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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  March 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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it has already begun. the next storm pouring south over the north bay poised to hit us. >> reaction pouring in over the death of former first lady nancy reagan. we take a look at her life and legacy. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. nancy reagan died at her home in bel air. she was 94. cause of death, congestive heart failure. she became one of the most influential first ladies in history during her husband's presidency from 1981 to 1989. as news of mrs. reagan's death spread today, mourners started showing up outside the reagan
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library in simi valley to pay their respects. leaders remembered the first lady. >> she was one of the greatest first ladies, extraordinary human being and such a wonderful partner to her husband, to president reagan. >> nancy reagan was indispensable to every success that president reagan enjoyed. she was his closest advisor. she was his constant protector. >> president obama said nancy reagan once wrote that nothing could prepare you for loving in the white house. she was right. we were fortunate to benefit from her proud example and generous advice. >> cbs reporter kenneth craig takes a look back at nancy reagan's life beginning with the time before she met the future president. >> reporter: she arrived in hollywood as nancy davis and was already a working actress when her future husband entered the scene. she acted in 11 feature films before becoming a full-time
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mother to patty and ron. then first lady of california. and a few years later, first lady of the white house. two months after his inauguration, president reagan survived an assassination attempt that helped shape nancy reagan's self-appointed role in the white house. as personal protector for the president, she reviewed his schedules and consulted an astrologer for advice on security. >> i was so obsessed with his safety, that any time he went out of the house, i think my heart stopped. >> reporter: that devotion went both ways. friends called the reagan's marriage the greatest love affair in the history of the american presidency. as they settled in to washington, mrs. reagan launched an ambitious renovation of the white house, then moved on to the anti-drug project that became part of her legacy. her just say no campaign swept across the country and in to schools. eventually bringing her to the united nations as the first first lady to address the
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general assembly. she stayed on the sideline of political policy but was there when her husband couldn't find the words. >> doing everything we can. >> reporter: a few years after leaving the white house, ronald reagan announced his battle with disease, and nancy devoted herself to nursing her husband as his mind slipped away. >> that's the worst part about this disease. there's nobody to exchange memories with. >> reporter: nancy reagan suffered falls and visibly slowed with age. she was escorted by former president george w. bush at the 2011 funeral of fellow former first lady betty ford. but her last years were lonely. she visited her husband's grave on the 10th anniversary of his death as she did every year, even as she grew more frail. she once said the pain of his loss only got worse. >> nancy reagan will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan library in simi valley later this week.
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funeral details have not yet been released. mrs. reagan requested donations be made to the library in lieu of flowers. now to a story that will have the bay area in its grip. something that's already begun in the north bay and the city. we've got rain on the way, already soaking the north bay where creeks hit flood stage last night. you can see the rain spreading from north of santa rosa to north of the golden gate bridge. the east and south bays just have cloudy skies at the moment but will all get wet in the next few hours. this is on top of more than six inches of rain that have already fallen in the santa cruz mountains. no wonder flash flood watches are posted throughout the night. add to all this the distinct chance of thunderstorms tonight and there's a real potential for strong winds and widespread power outages in the next few hours. there is more on the way in the upcoming work week. we'll have the complete forecast in just a few minutes.
