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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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he heard someone had been killed and had horrible feeling it might be his pal xavier. now he and the rest of the kennedy high school community are really. >>a lot of the times what gets said before shooting can give us an indication of what the motive is. right now investigators are working to get that statement. >>reporter: a momentary bad decision results in a lifetime of sorrow for family, friends and a community. >>this is crazy. [ indiscernible ] whenever they bump into each other and one says something to the other end sooner -- and then one pulls out a gun. >>reporter: police say they have no suspects but continue to search for the killer or killers. in richmond mike sugarman kpix 5. a dangerous situation at a bay area gas station.
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a bus caught fire right next to the pump. if you are captured this video shortly after the flames erupted. the trouble started at the chevron station at the corner of ninth and howard street in san francisco. kpix 5 talk to the one person who prevented the disaster. >>reporter: in just the past 15 minutes the charred skeleton of that bus was pulled out of this gas station. for those who sought go down say it is something they will never forget. at 2:30 the driver of this empty trans metro bus pulled into the chevron station because he thought the engine was overheating. firefighters say by the time he made it across the parking lot, the chevron food mark, the bus was smoking and flaming. >>it caught fire so quickly, probably within two minutes half of the vehicle was engulfed. >>reporter: employees inside chevron hit the internal gas shut off to keep the flames from getting to the underground
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fuel tanks. >>we did it right away. that is the first thing we have to do when there is a fire. >>reporter: was at the first time you have -- you had to sit the shut off valve? >>yes. >>reporter: witnesses said they heard two explosions. >>it was like a torch shooting straight up. >>reporter: when the firefighters arrived they began evacuating the area around night and howard. >>the heat was crazy. we were on the corner at starbucks and you can feel the heat. as soon as those tanks went it was crazy. >>reporter: the fire is under investigation but as as fire is not convinced it was the gas pumps. >>i believe that it was the tires exploding although we are evaluating the tank to see if that might have been on the inner part of the vehicle. >>reporter: you are taking a live look at the gas pumps at the chevron station. you can see the melted plastic
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and metal showing you how hot this fire burned. one san francisco firefighter was injured in this fire but not from the fire, we are told he was injured by a piece of falling equipment from the san francisco fire department rig. graphic photos on day one of the pulmonary hearing for 3 santa clara county jail guards. they stand accused of killing an inmate. kpix 5 lynn ramirez on the inmate's family demanding justice. >>reporter: the 3 deputies accused of murders set by -- side-by-side in the courtroom they sat motionless as prosecutors showed jailhouse crime scene photos of the victim michael tyree. his body was shown beaten laying in his own vomit on the self or. >>it is horrible for this family. it is so painful, it is heartbreaking. >>reporter: congressional deputies jereh lubrin, matthew
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farris and rafael rodriguez were arrested and charged with murdering him in his cell last august. tyree who suffered from a mental illness had been arrested on a petty theft charge. an autopsy report shows tyree died of internal injuries. >> as a result of the beating his liver was lacerated. all the blood that shouldn't going to his liver bled into the cavity of his body. those minutes, those last- minute of his life were absolutely horrible. >>reporter: the prosecutor short -- showed surveillance video showing the 3 deputies entering the area of tyree cell. but the video does not show it happened in the cell itself. much of the hearing can determine if there is enough evidence to convict him of murder. in san jose kpix 5. >> only one other inmate was housed in the area where tyree was killed. he is expected to testify but
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what he heard. the 3 deputies have pled not guilty. campaign 2016, tomorrow voters in 13 states will have their day on super tuesday. hundreds of delegates up for grabs. former secretary of state hillary clinton is coming off a big win in south carolina. clinton leads bernie sanders by nearly 20 points in a new national cnn poll. >>on the republican side donald trump has 49% support among republicans, but as craig boswell reports trump is facing heat because of some racist supporters. >>reporter: black lives matter activists targeted donald trumps rally in virginia. >>get them out. all lives matter. >>reporter: the billionaire became a target after he refused to disavow former [ null ] leader david duke on a sunday morning talk show. >>i know nothing about david duke. >>reporter: monday he said he could not hear clearly because of about your piece. his opponents are not buying it. >>i don't care how bad the your
