to oakland . some passengers reported the driver who suffered minor injuries was tired and fell asleep at the wheel. >> he had mentioned he was fatigue. but he did not indicate he had fallen asleep. >> reporter: they sent to spend hours taking measurements and interviewing passengers. we are just getting word on one of the fatal victims of this crash -- a woman from los angeles county in her 50s by the name of valley are there. -- sally alivera. she was to meet her son in san francisco.
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the sun was told by the coroner's office that his mother was dead. >> i called and asked if i could see my mother and he said i have to wait until tomorrow. it is probably -- it's painful. it's hurtful. >> reporter: as for the investigation, the chp says it will be lengthy. they are saying they are not ruling out anything in terms of mechanical failures or the weather. or as we mentioned earlier, the potential of driver fatigue. len ramirez, kpix 5 . >> crews have to use two cranes to get the greyhound bus upright. chopper 5 was over the scene. it took several hours to to the truck away. they will conduct its own investigation.>> this is from
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2010 when a greyhound bus head into sacramento slammed into a tree in fresno. six people died in that crash. the driver had swerved to avoid an overturned suv. the chp said greyhound wasn't at fault. tonight we have learned both passengers killed were thrown from the bus. we will look at the laws surrounding seatbelts on buses. a trip to the beach turning into a frantic search for two missing college students. the pair were swept into the rough waters north of santa cruz. kpix 5's maria medina is there with details. maria? >> reporter: you can see just how rough the waters are behind me. rescuers have been searching by boat and air. family members say they will continue searching as well. >> i am upset.
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he is a really good guy. i cannot believe it. he would jump in and save someone. >> reporter: mohammed joins other family members who are looking for the young victim.>> as soon as i found out he was swept away, i came over here.>> reporter: investigators got the call yesterday after 5 pm. a wave took college students out to see. -- see -- sea. his nephew just 25 years old but they refuse to stop searching. >> i am very upset and helpful. i'm hoping he is still out there. >> reporter: no word on when and if the search will be suspended. maria medina, kpix 5. all out for the latest el niño storm has a number of
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people in berkeley unable to go home. the neighborhood was cut down after a giant eucalyptus tree fell. more than 300 homes lost power. most of them have it back on tonight. this happened on panoramic way near prospect street. this is a live look at the area right now as crews worked to clear the area. for people who cannot go home, the city has set up a staging area with water, snacks, and restrooms. >> in five hours we will probably be able to let cars go in and out. a storm caused trouble on the roads for people trying to get to work this morning. niles canyon road in fremont has to be closed down because of rock slides. chopper 5 spotted heavy equipment. the road was closed for several hours. in north bay heavy rains
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caused problems in sonoma county. check out highway 12. the road is completely submerged and at last check the road was still closed because of flooding. in skyline boulevard heavy rain caused a tree to come down taking a power line with it. police have to close down the area well crews took care of the problem. two cars were slightly damaged. this is on samsung street this morning. crews made quick work pulling it up and hauling it out of the way. here is our live look where the snow is coming down with 7 inches falling in some of the higher elevations overnight and tonight the water department says the snowpack is 115% of normal for this time of year. >> another consequence from all of this rain with pot holes on
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streets and freeways. if there was a crack in the roadway, it has now turned into a driving hazard. kpix 5's kate has one driver who paid the price. >> reporter: we can show you a look at that aftermath here just in this one intersection there are several pot holes. if you are not paying attention, it could cost you hundreds of dollars. >> reporter: when it rains, it pot holes. catching drivers offguard. >> it was like hitting a wall. it sent a shock through the whole car.>> reporter: peter pruett was on his way to work when -- >> i got up to the exit heading northbound and hit a pothole. >> reporter: -- he felt it and so did his tire. he had to slap on a spare and
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found there were at least 20 other drivers doing the same thing. >> it was one car after another. we were all broken down on the side of the road together. >> reporter: as you can see, the pot hole has since been fixed. we want to show you -- look at the cracks on the road. the public works could have another issue on their hands. peter says the pot hole had been there for a while. >> it has been there for at least a few months, and then i think the rain has expanded it. it was quite large. >> reporter: i checked in with san francisco's department of public works. they tell me in this month the responded to 400 pot holes. back to you. >> i believe it. in san francisco it is chickie -- tricky. can someone file a claim with
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the city if a pot hole damages their car?>> reporter: that is a really good question. when i was talking to public works you actually can file a claim with the city. that is only if there is a known dangerous condition like a broadway that hasn't been inspected -- roadway that hasn't been inspected for a long time. you can also filed with caltrans . but keep in mind, there is a time limit. if you want to file, you have six months to do so. >> those repairs in the expensive. thank you. all of this caused by 3 inches of rainfall most of which to in a for our -- fell in a four hour timeframe. there is another storm on the horizon. we will talk about the timing coming. did you get stuck in that
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big traffic jam? you may not be excited to find out what will happen to those demonstrators. i am mike with details coming up. by the san francisco leaders say it doesn't add up. ,,,,,,,,
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protest that tied up traffic across the bay bridge. traffic came to a stand-sti when a group stopped their , chained them together and drivers are still fuming about the protest that brought traffic to a standstill. >> it blocked all westbound lanes. kpix 5's reporter mike sugerman on why those producers will not be punished.>> reporter: the highways and bridges have been closed around the bay areas for the last half century be it any protest -- and now black lives matter. through it all, professors don't often get in the very much trouble.
