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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 5, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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part of the complete breakfast live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. first they took amy at cars of tonight police warn vandals armed with bb guns are now attacking people on bay area streets. >> betty yu talked to one guy in san leandro who got shot in the head and has the x-ray to prove it. betty? >> reporter: allen, luckily this guy is doing okay given that it could have been so much worse given that he heard seven shots and was hit once. officers at the san leandro police department are concerned the violence is only getting worse. scott bradley was standing outside first united methodist church talking with a friend
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when an suv rolled by. >> we heard the snap, snap, snap and about the second or third i turned and i got hit and knew right away what was happening. i just dropped to the ground and said they're shooting. >> reporter: scott shared this photo with us. he was hit once with a bb gun. an x-ray shows the bb lodged in his forehead. he said doctors can't take it out now because of the swelling. >> it was very random, very surreal. this is a pretty quiet part of the area i would say and relatively sleepy at that time. >> reporter: it happened just before 10 p.m. two fridays ago. san leandro police believe scott wasn't the only victim that night. about a mile away a man standing near this ac transit bus bench on east 14th saw someone in what looked like a toyota 4runner. >> the at him. a woman nearby was allegedly struck in the hand. a few hours earlier on the same street a man standing outside a bar was hit in the forearm and the night before someone hit
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the front window of an upholstery shop also on east 14th. police say for months people have been shooting bb guns at cars. at least 125 of them and causing $60,000 in damages. they released this surveillance video showing an suv and a sedan and one of the shooters running out to blow out car windows. again police are looking for an suv, in many cases a silver colored toyota 4runner with off road tires. they're also looking for a dark colored sedan, possibly a lexus or infiniti with silver or chrome star shaped wheels and tinted windows. live in san leandro betty yu, kpix5. san francisco police say the driver of the smashed up car may have been involved in a hit and run tonight. this is how it ended in sea cliff around 9:00. police say a short time before a car matching this description hit a pedestrian in the
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richmond along with several other cars. the driver was taken into custody. if you take b.a.r.t. to or from the east bay, you can sleep in a little longer tomorrow morning. b.a.r.t. says normal train service will resume between concord and pittsburg bay point for the morning commute after weeks of glitches, no shuttles. a spokesperson says after the morning rush b.a.r.t. will see how things go and decide whether to continue regular service the rest of the day or go back to shuttle buses. federal highway officials will be working this week with caltrans to inspect the bay bridge tunnel on yerba beuna island. they're using a special radar to scan the walls and ceiling of the tunnel connecting the oakland and san francisco sides of the bridge. caltrans has been inspecting the tunnel since january when a clunk of concrete roughly the size -- chunk of concrete roughly the size of a tire fell on the lower deck. caltrans found 12 spots in the tunnel where more concrete is in danger of breaking out. let's take a live look out
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san francisco tonight, some summer heat is on the horizon, paul, talking 80s and 90s. >> you have to go back to mid- october the last time that we had weather this warm. santa rosa october 13th, san jose october 14th since we hit 90. it's a mark you will achieve in place like concord and san jose, 22 degrees warmer than normal on wednesday for concord. believe it or not, right after that rain returns. dry on the radar tonight. coming up we'll talk about when rain returns and it's going to stick around a while. we'll talk about how long that window of opportunity for showers will exist coming up. google, facebook, twitter, net flix, they all give employees who are new parents paid time off. no city has tried it until now. mark kelly on the vote in san
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francisco tomorrow that could give parents six weeks of fully paid parental leave. ood thing. bite steven tuck, pare employees th >> reporter: dad steven tuck says more working parents having paid time off to spend with their newborns is a good thing. >> you would have employees that are getting good time off to spend with their family and they come back to work not entirely distracted, half distracted and you probably see productivity gains when they get back by doing that. >> reporter: if the parental leave legislation passes tomorrow, here's how it would work. 55% of a parent's salary would come from state disability and the parent's employer would have to kick in the other 45% which raises red flags for steven who works at a small tech startup. >> flip it around and you've got businesses that can be severely challenged, especially small businesses, if they lose big clunks of their workforce for two months. >> reporter: but dad ryan nathan says san francisco's bill doesn't go far enough. his native australia has
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higher taxes but far more generous parental leave. >> i think at least three months should be standard and that should be for both the mother or the father depending on how they want to do it. >> reporter: california is only one of three states providing any parental leave. so tomorrow's vote will have parents across the country looking at what san francisco decides. >> they're ahead of the game, but they've still got a long way to go. >> reporter: in san francisco mark kelly, kpix5. >> we spoke with supervisor weiner tonight. he says he's optimistic the measure will pass. it does. it will take effect in january of 2017. now another big win for workers, today the california supreme court made it clear depending on the nature of your work, you are entitled to have a place to sit. workers from cvs and jpmorgan chase filed a lawsuit against their employers. they claimed they stood on their feet for eight hours a day on the job without a chair or a stool. it's a violation of state law in effect more than a century.
