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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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san francisco has been trying to get the homeless to move to this shelter on pier 80 but the campers refuse to budge and have clogged this stretch of division street with hundreds of tents. today the mayor said enough. kpix 5's mike sugerman reports today the city started moving out the homeless campers. >> reporter: within the last hour health inspectorrers came by with this abatement order to vacate and gave it to every one here. mayor lee hopes this is the ticket to the final act of the long running homeless drama on division street. moving day for dozens of residents south of market "tent city." >> told us to move. we told them like, where we supposed to go? so he said if we don't leave we going to jail. >> reporter: the city moved 25 of them into the big warehouse homeless shelter opened two
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weeks ago at pier 80. >> they force us. i don't know if it's okay. >> reporter: it's okay because even though the tents have been up since the runup to the super bowl, "tent cities" have been blossoming with the likes never seen before in the city. mayor lee's administration hasn't taken any action. >> 72 hours to get their stuff. and go. find an alternative. >> reporter: that three-day deadline on friday is the latest they could stay. starting today, police, chp and puck works swooped in. >> i think the conditions of the encampments are not to be tolerated and from a public health official -- officials, the quicker we can get people in, the better. >> reporter: public health has been an issue for weeks but today the lee administration apparently decided it had had enough. >> people who are walking through here to go to businesses or their residence who are saying, like, enough is enough, and we're hearing that. >> reporter: calling it a public health risk gives the city legal cause to tear down the tent not just a political
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one. there are about 25 spots available now at pier 80. but far more people in these tenth cities. some will get help from the city. some will not. >> i will go across the street. i gonna come right back. that's what i gonna do. >> we're going to encourage people first to get out of those situations and persuade them and persuasion generally means a backup by people that will say, can't be here. >> reporter: we did the math. if they move all of these people into city shelters just not enough room in city shelters if these people want to go and i should mention it's not just these tents that are going to be gone. it's thriving business -- the man that owns this tent told me he observes five other tents down the block and rents them out -- he owns five other tents down the block and he rents them out. mike sugerman, kpix 5. in the south bay they are trying to come up with a plan for lack of housing. kpix 5's len ramirez reports from mountain view where the
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solution may be letting people sleep in their cars. >> reporter: the line-up of rvs, pickups and cars where the homeless sleep at night stretches for a quarter mile on cry santo avenue nearby on latham street dozen more mix and mingle with high rent apartments but there's also a stench here of human waste. >> if they have a sewage problem, they have to suffer more than we do. you know? obviously i don't like the smell. but that's -- that's minor. >> reporter: barbara marshall is a tolerant neighbor but complaints prompted mountain view to establish a pilot program for safe parking areas for homeless people who live in their vehicles. no laws have been found yet but vehicle camps would include showers and restrooms. >> it's a good idea. >> reporter: this homeless advocate says car campers are not chronically homeless. >> they have a job, place to go typically and so at the just don't have a place to park at night. and wherever they do park they get chased off. >> reporter: according to one city report, six out of every
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10 people living in mountain view and rents are up 53% over the last five years which may help explain why so many people are now living on the streets. >> i actually never thought i would actually see myself like this. >> reporter: clinton anderson works as a security guard but lives in this small camper with his wife, sister and their dogs. >> it is very hard and stressful because you don't hardly get that much sleep because of everybody running up and down the street and yelling about how bad it stinks over here and stuff like that. >> reporter: he says police haven't been heavy-handed but that's only caused more people to move here. he plans to speak at tonight's council meeting and hopes a safe and semi permanent place to park will help him get back on his feet. in mountain view, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the city council is going to receive a report on the situation and take public input but no decision is expected to be made. the city is still looking for available parking sites. a grisly find in the east bay. the body of a woman was
