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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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this denver bronco here for the super bowl is caught up in a profit constitution sting in san jose. the team just sent home packing. >> near where the sting went down, sharon? yes, it happened right here in this parking lot. and in the end, ryan murphy wasn't cited but he is going home. officers detained and questioned ryan murphy during a prostitution sting early this evening outside a motel 6. a gas station manager spotted a swarm of police cars. >> we had maybe about seven or eight police cars all unmarked. >> reporter: deputies say the
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county's most high agency human trafficking task force detained a suspected prostitute. officers discovered murphy and his brother in the car. they were cited for a "business relationship." murphy the 23-year-old rookie from oakland was questioned then released. the broncos head coach released this statement. "although ryan murphy was not cited by police, we decided if it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for super bowl 50 without him. " he is returning to denver but his status has not changed at this time. >> we've been working with everybody, whether it's at the airport where people have been training to look for the first signs of anybody that might be engaged in human trafficking to the hotel directors here in santa clara.
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>> reporter: as for the departure of ryan murphy, the head coach considered what he said just a week before they came here. he said be responsible for how you spend your down time. have tested positive for a rare of meningitis. the first two santa clara university students have tested positive for a rare form of meningitis. the health department is working with the university to identify those who may have come into contact with the infected students so they can be treated as well. in san leandro, the chp tells us one person has died in this crash. it happened around 8:30 near washington. traffic was backed up for measure two hours. the chp has tweeted all lanes are now back open. a chp officer responding to a call has his neck slashed
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in san francisco. this attack is calling attention to two of the city's biggest issues. >> reporter: that officer is out of surgery and in stable continue tonight. he is is expected to make a full recovery, but the next few days are crucial. >> we possibly have an officer down. >> reporter: at the intersection of 80 and ethic under the bay bridge, the interaction of two san francisco problems, use of force and homelessness. >> we possibly have a chp officer down. one was cut in the throat. >> reporter: a 2-man hp officer team contacted a homeless man. the call went sideways. the man slashed the officer across the tlot with a knife. >> he had a green jacket and a
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black pac back. >> we're running down east and is up 4th street. there were probably 20 with guns drawn. >> reporter: this is video of the slashing suspect in cuffs. >> it was an unprovoked attack. and the officer did not have the opportunity to deploy his tazer or firearm. >> reporter: the shooting of mario wood in the bay area in december, he had a knife when officers surrounded and shot him. officer williams says the injured off is a 7-year veteran of the department. >> it wakes you up, jolts you and is makes you consider the consequences of how badly -- how quickly things can go ba bad. >> reporter: the question of homelessness has turned into a game of hot potato of late. >> the police department gets a number of complaints every day. they dispatch officers
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constantly. it's really been a long-term problem. and the mayor knows there's urgency. >> reporter: the suspects in this case have been identified as 44-year-old noel porfuse, charged with attempted murder, resisting sals and assault. the city of san francisco has set to open up a shelter out here for the homeless for the duration of the super bowl activities. that is set to open tomorrow 5. just four days from super bowl 50. can you watch it right here. and is here's an oor head -- -- overhead look at the super bowl for chopper 5. mark, we're really
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starting to see tightened security all over the bay area. >> reporter: and law enforcement got to work in securing this area pretty much and doing all the plans as soon as we knew the bay area would get super bowl 50. we've seen a lot of this security at super bowl city in san francisco in the last few yee days. tonight in santa clara. we saw this, a stretch right in front of levi's stadium. shut down tonight. s.w.a.t. teams from departments up and down the west coast. so expect to see these sort of hum-v's. they allow officers to get easily in and is out carrying 60 pounds of gear. and is homeland security is the lead agency this week. the fbi leads when it comes to investigations and tactical assets. but for everyone, this is a high-pressure week. >> there's no margin of error.