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it's rarely ever enforced. t and safety - and this law was enacted and is now g to be enforced to ensure the rights are >> if companies want employees that reach out to customers that are happy, that feel good about what they're doing, they should protect those employees' health and comfort and safety and this law was enacted and is now going to be enforced to insure that those worker rights are protected. reta >> the law applies to employees in nearly every industry throughout california, not just banking or retail. baseball is back. the a's home opener was tonight. christin ayers is at the coliseum and says there's something different about this season. >> reporter: yeah, liz, there's been a name change here at the coliseum formerly known as and some fans told me finding a new sponsor for the coliseum's name could be a tough tell. standpoint, remains the same. but the coliseum is for anothe >> one -- tough sell. >> one run scores. >> reporter: for fans there's nothing like it.
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>> it's a family tradition. >> i haven't missed opening day in like 25 years since 1987. >> reporter: but something is different this opening day. you wouldn't know it by the signs and banners plastered everywhere or by the looks of the scoreboard, but this is no longer coliseum. after five years overstock just gave up naming rights to the stadium. most fans never called it anyway. you never got used to calling it >> no, it's always been the coliseum. >> it's been the coliseum since 1966. >> reporter: overstock will still advertise, so some of the signage will stay up. >> our relationship with overstock from a sponsorship standpoint and the a's remains the same. >> reporter: but the coliseum is still in the market for another naming sponsor. fans say as exciting as opening night is one problem with getting a new sponsor could be the state of the stadium. >> it's time for a new stadium. >> reporter: the coliseum is notorious for drainage problems
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and sewage backups and who can forget these pictures that surfaced on twitter of concession cups taped to ceilings to catch leaks? >> there's a lot of cracks and the seats are a little uncomfortable. >> reporter: issues that could make the venue unattractive to a new sponsor, but die hard fans say that won't stop them from celebrating the home team. >> i don't look at it being run down. i look at the fans and the atmosphere. people say it's run down, but you know what? for us it's home. >> reporter: the six year naming deal was worth $7 million with so anybody who has about that laying around could see your name in lights here. what kind of person would steal from an organization trying to help sick kids? the make a wish foundation in san francisco released this surveillance video of thieves swiping donations saturday night. lectronics.. a police say the pair of crooks broke into the offices with a crowbar, took happen tops, electronics -- laptops, electronics and this electric
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scooter autographed by giants outfielder hunter pence. >> the scooter itself was purchased for about $40,000 under auction. again it's a great company that does thing for children, so we want to make sure -- things for children, so we want to make sure we do get the scooter back. >> the foundation is hoping somebody recognizes these two and alert police. the mayor donated eight ipads to replace those stolen for make a wish. on campaign 2016 we have an exclusive new kpix5 usa poll tonight that proves how much california will matter in the primaries. veronica de la cruz has those results. >> liz, bernie sanders has some catching up to do if he wants to win while on the republican side more than half of california voters aren't sold on donald trump. according to our statewide survey if the presidential primaries were held today, 40% say they would vote for the gop frontrunner. that is still more than ted cruz and john kasich. on the democratic side hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by
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14 points, but sanders supporters told our phil matier they are just getting started. is spe california, on >> reporter: as you can see from the sign behind me, the fight for california is already on and there's going to be more in the coming weeks as the other primaries in other states wine up and more money is spent in california. on the republican side interesting to note that donald trump does enjoy an eight point lead over his nearest rival ted cruz, but at the same time 2/3 of the voters in california don't like trump and even 1/3 of the republicans wouldn't be happy with him as their candidate. in san francisco phil matier, kpix5. >> the first context this month is tomorrow in wisconsin. pops show ted cruz and bernie sanders -- polls show ted cruz and bernie sanders in the lead. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. racist flyers printed at uc berkeley, who is behind them? tonight we hear from the man who hacked into the system. >> a lawmaker calls this a disaster waiting to happen. tonight the new gun that's disguised as an iphone.