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discovered by fishermen near the dumbarton bridge. but it is the condition of the body that has investigators saying that this was no accident. kpix 5's betty yu is in fremont where investigators are at work. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. as you can see behind me, fremont police have part of marshlands roadblocked off for this suspicious death investigation. and as you mentioned, today we learned from fremont police that it was a group of fishermen that discovered what later turned out to be a torso near the dumbarton bridge behind me on sunday night. you're taking a look at chopper 5 video. it is a very active investigation. so we are seeing crime scene investigators on the ground, on the shore and we are also spotted a boat in the water. it appears to be part of this investigation. fremont police tell us that this torso belonged to a woman. and the arms, legs and head of this body have not been found. they appear to have been severed from the torso. this evening, we saw quite a
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few bikers and runners in the area not too far from the crime scene. we spoke to one of them. take a listen. >> actually, i probably will not be walking here much longer because this is probably, like, the second body found here in a matter of three months. >> reporter: police could not tell us how long this body was in the water or exactly how this woman died. they are just beginning their investigation. but again, tonight fremont police say that a torso was discovered near the dumbarton bridge. live in fremont, betty yu, kpix 5. police are looking for an uber driver after an incident at the san jose airport. here's the man police are looking for. they say he may have been speeding through the airport drop-off and a witness decided to follow him. when confronted, police say that the driver got out and beat him up. he was able to take a couple of these pictures including one of the man's white mercedes. in mountain view police are looking for this man lurking on
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a trail and acted inappropriately towards two women. it happened last week along stevens creek trail near el camino real. one of the victims said that the man was talks to himself before he approached -- talking to himself before he approached her. there's another potential roadblock for the warriors arena in san francisco. opponents say the city planning commission ignored rules when approving the development that will go with the arena. they point to a measure passed 30 years ago. proposition m limits the amount of office space the city can approve every year. the mission bay alliance says the office space proposed for the development will swallow the remaining office space in mission bay and stifle the possibility of further growth and success of the area's thriving biotech and health science sector. there is already a lawsuit over the arena. the wars and city are confident it will -- the warriors and city are confident it will be built but it will take longer than expected. it now is expected to open in 2019. santa clara county supervisors are mulling over a plan to build a new jail. it would go next to its
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existing facility on hedding street. the estimated price tag is $280 million. the board of supervisors is hoping $80 million of that will come from state funding. according to the county, the new jail would span 325,000 square feet. it would have 815 medium to high security risk beds. more space would be reserved for inmates with serious psychiatric distowards and addictions and more medical space to cut done on transportation cost to and from the hospital. the santa clara board of supervisors is weighing a plan to preserve part of the county's lesser known past. kpix 5's devin fehely tells us long before sillicon valley became what it is today, it of course had a very strong agricultural industry. devin? >> reporter: that's right. this farm has been operated by the same family for a century. and the board of supervisors is trying to figure out a way to
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preserve some of the valley's vanishing agricultural assets. >> one man came to my door and offered $2 million and acre and i told him no, we weren't interested. >> reporter: she has lived and worked on her husband's family orchard for 65 years. the only thing that has sprouted up on the edges of the family farm for decades now has been apartment homes and high- tech office space. >> it was all ranches. all pear orchards. >> reporter: but those farms like much of the valley's agricultural pass is gone or is going. supervisor dave cortese wants to find a way to preserve some of the remaining farms. >> this was once the valley of heart's delight and we still have over 8, 000 workers in santa clara county. it's a big industry. >> reporter: but most of the farmland that's left is in the southern part of the county. and in the face of a housing crisis, there's been a relentless push by developers to buy upland and build more homes. >> there are bits and pieces of agriculture left in our valley
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on that class 1 soil that the county board of supervisors since the 1970s has done a great job in trying to protect. >> reporter: the challenge for the county is to find a way to come up with money to buy family farms either preserving them as open space or for agriculture. for alice, however, the question is simple. she doesn't want to leave the home or the land she loves. >> i don't know, i mean, right now, i just -- i don't want to move. >> reporter: so the family farm here is roughly 37 acres. if you do the math, that $2 million an acre offer comes out to a whopping $75 million. now, alice says the answer was simple. it was no. but you can imagine a time when the timing and the money is right. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> a lot of money but most agricultural land could not be developed without a change in zoning first. several cars crashed after a gravel truck overturned in san francisco today. the accident happened in the outer richmond right near a construction site.
