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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. tonight, this is the call before a series of new storms in just a few hours. it's going to be pouring in parts of the bay area! >> paul deanno tracking the rain and paul, we could see flooding tomorrow. >> yeah, flash flood watches in effect for most of the bay area tomorrow through sunday. right now already starting to rain in mendocino, overnight tonight, very slow going for that morning commute tomorrow. flash flood watch tomorrow, saturday, and supd, a four -- sunday, a four day window of opportunity for that rainfall and strong strek and flooding. let's take a big scale picture of northern california, showing a pretty big rainfall gradient, 10 inches of rain in far
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northern california. wonderful news for our biggest reservoirs but it trails off when you get south of the golden gate. now let's look at just the bay area, you can see a microcosm of how thursday will work out, just by looking at 6:00 tomorrow morning. pouring in marin and napa, but sunny in san jose. not only no rainfall, very little cloud cover in the south bay. coming up, we'll talk about which town will send two inches of rain tomorrow, and at the same time, a different part of the bay area will be waiting for its first drop. that's coming up. >> all right, paul, thank you. tonight we're getting a new look at the man wanted for murder on a packed bart train. he's been on the run for months. so what took police so long to release the surveillance video? andria borba outside the bay point bart station tonight, what took them so long? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, investigators say they did not want anyone to get ahead of this case before they got a chance to. they wanted, didn't want to jeopardize that investigation. tonight, we're finally getting a look at some surveillance video
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shot right here at the pittsburgh bay point station. walking down a long hallway at the pittsburgh station, toward a westbound bart train, this is the first surveillance video released by bart. the newly released video comes two months to the day after 19-year-old carlos romero was shot and killed on a train at the west oakland station. >> we know someone in the bay area knows who this guy is! and we need help identifying him, we want to close this case and put him behind bars. >> reporter: previously, bart officials released this still image of their suspect, moments after the shooting leaving the station. >> videos show more than a photo, see the way he walks, his mannerisms, the way he carries himself, what he's wearing. >> reporter: bart detectives were hesitant to release the video for fear of jeopardizing their investigation, with leads
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exhausted and no arrests made, bart caved. >> it's a great tool for solve crimes and that's what we rely on here at bart. >> reporter: that's up for debate, after an inquest in january revealed only 23% of bart cars were equipped with operating cameras. the rest seen throughout the system are dummies. carlos's death happened on one of the 77 cars that has no cameras. >> extremely rare for something this violent to happen on a bart car, in front of so many people. we want to make sure we bring justice to this case. >> reporter: now, bart says they're working to acquire funding for hose cameras and get -- those cameras and get them installed in all the cars, also offering up a $10,000 reward in this case. live at the pittsburgh bay point station, i'm andria borba, kpix 5. that's an i hate cops tattoo, police busted him
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following a chase and a crash. they say he was behind the wheel of a subaru that was reported stolen this afternoon, police chased after it and said the driver tried to run over an officer. the pursuit ended when the car crashed on south park street. >> i saw a guard, gearing up the street, honking, crashed in another car, the subaru tried to back up, they were pinned, they couldn't open the door, backed up, opened doort and got -- the door and got out. >> police caught the man at mcdonald, a woman who was a passenger escaped, they think she jumped on a bus. then on a message spray painted on a district headquarters, monday morning at the san leandro school district, putting everything they had to find who did it. >> it's really not aepable in society, really not acceptable
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in san leandro. this can rock the community, once we learned about this case, the resources went in. >> a man is in custody, police meeting with the da's office in the morning to talk about charges he should face. tonight a bay area police department is accused of perpetuating a sexual harassment so bad, there now a lawsuit. the chief is at the center of it all. >> reporter: mountain view police chief maxx bozo's online bio says he has a collaborative leadership style, but saying the chief is no leader. jim is his attorney. >> doing stuff that should be done by a professional in the workplace, and she was having to witness it. >> reporter: annie claims that included unwanted sexual advances, unwanted physical conduct of a sexual nature. the complaint filed against the chief and the city of mountain view says the harassment went on for years. at the time, the chief led the
