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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, it's thursday, april 7. look at the beautiful bay bridge. all the lights lit up this morning. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's hot already. it's 60 degrees already. i'm not your weather person. i just talk a lot on this thursday. oh, my god! what a day yesterday. >> that was a great observation because we're having a hard time cooling down this morning as a result of those record highs yesterday. >> i like it. >> i'm going to have my hair combed by 7:00 this morning. i guarantee it. [ laughter ] >> i hope so. >> let's hope by 5:00. this is our transamerica pyramid looking due east. lots of clear skies and it is balmy. it's 67 degrees in san jose. it is 64 degrees in san francisco. but these numbers won't be climbing much. today a cooldown by a good 20 degrees in santa rosa, the tri- valley and also the santa clara valley and in san francisco, where we were at 87 degrees
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yesterday, today 66 degrees. chances of rain, we will track it together coming up. an accident in alamo northbound 680 at stone valley road the number four-lane blocked. it's still very early so not a lot of delays as you work your way through there. westbound 580 to 680 no problem. roadwork on 580 east- and westbound through livermore. more on that coming up. 4731. a runaway truck in sausalito is still cause for concern this morning. that truck crashed into a home on crescent avenue yesterday evening but they are still trying it figure out how to safely clean it up. firefighters say the driver was trying to get this massive truck carrying a big load of heavy asphalt up a steep hill but the truck rolled backwards and landed in a family's garage instead. >> all of a sudden there was
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this huge crash bang that we heard. >> the truck is the only thing from keeping the garage falling on the homes below so they have to remove it carefully. the only injury was to the truck driver who broke his arm jumping out of the runaway truck. we have been reporting for months about shootings on the bay area's busiest freeways. there is a break in the investigation. emily turner caught up with police in richmond who say they have a new strategy that's helping to keep everyone safer. >> reporter: it's not even 5:00, only 45 minutes into a joint strategic operation in richmond and there's already one man on the run. [ siren ] >> reporter: less than 15 minutes later, this man gets arrested, wanted for attempted murder. it's happening in richmond but it's the solution to the recent spree of highway shootings in the east bay. >> things are not random. they are targeted. but we are working diligently. we're working with our partners to get the message out to gangs
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this type of behavior won't be tolerated. >> reporter: there have been 16 freeways in alameda and contra costa counties since november. chp says most of the gangs involved come from the richmond area and the violence spills over to the highways. to stop it, this task force starts at the source. >> so they start here and then go to the freeway. >> reporter: california highway patrol has joined forces with 15 other federal, state and local agencies to make that happen. so far there have been three operations with marked patrols, undercover officers, k-9s and a helicopter. in just the last 90 days, they have taken 29 illegal guns off the streets and made 69 felony gang-related arrests including this man, the first arrest of an accused freeway shooter. >> we want to let the public know we're out here working hard to solve these cases. they're very important to us. it's a top priority. we are trying to get to the bottom of what happened and hold those accountable for what they are doing.
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>> reporter: emily turner, kpix 5. >> so what's next? investigators wouldn't tell us much but say this isn't the last time they will be out on the streets looking for gang members. in tuesday's sweep, at least 6 people were arrested. in san jose vandals keep using city hall as a blank canvas. now the city has a plan to stop graffiti for good. kpix 5's betty yu on their pricy strategy reporter: the graffiti has gotten bigger, bolder and popped up in more places around city hall. surveillance cameras show taggers vandalizing it last week. the city is getting aggressive. private security will patrol the grounds 24/7. it will cost the city $30,000 through the end of june. >> we need it. this graffiti stuff happens all the time whether it's outside on the windows, inside, bathrooms, stuff like that. so daily to weekly. >> reporter: cody morgan manages 4th street pizza company across the street from city hall. his surveillance cameras caught
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these taggers spray-painting the outside of his business monday night. it took less than five minutes. next door, the tagging has gotten so bad, the employees of this company help. >> it's a hassle. next day, it goes right back up. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo says they can't afford to have cops on graffiti watch. >> graffiti is a challenge throughout the city. we're focused on using technology in the best ways we can to get graffiti taggers but we have to focus our police officers on the highest priority crime in the city. and that's violent crime and predatory crime. >> reporter: maintaining city hall is part of the city manager's responsibility. the money for new security is coming from the public works facility management budget. betty yu, kpix 5. starting today, the warriors aren't the only athletes keeping us all on edge because baseball is back after 189 days of down time.