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piece is ku klux klan comes through clearly. >>reporter: even after trump refused dux report it may think -- make voters think twice. >>it gives support to those who say he is plane footsie with some of the ugliest ideas out there in order to build support. >>reporter: cbs news polls show trump with big leads in virginia and georgia. ted cruz is winning in his home state of texas. in the same poll hillary clinton has big leads in texas, georgia and virginia. clinton has done an enthusiastic crowd at george mason university. >>if you go out and vote for me tomorrow, i will stand up and fight for you throughout this campaign no matter who the republicans nominate. >>reporter: ernie sanders is focusing on minnesota and massachusetts. craig boswell cbs news fairfax virginia. it was not just protesters that ran into trouble at donald trumps virginia rally today. a photographer from time magazine was arrested after he
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got into a scuffle with the secret service. chris moore said he stepped 18 inches outside the media tend when the agent put his hands around his neck. we will have more on campaign 2016 coming up at the bottom of the hour in the cbs evening news with scott kelly. for the first time in 10 years justice clarence thomas asked questions during a supreme court hearing. the case deals with a federal law banning people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. thomas's decade-long silence has been a bit of a curiosity. he explained that he relies on the written briefs and does not need to ask questions. let's check out your weather. foggy start to the day led to a pretty nice afternoon. changes are on the way. >>we are wrapping up a dry february. kpix 5 mineralogist is march a be a different story. >>we are talking about a significant weather change
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which will involve a lot of rain and wind. he does not feel like it outside at all right now with the latest long-range outlook starting to far from now. the entire country -- this weather pattern will be right over california. we need a. santa rosa 74 -- 74% of average. livermore 86%. couple of sparkles are possible in the north bay, sonoma county, lake county, this is the final front that will be kicked to the north. that ridge that has been our enemy will soon become our friend and actually steer several storms into northern california. coming up we are talking about rainfall, there will be a lot and soon. we will talk about how much rain you can expect in a few minutes. dij@ vu for the peninsula family with a bull's-eye on the house. why they are having to remodel their home for the 2nd
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time in 2 years. city officials pay $1 million apiece for new buses and they can't even make them up all the hills. we will give you the reason why coming up. a google self driving suv collides with a bus. how the tech giant is explaining the crash. ,,,, what will you do?ctric nissan leaf...
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♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ afternoon may be more than d luck. take a look. dramatic ctures of truck that a repeat nightmare for one peninsula family. what happened to their home this afternoon may be more than just bad luck. take a look at the dramatic pictures of a truck that barreled right into their home. the gravel truck somehow lost control and went flying into the house at carino drive and winding way. likely no one was home, if this, the daughter of the homeowner says her parents just finished remodeling because a
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car smashed into that home 2 years ago. >>before the damage was mainly just the bathroom and the closet that they had remodel. the back of the house was intact. now you can see it is gone and taken out their entire bedroom, the entire bathroom and closet and maybe some of the dining area. >>one person in the truck was hurt. crews will have to remove the truck just to see how bad the damage is this time. one of the self driving vehicles intestate by google hit a bus on valentine's day. the accident report just popped up on the dmv website. the collision happened near google mountain view campus. google was taking some of the responsibility and says the lexus suv had predicted the bus would yield when it pulled out to avoid sandbags in the road. the busted not and there was a crash. other headlines, a crash
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that included a bus block part of interstate 80 for more than an hour today. it happened just before 11 am. leaving 10 cars at odd angles near golden gate fields. ambulances rushed in but there were minor injuries. a school in los gatos was closed due to a police standoff. a 30-year-old man crashed his car onto his family's property around 7 am, he reportedly threatened deputies with a knife and a gas can. because it happened near lakeside elementary school administrators close the school as a precaution and the man later surrendered. walking uphills in san francisco can be a workout, it can be a struggle for some. no matter how old you are or what shape your in. >>apparently the same goes for buses. coming up white the new buses are having new trouble with hills. why major league baseball is warning players about coming
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when it comes to san francisco's hilly touring, our new buses are not cutting it.
