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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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top of the transamerica building i'm michelle griego. >> and it's 4:29 -- actually, now, 4:30. i'm brian hackney. we have a lot going on. >> yes, we do. >> and weather, a chance of a few showers coming in later, and everything smooth on the road ahead but first i have to chat about weather. mostly in the 50s. 56 in concord and oakland and 54 at livermore and a chance of rain coming in later in the week that we'll rhapsodize about later. we have angels in oakland today first pitch at 7:05 and later, 880, a lot of delays but 880 looks good in both directions along the nimitz freeway for now.
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we are learning more about the toddler that went missing after her mother was murdered. 2-year-old arianna fitts went missing after the body of her mother, nicole fitts, was found dead in san francisco. joe vasquez spoke with the family members of the little girl who are increasingly concerned for her safety. >> i hope we can find her and get her back to her family. >> reporter: family of nicki fitts are horrified and now, they are concerned about her 2- year-old daughter. >> i am positive we will see her again safely. mostly, just scared that she is out there, and we want her home. >> reporter: police won't elaborate on the circumstances of nicki's murder only saying that her body was found on fried but the fact that a murder victim's young daughter
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is missing makes them extremely concerned. >> the world is very large to a 2-year-old. if anyone sees her, we urge you to contact 911. >> reporter: be on the look out, see the photo and notify the authorities if you see anything, know anything. >> according to nicki's social media accounts, the child may have been with a babysitter, but police are tight lipped on details. oakland police are investigating three separate shooting deaths in a 24-hour period over the weekend. a man was killed a few blocks away from the fruitvale part station and another man shot to death on midnight on sunday. less than an hour later, a woman was killed in a home on sunnyside. a plane's nose gear buckled
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after touchdown yesterday. the cessna landed with the tail up in the air, but the front wheel collapsed moments later. fire crews rushed to the run way as a precaution. nobody was hurt. excitement spread across the bay area as fans watched the warriors get one step closer to breaking an mba record. the warriors' victory against the spurs makes it the team's 72nd win tying them with the chicago bull's record with the most wins in a regular 16 set exactly 20 years ago. fans packed in to watch the warrior's game and are hoping for a big would i big -- win on wednesday. >> we are going to lock it in. >> we are at a fortunate place in time to witness this. >> reporter: see what they do on wednesday?
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>> exactly, right. >> the warriors play the grizzlies on wednesday at home, and the seats at the next warrior's game is the hottest ticket in town, $382 for the final game against the memphis grizzlies on wednesday. courtside seats to watch golden state is up to $10,000 and those prices are expected to climb in the next 3 days. >> have that in your back pocket, ms. griego? >> i don't but i will sit on your couch. new details on the weather, starting out this early monday morning, a little bit of drizzle out there, about that much, and later in the day, we'll finally get a peek at the sun after we pick up as much as an inch of rain over the weekend, somewhat of what we expect, a mostly cloudy start and just a bit of drizzle, sun and cloud mix and rain later in the week on wednesday night and thursday and mid-60s should do
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it. late wednesday, early thursday, another system will come through won't be much, and nice and sunny, so what about the commute department? all clear for the most part in the commute department. we are seeing a few folks on the roadways, mostly on the 580. traffic is moving at nice speeds to 680, the dublin interchange. east of there that we are seeing the slowing. elsewhere, the bay bridge off to a great start, no delays out of oakland. san mateo bridge looks good headed from hayward to foster city this morning, only a 13- minute ride across the span and no delays out of murray county, and into san francisco,
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a 14-minute ride. no delays along highway 4 east or westbound. traffic is looking good. the nimitz freeway, a great start into downtown oakland, traffic is clear. southbound, no troubles, so far so good out of oakland from san lorenzo into hayward and if you want to skip the roadways, you can use mass transit, bart, everything, ace trains, muni, no delays. more on the use of deadly force with the latest san francisco shooting involving a police officer. the deputy chief said that stun guns may not have made a difference in the shooting. but the public seems to favor non-lethal force. >> reporter: 23 seconds, video shows that's all it took to fire four bean bag rounds and 7 bullets at a 45-year-old homeless man that police say
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was wielding a knife. what does that tell that you it happened so fast? >> just tells me that they don't have com passion or patience. >> reporter: he says that the pd should have learned his lesson after the deadly shooting of mario woods in december and given officers a new tool. do you think police should have tasers some. >> absolutely. >> reporter: why is that? is that they can do their job less harmful to a human life. >> reporter: san francisco police are banned from carrying if you know stun guns and some like it that way. >> weapons will hurt and sometimes kill people. >> reporter: on kpix news sunday morning, the chief said that stun guns aren't a silver bullet. >> if someone is advancing on you with a knew, you won't use a taser? >> it depends on what the distance is, can you deploy that weapon? but, obviously f they are closing that distance rapidly,
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no, you're not. >> reporter: crisis intervenges team training is teaching officers noon lethal options such as slowing down, creating distance, and call for help but still, a fatal shooting happened and the community is divided. >> for them to do it again is painful. >> trying to keep people safe and doing their best. i don't think anybody wants to murder somebody. >> reporter: in the mission district, mark kelly, kpix 5. concord family is outraged and speaking out against the release of a prominent politician's son convicted of killing their loved one. esteban munoz was sentenced to 16 years in prison after being convicted of stabbing to death 22-year-old luis santos in san diego. on his last day in office,
