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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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good evening i am veronica de la cruz. >> tonight people in a berkeley neighborhood cannot go home. they are unable to because of a giant tree that came crashing down taking out power poles and lines near prospect avenue. kpix 5's christin ayers tell us it will be a while where they can get home. >> reporter: right now a lot of activity still going on here. they are giving some people limited access to the area. this is the only way in and out and they are now allowing cars through at regular intervals should try and access their homes. the rough weather brought the large eucalyptus tree down around nine this morning. it took out power poles and lines and originally 300 homes were without power. now it is 129 customers.
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pg&e is now working on it replacing one of those poles. they say this will take some time. >> we are going to be working through the night to make sure this gets done. we will have trucks here and that is why the access is not constant. but we will be making sure that people to get access to their homes for the night. >> reporter: pg&e telling us by noon tomorrow and possibly earlier in the morning everything should be fixed. they are hoping they can get back on track before noon. that is the official word that are giving customers. in the meantime, the red cross has presented a staging area at the you see stadium south congress where people can get a bite to eat and grab a bottle of water while they are waiting to be let back into this area.
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thinks are getting a little better but still without power. reported in berkeley, christin ayers , kpix 5 . >> the storm knocked down another one on skyline boulevard in oakland. it also brought down a power line and police had to shut down the area. 46 customers lost power there. >> this is why. highway 12 near 116 in shell bill is completely submerged. it looks more like a raging river than a highway. no word yet on when it will reopen. in san francisco people had a tough time getting to work in a school with the rain. people have a hard time keeping their umbrellas from blowing inside out. this is what it looks like driving across the bay bridge early this morning. they had reports of 480 collisions between midnight and noon today.
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we are getting a chance to recover from the storm but paul deanno is looking ahead to next one. the next one gets here data this week we will enjoy the drive the. -- dry break. snow showers are going to add to the snowpack. there was a lot of rainfall today and it added that. birth sonoma county or than 3 inches of rainfall -- 13 inches so far this month for kentfield. morgan hill has 1.5 inches and it came down primarily about -- in about a four hour window. we are double our average rainfall in san francisco and well above average for little more and san jose. we are doing well believe it or not we need a lot more rain to even begin to think about ending this drug.
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we will talk about -- dropped. -- drought. >> thank you. it is been 24 hours since a wave not college students into the surf near santa cruz. andria -- kpix 5's maria medina has more. >> reporter: locals say the water here is dangerous and unpredictable. family members remain here until just a few minutes ago. >> i am upset. he is a really good guy. i cannot believe. he would jump in and save someone. >> reporter: or than 24 hours after a wave swept two college students to see -- sea the family members start watching. >> as soon as i found out he was swept away iq over here.>> reporter: investigators say the
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victims are part of a group of friends who encounter trouble. when victim managed to swim to shore. two others remain missing. a palo alto woman and mohammed's nephew is just 25.>> it is a big fishbowl. >> reporter: matthew kark heard about the search. he knows how unpredictable the water is here.>> my stepbrother go into the water around the same place. he was fortunate enough to survive the incident. >> reporter: mohammed said they will hold on to hope. >> i am upset and helpful that he is still out there. >> reporter: no word on when or if the search will be suspended. the family plans to come again tomorrow. maria medina, kpix 5 . >> the investigation and the cleanup from the fatal bus crash
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is spreading into this evening. cranes lifted the greyhound that flipped on its side. two people were killed. chp says both victims are women and they were thrown from the bus when it crashed into the center divider. a total of 20 people on board with 10 having been taken to the hospital. the bus driver did tell the chp he was fatigued, but did not say whether he felt asleep at the wheel. the bus left los angeles late last night and was headed to san francisco. it crashed in south san jose on highway 101. kpix 5's len ramirez is at one of the hospitals for the victims were taken. len? >> reporter: the chickens were taken to four are hospitals. three of the patients were brought here in san jose. two of them have been this charged -- discharge.
