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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  April 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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two days ago 90 degrees, tonight it's all about the rain. coming up which part of your weekend is likely a washout next. ,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. the rain is already falling in parts of the bay area tonight on the way to what could be a very wet weekend. >> from san jose to oakland to san francisco the streets are getting soaked and there's a lot more where this came from. >> let's get right to the radar with paul deanno. >> friday evening right through the beginning of your weekend. it's going to be soggy. kpix5 hi-def doppler tracking rainfall tonight heaviest in the south bay, doesn't always happen that way, but the heaviest rain is right over downtown san jose stretching south and west to campbell, los gatos, mountain view, fremont getting heavy rainfall, san mateo county, half moon bay, pacifica and steady rainfall
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now for san francisco the mill valley getting steady rainfall, but north of that, sonoma and napa county, a couple of our dryest spots. this rain is working southeast moving northwest. futurecast says it's going to be a wet night, good news because we could use every drop of rainfall and any april rain i consider bonus rain. waking up tomorrow morning that 9 a.m. little league rain, i don't think you'll get it in because we'll see rainfall continuing through the morning hours likely lasting until lunchtime tomorrow. we'll talk nor about how much rain -- more about how much rain and three or rain chances in the seven-day forecast. we'll time it out for you coming up. new video is raising questions tonight about a deadly confrontation between san francisco police and a homeless man wielding a knife. [ gunshots ] loser look at that >> the whole thing was over in less than 30 seconds. andria borba is in the newsroom tonight with a closer look at this video and new criticism over how quickly officers
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opened fire. andria? >> liz, sfpd showed off a photo of a knife they say 45-year-old luis gongorga lunged at them with once again has questions about the department's use of force. called in by the homeless outreach team when sfpd arrived at the 400 block of shotwell street, it took 23 seconds for them to fire four beanbag rounds and seven bullets at 45- year-old luis gongorga. rom the en, new jersey polic >> when i heard a voice say, "get on the ground," i ran up to the window to look and saw i man already on the ground. although they said get on the ground a few more times, he was on the ground. >> reporter: daniel meyer works in the mental health unit of the san francisco public defender's office. >> what struck me about it immediately is how fast the officers were to draw their guns and fire. >> reporter: he's also aing if ultimate member for crisis
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intervention -- a faculty member for crisis intervention team training which is working class by class to teach officers to use less than lethal options starting with these rules, slow down, create distance and call for help. >> there was seemingly little attempt to deescalate the situation. >> drop the knife! >> reporter: meyer points to this video from the camden, new jersey police department as a better way to deal with mentally illegal individuals who have weapons. >> and it took over 10 minutes for them to eventually disarm this person, but they were able to do it without using deadly force. >> reporter: kpix5 reporter cate cauguiran asked the commander about the officer's quick move to firing flying in the face of sfpd policy today. based off of what we heard, this happened within seconds. what do you have to say to that? >> this investigation is preliminary. we will look at all training and all aspects of this investigation as we move
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forward. >> reporter: meyers says the system as it's currently set up puts everyone in a no win situation. >> the state of our mental health system is one in which the police become the first responders to individuals with mental illness. ints. >> now mayor ed lee called for an independent investigation into the shooting by the civilian office of citizen complaints. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. tonight a man at the center of a videotape beating by alameda county deputies is being linked to organized crime. a federal arrest warrant for stanislav petrov has now been unsealed. one of the more interesting clues into his past? the fbi has linked petrov to organized criminal activity on the dark web. >> if you're able to go onto the internet and troll for thing you're going to use for an illegitimate purpose, you don't want the government coming after you or knowing about that. >> his lengthy rap sheets includes 43 felony charges.
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his arrests last week after a shooting at this visitacion valley home uncovered a hand gun, drug paraphernalia, heroin and more than 100-gram of methamphetamine. five contractors who worked on balconies last fall that gave way last summer could lose their licenses. the collapse was caused by water trapped during construction leading to dry rot. the state licensing board could suspend or revoke those contractors' licenses for failing to follow construction guidelines. president obama is spending the night in san francisco after mixing another big withdrawal from the bay area cash machine. he arrived aboard air force one with daughter malia in tow for a pair of democratic fundraisers. the president returns to washington tomorrow. meanwhile hillary clinton is watching her lead over bernie sanders in california shrink to just six points.
