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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> one night after the commuter train derailed in the bay area, tonight, a look at the chaos inside, just moments after the impact. >> andrea? >> reporter: well, liz, ace train service is scheduled to resume tomorrow morning, in time for the morning commute. it's amazing to think when 24 hours ago, out here, it was a different scene entirely. working by spotlight through a thicket of trees, union pacific crews raced to get the tracks ready for trains again. listen to the dispatch tapes from last night. moments after a commuter train derailed into the frigid water of alameda creek. >> partially in the creek,
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three, correction, nine passengers in the train. >> an hour after another train rolled through, a patch mud, 40 feet by 80 feet, slid off the hillside. you can see it from chopper 5. >> we don't know yet whether the impact was before, whether the tree was down before, or the impact of the tree, the train was traversing? the result, five cars derailed, one in the creek, reversing gravity and retrieving the cars was an all-day process. >> three of them were a lot easier than the last two. >> reporter: the cars awheels were about a foot deep in mud. >> we look at it, and it's like whoa, that's not doable. but the crazy, they've -- crews, they've been doing this for years, and they did. >> reporter: union pacific said the tracks are inspected twice a
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weeks and more often in bad weather. >> i'm just concerned, we have intense weather headed our way. there's a break in the storm now, but want to make sure that passengers on the train tomorrow are safe. >> reporter: just a short time ago, niles canyon road opened up again. >> our team coverage continues with betty yu, where some injured were taken. betty? >> reporter: two of the nine passengers were taken to the hospital, and at last check, one of them has been treated and released. tonight, we're getting an inside look at some frightening moments on that train. you're looking at cell phone video at a train car on its side, and passenger warner's view as he tried to escape.
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>> it was never racking, you're on the side of the -- nerve racking, your and on the side of the train, you don't want to step on the window. >> reporter: they snapped photos of the mud and dirt in the ace train. >> i was nervous! i was absolutely nervous. >> reporter: the force of the zen sent his laptop flying across the train car, four people were sent to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. >> people were crying for help. i went to find the conductor, i keep a flash in my bag, and he had -- flashlight in my bag, he had flown out of the window. >> a lady dislocated her knee, a yeah cracked his ribs. >> reporter: we are hearing so many tales how passengers held one another. first responders say it is a near miracle no one was killed. live in san jose, betty yu. we have more on the derailment on our website,
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pretty dry now after some scattered showers, soon, it's going to be pouring. some places will get soaked, but not everywhere? >> yeah, it's going to be a big -- it's not happening tonight, kpix5 shock showing rain moving in. all the weekend rainfall helps, san jose almost back to average. it the north bay that needs the most work. it's the north bay that will receive the most rain over the next couple of days. scattered showers on the floor night, a somewhat wealth morning commute tomorrow. a break in the rainfall tomorrow. watch this, see that thin band of heavy rainfall over sonoma county? napa and marin, remember that, we will see some the pre-cip up to 6 times as much.
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>> we'll see you then. campaign 2016, the first big upset of the primary season. nobody saw this coming? >> reporter: that's right, polls showed hillary clinton winning michigan, but tonight, bernie sanders pulled off the upset. he took the biggest prize of the night. he got 50% of the vote in michigan, clinton 48%. >> i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan. they repudiated the polls that had us down a few days ago, repudiated the pundits who is he bernie sanders wasn't going anywhere. donald trump easily won michigan. >> we have something going that's so good, we should grab each other and unify the party, and nobody is going to beat us, okay? >> donald trump won the mississippi primary. he got more than 47% of the
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vote. hillary clinton continued her southern dominance with 83% of the vote. idaho and hawaii are also voting. we can tell you ted cruz won in idaho. we're waiting on results from hawaii. tomorrow tech titans are join -- tonight, tech titans are trying to stop trump. they flew to this area for a secret gathering. more those attending: they are joined by mick mitch mcconnell, and house speaker paul ryan. ohio and florida are the next big stops. they both vote next tuesday with i will know, north carolina, and -- illinois, north carolina and missouri. oakland man arrested for a murder that never happened has died in jail.
