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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> reporter: some damage has already been done. on monday, a bench washed away along with some of the road. fade the footprint was off limits. >> -- today the footprint was off limits. >> there is a sewer line and water line that was known about and i believe that's exposed now. >> reporter: this work is temporary. a band-aid until spring arrives and the storm door closes and the pacific's relentless waves become a bit calmer. neighbors here hope there's still something left to save by then. >> a little too late. oh, yes. the road's gone. >> reporter: coming up new tonight on kpix 5 news at 6:00, hear from work crews and the challenges they face in these weather conditions with roads crumbling. andria borba, kpix 5, half moon bay. the city of pacifica is declaring a local, state of emergency because of the storm, this after another seawall has collapsed. the photo just into the
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newsroom, you can see the seawall partially caved in along beach boulevard when the wall gave way taking down part of the fence with it. earlier this week, a different seawall was washed away. and part of sidewalk collapsed. temporary repairs are in place. city manager says the el nino storms are starting to take their toll on private property, as well. two apartment buildings and two other homes have been red- tagged. the city will be looking to the state and the feds to help pay for some of its repairs. a body recovered today along the marin county coast is that of a surfer who disappeared earlier this week. the body of dan dafoe was found at rodeo beach this morning not far from where other surfers tried to help him on wednesday. friends found him unconscious and tried to revive him but he was swept away by a large wave. dafoe was an experienced surfer who lived in san rafael. there were two other deaths this week blamed on the surf a pair of college students swept from a rock on a beach near
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santa cruz. massive winter storm back east is wreaking havoc at airports all across the country. a united airlines flight from san francisco went off a snowy runway at o'hare airport in chicago. there were 179 passengers aboard, six crew members. no injured reported. as delays and cancellations across the country, we have seen delays up to three hours in many flights to east coast cities including new york and boston have been canceled. officials at sfo say close to 140 departures and arrivals have been canceled today. there are a handful of delays at oakland and san jose airports. back home in our storm a tree came down on a community center in san francisco. take a look at this. you can see the tree resting on the rooftops as the crane prepares to try to remove it. that's obviously the wrong picture there. the building at 24th and harrison had to be evacuated as a precaution. there it is. no injuries were reported.
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later in the day a building inspector was scheduled to comet by to survey the damage. more rain in the bay area tonight. let's get to kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno with when we can example this new rain coming in. >> this 11th storm in 22 days coming in in the first wave today with rainfall today. fore wave coming up tonight. there's kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. los gatos is drying out. morgan hill and gilroy some steady soaking rainfall for the drive south out of san jose on highway 101. take that rain all the way down to hollister. nearly three inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains about an inch of rain for san rafael in the north bay. otherwise we're talking a quarter inch to half inch. this is more about the waves at the shore and the coastline than it really was impressive rainfall totals. san francisco a quarter inch of rainfall same for redwood city and san jose. futurecast that second wave of rain moves through tonight. if you have dinner reservations tonight i know it's not raining now, bring the umbrella. keep you dry.
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9:00 it will be raining again and scattered showers do continue overnight tonight. wind advisory in effect for the north bay mountains and east bay mountains. we are look at wind gusts potentially tonight and tomorrow up to 50 miles per hour. mount diablo had a 57-mile-per- hour gust earlier this morning. now, that's the weather around here. the weather back these? one word. snow. lots of snow perhaps the biggest in 30 years. craig boswell reports from washington, dc where a lot of stuff is going on and people are bracing for a big winter storm. reporter: paul, dc officials say there are far too many people still on the streets in the nation's capital as this storm is rolling in. look, as it has rolled in, the snowplows have rolled out. i spoke to several of the drivers. they say they are ready to maneuver through two or three feet of snow in a storm that officials here describe as life- threatening. snow is falling on the nation's capital where officials are expecting two feet by the time
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it's all over. >> the snow is coming down wet and heavy. >> reporter: this satellite image from nasa shows just how enormous the historic blizzard is from space. it's expected to sit over washington, dc for the next 36 hours. residents got their exercise in while it was still daylight. and even the first dog enjoyed the snowfall but emergency management warns conditions are worsening. >> this is a dangerous storm and it's coming fast. >> reporter: with the potential for three continues of snow an hour, district officials are making main roads and snow evacuation routes a priority. >> get off the street. you know, be safe. let us handle our business out here. >> reporter: air travelers got out while they could. more than 3500 flights have already been canceled for saturday. along the jersey shore, it's not the snow but a lunar high tide that has residents worried about coastal flooding. while new yorkers are bracing for up to a foot of snow. >> i'm an australian guy buying salt because i'm scared of the blizzard! [ laughter ] >> reporter: officials say 50 million people are in the
