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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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this bay area mother disappeared. now her husband is dead. and tonight there's a possible connection to a headless torso found in fremont. >> in brisbane where this murder mystery is unfolding. it's like something out of 48 hours. >> reporter: it really is. the crime scene tape and investigators left this home just a few moments ago. >> reporter: flowers and a forensics van, as deeper flowers swirl over what happened in brisbane. shelly was reported missing on february 13th, leaving her home without medication or cellphone.
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her estranged husband and two sons looking for any sign of her. >> it was so genuine and so real. >> reporter: on sunday the mystery of her disappearance grew more murky as a female torso was discovered in the bay. yesterday, another clip. her husband paul jumped off the bridge to his death. they questioned the disappearance to both officers. shelly was reported missing the day before valentine's day. but he said he spoke with her about bamboo on president's day. >> well, that's weird. we hadn't heard from her since saturday. why did she come back on monday and >> reporter: today with paul dead and shelly's whereabouts up in the air, a 2-city investigation took shape.
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in the parking lot, paul's truck, with a missing poster of shelly in the window. we learned that paul was in fact a person of interest in this case though not considered a suspect. as for the torso, they are not 100% certain that belongs to shelly. a short time ago on the family's facebook page, one of shelly's sons posted both their father and mother were dead. shelly recently posted on facebook herself about another missing person, john beck. the alameda man who vanished. she shared a plea from john's daughter to help find him. and an arrest in another bay area missing person case. a woman whose body was also found in fremont.
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>> this story started at a party in heyward. police made an arrest. police aren't saying anything about how he is connected to stacy or a motive. witnesses reported seeing her leave the party with her boyfriend. mark, the timing of all of two bay area tech giants in the crosshairs of isis. >> same day that silicon valley leaders are meeting to talk about terrorism. mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey are targets of a new video from isis. >> reporter: in this chilling new video, isis appears to be
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thumbing its nose at silicon valley with a clear message. >> we're still out here, we are a major player in this high-tech industry too. and that's i think why they specifically targeted zuckerberg and dorsey. >> reporter: security analyst jeff hart who spent years with the fbi and has spoken with the companies calls the video childish. in spite of twitter and facebook's recent efforts to get terrorist related content off their platforms, isis seems to brag that it still has more than 10,000 facebook accounts and more than 5,000 twitter handles. >> it's unfortunate that these groups are using those platforms to expand their fan base, so to speak. >> reporter: a new study from george washington university found isis is somewhat retreating on social media. the number of users in the network
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appears to have declined partly because of suspensions. and jeff hart says fear of losing is why isis is now threatening the tech leader s with this new video. >> if it wasn't successful, you wouldn't see that video. >> silicon valley has spoken out publicly against terrorism. all this comes as apple is fighting the fbi over orders to help the feds hack into a terrorist iphone. >> the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we viewed as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. we think it's bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it. and that is what is said here. >> there have been rallies across the bay area in support of apple.
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apple engineers are developing software that would make it basically impossible to hack into a lost iphone. the new technology keeps customers' data safe. but it would be a huge roadblock for law enforcement. one of oakland's own has been arrested and accused of assaulting a woman. >> reporter: she says it began with a knock on her front door. mrs. cortez found a man who she says seemed drunk and high trying to force his way into her home. >> he continued to bang on our door and was asking us to open up the door. >> reporter: mrs. cortez and her husband warned him they were calling police. what they didn't know is the man at the door was an off-duty police officer. and he wasn't alone. >> we see a second person exiting our yard, and he would
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appear to be like he had a firearm under his shirt. and he pointed it toward our direction. >> reporter: at one point she stepped onto her porch and faith attacked her. >> she walked toward me and jumped on me. and grabbed me really, really tight. and we fell to the ground. >> reporter: faith was taken into custody that night and could face an assault charge. mrs. cortez claims after he attacked, police tried to pressure her into changing her story. >> about five officers come knocking on my door. >> reporter: she says twice the next morning, officers came to her door looking for information and questioning her story. >> and the whole time i felt just revictimized. i felt like they wanted me to change my story. they kept asking me over and over again, are you sure, are you sure? >> reporter: now the cortezes are on the brink of filing a lawsuit against the department.
