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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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investigating whether the mysterious discovery of human remains there could be linked to a 4-year-old disappearance case. the remains were discovered in a rural area near gavilan college in gilroy. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is nearby with more on what police found yesterday. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. santa clara county sheriff's deputies have been guarding the scene all night long as you can see. they have sealed off the orchard and it's a mix of private property and water district property. this all started yesterday when neighbors noticed a lot of activity in the area. detectives were sent to the scene as well as search-and- rescue crews. we do not know what type of human remains these are or how long the remains have been here or in what condition they are. it is also not clear if it's a man or woman. the big question everyone is asking is, is it missing teen sierra lamar? the crime scene this morning is about 20 miles away from where sierra vanished back in 2012.
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this crime scene is more heavily traveled because it's across the street from gavilan college. sierra is the morgan hill teenager who went missing nearly 4 years while walking to a school bus stop in the predawn darkness. her body has never been found. authorities eventually arrested antolin garcia-torres and charged him with kidnap and murder. her blood was found in this car and her dna was found on his clothes. we don't know if the remains that were found yesterday are in fact that of sierra lamar. a spokesman for the sheriff's office will be here to to brief us this morning. kiet do, kpix 5. it is 5:01. roberta, it is so warm outside. >> last week we were so cold at super bowl city. it was 41. this morning it is 57! we have clear to partly cloudy skies and last week we were enduring a wind up to 15 right now at this hour no wind.
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they are calm. numbers in the 40s and 50s. hey, sens, open up! we are on the way! high surf advisory in effect for tonight through saturday. some swells up to 13 feet. we have a green light for mavericks. it's a go for friday. partly cloudy skies. temperatures still well above average. we should be at 59, 60 in san francisco. but instead 66 to 67 degrees. low 60s in the santa clara valley. the bottom numbers are all for half moon bay. 70s across the central bay. full forecast coming up including the ski report at 18 minutes after the hour. thank you. it is a go on 580 right now as you can see in our live shot. westbound not too many problems as you work your way towards the dublin interchange. only 15 minutes from the top of the altamont pass to head towards 680 and make that connector. we are going to see some slight delays out of tracy. that's typical for this time of the morning. so expect speeds around 34 miles per hour westbound right around grant line. past there traffic is clear to 680. chp working on an accident
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south 280 at larkspur on the off-ramp so not affecting the main lines of 280. your drive time along 280 looks good. it's only about 10 minutes northbound 280, 380 as you head towards the 101. so far, so good 101 out of marin no delays into san francisco. very quiet right now across the golden gate bridge. and no delays on the san mateo bridge either direction westbound hayward into foster city. if you are going eastbound towards 880, 880 also is clear between hayward and fremont. major upheaval on the powerful california coastal commission. members have voted to oust the executive director. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco to explain why environmentalists are upset about the move. reporter: the california coastal commission controls land up and down the coast and a lot of people are concerned about the long-term impact of yesterday's decision. >> commission voted on a motion to dismiss the executive
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director. that motion passed by a vote of 7-5. >> reporter: and with that, executive director charles lester was fired by the commission after a four-year run. it was a stunner for the audience of mostly environmental activists who say he was ousted in favor of a more development-friendly director. >> my state is not what it used to be. my town is not what it used to be. dirty politics is coming in and it's not fair. [ crying ] >> reporter: commission members say their decision was all about lester's management style and poor communication skills. >> commissioners felt they had tried and tried and tried to get what they wanted. and the performance of the executive director and it didn't. it had nothing to do with the outside forces or politics. nothing to do with developers. >> reporter: now, the california coastal commission has a lot of power over any future development along the coast with an eye on protecting the environment as we deal with
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rising seas and a growing population. that decision to fire lester takes effect immediately. the commission is meeting again this morning at 9:00 in morro bay. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a guilty plea expected today in the case of a san francisco political consultant accused of possessing toxins for use as weapons. yesterday as jury selection was set to begin, the prosecution and the defense told a judge they were preparing a plea agreement for ryan chamberlin. he was arrested back in 2014 after fbi agents allegedly found the ingredients of a homemade bomb inside his apartment. a homeless man in san francisco could be in line for a reward for helping capture two orange county jail escapees. matthew chapman alerted police last month that the pair were in san francisco after he spotted the stolen van the escapees were using. the reward could be up to $100,000. orange county supervisors may vote on it later this month. congress is sending
