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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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boulevard. you can see the silver sedan was split in half by the force of the impact. investigators say the car was speeding when the driver lost control and slammed into a tree around 11:30 last night. a passenger in the car was not hurt in the crash. macarthur boulevard is closed at high street while police investigate. today at first light a search resumes for a missing surfer in marin county last seen off the north end of rodeo beach apparently unconscious on the surface of the water still attached to a surfboard. anne makovec is at rodeo beach where other surfers lost contact with him. >> reporter: the search is set to resume at daylight. but this man has been in the water, we assume, all night long. so it's not looking good for him. rescuers had to give up last night after searching for about two hours. it was just too dark and dangerous to continue. the missing surfer was first spotted boar two otherrer is first in the water at about -- was spotted by two other
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surfers in the water at about 5:00 last night. he was unconscious and so they tried to give him cpr in the water but it was too rough. >> a large wave came in, hit them, and they separated. the three separated. the two regrouped and tried to find the downed surfer and they were unable to. >> reporter: so the surfers returned to shore and called 911. several agencies couldn't find him. the surf last night was eight to ten feet high and the man was last seen near a cave at the north end of the beach. all we know about this missing surfer right now is he is in his 40s. the search resumes at daylight this morning. live at rodeo beach, anne makovec, kpix 5. bart is making some big changes to keep you safe after we exposed a big blind spot in its security system. we found out after a deadly shooting on bart earlier this month that most of the cameras on board railcars are decoys. outrage has since poured in from riders who say they don't
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feel safe on bart anymore. a spokesman for the mass transit union says bart is working to buy and install all new cameras on board trains. >> the system was working. people didn't realize that possibly they weren't being recorded. but now that people know and the word is out, we want to make sure people know that they can feel safe on bart. >> bart is blaming a lack of funneling for the decoys but there's still no timeline for when all of the new security cameras will be installed. we are just 17 days away from super bowl 50 right here on kpix 5. there's the countdown. as the big game grows near the bay area is racing to prepare for nearly a million people all flocked to the area during super bowl week. kpix 5 reporter kiet do live in the south bay with more on how the biggest game in football could create a nightmare for drivers and those that take public transportation, as well. good morning, kiet. >> reporter: yes, good morning. government and transit folks are beating the drum early and often.
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they are telling everybody in the days and weeks leading up to the super bowl, get out of your cars and use public transportation. but doing so may not be so easy. that's because none of the transit operators are adding extra commute lines to handle the crunch of commuters and super bowl visitors. the caltrans schedule set and locked in. ac transit will have bigger buses but no extra rush hour runs. muni is adding extra cars. but golden gate transit says they are not adding buses because they think they will just get stuck in traffic. >> what about the morning crush when they start shutting down streets? >> we're going to be monitoring it very closely. whether you're commuting by bus or by ferry, you should plan extra time. and it's hard to say how much time that is because we won't know until we're in it. >> reporter: now, as for bart, which handles the bulk of the transbay commute, bart is focusing their attention on the week leading up to the super bowl and the weekend of the big game. as far as adding extra cars for rush hour, muni is planning on doing it for their in-city commuters so why not bart? >> we can't because the platforms are built for 10 cars
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so you can't have a train come into embarcadero station that's 11 cars long because one of the cars will be stuck back in the tube. >> reporter: so we haven't had a super bowl in the bay area in 30 years. nobody knows really what to expect. just give yourself some extra time and then adjust accordingly. frank, back to you. >> exactly. bart is going to be very popular that week. i can only imagine. but their parking lots are only so big. so what's going to give there? >> reporter: yeah. so you know, as anybody who has taken bart lately they know that those lots fill up early. they stay full late into the day and into the evening. if you plan to use them, plan on another way to get to the station because of the parking lots going to be slammed. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. >> i guess if you have a good friend in san francisco -- spend the night! >> okay. that's a good thing. but as it does get closer the bay area is starting to kick
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into high gear. and san francisco's taking extreme measures to get ready. they are officially suspending all construction permits for the time being to reduce road and sidewalk closures. >> but good tip by you. >> i thought we were in a two- shot. let's kick over to sandra. >> you guys are going to let me stay with you? >> of course. perfect. >> hi there. no major traffic incidents to report on the roads but we are watching some slow-and-go conditions out there this morning. this is as you're heading towards south san jose, between morgan hill northbound 101 seeing some slowdowns out there. from time to time seeing cars about 20 miles per hour although we are hoping that will improve fingers crossed. 101 northbound from i-680 to 237 currently 14 minutes. so minor delays there. and 280 northbound u.s. 101 to highway 85 an 11-minute drive time. and taking you live to the bay bridge you can see lots of headlights out there on the roads. we are seeing some slowdowns as you approach the toll plaza.