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>>reporter: the price is high. we are talking $100 million package for buses that believe it or not deliberately cannot get up some of san francisco's hills. san francisco's new buses cost about $1 million each and they can hold up to 110 people. one thing they can't do is handle san francisco's steeper hills. >>they do not climb hills above 10%. >>reporter: how many of these buses did we buy? >>100. >>reporter: we bought 100 bustles they cannot go uphills in san francisco? >>they are meant to go on grades below 10%. >>reporter: a can't go uphill? >>they are doing what they're supposed to do. >>reporter: what they are supposed to do is carry a lot of people, about 30 more than the smaller buses. >>they are more reliable, they provide better service and they are better buses that what we have. >>reporter: writers seem to agree. >>they are great for older
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people they don't have to step up. >>reporter: even if the new buses could make it uphill with those extra writers, they still cannot use them. >>a lot of the steeper grades have narrow streets and the 40 footers with better than 60. >>reporter: more money. that is what we will be spending as well. to get people uphill we have to buy a new fleet of smaller buses that can handle the load and the incline. that goes to show you in san francisco where there is error -- is a will there's a way to do it and it's usually expensive. some anti-gay stickers are causing controversy at high school in southern california. a few students at shadow hills high school in riverside county have put a symbol on their id badges they have a small rainbow inside a circle with a line through it. some teachers are concerned,
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but the school district says the kids have a right to where it just as other students have a right to support gay rights. >>every person can have an opinion. if there are threats or intimidation or bullying it crosses the line. >>when someone takes a sticker and puts it in front of the faces somebody else, that balances from the realm of free speech into harassment. >>the district says they may provide sensitivity training for the whole school. 2 men in a stolen taco truck land into a school buses money. this is how it ended in san bernardino, after hitting the bus the taco truck slammed into some traffic lights and then a propane truck. the 2 men inside were arrested and taken to the hospital. no one was seriously hurt. players using chewing
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tobacco in the dugout when they visit at&t park. major league baseball sent out a memo reminding big leaguers that they cannot chew when they play in san francisco, la or [ indiscernible ]. those are stadiums were tobacco is banned. there is no ban on smokeless tobacco but it may come up in the next round of negotiations. it is unusual -- not unusual for customers to be behind credit cards her ideas when they shop. one customer who left something behind at a target show -- store was shocked to find out what happened to it. >>reporter: gin the court has been driving without a license and he blames target. last month he says the clerk asked if you like to sign up for credit card. >>they offered me a discount. >>reporter: he said he handed over his license but he never got it back. if you days later he called the store when he noticed it was missing but he says instead of getting his license back he got
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the runaround. >>i spoke with customer service and was pre-much flatly told we don't have it thank you, goodbye. >>reporter: eventually security show the clerk turning it in but it was never logged in. finally he called as we call target which said he shredded his license after 24 hours per store security features. >>there is no proof that it was shredded other than their word. >>reporter: target could not provide proof that his license was shredded or explain why employees did not tell him about the policy. >>the policy does not make sense. >>reporter: target shredding policy goes overboard and does little to protect against id theft. >>i have never heard of that before. >>reporter: macy's holds onto licenses 30 day safely for 6 months and they both say they contact the customer by phone
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or mail. >>it disrupts the cycle of your life in ways that you don't understand. >>reporter: keep in mind he is licensed to travel, by certain medication and drive. targeted forward a $100 apology but that does not make up for the hassle of getting a new license. >>it is not easy to replace that license which is why most doors have a minimum of a 30 day policy. and at least try to get a hold of you. >>it just disappeared. the sunshine is getting shredded as we speak and it is going to get lousy?. >>we are hoping before the west eaton -- west season is over [ indiscernible ] maybe the storm so come back. they are coming back. it will be a significant
