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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 29, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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news this morning. coming up on "cbs this morning" is coming up next. what day is it? >> it's friday! captions by: caption colorado ♪ ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, january 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump tries to own the night, despite boycotting the republican debate. gop rivals take aim at ted cruz. a female teacher is accused of helping three inmates escape from a california jail. the manhunt intensifies. more than 100 walmarts closed for good last night. communities across the country are feeling betrayed. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. let's address the elephant not in the room. >> for my personally, a good thing, a bad thing?
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will i get more votes? will i get less vote? nobody knows. >> reporter: donald trump rivals the gop debate. >> like the academy awards. this is like the academy awards. >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. now we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way! >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a little teddy bear to me. >> he is debating right now and maybe doing great and probably looking for me and saying has anyone seen trump? >> one person thrilled with last night's debate. >> we may have been given a gift from the lord in the presidential race here. the fbi has released dramatic video of the death of an oregon militia member. >> they say they did not kill him running away. >> california authorities say nooshafarinn ravaghi may have supplied key materials to dangerous escaped inmates. the zika virus is spreading. 4 million people could be infected by the end of the year. >> the navy flying planes that
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broke the sound barrier. the sound of sonic boom. >> a man in south carolina is a hailed a hero. the suspect gave up and ran off. >> one thing i say every year on my birthday is i don't want gifts. let me show you what oprah sent. nothing from gayle but that is okay. >> are you the healthiest presidential candidate in the history of the world? >> and all that matters. >> curtain of distraction came back to opposing free-throw shooters. michael phelps got involved. by god, will be this this. >> he 100% looked right at us. >> has there been anybody like donald trump? >> no. you would have to take pieces of -- >> perhaps frankenstein? i'm afraid we are out of time. i got an answer out of you. >> tell me about a benevolent thing that was built in pieces and i'll use that analogy next time. >> the united states of america. >> this morning's eye opener is
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presented by toyota. let's go places. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off and vinita nair is with us. presidential candidates are making their final push in iowa after one of the strangest nights in the campaign so far. seven republican candidates met in the last debate before monday's caucuses. at the same time, front-runner donald trump held a rally two miles away in des moines. >> it was strange, indeed. trump kept his promise to boycott that fox news debate. major garrett is in des moines where the other republicans characterized trump and each other. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump defied persistent lobbying from fox news chairman roger ailes skipped the debate and held a rally to raise funds for veterans organizations. rick santorum appeared and shared some of the spotlight. another first of this campaign, trump proves he makes news where he is and even where he isn't. >> let's address the elephant
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not in the room tonight. >> reporter: physically absent but first on the debate agenda, gop front-runner donald trump who lamented his own decision not to show. >> i didn't want to be here, i have to be honest. i wanted to be about five minutes away. you have to stick up for your rights. when you're treated badly, you have to stick up to your rights. you have to do it. >> reporter: trump said he raised $5 million for veterans groups and then wondered allowed what skipping the debate might mean. >> is it for me personally a good thing, a bad thing? will i get more votes, will i get less votes? nobody knows. who the hell knows? >> reporter: one thing was clear, trump owned at least part of the night. >> i'm a maniac. and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and, ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> it's not about donald trump. he's an entertaining guy. he is the greatest show on earth. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a little teddy bear to
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me. >> jeb bush wasn't far from trump's mind either. >> he is probably looking for me. he is saying, has anyone seen trump? where is trump? where is he? >> reporter: at center stage for the first time and running neck and neck with trump in iowa, ted cruz became a target. >> the last four questions have been rand please attack ted and marco please attack ted and jeb, please attack ted. gosh. if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: the toughest attacks? on immigration and the definition of amnesty. >> he is the king of saying, oh, you're for amnesty. everybody is for amnesty except to ted cruz, but it's a falseness and often and authenticity problem. >> ted, you've than willing to do or say anything to get votes. >> marco made the choice to go the direction to support amnesty because he thought it was politically advantageous. i honored my commitment.
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>> reporter: the lengthy conversation taxed chris christie's patience. >> i feel like i need a washington english dictionary diverter. stop the bull and get things done. >> reporter: fox said that trump offered to appear at the debate if the network would provide $5 million for veterans causes. the network said it doesn't pay ransom. nontrump campaign described as the most substantive conversations on the issue of the nation seen so far. "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is in nashua, new hampshire. jon, good morning. >> morning charlie. >> who won? was it donald trump, was it fox news, was it the other candidates, or was it the american people? >> was it america? well, i think, actually, there was an illumination of an important issue for republicans in that debate and so for those
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who care about immigration -- and that immigration debate was about immigration, but it was also about the claim, and you heard rand paul make it and marco rubio is making it too, that ted cruz is not shooting straight with people, and cruz got a chance to defend himself on that. i think for donald trump, trump, you can either talk about what your campaign is about or you can show it. what donald trump did by getting out of that debate and holding his own counter event is basically show he is not going to take something that he finds offensive and he is going to fight back and kind of been the message of his campaign. >> trump said this event counter-programming was about the veterans. was that what it was about, veterans? >> well, it was about the veterans, but it was also about him trying to assert some strength, him pushing back against fox, which he believes treated him unfairly. some portion of it was also perhaps doing something that he thinks will help him instead of the debate which could have been either a wash or it could have
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been a problem. he knows certainly that the fox moderators were not going to ask him soft, gentle questions. so i think the veterans were somewhere in that mix. they were not the only driving force. >> what is the campaign, the trump campaign say where this money is going to? what veterans will benefit? >> right now, we don't know. i'll be interviewing him later and i'm going to ask him about that. he has taken the money and he is holding onto it for the moment. and then he'll have to announce where it's going. but right now, we don't know which organizations it's going to. >> one last quick question. does anybody win going into the iowa caucus? does this help anybody? >> i don't, i don't think so. i mean, it's all about your closing argument and that is going to have to come over the next couple of days. but i think -- so i think probably things are where they were before we went into the debate. >> thanks, john. you can watch his interview with donald trump and marco rubio on "face the nation" on sunday on cbs.
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the democratic race in iowa is still close and it's getting rougher. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling for every vote. their differences are getting sharper and so is their campaign rhetoric. nancy cordes is in des moines where clinton will hold her first campaign rally of the day. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. depending on the day, each candidate is trying to claim the moral high ground, arguing they are the ones with the positive campaign. but with just a couple of days left, the truth is both sides are highlights each other's weaknesses. >> my goal as your president is to raise your income. i will not raise middle class taxes. >> reporter: in two iowa towns on thursday, clinton argued she is the democrat with her feet on the ground. >> i'm going to try to get people to vote for me so that i can say when i get there to the congress, i put out my agenda. it wasn't, you know, just pie in the sky. >> reporter: she was echoing a "the washington post" editorial that slammed the lofty goals of bernie sanders as fiction.