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s.w.a.t. team, annie was their dispatcher. >> once she made her complaint, bozel and his cronies went after her. >> reporter: she's been on administrative leave for more than a year. posting this letter on the city's website, we are implementing additional training for all police staff on these standards. but he also writes that the city investigated and the claims made by the employee were not supported by the facts. attorney mcmannis says he wants a jury to make the final call on mountain view pd. >> they would try and pass this off as boys will be boys, but boys are spoed to grow up when they get to be -- supposed to grow up when they get to be men and in law enforcement. >> reporter: in mountain view, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> court for july, we asked to interview on camera but the city manager told us he's out of town on a previously planned vacation. an ace commuter train
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plunged down the canyon. first photos of first responders, you can see see they had to navigate sideways through the broken glass. early this morning, we caught one of the first ace train that was back in service, business as usual. until the train passed through the derailment zone, the train slowed to a crawl and passengers got up out of their seats to catch a glimpse of where it all went wrong. >> see the scar of where the train came off the tracks and went down straight in that creek. i mean, then it gives you chills to think about wla it was like for -- what it was like for the other people that was on the train. >> earlier today we got a look inside the train that crashed. most of the damage happened in the front two cars. dirt and debris, shattered glass and punched out windows. where moraine on the way, altamont crews are vigilant in case more occur. >> out fixing a small sinkhole that opened up on southbound 101
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tonight. the chp tweeted this photo of it at the bay shore boulevard off raj. a fourth grader hit in a crosswalk, tonight some parents in berkeley say it was only a matter of time. how they're taking matters on their own hands to fix it before any more kids get hurt. >> reporter: accident happened last night at this intersection of claremont avenue right outside john myrrha elementary, a girl walking with her parents from an evening pta meeting hit and hospitalized with two broken legs. >> the car was coming too fast, almost got hit, i had to hurry up and move out of the way. >> reporter: the problem is a lack of lighting, they say the sides, the striping and flashing lights, they simply aren't enough. >> we haven't gotten funding, we don't know. >> reporter: it's not for lack of trying. the city has applied for five state grants to make changes here, from flashing beacon lights to better striping.
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all five applications rejected. >> maybe if they have little lights, further down and just blink and yeah, that will work. >> reporter: now parents are taking matters in their own hands, circulating a petition, demanding a pedestrian light here. couple hundred people had signed it. data shows the intersection had had one traffic accident between 2009 and 2014. but he says changes are needed and the city won't give up. >> we are looking for other ways to get funding there, but we'll keep trying. >> reporter: in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> we just checked the petition and it currently has 265 signatures. bernie sanders and hillary clinton faced off in florida tonight. the debate coming on the heels of sanders' surprise win in michigan. the fireworks started early when moderators asked hillary clinton about her private e-mail servers. >> if you get indicted -- >> oh, that's not going to happen, i'm not answering that. >> once it got going, the big
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topic was immigration. >> if the congress does not do its job as president of the united states, i will use the executive powers of office to do what has to be done. >> i'm committed to introducing comprehensive immigration reform with the citizenship in the first 100 days of my presidency. >> whether donald trump was a racist, both omented not -- opted not to call him out. the first republican debate in miami, florida, ohio, illinois, north carolina, and missouri all vote next tuesday. a dismembered body found on this fremont shoreline, tonight we learn how a bat and breast implants helped crack the case. this dean dedicated himself to teaching the the law. tonight he's at the center of a scandal rocking the school. a masked man pulled a gun on a taxi driver, how a stroke of luck may have saved the cabby's life.
