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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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help and continue to restrain him. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe! ah! i can't breathe. >> reporter: you can hear hernan repeatedly shouting i can't breathe, they are killing me. his sister says she watched in horror that night helpless. >> they had the opportunity to change what they were doing. and they didn't do anything. >> reporter: it was july 8th, 2013, 2 a.m. when she called police. she says she heard a lot of noise in the house thinking an intruder was trying to kill her brother. when police arrived, they only found anna and hernan who was acting out. police arrested him when he wouldn't obey their commands. >> at the very least they could have released the pressure from his diaphragm and back so his breathing wasn't not restricted. those are things that they are trained to do. and they could have easily done here. >> reporter: anna says officers were pressing their knees into her brother's back and stomach. she said he became unconscious
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and when paramedics arrived, it was too late. >> to save somebody's life, they was very irresponsible. >> reporter: she says even though the city of oakland settled the wrongful death lawsuit for $450,000, it still doesn't bring her brother back. the coroner found drugs in his system. they said that the cause of death was multiple intoxications and physical exertion. police are not commenting. the three officers listed in the lawsuit are still on duty. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. president obama wanted to speak directly to everyone in the bay area especially to the people of oakland. so kpix 5's allen martin got on a plane for washington to talk to the president one on one. and that's where allen is now live at the white house tonight. the only bay area reporter to talk to the president today. allen. >> reporter: liz, seven local tv news crews were invited to come to the white house here
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today to interview the president one on one so he could promote obamacare before the sunday deadline. and oakland and east bay in particular were targeted because, well, in that region, 134,000 people who are eligible for healthcare haven't signed up. >> how are you, allen? >> mr. president, i'm fine. how are you, sir? >> good to see you. welcome. >> thank you for hosting us. >> reporter: the president is pushing oakland to sign up for obamacare picking it as an area that's lagged behind in the participation of the healthcare reform act. >> healthcare inflation has gone up at the slowest rate over the last three or four years. we have had the strongest job growth since the 1990s since this law passed. so all the horror stories about how this is going to be terrible for the economy or the american people haven't come to pass. >> reporter: but bay area republican and former chair of
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the state gop tom del beccaro disagrees saying it really does come to people not being able to afford coverage. >> premiums are rising high in the bay area. my premium alone is doubled in the last five years. and so the question really is, are people getting healthcare not insurance? it's okay to have insurance. but if you have really high deductibles you're not getting healthcare. >> reporter: now, this challenge as i say includes the east bay oakland in particular and 19 other cities. at the end of the registration period on sunday the numbers will be tallied up. the area that wins has the most people who sign up for obamacare will get a visit by the president. coming up tonight at 6:00 we are going to talk about whether the president might be boosting these numbers to improve his legacy. also, reaction from the gop saying what it can and will do to dismantle obamacare. >> clearly healthcare was top of mind but was he open to talk
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about other things? >> he was, actually. in the time when you said hello and chitchat i asked him about the super bowl and i said are you too diplomatic to pick a winner he said absolutely not going to do that. but i was able to ask him about cyber security. you know, three weeks ago in the bay area, in the south bay, he sent a team of advisers including his chief of staff to talk to the tech companies and so i asked him about that meeting, what's going to come from it. we are going to have that story for you later in the week. >> look forward to that. thank you. super bowl 50 signs going up all over the bay area as we speak. but one of the biggest banners along the embarcadero near super bowl city may be coming down before the fans ever arrive. mark kelly has more on the battle over this big banner. >> reporter: if this was just a sign advertising super bowl 50, which of course is a civic pride event, it would be perfectly fine, perfectly legal. but it is more than that. at the top is a sign for
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verizon wireless. it reads, get a network that works. and if you ask san francisco city, this sign does not work. some might remember that back in 2002, san francisco voters passed something called prop g which says no new general advertising signs in the city and that was in hopes on cutting down on advertisements. in fact, the city attorney's office has gotten complaints so they told verizon and building managers this sign must be down by 5:00 thursday. >> we have the equivalent here in san francisco of 18 super bowls every year and if we make exceptions in the law for one event, we are really opening the door to saying that it's okay for everybody to do this for every convention or every major event that comes to san francisco. and we can't do it. it's not within the power of the planning department or the city attorney or anybody else to simply overrule the wilf voters. >> reporter: the city
