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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and they're beginning to tear it down. >> good morning, everybody. it's monday, february 8th. >> and it's monday. i'm michelle griego. and big game last night. >> did you watch it? >> about a quarter of two or four. >> we were talking about the equivalents. you have been a diehard broncos fan since you were born. i get it. congratulations. i was so happy for you. what a great game. what a great day for super bowl l in the santa clara valley. and today a won't performance right now. clear skies looking out to the bay bridge. temperature-wise we're in the 40s and 50s. good morning, san francisco. 59degrees at 4:30. and 72 the forecast high in the
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city by the bay. we'll talk about records. let's bring in -- >> the bay bridge not showing any trouble. if you're commuting early, you're in luck. no troubles to report. super bowl l is now in the books. >> and the denver broncos have taken super bowl l. >> the transamerica pyramid is san francisco bathed in bronco orange and blue. there you go. and this is the scene in downtown denver. take a look at that. fans flooded the streets chanting and waving flags. traffic came to a halt in some
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intersections because of dancing fans. lots of excitement in santa clara. fans got the once in a lifetime chance to be at levi's stadium. and they celebrated in style. >> so well deserved. they've worked so hard and overcome so much adversity. >> one of the highlights was the halftime show, cold play, beyonce, and bruno mars. and ahead of the big matchup. the broncos was pegged as the underdogs. denver had a different plan though. it all came down to defense. >> and the denver broncos have taken super bowl l. >> peyton manning and the denver broncos defeated the karl panthers. von miller was named mvp.
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>> it was for all my teammates of course. >> and peyton manning would not say if this was his last rodeo. >> i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser. >> and fumbles plagued the panthers. >> people spent thousands of dollars to get in and fans say the party was worth it. >> it's all about the broncos and manning. that guy is an awesome man. >> the crowd enjoyed some of the biggest names in pop music. cold play scored with an assist from beyonce and bruno mars. it was a golden night for 70,000 fans celebrating super bowl l. >> emotions ran very high after the game ended but for some fans, the rivalry boiled over
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into the parking lot. we have a report from broncos headquarters at santa clara marriott. >> tempers flared in a parking lot a short distance from levi's stadium. the fight would end with a few bruised egos and no injuries. most fans managed to express joy or disappointment with words and not this. >> colorado is bronco nation. we live and breathe orange and blue. people all over colorado are all over san francisco. we won the super bowl! >> they came all the way from denver and were overjoyed that the broncos could pull off one last win for peyton manning. >> he wanted it bad and proved it.
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>> the parties were not problem free. this fan appeared to have had too much to drink. >> carolina's star quarterback cam newton made it very clear he was in a sour mood after the panther loss. >> did denver change anything defensively to takeaway you running lanes? >> no. >> well, there you go. cam newton gave a few brief answers. he accounted for three of the four turnovers and had tough game. >> this is pat mccrory. he was a passenger in a car hit from behind. chp says he complained of pain and was not hospitalized and
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another passenger was taken to the hospital as a precaution. santa clara weather was a bit much for some out of town fans. the temperatures in the mid-70s at game time. and some fans complained about baking in the sun. one broncos fan said the temperature was about 40 degrees higher than in denver. and the turf was a big problem. several players had to change their cleats because they were slipping on the field. crews were busy patching up divots. and it was the scene of entertainment to hundreds of thousands of fans. >> was it worth it to turn this thing into super bowl city?
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>> i think it was. i think it brought out a lot of bay area culture and it really showed the nation what the bay area is all about. >> some streets in the area are expected to stay closed through friday. >> and super bowl week shattered several ridership records on bart. 419,000 passengers rode the trains saturday and that's a new record. ridership on wednesday, thursday, and friday broke the top 10s. they plan to run extra trains today to accommodate the fans leaving town. >> the bay area committee will hold over responsibilities to houston for the next super bowl. >> working through the end of may is how much work they have to do. >> we're working through the end of the year. >> you know how we started the
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countdown a year ago? can i start the countdown to spring training. oakland a's pitchers and catchers report in 12 days. bring baseball on. it's going to feel like spring or early summer in the bay area. good morning, everybody. this is the scene looking out to sfo which will be quite busy. and oakland international airport -- it's 53 degrees. check out san francisco. that's not a typo. it really is 59 degrees after realizing a high yesterday of 68 degrees. we've got pretty much dry. i have so many people writing in saying what happened to el niño. 61/2 inches of rainfall in san francisco in january. and so far this month, only a half inch. and we have rain slated for the weekend. today though we're anticipating record high temperatures, at least in san jose, 76 degrees. and near record highs across the bay.