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>> earthquake scientists just found something hidden deep underground, tonight the ,,,,,,,
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creepy discovery: they found a human skull and bones over the weekend.. on work crews digging under a san francisco building make a creepy discovery. they found a human skull and bone over the weekend on fillmore street in lower pacific heights. plumbers were working beneath a dry cleaning business when they came across the remains. it's not clear how long the bones have been there, but police are investigating it as a suspicious death. >> the medical examiner's office is working along with homicide investigators from the san francisco police department. we'll be working closely with them as far as identifying who the person was. >> police say they could also be ancient remains, in which case they would bring in afternoon archeological crew. about -- in an arch an archeological crew.
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about six -- an archeological crew. reporter tom wait tells us why a hacker may not face punishment. >> wow, that's horrible and that's scary. >> reporter: utter disgust at usc after seeing this flyer. it was blasted out by a notorious hacker. he not only targeted usc but cal state, long beach and thousands of other printers at colleges and private companies across the country. >> it's just showing his character. >> reporter: notorious hacker and internet troll andrew orenheimer is claiming responsibility with the flyer. we asked him why he would do this with one of the most hateful symbols imaginable. he said, "i sent flyers to all printers accessible on the open internet. everybody got them, private businesses included. we are undergoing a demographic collapse that will destroy us completely at the hands of jewish manipulators. we must fight." >> i feel like wherever you go
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there's always someone that has anger built up in them, even sometimes in the educational system. >> reporter: oremheimer says he did not hack into private networks and claimed the printers he used were easily accessed from public portals meaning he may not have broken any laws at all. some students say the best way to fight a hateful message like this, win with kindness. >> have a flyer with a good or inspiring message as a counter action to that. a gun disguised as an iphone, tonight a lawmaker says it's a disaster waiting to happen. this handgun is designed to fold into the shape of an iphone. more than 4,000 people have already signed up online to buy one when it goes on sale. new york senator chuck schumer is asking the feds to stop that from ever happening. >> the handgun poses a serious threat to law enforcement. imagine a scenario in which a police officer is not able to tell whether a violent criminal
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is pulling out a gun or just a normal iphone. >> schumer says the gun could already be illegal under the national firearms act. tonight we're learning a north bay fault line is wider and potentially more dangerous than previously thought. that's not all. andria borba on the strange phenomenon the usgs is trying to explain in santa rosa. >> reporter: seismic activity in the bay area are synonymous. for years the threat from rodgers creek fault was hidden underneath layers of modern life, streets, lights and home, but by taking to the air with a laser scanning survey, the us geological survey has peel back answers. >> previous to this work we were only able to estimate its location and now we can actually see the physical evidence of where the fault has ruptured to the surface in the past. >> reporter: the details that could be seen from high in the sky were minute. >> santa rosa is actually built on flood plain and we're able
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to see small changes in relief that indicated fault movement. >> reporter: scientist suzanne hekker said the tentacles of the rogers creek fault stretch farther than the usgs ever knew. new information points to the fault sitting under schools like french american and the town and country shopping center. the surface is smooth, but the depth of the earth are fractured. >> based on what we know of the rodgers creek fault it's capable of producing larger earthquakes than the napa earthquake. >> reporter: just east of downtown santa rosa there is a spike of magnetic activity 1,000 feet deep that could be seismically important. >> we are hypothesizing this could be a stuck path on the fault meaning it's an area with a higher resistance to vice president. >> reporter: it's believed this could be -- to slope.
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>> reporter: it's believed this could be the reason for the quake in 1969. tonight we learned this sea lion rescued from a sonoma county highway this morning may have brain damage from domoic acid. the sea lion is now at the marine mammal center in marin. his nickname? school daze. tomorrow he will be given an mri to look for brain damage. rescuers found him on low 37 around 121 at 9:30 this morning. school daze was rescued from unusual locations several times before like at the berkeley marina last week. domoic acid is caused by algae blooms. the neurotoxin delayed the start of our dungeness crab season. time to get over to paul and look at the temperatures that are going to skyrocket. >> into the 90s. it has been 173 days since those of you in the santa clara valley san jose sit 90 degrees.