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melvin stubs died on sunday. a nurse found him unresponsive in the medical wing of the jail in dublin. he had been in custody since saturday, and that's when the police found his wife, dead, inside their home. investigators later determined she died of natural causes. hiker stranded overnight on a cliff side in marin county is safe. the 33-year-old hiker got stuck above the ocean at rodeo beach, about 80 feet from the top of the bluff. he spent the night trapped there. chp helicopter hoisted the hiker to safetiment other hikers heard his cry for help and called 911. there's another look at the rescue from the helicopter. highway patrol says the hiker was walking and tried to climb up the cliff side to his car. he got stuck there. tonight, that hiker's okay. >> very lucky. a plan to export coal through a new shipping terminal in oakland got a financial
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boost. lawmakers in utah are fastraking a bill that will close a funding gap for that project. christin? >> reporter: yeah, liz, the plan is to build that export terminal here on city land in oakland, but the state of utah wants a stake in the game. they want to ship coal through here. to that end, utah senator has actually now made a play for a piece of that pie. >> the ability for utah to have a california, access to the port is not a bad thing. >> reporter: stewart adam has his eye on california. his bill to in invest $51 billion in a hub in the bay area just sailed through the senate he wants to help utah struggling coal mining industry. he says a deep water terminal in oakland could be their lifeline, allowing export to china, and mexico. >> clean coal, utah's call is the cleanest on the -- coal is
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the cleanest on the planet. >> reporter: here in california, senator hancock says not so fast. >> this whole coal export from day one has been leveraging public money for private developers to make a profit by exporting a toxic product to asia, which already has huge pollution problems, and actually, we do breathe the area >> this is the project that nobody wants it should stop, and we need to spends our pueblo money on sustainable jobs for our people. >> reporter: if the funding from utah goes through, oakland city council could block the coal deal if they decide it would impact the health and safety of citizens. then there's this, a letter we
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obtained from the city administrator's office, addressed to the developer. it says, the city is talking to experts and considering a number of new options, like additional permit requirements, or possibly an environmental review. the project director promises there will be no comb dust. >> our project is one that will raise the bar. >> reporter: he provided us sketches of the proposed facility, which will be built in an enclosed dome. he says even the train cars bringing coal from utah will be covered. >> we're currently working with the company called eco fab, they have been designing railcar covers for eons. we're working with them on a new design they brought to the market. it has a federal rail administration approval for covering coal. >> reporter: as for concerns about pollution overseas. >> i'm not in a debate over the science of climate change or global warming. i'm in the transportation business and providing a service
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to move cargo from point a to point b. >> reporter: the utah bill is expected to pass a house vote which could come as early as tomorrow, if it does can through, the utah governor is expected to sign the bill. this bay area man shot someone to broke into his parents' house, that intruder is suing him. these students are accused of running an international drug ring. tonight, wait until you see what happens when we confronted them. >> tonight, why you might end up paying a price if you get a little too comfortable on board. ,,
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he tells mark kelly: he's bg sued -- by a guy who broke his home! his home! a man tells mark kelly he's being sued by the guy who broke into his home. >> that is my biggest issue, our system allows these people to have the right to sue. >> reporter: he could hardly believe an intruder sued him for negligent use of handgun, he was just protecting his family. ice's family was spending the night at his parents foster city home when 4:15 a.m., a noise woke joe up. >> and i heard the noise coming from the front door. i heard clicking, rattling of the door handel, so i woke up my father, told him someone was trying to break into the house. where's your gun. >> reporter: the intruders did not stop at the front door.
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he jumped the fence, and went to the back of the house and through the side door into the garage, left unlocked. >> this guy's now in my house. >> reporter: in the dark house, joe came face to face with his 6'4" intruder, and fired three shots. >> shot him right here. and that put him on the ground. >> reporter: the plaintiff said he was intoxicated, and thought he was walking into his friend's house. >> there was no knocking, no announcement. there was nothing. >> reporter: months after the incident, there was that civil suit, in the end, the judge sided why joe, but with mounting legal fees, he launched a gofundme account, in hopes of once and for all, paying off his debt and putting that horrific night behind him. >> this guy put a huge burden on my shoulders. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> procedures never filed
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charges. the homeowner's insurance covered just his parents legal fee, not his. 19 dogs found neglected in the back of an u-haul. a bay point couple animal cruelty charges. they were living in unclean opinions, mostly lassa apso breeds like these. so far, ten of the dogs have found new homes, 7-up for adoption. the couple is -- certify -- seven are up for adoption. maria medina confronted a suspect today. >> get off my property. >> can you tell me about the arrests? [ strong accent ]
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>> reporter: the police say they are far from innocent. six uc santa cruz students busted for operating a drug ring, that likely went on for a while, before they got caught. >> this is actually an active and on going investigation, so there will be more to follow. >> reporter: investigators say they got a tip about several suspicious overseas packages, shipped slew the u.s. postal -- through the u.s. postal service. inside, more than four pounds of ecstasy pills. >> reporter: the suspects are members of the a fraternity and sorority. >> they've told them to cease operating and not have any outreach. >> reporter: they are just 21 years old, and lived in three different homes, all raided by the police and feds last friday, including this home where police say more than 4000 pills of ecstasy, known at molly, were ready to be sold out into the community. >> are the allegations true?