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president obama a compromise bill that will keep states from taxing the internet. the measure is part of a bill that would also revamp trade laws. the senate will vote on the bill today and then it will be taken to the president. most cruise passengers don't celebrate the end of the trip but this man was aboard a royal caribbean cruise that got stuck in a storm. it left for the bahamas last weekend and soon faced 30-foot waves and hurricane-force winds. passengers spent hours in lockdown as the captain tried to steer them out of the storm. >> my sisters and brothers were distraught. my mom was okay. they opened up the mini bar so that was good for her. [ laughter ] >> oh, well. every passenger received a full refund and 50% discount for a future cruise. but some say they will never cruise again. >> who can blame 'em. happening today fisheries experts meet to talk about california's crab crisis. the delay of the commercial crab season will dominate this
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morning's fisheries forum held at the state capital. industry experts and state leaders plan to discuss the need for a disaster declaration. they will note how business owners have racked up debt and sold assets to make ends meet. bart wants drivers to pay up if they use a station parking lot for events at the oakland coliseum. for now, drivers pay $3 to park at the oakland coliseum station's lot between 4 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays. there is no fee outside of those hours. but at a meeting today they will consider imposing a 7 to $30 fee during events at the coliseum. now, if drivers don't pay the fee, they could be fined $55. california considering making a little green off medical marijuana. lawmakers have just introduced a bill that would impose a 15% tax on the sale of medical marijuana and the payoff could be huge. the tax could generate more than $100 million in new revenue for the state. there is a budget crisis at
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uc-berkeley. the university faces a $150 million deficit. so how is it going to save money, cut jobs? maybe academic programs? the chancellor says nothing sof the table. singer-songwriter jackson brown will join members of the band the eagles at the grammys next week to honor the band's founding men glenn frey. he formed the eagles in the early '70s with drummer don henley. they became one of the most successful acts of the decade with more than 150 albums sold. frey died last month at the age of 67. and you can watch that tribute and all the grammy action live next monday at 5:00 in the afternoon right here on kpix 5. time now 5:08. a school wrestling team like you have never seen before right here in the bay area! and it's not just the boys who throw down on the mat. these girls, they're pretty tough. this week's "cool school" is next. >> a week ago a picture of her
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relaxing in a restaurant booth went viral. just ahead an update on the marina the so lion and find out how the animal experts are getting her healthy again coming up. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody! we do have sunshine but we also have your snow report. it's coming up. >> and from the traffic center if you hit the roads early you're in luck. no delays at the bay bridge. details coming right up. what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila
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area. and it's not just the boys either... they have one of e most a middle school wrestling powerhouse is right here in the bay area. >> and it's not just the boys, either. they have one of the most successful girls programs in the nation. it's hogan middle school in vallejo and it's this week's "cool school"." reporter: how do you motivate sixth, seventh and eighth graders to buy into a wrestling program? teach the kids discipline and respect and then reinforce it with success and they will come. >> on this team it's not like a team it's more like a family. >> reporter: over 100 kids, 60 girls, 40-plus boys, all proud springstowne academy wrestlers. it's the nation's biggest coed program. >> you can show them that it's
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not only for boys. and you can just make a difference. change the whole sport. >> reporter: the team is a source of great pride in the once bankrupt city of vallejo. nine california state titles, 16 city titles. but it's what they have done off the matt that impresses their coach even more. >> over the course of time, we realize that there was something more that needed to happen here in this community and that was service above self. you hear that a lot with the rotarians and we wanted to teach there's kids to serve their community and be there for each other most importantly. >> reporter: toiling in the gym these lessons are reinforced with projects like providing wrestling gear for kids in the philippines and antidrug campaigns back here in vallejo and along the way, these young athletes have grown tenfold. >> i am getting better at class and it makes me better. i was scared of everything before. now i'm getting a little more confident. >> this is my family.