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they say you're misleading americans about what you can get done in a bipartisan system. >> really? i don't believe that. >> reporter: you think you can convince republicans to raise taxes? >> i think we can convince the american people to get involved in the political process. >> hillary clinton! >> reporter: clinton also criticized his medicare for all health care plan. >> he wants to start all over again and plunge our country back into a very divisive debate. >> reporter: sanders struck back with an ad that didn't name clinton but it didn't have to. >> how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. >> reporter: at a bloomberg politics breakfast, sanders cried foul. >> this is a lie, an absolute lie. >> reporter: after clinton allies suggested he might be planning to bus in caucus-goers from other states. >> really? is what they are saying? based on -- you know, i am -- this is -- you talk about negative stuff. really? every day, you're being flooded
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by all of this negative stuff from the secretary clinton's super pac. that's the first i have ever heard of it. i don't want my integrity and honesty to be impugned. >> reporter: there is a lot of selective outrage going op. their attacks seem almost affectionate compared what we hear from the gop candidates about each other. the investigation of a mid air bombing that brought down a russian airliner is purportedly focusing on an airport worker. the crash killed 224. there are reports that a mechanic was planning and plotting a bomb. the woman got to know one of her escaped inmates as an
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english tutor. ben is outside the jail right now. good morning. >> reporter: this story has taken quite a turn. police believe these three men are still in southern california. they have been on the run for a week. they think they might be living in a van and they have not split up. and we now know they may have had help on the inside. jailers say that the three had help from a tutor. ravaghi taught english as a second language inside the maximum security jail. investors believe the 44-year-old old developed a friendship with nayeri. >> we know there was a relationship and how far it went and whether it was physical, we're trying to determine that. >> i don't know what she knew.
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we know she provided him some information. >> reporter: hallek said the men may be living inside a white utility vehicle. they believe bac duong stole the van on thursday after taking it for a test drive near los angeles. just after last friday's 5:00 a.m. head count, the men managed to snake through plumbing tunnels. they weren't reported missing until roughly 16 hours after they repelled to freedom from the jailhouse roof. ravaghi's alleged involvement in this jail break has echos of last summer's manhunt for two escaped prisoners. joyce mitchell pled guilty for smuggling jail that sweat and matt used to break out of prison. >> reporter: investigators are saying that the teacher didn't provide any additional tools for this men to escape. there is a reward in the form of
7:14 am
$200,000. >> ben, thank you. a graphic new look at the deadly confrontation between police and armed occupiers in oregon. newly released video shows the moment the officers opened fire on a protester during a traffic stop. he was among the people who seized a federal wildlife refuge. carter evans is in burns where several protesters are still holding out. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's extremely rare for the fbi to release a video of this kind just 48 hours after the shooting, but they wanted to dispel humog rumors that lavoy finicum was on his knees when he was shot and i want to warn you, the video you're about to see may be disturbing. video from an fbi airplane shows oregon state police and federal agents with their weapons drawn on the white truck driven by the group's spokesman lavoy finicum. the occupants of the vehicle
7:15 am
refused to comply with those commands. >> reporter: finicum takes off and speeding down the highway and swerves to avoid a road block and exits with his hands up but moments later seen reaching to his jacket and a state trooper opens fire killing him. >> he makes a movement toward the inside right panel of his jacket where there was located a loaded semi-auto pistol. actions have consequences and the fbi and oregon state police tried to effect these arrests peacefully. >> reporter: ryan bundy was injured in the shooting and taken into custody. in all, 11 people have been arrested and face felony charges of conspiracy to impede officers. >> this is a free for all armageddon! >> reporter: but a handful of people still remain inside the malheur wildlife refuge in a protest over federal land ownership. they're asking for guarantees that they won't be arrested once
7:16 am
they over. >> we don't need felony charges. we are camping out here. who are we hurting? who are we threatening? >> reporter: four people remain holed up at the wildlife refuge. ammon, through his attorney, is urging everyone who remains to give themselves up. the number of americans infected with the zika virus is growing this morning. at least 31 cases are reported in 11 states and washington, d.c. scientists say the virus is spreading at an explosive rate in central and south america. our chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook is tracking the threat. jn, good morning. >> good morning, norah. the world health organization says in the next year, the zika virus could affect 4 million people worldwide. the symptoms include fever, rash and eye pain. pinkeye. four people infected with the virus have no obvious symptoms. >> it is now spreading explosively.
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>> reporter: there is no treatment and no vaccine for the rapidly spreading zika virus. >> we need to get some answers quickly. >> reporter: the virus spread by mosquitoes has been detected in dozens of americans after returning home from traveling aabroad. zika is especially dangerous for pregnant women and linked to children being born with a serious condition called microcephaly where the head and brain are too small. ana palazzo traveled to brazil in early november and newly pregnant with twins. >> i wasn't aware how serious it was. >> reporter: concerned she could be affected, the 35-year-old cut her trip short and back in new york. >> i'm going to be a first-time mom. i went crazy because i want my babies to be safe. >> reporter: south america's first case of zika virus was detected in brazil in 2015. from there spread throughout the continent and into the south
7:18 am
america and caribbean. dr. beth bell at the cdc says the type of mos kwee to that carries zika exists if the u.s. but is not likely to spread as widely here as places like brazil which is set to host the summer olympics in august. >> here in the united states, where most people have screens on windows, many people have air-conditioning, we don't expect to see explosive outbreaks of the zika virus. >> on monday a commission appointed by the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting in switzerland. the head of the infectious diseases branch of the nih told me a vaccine trial will likely be started by the end of the year. but a widely available vaccine would take several years to develop. >> that's scary. >> thank you, jon. new developments this morning in michigan's toxic water disaster. state workers in flint received safe drinking water months before residents were offered filters. this was revealed in e-mails released by the watchdog group
7:19 am
progress michigan. a state building received water coolers last january. residents were offered water filters nine months later. the water coolers were, quote, provided as long as the public water does not meet treatment requirements. cbs news reached out to the governor's office for comment but we have not heard back.