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and four officers have been put on paid leave. >> i want justice. ugh no charges have been filed yet. oakland police say they areo al >> the case has been turned over to the district attorney. police say they are also conducting their own internal investigation. a huge counterfeit cash ring busted. we saw secret service agents raid at least three different spots in the east bay today. we're told it's part of a year-long investigation into an operation that specializes in make phony $100 bills. the secret service told us counterfeiters are printed and distributed $5 million worth of counterfeit cash. most of it is passed off in the bay area. agents took away boxes and boxing of evidence. alto has led to an unusual : the c-d-c has come to the b a rash of teen suicides in palo alto has led to an unusual step. the cdc has come to
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investigate. what are they looking at? >> reporter: emma used to go to high school in palo alto. one of the best in the country. >> everyone feels driven to succeed and everyone does want to do a good job. i think all the students really care about learning. >> it just gets to such a point where everyone is can going full force. >> reporter: she also appled with tragedy. she recalls two students committing suicide her junior year. the stress of it forced her to leave. she now goes to a community college where the course load is lighter. this week the cdc is doing its work on the ground. i a team of mental health experts is investigating suicide clusters in the city after the county health department and the district asked them to do a study. >> it's one of the many pieces of the puzzle that can help us
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better understand depression, suicide, and mental issues. >> reporter: the cdc's research will look at existing suicide prevention programs, media coverage, and factors that might put teens at greater risk. >> a serious study of why these deaths have occurred would look at the deaths that have occurred. i'm not aware that the study has any plans to look at our ten dead children, how they lived, what they fought. >> reporter: former teacher, he remembers losing students in 15 years. >> this lacks a huge human component. >> reporter: the investigation will include meetings with parent, schools, teacher, and counselors but will not touch on
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personal stories. leland yee sentenced to five years behind bars for his role in a political corruption scandal. a federal judge handed down that sentence today after he admitted to accepting bribes and helping to plot an international arms deal. he has 30 days to turn himself in. >> his fellow supporteror, keith jackson is also facing state charges of bribery. and is those possibly involve contributions to mayor ed lee. he says he knows nothing about an illegal contribution. but it's in the hands of the district attorney. and his wife being severely. 5-year >> yee's heel team -- legal
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team requested leniency. he must pay a $20,000 fine. we heard from city hall about more transparency. how do you explain this? take a look at this photo. focus on the woman about three in to the left. that's julie christianson formerly of district 3. now check out this picture. it's almost identical except it's from this year. and instead of christianson, her successor has been photoshopped in. turning out to be a royal pain to get tickets to see prince this weekend, the artist announced he'd start a tour in oakland. tonight a lot of people are ticked at ticket master.
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>> reporter: tonight bay area prince fans are hurting for tickets. >> reporter: today tickets for the artist's surprise show went on sale at noon. seconds later, they sold out. but prince fans say they were shut out. claiming glitches stood in between them and an intimate night. ticket master did not respond to our request for comment. some hopefuls tried secondary sites where they were listed up to $4,000. >> reporter: a warning to those who are thinking of buying scalped tickets. in order to get into the venue, the original buyer must attend with the credit card used to buy the ticket. prince is scheduled to play two back-to-back shows this sunday as part of his piano and
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microphone tour. >> and you need to leave your cellphone at home. the organizers e-mailed fans saying anyone caught using a cellphone in there will be immediately kicked out. a bald eagle named sequoia is on the lamb. this isn't the first time she's flown the coop. >> reporter: sequoia went missing on monday after escaping during a training session with her handler. the reason that there is such great concern is that she was injured when she was young by hunters. she can fly but cannot hunt and not survive for long in the wild. she is outfitted with a radio transmitter that should help her handlers catch up with her. the drinking foundation at
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fieldsberg elementary school are shut off after high levels of lead were shown in the water. officials are giving out bottled water on campus. no reports of any lead poisoning or symptoms. it's a big, juicy steak.. or would you eat meat or seafood created in a lab? whether it's a big juicy steak or shrimp cocktail, some bay area start-ups are racing to fill your plate. so we wanted to know, does it taste like the real thing? >> reporter: they were packed in like sardines. many came for the shrimp. >> it tastes good. >> it's actually quite delicious. >> reporter: the event in the biodemo day. it's where start-ups strut their stuff in front of hipsters, inventors,
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and journalists. >> we're talking about meat that's real meat that's grown from meat cells, whether pig, cows, or chicken. >> reporter: no more overfishing. no more fish farms. >> animal-free, vegan, kosher, gluten free, but it looks and tasteds like shrimp. >> reporter: her team analyzed shrimp on a molecular level to understand how the muscle forms that creates a distinct texture. >> there are many things you experience like a firmness, juiciness. >> reporter: using only person plants and algae, the team engineered a new plant-based shrimp. she says it's just as nutritious but far more sustainable than wild shrimp. >> our oceans are becoming deplighted. >> reporter: sustainability is those behind memphis meat. >> we wanted a meat that's