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>> reporter: this is your family. how do you mean by that? >> they are always there for you no matter what and they always cheer you on. >> reporter: it's the springstowne academy wrestling team at hogan middle school. this week's -- >> "cool school"! whoo! >> i was so impressed with these kids. they have so many kids they barely have room on the matt when they wrestle. they're kind of bumping into one another. >> that's so cool. >> 1998 they had two girls. by 2013, they had over 80 girls come out. >> good for them. >> and it's not about the boys and girls. it's about the program. and a great coach. >> the girls are tough. i like that. >> girls are tough. yeah. they, um, they did a good job. good stuff. >> looks like it. what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. 5:14. a new app is helping some local schools raise a little money. it's called school la at it mow elementary school in san francisco. it says it's raised $68,000 on the app so far.
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teachers, students and parents have been donating clothes to the online shopping app for two years now. it works just like ebay but the school gets 40% of the sales. >> we don't need to go anywhere. they don't need to raise any funds. host a gala. none of that. just clean out your closet and support your school. >> school says it's using all the money for field trips, after-school programs and supplies. all right. it is 5:15 right now. let's get a check of the roads with gianna. >> so far, so good out there on the roads. we don't have i in accidents or incidents to report. so good news especially if you are working your way towards the bay bridge this morning. here's a look at conditions. bay bridge clear metering lights are off. probably won't go on until about 5:30. we are seeing extra cars on the roads but traffic is clear as you head past the toll plaza across the span into san francisco. elsewhere all approaches look good, as well. 580 no delays coming off the eastshore freeway. traffic still light. and 24 is clear as well as well as the nimitz freeway. 880 good both directions. westbound 580 so far traffic is
5:16 am
still doing okay here. we are seeing more cars westbound from the top of the altamont pass to 680 where you make that connector road there. 16 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. that's your drive time. if you are coming out of tracy this morning, just a heads up. we are starting to see a little red on your sensors but that indicates speeds under 25 miles per hour. so a little slow through there as you make that connector road over towards -- 205 to 580 itself. once you get past that around grant line traffic starts to open up a bit and then again you're clear all the way towards 680. taking a look at the south bay traffic is good along 101/280 and guadalupe parkway. no troubles to report there. later on don't forget the sharks are in town at the tank tonight. taking on the flames. you might see some delays along guadalupe parkway, 880 and 280. right now, though, no troubles along 87. northbound 85 to 101 only 8 minutes this morning. and taking a look at your ride north of there all the bay into marin as you head across the richmond/san rafael bridge, not a lot of cars making that commute right now. so traffic is free-flowing in both directions. once you get to the golden gate
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bridge south 101, it's clear all the way into san francisco. here's roberta. just turning 5:17. good morning, everyone. at this time, it is time for our weather watchers. these are people in and around our microclimates checking in with their weather stakes and letting us know what it's like in your neighborhood. for example, 50 degrees at this early hour so says tim woods. necessary benicia where you have to say nice cool morning get outside and enjoy the warm day. he is off to the gym. way to go! this one up here this would be dave napa 44 degrees. dave, now what i like about dave? he gives us observations but he sends us photos, as well. he is sending us a picture of the mustard blooming in napa. we have mustard fields blooming in the east bay, as well. wherever you are it's a calm start to the morning. we have partly cloudy conditions around the bay. we have clear skies inland. and we have temperatures that are beiging from 47 degrees in concord to 10 degrees warmer
5:18 am
than that to the bay of water in san francisco at 57 degrees. along the coast tonight we have that high surf advisory that goes into place. some of the swells up to 13 feet lapping onshore. never have your back to the ocean because of those conditions. mavericks has a green light for friday. partly cloudy skies, slight breeze out the door. above average, dry through the weekend. we have storms out there, we are just on the fringe of it. here you have the rain clipping the northwestern section of the state of california. these clouds are overriding our huge blocking dome of high pressure that's keeping us on the dry side so we are the recipient of the clouds. we are not the recipient of any kind of rain. in fact, our long-range computer models still suggest dry conditions for the next two weeks. we are still hoping for minimal chances of rain late next week. we have dropped 11% on the snowpack in the last 11 days but still healthy over 100% in
5:19 am
the high sierra where today it will be spring skiing at 56 degrees. but it's cold so they are making snow overnight to preserve the base. 60s and 70s for us today. mid-70s towards morgan hill and gilroy and east wind at 15. here's your extended forecast. you will notice that bottom row, coastal areas, that looks like half moon bay. home of mavericks. in fact, let's go from the sunshine to the coast the "titans of mavericks" takes place green light tomorrow. they are expecting at least 30 to 40-foot swells where they surf offshore. you really can't see it unless you get towards some of the seashore in half moon bay and it's small because they're way out there. >> 30-footers. >> it will be great. well, in san diego hungry
5:20 am
little sea lion did something bold. she waddled into a swanky restaurant and expected service. it was dehydrated, hungry and had an injured eye when she stumbled into this high-end restaurant last week. i know, poor thing. they took her away for treatment and a week later one chef still can't get over the sea lion's fine taste. >> i have to tell you, she was very, very smart because she picked up the best table in the house. she jumped right over here, sit down, and then she just went -- where's breakfast? [ laughter ] >> that's what she said. the marina seal has gained four pounds and her blood work is looking great. good morning, everybody. they are teeing off this morning at the at&t pro-am and happy gilmore lives on the monterey peninsula. that story and temper temper! a fight in their own huddle. the phoenix suns took on the warriors. highlights coming up. it's protocol.