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but elsewhere we are looking at 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maze. currently a 22-minute dry time. we are excited to have dry conditions on the roads but roberta has an update on the forecast. >> today we have 9 hours 59 minutes of daylight in the bay area. that's one minute 34 seconds more than yesterday. not going to see it due to increasing clouds. nothing as of yet on radar. but storm number 11 is barreling out of the western pacific. it's making tracks towards the bay area. winds increasing 10 to 20. right now outside temperatures into the 50s and 50s. mild temperatures 50s 60s common across the beaches. 64 in los altos. good morning san jose. 65 degrees. east of the bay from the low to
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mid-60s from clayton through concord into walnut creek including blackhawk. and we have 57 degrees in stinson beach, 61 in sonoma. well in the far reaches of the north bay. temperatures in fact 50s and 60s. right here we'll see rain developing at 8 p.m. we'll track that storm together later in this newscast. snowy weather in the mid- atlantic is making people slip causing cars to crash. going slow on the sidewalks. we are hearing the wet conditions will get worse come tomorrow. blizzard watch is already in effect in baltimore and the dc area. reporter don champion tells us what's in store for the region on friday. reporter: donald trump is -- traffic ground to a halt. among those stuck in the mess president obama who endured an hour and 12 minutes from joint base andrews to the white house.
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slick roads led to collisions pileups and even spinouts. >> i thought as soon as i got on the road that it was going to be a bad idea. >> reporter: friday's monster storm is forecast to bring blizzard-like conditions to dc, baltimore and surrounding areas pummeling the areas with 12 to 24 inches of snow. >> we have already asked, um, for additional, um, national guard vehicles. um, we will be prepared to ask for personnel. >> reporter: as of now, forecasters say new york city and new england could be spared the brunt of the nor'easter. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> today the storm system brings some chaos to the gulf coast and southeast with heavy rains expected in those areas. and a mystery in san mateo county. a hiker found a body near devil's slide. right now no one knows who it is. search crews found the body 150 feet down a cliff. all investigators can say is that it was a white male and
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there are no signs of foul play. ntsb investigators spent much of the night combing through debris from the greyhound bus that crashed in san jose on tuesday morning. the driver of the bus felt fatigued. two passengers, two women, died. more than a dozen others were hurt. the mangled bus has been towed to a yard in gilroy. >> we have recovered a camera from the bus and we'll be looking into whether it recorded any information. >> the victims are identified as 76-year-old maria velazquez of salinas and 51-year-old fely olivera of san francisco. investigators are looking into whether the passengers were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. a federal judge says a civil rights lawsuit stemming from a sheriff's deputy's fatal shooting of a boy near santa rosa can go to trial. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying a toy pellet rifle when he was shot by a sonoma county deputy in 2013. now a judge says the boy's parents can make a claim of
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excessive force in court. that means deputy erick gelhaus will face trial. the judge says the question of whether deadly force was reasonable is best resolved by a jury. the trial is set for april in oakland. time is 6:10. a bay area woman take -- facing charges after she ran over two elderly pedestrians. the driver's explanation for the accident that left the victim with life-threatening injuries. >> newly released emails are adding to the anger over the water crisis in flint, michigan. >> water, did somebody say water? we have a lot more water heading this way with storm number 11. we'll track that incoming system together. >> that's not good news for the roadways tomorrow but so far this morning no major accidents to report. still we are seeing some slow- and-go conditions. this is 580 westbound on the altamont pass to 680 currently a 19-minute drive time. we'll have another check of your traffic coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. time check 6:13. as you take a beautiful view out from the transamerica pyramid, we're looking due east towards the bay bridge towards the port of oakland and alameda, berkeley, hey, whatever way you look at it today we'll see increasing clouds. some very mild temperatures. and rain is acomin' and we'll track that storm together coming up in 4 minutes. >> thank you. the governor of michigan continues to apologize for the tap water contaminated with lead in the city of flint. republican governor rick snyder talking with cbs news anchor scott pelley last night. he said he does not consider the water in flint safe and he said the problem of water having toxins from corroded pipes got away from his own state agency that's supposed to do oversight. >> they were too technical. they followed literally the rules. they didn't use enough common sense. >> yesterday snyder released emails showing he was aware of complaints from flint residents as far back as last february