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attorney's office feels confident they will reach and agreement but they can't the next step is a temporary restraining order and, of course, time here is ticking. these are two huge signs here towering over super bowl city which is expected to open this saturday. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> it's all about the super bowl. join us saturday night for our countdown to gold special. we'll be celebrating the opening of super bowl city and relight the bay bridge lights. plus, the macy's fireworks show. it's going to be spectacular right here on kpix 5 saturday at 7 p.m. and for everything you need to know related to super bowl 50, you can check out the special section on our website go to the important jobs of these highly trained dogs performing starting this weekend. >> it's all about the sunshine
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and mild weather in the bay area. there are a few of you that hit 70 degrees today. we'll talk about that and talk about when the first of two rain chances moves in. >> and federal money could be heading to pacifica, where the cliffs continue to crumble. why those who need it most may never see a penny. ,, ,,,,
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website ,, south bay. a severed ear... is the key piece of evidenc the case. graphic details on a murder investigation in the south bay. a severed ear is the key piece of evidence in this case. steve hlebo is now charged with killing his san jose coworker. he has appeared in court this afternoon. according to court documents hlebo told detectives that he got into a fight with fellow mechanic kyle myrick. later investigators then found a severed ear in a pool of blood on the floor of the motorcycle shop where both men worked. myrick has not been seen since friday night. investigators think that he was killed and his body was then dumped into the pacific ocean.
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his relatives have been searching the santa cruz mountains, as well. the couple charged with killing two children and hiding the bodies in a redding storage unit have pleaded not guilty. tammy hunts man and her 17-year- old boyfriend appeared in court in salinas charged with murder, torture and child abuse for the deaths of a 6-year-old boy and his 3-year-old sister as well as the severe abuse of a 9-year- old girl found in their car. all of the children had been left in tami joy huntsman' care when the mother died. the children's bodies were found inside a bin in a storage unit last month. tami joy huntsman' charges including special circumstances which make her eligible for the death penalty. the minor can only get life in prison. federal help is coming for pacifica. residents are leaving their apartments now on the edge of a
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cliff. today congresswoman jackie speier toured the area. she will ask for $30 million in federal assistance to repair the city's seawall and pacifica pier. and a critical roadway. >> this is a state and national problem. highway 1 is in jeopardy and we need to take steps to protect it. >> it is unlikely that the money can be used to help displaced residents but the county may help with rental assistance. ever discover in the middle of a busy day that your gas tank is empty? coming up, a new trend that could mean you will never have to fill up again. --sugerman 6pm tease-- >> the new way you may soon be able to get catch from the atm even if you forgot your wallet. >> 62 sacramento politicians voted to legalize fantasy football today. one guy didn't. and the industry spent tens of thousands of dollars against
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him. why bother in such a lopsided win? we'll tell you about it at 6. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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project could come in under cost... but take longer than expected to build. the chairman of the high- s state lawmakers learned today that the high-speed rail project could come in under cost but take longer than expected to build. the chairman of the high-speed rail authority told a committee
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that it may cost less than the current estimate of $68 billion. dan richards says he is less confident the rail line from the bay area to l.a. will be done by 2028 as had been planned. the project has run into delays acquiring land in the central valley. governor brown announcing a ballot initiative to cut prison time for felons. the governor's overall goal is to reduce the prison population in order to meet a court ordered cap. his plan would give prison officials broad authority to grant sentence credits for inmates who finish rehabilitation programs. it would also enable nonviolent offenders to be paroled earlier. and in a separate move involving inmates, the state senate voted to ban the release of people convicted of killing police officers. california allows the relieves dying inmates if they pose -- the release of dying inmates if they pose no public safety threat. but supporters say medical parole was never meant to apply to cop killers.