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at&t stadium is set for giants opening day. expect a heated battle between northern california and southern california as the team takes on the l.a. dodgers. new players joined the giants were bound for surprise this is season and frank, you're heading out there later this morning. >> i got my orange tie on. hopefully i'll have a voice, a cup of tea and say hi to everyone across the street from moma. i probably won't have a voice for a couple of weeks. >> you have been out there the past couple of days, as well. >> a lot of that video came from a couple of days ago we were over there shooting a pre- game piece. the park is ready. they won two out of three in milwaukee. >> this is my first year in 16 years not being out there live for the morning show. i'm feeling kind of a little you know -- >> nostalgic? >> no, sad! [ laughter ] >> i love the energy associated with it. >> but you're delivering some terrific weather. >> it's not going to be as warm and balmy as yesterday but if you are heading out today, lucky you. the average ticket is going for
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over $200. and that's usually what happens when you're playing the bad guys, the dodgers, as well, right? we will have temperatures in the 60s for that game today. right now, we are in the 60s. the temperatures are not going much higher in san francisco, 64 at this hour. slow cooldown after yesterday's record heat. look where the clouds are coming from, the south. i'm calling it mostly cloudy today. downride breezy to windy conditions, temperatures at the 70s in the peninsula, 20 degrees cooler across the santa clara and the tri-valley, as well. 68 in vallejo. north bay numbers in the 60s. full forecast still coming up in 10 minutes. we start with an accident out there as you work your way through alamo on 680 on the northbound side right at stone valley. so look out for this. it's blocking at least the number 4 lane. two cars involved in this wreck. you have a lot of activity there. you're working on getting it out of lanes and off the freeway. until that happens, expect slight delays but traffic still
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light. it's still early and moving okay in both directions. right now 580 doing all right westbound out of the altamont pass. if you are commuting east of there out of tracy you will see a few brake lights building as you make that connector interest 205 to westbound 580. san francisco looks good. later on though it's a sports palooza today here in the bay area. we have the giants, a's and warriors all in town. first pitch at 1:35 for the giants at at&t. first pitch for the a's and white house will be at 12:35 at the comes. so busy delays -- first pitch for the a's and white sox will be at 12:35 at the coliseum. so busy and delays. there will be changes or regulations to rideshare apps. the board is considering requiring drivers to displace the rideshare company low -- display the rideshare company logo in the back and front of the vehicles and they are reviewing the leasing policies.
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the most controversial measure is whether the rideshare companies should require fingerprint background checks for all the drivers. the puc says they will address that in the next 60 days. meanwhile, muni is getting fed up with people who take their time looking for exact change and hold up buses and trains. under a new budgets sfmta would charge riders an extra 25 cents if they don't board with the clipper card. they say it will speed it up. critics say it's not fair for those who rarely ride. the agency may charge for metered parking at night. city supervisors still have to approve the budget. sexual harassment cases keep cropping up at uc- berkeley. one victim says the school left her in the lurch. just yesterday, ten new cases from as far back as 2008 came to light. tyann sorrel says she was preyed upon by cal's former law school dean when she worked as an assistant. now she's suing another dean at
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the university. >> it was like i thought it was on me to resolve this situation. there was no real interest on the university's part to protect me as an employee or even remove the dean from the environment. >> choudhury is still on the faculty. they have a task force on sexual harassment policy. the 2016 race for the white house is getting personal as candidates on both sides shift their focus to upcoming primary contests in the northeast. yesterday, bernie sanders and hillary clinton questioned each other's readiness for office while republicans sparred over the issue of new york values. don champion has the story from new york reporter: riding a wave of momentum last night, bernie sanders questioned hillary clinton's readiness for office during a campaign stop in philadelphia. >> i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq! [ applause and cheers ]
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>> reporter: a clinton spokesman quickly responded online calling the attack a new low. the stakes are high for clinton as the presidential candidates focus on the new york primary on april 19. wednesday, clinton sharpened her attacks on sanders by questioning his gun control record and ideas. >> i am concerned that some of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump is looking to rebound in his home state after tuesday's loss to ted cruz in wisconsin. at a rally in long island trump hit cruz for criticizing new york valleys at a past debate. >> i got this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with scorn on his face with hatred of new york! >> boo! >> reporter: outside people for and against trump rallied. [ chanting ] >> reporter: campaigning in new york city, cruz questioned trump's leadership. >> donald has no solutions to