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you can see it left a mustang and other cars covered from top to bottom with tiny rocks. kpix 5's joe vazquez on the clean-up effort under way. >> reporter: construction crews are still working to clean up the mess. this is 45th avenue at balboa. late this afternoon, a dump trailer carrying gravel got too top heavy and fell over on its side burying three vehicles. contractors have been doing construction here next door. the street was blocked off for several hours while the investigation and the clean-up continued. >> nobody was injured. shocking case of cruelty. bay area animals poisoned by a treat. >> i'm juliette goodrich live in sebastopol where someone is trying to poison horses and dogs with a cookie mixed with oleander. i'll have a live report coming up. >> a burned shipwreck now a social media mystery. how someone's quest for the perfect instagram photo may have destroyed a local
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landmark. >> and temple torched. the celebration that may have been ignited this huge fire. >> very pleasant weather to get outside but please be advised if you are heading to the beach high risk of rip currents and high surf advisory issued by the national weather service meteorologists. westerly swells building throughout the day tomorrow. what a fantastic sunset after a very warm day. we do cool down. and we do have a chance of rain. find out which day turns the tide with our weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the north bay... a horse and a dog poisoned.n a ranch in sonoma county, jt south of sebasta it's a shocking case of animal abuse in the north bay. a horse and dog poisoned on a ranch in sonoma county just south of sebastopol. and this was no accident. kpix 5's juliette goodrich live in sonoma county with more on a deadly treat created to lure
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those animals. juliette. >> reporter: allen, i'm at the ranch where this happened and someone laced cookies with this oleander a deadly mixture. this is oscar. this i lucia. one of them ingested it. he is doing okay but the owner's other horse and dog didn't make it. leslie webb says someone poisoned her horses and dogs with a deadly homemade horse cookie mixture containing oleander. poisonous to animals. >> somebody had put oleander- laced cookies and took a lot of time and effort to make cookies, put them in three piles in my horse field to kill all three horses. >> reporter: leslie's horse of 18 years cowboy and her beloved dog rosie had kidney failure and heart failure and had to be put down by the end of the day. >> my horse started choking and my dog started vomiting. he was 18 and acted like a
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five-year-old. >> heartbreaking. >> reporter: yeah. they're my kids. >> reporter: oscar consumed a small amount of the cookie and has been monitored for the weeks. this 9-month-old was also in the pasture at the time. she doesn't like to eat sweets so she didn't eat it. and she is going to be okay. >> how someone purposefully makes that and put it in there to kill them and a 9-month-old baby. who does that? >> reporter: at this point, there are no leads. the owner and other people in the area are being warned that anyone with information is urged to contact the sheriff immediately. in sebastopol, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. a rescue at san francisco ocean beach today happened as the coast guard happened to be training nearby. saw a swimmer struggling in the water. the coast guard helicopter swooped in and pulled the man out. he was taken to the hospital. we're told he is expected to be okay. new at 6:00 a boat in the north bay that's been an
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attraction for local photographers is being removed. this is a live look at the boat in tomales bay. don ford on why investigators believe the boat was set ablaze all in the name of art. >> reporter: it's a wreck sitting here for decades not a big boat but it has a big following here in inverness. >> a lot of people have taken pictures and paintings of it. it's fairly famous. >> reporter: it's one of the most photographed scenes in northern california. and it almost burned to the ground. >> about 1:30 a.m. our pagers went off and it was described as a boat off hire behind the inverness store. >> reporter: local firefighters saved most of it but they say it may have been a careless photo stunt that started the blaze. shortly of the fire this was posted on instagram. it's called spinning wool burning steel wool attached to a dog leash spun and fling the metal in all directions.