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murder. >> nominations for the country mu meeting with a billionaire casino magnate d to las veg good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 7:26. here's what's happening. raider owner mark davis is reportedly meeting with a billionaire casino magnate discussing a possible move of his team to las vegas. the university of las vegas recently bought a 42-acre site for a new facility that could be shared with a pro football team. super bowl celebrations ramping up this weekend. san jose will hold a kickoff event at 5:00 tonight at the plaza de cesar chavez. then tomorrow super bowl city opens with the lighting of the bay bridge lights and you can see that live here on channel 5. straight ahead on "cbs this morning," walmart is closing dozens of u.s. stores. how they will affect the small towns who have come to rely on the big chain. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
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good morning. i'm gianna franco. drive times busy this morning out of san jose. 101 and 280, struggling, 22 minutes for your drive time. north 101 from 280/680 all the way to 237. about 24 minutes for that ride along 280 from 101/680 to 85. 101 northbound at cesar chavez an accident blocking lanes. busy as well along northbound 280 extension heading into san francisco. and the san mateo bridge just crawling. here's roberta. hi-def doppler radar not picking up rain yet but there's plenty of rain to the north of us. cloudy skies very muggy temperatures currently in the 50s. that's the scene looking towards the bay bridge where we have cloud cover and a gray slate. 55 degrees right now in santa rosa. high surf advisory in place from now through tomorrow morning. swells up to 16 feet. and again, your temperatures today in the 50s and 60s. ,,,,,,,,
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♪,,,,,,, ♪ a super slip-up by the grounds crew at levi stadium in santa clara. as they prepare for the super bowl, they painted the broncos logo on both end zones! whoa! forgetting about the carolina panthers. the denver blue and orange was eventually scrubbed from one end zone and the panthers colors filled in. >> i'm sure is there a very logical reason, but how does that happen? how does someone not glance over and see the other side? >> that's a big mistake to make. coming up this half-hour, the debate battle between fox news and donald trump, we explore what is next in the escalating feud. plus, walmart closes stores in dozens of small towns last night but not before shutting down the mom and pop competition. that is ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines.
7:31 am
"the new york times" says pentagon officials believe hundreds more troops from the united states and its allies are needed to fight isis. they would be sent to iraq and syria. an administration official says president obama is willing to consider raising the stakes in those countries. "usa today" reports on xerox announcing today it will split itself into two companies. one will be a document technology company. the other, a business services company. the transaction is said to be completed the end of the year. politico says donald trump is claiming victory over his fight with fox news. roger ailes spoke with trump three times before last night's debate. trump offered to scrap his plans for a boycott if fox news do kated $5 million to veterans
7:32 am
charities. tv editor for the hollywood reporter is with us. good morning. extortion by trump with fox news channel? >> unprecedented? >> he only asked jeff zucker for $10 million for his charity. >> last night was extraordinary. not om did he skip the debate, he planned a banner event. >> yes, the trump gold and black leather 757, yes, landing in flayover state or fly-to state as ted cruz said it would for now all be known. i think he proved you can be in two places at one time. he dominated the debate stage when with everybody was getting the elephant not in the room out of the way. and then he had this other event, which, of course, cnn is covering wall-to-wall. >> he said it was a snarky comment made earlier in the week. do you think that fox might have
7:33 am
made a mistake in saying that? because allegations they weren't fair to him? >> well, i think that you're not going to see a comment like that coming from any other news outlet besides fox news. it is very much in keeping with roger ailes withering sense of humor. i think that trump also wanted to actually avoid tough questions. and if you noticed the video questions that they used last night on cruz and on rubio showing them in their own words flip-flopping on these issues, and i'm sure they probably had one ready for trump about abortion. >> how do we determine who won? >> i think when the tv ratings come in. >> that's it? the tv ratings? >> and iowa, the voters, the voters. i think if donald trump wins in iowa and he did it without even taking place in a sanctioned rnc event, i think he shows, you know, once and for all we have some empirical evidence to show that he knows what he is doing. >> and his idea is he prepared to take on anybody? he is that tough? >> yes, he is that tough. he is not going to let fox news tell him where to be. >> what are the overall
7:34 am
ramifications for that? you look at the debate's first numbers, 24 million. is there any threat they could lose conservative viewers? >> i don't think -- fox is going to be around long after trump. even if trump gets elected, they is still going to be a fox news, right? so i think that -- >> yeah. >> for them -- and if trump doesn't get elected, maybe he doesn't even want to be president. maybe he doesn't have anything to lose. that's why he can behave this way and conduct the campaign like this, which, you know, truthfully is not about the issues, it's all about him. >> does it suggest that there may have been a mistake made by roger ailes? >> in pushing trump out? i think if you are roger ailes, trump not doing the debate because he is afraid of megyn kelly looks better for fox news. >> clearly. >> than trump is not doing the debate because fox news and
7:35 am
roger ailes taunted him. >> but, clearly, he wanted trump to be there very much and he is pushing three phone calls evidently leading up to the debate. >> sure, sure. >> to try to get him to come. >> yes. i think -- what is interesting about trump is he completely unpredictable. i think when he first said, i'll probably boycott, he has threatened to boycott debates before. so, you know, i think a lotof people thought, oh, he'll show up. and there was a lot of shock and surprise when -- >> he didn't. >> -- he didn't. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good to see you. world's largest retailer is downsizing. more than 100 walmarts on thursday shut their doors forever. many in small towns and rural areas with few other shopping options. the retailer cites a long term strategy shift. david begnaud is in white bright, texas. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. last night a woman pulled into a parking lot and watch as the
7:36 am
managers covered the front door of walmart with brown paper. what's happening here is happening around the country. walmart says it's a business decision. but if you talk to the people who live in this community, they'll tell you it's personal. >> it's maddening because walmart chose to do this. >> reporter: mrs. thompson feels betrayed by walmart's decision to leave whitewright, texas, 12 months after its grand opening. >> they chose to come here. and then when they put the other grocery store out of business, they want to close down and leave. i'm mad. >> reporter: she is talking about the mom and pop grocery that was a mainstay in this small town for nearly 60 years. larry deeds was co-owner. what made you close? >> business. it just quit coming. >> reporter: walmart stole your business? >> yeah. >> reporter: pettit's closed nine months after walmart opened.