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25 protesters were arrested and booked into the san francisco county jail yesterday released before 2 a.m. this morning. all charged with four misdemeanor counts each. these are crimes that carry a possibility of six months to a year each. >> reporter: that is a lot of jail time. are you afraid of going to jail? >> we are working legal support, and i feel confident in those folks. >> reporter: alicia bell was one of those arrested. >> folks might be familiar with the black friday protest.>> reporter: she sure is. they shut down thanksgiving two years ago but the charges were dropped by alameda county. you think your charges will be dropped? >> i hope so. >> reporter: the bay area processors have a history of leniency toward protests.
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should these people be charged? >> i don't think that the protesters should be charged. >> reporter: the public defender usually takes on such cases though these protesters have attorneys of their own. what kind of messages does this send to other protesters?>> protests are as long as this country's history and beyond. it shouldn't be surprising that the district attorney decides to dismiss the charge. the pope that are protesting -- people protest regardless of the consequences. >> reporter: the san francisco district attorney office did not want to comment on what they will do. it could be a year or more before anything is asked -- decided. that is just the way we do things in the bay area. mike sugerman, kpix 5 . a silver anniversary celebrated on the ice. we are live for the san jose sharks 25th anniversary in the bay area. the effort to repair the
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like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit lockdown... and manhunt. police found a w a serious gunshot w a shooting in fremont leads to a lockdown in a manhunt. police found a woman suffering from a serious gunshot wound in the 4400 block about 9 a.m. about 9 a.m.
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the search for the gunman led to the brief lockdown of two nearby schools. police have no description of the man or information about how he got away. the woman is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. union city police have shot and killed a man armed with regarding to. a man was -- gardening tool. a man was tapping on a home. they found him in the backyard armed with a taking tool. -- digging tool. he refused to drop it and charged at him. under the legislation proposed in the state assembly, californians would be limited to buy a maximum of one rifle or shotgun each month. that is the same limit currently in place for all handguns. miguel santiago says he is proposing the new law in response to the trend of more
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long guns then handguns being purchased. we are 18 days away from super bowl 50 right here on kpix 5. the city of san francisco has already run up a $500 million super bowl tab. some supervisors demanded the nfl reimburse them if they don't make it back in revenue. the taxpayers are helping to fund the events.>> we should go into all of these deals getting sufficient cost reimbursement for the taxpayers of san francisco. yes, people are inconvenienced and will have a good time, but we have to make sure we are minding the store. that they see the benefits will greatly outweigh the cost. some hotels and sales taxes will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. the sharks are rolling out the carpet tonight. they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this season.
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there is a special event about to start at the sap event center. here is a look at the arena. the celebration starts at 8 pm and it will feature current players and coaches as many as many former sharks. also will be one of the team's owners as well as the nhl commissioner. tickets are still available at $25. remember this click in pacifica -- click -- cliff in pacifica? the large boulders have been dropped into the area that is looked away. more work still needs to be done. crews have >> more boulders in the area. it rained and it rained. >> there is praying and then -- rain and then there is rain. it
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was coming down in buckets. pretty intense for the bay area. maybe you were caught in it this morning and were driving some very slowly. the roads will still be wet, but no additional rainfall. we have dry conditions for more than 48 hours. the number of rainy days so far this month nearly exceeds the number of rainy days we have last january, february, march, and april combined. that is how wet it has been so far this month. we will see several more wet days before we see february. cloudy in san jose and livermore is 58 degrees. right now we will drop to the 40s as the skies clear. oakland 47, redwood city 46. these are the jet stream winds with the red color on your television strength -- screen.