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it creates stunning images and is also dangerous. professional photographer john king says whoever did this was a careless amateur. >> i have taken shots of spinning. i have. but i wouldn't do it by a really dried up old boat. that's probably not the best idea. >> reporter: it's not the first time either. here's another photo on a facebook page. folks are hopping mad that their famous boat has been so damaged. >> wow, this is like awful that people come and destroy it. >> it's sad. >> reporter: it sits on national park land and they said to remove it or leave it, the decision hasn't been made. the benjamin franklin ship is a quarter mile long and can carry up to 18,000 cargo containers. the port of oakland officials say you can catch a glimpse of
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the mammoth ship as it docks on thursday morning. it won't be in the bay for long though. it sets sail for seattle on friday. an east bay temple in ruins. flames broke out at 2 a.m. look at this. 1,000 candles were left burning. the fire spread to three other structures before it was put out. the force is out for george lucas in chicago but there's new hope he will be turning to the bay area again as the site of his new museum. in a statement, oakland mayor libby schaaf says, quote, we would be thrilled to explore the possibility of this exciting project coming to life in oakland. lucas originally wanted to have the museum based in san francisco's presidio. but those plans fell through.
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. >> it was great in oakland. >> that would be an attraction from around the world. >> my tempt at yoda. >> the force is not strong with this one, no. [ laughter ] the temperatures are. what a distracting sunset we have at the san mateo bridge right now. look at that gorgeous picture. 77 in los gatos today. low 70s in napa ocean beach, san leandro. still above average. 68 degrees in san leandro. weather headlines. clear tonight with some cool temperatures. let's investigate that further. look at some of the 30s away from the water. that would be you toward fairfield and vacaville, santa rosa and healdsburg. even napa dropping to 41. livermore 40. and fremont 45. that said the afternoons will be sunny and warm through thursday with a minimal rain chance coming up on friday. so where is all the rainfall? we have been talking about it for the past month. it's different than last year. last year we had that big blocking ridge and basically there were no significant
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storms out there. this year is different. there are significant storms. we still have the ridge at least over the past month. remember the ridge is way off to the south and west steering the storms into california into the bay area in december and january. then that ridge decided to migrate closer to us. now that same ridge is blocking the storms and they are going to the north. thankfully that ridge is beginning to move south and we'll feel a change in the weather a little bit of a rain chance but certainly cooler and cloudier, that begins on friday. tomorrow will be warm. san jose 73 degrees, eight degrees above average. palo alto 73. hayward, union city, right around 70 for a high. lots of sunshine in the san ramon valley at 70. antioch, pittsburg, bay point low 70s. another 70-degree day in san francisco. daly city hit 70. mill valley 59. upper 60s for berkeley, richmond, el cerrito, kensington. lakeport, clearlake middletown, low 70s for you. saint helena, angwin highs in
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the low 70s. we stay status quo through thursday. ars the ridge moves away friday through the weekend cooler. we go through the 60s. we'll see a tiny rain chance friday evening. sunday evening. don't alter outdoor plans. it's insignificant. next week we warm up again. the hope is when we hit march which is next week, amazingly, that that ridge will move again. >> thank you. she was promised a home for life. but now a 97-year-old cancer patient is facing life on the streets. the huge show of support in just 24 hours. >> and standing up for apple and the encryption fight. looking live at a rally at the san francisco store. tonight, apple reveals even more fbi demands for unlocking iphones. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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verge of being evicted. a go-fund-me page set up for marie hatc support is pouring in for a 97-year-old cancer patient on the verge of being evicted. ' "go fund me" page set up for marie hatch has raised more
6:25 pm
than $26,000 in one day. hatch has lived in the same home in burlingame for 66 years. she was recently served with a 60-day notice to vacate. three generations of landlords promised her a lifetime guarantee of tenancy but they have all died now. the current landlord won't honor any verbal agreement and instead wants to sell the property. new challenges for a san jose police officer reinstated after posting threatening tweets against "black lives matter" supporters. officer phillip white was fired but an independent arbitrator reinstated him earlier this month. and now san jose's mayor sam liccardo says he will ask the city council to challenge the reinstatement and consider taking the arbitrator's decision to superior court. some community leaders also called for white's termination over his tweets. one of the tweets read, quote, threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law appointed right and duty to
6:26 pm
kill you. hatch tag cops lives matter. white's attorney said the tweets painted an inappropriate and inaccurate picture of the officer. demonstrations are under way at apple stores across the country this evening. people are showing support for the cupertino company as it feuds with the fbi over encryption. it's a live look at the flagship store on stockton street in san francisco. a handful of supporters is there this evening but other rallies are planned at the stores in palo alto and corte madera. today apple revealed the fbi has made more demands to unlock phones not just the one used in the san bernardino attacks. apple's legal team told the new york judge that the company has received at least a dozen similar requests since last fall. apple's attorney and former u.s. solicitor general ted olson says there is no way this is just an isolated case. >> that's a totally bogus argument and the government knows it and their surrogates know it. there's nothing to stop this government or another government from doing the same thing tomorrow or the next day
6:27 pm
or next week. >> olson also says the government's order compromised apple's constitutional rights and civil liberties. big changes to where your dogs can go in the golden gate national recreation area. i'll tell you where and where coming up. >> the president takes his last chance to close guantanomo bay prison. a showdown over where the suspected terrorists would go. >> and a bay area city's connection to the civil rights struggle. a former kpix 5 anchor helps honor a man who played an important role in black history.
