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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening i am veronica de la cruz. >> and i am alan martin. regarding faculty and sexual- harassment at cal. the fired assistant head basketball coach and he will not be traveling to the upcoming ncaa tournament. we tend to hear it as the students getting into trouble, but lately faculty apparently do not know how to behave themselves. >>reporter:that's right. once again, it's always going in the classroom, but outside the classroom, not on the corporate off the court. and this one is pretty big. here's the story. >> we lost a valuable piece of our program. it's unfortunate that we continue to push forward >>reporter:that is cal coach reacted to the information that his coach had been fired for sexually harassing a sports reporter. >> i am the captain of the ship. i have to make sure everything
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flows and goes right, this is where it starts and this is where it ends. >>reporter:it is the latest in a string of high-profile sexual harassment cases are cal. the difference is that he was fired, while others like law school dean were allowed to keep teaching, after he was found that he had sexually harassed his personal assistant cheyenne zarrella. >> everything okay that she came to work, he would put his hands on her, he would kiss her. and one time he even made her put his hands -- her hands on his hips. >>reporter:before that, there was read -- world-renowned astronomer who got a warning after he was found to have arrested female students for years. he only resigned when the story went public. and in april, fleming resigned his advice chancellorship it was allowed to go on paid sabbatical after he was accused of sexually harassing his top aide, diane lighting, and lighting, in turn, got in hot water after she was found to have doubled the salary of a younger male worker with whom she was having a private relationship. >> it is something we have been seeking to attract, and
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particularly in the last two years. we know we have to do better, and we will do better. >> you need to fire them. send a message >> i don't understand why they are trying to be so nice to these perpetrators? >> they should be criminally prosecuted, and fired from the university. >> honestly, people are frustrated and angry. >> we are looking forward to a process that we can move on quickly. we do not want something we will be mulling over for months and months and drags on. >>reporter:in fact, the president janet, has weighed in as well, saying things need to be cleaned up both here and elsewhere. it's interesting, the question is, what are they going to do about it? there are a whole lot of legal issues involved, one thing is clear, this has got to stop because it's not only affecting the staff, it's affecting the campus. at the berkeley campus, kpix 5. >> the university of california system has investigated and made rulings on 96 sexual- harassment cases since 2009.
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26 are currently under investigation. we discovered fire hydrants in the oakland hills, covered in mud, and debris, so much so that firefighters will be hard- pressed to use them in an emergency. we went to find out what the city is doing, and while you can see for yourself >>reporter:that is exactly right, veronica, we will show it to you. just a little over 15 minutes ago oakland public works came here i dug out this fire hydrant that was once nearly covered in mud. you can see how much of it was covered based off of the dirt around the hydrant. this of course after we informed them about several hydrants in the area that were buried or hidden by plans. today we drove around and found more hydrants that look like this. this one halfway covered on tunnel street, another on manzanita, with plants growing all around it. we call oakland
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city public works in smi they have not done anything. a representative tell me the department did not get any reports about these buried varied hydrants. we were the first to let them know last friday. today's fire danger level, low, but neighbors told us they are worried, when the time comes, firefighters will not have easy access to hydrant area >> i am concerned. it seems like it's not a concern >>reporter:fires in the hills are difficult to fight as we saw the 1991 firestorm. cruise periodically clear weeds, and shrubs, but those are only short-term fixes. long-term solutions, like retaining walls are outside their jurisdiction, and that the city should explore that option. i called public works, oakland fire department, the mayor's office, no one was available for an on camera interview. the city did give me an a statement. they were encouraging neighbors to report any buried or covered hydrants either online, or through the phone, and we let them know of all the locations that we
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reported on, and it appears now that they did respond. that is some good news for people here in oakland hills. a twist involving a man who was brutally beaten by alameda county sheriff's deputies. the whole thing caught on the surveillance video last november. the suspect had led police on a chase across the bay. this is the savage ending in san francisco's mission district. now that man has been arrested, can, what is the story here? >> it is tough to watch, first, let's clarify something. his recent arrest, his most recent has absolutely nothing to do with that november incident that we just showed you. that chase was over a stolen car. the suspect, wound up with both of his arms are broken by police , apparently he recovered from the beating, and he is in trouble with the law once again. san francisco police confirm that they have busted him for drug, and gun possession, this time.