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12% are up for grabs undecided. the last fugitive of the paris terror attacks is in custody tonight. the 31-year-old mohammed abrini was arrested in brussels today. investigators are trying to determine if he played a role in last month's deadly airport bombing there. >> investigators are verifying whether he can be positively identified as being the third person present during the attacks. >> the arrest came 24 hours after police released this video showing the man in the hat walking away from the brussels airport and back to the neighborhood where the bombs were built. meanwhile fallout from the airport attack overseas could affect your summer travel plans here at home. veronica de la cruz tells us how. >> that's right, allen, the brussels airport attack highlighted a big vulnerability in u.s. airport security because it happened outside the secured area. as a result, passengers should expect more police in public areas, more bomb sniffing dogs and more random checks of
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vehicles and larger bags, but the tsa admits all of that could create a new security problem. owds o . passenge >> i do have concerns about long wait times because it does gather people up and in addition to being an inconvenience for the traveler, which is no small problem, it does propose a potential challenge with respect to large groups of people. >> passengers may be subject to random checks after clearing security. roughly 300 airports will report vulnerability assessments to the tsa next week used to improve security procedures across the board. tonight a group of san jose churches are opening their doors and parking lots to people with nowhere else to legally go. sharon chin shows us they're offering them a safe place to sleep in their cars. sharon? hey look forward shelter during ton >> reporter: it is raining, but behind me several homeless people will be spending the night in their cars or rvs in this south san jose church parking lot. to them it's more than just a
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free parking space. daytime shelter, overnight shelter, or ov es for more than several homeless people receive a hot meal at santa teresa catholic church. then they sleep in their vehicles in the church lot. they look forward to quiet shelter during tonight's rain, nothing like they're used to. >> 2:30 in the morning the police is knocking on my window and they're surrounding my car. i'm too embarrassed to go to work because i didn't have enough sleep. >> and here you get to sleep. you get to rest. you get to think, actually think about things. ♪ and the darkness can come quick ♪ >> reporter: santa teresa is among 16 churches that have joined together to help the homeless since january and through the el nino season. they are part of the winter faith collaborative, a coalition of housing advocates. this year its volunteers have provided more than 110,000 meals plus daytime shelter, overnight shelter or overnight parking spaces for more than 200 people.
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>> that has allowed them to go to school, get help with job searching. it has tremendously helped their health. >> reporter: surveys of more than 7,000 homeless people in santa clara county show one in six of them sleep in their cars, vans or rvs. they say they'd rather not stay in a shelter, so these folks appreciate the churches offering them a safe and silent night. >> very uplifting to know that people care, to know there are people that have your back. >> reporter: winter faith collaborative is trying to expand the program beyond the el nino season. it's asking 400 other san jose churches to volunteer along with them. live in san jose sharon chin, kpix5. tonight pope francis is offing a guide to love -- offering a guide to love, sex and marine. the 256 page document is called the joy of love in. it the pontiff calls divorce evil, but he of are the door
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open for people who -- he left the door open for people who remarried without an annulment in order to take communion. he appealed to the church to be more flexible when it comes to tricky moral questions. >> this is not a man you'll of answers to -- manual of answers to all of the great problems. it's rather an honest attempt to raise all of the great questions that families face today. >> in the guide the pontiff does not budge on the church's ban on homosexual unions and contraceptives. tonight bruce springsteen called off a within concert in north carolina over a new state law that critics say discriminates against gay and transgender people in. a statement springsteen says some thing are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and bigotry is one of them. he started this devastating california forest fire and just couldn't keep it to himself, tonight the arsonist burned by a selfie. >> plus stanford students fighting back tonight as the university pushes to tighten the rules on booze. >> and the bay area hip-hop duo
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about to give a command performance for the president. ,, ,,,,,,
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getting burned by his own se video. 15:27:59-15:28:01 "i'm stucn the middle:" tonight an el dorado county man is starting a 20 year prison sentence after getting burned by his own selfie video. that is wayne huntsman. he pleaded guilty to igniting the devastating king fire back in 2014. you can see him laughing as the flames are burning around him. investigators got ahold of the video after huntsman showed it to a man who turned out to be a retired firefighter. that fire burned nearly 100,000 acres and destroyed 80 structures. the judge today also ordered huntsman to pay $60 million in restitution.