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city. about 300 tents have our top stories tonight, the city of san francisco has started clearing out a massive "tent city." about 300 tents have popped up on division street. the mayor is encouraging the homeless to move to a shelter set up at pier 80. mountain view is considering a unique plan to deal with a housing crunch. it's designed for designated areas for the homeless to sleep in their cars. the city council will hear about this idea tonight. >> dog owners have some new rules to follow in some of the bay area's most popular parks and it's leading people to
6:31 pm
growl. emily turner takes us through where you can and cannot go with your dog especially off leash. >> reporter: there's a whole set of maps to explain it. probably the biggest and most obvious change is where i am right here which is east beach at crissy field. right now you can have your dogs off leash running around on the beach but if these rules go through, you won't be able to have dogs here at all. >> this regulation is a setup for failure and we'll challenge it. >> reporter: the dog debate is about common ground first finding it then dividing it up. it's a reduction of areas for dogs in the area. >> it's not just great disappoint but it's -- it's very disturbing. >> reporter: martha walters with the crissy field dog group is not happy about the changes. in fact, few dog owners are. but park spokesman howard leavitt says it's also had to account for people who don't want dogs when making the rules in order to keep the park accessible to everyone. >> we have to bear in mind the
6:32 pm
spectrum of uses at the same time as we have to protect park resources. >> reporter: the problem is those different points of view want access to the same spot. those spots will see the biggest changes. at crissy field off leash areas which are in yellow on the map have been reduced to central beach and a portion of the airfield. blue is the on leash area. only 40% of fort funston will be off leash and several other beaches like muir beach are from off leash to on leash only. the changes leave the gdnra as the most dog-friendly of the national parks but they also create enemies. both sides agree that the pursuit of a compromise might end with a lawsuit. >> we feel that this plan is actually quite dog-friendly but it also reflects the needs and viewpoints of those who want to come to the park for an experience without a dog. >> reporter: so whatever your viewpoint, if you would like to express it on these new rules you're more than welcome to. starting tomorrow there is a 60-
6:33 pm
day comment period. there will be a series of six meetings where you can make your public comment heard. to get all that information go to the golden gate national recreation area's website. live at crissy field, emily turner, kpix 5. we are getting our first good look tonight at the official plans to rip down part of interstate 280 in san francisco. the city has talked about eliminating the stretch of freeway from king street to mariposa street. one of the selling points has been it would create room for more housing in the south of market neighborhood. the city stays would also phase out antiquated elevated freeway stretch but the project could also dramatically alter the commute and how people get to and from the city from the peninsula and south bay. it is going to be at least another two years before that plan is finalized. campaign 2016, in about 30 minutes we should start getting results from the nevada republican caucuses. but if this poll is any indicator, it should be another landslide for donald trump. it shows him with a big lead on
6:34 pm
the competition. a total of 30 delegates are up for grabs. senator marco rubio grew up in vegas. he is hoping for some hometown support to carry him to that upset win. senator ted cruz looking for his second victory of the primary season. he is the only candidate who has defeated trump so far. now, the democratic candidates are in south carolina which holds its primary on saturday. bernie sanders used a town hall meeting to take a swipe at his opponent hillary clinton. >> i am happy to release all my paid speeches to wall street. here it is, chris, there ain't none! >> clinton hasn't taken the stage. sanders is campaigning heavily. but he is trailing by 20 points. the president unveiled his proposal to close the detention center at guantanomo bay cuba. there are 91 detainees left there. with a third cleared for transfers to other countries,