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the bill now goes to the full assembly. five people are under arrest in connection with a daring escape from a southern california prison. but the three who escaped are still on the loose. according to the orange county sheriff's department, one person they nabbed today possibly through a backpack full of tools over the jail yard fence. that's what allowed the convicts to saw their way to freedom. senator bernie sanders met with president obama at the white house today. sanders says the president has been very fair with the democratic candidates by not throwing his full support behind any one of them. >> the president and i discussed this morning a number of issues, foreign policy issues, domestic issues, occasionally a little bit of politics. but i enjoyed the meeting and i thought it was a very positive and constructive meeting. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton is trailing sanders in the latest iowa poll released today.
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45 to 49% just days before the first in the nation caucuses. a new cnn/orc polls shows donald trump dominating nationally. he is leading the republican pack at 41% followed by ted cruz at 19%. and in response to donald trump's saying he is not participating in tomorrow night's fox news debate, ted cruz's campaign is selling a hat online make trump debate again. much more on campaign 2016 on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." you can get just about anything delivered on demand these days from high-end restaurant meals to baby formulas. but you probably never had this delivered to you. gasoline. consumerwatch reporter julie watts is live in palo alto to explain how this one works. julie. >> reporter: yeah, guys. have you ever returned home after a long day of work only
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to discover your gas tank was empty? wouldn't it be nice if someone would come over and fill it up for you so you didn't have to? now there's an app for that, several in fact. although he is not an old- fashioned gas station attendant, filling up the car, he is a class a hazmat endorsed driver piloting a next generation gas station on wheels and delivering gas on demand via app. we fuel launched in the bay area this week and is one of a growing number of companies that will fill you up for a fee. however, cofounder says they have a special device that sets them apart. >> you just [ indiscernible ] we can read the tank level know exactly the position of the vehicle and we can open the fuel hatch so we can deliver the gas. >> reporter: he says the device is in beta testing but they hope to see it in every car so in theory they will know when you will need gas before you will and automatically fill you up making gas stations
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virtually obsolete. >> i can see time for delivery. >> reporter: now their app is up and running and like competitors it allows you to request a fillup on demand. but he says much like uber, their app tracks your gas driver and provides a realtime eta. now, while they will come to you, there are some stipulations. they won't fill you up in a parking garage, covered parking spot, near a storm drain near a school and won't block traffic all safety protocols established by the former state fire marshal and approved by various government agencies. how much is it worth to get gas without the nation is similar to its competitors, we fuel charges a $7.49 delivery fee plus the average price per gallon in your zip code. now, they are currently only operating in palo alto and menlo park with plans to expand in the bay area over the next year and then nationwide over the next three years. >> wow. sounds like a great convenience. awesome. >> yeah. for a price. which is probably why they started here because you have a
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bunch of busy techies who -- >> thank you. now if they could just deliver the weather. >> hey. you know what? this guy can do it for free. >> that's the cool thing around super bowl time people have been saying, hey, next wednesday, can you make it sunny? like we're the ones that actually are choosing. >> it's all your fault, paul. it's raining. >> take the blame, take the good, comes with the job. hopefully you wanted sunshine today because that's what you got. sunset in san francisco officially 5:27. we gained one minute and 47 seconds of daylight today. and you got sunshine from start to finish. it is 64 in san jose. santa rosa still 63. 67 in oakland. good evening to you in pittsburg. you hit 70 degrees in pittsburg today in the delta around the delta, it was in the low 70s. still some showers north and west of eureka. that's where they will stay. there's a chance of rain friday but if you are heading into town and joining tens of
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thousands of others for the bay lights relighting, macy's fireworks show, which you can watch right here live on kpix 5, partly cloudy skies, chilly, temperatures in the low 50s but no rain o saturday. rain-free saturday night. the rain building to our north that's where it stays. napa tonight 43. oakland 48. san jose your low 45 degrees. storm track will come to california again with upper- level winds that left canada and they are working their way to the pacific northwest so it's slowing heading in our direction as a ridge of high pressure moves out. that said, storm number 12 which will arrive on friday, is not tapping into the tropics. it's diving down to the gulf of alaska. cooler storm. it doesn't pack a big punch. not a widespread rain event along with it.