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but it took eight more months for flint to switch back to detroit's water system and now the state is delivering bottled water to more than 100,000 people. governor brown will have the state of the state address this morning. he will call on lawmakers to focus their attention on fixing state highways improving social welfare programs and protecting the environment. he will also go into depth about his $122.6 billion education and healthcare spending plan. his address begins at 10:00. some san franciscans are persisting with their calls for the city's top cop to be fired. dozens of people packed the police commission meeting last night. they held signs reading, fire chief suhr and justice for mario woods. officers shot and killed him last month as he held a knife on the sidewalk in a bayview neighborhood. woods mother says he was trying to get his life together after getting out of werist son. >> if i could get him back [ pause ]
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[ crying ] >> i just want my baby back. >> earlier yesterday, the five officers involved in the deadly shooting were cleared to return back to duty. police say they will be working though in roles that do not involve the public. a santa rosa woman is under arrest accused of driving under the influence when she ran over two elderly women. it happened shortly after 1:00 yesterday afternoon at oakmont village market. 77-year-old gail gray told police she hit the gas instead of the brakes on her lexus. she said her dog was in her lap and she got distracted. she hit the two women on the sidewalk and kept going until she crashed into a fence. the victims are 85 and 91 years old. both are in the hospital and the 85-year-old has life- threatening injuries. emergency work has begun to repair erosion along morada road in half moon bay.
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crews are dumping roughly 100 tons of boulders in front of the bluff to help shore it up. monday's storm generated powerful waves that caused a 75- foot-long portion to fall on the beach. 6:17. we are preparing for storm 11. >> we'll see high surf again perhaps that training effect so please be mindful of that at the beaches and that storm isn't as wet as the previous system. but we have wind so downed trees a strong possibility. >> okay. and traffic, how we doing on a thursday? >> well, with the dry conditions out there actually today's been beautiful. no major accidents to report. my job has been easy this morning. >> day one, well done. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> we are, however, watching some slow-and-go conditions out there so this is a live look out at the bay bridge. you can see lots of headlights on the road. 80 best bound from the carquinez bridge to the maze -- westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maze, currently 24 minutes. if you look at the golden gate bridge picture-perfect. we are seeing things move right along the golden gate bridge looking absolutely beautiful on this thursday morning. all right. we are starting to see more of those slow-and-go conditions more of red picking up on the
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sensors if you are looking at 580 westbound from the altamont pass to 680. that's where we're starting to see a little bit of a backup out there. nothing major. once you get past this area it starts to clear out a bit so overall good news there. and one area that we're also watching some slow conditions this is in the south bay. northbound 101 between morgan hill and san jose, also looking at about an 18-mile per hour drive time currently through the area as you head into the south bay. here's a quick look at your drive time. 101 from 280 to 237, currently sitting at about 14 minutes. good morning, everyone. your time check now is 6:18. on this thursday, we are taking a look at dry conditions out the door. but it's our live hi-def doppler radar. you'll notice i have many radar sweeps up and going because i'm all over it! i'm ready for storm number 11. a little batch of energy off the coast right now but that's about it. the main activity will be arriving this time tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies peering out towards the bay bridge.