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change. if you have out there plans for the upcoming weekend, put it there? next to them because it is going to be very wet and likely very windy. on monday afternoon we had a record high of 74. we were in the 70s in san francisco, we are in the 70s in san jose. the weather is going to change as the week progresses. the weather system to our north which is causing a few light showers, this is the final one to get deflected by a big strong ridge of high pressure before it finally exits allowing the storms to return. that will begin as soon as wednesday night. tonight in fremont 48, livermore 42, napa 47. sunrise 6:40 tomorrow. let me set the stage for you and say what has happened, that is a ridge of high pressure to the south and west exerting its influence and kicking the storms of to the north. seattle wettest winter ever. parts of alaska including anchorage way above average with rainfall, that is the rain we wanted but have not received it. this ridge will soon move and it will move to a place which
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will steer the storm right into northern california. here is the potential if all this comes together, it is likely we could have a pattern as what is we had in december, and in january and this may begin as soon as this weekend, storm after storm after storm bringing a lot of rain to northern california. look at the future rainfall totals over the next 7 days, by next monday at this time much of far north of california where the 2 largest reservoirs are, more than 5 inches of rain, some model show more than 8 inches. the entire bay area is in excess of 3 inches of rainfall. we got 1 inch of rain for the entire month of february. computer models are saying we will triple that in the first week of march. partly cloudy tonight, watch out for fog, cloudy tomorrow, a little cooler with a few sprinkles in the north bay but the rain comes back wednesday, the real stuff will get here saturday and sunday. fremont 71 tomorrow, notice all
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of the rain to the north it will be the last miss before we get several hits. removing in late wednesday into thursday morning, we are dry thursday and friday and then very wet and rather windy, we could see several inches of rainfall coming up saturday and sunday. a wet weekend is in play.
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a data breach at the irs is bigger than originally thought. the agency says more than 700,000 people may have had sensitive information stolen including social security numbers. hackers broke into the get transcript program. first they got data from other sources like bank accounts, then they used to that data to answer questions designed to verify identity. the irs is notifying victims imail. hundreds of constructions workers walked off the job at teslas giga factory plant. union organizers say they're
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upset that has been a flood of out-of-state workers been brought in for less pay. tesla says they are in requirements that the -- that half of the workforce need to be from nevada. wichman's own rosie the rivers were honored at the state capital. they were among the thousands of women who took over in factories and shipyards when the men went to fight in world war ii. the poster of rosie and the words we can do it became an icon for the war effort. the 8 women were honored today as part of women's history month which begins tomorrow. we are back after a quick break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a neighborhood battle.. to i am allen martin in the kpix 5 newsroom. a neighborhood battles to keep a mosque from moving and. why critics say they are concerned in it is about more than religion. a bay area sheepdog with a new claim to fame. she gave birth to 17 puppies. we will introduce you to the litter that landed her in the record books. they will only get cuter and cuter. >>those little pink noses are adorable. the cbs evening news with scott kelly is next. >>allen and veronica will be back here at 6:00. remember the latest news, weather and puppy information is always on
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sexually abusing a student. student. now the >> pelley: on the eve of super tuesday, trump clashes with black lives matter protesters. >> get 'em out. get 'em out. lst, out, out, out. >> pelley: also tonight, a cop is gunned down on he on the job. the big cheese at a food company pleads guilty to selling parmesan that had no parmesan. and david martin with an american hero. >> that's five bronze stars, two purple hearts? >> that's correct. >> pelley: and now the highest military honor of all. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. no candidate will clinch the nomination tomorrow, but super tuesday may generate irreversible momentur


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