6:35 pm
the remaining prisoners will come to the united states. the white house says it will save $85 million a year in operating costs. >> we can ensure our security, uphold our highest values around the world and save american taxpayers a lot money in the process. >> lawmakers from the states where those prisoners would be transferred are against the plan as are republican leaders. some families are returning home to syria after news of a cease-fire agreement. the deal was arranged by the u.s. and russia. it takes effect on saturday. syria's president said he would accept a deal that would cover his military forces and armed opposition groups. the deal excludes the "islamic state" and al qaeda organizations. we know the cause behind the exploding airbags. the deadly combination that led to a massive recall. >> and the choking hazard leading to a worldwide recall of popular candy bars. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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scientists hired by the auto industry have been investigg the deadly explosions for oa year. today they ann tonight we're learning what is causing takata airbags to explode. scientists have been investigating the deadly explosions for over a year. and today they announced it's due to a combination of factors like moisture and high humidity. it turns out the airbag company uses an ammonium nitrate compound that doesn't have a moisture absorbing substance. when the airbags are exposed to high temperatures and moisture over time, the risk of a blast increases significantly. takata's airbags are linked to at least 10 deaths worldwide. candy bar recalls, the mars company announced it's pulling its chocolate from european shelves. the voluntary recall affects boxes of celebration, along with snickers, mars and milky way bars. the dutch company is taking back the chocolate after a piece of plastic was found in a
6:39 pm
snickers bar. the plastic is seen as a potential choking hazard, of course. the spokesman says the recall affects 55 european countries. it's not clear whether it will also apply to the united states. do you think the cost of a college education in the u.s. is outrageous? let me know your thoughts. tweet my right now veronica dl cruz. tonight we might have a solution for you. make sure you tune in at 10:00 to bay area nightbeat over on our sister station cw 44/cable 12. he played an important role for the fight for civil rights in our own backyard but few people know about him. how a former kpix 5 anchor and artist is helping shine new light on a pioneer in black history. >> the golden gate bridge is looking spectacular tonight. san francisco with a high in the upper 60s. very comfortable throughout the bay area. but we need balance. balance in this case would be adding some rainfall. there are two days with the rain chance. coming up, when they are and how much to expect.
6:40 pm
i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up. you hear that? that is the sound of spring training. >> invasion of the bedbugs for one nba star. >> i got it like at the top of my head and bedbugs and i didn't get any sleep. >> the latest criticism of the 49ers' new head coach. that and the catch of the day coming up.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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month and some berkeley residents want the world tow about their neighborhood's connection to the civil rigs struggle. february is black history month and berkeley residents want the world to know about their neighborhood's connection to the civil rights struggle. john ramos tells us how they are going to do that and shows us the former kpix 5 anchor that they have called upon for inspiration. >> reporter: it's not a wealthy neighborhood. but it is rich in history. a history most people here don't seem to know about. >> do you know who byron rumford was? >> no. >> i think he was a doctor. i'm not sure. >> reporter: he was a pharmacist who worked out of this building but in 1949 he was the first black man in northern california elected to the state assembly.