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the investigation continues to center around the driver who may have been too tired to drive.>> reporter: one passenger told reporters they could feel the bus waiting and the driver jerking at the wheel. then the brush crashed into the median -- bus crashed into the medium barrier and two passengers were thrown out of the bus. the driver admitted he was tired. >> he had mentioned he was fatigued, but he did not indicate he felt asleep. >> reporter: the crash happened in the northbound lanes of highway 101. it -- struck safety barrels. 10 passengers including the 7- year-old child were sent to four area hospitals with minor injuries. the bus was on an overnight trip to los angeles to oakland.
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chp investigators say they are keeping an open mind as they investigate the accident. >> it was the driver fault -- we don't know and rule out anything at the beginning. we look at everything. and then you start piecing together from statements and from what people say. the passenger who said he believes the driver might have fallen asleep. that is someone we need to talk to. >> reporter: the chp says that driver is cooperating with the investigation. the national transportation safety board is also sending a team here to the south bay to investigate. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> we have learned the name of one of the victims. chilly out there noah -- phily apanola was coming up to visit
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her son in san francisco who was waiting at the station when he found out what happened.>> i thought about calling the coroner's office in san jose. the officer said he will call me after an hour. and then within 30 minutes someone calls me and asked me about my mother's belongings.>> when asked about reports the driver may have fallen asleep, antonio has no hate for the driver. it was an accident. >> the safety board is launching its own investigation into the crash. julie watts takes a closer look at the particular bus and the federal rules mandating seatbelts.>> the highway traffic safety demonstration has a new rule that will expire seatbelts for every passenger on new motor coaches and large
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buses by november of this year. gray house -- greyhound set it was voluntarily providing seatbelts in 2009 and according to department of transportation greyhound is above average with safety. we do have some video of the interior of a bus. this one is similar to the one involved in the accident. they have several hundred just like it. chp said as three inspection records for this particular bus and none have any significant effects. the best was manufactured in 2014 and it does have seatbelts but passengers are not required to wear them. according to the national transportation and safety board they are due to roll over accidents like this one. 70% of the passengers killed are ejected from the bus. seatbelt use rates are relatively low in passenger vehicles like buses and cabs.
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seatbelt use on school buses was 61% in the older the student the less likely they were to wear a seatbelt. this was an overnight bus ride so presumable -- presumably many were sleeping.>> this is the last thing you think would happen. >> absolutely. certainly a wake-up call for many. >> thank you, julie. tax payers are fitting the bill for the biggest super bowl ever. the last-minute battle over who picks up the tab. inside the storm junkyard the major operation to clean up all the stuff getting washed into the bay. >> were able to stay afloat in this department because of the work ethic of the men and women. sitting down with the new
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police chief and what he is sacrificing to keep officers on the streets. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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economic benefit of superbo0 to the bay area economy. we have heard a lot of economic benefits of super bowl 50 to the economy, but some leaders say taxpayers are paying too much. joe vazquez is live. at the last minute they want a new deal with the nfl. >> they want the mayor to go back to the drawing board. that is because the leak is paying santa clara $4 million. the nfl is giving san francisco nothing. >> reporter: we are doing a great disservice to the people of san francisco. the group of four supervisors say they want mayor ed lee to go back to the nfl and demand more than $4 million for money the city will spend.
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>> we want the mayor to recover costs. we need a new deal with the nfl so we are not seeing this burden the back of taxpayers. >> reporter: santa clara is getting reimbursed because it's the law there. all events required money to be paid directly to the city. >> we don't want to guess, but we are confident the city will be in the block.>> reporter: christine says post cities have hit the jackpot hosting the super bowl to the tune of way more than $5 million expect they've experienced millions of dollars in direct revenue to the city and hundreds of millions of dollars of economic impact to the businesses. >> reporter: you will recoup that money, right?>> if they are willing to guarantee it, that is the kind of agreement we should renegotiate.>> reporter: is it possible to renegotiate? >> only time will tell.