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delicious, better for us, better for the environment and animals. >> reporter: he is ceo of the company. his team takes a small sample of cells from a cow, pig, or chicken, adds nutrient, and cultivates the cells into meat. >> tastes like a meatball. it's good. >> reporter: once their technology evolves, their goal? >> instead of growing the whole animal, it tastes two weeks or three weeks. >> reporter: it may even appeal to vegans. >> it could for people who became vegans because they did not want to support animal cruelty. >> reporter: they got a big boost from indy bio. the team already has a big order from google for its cafeterias and expects to ship shrimp to supermarkets as early as this
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year. >> as for the cost, they believe their products will be more cost competitive with traditional meat and seafood on the market. a lawmaker says time's up for daylight savings in california. we'll start to see a lot more sunlight starting in about 2.5 weeks on sunday, march 13th. it ends in november. assemblyman chu of san jose says changing the clock doesn't make any sense anymore. he's introduced a bill to get rid of daylight savings for good. if that measure passes, it would go before the voters. by now you've seen some of the epic photos of a firefall at yosemite. everything has to be just right to snap the picture
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like this. >> we come up and spend a week every year just for this one event. >> there are a lot of people out here. >> they blocked off a lane of the road to allow more traffic. >> i've never heard about it so i needed to go check it out. >> this is my 13th time. the stars have to aline. there has to be enough snow on top to melt, then you have to have clear skies and clear skies in the last 10 minutes of sunset. >> fingers crossed. >> you're starting to get the yellow now. the sun is setting. but it just keeps getting better. you would swear the mountain just cracked open and hot lava is coming out with flames.
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>> we'll call tonight a good show. maybe not the best show. it only lines up for a couple more days. >> very cool. >> we started getting e-mails about three weeks ago. you have to have snow at the highest elevations to create the snow melt. we do not have any snow falling in california, nor any rain around the bay area. there are a few chances coming up. we really need the rain over the next five weeks. once we hit march, we go from 4.5 inches of tlan to 3.25. april only averages 1.5 inches of rain for us. it's going to have to happen in the next five weeks. 50s outside. saucelito in the background. tied with san francisco at 58.
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and concord is 54. concord tomorrow morning, 44. vallejo 67, mountain view 49 49. ridge of high pressure sliding away. lower pressure getting closer. and these are the jet stream winds. this is the fastest jet stream wind leaving canada, making it to far northern california up by shasta lake. none of that matters tomorrow. sunny and 75 degrees. very mild. friday morning, here comes the cloud cover. an hour or two of sprinkles in the bay area. otherwise we're gonna stay dry. widespread 70s, highlander, not as warm on friday. cloudier too. a chance of rain friday evening. san jose 77 tomorrow. oakland 75.
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napa 75. concord, sfrab, low 70s -- san francisco, low 70s. chance of a shower friday. shower late in the day on sunday. and next week, here comes the sunshine. at least you got a little bit of rain. this pregnant supermodel made a surprising confession. tonight she's getting some ugly responses. >> and coming up on the late show with stephen colbert, adrian brodie. ,,
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sfx: clap, clap, ding chrissy teigen and her husb singer john legend, are ex a supermodel is at the center of an ethical debate. >> she just revealed she chose her baby's gender during the invitro fertilization process. she tweeted "i'm not mad at anyone's beliefs but i don't
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actively seek out people to make them feel bad about their decisions either." the 49ers made a decision on colin kaepernick. and more than 20 lead changes with the warriors tonight? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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first hole " " birdies to basketball.. warriors in miami.. hasan whiteside throws down two os 21 points. when you bury the first hole, it can only go downhill from there. [ laughter ] >> heat led by as many as 12. 23 late lead changes for the warriors. klay thompson caught fire at the end of the game. he scored 15 straight in the 4th. draymond swatted by whiteside. steph curry, 14 seconds left, he buried it. the splash brothers combined for 75 points. sharks in dorv. the avalanche will soon play outside at coors field. indoors tonight. matt duchene needs a goal to get a win.
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>> i think it's the best group i've had. >> pretty high praise. lots expected of the offseason signees. smarja was the star receiver at notre dame and was asked which teammate would make the best quarterback. >> probably caner. i'm gonna give him some love. but it's still up in the air. let me do a little research. and we need to get a football out here too. and the 49ers may not be the place for colin kaepernick.
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they owe him $12 million if they don't release him by april first. so if you look at quarterbacks on the roster, they don't have a lot of options. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency.
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pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30.
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>> the late show is next. >> news tomorrow morning at 4:30. captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen colbert. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome to "the late show."


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