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tomorrow morning we are cloudier than today. tomorrow evening we're looking at showers for the north bay and friday morning the most of the rainfall stays north of the golden gate. friday afternoon rain in the santa clara valley and san mateo county. only light green light precipitation so only scattered showers moving through on friday. cloudy and dry tomorrow. showers return friday and after a dry day saturday there will be some more light rain coming up sunday. temperatures: >> two days with rain but neither looks very impressive. cooler sunday breezy with more showers and look at the first half of super bowl week. dry monday, tuesday and wednesday. keith ruth has been begging for for a year. >> next sound you hear is the popping of champagne bottles downstairs. we'll see. we'll see. >> we need the rain but maybe
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not next week. we are just 10 days away from super bowl 50 right here on kpix 5! today a special security task force assembled in san francisco. they will be lending their eyes, ears and noses for the big game. the coast guard k-9 unit ran drills to sniff out homemade explosives. the dogs are trained to sit in front of suspicious bags. they will be patrolling several areas checking cars near levi's stadium and screening visitors in super bowl city. >> set up here for the k-9s. [ inaudible ] >> working on homemade explosives and [ indiscernible ] screening. the sole purpose of the bomb dogs is to save lives. >> the program is one of many in place to make sure the super bowl goes off without a hitch. also in super bowl city san francisco's free wi-fi will be getting an upgrade just in time for the big game. connectivity will run at record
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speeds along market and its five underground bart stations. mayor lee says that he hopes the improved system will help san franciscans long after they pick up super bowl city. and a national fast food chain is telling all of its customers to check their credit card statement. the investigation into possible credit card fraud next on kpix 5 news at 5:00. >> but first the market were back in the red today. from wall street. ,,
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possible credit card fraud e fast food chain says it leae new at 5:00, wendy's is looking into reports of possible credit card fraud. that fast food chain says it learned earlier this month that fraudulent charges may have happened after people used cards legitimately at some of its restaurants. the company is not sure how widespread the fraud might be,
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but it is urging customers to be on the lookout for any unauthorized charges. facebook may be on track to challenge google as the internet's most powerful company. its earnings report today showed its first-ever $5 billion quarter earning more than double to $1.56 billion. the company's stock surged by more than 11% in after-hours trading. forget your debit card. you will soon be able to use your smartphone to withdraw money of. chase is upgrading all atms this year. one perk is a function to allow you to take money out of your account by simply tapping your phone to the atm. it's the same technology used to allow apple pay and other payment apps to work. chase says it does not completely replace the debit card but it will allow you to use the atm if you do not have your card with you. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york
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tonight. scott. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. donald trump's showdown with fox news. who will win? the debate on the debate. plus, more of our investigation into the wounded warrior project. just how many veterans has the charity actually helped? and new cases of zika virus have been confirmed in the u.s. we'll have those stories tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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field has people fuming. disease e.z. coming up at clock neighbors -- coming up at 6:00, neighbors fired up other lights. people are fuming. plus, great news if you love fantasy football. why some have called it illegal. we'll tell you about the vote in sacramento that could keep the games going. that and more at 6. plans are in the works to build a new batch of delorean sports cars. for the first time in more than 30 years, the stainless steel cars gained immortality in the "back to the future" films. now a houston area company plans to build hundreds of them starting early next year using spare parts from the originals but the but the engine will be new. >> does it come with the flux capacitier? >> marty! [ laughter ] >> see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
5:30 pm y >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. >> pelley: trump pulls out of debate, but will he change his mind? >> i've got a $20 bet he'll show up. >> pelley: also tonight, more of our investigation exposing questionable spending by the largest veterans' charity. new cases of zika virus in the united states. and two men, two generations. >> opposite ends of the spectrum. >> pelley: and only one can win. >> it's going to be awesome. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. we open with a bid of one, no trump. the political play of the day by the republican front-runner pulling out of the next idential debate tomorrow night.


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