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is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. good morning, everyone. how bad are the phoenix suns right now? they are sinking so fast, they remind me of james gordon's carpool. [ pause ] >> it's like the sun going down on me ♪ >> 23 losses in 25 games. no wonder they're fighting on their own team. the sun might be going down on the suns but it keeps rising for steph curry. the long three put the warriors
5:24 am
up 48-35. curry had 26. they are dancing to a different tune. 3rd quarter, 16-point lead when klay thompson hits. he had 24. phoenix made a run late in the third cutting their deficit to nine. but former suns leandro barbosa regains his balance and hits the all star shower. give it to me! the warriors hit the break 48- 4 all star weekend coming up. the he is the number player in the world. jordan spieth will have his own bobblehead in monterey. he will be paired with a country singer jake owen. when they played together in florida spieth made a heck of a first impression. >> he looks at me and says, you want me to happy gilmore this off the tee? i was like, no. you're not -- no. there's tons of people -- before i could get it out of my mouth he runs on the tee box and happy gilmores it down the fairway. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> by the way it was good for
5:25 am
pie twitter feed because twice reposted many thousands of times. >> they got a real quality field down there. spieth is the number one but tons of great players. i'm going with jimmy walker to win it all and we'll have specials following cbs coverage offer saturday and sunday live from the monterey peninsula at pebble beach. have a great thursday, everybody. we'll see you in monterey. >> almost forgot the day there, dennis. i feel your pain. how about a little bit of hoops for the play of the day? the clippers are at the garden in boston. paul and jordan putting the t in team work. >> 28 just over a minute remaining. first period. the lob, the -- oh!! the fans go oh, man, oh, baby. >> that's a sweet move on the alley-oop. the game ended up being a high scoring affair, too, with boston beating los angeles, 139- 134, your play of the day. 5:25. we all know gas prices are low. but next we'll tell you just how much you will be saving
5:26 am
this year thanks to the drastic drop. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do live in gilroy where human remains have been found near gavilan college. the big question, is it missing teenager sierra lamar? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. why protesters are saying no way. weather ad libs thumbs are heated at san francisco city hall. what -- things are heated at san francisco city hall. what protestors want and the police chief says no way. >> a big shape-up on the board of those charged with protecting the california coast. i'm anne makovec live at ocean beach with some of the environmentalists' concerns. >> speaking of the beach there's a high surf advisory in
5:30 am
effect for tonight through the weekend. >> busy out of the altamont pass plus we're seeing brakes it the bay bridge. details coming up. >> good morning, it's thursday, february 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. police are investigating the discovery of human remains in the south bay found in a rural area near gavilan college in gilroy and that's where kpix 5's keit do is. with details to a link with a 2012 appearance, kiet. >> reporter: good morning this crime scene still being guarded by three sheriff's deputies we can see from our vantage point. they have been here since yesterday. the area is sealed off which is an orchard and it's a mix of private property and water district property. this all started yesterday when neighbors noticed a lot of activity in the area. detectives were sent to the scene as well as search-and- rescue crews. we do not know what type of human remains these are or how long the remains have been here or in what condition they are. it is also not clear if it's a man or woman. the big question everyone is asking is, is it missing teen
5:31 am
sierra lamar? the crime scene this morning is about 20 miles away from where sierra vanished back in 2012. both scenes are rural back roads. this crime scene is more heavily traveled because it's across the street from gavilan college. sierra is the morgan hill teenager who went missing nearly 4 years while walking to a school bus stop in the predawn darkness. her body has never been found. authorities eventually arrested antolin garcia-torres and charged him with kidnap and murder. her blood was found in this car -- her blood was found in his car and her dna was found on his close thing. we don't know if the remains that were found yesterday are in fact that of sierra lamar. a spokesman for the sheriff's office will be here to to brief us this morning. kiet do, kpix 5. some people from pacifica have filed a claim against the city over what they call forceful evictions. the city yellow-tagged their cliffside apartment complex saying erosion from recent storms could cause the building to collapse. but former occupants say they