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storm's path. wide shot of the nation's capital the beauty of snow here in washington, d.c. that comes along with a power and danger of a snowstorm like this. officials are warning that this will lead to possible delayed response times for 911 and extensive widespread power outages as this snow is heavy and wet and the winds are going to pick up. in washington, craig boswell kpix 5. new at 5:00 an autopsy is revealing a san jose man killed during a confrontation with pleasanton police last summer was not high on drugs and alcohol. the officer who is shot the 19- year-old says he was an out-of- control mad man who nearly beat him to death. kpix 5's da lin with the family's search for answers. reporter: >> he didn't deserve to die. >> reporter: six months after a pleasanton police officer shot and killed his son, john deming, sr., has no answers. >> thanksgiving, christmas, his birthday is coming up, it won't
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get easier. >> reporter: the reserve police officer for the city of oakdale says the new autopsy report backs up his belief that the pleasanton police are covering up a murder. >> it paints a picture of cold- blooded murder. >> reporter: back on july 5 of last year pleasanton police responded to a burglar alarm at a classic car dealership. officers say they spotted john deming, jr., inside acting like a mad man running around and jumping on cars. >> screaming, very loud. smashing things. >> reporter: they say he even threw a 50-pound floor jack at officers. beanbags and taser rounds either missed him or couldn't stop him. pleasanton police say when the teen attacked officer daniel kunkle and punched him to the point where he almost blacked out, the officer shot him in the head and stomach. shortly after, police raided the teen's home looking for drugs as a possible cause for what they termed psychotic behavior. the alameda county coroner's autopsy report now shows john
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deming, jr., did not have any alcohol or drugs in his system. the report also finds he was not shot at close range as previously suggested. >> tells us that they're leaving. tells us that it's -- it's painted as a murder. there's enough here to arrest this officer on murder charges. >> reporter: the pleasanton police department isn't talking saying the case is under investigation. the district attorney is also looking into the shooting. in pleasanton, i'm da lin, kpix 5. super bowl 50 more than 2 weeks away but big traffic headaches are starting now. >> the roads you will definitely want to avoid coming up. >> plus, the warriors on a roll now team is getting its head coach back. >> and big changes coming to the oscars amid a flood of accusations about a lack of diversity.
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪ and su n san fran well, we're just about 15
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days away from super bowl 50 here on kpix 5 and super bowl city in downtown san francisco is beginning to take shape. today we spotted the cbs sports football field going into place in justin herman plaza. this field is temporarily taking the place of the bocce ball court all part of the many activities of super bowl city leading up to the big game on february 7. and be forewarned. there will be plenty of street closures in the area. >> i'm sandra osborne in the kpix 5 traffic center. the big game in santa clara, but san francisco will have major impacts on the roads as we gear up for celebrations. if you are drying yourself as opposed to that -- driving yourself as opposed to public transportation or mass transit, here's what you need to know. four main street closures market street between beale and steuart streets, southbound embarcadero between washington and don chee way, beale main spear and steuart streets between market and howard and then howard between 3rd and 4th
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streets. now, something else knew he had to know. there's no event parking for any of these events happening in the downtown san francisco area. so they are encouraging to you find another way to move around whether it be walking, taking a bicycle or public transportation. but here's thing. buses and trains are going to have some reroutes, as well. for all the details on that, head it our website, one thing that will remain in super bowl city, the farmer's market. it will be open as usual on tuesday thursday and saturday. but the number of people in the area could make it more difficult to get to your favorite vendors. but it may not be possible to eat out at your favorite restaurant during super bowl week. many bars and restaurants have had buy-outs for corporate parties. the city of santa clara is getting ready to host possibly the biggest event in its history. >> yeah. coming up, how police say they are ready to handle the tens of thousands of visitors. >> reporter: i'm devin fehely in san jose where hundreds
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to find free, local, in-person help, visit ready to host super bowl 50. kpix five's len ramirez on w an influx of v-i-p's and football fans... could leado new information on how
