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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-11:36pm PST

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awards as it was about race. stars tackle the entertainmt industry's... diversity deb. hollywood's biggest night is as much about awards as it was about race. stars tackled the entertainment industry's diversity debate. i'm brian hackney. >> maria medina is in the news room. people didn't waste any time getting to the big issue. >> chris rock addressed the issue of diversity right away, kicking off the oscars swinging in his opening monologue. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> reporter: after chris rock's nearly 10-minute opening monologue focused on the controversy. >> we've got all this controversy, the no black nominees and people are like chris, you should boycott, you should quit. >> reporter: combining humor and honesty, his speech garnered
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laughs and applause. including at this oscars watch party in san rafael. >> i thought it was really well done. i thought given the tension in the room, he did a wonderful job, diffused everything. >> reporter: for the second straight year all the acting nominees are white. and #oscarssowhite dominated the headlines. >> is it really progress to say we can crack jokes but we can't crack the top 20 nominations? >> reporter: reverend al sharpton led a protest before the show and organized rallies across the country. spike lee, snoop dogg, and jada pinkett among those who boycotted the oscars. >> is hollywood racist? >> i don't think there's enough black, hispanic, women, and it's changing. >> reporter: many hope and some believe this will mean change for future awards shows. >> it's not about boycotting
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anything. we want opportunity. we want black actors to get the same opportunities. >> chris rock then ended the show with a shout-out to the black lives matter movement. >> we'll have more on tonight's big oscar winners and one big upset in just a few moments. out of the limelight on to the streets of san francisco, time has run out for the homeless in a city encampment. the city told them to take down their tents and clear out by sundown. joe vazquez with a look at what happened. >> we're at san bruno and alameda where you can see behind me there are about a dozen tents left here in this intersection but a lot of people have left this area. as we pan the camera around, you can see there's vacant sidewalks, a lot of empty sidewalks here. that's according to people out here. the last few days, it was wall to wall tents all the way down to division street. >> they call me the cat man 007. >> reporter: we found the cat
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man and his pet rabbit in what's left of the second tent city where health officials posted strict orders for folks to leave. >> i guess everybody obeyed the order? >> they had to at the time. they enforced the law. if you didn't break down, they'd take it down for you. >> reporter: after weeks of el nino rains and super bowl displacement, the tent cities grew, in large part because homeless folks were taking shelter under the freeway. the city's public health department inspected the area and decided it was a public nuisance because of the waste and hypodermic needles. they ordered the area vacated by 5:00. >> i guess 80%, i guess 90% vacate. >> 90% of the people living here in tents took their tents and left? >> right. >> reporter: same goes for the area a few blocks away at division and van ness. that area was given a 5:00 deadline on friday. we counted about 25 tents left, down from 130 a few days ago. the health department orders
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appear to threaten police action of some sort, a sweep, which never quite materialized. >> the fact that they may consider a threat doesn't mean that it solves anything. it just means that people who were sleeping on the streets moved and if they moved the issue was still there. >> reporter: we talked to folks in the remaining tents. they decided they're going to stay a while. >> you're going to stay out here? >> i sleep. i only come out here to go to sleep with me and my little baby. >> tonight there are still dozens of people on the street, in the tents, some telling me they're worried the police are going to forcibly remove them. the city has only said so far no enforcement is planned. stay tuned. reporting live, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. a deadly hit and run in pinole. the suspect is in custody. the driver hit a man who was checking a tire on his car on the shoulder of eastbound i-80
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near pinole valley road. the man's body went down a ravine. the driver kept on going. earlier an off duty police officer noticed the erratic driving and started following the car. after witnessing the accident, he called for backup. officers quickly arrested the driver. >> it looks like it's preliminary, but it's a manslaughter case. >> the investigation took several hours because of the tough terrain. the driver, 31-year-old carey cash of oakland, was arrested for felony, dui causing death, and driving with a suspended license. we've learned one of the men arrested in a brawl in a ku klux klan rally--in a ku klux klan rally was from san francisco. it's not clear what side the man was on. the fight spread across an entire city block until police