5:32 am
have spoken to an expert who says that building is not in danger. there's a hearing set for next month. and a stunning decision by the powerful california coastal commission. the executive director has been given the boot. anne makovec joins us live in san francisco to explain why environmental activists are outraged by last night's decision. anne reporter: the california coastal commission has a major say in basically anything that happens up and down our coast so a lot environmental activists are now concerned about the long-term impacts of this decision reporter: california coastal commission members emerged from a closed-door session with a decision that stunned the audience of mostly environmental activists. >> commission voted on a motion to dismiss the executive director. that motion passed by a vote of 7-5. >> reporter: executive director charles lester was fired by the commission bringing tears to the eyes of his staff members and supporters many of whom
5:33 am
waited 11 hours for the outcome. >> my state is not what it used to be. my town is not what it used to be. dirty politics is coming in and it's not fair. [ crying ] >> reporter: lester, who served as the powerful commission's executive director for the last 4 years was under fire for his management style. commission members say he failed to communicate effectively with the board. >> commissioners felt that they had tried and tried and tried to get what they wanted. and the performance of the ed, and they didn't. and so it has nothing to do with any outside forces, nothing to do with politics, nothing to do with developers. >> reporter: that's what environmental groups are afraid of. they think lester was ousted to bring in a more developer- friendly director who could accelerate development of the coast. >> he clashed with developers down on the banning ranch where we're from in orange county and now, those development interests want to knock him out. >> reporter: lester acknowledged that there were communications issues with the board but hinted that's not the only reason he was let go.
5:34 am
>> i had offered a path forward to help deal with those issues. the communication was a two-way street. and i feel like, um, i am a good communicator generally speaking. >> reporter: his firing takes effect immediately. the coastal commission is going to meet again this morning at 9 a.m. in morro bay. live at ocean beach in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5 5. you don't think a lot is going out but we have a lot going on at the coast and into the mountains. and smack in between, we are starting off the day with clear to partly cloudy conditions. good morning everyone! it's so mild. even the bay waters are calm. we have numbers streaming from 47 degrees in concord with clear skies to partly cloudy in san francisco at 57 degrees. 48 in san jose. along the coast high surf advisory in place tonight through saturday. this is why it's a green light
5:35 am
for mavericks for friday. swells are building. never have your back to an angry ocean. all right. take a look at the average temperatures. typically we should be at 60 in san francisco. instead 67 degrees. 11 degrees above average from inland locations swinging around to san jose and around the central bay. 60s beaches, 70s around the peninsula. 75 today in campbell for one of the outside numbers and east breeze under 10. east of the bay into the low 70s. and meanwhile north of the golden gate bridge, 64 in stinson beach to 72 degrees in novato. partly cloudy the low 70s in lakeport. the full forecast is still coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. metering lights were just turned on about 5 minutes ago. so traffic is building at the bay bridge. we have a backup beyond 880 overcrossing now at this point so we are going to see some slow-and-go conditions starting to build on your approaches towards the bay bridge right now. so a little sluggish as well once you get past the metering lights. then you're clear across the upper deck into san francisco past the metering lights with no troubles there. 30 miles per hour in some spots for your speed as you work your
5:36 am