6:44 pm
while there he authored important civil rights laws including the so-called rumford act banning housing discrimination. it later became part of the federal civil rights act of 1964. but there's a reason most people haven't heard of him. >> he is short of shy. he didn't love the limelight on him. >> reporter: but now a group of berkeley residents wants to memorialize the man with the unfamiliar face. and to do it they have turned to someone who is familiar to a lot of people. >> i'm super proud of this. >> reporter: dana king gave us the channel 5 anchor disto be pursue a new career as an artist. but she admits creating a 7- foot-high bronze statue is a daunting challenge. >> because i have never done it before and it's going to stand there for as long as the bronze lasts. right? >> reporter: in her oakland studio dana has worked every day for months obsessing over every fold in the jacket or the texture of the lapel. she says the process has revealed even more about herself than the man she is
6:45 pm
memorializing. >> i feel a great weight to do -- to pull out of the, um, what i don't even know exists in me. and that's what this piece is doing. >> reporter: dana's mentor recommended her for the job precisely because she is a newcomer. it's not unlike the challenge that byron rumford faced almost 70 years ago. >> he had a concept and he made it a reality. and as a result, it has impacted all of us. >> reporter: they are hoping the statue will have an impact. it will be placed on this spot to remind folks that greatness can be found in ordinary places and in ordinary people if they are willing to take off a challenge. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> wow. organizers say the rumford memorial will be officially dedicated in july at a block party for the neighborhood and they couldn't have picked a better artist. as you're watching, dana,
6:46 pm
we miss you. hope you're doing great. >> very talented. so talented, right? >> very talented. she is awesome. >> 71 degrees in brentwood today. checking in with our kpix 5 weather watchers, comfortable stuff. right in that upper 60s to mid- 70s fold. we had 75 in joe's backyard in san jose. rafael in santa rosa reports in 75 degrees. darrell in alameda 69. peggy in petaluma 70 degrees, upper 60s in orinda, bill moon low 70s for lee gray in napa and mid-70s for dana in novato. everybody right in that comfort zone. this time of year we don't get big microclimate spreads. we'll save that are to summertime. still an incredibly comfortable evening, as well. concord 65. san francisco 63. san jose 62. snow no rainfall. nords will there be any for the next couple of days. a tiny rain chance coming up on friday. so where is that rain? we have been talking about this ridge of high pressure taking the storm and sending them to the north. i wanted to put some numbers behind what i have been talking about for the past couple of weeks. and here they are. and it's pretty profound.
6:47 pm
relative to average for the water year los angeles is sitting at 54%. that's absolutely not what they expected when they heard of a very strong el nino. san francisco the bay area we are doing better but not where we thought we would be. 85% of average rainfall. continue to the north, the numbers continue to climb. redding 101% of average. we get into the 120s and 130s in oregon look at seattle 153% of average. the rain is there. this ridge many scholars will be looking at why this ridge is here during a very strong el nino but it is here. it is blocking the rain. it is being sent to our north, unfortunately. we are hoping that that ridge moves come march. oakland tonight 47 degrees. san jose 45. napa 42 degrees. watch out if you are heading to the beach. i know you're going to want to head to the beach with temperatures in the low 70s. waves will be building 11 to 14 feet. those swells getting higher and stronger with a high risk of rip currents tomorrow. high surf advisory is in effect for all the daylight hours tomorrow. so we just talked about that thing that's been happening over the past month with the storms being blocked to the north. well, guess what's happening
6:48 pm
right now. there's a ridge to our south which is blocking the rain and sending it to the north places like june i don't, alaska, above average -- juno, alaska, above average, seattle, portland, eugene, above average. this ridge needs to move if we want to get back above average. toward friday the ridge slides to the south and rain makes it into far northern california. it's important if it rains around here. it's much more important if it rains near our two biggest reservoirs, oroville and shastaville and it will over the weekend. they will get a couple of different storms moving three. we'll probably miss out on the rainfall except for the north bay coming up on friday. so we're clear tonight, chilly away from the water. upper 30s again. sunny and warm for the next two days. tomorrow and thursday well above average with a 20% chance of showers in the north bay on friday. high temperatures tomorrow 70s. napa 72. fremont 72. mountain view 72. vallejo 70. i don't know what your personal comfort zone is. but i'm guessing it's pretty
6:49 pm
