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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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wasn't working. >> we came to this house where there was a party. >> reporter: a fight broke out. this man captured on cell phone video severely beat another man. >> as you can imagine, as officers arrived, there were many coming and going. we tended to the injuries first. >> we should have a registration where the city will know that's a possibility. they're aware this kind of activity could be going on at this location. >> reporter: and the city is addressing those rental regulations tonight at the city council meeting. they are still in search and looking for any information.
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juliet goodrich, kpix 5. they are supposed to make a decision on short-term rentals. the town council may decide to impose strict regulations or ban short-term rentals completely. there are currently about 13 available in danville right now. the president said today he will nominate a candidate for the u.s. supreme court. >> liz, president obama is saying senators need to do their job as well. the nomination fight is headed straight into election year politics. >> antonin collie i can't's bench is draped in black to honor him.
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he will lie in the repose and be laid to rest on saturday. >> we're going to find somebody who has an outstanding legal mind, somebody who cares deeply about our democracy and rule of law. >> reporter: state attorney general's name was mentioned. >> i'm not putting my name out there. i'm not running for senate. let's just take that off the floor right now. >> reporter: it's now become a major talking point on the campaign trail. >> he's going to choose not just a replacement for scalia but for others possibly. >> reporter: they are insisting they will block any nomination. >> i intend to do my job
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between now and january of 2017. i expect them to do theirs as well. >> reporter: he says republicans are within their right, and it could backfire politically. >> this isn't the first time this happened. >> reporter: justice scalia's funeral will be held at the national shrine of emaculate conception. liz? >> we'll have much more on the supreme court vacancy and what's next on the cbs evening news. a popular tourist destination. richard contreras is accused of shooting two people at twin peaks. he has had run-ins with the law before. he was charged with felony hit- and-run.
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he rammed into a transit bus plowing it into a home. it stopped inches away from a three-month old baby asleep in the home. fast forward to 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. he opened fire on three men he knew. two later died. one is still fighting for his life. he car jacked an suv, fled the scene, and was found at a richmond gas station. just last month, three former city officials were charged with corruption. they led bribery and money laundering. today, the d.a. announced the formation of a special task force. public corruption is a cancer that must be extinguished.
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we are investigating this with the federal bureau of investigation. >> it was a somber scene as richmond police lined up to pay their respects to a fallen officer. six uniformed paul bearers carried the body of a veteran who was shot and killed last thursday at his home. he was shot by the father of his grandson after some kind of dispute. funeral services for him is set for thursday. crab season is being delayed again, this time, by the fishermen. crab caught south of point ray yez was safe to eat. they want to wait until the entire state is given the clear. they were worried the catch would still make some people sick. they are waiting for the state to make a final decision. here's a first.
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an innovative new pharmacy that can be a lifesaver. hands out prescription drugs for free. mike sugar man on how this works. mike? >> reporter: ken, every year, 50 million people can't afford to take their drugs, but 5 million drugs are thrown away down the toilet and buried. that doesn't make any sense. this pharmacy seeks to help that. >> do you have your prescription with you, sir? >> reporter: he has a prescription, but because his health care ran out, buying it would run into his budget. which is why the pharmacy in san jose can be a lifesaver. >> we are here at the first no-
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cost pharmacy. >> reporter: she'll give you what you need if she has it. >> to be able to donate to our pharmacy, you have to pass a strict donation criteria. >> reporter: they have to be unopened, unexpired. they come from nursing homes, people who have died, or drugs that are not picked up. >> we have an excess supply on the other side of town. we just need to connect the donors with the recipients. >> reporter: it's a shot in the arm for patients. it came about in 2005. it took ten years to get the first physical pharmacy, which
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shows how difficult the process was. it also has an extremely high poverty rate. this injection would cost $2,000 a shot. it's free here. they need volunteers. are you a pharmacist? they could use you. coming up, bay area crews risk their own lives to save a newborn horse. >> the colt and why it may not need surgery after all. spring weather triggering an early start to allergy season, but there is relief on the way. we started winter with lots of rain. now, coming up, lots of sunshine. the plants think it's spring already. we'll talk about a big return of winter, wind, rain, cold up next. ,,,,,,
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steep ravine. animal control officers fou the injured colt sunday.
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appropriately, they named h valentine. the little guy had fallen 150 feet we're getting late details on the condition of a colt. he fell into a ravine, but they were able to lift him out. >> it was pretty slippery. we had a rope we were trying to hold onto. >> it was expected he would need surgery for a broken pelvis and broken rib, but he's growing so fast, surgery may not be necessary. $15,000 has already been raised for his treatment on a go fund me page. biological toxins and a gun in ryan chamberlain's
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apartment. back in 2014, he was the subject of a three-day man hunt when authorities found the items in his apartment. part of the plea deal, the prosecutors dropped certain charges. protecting tenants from sharp rent hikes. it would prohibit landlords from raising rent more than once a year. it would require landlords to pay tenant's moving costs in some cases. an alameda man owes more than $100 million in fines. he disappeared. on the day he disappeared, he was due for an appointment in
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oakland. spring is over a month away, but springtime allergies are already here. and i'm consumer watch julie watts. one viewer's painful bills and an urgent care clinic. coming up, how you can avoid the same fate. ,,,,,,,,
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(baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. singer denise matthews, betr
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known as "vanity." the 57-year-old star died yesterday in fremont after s of health problems with her s was prot fans are remembering singer denise matthews, better known as vanity. after years of health problems with her kidneys, she was protege of prince, and she was part of vanity 6. the 80s group known for the hit nasty girl. she appeared on films, including the last dragon. she became a christian evangelist and ordained minister. california rock band the eagles are back in paris taking the stage at the olympia theatre. the band was adamant about returning to paris saying it's an important part of the healing process.