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petroff was booked into the county jail last sunday, and has been since release. with regards to the beating video, the deputies are under investigation, and so far no charges have been filed . in the newsroom, i am ken bastida. back to you guys. babies r us store closed indefinitely after part of the roof collapsed. you can see the size of the hole from chopper five here. it happened last night. the store was evacuated, no one was injured. right now, there is no word on when it will reopen or what exactly caused that cave-in. cammarata, two homes have been evacuated after a mudslide. many others have lost their foundations. darlene martel and her husband are moving out, they have no choice a huge chunk of the foundation has led away. their next-door neighbors had to move out immediately. the families have many unanswered questions.
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>> is this a year thing, if exiting, is it a gone thing? we don't know. >> until the rain stops, east bay mud says it is monitoring the situation. cruise also put down these large white tarps to try to get the soil to dry faster tomorrow is the deadline for the nfl to return those soccer fields next to levi stadiums to the youth soccer league. kpix 5 devin sealy found out, the league may not want those fields back just yet. >>reporter:the soccer field on the subject of a legal battle nhr for between the league, the city, and the nfl, and as you can see there have been a lot of progress in the months since the super bowl. but the soccer league stance is , we do not want the fields back until they are 100% repaired. with a deadline the deadline looming for the nfl to turnover soccer fields next door to levi s tadium, months
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to have been replaced with cautious optimism. >> we are excited about the level of filled given back to us by the nfl. the grass fields are the best i've ever seen. in fact, they did more than they promised >>reporter: the santa clara youth soccer league sued the city and the nfl over the use of the soccer fields during the super bowl for their concern about how long it would take the nfl to repair the damage. caused by the construction of a sprawling media village used by thousands of visiting journalists atop those fields. >> the super bowl was a fantastic event. it would have happened if we did not have the real estate like we did, to put it on. he really appreciate the city trusting us. >>reporter:there are a few last- minute repairs, lingering issues. by damage done to the backstops. which might hold up tomorrow's handle with acknowledge that a lot of progress on and off the field. >> it was very important that we showed the community that we are really looking out for their best interest, and even in conducting a super bowl, which was very financially advantageous to our city, it is
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important that promises are kept >>reporter:for soccer league may have lost its legal battle, but feels that one the larger war to ensure its fields were returned in pristine condition. >> we never expected to win the lawsuit but we expected so much of here is an earnest and we were serious about trying to negotiate with the city and eventually the nfl. >>reporter:the relationship between the three groups has improved dramatically, since that lawsuit was filed, to give you one example, one concrete example -- the nfl says they will replace, not simply repair the damaged backstops here at the soccer fields. in santa clara, kpix 5 >> the teenagers do not soccer league have been playing their games out of via stadium and san jose state university while those fields have been unavailable a memorial ceremony will be held tomorrow sacramento for a fallen chp officer with ties to the bay area. nathan taylor had been with the highway patrol for nearly six years, he got a start -- has started san jose. officer taylor was hit by a car on saturday while helping to
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direct traffic after a crash on 80 near donner summit. he passed away from his injuries late last night. he leaves behind a wife, and three sons. one of his brothers is also a chp officer. >> he's >> is just an all-around great guy. i mean,, he was selfless there's just too many good words that describe them. i can pick one. >> officer taylor was 35 years old, flags of the state capital will be flown at half staff in his honor. a mom and devin martinez were killed in a head-on collision on highway for there were three kids in the backseat, they are all in the hospital. the family was on eastbound near discovery bay last night the impact of the class and crescent the family chevy pickup plunging into the river below. the parents roberto, and maria mendoza garcia died at the scene. the survivors, a 24-year-old m an, and the couple's three children were all taken to
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tracy center hospital with only minor injuries. chp says the scene of the crash is particularly a dangerous stretch of highway for. the driver of the other car, by the way, in the hospital with major injuries a bombshell in one of the most gruesome bay area murders in history. did a notorious serial killer have an accomplice? what police just revealed about a second suspect. a bay area campus crime that involved a racial slur. how students avoided hate crime charges also avoided jail. a popular messaging out taking on the feds in feds in the fight to protect your privacy. snowpack is jumping, reservoir levels are as high as they have been in three years, now a ridge of high pressure returns to the bay area. you have sunshine this afternoon, sunny outside this evening. sunset a little bit after 7 o'clock, we will talk about how long the dry sticks around. that is next.