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68degrees, one of the cool spots in concord. full forecast is minutes away. but here's gianna. traffic is off to a good start. if you're headed out the door early. you're in luck. no delays right now if you play on commuting out of hayward. no delays on the eastbound side either. traffic is clear towards 880. and if you're taking mass transit, bart is right on today. ace train not reporting any delays. and muni metro, everything is on time. there are closures in and around san francisco for super bowl city. southbound embarcadero will remain closed near the ferry building and parts of market and howard between 3rd and 4th. another shooting on i-880 in the east bay. the chp says someone in a car shot at another car hitting one person inside. it happened near appian way and
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pinole. the freeway was shot down for several hours during the investigation. and the victim was able to drive to vallejo for treatment. there have been five shootings on i-80 since october all within a couple miles of each other. someone opened fire on a car injuring three people, including a 2-year-old child. three men were killed in san francisco over the weekend after the car crashed as they were trying to flee from the chp. it turns out they would have received citations had they just stopped. newly obtained video of saturday night's fiery wreck. [siren] >> reporter: this vie posted on youtube shows the immediate aftermath of the crash. a car engulfed in flames and three men killed. the men were doing doughnuts in the street and an officer spotted them. >> all of a sudden the sedan
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took off. and the officer then turned on the emergency lights in an attempted to make a stop. >> after the car sped through several more red lights, the chp discontinued the chase and watched as the car hit a yellow cab, we want out of control, and crashed hard. >> the whole car burst into intense flames and we all ran to try to help. >> the flames were so intense, by the time we got there there was no way anybody could be alive. >> reporter: witnesses say another car drove up. and four women drove up and were screaming. and then the cars blew up. they drove away. a wild fight involving sticks and bats turns deadly in the north bay. two people were killed sunday and a third man survived a
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gunshot wound to the head. a man intervened in a domestic commute. this is an isolated incident. there's no threat to the community. the first in the nation primary is a week away. the candidates vietnamable for last minute support. that's next.
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candidates are making a las minute push with voters. ahead of tomorrow's primary... donald trump a little politickings. with the new hampshire primary looming, donald trump claims to be $40 million under budget and number one in the polls. marco rubio says he's taking the general election. the battle for second place is cruz, bush, and kasich. some vote ers seem to be exactly what they want. >> i'm trying to find the best problem solver. >> as a republican, i'm looking
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for more in the middle, conservative, rational thinker. most voters in new hampshire tend to make up their mind at the last minute. santa clara university hosts another meningitis vaccination clinic, the fourth since students at a fraternity contracted meningitis. the clinic is open 10:00 to 6:00 today. there's storm related erosion on the bay area coast. emily furnisher has more on the new damage in san francisco. it's a beautiful view. just not one you're supposed to see under the sidewalk. there's a gaping hole and growing danger. >> they haven't done anything about it. >> reporter: it opened after
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the last storm. and this is his usual fishing spot. >> reporter: the hole has been getting larger and larger. >> it's getting washed out from under there. >> there's no caution tape or warning or danger signs and it's easy to get through the barricades and go down to the sinkhole. this is the latest discovery of a coastal cave-in. in pacifica, a whole portion of the bulkhead collapsed into the ocean. and everyone in this apartment complex had to move out. coastal experts blame the weather while they race to keep up. >> what seems different is this barrage of storms, one after the other. >> emily turner, kpix 5.
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all week long, upper 60s and we'll see a peek of 70. >> the thing i was concerned about yesterday, i went for a run and the winds were chipping up to 15 to 20 miles per hour. with all the barbecuing and the dry weather i was thinking fire danger. and we have no fire watches in effect. but be very mindful. it's like the santa ana setup. we have the potential. even though it's winter, we are still in fire season in the bay area. near or record warmth is anticipated today and tomorrow and the next day. this is the scene looking out to the airport. and it's 59 degrees in san francisco at this very early hour. relative humidity will be trailing off to the 20s day. extremely dry. near record warmth. we had a couple of records
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yesterday. and 74 degrees in oakland. same again today. no rain in sight. now it looks like until the end of next week. in the last 30 minutes we've come out with this kind of a forecast. below average precipitation. and this storm track is staying well to the north. offshore winds northeast today, blowing up to 20. and throughout the canyons and the higher elevations. above 2500 feets, we could see wind gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour. and above average temperatures will continue for the days. 76degrees would be a record in san jose. the record in oakland, is 74. forecasting 72. and these temperatures are very close to records. upper 60s in san rafael and concord. and everybody pretty much is in the 70s. dry and warm tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we begin to throw a few clouds in the forecast by the weekend.