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so far no reports of any local airport delays. winds are under 10 miles per hour. the temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. here's what you need to know on this thursday. mainly cloudy, with areas of fog as you step on out. it's going to be a dry day today with the mild temperatures into the mid-60s. and then storm number 11, it will move in overnight tonight. it will impact your friday and even your saturday. this is it right now. this is the leading edge of the frontal boundary area so we have these renegade clouds and a couple of renegade showers but the bulk of the activity still well out over the western pacific ocean. this is really interesting. this is our jet stream and you can see that we have a very active track here. highlighted by the reds and yellows and southern california where it's been dry this month it's been wet here and to the north with our jet stream plowing right into the bay area guiding these storms one after another. okay, this is how i'm playing out your storm number 11. this is your futurecast. watch to the north. by about 8 p.m., some renegade showers but the bulk of the activity this time tomorrow morning, scattered showers for
6:20 am
your friday. and then the core of the center of the area of low pressure moving in saturday not drying out until late saturday afternoon into the evening hours. it will be a dry sunday. big storm in the southeast looking up north. today in atlanta the possibility of airport delays as well as dallas. those are some major hubs. there's your sun-up and sundown. almost 10 full hours of daylight today. but not going to see much of t50s and 60s. southeast winds increasing to 20. the next seven days we have rain friday, rain saturday, we have dry conditions sunday through wednesday. have a great day. 6:20 your time. with fans packing the bay area for super bowl 50 one city will track their every move and it's got nothing to do with security. we'll explain how that system works when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. if you can judge a coach based on his press conference, then chip kelly should fare much better than jim tomsula did one year ago. >> we can see farther today because of the shoulders we stand on of the people who came before us. sent toxicology reports. when they come back i'll give you a full answer of what goes on. i don't think anybody goes into the season saying let's get sick. i think i'm hands on. i lead with my feet. i'm going to call the good plays and i'm going to have the offensive coordinator call the bad ones. >> kelly didn't divulge much about the team especially about quarterback colin kaepernick who he recently met. he loves the bay area. >> it's probably the most fertile creative ground around here when you look at the companies in sillicon valley and the whole bay area itself, i'm excited to be part of it. i mean, you walk to work this
6:25 am
morning and you smell the air around here you get smarter. so hopefully that will teach us to get a couple more wins. >> day one of the kelly era. the warriors saw a comedy show at second city theater in chicago two nights ago and last night, they had a laugher at the united center. steve kerr in the middle even got on stage. part of the skit. he was on the bulls team that won 72 games. that is what the warriors are chasing now. chicago fans treated to the andre iguodala show reverse dunk and then later barbosa throws the lob to iggy for the 21-point lead. warriors win 125-94. steph curry by the way had 25 points. now, you know, the warriors have 39 wins and four losses. we're more than halfway through the season. so matching or surpassing that 72 win season by the chicago bulls very, very possible. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, we got more hoops. sacramento kings at l.a. rondo the kings on the move going to find the seam --i'm
6:26 am
taking it up myself and dunking! not a tall guy, right over ryan kelly of the lakers. two on the foul and the fall. it's a three-point play. 11 points, 17 assists. kings beat the lakers by 19. mr. rondo our play of the day. being dismissed as a minor incide- but that's little comfort to people living nearby -- and for go it is 6:26. a train derailment in the bay area is being dismissed as a minor incident. but that's little comfort to people living nearby. and for good reason. >> reporter: the family of a missing surfer has arrived here at the beach where rescuers are planning to resume their search this morning. we'll look at the rough conditions they are dealing with next. ,,,,,,
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whether the guard went too video of a bay area security guard tackling a student has sparked a heated debate over whether the guard went too far. >> i'm kiet do. we are live at levi's stadium taking a look at why the city of san jose wants to track the cell phones of people who come to the super bowl. >> we're tracking storm 11. it's going to be the last storm for a few days and i'll tell you when to expect it. >> we are loving those dry conditions today. no major accidents to report out there on the roads. however, we are seeing some slow-and-go conditions now. we'll have an update straight ahead. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, january 21. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. this morning search crews are set to look once again for a missing surfer in marin county. he was last seen rodeo beach floating face down and
6:31 am
apparently unconscious. kpix 5's anne makovec is at rodeo beach where the aerial and the water search resumes add daybreak. >> reporter: good morning. this man's family just arrived here. they don't want to talk to the media. understandably very concerned about this man who is in his 40s. we assume he has been in the water all night. the water is 54 degrees. rescuers had to give up last night after about two hours of searching. it was just too dark and dangerous to continue. the missing surfer was first spotted by two other surfers in the water at about 5 p.m. he appeared unconscious so they tried to give him cpr right there in the water but it was just too rough. a huge wave separated them and they lost sight of the unconscious surfer. >> we used all our resources in the area to try to locate him but due to the conditions we were unable to.