way westbound. elsewhere, altamont pass a lot of brake lights working their way towards the dublin interchange. 20 minutes from the top of the altamont pass to 680. now if you plan on commuting out of tracy this morning westbound another 20 minutes tacked on to the ride because it's slow as you head over 205 into 580 this morning. pretty sluggish through there. michelle? >> all right, gianna, thank you. frustrated drivers dealing with super bowl 50 street closures in san francisco will get relief starting today. here's a look at everything that's been shut down for more than two weeks. all the closed streets are now set to re-open by tonight including southbound lanes of the embarcadero. the closures have caused some serious traffic gridlock. rerouted muni service is set to return to its normal schedule tomorrow morning. and things are also returning to normal in santa clara site of the actual super bowl. tasman drive, a main route to many of the city's tech companies, reopened yesterday afternoon. meanwhile, some local merchants say the super bowl did nothing to help boost business. >> when game day came it was
5:37 am
actually, like, the slowest day we probably had. we actually closed early cuz probably cost more money to, like, keep this place open. >> some of the businesses hope the city will reimburse them and one business owner said he is considering a lawsuit. police chief of san francisco has laid out his plan for major changes inside his department. chief greg suhr has been under scrutiny since a police shooting in december. officers said the suspect was armed with a knife. chief suhr would like to use tasers but only for 5% of specially trained officers. >> only supposed to be for a small portion of officers. does that make a difference? >> no. i think it's probably intended to just get it eventually into the whole force. >> the chief also wants to give officers defibrillators and extra training. no vote was taken at last night's police commission meeting. this alameda man is missing. police need your help to find him. on tuesday john beck was dropped off for an appointment
5:38 am
on clay street in oakland and nobody has seen him since. what's trouble son is that he doesn't suffer from medical issues that cause disorientation or memory loss. the president came to california at moffett field at 7 p.m. last night. he will attend two democratic fundraisers today including one at the home of former state controller steve wesley in atherton. then later this evening, he heads to l.a. for more dnc events and an appearance on the ellen show. new this morning the low gas prices at the pump could be here to stay for a while. experts predict the average cost of a gallon of gas this year across the nation, well, a buck 98, the lowest full year average since 2009. and those prices could allow typical households to save nearly $1,000 a year compared to two years ago. good news for those taking flight from the bay. the transportation department says domestic airfares have
5:39 am
fallen to a six-year low. it reports ticket prices fell by over 6% in the 3rd quarter of 2015. and now the average price is roughly 372 bucks all thanks to affordable jet fuel and the rise of low cost airlines. here's a sobering valentine's day statistic. "money" magazine found that 70% of couples fight about finances. >> okay. let's chat. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with tips on how you can talk about your money with your honey, i guess, right? >> reporter: that's right. you know, a lot of people, they have these money conversations but they do it right in the middle of the heated argument. that's such a big mistake. so here's what you need to do. set aside a specific time and place to talk. reduce emotions by setting ground rules. no judgments, no finger- pointing. just open dialogue. you want to share your financial information, outstanding debt. maybe you have one of those secret banker investment accounts that have been floated around. just come clean. you also want to make sure you're both on the same page
5:40 am
when it comes to financial priorities like retirement, college planning and cash flow management. >> [ indiscernible every now and then is all right. just saying. [ laughter ] >> what is that you said? jill, how should couples divide financial responsibilities? >> reporter: you know, you do want to work towards each other's strengths. okay? so you don't have to say 50/50. if one of you is a spreadsheet app queen, you want to track the money, yeah, go ahead. manage the day-to-day bill paying. a lot of people do ask me whether or not it maintain separate bank accounts. hey, that is totally up to you. but remember, just talk about it. if one of you is going to manage all the investments, please, just be clear about the investment objectives, the risk in the portfolio. you want to conduct quarterly meetings to review your progress. this is when you can share information and the responsibility. and doing this, it is so
5:41 am
empowering. it helps the uninvolved spouse understand what he or she might face if you were no longer the family's chief financial officer. for more on love and money go to and no, i don't recommend that you have your money honey chat on sunday valentine's day. wait until monday. >> wait until monday. what about the purse? the purse is cool, right? >> gel said it was okay. >> absolutely. >> okay. that's what i'll said okay. jill schlesinger said it was okay. thanks so much. it is 5:41 right now. a disturbing case of discrimination. next, hear from the man who says his coworkers left him a noose on his job site. >> and let's take you outside highway 880 over in oakland. it's amoving. we'll check traffic with gianna and roberta has your forecast and more coming up. stay right there. ,,,,,,