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>> no, they're not. >> so the police have it wrong? >> you will see it when -- >> the police have it wrong then? >> you'll see the fact. >> what are the facts? the uc spokesperson could not specifically talk about each student's case, but says they could face anything from suspension, to expulsion. the street value of the drugs seized is about $100,000. demolition is underway at a decades old restaurant along the san francisco water front. bobcat bulldozer in front of sin batting and -- sin bads and the facade is ripped apart. it had been a fixture since 1975. city says it's going to use the space to build a public park, and expands the ferry terminal at pier 2. a crack down on bart. you could face big fines if you take up too much space.
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ridership is at an all-time high, and seats are at a premium. complaints about seat hogs are so common, bart deciding to do something. fining riders $100. >> will they have guard? >> the only way it would work is constant surveillance from the bart employees. >> the new fines would not apply for people with medical conditions or physique that requires occupying one more seat. a look at the total solar ellipse -- eclipse a few hours ago. it lasted more than 4 minutes, and we will get to see one in north america in august of 2017. >> that will be neat to watch. >> it was very cool to watch, and it's only about 9 hours to the north, north central oregon is the spot, august 21, circle
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your calendar, or put it in your phone. who has a calendar these days? you might want to circle thursday where we will see heavy rainfall, it has begun in far northern california with some light rain moving into the bay area. the big stuff gets here thursday. we could use it, more snow in the mountains, because the snow pack, although so much better than last year, is still below average. we're sitting at 33% of normal -- 83% of normal. the snow pack did not respond favorably to the weekend storms. it's chilly out, santa rosa 49, livermore 51, concorde, 52, we will drop to 51 on the floor night. free -- overnight. fremont, 48. kids at the bus stop may need an umbrella, 49 the low. pacifica, 49, the atmosphere is stacked in a way that is so much different than the previous six weeks and is so much better if we want rainfall around here.
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are we tapping into the tropics? yeah, hawaii is here, tropical moisture wrapping around the ridge of high pressure, and ramming into pacific northwest. this pattern will continue tonight, tomorrow morning, light rainfall. that's storm 4. storm 5 will get us thursday. on the floor the weekend, everybody -- over the weekend, everything got 2-4 inches of rain. no so anymore. watch when i stop the clock on thursday. san jose, less than an inch of rainfall. not bad. but look in north bay. santa rosa, nearly 2 inches of rainfall, as we roll the clock further, the actual front moves by, san jose, you get a decent amount of rain, but more for san rafael, about 4 inches of rain. we'll fly over the bay bridge and tell you what's going on. on and off light rain tomorrow morning, heavier rain arrives thursday morning, and up to 4 times as much rainfall thursday
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and friday in the north bay, compared to our friends to free month, san jose, and morgan hill. tomorrow, light rain, valerio, 66. the heavier stuff, north bay thursday, it will sweep through the bay area friday morning. we catch a break saturday. then more showers return sunday/monday. by the middle of next week, we may enter a dryer pattern. taking rain chance out of tuesday. everybody will get some heavy rainfall thursday and friday, but the north bay will get so much more. very soaked. why this little piggy caused bay area drivers to huff and puff! [ laughter ] >> on the late show with stephen colbert, helen mirren, jj ,,,,,,,,ms
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francisco's mission district today... francisco's mission district traffic in the bay area can be bad! but things were worse in the mission district of san francisco, because of this little piggy. she ran on the road near delores park about 8:30 this morning. folks chased after the pig, and finally a construction worker captured her, turned her over to
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animal care and control. the neighbor janice! the owners came to pick her up. [ laughter ] >> st. mary's had a chance to punch a ticket to the ncaa dance if they could get past gonzaga. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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who has been signing the bit >> it's the raiders general manager who has been signing the wig guess checks, the -- biggest checks, they will make asimile, among the top paid offensive lineman. they will sign pass rushing linebacker bruce irvin, he had 22 sacks in four years with seattle, and will reunite with ken norton, junior. randy bennett and st. mary's beat gonzaga. gonzaga led for most of the game. it's a 3 points game however. how does gonzaga respond. >> reporter: like a team that has gone to the tournament for 17 straight years.
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they defeat st. mary's, 75, 85- 75. jennifer aze, pull off a major upset over byu. closing minutes, usf down by 2, the clutch lay-in. game high 27, but here is devine with the finish. >> free throw up, no good. push-back. 3 seconds purcell mid-court. >> that is the devine upset. edmonton, facing the oilers. sharks up. hits the slap shot, 31st goal of the season. sharks beat the oilers 3-0. the goalie had 31 saves in the first victory with the sharks
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and first shut-out of the season. they remain red hot. so raiders strike first in free agency. expect the 49ers to jump in, they need help. >> yeah. >> i could be here all night with that! >> we'll see you right ,,,,,,,,,, back
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