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>> the answer is no they will not renegotiate. but it will be interesting if cities begin to pass laws ask santa clara that says pay me millions of frank. -- front. >> 1 million people will come, but only 70,000 can actually go to the game. the bulk of the festivities will be in san francisco. i don't have a pencil, but figured the room tax alone. $5 million sounds like a lot, but i cannot see the city of san francisco not recouping that. >> we are talking about hotel and sales taxes. clearly we will make more than $5 million back. but the city leaders are upset because they believe they were out negotiated by santa clara. this video from last year's super bowl and phoenix as we saw last year 1 million people go into the host city for the
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festivities and they get a jersey and an autograph for their kids. most have no intention of actually going to the game. they just want to be close to the biggest party in america. so the bulk of that money is coming into the city.>> it is a good distinction. 1 million will be eating lunch and staying in hotels. taking cabs. paying vendors a lot of money coming in.>> thank you, joe. starting this saturday you will see road closures in san francisco leading up to the super bowl 50. this covers southbound lanes near the ferry building and parts of market street and howard street. for the full guide, visit . >> signs for the super bowl are everywhere. check these out. the dmv teamed up to produce 450
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of these custom super bowl 50 license plates. california plates feature these colors with black and gold. they will be put on a fleet of vehicles associated with the event. >> i would think we would want to be on the road to show it off. >> the plates are funded by a host committee and they are only valid until february 12. niles canyon road through the mud had to be closed because of a small rockslide caused by the rain. the road was closed for a few hours during the morning commute. crews are working as fast as they can to assure at the crumbling sewall in pacifica. they are doing -- adding boulders. 60 feet of sidewalk gave in. >> these el niño storms treat and other danger. this one in the water.
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kpix 5's don ford on the debris that washes into the bay. >> reporter: the rain just keeps coming in. and washing into the bay with it a lot of other stuff too. all this stuff behind us came out of the bay. >> every bit of it. >> reporter: the u.s. army patrols the bay collecting much of the large debris as possible. the combination of high tides and storm runoff has produced a collection. like this stuff. >> a lot of countries. they get uprooted -- trees. they get uprooted. >> reporter: they find tires and broken spikes.>> we have 30 kn ferry coming down and it will be a bad news for the 300 people going to work that day. >> reporter: actual collisions are rare.
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they plan to keep it that way. then there is this. >> we are finding a lot of refrigerators full of food. that is unusual. at this time of the year we have christmas trees.>> we thought it was the second. and it was an seb stolen out of berkeley. >> reporter: the pulled as much as 15 tons of debris. in south toledo, don ford, kpix 5 . >> a lot of rainfall this morning with nothing on the radar tonight and the longest break between storms for the entire month. coming up on friday the doppler is dry and it will stay dry until friday morning. we are doing well when it comes to the water year. 100% of average with snowpack above average. 111%. the goal is 150%.
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we are going in the right direction but we are not there yet. it got warm today. san jose, 67 for the high, concord will into the 60s with fremont 62. san francisco, 61 degrees. this is the jet stream with these terms within across the pacific ocean. a very active storm track and look at where it is leading -- right into the bay area. that is the path of store number 10 and that is the path storm number 11 is already following and it will piled into northern california. the only difference is eight is 82 daybreak before we get another -- is a two day break before we get another. san jose is 63 degrees tomorrow with no rain. san francisco 58, we will be mild and dry tomorrow and thursday. saturday morning a few lingering showers that the
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majority of the weekend is dry. mother nature will change the tune. we had a town of storms and now we are seeing fewer storms. >> it was coming down. >> thank you, paul. rolling out the teal carpet. a party at the shark tank. old looking back at 25 years on the ice. jamie foxx risk his life to rescue a stranger. it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash.
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nal hockey. a special night in the south bay. they are celebrating 25 years of pro hockey. >> the sharks are joining some big names. kpix 5's john remus shows us team till has come a long way. >> reporter: when a gala event features a teal carpet, you can probably guess who they are here to celebrate.
6:25 pm
the san jose sharks are celebrating the silver anniversary of their arrival in the bay area. people are coming here tonight for a rally and multimedia show.>> it is a 25 year celebration of the journey of the san jose sharks, which is hard to believe it's been 25 years. >> reporter: doug wilson is the sharks' general manager now. but he's to be an expert player on the team. they were pretty bad at the first couple years. losing a 71 game record in 1972 .>> there was hardly anybody in there. they wondered who want to watch people go up and down. >> reporter: john wells is an familiar face at paddies in. he says the team has improved and being the only real professional sports game in town, it has made the sharks seem like family here.