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>> at no time in our investigation did we ever find any amendment -- evidence of a second person. >>reporter:i might be the c ase, he was called a night starter because he broke into people's homes in the middle of the night when they were sleeping. attached, and killed them in years between 1984, 1985. >> from homicide, again, horrible, little girl and 84. there is a handkerchief that was found, and there was a second sample on it, it is from the scene of the murder and rape of a 9-year-old in the basement of her tenderloin
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apartment. we are just learning there has been evidence of semen from another man mixed in with richard ramirez is. the night stalker. and her blood. >> we in the crime lab, trying to work to see if we can connect this other person, and some way to that offense. >>reporter:you know who the person's? >> we do. >>reporter:a new toll so it is? >> no, i cannot. >>reporter:the building where the 9-year-old was killed and raped, here on ferrell street, this was to -- believed to be the first of the night stalker murders >> even when we were off duty, we had a gun in her pocket just because of everything we knew about how this guy was pure evil >>reporter:he has a personal connection with the case, he was on the night stalker task force as a young officer 31 years ago. >> he had these black, almost colorless eyes, i remember seeing them close up, in the jail, one time where it
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something that stays with you forever. >> there is an awful lot to prove. get it together before you make a presentation to the district attorney's office for filing. >>reporter:in san francisco, mike sugarman, kpix 5 sentencing today for three former san jose state students in a dorm battery case. none of them are going to serve any jail time. two of the students must complete the early days of a weekend work program, and serve 50 hours of community service. they must also take a cultural class, and pay a $600 fee. they are placed on two years of probation. the third student receive that same sentence minus the weekend work. the students were all roommates at a campus dorm in the fall of 2013. the three defendants, who are white, convicted of planting a back walk around their african-american roommates neck for they also scrawled racist messages on their shared walls, and called the victim racist names.
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concord police looking for this guy. they say he robbed a wells fargo on clayton road on friday night. he is believed to be in his 30s, about 5-foot 11 inches, 180 pounds. he took off in a dark-colored mustang. many californians are at risk of rising seas. the study in the -- says and matteo county is a list of places on that list most likely to flood if sea levels keep going up. about 250,000 would be at risk if the water rises almost 6 feet. all in all a total of 13 million americans could be forced to move for -- further inland or higher ground. in pacifica today, the last wall of an apartment complex was torn down. you can see all that is left is a pile of rubble. it is the latest building to be demolished because of that eroding cliff. now, the city has its eyes on the next building north.
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the residence on the property owner are challenging that. there is a hearing scheduled for next week. >> then, after that., if it's still going to be yellow tagged then i suspect that there will be litigation. going to court. >> as for the building, that came down today, all of the debris needs to be hauled away before the city can examine the stability of the soil, and decide what to do next. the northern california key northern california key reservoirs are hitting some major milestones. all thanks to our recent rain. lake shasta is now at 79% capacity, and at 103% of its historical average for this time of year. lake coralville and in butte county is at 70% capacity. 97% of its historical average. these are levels we have not seen since 2013, check out the lupus reservoir in santa clara county, water pouring over the dam spillways over the weekend
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causing the creek to rise. more than 150 people, in fact, at a campground near morgan hill had to get out. they were evacuated. >> good news, all that rain. we have on the way? we have more coming up next monday, we will have a dry stretch for the next several days. we have rivers and creeks running very high, and a lot of folks crying uncle after 13 straight days with rainfall in the bay area. yes, we are getting a break. we will take a look at the seven day forecast coming up. it is still sunny at ocean beach, watch out that water is rough, 13-15-foot seas, high surf advisory until 9 o'clock. 62 seems to be a popular high today. you hit that in hayward, san jose, concord and san rafael. we stay dry through the weekend, our largest reservoirs, you just got the information we will show it to you one more time. folsom lake, 116% of average, shasta for the first time since april, 24, 2013 it is above
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average. snowpack doing better too, to comments up 9% for the week. the north sierra above average since the south sears having a bit of a problem. since-- compared to last her rear 76 for -- 76% higher. here is the deal, tonight it is going to be a partly cloudy to mainly clear night. it was not that warm during the day. watch out for some fall, and also for the north bay watch out for some upper 30s but we are looking at those tonight about 39 degrees in santa rosa, 40s elsewhere. we will see 47 oakland, 44 fremont, san jose 45, chilly and concord concord with a low of 40 degrees. sunshine this afternoon and this evening, sunshine tomorrow, sunshine on wednesday. let's fast-forward all the way to st. patrick's day. it will be sunny, and mild and look at some of the spots will make it to 70 for degrees. this is a significant pattern change area and it is here, it will be here for a well and highs will continue to climb all the way until friday. highs tomorrow with sunshine
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after that chilly start we will hit 66 redwood city, 68 san jose, napa 67, seven cisco 63 and the tri- valley, pleasanton 65 degrees. sunshine across the board, 70s away from the water wednesday, thursday and friday. the weekend, we have three weekends in a row it will be cooler, cloudier, but we will get all of the outdoor events in and we will be rain free until sunday night. a dry break out very, breakout very, very wet stretch. >> we needed it. a prominent tech investor accused of keeping a woman as his -- how he is firing back at the clients that cost him his job. living next door to the house guest from hell. gives neighbors a new way to fight back. thof pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce,
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that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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time partner of a venture capital firm.. of years of sexual abuse. now.. he's counter-suing. ichael goguen" is a bizarre story out of san mateo county tonight. first, a woman filed a lawsuit accusing a longtime partner of a venture capital firm of years of sexual abuse.