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a brazen burglar used his head when he broke into this sunnyvale pizza parlor smashing face first before tripping and catching himself with his bare hands likely leaving behind some fingerprints. these two men got ahold of a safe leaving with $300. tonight 24-year-old alejandro saro was arrested after an 8-year-old patient accused him of arresting her in the dental exam room in concord. police say they later found several graphic images of little girl's private parts on saro's phone. he's in jail on $8.1 million bail. tonight stanford university is considering a ban on hard alcohol in some student housing, but maria medina reports students are finding the idea a little hard to swallow. >> it's just a nice low key atmosphere. >> reporter: cole simmons lives in the beta delta phi
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fraternity house on campus where the rule for alcohol is very clear. >> we can drink in the rooms as long as we keep the doors open and that applies to i'm pretty sure all housing on campus. >> reporter: but that housing could change. the university president is looking at considering a ban on hard alcohol in undergraduate housing. >> i think you're kidding yourself if you think that kids aren't going to buy hard alcohol. >> reporter: the president e- mailed students last month saying there were too many instances of undergraduates overdrinking and that hard alcohol is connected to many problems on campus including sexual assault. just recently a jury found a stanford swimmer guilty of raping a drunk student. >> it's absolutely right we're discussing alcohol use and making sure it's healthy and happy, but an outright ban is sort of taking a law enforcement approach to what is really a medical problem. >> reporter: miles keating and cole say tougher restrictions for college students on alcohol is far from the solution. >> if there's a ban on hard alcohol, people will have it anyway. so then it's kind of people are trying to hide it and drink it
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behind closed doors. campus. a sp >> we did reach out to the university for statistics on alcohol related incidents on campus. a spokesperson told us she couldn't provide those. students at uc berkeley are enjoying a new way to recharge. two napping pods have been installed on campus. students can find them in the school's handy nap map and there may soon be one more of them. students will participate in a sleepy selfie contest on monday for the chance to win a third pod. probab ut getting well, if you've ever bought or sold anything on craigslist, you probably worried about getting ripped off or even worse. tonight there is a safer way to meet and do business with strangers. the pittsburg police department just opened the first of its kind exchange zone in the bay area. it is marked, well lit surrounded by surveillance cameras. tsburg police fear of the >> they may not want that person to come to their house. they may not want to meet them in a shopping center parking lot. now they can meet them at the pittsburg police department,
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take the fear and safety part out of the equation. >> police officers will not patrol the zone. however, it's right there in front of the police station and there are officers coming in and out all the time. a bay area musical group has caught the ear of the president with their unique sound, christin ayers on the hybrid brand of hip-hop that earned them an invite to the white house. h, ll, reggae. it ♪[ music ] >> reporter: they call themselves los rocas, two cousins, an open bilingual hip- hop duo with an unmistakable unique sound. >> , kpix-5. the summit runs from a y second. >> we started mixing spanish english dance reggae hip-hop. it's like a mix of different genre. >> reporter: grounded in their panamanian roots. >> we call it roca musica. >> reporter: tonight they
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headline in oakland, but in a few weeks they're going on the road to perform for the president. >> obama wants us to come, bring the roca party to the white house. >> reporter: they have no idea how they got on the white house's radar, but two weeks ago the two got an e-mail inviting them to the first ever white house summit for 100 of the country's top innovators of color. >> for them to think of us, it's really an honor. >> reporter: they'll use their moment in the spotlight to play music from their upcoming album, teach the president some spanish, but most importantly -- >> that's all we have in mind, making the people dance. >> reporter: can you get obama to dance? >> yeah. we'll have fun. >> the summit runs april 29th through may 2nd. okay, paul, pick up the beat. >> here we go. you'll be dancing in the rain outside in oakland now. it is raining heavily. south bay, palo alto, redwood
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city on the peninsula, working south to milpitas, santa clara, sunnyvale, cupertino, the rain just north of manetta airport, but it will take a while to get out of there. the north bay napa and sonoma county not even raining yet, the opposite of what's typical. it's the south bay first. north bay gets rain overnight. we're come up on 1/2 inch of rain in dublin, more than 1/3 inch in fremont, gilroy and cupertino already 1/4 inch. it's bonus rain because it's april. we're out of the rainy season. san francisco 58 degrees, livermore 58, 60 in oakland, mid-50s overnight tonight. the rain is getting closer ands that low meanders offshore our rain chance continues,