6:26 pm
fans create their own online tribute videos and wait patiently for the day they can severed their very own stanley cup championship. >> they have been so close. they get there and they just don't get it. but it is going to happen. is going to happen.>> reporter: the team's gm says they appreciate the support found here. >> to be in this community and see the growth and to see the love affair between the team and the players, it has been a great journey. >> reporter: perhaps when it is time for a golden anniversary there will be a few cups to celebrate as well. in san jose, john remus, kpix 5. >> they love their hockey. coming up some tough questions for san jose's acting police chief. he tells kpix 5 about the challenge taking over an understaffed department. and the protesters who block to the bay bridge out of jail and the
6:27 pm
dairy -- vowing to cause more trouble. sarah palin ready to stump for mr. trump. now the big question -- what will this do for his campaign?
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greyhound bus crash in san . the bus slammed into the me on highway 101 this mornings it was headed to from los angeles our top story's tonight, two people are dead following a greyhound bus crash in san jose. the landed -- the best landed on highway 101 this morning headed to san francisco. the chp says the driver admitted to being critiqued. >> reporter: i am maria medina were rescuers are searching by boat and error for two college students missing for more than 24 hours after a wave swept them out to see. one victim is from paul all the and the other a san jose college student. their family says they will search day and night. a berkeley neighborhood remains cut off because of downed power lines. a giant eucalyptus tree fell over and now streets are blocked for repair work. some people may not be able to make it home. the san jose police department is looking to
6:31 pm
make something of a comeback. a battle over pensions led to officers leading -- leaving in droves. we sat down with the police chief. >> the only reason we stayed afloat is because of the work ethic of the men and women of this apartment. -- department >> reporter: eddie garcia takes over and make understaffed department -- >> it is and because the men and women are not trying. they are trying very hard to keep this community safe. things have happened with regard to the measure that is driven officers away and has a true but it to our inability to recruit.>> reporter: the police department said they were cost hundreds of officers to the city offering better benefits. most were put on patrol.
6:32 pm
investigative units often suffered. the burglary unit was reduced to one full-time investigator. the -- should the citizens be satisfied? >> i can guarantee you there is not an officer that will tell you they are proud of that fact. but we have had to concentrate on the 911 call for service making sure when somebody calls 911 an officer responds. >> reporter: garcia sees reason for hope. like a tentative plan to fix the pension system that he says should attract new recruits. >> they are extremely eager to show the residents of the city why it is we once the safest city in the country and our goal is to get back to that. >> reporter: chief garcia has been honest about the fact he would like to have the acting removed from his title and hold
6:33 pm
the job on a permanent basis. the city has launched a search for its next chief but not many say they would be surprised if chief garcia landed the job because he has a close personal relationship with the mayor. in san jose, devon, kpix 5 teachers have approved a . this video is from one of their rallies last month. the main issue was wages. two hours ago they were filled 97% had voted in favor of walking out. bay bridge commuters i still do with yesterday's protest. the protesters blocked all the westbound lanes of the bridge. they got what they wanted -- a spotlight to highlight their cause. kpix 5's mike sugerman on how law enforcement is preparing for copycat protests during the super bowl. >> reporter: yesterday the protesters said wait until
6:34 pm
super bowl. and that is what officials are doing. they are waiting and planning but they admit there is not much they can do. >> those arrests could be the ribbon-cutting on super bowl protest season. should we be surprised if there is a protest?>> i would never be surprised if there was a protest in the bay area. >> reporter: she was arrested yesterday. law enforcement knows something is likely coming. >> we had been planning for this for three years. we are not a city that doesn't try to facilitate demonstration. >> reporter: the police chief knows this is the nation's biggest stage. it is a good place to get a message across. >> they come in and they sit down in front of the super bowl citadel. >> we would work with the organization and if somebody presents an impediment we would
6:35 pm
opt to do that. >> reporter: there is a response team ready to respond. super bowl officials are resigned to the fact protests are likely. >> you just be ready in case something happens and then you act. >> reporter: i will but you money there will be a protest and i will also but you money some of those journalists looking for a story. some of them will be writing about how the bay area does that. mike sugerman, kpix 5 remount police are looking for a gunman who wounded a woman this morning. she was found inside a home in the 400 block of in your court. the suspect managed to get away. no motive our information has been released. the woman has been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.