6:32 am
>> the is your first returned to the shore and called 911. the coast guard, fire department and national park service all came out to look but they couldn't find him. the surf last night was 8 to 10 feet high. the masked man was last seen near a cave at the north end of the beach. and again, the search will resume at daylight this morning. sunrise is 7: 22 when the search will resume. live at rodeo beach, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we are just 178 days away from super bowl 50 right here on kpix 5. and as nearly a million people head to the bay area, one tech company is helping businesses in san jose track your every move. here to explain is kiet do. >> reporter: yes. good morning. you know, by now it should be no surprise that your cell phone is being used to track you. government agencies have been using it for years using cell phone pinging along with wi-fi and bluetooth technology to track people. but after this super bowl the city of san jose cannot wait to get their hands on all that data.
6:33 am
reporter: it's the kind of high-tech study you might expect from sillicon valley. san jose is tracking hundreds of thousands of cell phones during super bowl 50 week with the help of a startup called air sage. >> their technology tracks cell phone usage, cell phone tends to ping about 150 times a day from the phones their gps location to a nearby tower. >> reporter: team san jose, the city's convention and visitors bureau, says the data will give them a clear idea of where fans stayed or visited for the week in the bay area. >> really want to see what destinations they are liking and what areas we can help to focus on for future marketing efforts. >> reporter: team san jose has been tracking phones for a year. air sage has access to verizon and t-mobile and the technology can pinpoint locations within about 100 yards. the data does not reveal the user's identity. >> i don't see, like, the harm in it. i mean, i can see the potential harm but i mean i think in this case in this scenario the wear they are using the data just so that they --the way they're using the data, just so that
6:34 am
they know how much the staff, what they should do, what places should be opened and closed. >> reporter: it makes sense to this man who manages a bar. >> always going to find it an invasion of privacy a little bit no matter how much they say they are not going to look at stuff but, um, with an event of this size, i know for me running this bar it's unpredictable. we don't know where people are going to be. >> reporter: and the report will be done in april. it will be handed over to the city to be used to plan big events in the future. we're live in santa clara. kiet do, kpix 5. in the runup to the super bowl, the city wants all food truck operators to have permits to prevent outbreaks of food- borne illnesses. and tonight, the public health department will hold a town hall meeting on the permitting process. it's at 6:00 in room 300 at department headquarters at 101 grove street. officials say they will shut down mobile food vendors who don't have permits. the world will be watching
6:35 am
here in a little less than three weeks. >> right now variable clouds a few sunny breaks, mostly cloudy skies between 60 and 62 degrees. that's our long-range forecast that i forecasted a year ago when we were talking about this. [ laughter ] >> i'm sticking with it! if you go to our kpix 5 facebook page in just a matter of minutes our traffic producer sent me this great picture of when the 49ers won the super bowl back on january 20th of 1985. he sent me that picture i'm going to be posting it momentarily. it was 31 years ago. it was in the "san francisco chronicle." that's exciting. no rain yet. but this is storm number 11 making tracks towards the bay area. it will be raining in the overnight hours tonight. this time tomorrow morning will will be rain for the morning commute. we are currently in the 40s and 50s. we are going to track that incoming system together coming up in a matter of minutes.
6:36 am
but first, here's sandra. >> good morning, and happy thursday to you. we are getting closer to the weekend. slow-and-go conditions out there. however, some good news. nothing major to report on roadways. we love to hear that especially on our thursday. here's some of those slow-and- go conditions right now. 580 westbound from the altamont pass to 680. currently about a 21-minute drive time. as you make your way to the bay bridge, however, this morning, that's when we are starting to see things really slowing down as we get up close to that toll plaza. 80 westbound carquinez bridge to the maze. right now a 30-minute drive. here's the san mateo bridge. lots of brake lights out there still overall things are flowing. so that's exactly what we like to see. and right now, 101 northbound in the south bay from 680 to highway 237 we are seeing slow conditions a 17-minute drive. frank? >> thank you. safety officials say a train derailment in martinez could have been a whole lot worse. three union pacific tankers cars carrying sulfuric acid derailed under 680 overpass at 8:00 wednesday morning in martinez.