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the problems we're facing. >> reporter: 95 delegates are on the line for republicans in the state. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> ted cruz continues campaigning in new york today while hillary clinton and bernie sanders hold events in pennsylvania. 4:42 on this thursday. home at last. a korean war prisoner from the bay area rides back home to the salute of local firefighters, police and his family. the story of uncle bobby when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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grass fire in menlo park. so a transient is in custody suspected of setting a 13-acre grass fire in menlo park. sergio lopez was arrested yesterday in connection with last week's fire near bayfront expressway and west of university avenue. it's not far from facebook headquarters. police believe the fire was as a result of an argument between people at a homeless camp. new this morning, fire crews in san bernardino are building containment lines to control the flames by the town called needles. nearly 100 people had to rush
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from two rv parks when their homes were in the fire's path. somehow, ground crews and helicopters stopped the flames from harming a single structure on both sides. the heat was relentless, very difficult, but rv owners can't thank them enough. [ indiscernible ] >> it was intense. >> these guys are out there right away working hard. it's because of them, i have my stuff. plain and simple. and my family. >> a rep from one of the rv parks says the only structure damaged was the roof on an outdoor deejay booth. that park hopes to re-open sometime tomorrow. the white house is criticizing republicans in congress for not approving funds to fight the spread of the zika virus. the white house warns that with the summer months approaching, the mosquito population is on the rise. they hope to have the funds by now to begin research to find a cure for the disease, which is is linked to birth defects. now the white house is repurposessing money from the
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ebola research fund into zika research. so far 64 cases have been confirmed in pregnant women in the u.s. but they all got the virus elsewhere. well, some closure at last for a bay area family wondering whatever happened to their uncle bobby when he left for the korean war. andria borba has the bittersweet story from sfo reporter: on a flight from hawaii, with a classic bay area sunset as a backdrop, in a a flag dragged coffin san francisco native corporal robert terry graham finally returned home. >> it's a day i always hoped for and my father who passed away always hoped for. and i just can't believe it's finally here. >> reporter: bobby, as his family calls him, became a prisoner of war during what's called the gettysburg of korea on february 13, 1951. nicole never knew her uncle but knew her father kept a box full of letters uncle bobby wrote during the korean war. >> when bobby went off to korea
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in the beginning of the war in 1950, um, my father didn't see him again. >> reporter: in a time that predated facebook, pen and paper was the only way family could communicate. >> described the secret missions and where he was in korea, and not to worry about him. >> reporter: in 1993, 31 boxes of comingled remains were handed over to the u.s. >> there was just more than one body in those boxes. >> reporter: ten years ago, now retired master gunnery sergeant james george bobby's nephew submitted his dna. bobby was identified by a single tibia in november. >> being able to bring him home and to have closure for our family is -- is just -- is -- is very emotional and -- and, um, it's something that, um, my aunts and uncles and my mother, um, had always dreamed about. >> reporter: and 65 years later, on a noisy tarmac, honored by the salutes of firefighters and police officers, roberta terry graham
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finally returned to his family. >> for our family and again, i can't be -- i can't be more happier than that. >> reporter: at sfo, andria borba, kpix 5. >> corporal graham will be buried with full military honors tomorrow and his family made sure he will be placed by his brother. 4:48 now. let's get over to roberta on what looks like a lovely day for baseball, huh? >> it's always a love day for baseball even snow it's going to be cloudy -- even though it's going to be cloudy and breezy. it's okay as long as you know to bundle up heading out to either ballpark today. >> there's two. >> don't you dare forget my athletics! good morning, everyone. out the door this morning, we do have increasing clouds. and it's still mild. it's a very slow cooldown from yesterday's record heat into the 90s. right now 67 in san jose, 64 san francisco. it is 63 degrees in oakland. here's what you need to know today.