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and from the seashore to the bay and the inland areas. let's check on traffic conditions out of marin county. it's been a nice ride so far if you're working your way southbound. they just had the zipper truck. for the commute direction, traffic is light and quiet. if you plan on working from 580 to the golden gate bridge, 15 minutes. 101 around 37 south of there traffic looking pretty good. nice speeds throughout marin county. through the south bay, everything is up to speed. we're not seeing delays on 101, 280 or guadalupe parkway. northbound 101 all the way out of morgan hill, traffic is pretty quiet. no troubles on highway 17 out of the santa cruz mountain. on the san mateo bridge, 13
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minutes between 880 and 101. near the coliseum. no delays north or southbound. back to the peninsula, you got after early flight to catch. no delays on 101. if you're taking 280. that's good too. ten minutes between -- some people show up to the super bowl to watch big named celebrities take the field. >> and they weren't disappointed. >> reporter: it's the big show within the big show. the kickoff before the kickoff. from cold play and bruno mars to queen bee herself. favorite teams and favorite musical acts. >> you wanted to be a backup
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dancer for beyonce. >> i'm working on it. i don't know. what do you think? >> definitely a lot of that. >> call it the beyonce bowl. >> i can't wait to see beyonce. the bumping and the dancing and the rocking and everything you need to start off with. the music is the bomb. >> forget the fan colors. she came dressed for a concert and said the music was the main event. >> it starts everything out. >> and they weren't alone. [ cheering ] >> that's me in the background screaming when beyonce took the field. >> can it get any better, seriously? in my book, no. >> how about the band. they weren't shy. the group tweeted out -- it was
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us. go, bears. beyonce chose the perfect time to announce her new tour. this ad premiered during the commercial break after the halftime show. the 40 day formation tour will kick off and be the first headlining stadium tour. time is 4:52. would you like to take home one of these four legged friends. you'll get an opportunity. and we'll tell you how when we come back. ,,
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here's what to expect in the mid-afternoon hours. high temperatures in the low 70s at the beaches through pacifica. upper 60s in san rafael and
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concord. san jose expecting 76 degrees. the string of unseasonably mild conditions will continue through thursday until we all tumble into the 60s by the weekend. the super bowl may be in the books but there are a lot of closures in and around san francisco. market street is shut between beale and davis. and we'll have a look at the altamont pass travel coming up in just a few minutes. plenty of fire crackers in china today to welcome in the lunar new year. check out the celebration in beijing. in chinese tradition, the fireworks scare away evil spirits and bring good fortune for the coming year. in the bay area, san francisco public school students get the day off to ring in the new year. and city offices will remain open. you may want to change your
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plans if chipotle is your lunch destination. the move comes after the e. coli outbreak last year. restaurants will be closed today from 11:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. a state committee will look at gasoline prices. specifically, why they are higher in california than the rest of the country. they'll hear from fuel experts, economists, and consumer advocacy in san francisco. the committee's chairman says those reasons do not account for the full difference. the lundberg survey says gas prices fell 8 cents nationally in the past two weeks. the average for a gallon of egg unleaded is $1.82. and here's a look overnight our local metro areas.
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$2.41 in san jose and $2.58 in san francisco. and there's now a handful of bay area stations selling gas for less than two bucks a gallon. the puppy bowl puppies are as cute as they get. and don't want to wag their tails in super bowl city forever. starting today, you can adopt one. there's a 50% discount on the puppies through february 18th. we're live at levi's stadium where the cleanup is already underway. and already they are looking forward to super bowl li. the 7th shooting since october happens on i-80. a victim was brought here to vallejo.
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live from cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. good morning, everyone. this is levi's stadium, home of super bowl l. a lot of action there yesterday. >> how was the commute this morning? was it difficult? >> i wish i was there last night. it was too expensive. it was free on my couch so it was good. it's february 8th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm frank mallicoat. and super bowl l is now in the
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books as the underdog denver broncos. >> i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser. >> he must have a deal with budweiser. >> peyton manning just moments after the big win. the question now -- will this be his last super bowl, last game in fact. just about everywhere super bowl related went off without a hitch. >> there was a huge security presence. >> kiet do is live with what it took to keep everyone safe. no


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