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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. breaking news in brussels. terrorist attack at multiple locations, right now the search is on for those responsible. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone.
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i'm frank mallicoat. belgium's prime minister has called for three days of national mourning following coordinated attacks at the brussels airport and one of the capital's busy train stations. the deadly bombings killed at least 36 people and injured nearly 200 others. the "islamic state" has claimed responsibility. cbs reporter jonathan vigliotti has the very latest out of brussels. >> reporter: two survivors one clutching a baby picked themselves up off the floor moments after an explosion tore through the terminal. it was one of two powerful blasts at the brussels airport that blew out windows and caused a ceiling to cave in. travelers ran for safety. >> everyone was panicking. i just saw two people wch had like covered -- really covered with blood. >> reporter: an airport security camera captured this image of three men that belgian prosecutors say are behind the attacks. authorities believe the two "men in black" blew themselves up. they have issued a wanted notice for the third suspect. another deadly explosion rocked
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a busy subway station about an hour later. some passengers evacuated through dark tums. [ screaming ] >> reporter: police searches rooftops near the subway station. some passengers evacuated through dark tunnels. president obama condemned the attacks, speaking from cuba. >> we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> reporter: the attacks come just days after authorities in brussels arrested salah abdeslam, a key suspect in last fall's deadly paris attacks. >> the one thing that's shocking to me is that you have had in the wake of the paris attacks yet another sophisticated coordinated attack right under the noses of european authorities. >> reporter: it's unclear if today's attacks were moved up in the wake of abdeslam's arrest. >> right now we know at least three americans were injured in the attacks. the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints confirms three missionaries out of utah were seriously injured in the brussels airport. they are part of a mission
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based in paris. we are also learn an american service member and his family are among those injured. flights into and out of the brussels airport have been canceled and even though there are no direct flights to brussels from the bay area, our airports are also on heightened alert. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward on the precautions being taken here at home reporter: in the wake of the attack in brussels this morning, people in the bay area are being urged to be vigilant, not scared. daily life must continue. at sfo's international terminal this morning it was business as usual. lines were manageable and travelers were calm, with no credible threat to the region. the tsa did not require sfo or any of the airports in the bay area to heighten their security. still, an increased police presence is happening across all major travel areas at mineta, oakland and sfo. how do you feel about flying today? >> is there any reason why i should different than yesterday? >> reporter: this scottish father and daughter were calm
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about their travel plans today. next to them, this texas mother was more on edge. especially after watching brussels news coverage before she and her children left their hotel. >> because i think it's a scary world out there. so, um, we're not concerned. i mean i think we are going to be taken care of but we anticipate we'll have longer lines and more scrutiny. >> reporter: while law enforcement focuses on the airports, they are also ramping up he was at transit areas like bart and muni adding visible and undercover patrols. >> this is something the department does in an abundance of caution. that's our number priority to keep the public safe. >> reporter: bart's spokesman says that today's attack in brussels is a reminder of the significance of federal grant dollars that bart can use to improve security. so it's just a reality of money can't be shared everywhere but the importance of going after it and then doing everything we can to increase security here at bart. >> we want people to travel
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through san francisco feeling safe and confident as well as the international airport and also to deter crime. >> reporter: all major law enforcement agencies in the bay area are repeating the same thing. if you see something, say something. you can never be too safe after this type of attack. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. the presidential candidates are reacting to today's attacks. hillary clinton's statement reads in part, the world will not be intimidated by these vicious killers. today americans stand in solidarity with our european allies. >> and here's an excerpt from donald trump's statement. quote, do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place brussels was? not anymore. it is from a different world. u.s. must be vigilant and smart. bay area congressman eric swalwell a democrat out of dublin spoke with kpix 5 by phone a short time ago. >> clearly, this is a targeted attack against our ally and also i believe the