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meanwhile, winter storm warnings are already posted for whiteout conditions expected tonight as we look at sierra at tahoe from earlier today. more than 2 feet of snow will fall at 7,000 feet with most of it coming in in the overnight hours, with wind gusts approaching 70 miles per hour, it will be a tough drive to and from those resorts. lingering effects from yesterday's storms are still being felt today in the bay area. in fact take a look at this oak tree that fell in sonoma county today. this is on st. helena road. the roots picked up part of the pavement. the trick for the crews here, how to clean this up without disrupting the flow of a creek. and this is highway 121 also in sonoma county. the road is flooded. but drivers are still splashing their way through. this is west of petaluma near the town of valley ford. today a short break from the blustery winds and torrential rains gave people a chance to assess the damage from last night. people got a glimpse of mother
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nature's raw power. debris branches, even a whole tree came tumbling down. pg&e's meteorologist say they saw last night's high winds coming and they spent three to four days making plans to handle the expected damage. >> that was a big singular event. the stuff for next thursday, friday, saturday is not looking nearly as big so it doesn't take as much lead time to prepare. >> we'll see. a flash flood warning goes in to effect for the bay area and continues through tonight. more apartments are going to be reduced to rubble in pacifica. last week it was 330 esplanade avenue. now it's 320. a crumbling cliff has made living there dangerous. as kpix 5's mark kelly learned, the demolition is not going to make the problem go away for good. >> reporter: years teetering on the edge, this week 320 esplanade will meet its fate. >> i'm glad we're poised to be able to take the building down. >> reporter: tomorrow the
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construction fence goes up and tuesday the demolition begins on this 20-unit apartment building. city officials red tagged it during the last el nino in 2010. the building next door is yellow tagged after this year's storms ate away at the cliff below. residents have been forced to move. the city hasn't yet decided whether it will stay or be torn down. and last month this nearby apartment got demoed after winter rains brought the building dangerously close to falling in to the pacific. >> it's not safe anymore. and if we wait and there is some catastrophic storm or an earthquake or some other event, that building could end up on the beach below and if so, the cost to clean it up would be a lot higher. >> reporter: the demo cost is about $200,000. the city hopes to get reimbursed in the future through the property owner's bankruptcy proceedings but for now the goal is tearing down this building in the next five days. >> my biggest concern is obviously safety.
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safety of everybody. >> once this apartment building is demolished, the city says its problems aren't over yet. they're also concerned about this street. >> frankly what's on our mind next is protecting the street. esplanade avenue will be the next asset that's at risk. >> the city says it's looking for money from all levels of government to shore up the cliff and put an end to the erosion. still to come, marco rubio puts another checkmark in the win column. what it means for his race to the white house. >> and a cancer diagnosis didn't slow down former president jimmy carter. what he told the world today he no longer has to do. ,,
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marco rubio has his second win of the primary season. the florida senator scored a big victory in puerto rico. results show him getting 75% of the vote and that means he gets all 23 of puerto rico's delegates. rubio also won minnesota. the democratic candidates are taking part in a debate right now. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off in flint, michigan before voters go to the polls there on tuesday. flint, as you know, made headlines recently with its toxic water crisis. weijia jiang tells us that's going to be a hot topic.
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>> reporter: hillary clinton visited a handful of predominantly black churches in detroit sunday morning, asking for votes in michigan's upcoming primary. >> if you will stand up for me on tuesday, i promise i will stand up and work for you and with you every single day that i am in the white house. >> reporter: african american voters have helped clinton grab a big lead in delegates over her opponent, bernie sanders. but the vermont senator coming off of caucus victories in kansas and nebraska says he still sees a path toward victory. >> we are going to stay in this campaign to the convention in july, every state has the right to vote. >> sanders and clinton will face off at tonight's debate in flint, michigan and the water crisis here could take center stage. for 18 months corrosive water from the flint river seeped lead in to the drinking supply, now
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blamed for elevated lead levels in some children's blood streams. >> i think the most important thing they can do is say something that's going to bring some healing to this community in the sense that folks don't trust government. >> reporter: the latest polls give clinton a sizable lead. >> tonight we've learned bernie sanders has won the democratic caucuses in maine. former president jimmy carter no longer needs treatment for cancer. mr. carter shared the news today during sunday school lessons at a georgia church. last august he revealed he had melanoma, that had spread to his brain. in december he announced there was no sign of the cancer. the 91-year-old will undergo regular scans to make sure the cancer has not returned. he had been taking a drug to help boost his immune system. stay tuned. the latest on a powerful storm bearing down on the bay area as
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we look live from the sight of our hi-def doppler site, mount vacca. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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died. ray tomlinson was 74 years- his revolutionary inventionn the man credited with inventing the modern day e-mail has died. his revolutionary invention in 1971 allowed users for the first time to electronically send something to a specific address. he's credited with selecting the @ symbol to connect it with an address. he reportedly died of a heart attack. suzy shwaynehart shattered the guinness world record for
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longest run on a treadmill. she ran 73 miles in 12 hours, breaking the old record of 68.5 miles. the 45-year-old indiana woman was among friends and family when she finished. she said her children motivated her. >> i was able to overcome some lack of confidence. i kind of struggled with a lot over my life. i quieted those voices that told me i can't do it. >> it could take three to six months for guinness to make the run an official record breaker. back here in the bay area, a wild sea otter gives birth to an adorable otter pup. the mom cuddled her new baby yesterday. she was seeking shelter from the storm when she swam in to the monterey bay aquarium's tide pool and gave birth. it's the second time since december that the otter has used the shelter as a birthing center. in the rainfall department tonight, raining about 90 minutes ago up in santa rosa.