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that is where the storm track is and where the storms have been going and will continue to go and they have been piling into northern california. storm number 10 hits us today. we follow those redlines back to see were storm number 11 is. it will bring it to the bay area as well friday. fisher cast -- tomorrow morning should -- futurecast shows thursday morning cloudy and dry. friday morning is the next rain chance at 5:00 when the rain move >> him. a mainly -- moves back in. a mainly cloudy night tonight with a saturation in the atmosphere. we get a dry brick tomorrow and thursday. that storm number 11 will arrive on friday giving us another inch of rainfall. high temperatures tomorrow are
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oakland 61, the mid-61, mountain view, 63. napa is 58 degrees. friday is wet with the showers lingering until early saturday more -- morning. next monday and tuesday we will be dry. summit adjusting happened this week. we were getting a ton of events of rain that were not that strong. now we only get two but both are stronger. this week it will be fewer events but a lot of rain. >> get it over with all at once. >> it is nice to get a little bit of a break. >> it will prevent widespread river flooding. we have not seen that this winter. >> thanks. the you tube empire getting bigger. were it is expanding in the bay area -- where it is expanding in the bay area next.
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oil prices close lower today. here is a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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the video collection websits half-a- youtube is stretching into san bruno. at the bay here -- hill office center. they paid two $15 million for the campus. it is adjacent to current youtube headquarters. they are arbor day san bruno's largest private employer. donald trump has picked up a conservative endorsement. sarah palin has announced she is backing trump. the caucuses are two weeks away. palin supported ted cruz and
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now the two men are locked in a fierce battle in iowa. it could give trump a significant boost. the supreme court is stepping to referee the contentious fight between congress and the white house. the court will review president obama's effort to shield the deportation of immigrants living illegally here. the executive order would make immigrants eligible to work without the fear of being rounded up. now what is ahead on the cbs evening news. >> we will have more on sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump for president. also the outrageous going up flint, michigan lead contamination crisis with calls for the governor's resignation. we will ask a doctor about the impact of lead poisoning. then we will find out how
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singing in the car became a late night tv sensation. it helps to have a bill behind the wheel. all of that tonight on the western addition of the cbs evening news right after the kpix 5 five news. . ,, ,,,,,,,,
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we've got some new options that might interest you. like adult dental coverage. great news for you... and your sweet tooth. to find free, local, in-person help, visit he's just taken over the res new at 6:00 tonight he is just taking over the the reins of the biggest city in the bay area. we sit down with the new police chief. what he has had to sacrifice to
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keep officers on the street. you can call it the storm j- curve. wait until you see what all of this rain is bringing into the bay. all have those stories and more tonight at 6:00. we will see you than. >> veronica, sounds good. some of the stuff being collected we have seen trees and a little bit of flooding. where are we in terms of the track? -- drought? safely the weather service gave us a benchmark. they said 150% of average rainfall for the whole water year in addition to 150% of the average snowfall in the sierra. it is now a target we can use and i can show you to see how we are doing. the past couple days were above average for the water year. that is good. but we are nowhere close to 150%.
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we are currently at 109%. the snowpack today is 111%. the good news is we have never seen numbers this high in the past five years. the bad news is those numbers are good but nowhere close to 150%. what we need is nearly double the normal snowfall and nearly double the normal rainfall to get it up to 150%. we can do it. we are doing good, but we are not where we need to be. >> if we continue, would i think that is a possibility? >> i think we will get close. but i don't think we will see in of for people to say the drought is over. >> i think with every drop we are slowly building that reserve back up. thank you for watching andria -- kpix 5 at 5:00.
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see you at six. >> pelley: trump gets his biggest endorsement, less than two weeks before the first votes. also tonight, demands for the resignation of michigan's governor, over the water crisis in flint. >> we are all affected and infected by this, and they need to pay for this. >> pelley: a big winter storm is in the forecast for much of the east. and, re-inventing the car pool, by adding soundtrack. ♪ could have had it all captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. 13 days before the first votes of the presidential election, and donald trump has scored a victory over his closest rival ted cruz. tonight, trump won the


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