close to those numbers. concord 69 and pacifica 67 so pleasant. friday chance of showers for the north bay. cooler weather over the weekend 60s. another tiny chance of showers coming up on sunday before the sunshine returns next monday and next tuesday. no big storms yet. big sports guy dennis o'donnell coming up next with the giants. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
the giants should win the w series. vern glenn reports scottsdale. 2016 is an even year. that means the giants should win the world series. vern glenn reports from scottsdale. >> reporter: dennis, welcome to scottsdale. and all over this stadium, there are remembrances of the 2012 world series campaign, down the right field line the 2014 world series banner is up. and what year is this? although the giants cautiously optimistic, love where i'm going with this the whole even number thing. >> there's a lot of good teams out there in our division outside our division and did you we certainly think a lot of ourselves. >> but for now the giants are content with easing into spring
6:53 pm
training. beginning with the first full- squad workout earlier today. >> pretty low key. >> we'll get into live bp here in a couple of days and that's when it gets ramped. >> up i guess you can call it that. >> a lot of times you get it on the field. newcomers trying to get adjusted to the workouts. >> reporter: one of those newcomers is an art spann who is jumping in as the centerfielder and leadoff man. >> like the first day of school learning people's name, getting acclimated and all that but it was fun. >> reporter: one name spann didn't need to learn, the say hey kid. >> this is probably my third or fourth encounter with him. each one gets better. first one he busted my chops. second he called me bernard. he is just feeling me out. >> reporter: more spring training coming up tomorrow. before i go, hey, dennis, how
6:54 pm
who was on my flight this morning? former 49er, current running back coach tom raffman so i asked him about chip kelly. he was on the way to the combine. he said he has been busy putting in his offense. i asked him about colin kaepernick and he said simply, he fits into the scheme. in scottsdale, vern glenn, kpix 5. >> thanks, vern. former players to chip kelly continue to speak out about their old boss. the offense was vanilla and never evolved. matthews also told 9news in denver he is impatient with certainly personality types even when they were blue chip talent. the broncos team i was on would have eaten chip alive. i don't think he could have handled the plethora of large personalities." kyrie irving left sunday's game in oklahoma city with what was
6:55 pm
announced as flu-like symptoms. in reality, irving was literally bugging out. >> it was honestly from the bedbugs from the freaking hilton that we stayed at so as you can see, i got it like at the top of my head and this loose like bedbugs and i didn't get any sleep and we came to the game and i was freaked out and started feeling nauseous. it was a whole bunch of bs. you would be freaked out if you saw five bedbugs on your pillow. i woke up itching and i'm looking around are you serious? >> help may be on the way. this is from a terminex branch manager in cleveland. hi, kyrie. tell the cavs to call me. i'll arrange for one of our best technicians to accompany you on the road trip. we'll inspect every hotel room and ensure they are bedbug free so you can rest easy. good night, that's a huge fish! >> the reel started busing.
6:56 pm
he strapped himself in fought this mahimahi for 45 minutes. i'm guessing it was a special at kimo's in lahan aa. that's our general manager bruno cohen. you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures to i had to put bruno on there because i mentioned to our viewers last night that he shot 103 in -- six golf balls -- >> he said was it true? >> he said it was true. >> a little make good. nice catch, bruno. [ laughter ] >> fish tacos on bruno. >> right. >> kimoi in lahina. >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? how y'all? how y'all doing? how y'all? i appreciate you. thank you very much. i appreciate you. yeah, i do. thank you. i appreciate you. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today, folks. from youngstown, ohio, it's the graves family. [cheering and applause] and from long island, new york, it's the tartaro family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of
7:00 pm
here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. well, let's go meet 'em. it's our families. it's the tartaro family. hey, mary. how you doing? mary: i'm doing well. thank you. i'm glad to be here. steve: that's good. y'all look nice. got your blue on. mary: thank you. steve: what do you do for a living? mary: i am a stay-at-home mom. i'm a housewife. i have 3 children. these are 2 of mine right here, and i have a 16-year-old son at home. steve: 16-year-old? wow. mary: yeah. yeah. steve: well, introduce everybody, mary. mary: this is my sister, julie. also my best friend. my sister and best friend, julie. julie: hi, steve... steve: what do you do? julie: i'm a bookkeeper for a steel company, and, uh, i'm married to a much younger husband. audience: whoo. [mary laughs] steve: well, i mean, you didn't really have to tell that. [laughter] steve: just said you was married. so,t-


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