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it's all beginning to spread south along with the rain, the winds. surf is up as well. snow in the mountains and a potential tonight and this distinguishes the storm from last night. thunderstorms passed 30 hours. an inch and two 3rds in oakland. an inch and 2 tenths. 1 and 3/4s of an inch in san rafael. we'll almost double those totals as hi-def doppler shows rain beginning to move on to the peninsula in the east bay shoreline. check out the north bay where you can see the heaviest cells extending from san rafael to south of santa rosa and out toward wine country where yesterday creeks feeding the napa river spiked at flood warning levels and this is not going to help. there could be rapid rises on creeks tonight. still the rain in the east and south bay is not materialized butt it -- but it will at around
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7:00 tonight and will last through midnight. rain futurecast shows it all spreading south so we can add an inch and a half at ukiah. 2/3rds of an inch in san jose. by the time all is said and done by tomorrow afternoon when things will ease up. flash flood watches posted through late night tonight. flooding possible in the small streams in the creeks that are feeding a lot of the bay area rivers. rock slides, debris flows especially possible in southern lake county where they had the fires over the summer and in the santa cruz mountains which picked up half a foot of rain. wind gusts expected almost to 40 miles per hour within about 90 minutes in the bay area. possibility of more trees down. by tomorrow morning it looks as if the winds ease up. all those bright colors mean windy along the coast tomorrow morning. no surprise, there's a wind
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advisory posted for the entire bay area tonight with sustained winds from 20 to 30 miles per hour. at this moment they've got gusts up to 26 miles per hour at the airport. we could have 60-mile-per-hour gusts. surf's up at the shoreline. high surf advisories. westerly swells to 20 feet in the wake of the storm. winter storm warnings in the mountains as well. 80-mile-per-hour winds at the peaks with snow levels from 1 to 3 feet and that snow down from 4,000 feet, heaviest snow tonight. that's why the whiteout conditions. as we look live, concord 58 degrees. san francisco, 57 degrees. san jose, 58. so we get rain and thunderstorms pouring south tonight, very unstable air in the wake of a low. potential for thunderstorms later tonight after the cold front passage. there could be a light show around the bay area and there will be gusty winds as well. then showers ease up later on monday. we get a break monday afternoon after the rain and wind tonight. by tuesday partly cloudy skies. we get a chance to drain and
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drive. then we increase clouds wednesday afternoon. not as robust as the systems we've had yesterday and today. thursday and friday we get rain. it looks like a break on saturday to showers. then more rain coming in on sunday. but the good news is it is not relentless. we're going to get a chance tomorrow to dry it up through tuesday before more comes in later in the week. stay tuned. we'll have more on all of this at 6:30 tonight. we have some history to talk about. more history by the warriors. but you will never guess what kind. kobe meets golden state for the last time. even he had to be surpriseed by this game. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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warriors game in los angeles golden state's final game against kobe bryant. but the storyline the story line going in to the warrior's game in los angeles was the final game against kobe bryant. but the story line going out was far different. i don't know if it was the shoes but kobe and company dialed in today. deangelo russell gives golden state a little taste of its own medicine. russell hit three quick threes to give l.a. an 8-point lead. warriors struggled to take care of the basketball against one of the league's worst defenses. jordan clark steals curry's pass, one of 20 turnovers. lakers led by 11 at the half. bryant finishes with the left-hander. 12 points in 24 minutes for kobe. there would be no curry comeback today. just one of 10 from beyond the arc. klay thompson was 0-8.