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good morning. taking alike at mineta international airport at levi's stadium. temperatures in the mid-40s, calm winds, highs today mid- 70s. looking ahead to the weekend, that forecast is coming up in less than four minutes. a man who worked at a caltrans facility is suing a contractor who claims racial discrimination. james brown says a foreman threw a hangman's noose toward him. he says later, a coworker threw a rope at him and told him to put it around his neck.>> they tried to apologize, say that he said that he was going to take care of it. nothing ever happened. >> publications has tried to contact the company but hasn't heard back. kpix 5 has tried to contacted the company. brown is suing for lost wages and punitive damages. the field of republican candidates is narrowed. carly fiorina dropped out of the race yesterday after a 7th place finish in the new hampshire primary. on tuesday. also out, governor chris christie the new jersey governor was expected to do
5:45 am
well in new hampshire and finished in 6th place and with just 7.5% of the vote. two democratic contenders meanwhile will be in wisconsin tonight for a pbs debate. meanwhile, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are courting black voters. polls show clinton is a favorite among that demographic and cantata new key endorsement. >> the members of the congressional black caucus across many different generations, members in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, don, have collectively concluded that hillary clinton is the right person for the job. >> bernie sanders met yesterday with al sharpton in new york. but the civil rights advocate isn't ready to endorse anyone yet. the spread of the zika has hit closer to home. there's another case in california. yolo county health officials say a person tested positive for a mild case of the virus. >> this person got infected while traveling outside of the united states. so we do not have any concerns
5:46 am
about that currently happening here in the yolo or sacramento counties. >> the zika virus is spread by mosquitos linked to birth defects. and the summer olympics will be in brazil this year. the u.s. olympic committee is now hiring two infectious disease specialists. their job will be to advise the olympians about the risks and safety precautions to help prevent the zika. earlier this week, u.s. soccer goalkeeper hope solo told sports illustrated that if the olympics were being held now she wouldn't go. i was on the goodyear blimp last week with a woman planning a wedding in costa rica this may canceled it. no kidding. you know how hard it is to canceling a wedding in your own backyard. >> not because she doesn't like the groom. >> she is in love with the groom. she is in love with the country. it's not even her that's worried it's everybody else attending the wedding, as well. so something we're going to be keeping our eyes on. west nile virus is worse enough for us. >> right. >> exactly. >> the olympics is going to be a big deal down in brazil.
5:47 am
traffic, you said a big thumbs up? >> yeah. no accidents or incidents. just the usual slow-and-go conditions as you work your way at the bay bridge westbound starting get sluggish. nothing you can't handle. nothing out of the ordinary. 13 miles an hour as you make the connector. north 880, 238 to the maze an easy 16 minutes through there. it's that southbound side of 880 you want to look out for. southbound san lorenzo into hayward. we started to see things bog down for the morning drive around "a" street. things sluggish. cutting over the san mateo bridge shouldn't be too much of a problem. 13 minutes on the bridge.
5:48 am
no troubles only peninsula. hot spot now westbound 580 altamont pass to 680. sluggish on 580 this morning. most of the delays originate out of tracy for all those super commuters working their way westbound. we are going to see a break at grant line but slow towards 680. might skip the roads and use mass transit. ace looks good no delays right now. systemwide bart is right on time. caltrain, ferries, muni metro, everything looks good this morning. tonight in the south bay, san jose flames playing the sharks at 7:30 so you will see some extra busy conditions along 280, 880 and guadalupe parkway. right now through the south bay only trouble spot is north 101, tends to fill in around 280/680 as you work your way north of there. but no accidents or incidents so quiet there. >> it is quiet as you step out this morning, as well. anywhere from clear to partly cloudy conditions at this hour.