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broke it up. donald trump sidestepping questions about possible support from a former member of the kkk. this as the presidential hopefuls all gear up for the super tuesday contest. cbs reporter don champion has more. >> reporter: republican frontrunner donald trump campaigned in alabama sunday afternoon. earlier he appeared on cnn's state of the union and refused to denounce an endorsement from kkk leader david duke. >> i'm talking about david duke and the kkk. >> i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've ever met him. i just don't know anything about him. >> reporter: other republican candidates slammed trump for not condemning the support. >> there's no place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan. >> we don't have any place for white supremacists in the united states of america. >> reporter: with more than 1500 delegates up for grabs on super tuesday, the candidates are hitting key states in the south, while courting voters in
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arkansas and tennessee today, hillary clinton also attacked trump. >> i said last night, america has never stopped being great. our task is to make america whole. >> reporter: a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows clinton is ahead of bernie sanders in georgia, virginia, and texas. sanders admits he's got work to do after losing south carolina's democratic primary. >> we did really, really badly with older african american voters. we got decimated. >> reporter: trump is ahead in georgia and virginia but trails cruz in his home state of texas. 155 delegates are at stake there. don champion, cbs news, new york. a somber scene today at the funeral of police officer killed on her first day on the job. mourners packed a virginia church to remember 28-year-old ashley guindon. yesterday she and two other officers got a call about a
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domestic dispute. they rouvd and -- they arrived and found a suspect who had just killed his wife. he turned the gun on the officers, killing guindon. officers vowed to fight for justice in her honor. >> we will continue one step at a time in honor of ashley. it would discredit her memory and selfless service if we did anything but. >> the other two officers on scene were wounded in that shooting but they're expected to survive. cardinal george powell testified before a commission in australia. he was questioned about the vatican's current efforts to deal with the scandal as well as how he himself has dealt with it. he said he had made mistakes in believing priests instead of children who made claims they were raped and molested. >> but unofficially most complaints in the period of time
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we're talking about tended to be dismissed. do you accept that? >> i don't have the statistics on that, but too many of them certainly were dismissed and sometimes they were dismissed in absolutely scandalous circumstances. >> the hearing started just hours before the oscars. "spotlight," which won for best picture, was about the coverup of sexual abuse in the church of boston. scathing new details coming out about the water crisis in flint, michigan. adriana diaz with the details as the governor's office went in to damage control. >> reporter: just weeks before governor rick snyder declared flint's corrosive river water unsafe to drink, a deputy tried to discourage a switch back to the old water source. in this e-mail released this weekend, treasury deputy thomas
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thomas saxton told them, i assume/hope no one is seriously considering that option. the estimated cost was $12 million a year. the city eventually did reconnect the detroit water in october of 2015. days after the governor declared flint's river water unsafe. the announcement was triggered by an independent study that linked lead to the water. one thing we keep hearing is that the governor is not involved or is detached. this would be good to show he's there and he cares. and if we don't announce till he is there, we can avoid the protests and still get the optics. but protests have continued. the fallout was eerily predicted in an e-mail sent more than a year ago when the governor's special project manager wrote, this is a public relations
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crisis waiting to explode nationally. friday the governor admitted he should have been more directly involved back when his aides first e-mailed about the problem. >> that's where i'm kicking myself every day. i wish i would have asked more questions. i wish i wouldn't have accepted answers. i'm not going to have that happen again. >> reporter: adriana diaz, cbs news chicago. >> governor snyder says he's working to expand healthcare coverage for flint residents and subsidize their water bills. more bad luck for a cruise ship damaged in a storm earlier this month. it had to make a u-turn back to port in new jersey. anthem of the seas is now cutting another trip short this time because of a norovirus outbreak. it's also trying to avoid another storm. california's beloved almond crop is under attack. not by bugs, disease or drought, but by the price. it's plummeting. >> allen martin shows us why and why growers aren't about to rip