7:37 am
will pettit started working here since he was 16. >> it brings a tear to your eye to see these shelves empty. >> reporter: when walmart moved in last year, whitewright's mayor said a little competition from walmart was a good thing. now that it's leaving -- >> it's going to hurt the city financially and hurt the citizens economically and it's not good for their mental status. >> reporter: walmart is closing 154 stores in 27 states and many of them are in small towns. in a statement to cbs news, walmart says the decision was not easy and we share in the communities' disappointment. >> communities are finally getting a look at not only the effects of a walmart coming into town but when they leave. i think that is a double blow for a lot of people. >> reporter: and now that walmart is closed, mrs. thompson will have to drive a half an hour to the closest grocery store. where are you going to buy your groceries now? >> i don't know. it won't be walmart. i'm done with walmart. >> reporter: mrs. thompson had two daughter-in-laws who worked here.
7:38 am
they were given an offer to work at another walmart. and that same offer was extended to all employees caught in the middle of this situation. if you wonder what happens to the people here, the man who owned the local mom and pop shop down the street says he's not reopening. >> that's so disappointing. >> her daughter-in-laws worked there. it's sad because the small businesses were squeezed out by walmart and the communities are hurt. >> and now they have nowhere to go without driving 30 minutes or more. >> maybe it will mean a resurgence for some of these small mom and pop shops. "48 hours" is tracking the real estate heir who may have confessed at the end of a tv miniseries. >> a new twist in a bizarre case of suspected killer and multimillionaire robert durst. he is now demanding to go on trial for murder. that is coming up on "cbs this morning." if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app
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durst a ♪ a strange saga of robert durst, the multimillionaire suspected in a series of deaths and disappearances is about to get even stranger. he will admit to a gun charge in a plea deal and that will land him in a los angeles courtroom on trial for the murder of his best friend. "48 hours" correspondent erin moriarty started covering durst more than a decade ago. >> reporter: susan and robert who met in college remained friends for 33 years, until christmas eve 2000 when police say he shot and killed her. now 72-year-old durst is pushing to be in a california courtroom by august to prove his innocence. like o.j. simpson, robert blake, and the man who called himself clark rockefeller, his trial will likely cause a sensation. why does robert durst want to go
7:44 am
to california? it sounds crazy that he would actually want to face a murder trial. >> well, it's not for the weather. it's because he's innocent. he did not kill susan berman. >> reporter: his attorney defended durst back in 2003 in galveston, texas. durst was charged with killing his neighbor, morris black, and dismembering the body. >> this guy is a murderer. he cuts up bodies like your local butcher. >> reporter: but the jury believed durst's claim of self-defense and acquitted him. >> not guilty. >> reporter: is it possible if he goes on trial for susan berman he'll get away with it again? >> i hate to say, yes, it's possible. but i believe in justice. i believe in truth. how about this, i believe in karma. sooner or later it's got to
7:45 am
happen. >> reporter: pirro writes about the cases "he killed them all." . lish published by a division of cbs. she believes durst killed berman because she knew too much about his disappearance of his first wife kathy in 1982. the most damaging evidence may be from come durst in "the jinx." a documentary on hbo last year. >> i think it's very strong. >> steve coolie, l.a. district attorney who berman was murdered, believed the jury is likely to see and hear portions of the documentary, including what sounds like a mumbled confession recorded when durst, still wearing a microphone, went into the bathroom. >> i killed them all, of course. >> that bit of evidence is significant. it is hearsay but it's admissible hearsay on multiple grounds. something that he or his
7:46 am
attorneys will have to explain. >> we have always known that he mumbles to himself. i'm not concerned about that part of it. >> erin is with us now. good morning. >> good morning. i think this is kind of interesting. i think some people wonder if he can get a fair trial. so many people know robert durst name. but in fact the defense has done the research and realized that only a small percentage of americans actually saw "the jinx" and very few people know who he is. they are absolutely convinced they can get a fair trial in l.a. and they are going to be able to win, that he will not be convicted of murder. >> the defense attorney just said he's not concerned about the admissibility of the mumbling. >> well, it should get in in the sense it could be an exception of hearsay, which is an admission against interest. but is there a real question about what he really said. did he really say killed them all? or kill them all. even some of the investigators in houston think that it may not have been the "e-d" the past tense. >> what difference would that
7:47 am
make? >> if somebody put you -- you go in the bathroom and you're mad at someone. are you confessing i killed them all or these people made me so mad, i could kill them all. it does make a difference. >> erin, thank you very much. you can watch her full report tomorrow night on "48 hours." 10:00/9:00 central on cbs. neighbors will help pick the next leader of the free world. we will go inside the iowa caucus process that can also be confusing to outsiders. michael phelps uses his gold medal physique to help a team
7:48 am
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7:52 am
olympic games. >> whoa! that is olympic swimming legend michael phelps. he made a cameo speedo and all with arizona's game last night and he is training at asu for the olympics in brazil and got the job done. oregon state missed both of those free throws and they were busy looking at him! >> ahead, the new study that claims disney princesses are getting shortchanged in their own movies.
7:53 am
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. big waves are pounding the coast. the national weather service has issued a high surf advisory that runs through tomorrow along the coast in san francisco and monterey bay areas. festivities in gear today for super bowl 50 to be played a week from sunday in santa clara. this is the plaza de cesar chavez in downtown san jose which will have daily activities, live music and a beer garden leading up to the game. also opening today, super bowl city at justin herman plaza in san francisco. in the next half-hour of "cbs this morning," inside the iowa caucuses.
7:57 am
a look at how the system of voting works. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,
7:58 am
good morning. we still have a very busy ride out there this morning. let's go live to the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic still slow as you work your way westbound. we have an earlier stalled vehicle near the high-rise but that's been long gone for a while now. but the damage is done. 30 minutes 880 to 101 for your friday drive into foster city. taking a look at 880 the nimitz northbound bogging down heading into downtown oakland. the bay bridge metering lights are on slow across the span into san francisco. roberta. >> it's live, it's hi-def doppler radar. and although we're not picking up any rain here as of right now, take a look to the north. i want to maneuver this map so you can see what is well upstream. we are going to see rain showers in the bay area throughout the day today, scattered showers currently cloudy. it's muggy. it's in the 50s almost 60 degrees in concord. high surf advisory in place with 16-foot swells today. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪,,,,,,, good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, january 29th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the republicans debating without donald trump. presidential candidates are campaigning in a final push for votes in iowa. we'll show you what actually happens at a caucus. first, here's today's "eye opener at 8." >> in another first for this campaign, trump proves he makes news where he is and even where he isn't. he's not going to take something that he finds offensive and he's going to fight back. that's kind of been the message of his campaign. one candidate or the other is claiming the moral high ground. the truth is both sides are highlighting each other's weaknesses.