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futurecast 3 a.m., raining while you're sleeping and likely raining when you wake up and it will likely continue to rain on and off tomorrow. watch what happens sunday morning, more wrap around moisture wrapping around this area of low pressure gives us a continued chance of showers into sunday morning. add up everything, there will be parts of the bay area with over 1/2 inch of rainfall by saturday night and a few more showers coming up sunday morning, but there's more. that's a storm coming up from the south. next week wednesday and thursday here comes the storm down from the gulf of alaska bringing a cold front. more rain is possible next wednesday and thursday. we fall off a cliff for average rainfall in the month of april. this april not so much. we'll see rain four days of the next seven not even including today. showers increase after midnight especially north of the golden gate, widespread rainfall in the morning, drier weather but not completely dry but drier, still cloudy and cool sunday, mid-60s tomorrow, mainly morning rain for you, oakland
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67, santa rosa, 63 degrees. wettest part of the weekend is tomorrow morning. scattered showers continue until sunday afternoon, a couple dry days monday and tuesday, more rainfall wednesday and thursday. drought buster, no, we're kind of done with that. this will lessen the need to water your lawn, for farmers to water crops. now we begin taking water out of the bank, so to speak. we get rain in april, don't have to make withdrawals again, mother nature still providing. that's good. and it is the weekend. >> that's even better. tonight a hi-tech bounce house on its way to the international space station, but even cooler is what came back down after the launch. >> coming up in the late show with stephen colbert comedian john olivier, golfer jordan spieth and new order. ,,
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(vo) one hundred million pounds. that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit
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the first truss came down in fe well, prepare to see a repeat of this time lapse of the old bay bridge when the first truss came down in february. caltrans removing a second 504- foot section this weekend provided the weather is cooperative. the bike path will be closed until the job is done. another giant leap for spacex. >> the company founded by tesla ceo elon musk launched a new
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shipment of supplies to the space station today. the cargo includes what alls to a hi-tech bounce house, an inflatable habitat that could pave the way for moonbows and mars ex -- moon bases and mars expeditions, but the story isn't just what came up. it's what came down. for the first time spacex managed to land its falcon 9 booster rocket on a barge, a major step towards making its rockets reuseable, pretty cool. >> yeah. we're doing bridges and rockets. what do you got going? i got a story you'll only see here on channel 5. a former kpix5 sports intern made his big league debut tonight. it's a good night for the rookies, too. speaking of big leagues a's and giants, right side or wrong side of 3-2 ballgames? we got the story. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you off from 3rd and baseball up top and a lot of late night hijinx. start you off third and king streets. here the ross stripling family, the dodgers first major league start a gem. a no no for a 7 1/3 inning of
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work and a no no still going when he was pulled. then bullpen gave it up. an 8th inning, a good time for giants trevor brown, a two run homer tied the game. run charged to stripling, poor guy. it went to extras and the walkoff number by brandon crawford. we're done here. on just two heights giants got it done in -- two hits giants got it done in 10 innings 3-2. ken griffey, jr., a night for him in seattle, hall of fame inductee, ceremonial first pitch. a 9th inning chris coughlin blast broke a 2-2 tie. the a's playing long ball, final 3-2. my favorite joe biagini, a 2012 channel 5 sports intern tonight, big league debut and struck out david ortiz of the red sox. the peninsula native, king academy high school, former giants bar man and now wow, the
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show. hey, in golf 66-year-old tom watson said good bye to competitive golf at the masters. 2nd round play here's jordan spieth at three and what a sport game, carter to birdie here. spieth led by 5, but a 2-over 74 has him one shot clear over the field, one shot over rory mcilroy. look at this put on 16. the two will be paired together for round 3. my favorite tonight, joe, i think it's channel 5 history. >> i think it was. >> name a channel 5 employee that has ever pitched on the big leagues. i can't think of 1. >> we'll never get him back now. >> i'm going to text him as soon as we get off the air. >> first performance of many we hope. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's get a last look at the radar. >> radar is active in april, take a look. here it is. south bay, you're getting the heaviest rainfall just leaving san jose right now, thought about means it's just working north, milpitas, palo alto getting heavy rainfall. the heaviest stuff is in the north bay overnight. the window of opportunity for rain lasts through the day tomorrow into sunday. tomorrow morning will be the heaviest rain, scattered showers late tomorrow, sunday morning, but looks pretty wet for april. >> giants, dodgers in the afternoon, should be okay? >> i think we get the game in.
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12:30 start? be pushed back a little. >> have a good weekend! >> masters highlights are next. captioning sponsored by cbs >> over 360 sunsets ago, a young texan became a springtime sensation. jordan spieth went wire to wire at augusta and dawned the green jacket. now a year later he's taking another step into history leading or the a record sixth consecutive round. but rory mcilroy is right on his heels and could be two days away from the grand slam! it's the masters! >> f


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