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out trees and plant something else. >> reporter: here in ripon in the central valley, almonds are so important, they celebrate with the almond blossom festival. but something has happened to the price of almonds to send it plummeting. while almonds still fetch $7 a pound, the price paid to growers and processors is taking a beating. at his processing facility, dave says almonds were probably priced too high to begin with. >> we got to a price that was the highest i've seen in my luf luf -- in my lifetime. >> reporter: that price, $5 a pound. farmers, along with investment firms, saw money growing on trees. almond trees went in almost as fast as a field could be plowed. according to the usda, in the last 10 years, the number of acres in california being used to grow almonds has nearly doubled. jake wenger is a fourth generation farmer near modesto. >> we're producing a lot of
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almonds. there's more almonds being produced now than there ever has been with the acreage in the state. >> reporter: when you combine too many almonds along with record high prices, no wonder that price crashed 40% overnight. >> a lot of overseas buyers i think were put off by the prices. i think they said if it's that high, we'll wait and watch the price come down. >> reporter: will we see almond trees being ripped out? >> if the price stays low for four, five years, i think you'll see a lot of these guys who have come in lately in the market, they're probably going to have to find a way out. >> reporter: almond trees vilified for our multiyear drought for using so much water have to be kept alive. >> farmers are starting to irrigate. >> reporter: steve arthur says his well drilling business hasn't slowed down because farmers are going to farm, whether it's almonds or something else. >> pistachios, wine grapes, table grapes, all these crops take the same amount of water, it's just a matter of what the
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person wants to farm. >> you cannot believe all the engineering behind that. >> reporter: dave, who grows as well as processes nuts, certainly hopes that the price of almonds has bottomed out. >> what i hope and what i think isn't necessarily what happens in the market. it could go lower. i think it will be there for a year or more. >> reporter: perhaps long enough for the low er prices to trickle down to the festivals, farmer's markets, and grocery stores. allen martin, kpix 5. >> on the other hand it's not clear what all this will mean for california almond consumers. tackling the bay area housing crunch one tiny home at a time. at a workshop today in oakland 100 artist volunteers came together to build micro homes for those in need. the houses are made of recycled materials and each has wheels. when finished they go to homeless individuals. >> you feel like you're actually doing something more active and proactive about the problem. >> that meant the world to me.
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just to have a place to lay your head and be dry. >> no two micro homes are the same. the artist behind the project says the city doesn't seem to mind them building as long as it remains a grassroots effort. back to the oscars. people are buzzing about how the awards show ended tonight. "spotlight" took home the oscar for best picture. by the way, it is a really good film. a lot of people thought the revenant was going to win, but leonardo dicaprio finally got his oscar for best actor. he won for his role in the revenant. brie larson won best actress for her performance in room. mad max fury road won six production awards. an oscar for inside out for best animated feature film. inside out tells the story of a girl who moves to san francisco from the midwest. the characters inside her head represented five emotions that
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guide her through life. stars were turning plenty of heads on the red carpet but many of them couldn't help but talking about the big issue hanging over this year's show. diversity, or the lack of it. >> reporter: leonardo dicaprio's arrival created the loudest cheers. and lady gaga's arrival drew the most admiration, but stars wanted to talk about issues of substance on the red carpet this year. >> it's a cultural. it's not only an academy program. i think this is the end of the chain. i think it has to be a different approach to the culture. i think we're living in a culture that's not including every color of skin. >> i think bottom line it's good that people have brought it to the front because unless you acknowledge the problem, you'll never have a chance to solve it. >> i think entertainment should
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not be divided because of someone's skin or the color of your skin. telling a story, someone who can do the job should get the job. >> reporter: as for the oscars boycott, these stars say they showed up to make a difference. >> you come so you say hey, this happened this year but we're missing a lot of folks. not just us. it's a lot of people. so i'm here because to disappear and truly make it oscars so white is stupid to me. >> diversity is absolutely right. i think most people think that. >> as for the parties, they'll definitely go well in to the night. stars flooded in to the elton johns a.i.d.s. foundation 24th annual viewing party. that event features an auction and live musical performance. the glitzy bash raises millions for a.i.d.s. research. now to the all important topic of the forecast and the fact things are finally going to be changing as we head in to the