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santa clara is getting ready to host super bowl 50. len ramirez reports. reporter: >> santa clara 911 what's the address of the emergency. >> reporter: santa clara police dispatchers handle an average of 5,000 calls a months when the super bowl gets here, they could get that many in a week as the lead emergency services agency for super bowl 50 the small department is gearing up for a super surge of 911 calls. >> we have increased our 911 caller capabilities by 40% so that means that during the week of celebrations, folks that have a need to call 911 will be able to get to the com center and get an officer or whatever needs they have to get dispatched to them for help. >> reporter: this is the city's main dispatch center at the headquarters. for the super bowl santa clara will open a second dispatch center inside levi's stadium to handle the overflow and provide system redundancy. chris schiller a 16-year veteran is assigned to the
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stadium. he even has a special edition super bowl 50 badge. >> going to be exciting, challenging, um, we're looking forward to it and it's going to be a busy day. >> reporter: a million visitors are expected in the bay area for the super bowl and many of them will cluster around santa clara. dispatchers will have to be ready to handle everything from a terror event to a heart attack. they have received additional specialized training and computer and software systems have been upgraded. the city will have at least triple the normal number of dispatchers on duty, but not all of them will be focused only on the game. >> we have enough staffing to address city calls for service. so if you are not attending the super bowl or any venue, surrounding super bowl, services will not be impacted. >> reporter: in santa clara len ramirez, kpix 5. san francisco is also getting ready for a spike in emergency calls during super bowl week. it's opening an emergency operations center beginning january 30th. the staff there will be able to
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handle everything from small emergencies to citywide events to major disasters. it will be open until the day after the game. new at 5:00, some major changes are coming to the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. today it announced reforms to try to diversify. the plan is to double the number of female and minority members by 2020. it will also make changes to the voting structure to include diversity. the academy's president says last week's all white oscar nominations spurred the quick action to change. meanwhile, san francisco's academy of art college is in hot water for allegedly skirting city planning and permit laws. supervisor aaron peskin is calling on officials with the planning department to crackdown on the school. the hope is to bring the university into compliance with local laws as soon as possible. the city is at odds with the for profit school over its real estate practices for several years. the coach of the golden
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state warriors is returning! steve kerr took the team to its first championship in 40 years in 2015. he will be back on the bench time coaching the team against the pacers as golden state tries to win their 38th straight regular home season game. kerr took a leave of absence in october to recover from complications following two back surgeries. good to see coach back. >> yeah. >> he has gone through a lot with the back surgeries. >> painful. >> and we have luke walton to thank for keeping the record going. >> not a bad record even though steve kerr gets the wins. 39-4. everybody heading to oracle tonight weather should be fine. the roads are wet but additional rainfall we are getting a break. leaving oracle may be different after that 38th consecutive regular season home win. san martin, gilroy, santa clara valley, round number one rain moving out. we have round 2 from storm number 11, a lot of numbers,
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moving in from the north. so more rain moving in overnight tonight into tomorrow. add all this stuff up, and look at these numbers. we have seen almost 6.5" of rainfall in san francisco so far this month. if you were to add up the previously every previous five januarys, we have received more rainfall this january. it's how wet we have been so far this year. lots of snow in the sierra down to 5,000 feet the snow level. total snow anywhere from a foot to three feet of snow western slopes of the sierra. winter storm warning continues ninth tomorrow t mild day today many of us into the 60s. we are still at 60 in concord and oakland. santa rosa 58. with the clouds and the rain continuing tonight off and on, lows will stay in the 50s. fremont 51. san rafael 50. san francisco, oakland, redwood city, at or above 50. we had a front come through today giving us widespread rainfall of up to half inch of rain. now we have the trailing area of low pressure. that slides through and as that does, it will keep the rain
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chance elevated through the day on saturday. this is a two-day rain event. you can see storm number 11 a big one. we have that first batch of rainfall to the south and heavy rain for the san joaquin valley this evening and overnight tonight. this will rotate through the bay area keeping the rain chance elevated. tonight 11 p.m., rain, scattered showers through morning tomorrow. and then we'll sound the "all clear" if you are heading out tomorrow evening, it should be rain-free. showers and breezy tonight, unsettled tomorrow with the dry break and it's a significant dry break. it will be here on sunday. let's go through the clouds some rain tomorrow. napa 57. fremont 58. oakland your high 60 degrees. extended forecast, you know what? the beach needs a break. your yard probably needs a break. your gutters need a break. mother nature providing a break. it's going to last five days. sunday through thursday, we are rain-free after tomorrow our next chance of rain is one greek friday and the long,