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now, he is countersuing. michael goguen is accused of failing to follow through on a $40 million settlement. he has paid her 10 million, but he claims their relationship was consensual, and she just wanted hush money after their romance ended badly. his countersuit filed today, claims that her lawsuit is "the latest ploy in her scheme to shake down mr. goguen for tens of millions of dollars for rejecting her, all under the guise of a lawsuit designed to incite a media firestorm" area the man, and his firm, parted ways in the wake of an allegation popular messaging app is taking on the feds in the battle over encryption. maria medina on the fight to protect your privacy. >>reporter:what's up the w orld's largest messaging service, vista gives one access to. >> the public, in general, wants that data to stay private, and protected. >>reporter:now they -- whatapp
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is looking -- essentially making it difficult for anyone to hack into. >> it would be very difficult to break that coating. it's not impossible, but it is another extensive layer >>reporter:whatapp is joining facebook, google, and snapchat and looking at increased encryption. as apple fb -- like fbi investigators that want to hack into the san bernardino suspects phone. high-tech analysts as some of these apps already have encryption, they just want to make it nearly impossible to hack into. >> is basically a high level of security. encryption is used, by the way, on all of our banking statements, on our credit card to print encryption is nothing new. we have been doing it for years. >>reporter:in san jose, marie medina, kpix 5. >> experts believe the whatapp cases more than the apple
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debate because it was that presidents in the future of wiretap. coming up at our next half hour, tomorrow a crucial day for candidates hoping to stop donald trump. a live report on how the underdogs are planning to win big, or go home a coffeehouse shootout, the latest crime that has hannah a police force on edge, why officers worry they are being pushed beyond their limits. a huge backlash over a t- shirt that some people say advocates rape.
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allegations he sexually hard a sports reporter. huff- nagel" wil our top stories tonight, fired a top assistant coach following allegations he sexually harassed a sports reporter. he will not travel with the men's basketball team to the ncaa tournament on friday. this is the latest in a string of high-profile sexual harassment cases ical. we let the city know about more hydrants, covered or partially buried in soil. neighbors were concerned firefighters will not be able to get access. after relet the we let the city know we saw public works come by ending them out. another super tuesday showdown is looming, the presidential candidates busy on the campaign trail, and for s ome, could it be their last
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stand? five states voting tomorrow, florida, ohio, illinois, missouri, north carolina. florida and ohio, the biggest prizes. might this be a for the republicans who want to stop trump? >>reporter:certainly, a lot of people are hoping tomorrow's races will offer a lot of clarity, especially when it comes to that question. right now, it is unclear how the latest developments, during trump rallies are really going to play into that. because that is what all of the candidates are talking about in both parties. security escorted a small group of protesters out of the donald trump raleigh in hickory, north carolina. it was low-key compared to heated confrontations over the weekend involving trump supporters. >> we are not angry people. we are good people. >>reporter:trump is hoping to sweep tuesday's primaries we could make him virtually on top of -- untouchable. in ohio, polls have come in her
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john kasich neck and neck with donald trump. >> i'm not going to take the low road to the highest office in the land >>reporter:marco rubio volunteers are calling as many voters as possible, trump is beating them in the polls there by a large margin. the senator is optimistic. >> tomorrow is the day we are going to shock the country and we will do what needs to be d one. >>reporter:ted cruz is focusing his efforts in other states. this morning, he answered at what.he would not back trump of the businessman is dominated. >> if, for example, you were to go on fifth avenue and shoot somebody i would not be willing to support donald trump >>reporter:on the campaign trail, the democratic candidates are talking about trying, too, using similar language to separate themselves from the republican leader. hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in several states, but the polls also have her leading michigan last week which she lost.