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the pope urging mexico's young people to value themselves as the wealth of their country. he offered a message of hope and comfort to a youth pep rally today in the state of micho kahn. working together on things like transportation and improving the electrical grid. top officials from every state planned to meet soon to figure out how to accomplish the goals. those states make up about 40% of the united states and population. if you're sniffling and sneezing, the beautiful weather may be to blame. nice weather is bringing some potent pollen. >> first sign of warm weather
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and bang, flowers, trees, and bushes start to bloom. >> i love all of it, but it gives me a headache. >> pollen, lots of it, is blowing around the bay area. for carol, it's bad. >> scratchy eyes. it just feels like there's something in your eyeballs. >> reporter: here at berkeley horticulture, they know a thing or two about pollen. turns out now is tree pollen season, and then later this spring, there's the big daddy, grass pollen season. this week, the star is the acadia tree. >> later on in the day, you'll notice right here. >> some people are more bothered than others by certain kinds. >> it will take a change in the weather.
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>> i don't have allergies. >> reporter: in berkeley, don ford, kpix 5. it's kind of a cruel joke, isn't it. you want to get outside and enjoy it, but you can't stop sneezing. >> yeah. if you take your allergy medication, you're fine. if you don't, you may have a problem. everything grows here in the bay area. secondly, it was so wet the soil now has the water it needs. now, it's warm and sunny outside. you have a place like this, the berkeley rose garden where roses have been here since the late 30s. you begin to see some buds, but man, they are really cranking out, and i expect to see a little color in the next few weeks. thankfully, we are going back to the wet and cooler weather after today. take a look at the record highs
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we shattered. sfo. the old record, 69 degrees. it took 86 years to break that record, but we broke it. 82 degrees, a new record, breaking the old one by 7 degrees. livermore, 69. san francisco, 72. clouds will move in. mid-50s. there's a wind advisory in effect. this time tomorrow, especially in the berkeley hills, it's going to be whipping around pretty good. sustained winds and higher elevations, 20 to 30 miles an hour. one of our bigger cities, it will be breezy to windy. ahead of a front that will give us much-needed rainfall.
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sliding to the south and east. a low pressure area, which is on approach. we'll drag a cold front through tomorrow. the next 24 to 36 hours. 7:00 tomorrow, sunny and cloudy. the evening commute will be a sloppy one. scattered showers will last all the way until the lunch hour on thursday. we'll be cooler and cloudier and wetter. it, thankfully, arrives tomorrow. the breeze will continue to increase after midnight. a wet and windy wednesday. say that five times fast. highs tomorrow, not the 80s, not the 70s, 60s. oakland, down to 68. a high of only 67 degrees with fremont.
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we'll warm up over the weekend. we hit 70 away from the water next week. back out here at the berkeley rose garden, a fantastic place with a fantastic view. now, it's finally time to talk about the wet weather that comes back tomorrow. back to you. people in california are going to urgent care centers these days when they need attention. >> they could get a painful surprise when the bill comes. >> reporter: it wasn't life or death, but it hurt. >> his ankle hurt too much to wait for a doctor's appointment. >> you can walk right in. >> reporter: he walked out with a bigger than expected bill. almost $2100. triple what he was expecting
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for an urgent care visit under the coverage of his insurance. >> it was treated as an emergency room visit. >> reporter: more affordable care compared with the emergency room. >> they are required to bill based on the level of care provided. >> reporter: there is a difference between emergency care and urgent care. it turns out, there are different types of urgent care facilities. they say the valley care center has a different code mandated by law because it's an emergency facility. for consumers stuck in the middle, it's just a headache. >> if you get a bill that doesn't make sense to you, don't just pay it.
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>> reporter: steven said he didn't, but it's just become another pain he didn't need. >> they did agree to lower his bill to charge him for an urgent care instead, but we urge you to research to confirm that billing code in advance. >> a lot of these people were going to emergency rooms in hospitals, and they didn't have health care. >> in this case, he went to an urgent care because it was supposed to be cheaper, but they were billing him as an emergency care instead. >> if you're hurt and sick, that's why you do it in advance. >> yeah.
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resume commercial flights between the two countries. e deal allows up to 110 daily flights to nearly a dozen destinations in cuba. airlines in the u-s can subt applications to operate tho flights. routes will be set up in a matter of months. an airlines is sui airlines in the u.s. can submit applications to operate flights to cuba. american airlines is suing go go for its wi-fi being too slow. go go says it offer plans to
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offer a different service. pointing to a new study from the harvard law school. they believe the $50 bill should be phased out as well as the $1 00 bill. radio flier is taking models for tesla. prices start at 499 bucks. they hope to ship the cars in may. we'll be right back after a quick break. >> stay with us. ,,,,,,
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coal controversy: neighbors say open air trains--are spreading dust.d blic health at risk. kpix news room, new tonight, controversy with open air trains that are spreading dust and putting people at risk. how it could change how coal moves through the area. and it was a fire house hit. a huge commodity in stores nationwide. how a firefighter is raising money nationwide. more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> hot stuff. >> spicy. that's going to do it for us.
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the cbs news with scott kelly is up next. news, weather, always at our website. to >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> pelley: also tonight, violent weather , including >>tornado on an interstate. >> it was, basically, like the y: ester" movie. o, pelley: extreme weather is being fueled by el nino, and tonight we'll look at the effects from the u.s. to africa, where millions are threatened enth famine. >> people haven't been able to plant the crops that they need to survive. >> pelley: and, it's show time for america's top dogs. >> it doesn't get any better. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. late today, the president weighed in on the political phenomenon that is donald trump.


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