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increasing cloud cover, lower temperatures. yesterday's heat wave was only one day. here's an area of low pressure to the south of the bay area. it is looking up north. that's why it feels balmy. it's a southerly wind that will blow 20 to perhaps even 30-mile- per-hour gusts today. here's that 1:00 today when both teams will be playing baseball with 19-mile-per-hour wind gusts in san francisco and in oakland. otherwise, sustained winds at 14, 15 in napa. lighter winds to the south. our satellite and radar shows that huge dome of high pressure going east. here's the area of low pressure. most of the precipitation will stay to the south of the bay area. but as we call on our futurecast, we see even though we cloud up today, we do remain dry. as we enter your friday, a hit- and-miss scattered showers during the daytime hours. you will see in the evening, here's your saturday morning, more than likely you will be hearing raindrops on the rooftops. we're expecting up to about a quarter inch of rain in most locations, perhaps even heftier amounts in the highest elevations of the bay area. temperatures will be going down
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today but they are still skiing in the high sierra. our numbers 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. 60s and 70s. breezy conditions. here's your baseball forecast. we do call for today's giants game an air time temperature of 65 degrees and if you are heading out to the a's very similar conditions. we are still dealing with an accident as you work your way along northbound 680 this morning right at stone valley road. starting to see some delays now as a result. now, we do hear that tow crews are on scene blocking the right lane there. speeds 38 miles per hour. past that, no troubles out of alamo into walnut creek. no delays on the southbound side of 680. so you're moving okay through there. but again north 680 stone valley is where that accident is. couple of cars in the cash lanes, maybe 10 to 15 cars deep but overall easy ride on the bay bridge right now, no delays as you work your way out of oakland into san francisco. we're seeing okay conditions across the upper deck of the bay bridge. right now everything looks quiet. later on though we have a lot of stuff happening today especially the giants are in
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town, they are having opening day at at&t, home opener, i should say, against the dodgers. you will see busy conditions off the 280 extension. it's going to be slow on the bay bridge as well throughout the afternoon. first pitch at 1:35. over in oakland, you have the a's and white sox at 12:35. so we are going to see some delays right around noon along 880 if you are heading to the ballgame so do plan for that. tonight the warriors will be taking on the spurs so 880 will also be a struggle tonight as everyone heads out to oracle for the game. might try bart as an alternate. right now everything is on time. a good choice heading to oakland for any of the games. 880 looks good in both directions. no delays northbound into downtown oakland. southbound you are free-flowing all the way into hayward down into fremont in fact. that's a look at traffic. back to you. time now 4:51. now you can spend a day in harry potter's world without leaving the state of california. the brand-new wizarding world of harry potter will open its doors today at universal studios in hollywood. the fictional village is
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similar to attractions already open at universal studios in florida. it features harry potter themed restaurants, shops, craft beverages created just for that new park and, of course, there are harry potter themed rides, as well. so michelle, get your kid ready. >> looks like fun. can't wait. months after a panda was born in captivity in malaysia, it finally has a name. after a nationwide search for a moniker, malaysian officials announced yesterday the name is nuan nuan. it means warm and friendly. i hope i'm saying that correctly. it was born in kuala lumpur in august last year. the parents were loaned to malaysia by china in 2014. >> all right. time now 4:52. he is accused of robbing a store with kids in the get why way car. next, a look at the man police are searching for this morning. we'll be right back.
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the cooldown begins today under mostly cloudy skies. 60s at the beaches, 70s around the peninsula, 7 ah across the santa clara valley. your numbers down substantially into the upper 60s and low 70s. anywhere from 50 to 20 degrees cooler. you will feel the difference in san rafael today with a high temperature of 66 degrees down from 87 degrees. windsor at 70. checking the roads, we have report of a broken-down vehicle as you work your way westbound san mateo bridge just past the high-rise blocking the slow lanes. past that, though, no delays into foster city. 4:55. he is a hard guy to miss in a crowd. police hope someone will come
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forward to help get a suspected armed robber off the streets. here's charles justus. pleasant hill people want you to look at the tatoos on his face. you can't miss 'em. justus is accused of robbing the nordstrom rack on contra costa boulevard. san francisco is now taking a stand against the state of mississippi. tuesday, mississippi governor phil bryant signed a religious freedom law which allows businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians based on religious belief. san francisco mayor ed lee just announced that he is banning his city and employees from traveling to mississippi unless necessary. he announced a similar travel ban last week to north carolina. very soon you may notice something different with the old bay bridge. caltrans says they will start lowering that second 500-foot truss in the next few days. the truss is so heavy the process will take a couple of days. but once it's removed, crews
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can begin the demolition process of that support face in the water. they will rig the foundation with explosives and blow it up. it is 4:56 right now. a shocking video sent through snapchat. now being investigated as a possible hate crime, why a local school is caught in the middle of the investigation. >> reporter: and it's opening day for your san francisco giants. we are on the field at at&t park this morning. we'll tell you about season expectations coming up. ,, ,,
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the warriors have wow-ed us many weeks... and now, i'm frank mallicoat. and i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. it's thursday, april 7. it's also opening day at at&t park! it looks like the stadium is ready to rock. the dodgers are in town. >> oh-oh! >> should be fun. >> the dreaded dodgers. >> dreaded. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. the warriors have wowed us
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for many weeks and now, they got a little competition because baseball is back! >> that's right. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at at&t park on why this season's bound to be exciting. jackie reporter: what's better than garlic fries on a warm sunny afternoon on opening day of the giants season? it doesn't get better especially as they are coming off a 2-1 series against the brewers so fans are excited. last year we were entering the 2015 season as world series champs. their third title in five seasons and hopes were high for a repeat but it wasn't an even year so they missed the placeoffs with a record of 84-7 -- the play-offs with a record of 84-78 in 2015. it's 2016 now, which is a magical even numbered year. so that means the giants are really gunning for the championship this year. game time is at 1:35 this afternoon as the


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