6:37 am
it was a minor incident and there was no threat to the public but neighbors say it's too familiar a scene. in 1993, a train carrying that exact same chemical toppled over in richmond poisoning thousands. >> this is not a minor derailment. this is a near miss. this could have shut down this entire bridge you know. it could have devastated thousands of people in this region. >> ahazmat crews say the containers did not leak. as for what caused the train to derail, that's still under investigation. a snowboarder who allegedly caused an avalanche at a sierra ski resort may face criminal charges. sugar bowl officials say christian michael mares of kings beach was out of bounds and caused the avalanche last friday. investigators say he even posted video online showing the incident. they say he was trespassing in a closed area and that he put others at risk. a debate is going on in fremont over whether a security guard went too far when he tackled a student.
6:38 am
it happened at fremont high school on january 8. as the 16- year-old boy tried to leave an office, the guard pushed him to the ground. then he was handcuffed. a medical report shows he was under the influence of cocaine. his mother says he did not pose a threat and administrators could have defused the situation. >> very, very hard with my son. >> i don't think all that force is necessary. they're grown men and he just a kid he don't got as much force as they do. >> the boy had multiple bruises. administrators say they could not let the boy leave the office because he appeared to be high. the district police chief says the guard was running out of options although an investigation continues. california regulators are breaking down the mystery behind the end of life law. the california medical association just released guidelines explaining what kind of drugs are prescribed what a physician needs to do and how patients qualify for the option. answers are on the association's website. governor brown sign the law in
6:39 am
october. time now 6:38. bart is promising to replace fake cameras on all its trains with working ones. but skeptics say the plans has big holes. >> our solar system has been lonely since we lost pluto as the ninth planet but we may have a new one. >> the market just opened up. you can see the dow is up about 26 points. a lot better than yesterday. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,
6:40 am
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6:42 am
good morning. it's our live hi-def doppler radar. i have the radar sweep in
6:43 am
davis, umunum and vaca. storm 11 is heading this way. it will provide us 2 inches of rain. i'll tell you when to expect rain, in five minutes. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> let's find out. charlie rose standing by. he joins us live in new york with a little preview. hi, charlie. >> hey, good morning, frank and michelle. we're covering the massive storm that will impact millions and all the other major news of the day. plus, if you donated money to back politicians or help veterans, the people you want to help may never see a dime. cbs news investigates. also, what macy's's new discount options mean for the future of department stores. and we'll talk with the leading astronomer about the discovery of possible ninth planet. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> all right. charlie, we'll see you then. >> have a good show. today, the stock market will try and regain some stability after a wild trading session yesterday. >> here now is kcbs radio's
6:44 am
financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. hopefully everybody got plenty of rest after the latest wild session on wall street. the volatility really showing no signs of slowing down. we began expect more of this in the coming days perhaps even locker than that. we are seeing a bit of recovery in the stock market this morning after europe's central bank said it would consider additional stimulus measures as risk to the global economy continue to rise. plunging oil prices really weighing on the market yesterday. the dow down 250. had was down at 560 at one pointed during the session and looking for recovery hoping that there's some bargain hunters out there today. twitter shares will one of the rare winners yesterday. on the cnbc report that rupert murdoch's news corp is interested in buying the company. the own of the "wall street journal" and fox sports denied it's interested in twitter which has seen its stock value plunge by 60% since last april. the twitter shares are falling
6:45 am
this morning. on the economic front, first-time jobless claims are on the rise up 10,000 to 293,000 the highest level since last july the four-week average at its highest point since last april a lot of seasonal workers let go by retailers. the big board looks better than yesterday but we saw a solid opening quickly turn negative. dow dropping now more than 25 points lower. nasdaq down by 20. s&p is falling by 4 points. back to you. >> thank you. >> this is the worst january ever. >> we're on pace for one of the worst januarys ever. it's shaping up to be that way. the worst start ever for the year in wall street's history. >> thank you. bart is making changes to keep you safe after we exposed a blind spot in its security
6:46 am
system. a state senator tells our christin ayers, something doesn't add up. we've heard from the public they are upset we are using decoys. reporter: bart announcing being overhaul of its security system. the cameras on each bart train recently exposed as fakes have to go. >> we are going to get rid of them and we're buying new cameras for the current fleet. >> reporter: working cameras, no decoys. they will be added to every train car. but first she says bart has been under fire from outraged riders ever since a deadly shooting on board a train rolling into west oakland station january 9. police released these images of a suspect but have been mum about whether cameras on the train captured the shooting. why weren't you using cameras in all cars all along? >> when we got the funding for cameras on the train cars we used it and then as we got more funding we added more cameras to the system. >> reporter: she claims bart simply didn't have the money to outfit all the trains with cameras. >> if they had the money to give their top managers a 16% pay raise. they have raised our fares. they've raised our parking rates.