8:01 am
>> investigators say they believe these three men are still in southern california. we also now know that they may have had help from the inside. it is extremely rare for the fbi to release a video. >> they want to dispel rumors that lavoy finicum was on his fees. in the next five years, one in our can contract the zika virus. they might put the other grocery store out of business they want to close down and leave. i'm mad. >> does it suggest that there may have been a mistake made by roger ailes. >> trump not going the debate because he's afraid of megyn kelly looks better for fox news. >> trump has had a problem with megyn kelly ever since followed him to his cottage in the woods and found out his name is trumplestiltskin.
8:02 am
>> the gift that keeps on giving. i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell and vinita nair. gayle is off. one last chance to talk to iowa voters from a debate stage in prime time. the front-runner did not, donald trump held his own event at the same time as last night's fox news debate. that happened two miles apart. trump says his rally raised $6 million for veterans. >> look at all the cameras, like the academy awards. this is like the academy awards. once this ball started rolling we couldn't stop it. the house is packed. i'm not going to do the debate out of respect for myself. i won't do it, because it would just be wrong. >> even though trump boycotted the debate people were still thinking about him. google says its users searched trump's name far more than any other candidate. ted cruz and marco rubio were next. there was interest in jeb bush and ben carson. chris christie, rand paul and john kasich didn't make the chart at all. the candidates mentioned trump
8:03 am
on stage but they also battled each other on the issues. >> i will apologize to nobody for the vigorousness with which i will fight terrorism. >> as already been pointed out, the only budget ted voted for is a budget that rand paul sponsored. >> there's three lanes, the establishment lane, the anti-establishment lane and the kasich lane. >> i am not the candidate of career politicians in washington. >> we need people who think out of the box and can solve problems. >> i do not support amnesty. >> you said more than that, sir. >> i said i do not -- >> you said earned path to citizenship is -- >> we are not going to round up into 12 million people. >> he led the charge to finally fix this immigration problem that's existed now for 30 years. then he cut and run. >> i wrote a book about this called "immigration wars." get it at 2.99 at zamazon.
8:04 am
>> you changed your position. you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> when senator marco rubio passed that bill, you proposed an amendment. >> the amendment you're talking about is one sentence, 38 words. it didn't say a word about legalization. >> but the bill allowed both. the bill you were amending allowed citizenship and legalization. >> everybody is for amnesty except for ted cruz. it's a falseness. this is the lie that ted's campaign is built on. he's the most conservative guy and everyone else is a rhino. the truth is, ted, throughout this campaign you've been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. >> i heard what they both said, saw it on the video. ted can change his mind, marco can change his mind. it's perfectly legal to change your mind. when you're a governor you have to admit it. you can't hide behind parliamentary tricks. that's the difference.
8:05 am
>> one question in last night's debate -- one question centered around the cbs news investigation into the wounded warrior project. some former employees told cbs news the charity spent lavishly while not always focusing on veterans. >> just today a wounded warrior organization designed to help wounded veterans and their families is coming under fire for raising tens of millions of dollars but spending almost half of that on travel and hotels and dinners and luxury, lavish conferences. so taking care of veterans is obviously a huge issue in the country that's asked so many to serve and sacrifice so much. if you were president, would you police these charity organizations that say they're helping vets? >> of course. there's all sorts of ways that can be done at the state, local and federal level to do that. the first duty of the next president of the united states is to fix the mess of the department of veterans affairs. >> the wounded warrior project strongly rejected several of the claims in a report.
8:06 am
its ceo declined multiple requests for an interview. the iowa caucuses have started every presidential primary season for decades. and with three days to go, candidates are rally be suppo supporters to get out and vote. what actually happens at a caucus remains a bit of a mystery. nancy cordes is in des moines to help make sense of it. what is a caucus, nancy? >> okay. here is your caucus 101. monday night, 7:00 p.m. at more than 1,600 presimpgts across the state, people will gather in school gymnasiums, church basements and even some private homes. now, just like a primary, whoever gets the most votes wins but it's how they get there that's a little different. >> wherever i go in iowa, you know the crowds, they're always packed. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> no matter how many supporters show up at their rallies -- >> i am thrilled to be here. >> the weather is vermont weather. thank you, iowa. >> the only crowd couldn't that
8:07 am
really matters is on caucus night. >> there are 23 things in west des moines. >> in des moines clinton supporter julie stouch ais schooling her fellow caucus captains. >> our ultimate goal is to get more people for hillary. >> how are you? >> they need training because caucuses are a little confusing. >> what's a caucus? >> i mean, why not just vote? >> it's a word that means a meeting of chieftons. >> the good wife tried to explain the concept in. >> a gathering of neighbors trying to convince each other to support their candidate. >> this say caucus room. >> even the sanders campaign attempted to sum it up in this facebook video. >> prove them wrong and caucus for bernie. >> it's going to be [ bleep ]. >> here are the basics. for republicans, it's simple. voters express their preference, and the process ends there. for democrats, though, it's more complicated. iowans separate into camps according to the candidate they
8:08 am
support. any candidate who doesn't hit about 15% in that precinct is eliminated. and that candidate's supporters can then choose to back someone else. >> approach them with a show of respect for their candidate and for them. >> a unique process where neighbors convince neighbors to switch sides. >> have you heard about bernie sanders at all? >> reporter: the more presimpgts you win, the more delegates you get. that plays into the strategy, the sanders campaign, for example, has lined up volunteer drivrs to take college students from their college towns to their hometowns to caucus. that way he'll be able to spread his large base of youth support across the state. >> thank you, nancy. there was an emotional return to the office thursday for jason rezaian. he is "the washington post" correspondent who was held prisoner iran for more than a year and a half. >> there's so many people to thank.