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crack a case, involving a dismembered body. veronica de la cruz has the details. tonight, we're wondering how a tattoo and a breast implant helped with a dismembered body. veronica de la cruz has the new details. >> reporter: shelley disappeared february 15. fishermen found her torso in a plastic bag a week later. now according to a police affidavit obtained by a contra costa time, a pathologist noticed the torso had a back tattoo, a bat with wings and saline breast implants. showing it to her son, he
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verified the tattoo, and according to the report, she got breast implants 15 years ago. later investigators confirmed her death with a right thumb print after they found another body part near the barton bridge, her husband is the prime suspect. he jumped to his death after the wife's torso was found. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. identifying the suspect killed in monday's officer-involved shooting. 45-year-old byron rosas as shot, he stabbed his wife and her acquaintance. when officers arrived he was armed with a knife and refused commands to drop it. fearing for his safety, one officer opened fire. the two stabbing victims are expected to survive. well, tonight, the dean of the prestigious uc berkeley stepping aside because of a sexual harassment scandal. the woman accusing him told cate cauguiran, the university let her down. >> i can't put in to words how
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unprotected and unsupported i felt. >> reporter: almost a year since sorrell confronted her former boss, dean choudhry who made her uncomfortable with hugging and kissing. upset that even throw the university investigated her claims last summer and found them to be true, that choudhry was allowed to keep his jobs. provost clod steel says i believe disciplinary actions monitoring his behavior and formal training would be an appropriate and effective response and would produce the necessary changes in his behavior. tyann's complaint said that steel would terminate the dean but it would ruin his career that would destroy his future chance for higher employment. >> pierced just tru me -- through me. while i understand he had to
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take many things under investigation, not being ruinous to the dean's career meant ruining mine. >> reporter: choudhry released an announcement, saying he's taking an indefinite amount of time off, he disagreed with her complaints. >> this isn't the first time allegations have been brought up against a uc berkeley dean. in 2002, another dean resigned after a former student accused of groping after a night of drinking. finding drugs inside, a 30 day notice of suspension at muse market on 105 avenue during a six month investigation, finding pot behind the sales counter not once, but twice. a store clerk faces criminal charges. he's related to the store's owner. things got pretty heat ted coastal commission meeting in santa monica weeks after the
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powerful group fired its executive director. >> [ boo ] ! >> excuse me, could we have order here? >> dozens of people outraged about the decision to oust charles lester continuously interrupted with boos and shouts, they believe it's more involved in preservation. by the way, figuring out the replacement, amesworth named the interim chief. 13 fired for refusing to work on a flight in fso back on the job. a pilot spotted this on the back of a boeing 747, the words bye bye and two faces. united flight attendants feared for their safety and refused to fly, united fired them days later. both sides reached a confidential settlement and united agreed to hire them back. new video tonight about a
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google self-driving suv colliding with a vta bus, the suv bumped the bus at a low speed as it tried to make a right hand turn. this happened near the tech company's mountain view campus. it's the first crash caused by a self-driving car, no one was hurt. some shocking video tonight of a cabby getting robbed at gunpoint and then his lucky break. >> give me all your money, man! give me everything you got! now! >> gun in hand, the masked man yells at that taxi driver, damdz money -- demands money, the cell phone, the panicked driver gives the cash, but then he notices behind him, there's a sheriff's deputy, that deputy comes to his rescue and arrests the would-be robber. >> oh my god! oh my god! i can't believe it! >> the deputy approached the cab for failing to move through a green light and then he realized what was going on. remember the guy who became
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known as the hot felon? he's out of jail and ready to heat up the runway. hard to forget this mugshot from 2014, that quickly went viral. then, 30-year-old jeremy meeks was arrested on weapons charges in stockton. now, he's a social media star with a manager. he says he's looking forward to spending time with his family. california could be on the verge of upping the smoking age to 21. the senate is poised to vote tomorrow on sweeping reforms, they include raising the legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21 that would also apply to electronic cigarettes. it if it passes and the governor signs off, california will be the second state to raise the age to 21. did you feel it? a small earthquake struck the east bay tonight, the magnitude 3.0 quake was reported at 7:39, five miles southeast of livermore, no reports of any injuries or damage. down the hatches, we're getting ready for the rain! >> lots of rainfall coming
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tomorrow, wait till you see futurecast and how little rain will thereby in the south bay, compared to another side of the bay area, tremendous amount of rainfall, mendocino, lake county, fort bragg, middletown, soon ukiah getting rain, look at all the steady to heavy rainfall in far northern california. what we don't want is river flooding and the one spot that may get close to river flooding looks like it likely will not. the latest national weather service forecast is for a crest one half foot below flood stage for the russian river at guerneville. we want the water to go in to shasta lake, 33% capacity two months ago, today sitting at 68% of capacity, that number will hit the 80s by the end of next week with so much water falling up there. tonight, oakland, 59 degrees, san francisco 60, mild, cloudy san jose 62.