6:47 am
>> reporter: state senator steve glazer an outspoken bart critic says this is all coming too little too late. >> they are claiming they are going to do it now with no timelines with no identification of where the resources are coming from, and i don't think it's being honest with those of us who use the bart system. >> he acknowledges bart doesn't have a budget for the project. staff is still crunching numbers trying to figure out how much it will cost and whether the money comes from grants or the operations budget. but she says overhauling the system is a priority. >> give us a wook to get the plan --a week to get the plan today but we wanted to make the commitment that we have heard you and we are responding and we are going to get rid of those decoys. >> reporter: as far as the timeline that's still very much up in the air. bart says they first have to identify a resource for funding and after that they will have to buy those cameras and install them in each car. at west oakland bart, christin ayers, kpix 5.
6:48 am
oakland police are investigating a high-speed crash on macarthur boulevard. you can see the silver sedan was ripped apart by the crash. investigators say it was speeding when the driver lost control slammed into a tree around 11:30 last night. the passenger was unhurt. the street is closed while police continue their investigation. it is 6:48 right now. let's check in with sandra and a look at what's going on, on the bay area roads. >> things are looking good. no major accidents to report. we love that about our thursday morning. but we are seeing slow conditions out there. this right now is a live look at the bay bridge. from the carquinez bridge to the maze currently 31 minutes. after you get off the bay bridge heading to the fremont exit we are looking at pretty smooth conditions out there. lots of traffic flowing pretty
6:49 am
smoothly out there this morning. mass transit "ace" train 3 running about five minutes late this morning. caltrain no delays. bart no delays. slow conditions on 580 westbound the altamont pass to 680 currently a 23-minute drive time pretty typical but again, dry conditions this morning so things overall are going smoothly. minor slowdowns but we aren't looking at major crashes this morning. roberta? >> 6:49. time to wake up my weather watcher. these are people around the bay area. just like you. they check in with us, what's going on in your neighborhood. let's see who is up. we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. that would be peggi, reporting at this point 50 degrees. her weather station reports it feels like 46 degrees. definitely a windchill factor this morning.
6:50 am
now, peggi, i felt the same scenario this morning's headed out the door. 49 degrees so says steve. he is in los altos reporting again cloud cover and saying, hey, it's a calm before the storm. well, let's get to it. it's our live hi-def doppler radar picking up a cluster of activity when we zoom on in, now what that is? those are wind turbines. the radar is sensitive it's picking up everything. increasing cloud cover. our camera view from the transamerica pyramid looking east where oakland reports 52. 46 santa rosa. no need for the umbrella today. but later on tonight we'll have the rain moving in here. today mid-60s. this is the leading edge of the clouds all associated with storm 11 taking a vigorous
6:51 am
storm track. southern california has been dry as most of the activity continues to ride well into san francisco and to the north and that's how we're tracking this system. let's go together with our futurecast to clearly illustrate increasing clouds as the day wears on and with the approaching front, increasing winds out of the southeast at 20. there's the leading edge of the rain showers late night overnight into your friday. it's going to be raining this time tomorrow. scattered showers throughout the day. then the core of the center of the area of low pressure moves in on saturday morning throughout your saturday afternoon. it's going to take until about saturday late afternoon before you begin to see clearing. heading to heavenly go ahead! ski to the nevada site. squaw valley red dog express it's the black diamond ready for you. lots of powder there. lots of clouds here. 50s and 60s. up to two inches of rain between friday and saturday and then a dry weather pattern sets up for sunday through wednesday. have a great day, everyone. >> thanks, roberta. scientists say there is a ninth planet in our solar
6:52 am
system. it's the same group that demoted pluto several years ago. the scientists from cal tech say they noticed something odd deep in outer space two years ago. they started looking into it and the conclusion, there's a giant planet beyond neptune that's about 10 times the size of earth. >> well, the orbits are showing us sort of a gravitational one way sign towards the existence of an additional body. >> the scientists say now they want visual proof. they are hoping someone with a really powerful telescope can see planet nine. >> really powerful. a stranded marine mammal is being nursed back to health in sausalito. a train rescuer found this northern fur seal pup named pipester around 6:30 yesterday morning in the bushes of a hayward business park of all places. no word how he got there but he had an id tag. he had been tagged at the marine manimal center a couple of months back. pipester is now getting the care he needs.