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international community that's trying to defeat isis and it's a significant we have seen before and although they have continued to strike across europe, their reach does not stop there. they will continue to try to inspire attacks here in the united states. >> for the latest on the attack in belgium, go to our website, campaign 2016, voters are heading to the polls in the west today. arizona and utah are holding primaries for both parties. democrats will also be caucusing in idaho. as cbs reporter don champion shows us, democratic front- runner hillary clinton is looking to expand her delegate lead while donald trump's rivals are hoping to stop him. >> reporter: voting in the west today could further lay the landscape for the republican presidential race. the big prize is the winner- take-all state of arizona. monday front-runner donald trump focused on foreign policy in washington where he suggested the u.s. should rethink its involvement in nato
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an idea he repeated on cnn last night. >> we're pay disproportionately it's too much and frankly it's a different world than it was when we originally conceived of the idea and everybody got together. >> reporter: while in washington, trump rallied support from party leaders and spoke before aipac. >> when i become president, the days of treating israel like a second class citizen will end! >> reporter: democratic front- runner hillary clinton used her speech before the pro-israel group to target trump. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday, and who knows what on wednesday. >> reporter: bernie sanders skipped the conference and campaigned in utah where he needs to pull off a win. more than 200 delegates are up for grabs today. don champion, cbs news. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are stomping in california to get money. sanders will appear in san
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diego tonight after the contests close. the vermont senator told cbs' "face the nation" on sunday the west coast is, quote, probably the most progressive part of america. as for clinton, she has two fundraisers in the bay area tomorrow including one in atherton and then she is off to los angeles. a final farewell today for a chp officer killed on duty on i-80 in truckee. officer nathan taylor died last week after getting hit by a car after helping with a crash on the highway. the governor joined hundreds of law enforcement officers from all across the country in roseville for taylor's funeral today. the six-year veteran grew up in loomis and got a start in san jose. >> he cared about people. and that was the big thing with him is the whole idea with this department of safety security and service. nathan took that the extra mile. >> he used to give people his cell number and for officers to do that, that's unheard of.
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>> officer taylor leaves behind a wife and three children. new at noon, making a big step forward. kpix 5 reporter kiet do shows us how san jose is working to make everyone including the transgender community feel welcome. >> reporter: on an ordinary tuesday in san jose this happened the raising of the transgender pride flag at the santa clara county government building. >> it's a powerful statement. the flag represents thousands of people. >> reporter: it's the first time it's been raised by a county government thanks to supervisor ken yeager the county's first openly gay elected official. he says the flag is a sign to the transgender community that the county has got your back. >> we still find great percentage of gay people with depression and suicide drug and alcohol abuse.
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this is our way to say you're accepted and we can be open here. >> reporter: the county declared march 31 transgender day of visibility. for this activist, this message brought him to tear. >> to know that they're part of civil life that the courthouse is for them too i hope that will make them a little more ready, um, to believe the next step is possible. >> reporter: to all the bullies and bigots out there this flag says what? >> your time is passed. >> reporter: the next big day happening in the transgender community in the south bay taking play here in downtown san jose is the transgender day of visibility. a day filled with food, fun, festivities, entertainment and a lot of information taking place on saturday, april 2. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> right now, a hearing is happening in pacifica. the city is trying to make its case to keep people out of a
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condemned apartment building. the building at 310 esplanade avenue is near an eroding cliffside. two nearby buildings have already been torn down. many tenants of 310 esplanade say the building is safe and want the restrictions lifted. the city says there's new evidence of dangerous erosion. delays continue for bart passengers in contra costa county. crews are trying to pin down the source of voltage spikes on the tracks. there's now limited train service during rush hour between the north concord and pittsburg-bay point stations. other parts of the day the system is relying on a bus bridge. repairs were made over the weekend to 36 damaged cars. another move is under way right now in a battle over transit funding in san francisco. supervisors john avalos, david campos and jane kim are holding a news conference calling for fellow supervisors to override a veto by mayor lee. last week levi towed a plan that would charge commercial buildings a $2 per square foot
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fee and that money would go to transportation projects. multiple explosions in brussels. what president obama says needs to happen in order to prevent attacks i like to from happening here. >> -- like that from happening here. >> we all deal with traffic stress but how does california compare to cities around the country? coming your way. >> the rain is moving out. the sunshine is moving in. coming up, how long we stay in the 70s. that's next. ,,,, ♪