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latter part of the upcoming week. finally rain coming in to the bay area. looks like thursday. again for the weekend. as we look live from the pointy head of the transamerica pyramid to the bay bridge. numbers right now mostly in the 50s. cooler at livermore. most locations reporting partly cloudy skies. there's fog in napa and santa rosa. patchy dense fog will be forming tonight and in the early morning hours. by tomorrow afternoon the numbers will be in the mid 70s. that's record territory for this time of the year. we could be hitting a few records for monday. things will turn around for wednesday and thursday. tomorrow record highs as that ridge of high pressure builds in sending all the how much out in the pacific. most of it in to the pacific northwest where seattle will be pounded and we'll be applying sun block. you see patchy fog forming in the bay. the afternoon looks perfectly clear and the forecast takes the temperatures up in to the mid to upper 70s in spots but by
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thursday, low pressure finally begins to carve a notch out of the high pressure and send it on its way to the east. that opens the storm door for the first time in a while. a little bit wet on thursday. a break on friday. then more robust system coming in by the weekend. six to 10-day outlook calls for wetter than average conditions as we head in to the first week of march. here's what we're expecting. tomorrow is going to be nice, near record highs in the bay area. mild and sunny through midweek. plenty of sunshine until thursday when the clouds and the plot thickens. we'll look at rain moving in to the bay area thursday and again late saturday, in to sunday. heading out in the bay area tomorrow, sacramento, 75 degrees. 99 down to fresno and find 74. math doesn't work out but those are the temperatures. temperatures will be in the 50s at lake tahoe and yosemite. to find clouds you have to go all the way up to eureka. 58 degrees. overnight lows tonight, we'll be seeing readings in the upper 40s
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and low 50s. sun up quarter to 7:00. forecast highs tomorrow, about 10 degrees above average. 77 in san jose. mid 70s, upper 70s for the south bay tomorrow. a lot of sun. patchy low clouds. mid 70s will do it. there will be a few clouds in the early going in the north bay. then sunshine. 73 in sausalito. ukiah almost makes it to 80 tomorrow. extended forecast. we'll be calling for sunshine for the first three days then rain returning thursday. bit of a break on friday. saturday and sunday, saturday night and sunday fairly robust storm coming in. inch and a half. even more in the higher elevations and the wind should be coming in. a little bit of a spring storm coming in by the time we come to the weekend. coming up, turns out the third time wasn't the charm. what kept a spacex rocket from getting off the ground again. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell.
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coming up next, what is the truth with colin kaepernick? >> what's the truth? >> cam will join us with his take on whether cap is going or staying. >> this glass will not be filled much longer. >> vern and baseball. we'll break it down from scottsdale. game day next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4, 3, 2, 1, 0. >> no go for spacex. the company aborted today's rocket launch seconds before take-off. a boat strayed in to the danger
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zone and that postponed the launch, which caused the rocket fuel to get too warm. that's when the launch was officially scrubbed. spacex has already had a few failed missions. ceo elon musk says they'll regroup and keep on trying. tomorrow president obama will award the nation's highest military honor to a navy s.e.a.l. who pulled off a daring rescue. edward byers, jr. took part in a risky mission to save an american doctor kidnapped by the taliban. back in december he burst in to their hideout to free dr. joseph. byers engaged in hand to hand combat with a taliban guard and made it out alive. he says he already knows who he's bringing as a date to the ceremony. >> i called my mom that night and told her. got to love my mom. her first question was do you think i'll be able to come to it? and i was like, of course, mom. i'm pretty sure you're going to be allowed to come.
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>> byers will be the 11th living service member to receive the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. we'll be springing forward in a couple weeks for daylight saving time but one bay area lawmaker wants to keep the clocks from moving forward. an assemblyman wants to put the idea before california voters. he says he's received several complaints from parents. they tell him it messes with their children's bed times. >> one hour of spring forward really, really taking a toll on their family life. >> it seems like not too much benefit. >> do you not scrape daylight saving time? >> it's a good part of the culture. >> right now arizona and hawaii are the only states that do not observe daylight saving time. still ahead, she's shaking up her sport. a california gymnast's moves getting attention from judges and the internet.
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