6:53 am
and he is pretty cute. time now 6:52. the british government is accusing vladimir putin of ordering the assassination of a former spy. details on the report out today. >> and new information on a surfer missing off the coast of the marin headlands. we'll tell you about the search going on this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
paralyzing w five things to know at the :55. parts of the east coast are gearing up for potentially paralyzing winter storms. the washington, dc area got a taste of what's to come yesterday when another storm caused major headaches. snow will begin falling in the central plains today. then move to the northeast. michigan governor rick snyder is asking president obama to declare a disaster in
6:57 am
flint to fix the city's water crisis. yesterday snyder released emails revealing he knew of the complaints about the water almost a year ago. eight months later he switched back to his back to his original water source but the pipes were contaminated with lead. british investigators say vladimir putin probably approved the murder of a political opponent in london. he died three weeks after his tea was poisoned at a hotel in 2006. today's report also implicates a russian lawmaker and the head of putin's security council. governor brown delivers his annual state of the state address later this morning. he is expected to emphasize fixing state highways and improving social welfare programs and protecting the environment. his address begins at 10 a.m. investigators in san mateo county are working to identify a man found dead near devil's slide. a hiker spotted the body 150 feet down a cliff yesterday. all investigators are saying is that it was a white male and there are no signs of foul
6:58 am
play. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec live in the marin headlands where the search for a missing surfer is set to begin at daylight. his family members just arrived here at rodeo beach. and they have identified him as 40-year-old dan dafoe from san rafael. rescuers had to give up their search for this man last night because conditions were too rough and it was too dark but missing surfer was first spotted by two other surfers in the water at about 5 p.m. he appeared unconscious so they tried giving him cpr right there in the water. but it was just too rough. >> a large wave came in hit them and they separated the three separated. the two regrouped to try to find the downed surfer and they were unable to. >> reporter: so the surfers returned to shore and calle 911. he was last seen in a cave at the north end of the beach.
6:59 am
the water temperature is only 54 degrees. live in the marin headlands, anne makevoc, kpix 5. right now in the traffic center we are keeping an eye on an overturned vehicle northbound 101 at dry creek road. it is blocking one lane causing some minor slowdowns. elsewhere no major accidents to report. live look at the bay bridge. we are seeing lots of headlights out there, lots of traffic but things are moving overall pretty smoothly for your thursday morning. it's our live weather camera looking towards levi's stadium home of super bowl 50. you'll be able to see it here on kpix 5 on february 7. right now across the santa clara valley it is 50 degrees. otherwise mostly cloudy skies today. and increasing winds southeast at 20. 50s and 60s. we have storm number 11 arriving tomorrow morning with up to two inches of rain by the time it tapers off saturday afternoon. some pretty breezy conditions too so we can anticipate the possibility of downed trees or power lines. >> thank you. thanks for watching. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. this is thursday, january 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a monster storm threatens millions with heavy snow. already washington, dc is paralyzed by just an inch. breaking news, russian president vladimir putin implicated in the poisoning death of a former spy. are your donations to support politicians or veterans reaching the people you want to help? cbs news investigates. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> you've got the snow on top of the ice. you start


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