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it was october 13th. you'll do it wednesday. we're talking about temperatures running 25 degrees above arching and the warmest weather we've seen in about half -- average and the warmest weather we've seen in about half a year. a beautiful live picture of the glisten san francisco bay and -- glistening san francisco bay and the bay lights on the bridge. high pressure is building is the key for the next couple days. it's way off to our south and west. notice already the next storm system is being kicked up into canada. the ridge will center itself. this is also critical. when it centers itself north of the bay area, we get the clockwise flow around it giving us wind from land, an offshore wind. that's what gets us hot and even in april we can see record heat, 80s and 90s, even the coastline may hit 80s wednesday. it's a one day deal.
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by thursday we're cooler, by friday barely 60s with scattered showers. so one day of heat. hottest day wednesday, 70s, 80s at the beach, 90s widespread inland. tomorrow it will get warmer but not hot until wednesday. san jose 82 and san francisco 73. can't call it a heatwave. that would be several days. thursday we go from 80s near the bay to barely out of the 60s. friday, hey, we got some rain, scattered showers continuing saturday, even a few drips of rain sunday. when the rain leaves, we stay in the 60s monday. so wake up wednesday, go outside. it's about 92 degrees in antioch. you think rain is done. rainy season is done. by friday morning the rain is back. >> it will cool off. it will be nice. >> mother nature throws some curve balls. baseball started today. >> no inside sliders. tonight why these giant rabbits are invading a bay area
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city. >> coming up on the late show with steven colbert matthew perry and explosions in the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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check out these two-story-hh inflatable rabbits. the artist is from australia. he an art exhibit has hopped into the san francisco civic plaza. >> check out these two story high inflatable rabbits. the artist is from australia. he says rabbits have overpopulated and wreaked havoc on his country's ecosystem. he hopes this exhibit starts a conversation on our environment. the bunnies are getting 24/7 security. the exhibit ends april 25th. i'm dennis o'donnell, what the newest giant did that had his teammates seeing awe. >> and would this be the shot heard around the world, the amazing finish of the ncaa champion,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mj hopin his tar heels couln their 6th title.. they wer well, it's got to be the greatest finish in ncaa basketball national championship history. hoping the tar heels could win their sixth taking the down three to villanova in the closing seconds when marcus passenger double clutches and drains the three. it's a tied game, four seconds left for villanova. here's how it ended. >> gives it to jenkins for the championship! " " phenomenal. >> yeah. keith smart, move over for chris jenkin. jenkins' brother is nate brit who plays for the tar heels.
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>> i'm not going to say too much to him tonight, but tomorrow i'm going to be right at him. that's for sure. fly over in oakland for the first game in the season, sonny gray with food poisoning. a wild throw and two runs score, 4-0 chicago. the a's cut it to one and with a runner on stephen vogt. is it enough? no. the a's were the worst defensive team in baseball last year, two more errors tonight. >> can't do that. we learned that last year. we learned it this spring and in close games it typically end up being a play like that, a play or two defensively you should make and we don't execute the play that costs us two runs, costs us a game.
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giants fans would be out of luck today if it wasn't for the roof in milwaukee. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ >> it's cold outside, very warm inside, especially if you were a giants hitter. denard span, joe panik and buster posey hit back to back to back home runs in the 8th inning. span had five runs batted in in the giants debut. madison bumgarner gets the win 12-3 the final. that is a tough lineup to face. i want to say congratulations tonight to my co-anchor elizabeth cook who shockingly -- >> shockingly? not that shocking. >> okay, not that shocking, but for the second year in a row elizabeth wins the cbs bracket challenge picking the most correct picks and the national champion. >> preach it doesn't take none, skill, tall -- proof it doesn't take knowledge, skill, talent, ,
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ning at 4-30. late show with stephen colbert is next. >> explosions in the sky because you always ask who is on the show? on the show? >> who is on the show,,,,,,,,,,,
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