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the people have that expectation of law enforcement. they have a very high expectation. they hold us to a very high trnd. they expect the best. >> reporter: analyst jeffrey harp says one of the biggest challenges is getting everyone's radios on the same page. expect to see more law enforcement on public transit. we saw homeland security on patrol at bart stations. jay johnston will be in town tomorrow, meeting with the nfl and law enforcement to ensure that this is a safe super bowl 50. for the players. crews are adding the finishing touche to logos the field is almost ready for the players. crews are adding the finishes touches
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parks in the bay year are about to get a lot noisier. because of who's coming do see the big game. >> reporter: about 1,200 business jets are expected to come roaring into the bay area between now and super bowl sunday. brunt will land right here at oakland airport. about 500 planes expected to fly into oakland. a few of them heard touched down in norfield when we checked it out this evening. one business jet is going to be landing every five minutes. that means the skies will be noisy over oakland, alameda, and san leandro. >> on a weekday, we see ten or 14 aircraft in the north field. after this we'll see about 12 to 15 aircraft per hour departing. >> reporter: officials say they met with the communities and people should know what to
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expect. lucky for them, all that noise will taper off by monday. and it's not just priefrt jobs -- private jets. officials will see a 30% uptick in commercial travel. snoop is in town and his week is off to a rough start. $9,000 worth of equipment was stolen. his parked car came back 30 minutes later, the window was smashed, and the stuff was missing. another superstar is on the super bowl lineup. >> lady gaga is going to sing the national anthem sunday. join jennifer, montana and me right here at 7:00.
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for years this guy officiated masses and funerals, and even sold tickets to see the pope. buts me say this california priest is a phony. >> how the feds want to change the legal limit for drunken driving. >> an exclusive behind the scenes hook at one of the most iconic super bowl ads of all time. ,,
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rachel kim on the biggest cf . involving the po california church goers duped by a phony priest. rachel kim on the biggest con of all, involving the pope. >> why do that? why fake it?
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>> he was using the church to scam people out of stuff. >> reporter: people react to the rest of a man who they thought was a visiting priest at their church. the lapd arrested 59-year-old erwin meta for impersonating a police. >> amazing some of the things he talked about, just didn't seem right. >> reporter: the investigation began in june when the archdiocese of los angeles reported him to investigators who believed he has scammed parishioners since the mid-90s. he officiated masses, funerals, a wedding and confession. >> someone who you think is gonna help you or pray for you, and spiritually that's just wrong. >> reporter: and is he stole their money. the biggest cause, collecting
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thousands for people for a chance to see the pope in america. >> we give, we give to our priest, our church. we want to help out. so i guess people gave, and he took advantage of that. >> reporter: the l.a. archdiocese tells us they have an officer in charge of making sure priests are appropriately credentialed. he is supposed to test with the archdiocese, but never did. >> probably question them a little bit more to know who they are. recognize these bandids? they smashed into a stop and save twice. both time they stole booze, cigarettes, and scratchers. the first incident happened in june. they try to get away in a white mercedes but crashed and ran. a teenager accused.
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plow plough his car into is a 5- year-old child and taking off. police arrested him this morning. the crash happened yesterday afternoon on san marcos street. it's unclear if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. the feds want the crackdown to drunk driving by lowering the blood alcohol limit, if states agree. what's the chance of it happening in california? >> reporter: the national transportation safety board believes if the legal limit was reduced from .08 to .05, nearly 1,000 lives would be saved on the roads each year. >> alcohol still remains the no. 1 killer on our roadway. >> reporter: chris with the office of public safety because alcohol is a problem but there's been a reduction in california and nationwide of
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alcohol-related accidents. in 2003, all 50 states have lowered their blood alcohol limit to.08. >> individual states could change it if they want to. but they have an incentive not to. federal dollarsch >> reporter: congress mandated states to opponent a .quay limit or risk losing highway funding. for .05, we didn't find an advocacy group lobbying for the change. mothers against drunk driving and aaa declined to comment. we did not get confirmation if the legislature would be taking on a change anytime soon. more than a campaign 2016 next stop, new hampshire. the nation's first primary is in a little more than a week. veronica de la cruz shows us
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what happened last night is definitely shaking things up. >> on the republican side, donald trump is looking for a comeback in hue hampshire after losing to ted cruz and barely edging out marco rubio. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders we the smallest margin ever. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire! after winning iowa! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the first woman ever to win the iowa caucuses did it by just 0.20 of an%. at least six precincts broke it with a coin toss. iowa proved bernie sanders can win. >> last night we began the political revolution not just in iowa, not just in new hampshire but all over this country. >> reporter: in the end, 84% of young voters under the age ever 30 went for sanders. 58% ever caucus goers were 50
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and is up. and they overwhelmingly went for clinton. what a victory last night. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: on the republican side, ted cruz beat donald trump by 50,000 votes. >> we finished 2nd. and i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> reporter: today trump changed his tune on twitter calling cruz's victory speech long, rambling, and is overall flam buoyant. the race is becoming a battle between trump, cruz, and rubio. >> i think i give us the best chance, not just to unify the party but also to grow it. >> voters in new hampshire head to the polls february 9th. yahoo is planning lay off 1,600 workers or 15% of its workforce. it will close three international offices and sell off up to $3 billion in assets.