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long, long-range models have it stretched out to super bowl sunday. a little unsettled. i take no 16-day forecast as gospel but right it's unsettled through super bowl week. fans of the makeup brand knicks have been lining up all day at retail stores grand opening. i'm so happy. >> i know you are. the brand's very first brick and mortar store opened today at the westfield valley fair mall. kpix 5's devin fehely live in san jose with nix cult-like following. looks like you have a little powder around blush on there. >> you look great, devin. >> looks good, man. [ laughter ] >> reporter: on a personal note, there's not a lot that i would line up for stand in line for hours to buy. but don't tell that to the hundreds of enthusiastic nix customers who came out to valley fair today. it was a line worthy of an
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apple product launch. but to the surprise and likely eternal confusion of most men, the product going on sale today was a brand of makeup. >> we have an amazing fan base. our nix community is very passionate. what they want to come out here and see is this first nix store which really combines the online beauty community and this offline world. >> reporter: spread entirely by word of mouth and social media, hundreds of people lined up under overcast skies outside valley fair mall for their chance to check out nix's first brick and mortar store in northern california. >> it's a grand opening and, you know, we get to meet like one might have favorite youtubeers and it means a lot. >> reporter: beauty is a big business. the cosmetics industry had sales in excess of $60 billion last year. so what makes nyx so special? the company has builtities brand and reputation online. outside the store the fans raved about the products. >> it's just really good
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quality. it lasts a good while. it's not too expensive. just awesome. i love it. >> reporter: it's that enthusiasm that has made nyx such a successful brand and that's what prompt l'oreal to buy them three years ago. they have three stores in southern california. this is their first brick and mortar senator northern california. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> now you have to go. >> looks great. if you haven't already heard, the super bowl is coming to kpix 5. >> who knew. yeah. our first look at one of the most highly anticipated aspects of the big game, those commercials. that's coming up next. >> but first it the market closed up today. saudi arabia's top cleric i,
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saudi arabia's top cleric condemns the game of chess calling it a waste of time and money believes it creates hatred between players. he compared it to gambling and forbids muslims to play. chess has a long history in the middle east and is played across the world. local players say they will continue to hold chess tournaments inside the country despite the cleric's order. here's a football stat in a may surprise you. -- that may surprise you. a san francisco ad agency says 78% of americans look forward to super bowl commercials more than the game. anheuser-busch released a short teaser of their bud light ad that will play during the game. a comic and actor suiting up. bush has been the exclusive beer advertiser for the super bowl since 1975. monday night join mr. ken bastida and jennifer montana for our super bowl special, countdown to gold. joe montana will be stopping by to weigh in on the two teams headed to the big game.
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that's monday at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. >> ought to be fun. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news," scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. it the blizzard of 2016 is striking the east. we are tracking it as the north prepares for snow and the south braces for ice. >> plus, a new airbag death has prompted the recall of five million additional american cars. >> and steve hartman on the road with a man risking it all for love. those stories tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one with san francisco poli chief greg suhr about pl new at 6:00 protests the big concern at super bowl 50. we talk one-on-one with the san francisco police chief greg suhr with ambulance to keep safe and under control. >> plus a signing bonus to become a teacher. where the shortage is so bad that one district is offering cash. that and more at 6:00. thank you for watching the kpix 5 news at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and we'll see you at 6:00. and remember, the latest news and weather, always on captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: the snow's coming down, the warnings are up for the blizzard of 2016. >> they said it's coming. i'm trying to get out of here. >> pelley: also tonight, a new air bag death, for the first time not in a honda. the recall expands by millions. the conservative "national review" calls for the defeat of donald trump. >> i guess they want to get a little publicity. but that's a dying paper. >> pelley: and steve hartman "on the road" when tim met tiffani. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the snow is falling and it will only get worse. this is washington, d.c. tonight in the leading edge of what's about to become the blizzard of 2016.


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