8:09 am
my iranian interrogators told me that the "washington post" did not exist, that no one knew of my plight and that the united states government would not lift a finger for my release. today i'm here in this room with the very people who helped prove the iranians wrong in so many ways. >> jason rezaian appeared at the official opening of the post's new headquarters. secretary of state john kerry was also there. rezaian won his freedom this month. the post tells "cbs this morning" it's not clear when he might return to work. this was a very emotional thing, to be there and see this man and the people who helped bring him back, all the post people, jeff bezos and the secretary of state. >> you also wonder about emotionally, how do you recover, especially with captors telling you all that? >> that you've been abandoned. all right. coming up, coldplay is gearing
8:10 am
up for one of its hottest gigs, front man chris martin tells anthony mason how the group's dream to headline the super bowl halftime show became a reality. we've got a preview of the su
8:11 am
is disney playing word games with its animated is disney playing word games with its animated princesses? why female characters struggle to speak a lot in their movies and where the dialogue goes from here. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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♪ let it go let it go ♪ ♪ >> disney princesses like in "frozen" are not their voice. research shows that female characters often talk less than male characters. anna werner is here with a
8:16 am
deeper meaning behind the dialogue. >> reporter: good morning. for decade, disney has been making full-length animated features and creating iconic characters, many of them female. but it turns out, men may be dominating those movies more than we realize. ♪ >> keep singing! >> reporter: in disney's 1989 film "the little mermaid" ariel loses her voice to an evil sea witch. but according to new research, she isn't the only disney princess left speechless. >> the most thing i was surprised by was the complete predominance of male roles. >> reporter: this professor and her team found -- >> even if the princess is the most empowered feminist role model you can imagine for a girl, she can't be the shop
8:17 am
keeper or the person in charge of lighting the candles in the castle. >> reporter: and the men do much more of the talking. >> not right for a woman to read. as soon as she starts getting ideas and thinking. >> reporter: in 1991 "beauty and the beast" the male character spoke 71% of the time. in "the magical world of aladdin" men nabbed 90% of the line. >> listen to me. >> reporter: but that wasn't always the case. >> i didn't mean to frighten you. >> reporter: female characters spoke as much, if not more than males, in disney's very first three princess films. >> it's midnight! >> when they went over from "sleeping beauty" to "the little mermaid" they added more characters and most of new characters were men. >> reporter: others held their own in recent disney movies. in the 2012 hit "brave" female
8:18 am
characters spoke 74% of the time, more than any other disney princess film. ♪ let it go let it go ♪ >> reporter: a near later in "frozen" it was just 41%. even though it's a story about two sisters that was written and codirected by a woman. >> back up. deal with this crook here. >> reporter: how much of a problem is that? >> you need to take that artwork as a whole. >> reporter: "time" contributor said it's not only about word count. >> we are seeing more women in charge and more women taking chances, more women being active in the roles that they fulfill and in their ambition to get those roles. >> reporter: but they are looking at what is being said, whether it's commands, apologies, or compliment. >> you fight good. >> people all over the world, they are watching these movies and they are incredibly popular. what message are they getting? >> listen! >> listen! >> listen! >> disney didn't respond to our
8:19 am
question for a comment but thought says she and her team are taking a look at the pixar film and they are equally surprised how many roles go to men in those movies than women. >> we can't catch a break. >> we make less and we pay more. >> the "time" contributor said what is the context of the role? are they strong independent characters or like sleeping beauty where they sleep the whole movie. >> i think gayle and i get to speak more than charlie and i think he would like that. >> i would encourage it, by the way. >> it's sometimes overpowering. >> i like the odds. >> yes. >> thank you so much. how about a super bowl kickoff with cabernet? california's wine industry hopes to cash in on the big games. out nfl legends like charles woodson are "bottling up" their
8:20 am
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♪ one for cbs' sunday morning and here is a preview. >> reporter: you got kind of a big gig coming up, okay? >> yeah.
8:24 am
we have this -- this -- this gig. you could call it that. >> reporter: does it feel something different than a gig? >> it feels like something you've been building up your whole life. i didn't expect it to feel quite so like that but it's a once in a lifetime thing. >> reporter: yeah. >> we have been dreaming of it for ages. >> reporter: you have? >> yeah. >> reporter: something you've always wanted to do? >> yeah. if you grow up in the countryside in england, the super bowl is, like say you're landing on mars tomorrow. >> reporter: what is the audience like this? a gazillion people? >> i think three gazillion if you include the outskirts. >> the outer boroughs? >> yes. you can see anthony mason's interview with chris martin this weekend on sunday morning and catch coldplay at the super bowl 50 halftime show, along with the big game, sunday, february 7th, only on cbs. >> the leather jackets, how many does anthony have?
8:25 am
>> he has quite a few. >> get your have found the body of a mao they believe was murdered. my ll was found good morning. it's 8:25. time for headlines. i'm frank mallicoat. san jose police have found the body of a man who they believe was murdered. kyle merrick of campbell was found yesterday. a coworker at a motorcycle shop faces murder charges. access to vista point in marin county is restricted from now through super bowl sunday. the very popular viewing spot near the golden gate bridge is off limits to most traffic for much of the day because of traffic concerns. coming up on "cbs this morning," northern california wineries are hoping super bowl visitors skip that big blast of beer and reach for white or red. we are going to meet some nfl veterans involved in the wine business. more on that plus traffic and weather right after the break. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. slick surfaces today so take it slow out there on the roads. we have some delays on the golden gate bridge. a little sluggish no accidents. but slow-and-go as you work your way across the span into san francisco. foggy this morning. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, it's improving a bit but we are seeing some hefty drive times this morning especially for a friday. 880 to 101 still about 30 minutes to make that commute. bay bridge is getting better. metering lights are on. it's easing up a bit out of
8:28 am
oakland into san francisco. nimitz freeway slow-and-go and closures in and around san francisco. low market, barclays, howard between 3rd and 4th, all for super bowl city and the nfl experience all starts tomorrow. we are in san francisco right now home of super bowl city. good morning, everyone. it is damp in the city by the bay right now. mostly cloudy skies. take a look at our live hi-def doppler radar. not a lot picking up at this particular time but we have some very light rain showers in the north bay where so far this morning, some of the highest elevations we have already picked up a half inch of rain. that's the front that will slide down from the north to the south. it's going to be a rainy day across the bay area. generally two-tenths to a half inch of rain across the san francisco area. and 1.5" to the north. currently we are in the 50s. very muggy later today west winds 10 to 20, temperatures in the 60s with a scattered rain shower. lingering shower possible early saturday most of the weekend dry and for the celebrations over the weekend, the bay
8:29 am
lights, relighting and macy's fireworks show dry skies. ,,,,,,,,
8:30 am
talk talk about a wipeout. surfers brave 45-foot waves off the hawaiian island of maui. on the island of oahu, one of the most big wave surfing spots in the world lived up to its name. >> that's a wipeout, isn't it? >> let's hope you're up for surfing this weekend, everybody. welcome back to "cbs this morning." pope francis used fiats to help him deliver his message of faith around america. now you can get the keys to his ride. we'll take a tour of the ride that will spread goodwill one more time. also, a pairing of wine with football. see how vineyards are blossoming near the home of super bowl 50.