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the fate of the ceo is unclear but she says she's committed to turning things around. >> when she came in, she was this google hotshot. a really early employee, and kind of a product of ours. so i think the thinking was she came in in 2012, if anyone was gonna make this working it was hard. >> yahooee stock has plummeted by 35% in just the past year. learning apple kae iconic super bowl ad almost didn't happen. >> remember that one? it's a take on george orwell's 1984. it show a woman running into a hall of brain-washed people and throwing the camera at a screen with a big brother like face. it was meant to show apple taking on ibm. >> steve jobs and i were both look at it together, and we
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said wow. this is really incredible. the irony is we went to show it to the board of directors, and one of the directors said this is the worst television commercial i've ever seen! >> many call it the best super bowl spot of all time. >> got a lot of people's attention. people have loo eyes focused on the weather. >> is there a football game this weekend? a couple billion people may or may not be watching. weather fantastic. we need some more snowfall. showers toward eureka. light rain moving into the yea area, 4:00 in the afternoon. oakland 46. san jose 45. all the colors of the super bowl, including blue for the panthers. this map is blue as well. gonna be chilly tonight.
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vallejo 39, fremont 43, concord 37 degrees. super bowl city tomorrow, we will be a little showery. not heavy by any stretch. plan on a few showers tomorrow. ridge of high pressure building closer. as the ridge approaches, storms are going up and over the ridge and is making it close enough that a near miss will still yield a little bit of rainfall. likely less than.10. 8:00 in the morning, may not dry dry. 8:00 light rain showers move through. by thursday morning, the rain is sdpn for about a week -- gone for about a week. temperatures climb thursday average. tonight we're partly cloudy. chilly night. showers hold off until mid-
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afternoon. then a warming trend begins, and is man, is it gonna get warm around here! the warmest weather we've seen in about three months. san francisco 47. watch the temperatures climb. by friday, close to 70 inland. saturday we get there. sunday we're warmer, monday warmer, we will stay warm through the middle of next week. super bowl 50, 71 degrees at kickoff. if we were to remove the super bowl, we'd be saying where tid all the rain go! in 1997, we had a 17-day stretch during that el niƱo where we did not have that much rainfall. >> we'd probably be complaining if it wasn't super bowl week. [ laughter ] we'll tell you about the cheesiest lawsuit that mcdonald's ever faced. >> and in the late show blachlt ,,,,
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. ,,,,,,,,
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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mcdonald's is getting sued over its mozzarella sticks. >> a guy in southern california claims the cheese sticks aren't actually made with 100% mozzarella.
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but rather they're filled with a starchy substance. he filed a class action lawsuit. he wants $5 million in damages from mcdonald's for himself and is 40 other customers. didnt...i'm dod.. the advice to panthers quarterback cam newton did not take. and why he's happy he did not dose it off. and the last quarterback to retire after being the super bowl? do you know the answer? >> yes, i do. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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win over the atlanta falcon super bowl 33. he is now the nager, and john elway ended his career with a win over the falcons in super bowl 33. he is now the broncos general manager and is hoping his quarterback's career might end on a similar stage with the same results. peyton manning will be the oldest quarterback in super bowl history. if sunday is manning's last hurrah, a win would be the perfect way to go out. >> it would be unique to allow him, if he decides to hang it up, to go out with a ring. that's everybody's dream to retire. in is my last year, you go out with a ring. that means football and god really do love you
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>> definitely the sentimental pick. as for the other quarterback in super bowl 50, let's just say it's a good thing that cam newton did not listen to his elementary school teacher. >> i want to be a football player. my teacher used to say yeah, but you can't put all your eggs in one basket. and is i remember coming to tears telling her, no, i really want to be a football player. so these are for the people who dream and believe that no matter what another person may say, they know what they want to be. the sharks knack on the ice in anaheim after the break. 2nd period tied at 1. san jose power play. a shorthanded goal. that is not good. giving up shorthanded goal and the ducks won 3-1. media party tonight! what did you think?
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>> it was fun! >> we were there for about 15 minutes. [ laughter ] >> absolutely good time. i'm hoping roger goodell will give me a ticket to the commissioner's party which is the most prestigious one. the la,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> three days left! >> stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! hey, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) thank you! >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: that's nice. that's entirely pleasant. that's nice. ( cheers and applause ) welcome to "the late show." that's nice.


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