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even though she lost, right now hillary clinton has more than half of the delegates required to clinch the nomination. sanders says he has the momentum right now especially coming off a win in michigan. he is using the same argument that he is there to try to win ohio, illinois and missouri which is that he is tougher on trade and better for the american worker than clinton. >> a lot of steak -- a lot at stake, obviously. what happens if trump beats each of them respectively in their home states? >>reporter:political experts say this really should be the last dance for both john kasich and marco rubio if they are not able to win in their own states. because then they have to answer the question that will keep coming up, which is why should americans who do not even live in your state, support you, if your own constituents will you in. it is hard to tell these candidates, they could be stubborn, and hang on, but
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mathematically it would be pretty much impossible for either of those guys to win, if they lose tomorrow. >> is a tough question to answer, too. weijia jiang, thank you so much. sarah palin's has been in serious condition after a snowmobile crash in alaska. palin was in florida to campaign for donald trump, she made one appearance this morning before returning home. her husband is in the intensive care unit tonight. hi intentions on the street a santa fe after a very violent weekend. on friday night, i masked gunmen walked through a crowded coffeehouse and open fire killing one man before getting away. then hours later a gunman opened fire on police officers with an assault that -- an assault style rifle after they responded avenue -- of shots being fired at a west san jose 711. police shot and would've the wounded the suspect was then taken into custody. >> clearly everyone is on heightened alert, as you know there is a lot of officers, nationwide, that have been attacked, killed >> there is also a separate officer involved shooting of a
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stabbing suspect in hostage situation involving a child earlier in the week. the high and -- heightened tensions,-- last week the department started mandatory overtime shifts for a. in early morning chase in san mateo ended in this mangled mess on el camino riel. can't say that car was stolen, they were after two suspects tried to break into another carb carver the two suspects were both hospitalized a tough gun control measure that lieutenant or -- lieutenant governor's pitching has run into some serious opposition. the california stationers association has come out against the proposal. the sheriff say that the measure won't prevent criminals from getting guns and bullets on the black market. they say it would place unnecessary restrictions on people who follow the law, i want to legally buy a gun. trying to get his measure on the november ballot with a fury over a t-shirt, some people say is justifying sexual assault.
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air bnb calling on the party police. how neighbors can now get back at nightmare renters next door. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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its about to get a lot tougr to throw wild parties at air-b rentals. after multiple properties we it is about to get a lot tougher to file -- throw wild parties to air bnb rental owners. after multiple owners were trashed on new year's eve, the company announced a new feature today that allows neighbors to complain if a party does get out of hand, community members can contact air bnb directly to intervene. forever 21 has pulled a teacher from its website, after complaints that appear to make fun of rape victims. the graphic t-shirt features a slogan "do not say maybe if you want to say no", it was held in the men's department. earlier today and nonprofit that promotes to -- claims to promote positive dialogue, said
6:38 pm
hey, forever 21 we think you should hashtag stop victim blaming. they have big vocabularies and big dreams, students face offer a shot at a national championship. one bay area girl pulls out all the stops for some spelling reduction. we will hear a lot about the good news coming from shasta lake. the largest reservoir, how -- here's how it is gone so full over the next -- last couple of my's. it has added 702 billion gallons of water in just the past 2.5 months. we will still see some water moving into the shasta lake over the next few days. no water falling from the sky right now, we will talk how along we will stay dry. coming up. coming up, you know charles barkley likes the bay area. why seth curries and see aa tournament memory went sour. >> bittersweet >> usf versus stanford. coach versus people. march madness style.
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coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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of fights breaking out at t does the average person date before tying the knot? and when dating.. should thn always pick up the check?