8:31 am
plus, how some of the game's biggest names are tackling their passion for grapes. that's ahead. >> right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the san francisco chronicle remembers paul kantner, a founder member of jefferson airplane who died yesterday from a heart attack. he helped pioneer sound in the '60s. kantner was 74 years old. love this story. the los angeles times reports on the student in l.a. who got a perfect score on his advanced placement exam. he was only 1 of 12 in the world. he's the son of a salvadoran maintenance worker and filipino nurse. he hopes to become an engineer. congrats on the perfect score. >> the mom, i read the article, said, i always stressed to both kids, read, read, read. regardless of what you do, i'll love you, no matter how you perform. good mom. "time" reports on the pope and leonardo dicaprio meeting at
8:32 am
the vatican. he greeted francis in italian. the actor gave the pope a book of paintings. pope francis gave dicaprio a leather bound version book that talks about the environment. one of the two fiats used will be auctioned off in just hours at the city's auto show. it became a symbol of his style. now the car that's generating big buzz. good morning. >> good morning, norah. this is actually the fiat right here that the holy father used. the other car will be on display for the nine-day event. i can tell you among the hundreds of bigger, faster, more luxurious cars, the small humble one is likely to steal the show. simple and modest. this fiat 500 l hatchback seems
8:33 am
to embody the spirit of its previous passenger, pope francis. chuck keating and bobby hill were honored to follow in his holy footsteps, rolling out the fiat at the philadelphia auto show. >> it was awesome. >> the two were standouts during pope francis's visit to philadelphia in september for the world meeting of families where moments like this became the hallmark of the pontiff's first u.s. visit. the people's pope blessed keating's then 10-year-old son michael who has cerebral palsy. >> i just had to turn away. my emotions took over. my wife an i both have very strong faith. it just seemed like this was like the pinnacle. ♪ >> and young soprano bobby hill exchanged gifts with the holy father. >> thank you so much. >> after a performance at the festival of families. >> he's a really nice guy. he's just regular.
8:34 am
>> reporter: and so was his ride. now up for auction. >> i think we're going to, by far, break a record for the biggest attendance ever at the philly show. >> because of the car. >> no doubt about it. >> reporter: david kel her is the chairman of this year's show. >> it has a range of 435 miles. >> wow. >> besides the fact that the holy father sat in the back seat, it's got some practicality. >> reporter: since that visit, no one has been allowed to sit in those sacred back seats. the only significant change, the windows have been tinted back to factory standards. during the pope's visit, there was less shade between the pope and the people. >> is there a starting point for these vehicles? >> there's no starting point. a base car like this sells for around $25,000. the value of the pope could be a lot more than that. >> reporter: the proceeds from the auction will go to several catholic charities in philadelphia. bishop timothy seen hopes this
8:35 am
will reinvigorate the goodwill that came with the pope's trip. >> it's a car that tells a message that calls to us think about how we're living, what our priorities are and what about the people who don't have all that we have? >> reporter: as for keating and hill, they were having the time of their lives in the fiat. ♪ ♪ the dancing queen >> reporter: jamming to the beat, thankful for the blessings of two chance encounters, one with the pope, the other in his ride. that's right. and of course this auction, again, will be happening later this evening. now, you don't actually have to be at the auto show to make an offer. you can bid online. organizers tell me that they're hoping by the end of the night, this little baby is the most expensive car in the building.
8:36 am
vinita? >> for a very good cause indeed. yes. i like that story. >> that video of the guys singing should help sell it. >> super bowl 50's journey to the san francisco bay area is sprouting an unlikely concess n concession. >> if you had to have an official drink of super bowl 50, what would it be?
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
this scary hit earned calgary's dennis wideman an indefinite suspension. he knocked this referee into the ice. wideman says he was in pain after being hit himself and was just trying to get off the ice. he later apoll hissed. >> rough sport. >> video, too. for some watching football and drinking beer go together. this year's super bowl is being played at levi stadium in santa clara, california, just 85 miles south of america's premiere wine region. dana jacobson of cbs sports network is here with how the industry impacts the big game. dana, good morning. >> good morning. wine is big business in california. napa and sonoma have a nearly $40 billion impact on the state's economy. and so it's no surprise that the industry has been a big draw for the teams and even some of the players that are based in that area.
8:41 am
for many football fans, suggesting an official game day beverage other than beer would be considered blasphemy. not so for dr. john york. >> if you had to have an official drink of super bowl 50, what would it be. >> it would be wine. >> reporter: york is one of the owners of the san francisco 49ers. to him, location is everything. >> why do you think football and wine go together? >> well, because it is northern california and you've got access to some of the best wines in the world. >> reporter: there are nearly 1,000 wineries within 100 miles of levi stadium, hot of this year's super bowl. york began hosting eight of them at every 49ers home game in 2014 in a program called appalachian 49. >> since wine is not associated with sports events, no one wanted to buy into putting wine throughout the building. so it really started here. of course, there were four
8:42 am
inexpensive wines that were down on the main floor. but as this has grown, better and better wines are served throughout the entire building. >> reporter: the stadium will serve 16 wines in the general concession area at the big game. and 100 different california wines in the suites. but it's not just the spectators who are imbibing. york sees a growing interest among nfl players. >> you can find on every tape people who are interested in wine and want to know more about the wine and how to make it and some get involved with the actual development and production of wine. >> reporter: you could say that falling in love with wine is somewhat of a job hazard in the bay area. just ask former 49ers quarterback joe montana, former oakland raiders quarterback rick meyer and this guy. >> super bowl ring on. >> you can't pour wine as well with a super bowl ring. >> reporter: charles woodson is known as one of the nfl's best defensive players. but after retiring from the league at the end of this
8:43 am
season, the future hall of famer is now focusing on the wine label he started over a decade ago. >> this is our 2008. >> what do you like about it? >> 2008 is just very -- like my teammates would say, it's very smooth. >> reporter: very charles woodson. >> very charles woodson. >> reporter: as is his new tasting room in the heart of napa valley. it feels more like a sports bar than a wine lounge with nods to each of his stops in his prolific career, the university of michigan where he won a heisman and national championship. >> he throws, the pass, woodson picked it off. >> reporter: the green bay packers where he won a super bowl. and the oakland raiders. >> it's intercepted and picked off by charles woodson. >> reporter: where woodson both began and ended his professional career. >> charles woodson. >> reporter: where did your love of wirn come from? >> my first stint with the raiders i got drafted here in