6:36 pm
california could be getting tougher on guns. there is a proposal to limit rifle and shotgun sales. people would be limited to buying one each month. the lawmaker proposing the new legislation says it makes no sense that someone could buy as many rifles as they want. sarah palin interest donald trump today and she is pretty fired up about it. listen to this.>> are you ready for a commander in chief who will let our lawyers to their job? >> that endorsement came at a rally in iowa and is the first big endorsement for the presidential campaign for trump. he is in a tight race with ted cruz. with the iowa caucuses less than two weeks away there was some speculation about palin. netflix is more popular than ever these days. subscribers may soon have to
6:37 pm
wait -- weigh the growing cost of that service. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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netflix. but a rough earnings report for the los gatos based company. more people are dialing into netflix but a rough earnings report shows the streaming service reported fourth-quarter profits fell nearly 50%. but its subscriber base has soared. no surprise it will be raising its rates. subscribers will soon have to pay two dollars more a month. actor jamie foxx been called a hero. he risked his own life to save a man from a burning car. the car crashed and flipped over in front of his home in los angeles last night. foxx heard a man screaming for help and joe -- jumped into
6:40 pm
action. >> i look at as heroic -- i look at as -- at it as i just have to something. and it all worked out. >> i think we all hope that we could do something when the time is there. but the question is do we act? and he did not fear. >> the driver was under the influence. he was rushed to the hospital with severe burns but is expected to recover. the mayor of san francisco has a plan to ease super bowl gridlock. how it could put them out of work for weeks. i have that story was more tonight. join us at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw tv work paying the price for pot holes. you may have noticed more of those popping up after the
6:41 pm
recent rain we found one trouble spot that keeps catching drivers off guard. we are rain free this evening at the golden great bridge. -- gate bridge. there is one commute that looks as soggy as this morning. the former raiders ceo says the levi's stadium was an option. >> we were considering it. >> why is one of the best offers laying -- weighing in on the game? and why jim harbaugh -- the latest on the head coach coming up. n di today.,,,,,,
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he didn't have a birth ut family an oakland manned is believed to be the world's oldest person and he died. family members say andrew hatch
6:45 pm
was 117 years old. he lived through three centuries , social movements, and leaps in technology. he passed away surrounded by family at his daughter's house. another centurion died today. a japanese man passed away shot of his 113 birthday. he held the official record before his death. he said the secret to a long life is to not overdo it. he advised people not to smoke or drink. pot holes have been popping up all over the bay area the last wave of el niño storms has left the place and mess. in san francisco it caused a major back up at the mariposa exit off i-280. they have to put on spares with one driver
6:46 pm
saying he was caught completely off guard. >> it was taking cars out one after the ever. -- other. >> the back up was so bad chp tweeted a photo of it. pot hole has now been fixed. the public works has responded to with an 460 pot holes this month. >> the north bay got hit hard. the off ramp was closed this morning. it was completely submerged. the water eventually drained and the exit was reopened just before noon. two cars that the damage when a large tree fell on top of them on samson street in san francisco. crews made quick work chopping it up and holy it out of the way. -- hauling it out of the way. >> be careful with the pot holes.
6:47 pm
there are many to avoid. we hope -- rain kept coming today. napa was nearly at 2 inches of rain. lee and napa was 1.3 and there was more than an inch in alameda . nearly 2 inches of rainfall today with paul in richmond. it -- at 9 a.m. we will get more rainfall, but nothing tonight. you are dry today, tomorrow, and thursday. 13 days it has rained. that is just this january. if you were to add up last january, february, march, and april, it only rained 10 times. temperatures outside right now are 60s in oakland and livermore is 59.