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as a team, the warriors were a season worst 4-30. they'll be chewing on that for 24 hours. 4th quarter, clarkson picks up his dribble. thompson is all over him. clarkson puts it back on the floor. should be double dribble but the refs never call it. kerr can't believe it. the lakers demolish the warriors by winning percentages, it is the biggest upset in nba history. >> i know, the questions are hard. i'm just as speechless as you are about tonight. >> that is kobe bryant. break in the weather, the earthquake's opening day facing colorado. new season, chris wandalowski scores. colorado looking for the equalizer with a header of their own. david bingham falls on it. rapids outshot the quakes 18-7
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but the former cal star gets his 13th career shut out. quakes beat the rapids 1-0 to win their season opener. >> it's amazing. love playing in front of our fans. some of the most passionate and knowledgeable fans in the league. great to get three points. we really want to play victorious. the fans keep us going for 90 minutes. cactus league. jeff samardzija getting his fist taste of the giants-dodgers rivalry. samardzija strikes out 5, allowed one run in three impressive innings. brandon crawford, if you're going to get your first hit of the spring, why not a biggy? solo shot to right. but the dodgers did beat the giants 5-2. cell phones, beer, and baseball. does it get any better? in peoria, for the as and padres. chris coughlin rips an rbi single to right. two scoreless innings. oakland beats san diego 6-5.
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nfl free agency will begin wednesday. the broncos are officially in the market for a new quarterback. peyton manning confirmed he will retire after 17 seasons, five-time mvp goes out as the nfl's all time leader in passing yards, touchdowns. he's the only quarterback in history to lead two franchises to super bowl titles. donald trump touched down in miami at his golf course. after five holes, adam scott was six back of the leaders but he got hot. his approach, tied on 12, set up three straight birdies to help him recover from two double bogies earlier in the round. 18th hole, scott clinging to a one-stroke lead over bubba watson. he was trying to get to the green on two. i don't know how this ball defied the laws of gravity and did not go in to the water, but that was the difference maker. scott wins. he's the first player in two years with back-to-back wins on the pga tour. this is not hawaii, folks.
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it's las vegas. heavy winds brought in a dust storm for several laps. they couldn't even cover the cars. 43 laps to go. matt kenseth lost control. not good news for the 24 car. where's jeff gordon when you need him? chase elliot runs in to kenseth. they both ended their days early. i'm sure the wind was at fault. brad keselowski led for 24 of the 267 laps. but passed kyle busch with 5 to go to take the lead for good. keselowski holds off joey logano. marty simmons won't be smiling much longer against northern iowa. let the madness begin. wes washman hits the buzzer-beater to send northern iowa from the missouri conference championship to the tournament. how about it? >> how excited. thanks for watching. she you back here at 6:30.
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>> glor: tributes are pouring in for nancy reagan. the former first lady has died at the age of 94. henight bill plante looks back at the reagan white house. >> nancy, thank you for your love. and thank you for just being you. (applause). l> glor: also tonight, deadly flooding hit the west coast. another system threatens the tuth. long lines ahead for spring priak travelers. what's being done about the shortage of airport screeners. >> and cross word controversy. a prominent puzzlemaker is being accused of being a copycat. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. this is the western edition of the news. nancy reagan is being remembered tonight as a first lady wh


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