8:44 am
'98 and i knew nothing about wine. and i started somehow i started drinking merlot. >> reporter: wood soon like many in the raiders franchise was introduced to wine while attending the team's annual training camp in napa. >> every time you went out or at the hotel, people were drinking wine. i'm coming out of college. there wasn't too much wine drinking. >> reporter: he discovered that he liked it and in 2001 during his fourth season at training camp, he met winemaker rick ruiz who talked woodson into creating his own label. >> athletes or celebrities, i'm going to put my name on it, it's going to be charles woodson wine but that's it. what was different about charles? >> he wanted to be involved. i think that's what -- is why we're still here, you know, 16 years later because charles wanted to be involved in it. >> reporter: woodson's hands-on approach quickly paid off when his 2010 cabernet made the wine
8:45 am
spectator's top 100 list. >> the cover of the wine spectator which we've been -- which is huge in our wine world, you know. i told charles, this is like winning the wine heisman. >> it meant a great deal. that's respectability in the wine community. the wine business is a funny business. people don't drink it because of your name. it's all about what's in the bottle. it's all about the juice as they say. >> reporter: the wine had to be a heisman trophy winning wine? >> absolutely. it's got to be a champion. it's got to be a champion. that's what i am. so the wine has to be the same thing. >> reporter: and woodson will be in the bay area next week making his usual appearances, also sharing his wine when possible. as you night expect, the entire wine industry is really in on the super bowl festivities. among the highlights, the taste of sonoma wine lounge at super bowl city in san francisco and then there's the napa wine train. they're running this big game train on wednesday. nfl players, even a coach, coach vermiel, who have been turned into vicinitier ins will be on
8:46 am
board sharing their wines, more athletes on board as well. >> sounds like a good time. >> it's great seeing athletes doing things outside of their sport. >> this is really a passion. this isn't put my name on a label. he went out and did the harvesting one day after a game he woke up early in the morning, went out there, it was probably the first time ever somebody called him slow because he was getting laughed by the guys who normally do the harvesting. >> nice, though, that they're able to go to the stadium and have these high-end wines. we'll look back at some of the most unforgettable moments of the week. that's coming up next, right that's coming up next, right here on "cbs this morning.",,,,,
8:47 am
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that does it for us. vinita will be here tomorrow on "cbs this morning." thank you for being with us. >> always a pleasure. tune into the "cbs evening
8:50 am
news" tonight with scott pelley and work our digital news network 24/7 for news at cbsn. >> debate will go on with or without mr. trump. >> the feud between donald trump and fox news is now on. >> let's address the elephant not in the room. >> will i get more or less votes? nobody knows. >> people my age think you're dishonest. >> i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> i just saw a woman cursing because she could barely get out of her home. >> this is a little ridiculous. snow and nobody is coming. >> it's an around-the-clock massive snow removal effort. >> never seen flooding this bad. >> you want me to go down there with a mop? >> all three men are facing charges of escaping jail. >> let us know where they are because they are extremely armed and dangerous. >> this is a free-for-all armageddon! >> it's unclear who fired first.
8:51 am
>> it's causing contamination. >> toxic lead! >> well have seen the last matchup between tom brady and peyton manning. >> peyton manning, did you ever think in the super bowl, you'd oppose him? >> oh, wow! >> he is one of the first in the nation with a customized kiosk. >> i like a bacon and cheese biscuit. >> and hash browns and throw in the pancakes too! >> he can kick isis! >> she is a real pistol! >> yea yea yea! ♪ >> this is one of my finer pieces. buzzfeed said i love gayle's crest plate. >> gayle, you know i love you very much. i'm nervous with you, so let me listen to you first. go ahead. >> j.b., stop talking. >> who got better grades in high school, you or the president?
8:52 am
>> is it for me personally a good thing, a bad thing? >> this is about him showing strength and domination. >> you're bad. you know? >> my mom is mormon and my dad is a jew. they say, okay, pick someone! i know you're far away from your family. >> he is drunk all the time and if you were drunk all the time you'd be retired too! >> i love my job. >> you hate your job. >> i love my job. >> i thought he wants to be it in i said let's have him audition and i put him -- no no. >> now a legendary black entertainer will be played by a white actor. >> i'm at shocked as you might be. >> i want to know can he dance? >> can he moonwalk? >> in pasadena, they told me you have the greatest job in
8:53 am
america. >> i do. >> and you have the biggest cheese eating grin on your face! absolutely!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
leaving their mark in walnut creek this morning. a huge k tree fell onto this house a fence. crews are cleaning ue scene. in the headlines, el nino storms leaving their mark again in walnut creek this morning big oak tree fell on a home and a fence. crews are still cleaning up the scene this morning. body of 28-year-old kyle myrick has been found in santa cruz county. it went missing last friday after showing up for work. his coworker faces murder charges. and an oakland beauty salon bearing the name isis is changing its name. the salon was originally named after an egyptian goddess. its manager says she has received death threats because of the name. so they are changing it. how about that weekend forecast? how about some rain, right? >> yes. we do have rain well to the north of the bay area. good morning, everybody. we have a few scattered showers right now according to our hi- def doppler radar over the
8:56 am
north bay. we have already seen a half inch of rain in the highest elevations of the north bay. there you see the frontal boundary. that's all going to sag to the south and we will have scattered showers throughout the day today. it's muggy heading out into the 50s. later today the west winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. and with the scattered showers, 1.5" of rain is expected north of the golden gate bridge in the wettest spots. otherwise, about two-tenths or half inof rain with highs in the 60s. showers saturday morning otherwise a dry day albeit cloudy. sunday rain to the south. then dry monday through thursday. bay lights and macy's fireworks it's a big celebration tomorrow night. dry skies. partly cloudy but cool into the 50s. enjoy your day.
8:57 am
8:58 am
stick slick surfaces out there. better as far as the golden gate bridge. slower speeds but moving okay out of marin county into san francisco with no delays. san mateo bridge improving nicely. only 17 minutes now between 880 and 101. so much better there. better news along the nimitz. it's improving northbound slow through downtown oakland. southbound looking better, as well. peninsula no delays on 280, 92 also clear out of half moon bay. 101 though we have a 30-minute ride between 92 and the 80 split. still slow off the 280 extension into san francisco. of course, super bowl week kicks off market street closed
8:59 am
between bill and davis street. numerous closures around howard street between third and fifth. have a great day.
9:00 am
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