6:48 pm
concord is 59. we will drop to the 40s tonight with napa at 42. very active storm track. where the jet stream plans are the fastest they create a road for storms to follow. i have highlighted this with red. the fast stream is on the bay area. it has been that way and it will continue to be that way as we move forward. there is storm number 10 in southern california today. there is a storm number 11 for the month following that same track and it will arrive in northern california friday. we get a two day break from the rainfall. we will double check with futurecast -- we are dry wednesday and thursday with rate returning 4 a.m. friday. mostly cloudy tonight in the north bay valley and a dry
6:49 pm
brick tomorrow. -- break tomorrow. san jose is 63 degrees. san mateo, union city 63 degrees. antioch tomorrow has some sunshine and 58. san rafael is upper 50s. more rain friday with a couple dry days. if you showers saturday morning and the west -- rest of the weekend is dry. that is your forecast. sports is to minutes away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
chance to hear from new head coach chip k it is only been a week but the 49er fans finally get their chance to hear from chip kelly. the game has called an 11 a.m. press conference tomorrow in santa clara. he delayed his meeting with the media because he wanted some time to assemble his coaching staff. tom rasmussen and eric mangini will all reportedly be retained by kelly. the 49ers coach will be introduced amid the chaos of super bowl 50 preparation in santa clara.
6:53 pm
there was a time when the backdating could have been a viable solution to house -- levi's stadium could have been a viable solution to house both teams. in the past, the raiders did consider it. former ceo amy trask told me the father might have been open- minded than anybody realizes.>> people think al will that. my discussions with him when some like this. let me tell you something, in lady. i am outshine with the 49ers. -- not sharing with the 49ers. let me see that spreadsheet you worked up. i am not sharing that stadium. let me see those little spreadsheet you put together. we were considering it. it didn't get done. there is no use looking back. again no longer share in the process. but it is sitting there. it is a new stadium and it is within
6:54 pm
the home market of the team. >> i love your sharing that conversation peak many -- conversation because many times he told me young men, you are not well-versed on the situation. >> i got a little tripped up over my words sharing that conversation because i am being very judicious about fcc rules. [ laughter ] >> renumber last month when lebron crash into the wife of jason day? jason today says ellie is doing fine now and doesn't say there's anything lebron could have done to prevent that. >> does anybody think they could stop lebron? [ laughter ] he is doing his job. people take the same risk when they come out and i have hit a lot of people.
6:55 pm
they take the same when they walk to those gates coming here.>> australia open day two. if someone was going to pull the upset lisa was a fellow standard. one of the 87 winners. he made footwork of nadal in the fifth set. 29-year-old nadal hasn't won a major. >> what were you thinking and how do you turn this around?>> sorry. keep eating if you want. you deserve it. take your time. >> sorry. i need to eat. if not, i am dead.>> [ laughter ] >> he deserved that one. national signing day in college football starts february 3 which means coaches are hitting the retreating trial.
6:56 pm
-- recruiting trail. harwood was talking to a pair of recruits. he sat in on a world religion class and left not long after alabama offensive coordinator lane kiffin showed up looking for the same recruits. it has been an entertaining week for harbaugh. this picture was taken. he apparently climbed the tree in the yard. i have sources. harbaugh is here. it was fantastic. >> [ laughter ] >> whatever it takes to get him to go to michigan. i ty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. i appreciate you. yeah, i do. thank you very much. it's all right now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve h e got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from livermore, california, it's the ramil family. and from wilton, california, it's the simmons family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge right there.
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let's go meet the simmons family. hey, miss deborah. now, y'all been on the show before, and we brought you all back, not this season, but the season prior. so let's tell everybody what you do, miss deborah. deborah: ok. i'm deborah. i've been married for 43 years. i'm 62 in august. i pastor south sacramento christian center with my husband, who's in the office--in the audience. and i'm a recent graduate of cops and clergy, which is a new program where we bridge the gap between the community and the policemen. steve: wow, that's pretty good. let's go make some money. let's get it on. let's play feud, everybody. give me deborah. give me gloria. heh heh. top 7 answers. here we go. we asked 100 married women. name something the man of your dreams has that your husband sadly does not.


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