5:49 am
bay waters calm. temperatures between 47 in concord with a clear sky to san francisco 10 degrees warmer with partly cloudy conditions. we have a high surf advisory in place tonight through saturday. that's why mavericks has a green light for friday. but never turn your back on an angry ocean. pollen count, do you have allergies? i do. the worst day coming up is going to be over the weekend especially by sunday. it's the aller did, birch and juniper in full bloom. i have been noticing the cherry blossoms out there. they just look gorgeous. partly cloudy start, slight breeze, east wind gentle up to 10. slight cooling today in most locations and remaining dry through the weekend. we have storminess. this is an area of low pressure and you can see the green on the screen. that means a good thing. that's some rain showers around the northwestern section of the state of california. but we are just the recipient of these clouds that are blowing over the huge dome of
5:50 am
high pressure. causing 90s in southern california. we have the partly cloudy conditions today but no rain. the long- range computer models suggest over the next two weeks below average rainfall. we are still hoping for light rain by the end of next week but it's iffy. so you have to wonder how is this affecting our snowpack? we have lost 11% off the last seven days but we are still over 100% at the high sierra. spring-like skiing today: today ten hours and 35 seconds of available daylight so get out and enjoy it. 60s beaches to the low and mid- 70s away from the bay. here's your extended forecast. when you look at the coastal numbers, those are high temperatures for half moon bay, home of "titans of mavericks" and temperatures there today climbing all the way into the
5:51 am
63-degree mark especially by friday. enjoy your day onshore! 5:50. a disturbing threat to pets. what dog owners need to look out for the next time you head to the dog park. ,,,,,,,,
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ destructive drive through several good morning. taking a look at your pebble
5:54 am
beach forecast for the next couple of days. dennis o'donnell will be there because the sun will be out. if it was raining, no chance! [ laughter ] >> sunny thursday and friday. temperatures pushing 70 degrees. four!! taking a look at the roads now. the peninsula looks good north 101 though just south of oakland in the south bay. we have first reports of an accident blocking lanes. i'll have your drive times for san jose coming up in just a few minutes. this berkeley man is in custody this morning after a destructive drive through several east bay cities crashing his car into dozens of vehicles along the way. chopper 5 captured his arrest on a quiet residential block after a chase that lasted roughly an hour. it started around 8:30 yesterday morning at east 23rd street and coolidge avenue in oakland. the dangerous drive stopped on hearst avenue in north berkeley and a victim described the frightening scene. >> see this car like going off the road like hitting cars like slicing them and then i pulled
5:55 am
over because he hit my and i started honking but he didn't stop and he sideswiped the car in front of me, as well. he couldn't get through so he just like hit this bmw and her car got really messed up. >> oakland police say a pregnant woman got hurt during the chaotic driving spree. she was taken to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. someone in the bay area has a strong grudge against dogs. the proof? this plastic bag full of tacks. hundreds of them were scattered around this popular dog park over the weekend and pet owners say it's been happening for three weeks at ohlone park in hercules. >> it's intentional. what the person's actual intent is i don't know. but they did it on purpose. >> look around the park. we clean up one area and the next day come back and there would be just as many if not more. >> police say they haven't heard of any injuries yet but a park regular told us one dog owner had to take his pet to the vet after swallowed one of the tacks.
5:56 am
the california coastal commission needs a new leader. coming up, we'll tell you why its executive director was fired last night. >> human remains have been found near gavilan college. is it missing teen sierra lamar? coming up. ,, here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet.
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5:59 am
and i'm frank mallicoat developing i good morning, everyone it's thursday, february 11. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is almost 6:00. developing in gilroy this morning, police are looking into whether recently discovered remains are those of a missing teenager. the remains were discovered in
6:00 am
a rural area near gavilan college in gilroy. kiet do reports in gilroy where police are still con scene. >> reporter: good morning. santa clara county sheriff's deputies have been guarding the scene all night long as you can see. they have sealed off the orchard and it's a mix of private property and water district property. this all started yesterday when neighbors noticed a lot of activity in the area. detectives were sent to the scene as well as search-and- rescue crews. we do not know what type of human remains these are or how long the remains have been here or in what condition they are. it is also not clear if it's a man or woman. the big question everyone is asking is, is it missing teen sierra lamar? the crime scene this morning is about 20 miles away from where sierra vanished back in 2012. both mosquitos are rural back roads. but the new crime scene is off a road that's more heavily traveled because it's across the street from gavilan college. sierra is the morgan hill teenager who went missing nearly 4 years while walking to a school bus stop in the predawn darkness. her body has never been found. authorities eventually arrested antolin garcia-torres and charged him with kidnap and murder. her blood was found in this car and her dna was found on his


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