6:42 pm
how many years that the average person date before tying the knot? and went to the man pick up the check? we are asking you tonight what your thoughts are, find me on twitter veronica de la cruz we will have details on that story, plus a whole lot more. come join me for bay area night bead at 10 o'clock over on our sister station, 44, cable 12. 49 students, from all over the bay bay area hoping to be letter perfect this saturday. >> that is when kpix 5 will host the cbs bay area spelling be right here in our studios. sharon tran catches up with last year's winner who has bigger plans as you -- this time a round. >>reporter: returns to the cbs bay area spelling bee this year, she won last year, sending her to the scripps national spelling bee, and her first trip to the nation's capital. >> the trip was really fun.
6:43 pm
>>reporter:the 13-year-old from santa clara, did not get past the preliminaries. >> i went there, it was a really humbling experience. i felt the level of the other spellers >>reporter:she tied for 50th place. this year, she studied harder, using the microsoft surface tablet, national contestants received as a gift. one hour a week, she describes with a coach in florida. rachelle horton advanced to the national be multiple times. [inaudible] >> i got to learn about how to use different patterns from different languages, and words, and of also got to learn about a lot of different exceptions >>reporter:when she is not quizzing herself with spelling software, her mother helps her study. the student for more and high middle school in cupertino love spelling and driving toward the dream of a national trophy.
6:44 pm
>> i want a second shot, because laster i feel like i could have studied more and gotten farther. >>reporter:is an eighth grader it is her last or to qualify. but first, she has to be the local competitors at the cbs bay area spelling bee. >> here's what we get to do, veronica, i am going to give you a word, your own word to spell and we are going to see if one of the champion spellers agrees with you, or not. >> they are not going to. >> the word is skirt so, a slightly humorous instrument or movement that is common in quick travel time. >> sch ers the oh >> let's see if one of our champion shell -- spellers agrees? >> oh, my gosh, i got it.
6:45 pm
>> saturday at noon on 44, cable 12 herder lifestream on our's website -- on our website cbssf. com/life, and here's a cheer for aneesh and her classmates are elementary. >> that suck you. -- that is so cute! we are getting it right from the rain right now. >> there was still a pretty spectacular show along the coast. the high surf, throughout the day, just as soon as the wave started waves started dying down, the surfers were hitting the water and half moon bay.
6:46 pm
>> is a little bit bumpy and stormy, but really fun. the north winds came out we love the rain and the weather. >> got high surf advisory expires at 9 o'clock tonight. >> until then, paul, we are looking for sunshine throughout the day. yes, the sunshine is over the next couple of days and it feels kind of nice after 13 straight days of rainfall. we will hit a streak of about six. it is 56 and sunny in san francisco, the sunset about 7:15 tonight. livermore 57, 60 concorde, san jose, santa rosa. let's talk -- let's check in with our weather watchers, what has happened over the past couple of days. we will head to daly city, antonio reported 58 degrees with sunshine and finally a nice, dry day in daly city. and up the of the road, and across the bay in orinda, a little bit of cargo cover and haze right now 57 degrees, but more portly look at all of the rain. he reports the first 10 days of
6:47 pm
rainfall in the month of march in orinda has equaled more than 10 inches of rainfall there. we actually had 20 inches of rain, so far this month and portions of the northbay mountains. that already makes this march the fourth wettest march in the past 32 years. and it's march 14. it's already the third wettest water year that we have had in the past 10 years. we are breaking a few records, because we have been so dry the past several years we have been markedly less dry. tonight, chilly, santa rosa 39, fremont 44, brentwood city 45 degrees area things are certainly changing, we had rainstorm after rainstorm, when, rain, wind rain flooding. and now, things are calming down. the ridge of high pressure way up to our south and west which was guiding the storms into northern california has moved, it is now stronger and closer to us so that same ridge that was steering the storms toward the bay area and northern california will now deflect them up to the north. it's still raining in portland,
6:48 pm
eugene, bellingham, sent -- seattle, vancouver they cannot get the rain to stop. the ridge has taken the storm track consented to the north and it will stay there for the next several days. come thursday afternoon, thursday evening, there is a ridge of high pressure there is the jump in the jetstream and the storm track way up into alaska. not the biggest and strongest ridge we have seen. but it will be big enough and strong enough to keep us dry for several days. tonight, a partly cloudy night, there are the lows. a lot of sunshine for the remainder of the week tuesday through friday, we are sunny and we will get sunny and warmer about four-5 degrees each day we will be in the 70s by st. patrick's day. san jose 68, that is 1 degree above average, 66 fremont, redwood city 66, pacific still chilly 59 degrees for you. san ramon mid-sixties, livermore mid-sixties, low 60 san francisco in daly city, upper 60 sonoma, napa, st. helena and six the five
6:49 pm
year high and beautiful clearlake tomorrow where i saw a tweet last night saying, clearlake is also at 100% capacity. 70s wednesday and thursday, 70s even in the bay coming up on friday. the weekend the past couple of weakens weekends have been a washout, not this weekend. a little bit cooler and cloudier but we will stay rain free. that is your forecast. dennis talking warriors. that is coming up next.