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lows will be mild, fremont tomorrow morning, 53, napa 52, santa rosa 52, but pouring in the north bay before sunrise tomorrow. tropical moisture plume, what do we mean? that thin band of cloud cover, all that tropical moisture stretches all the way back east of hawaii and slamming in to the northwest and now northern california and it's can coming here. but watch this. rain trt north bay -- from the north bay, absolutely, stopping at 7:00 tomorrow night, two inches of rain just tomorrow for santa rosa. nothing, zero. not a drop of rain in san jose. it may be sunny tomorrow morning in san jose, where it's just pouring in santa rosa. it will finally rain in the south bay tomorrow night, tomorrow night. rainfall totals about a half an inch for san jose but three to six inches of rainfall for the north bay. 10 times the amount of rain, cloudy tonight, here comes the rain, moving in the north bay. rain tomorrow with the heaviest, north of the golden gate, we gelt more rain -- get more rain on friday and another chance coming up on sunday. highs tomorrow, low 60s up
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north, 67 maybe with sunshine in san jose, whereas a half foot of rainfalls in the north bay mountains tomorrow in to friday. friday morning, we all get the rain if that front comes through, dry saturday, more later rain sunday and monday, and then drier pattern by tuesday, wednesday of next week. crazy to see how much rain will fall north of the golden gate, not a drop in the south bay. >> need to save every drop though. >> if we only had a way to do that, there will be a lot tomorrow. well, tonight, we'll tell you how sesame street will teach some valuable lessons at bay area schools. and coming up on the "late show with stephen colbert", sally field, carmichael and solving. ,, blap
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the muppets will be used top sesame street, part of a new curriculum in san francisco school. >> helping kids of incarcerated parents, the school board approved a new system that will help counselors and teachers, as well as bring in new books and videos to help kids cope. >> my father was incarcerated when i was 14 years old, for some reason i thought i was stupid, i wasn't doing well. the reality was just my parents were locked up. >> uplifting that we have a system of support within our san
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francisco school district. >> the city says there are almost 19,000 children of incarcerated parents in san francisco. jim harbaugh of all people makes his case for the next supreme court of justice, and steph curry in two different sports, do they both go in? >> that looks good. ,,,,,,,,,,
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speculation that the warrio might be leakin' oil...44 turnovers despite having lost six games, seems to be the speculations the warriors might be leaking oil, 44 turnovers in the past four games, a loss to the lowly lakers, relax everybody, a speed bump. of course. curry doesn't listen to all that jazz, he just goes out and beats them. curry gets the field, throws from behind the back pass to draymond, dished out 10 assists. now, of those 12 points, of course three of them brought the house down! he called that shot. no, he really did, yeah. he did. he goes to the locker room, he doesn't stop. warriors fans, fantastic. touchdown! spades, warriors win 114-94, 46th straight win at home. this morning at team headquarters, the number one golfer got a chance to hang with
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the number one basketball player. they took turns trying to sink a 94 put and wouldn't you know, curry, curry, yes. [ cheers and applause ] oh, one handicap. rex walters might have more time to golf. uso fired him after eight seasons at the hill top. the rhino at san francisco zoo named after alex boone feeling sad, signing with the vikings when free agency began today at the garden, one game in the last four seasons. remember when jim harbaugh and his dad watched the taping of the judge judy show? taking his love for her to a new level, tweeting i urge president obama to bring judith scheinlein. he doesn't realize the supreme court justice makes $223,000 a
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year, judge judy makes $123,000 a day. >> and a private jet to boot. >> yeah, she's not going to be wosh -- working on the supreme court any time soon. >> she'd be interesting! >> great theater. >> yeah, theater. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> you don't remember the flying nun? >> i remember the flying nun! i love sally field! ( band playing intro music ) ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey! hey! welcome to "the late show." ( cheers and applause ) that's nice. i can use it. thanks so much, everybody. thanks so much for being


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