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news from belgium..where de attacks took place. the brussels airport will rn closed at least through tomorrow. two bombs ripped thro deadly attacks in belgium in the brussels airport, it's closed through tomorrow. two bombs ripped through the airport's departure hall killing at least 10 people there and injuring many more. an airport spokesman says a third bomb has been neutralized. meanwhile, authorities say a
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bombing at a brussels subway station kills about 20 people. >> i walked through a mess, a lot of stuff, glass, litter, we were evacuated. >> at least four americans are among those injured. the "islamic state" militant group claimed responsibility. president obama comment on the belgium attack today. >> this is another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together regardless of nationality, race, faith, in fighting the scourge of terrorism. >> we'll have more coverage of the attacks at 5:00 on kpix 5 news. in other news, former toronto mayor rob ford lost his battle with cancer. he was 46. ford was known for his shocking behavior and blunt comments but it was the images of him smoking crack cocaine in the
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spring of 2013 that gave him global notoriety. he denied the claims of drug use ended up in rehab in 2014. ford leaves behind his wife and two children. the feds are looking into whether an outside party can crack the iphone used by one of the shooters in the san bernardino attack. late yesterday federal prosecutors asked a judge to delay a much-anticipated court hearing stayed over its encryption fight with apple. the judge granted the stay and they will be back in court on the 5th of april. a new study by the navigation system company, tom- tom says los angeles has worse congestion in the nation with san francisco the second worst. san jose comes in at number 5. and now a check of our forecast with meteorologist paul deanno. with the sunshine outside, you may be thinking about heading to the beach. if you do, use a lot of
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caution. just like we have seen several times throughout the winter we have a high surf advisory in effect through tomorrow morning. westerly swells once again 12 to 15 feet and a high risk of rip currents so maybe view that beautiful beach from a distance if you are heading to the coastline over the next 24 hours. we have an area of low pressure which gave us the rainfall sunday, gave us on and off rainfall monday, heavy at times, even rain early this morning. that is now exiting. as it leaves, in its wake, we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds today but this guy right here a big ridge of high pressure is building towards us. it's going to sit off the coastline for several days. it will be close enough to us that the storm track that was over northern california will exit, headway up to the north and this ridge is going to hang out for at least five or six days keeping us dry from this afternoon all the way through wednesday, thursday, friday into easter weekend where we'll stay rain-free until monday of next week at the earliest. futurecast says a few possible morning showers.
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clouds over diablo. tomorrow morning, cloud-free and rain-free. what to expec today? nice, cool, mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures will stay above average for a while after today. sunset tonight at 7:24. sunrise tomorrow 7:08. high temperatures later on today, low to mid-60s. mountain view 63. hayward 62. los altos 63. low 60s in martinez. napa valley beautiful day cool side of average 60. san leandro 64. mill valley 61 degrees. we'll be close to 70 away from the water wednesday. we hit the 70s for three straight days starting thursday. hanging out near the bay? mid- to upper 60s for you. coastline low 60s. the only changes toward the weekend will be cooler and
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serve local dungeness crab. serve local crab. the ban on by next week some bay area restaurants should finally be able to serve up a little local crab. the ban on commercial dungeness crab fishing officially ends on saturday. it's been delayed because of a toxic acid was found in crabs caught off the northern california coast. now the state department of fish and wildlife says it's no "significant" human health risk. time to shop, too. here's tony with some more tips. >> fresh grocer tony tantillo is helping us pick out an item perfect to pack as a snack. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with bosc pears. one of my favorite, sweet nutty flavor and great to bake. and the nice thin skin is so beautiful that you don't have to peel it. it's just a great texture all the way through. selection and storage is very important. when you buy them, you want to make sure, look at the color, light brown all the way around. skin free from any shriveling whatsoever and firm to the touch like an apple and treat
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including extra precautions coming up this afternoon on kpix 5 news at 5:00, live team coverage on the belgium attack including extra precautions bay area law enforcement are taking and that's followed by a special hour long edition of the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" then our news at 6:30. very difficult day but here
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in the bay area we have some lovely weather out there. we need to enjoy it. >> we do need to enjoy it. if you can. >> absolutely. >> go out there and there's some sun shining. >> it's chilly. it was this morning but it's nice right now. i hope you folks have a great day. see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. captions by: caption colorado ==b r e a k ============== ,,
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