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"(((laughs))" eight-years ago curry rose fame when he led 10-seed davidson to the elite eightf today seth curry to 28 years old, and he got this present from his daughter, riley. >> happy birthday to you >> thank you so much. [laughter] >> number one fan. eight years ago could curry rose to fame when he led davis into the ely eight at the ncaa tournament. that ended in a two-point loss to eventual national champion kansas the team that featured curry's current teammate, brandon rush. this by the despite the cinderella run, curry says the law still makes it hard for to enjoy march madness. >> we had all the confidence in the world.
6:53 pm
we played them pretty tough on the way down to the last possession. >> looking back, hate this time of year. i remember what happened and then ended up winning the championship. so, bittersweet, i would say. for sure. >> kansas is the number one see. there you go. the warriors may be popular across the nba but not for hall of famer charles barkley whose opinion of golden state is pretty well documented. >> they better not when the challenge of this year. >> barkley may be winning over some basketball fans in the bay area with his spots on cal which opens ncaa tournament on friday as a four seat against hawaii. >> this is probably, over north carolina, the most talented team in college basketball. i have no idea why they lost 10
6:54 pm
games this year? >> they were young. >> the youth caught up with them early, and later on they started to play together. college possible is a little different than high school basketball. this might be the most talented team in the tournament. i'm going with the bears >> the kiss of death, alan. >> sanford is supporting usf in santa and santa clara in search of a new men's possible coach. johnny gives out after eight season, the carter with 15-15 this year they do not qualify for any postseason tournaments. the team may just one seed -- one ncaa appearance during his time. the usf women's best game in the ncaa tournament for the first time since the clinton administration. for the head coach, her first tournament game as a head coach will be at a place she knows very well. >> sanford on their home for will floor will place their francisco, my second favorite nickname, the don. [
6:55 pm
cheering] how about that? her alma mater and former coach on saturday at stanford. ap help the cardinals won their first national title in 1990. but when talking about it she hopes the coaches are not the focus of the game. >> i hope that is not about t hat, and it really is about this wonderful, amazing team that we have here. they would love one another the , they play for pray for each other. i do not want to be about me antara. we have a great history together. i have the utmost -- respect for her. it's going to be an exciting time. >> that is the storyline. on capitol hill where the nfl's senior vice president for health and safety admitted, for the first time, there is a link between football, and the brain disorder cte. >> do you think there is a link between football and brain disorders like cte? >> certainly, the research
6:56 pm
shows that a number of retired nfl players were diagnosed with cte, the answer to that question is certainly, yes. >> the admission came during a roundtable discussion about concussions. it came as a surprise, because up to this point, and as recently as last month, at the super bowl, the nfl refused to admit that connection. one other know, the 40 niners re-signed their team mvp. phil dawson will return for his 18th nfl season after agreeing to a one-year deal with the 40 niners. the 41-year-old has made over 86% of his kicks in his three seasons. a good sign for them. they have a lot of work to dupe or they have a lot of money into the cap redemptive put it to good use. >> have a good night. kind of like this look. hase. whatever.
6:57 pm
what will you do?ctric nissan leaf... ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [steve mutters] steve: how y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate that. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,665 bucks, from hartwell, georgia, it's the champs, it's the stowers family. and from buford, georgia, it's the troughton family. everybody's here trying to win
7:00 pm
theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. let's go meet the troughton family. jeannie, how you doing? jeannie: i am awesome. steve: good. what do you do? jeannie: i am a kindergarten teacher. have been for 25 years. steve: 25 years of teaching kindergarten? jeannie: yes, s--well. steve: see, you love kids. jeannie: i love kids. steve: yeah, you love kids. jeannie: i do. steve: that's pretty good. ok. so i wish you a lot luck. we gonna try to turn that luck into some hard cash. $20,000. so come on, man. play well, all right? come on. good luck to you, folks. hey, let's get it on. give me jeannie. give me rodvous. top 7 answers on the board.


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