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governor schwarzenegger reduced his sentence. >> we were sad there wasn't anything we could have done. >> nunoz's father knew governor schwarzenegger. currently, the state gives new parents 55% of pay for up to six weeks. new legislation would increase that pay to 60 and 70% based on income levels. the legislation expected to take effect in 2018. all the candidates except ted cruz will be holding event ms. -- events in new york today. it's heating up with the primary in the empire state
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just eight days away. >> reporter: donald trump said something is wrong with the way republicans choose their presidential nominee. >> we have a corrupt system. it's not right. we're supposed to be a democracy. >> reporter: trump's campaign said that ted cruz is using underhanded methods to pick up delegates loyal to the texas senator. cruz's campaign call this -- calls this a lie. >> it seems there is talk about making america great again but do you understand the principles and value that is made america great in the first place? >> reporter: hillary clinton went to several churches on sunday before campaigning in baltimore where she slammed sanders' record on gun control. >> he voted to make it more difficult to shut down gun dealers who sold guns that ended up in criminals' hands. >> reporter: sanders is no
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longer questioning clinton's qualifications, just her judgment. >> a candidate who voted for the war in iraq, a candidate who voted for every disastererous trade policy that cost millions of jobs. >> reporter: the new york primary is april 19th. cruz will hold two rallies in southern california today, one in orange county and another in san diego. and a new poll spells trouble for donald trump. the associated press found that more americans think that clinton will make america great again than donald trump, 33% to 28% and cyclists for bernie sanders rode yesterday starting at the walnut creek bart station and headed to concord. other sanders supporters welcomed the riders when they
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arrived. a former nfl player gunned down in new orleans in a possible road rage incident. what's the connection between the super bowl champ and his killer? ,,,,,,,,
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the gunman accused of killing former saints' defensive end will smith is now facing a second degree murder charge. don champion tells us that investigators have uncovered an unusual connection between the two men. >> reporter: a black and yellow tribute marks the spot where former defensive end will smith lost his life. >> no matter what the situation is nobody should pull a gown someone else. >> reporter: smith and his wife raquel was on their way homey on saturday night when his mercedes suv was rear ended by a hummer. the hummer driver, cardle hayes, pulled a gun and shot
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smith to death and shot his wife in the leg. >> this is an isolated incident but it's tragic on all sides. >> reporter: hayes's attorney claims that his client's car was hit first. >> my client attempted to pursue that vehicle in an effort to get the license plate number and in an effort to report the accident. >> reporter: before the incident, smith had dinner with a former teammate and former new orleans's police commander, one of those named in a lawsuit over the shooting of his father in 2005. >> this is just the wrong place at the wrong time. no way to explain what happened. >> reporter: police have not determined if that incident had anything to do with saturday's tragedy. >> theys is held on a $1 million bond. smith's wife is expected to
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survive. the couple has three children. in health news, at a conference in san francisco over the welcome, encouraging news from experts on liv and aids. at the global health conference, the doctor said when he started treating patients decades ago, there were concerns if doctors would ever find a cure but that line of thinking has changed dramatically. >> i do believe we will have a durable end to the hiv-aids pandemic. >> there is still one new case reported every day, but health officials expect that to be reduced by 90% by 2020. this weekend's weather may not have been great but it didn't stop thousands from celebrating japanese culture. the northern california cherry blossom festival happened over two days. along with music, there were
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freebies and martial arts performances. this is the event's 49th year. looks like a lot of fun, brian. >> were you there? >> no, but the video looks like fun. >> we do live vicariously through our video, don't we? [laughter] everyone is reporting cloudy conditions, san jose, mostly cloudy and sets the tone for the day, mostly cloudy again today and here and there the sun will peek through. as we look live to the airport, 56 at concord. oakland, 56, and livermore, 54 and san francisco 54, and the same for santa rosa. showers in and a bubble of high pressure around the california- oregon border, and a second low is moving in to southern california and will not have as nearly a dramatic effect that
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resulted in anin of rain in concord. more rain in the east bay than the santa cruz mountains than in the north bay because most of the stiff came from the east and it was wrung out over the east bay mountains instead of the coast range. if you are a fan of weather as i was as a tiny pipsqueak, you will go, wow, how unusual. futurecast, mostly cloudy skies to start the day with, and as futurecast rolls on, mostly cloudy conditions and maybe more sun in the south bay than the north bay and it could be drizzle this morning and an on shore push moving into the bay area for the evening hours. to sum it up, a mostly cloudy day but a little sun coming up through the day and drier mid week and then things change wednesday night and thursday morning with a few light showers.
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highs today, 55 degrees in san rafael and 67 at livermore and 68 in fairfield. the forecast looking for clouds and sun and more sun on tuesday and wednesday is not bad. still not bad when we get the rain wednesday night and thursday morning and i spent a lot of time watching kpix 5 and will bartley, of course, as did gianna. absolutely, brian. we have rain coming in later and the northbound 101, not too bad out of san jose this morning. traffic is clear all the way into the peninsula along 101 and the rest of the south bay, no accidents or incidents. north 101, 680, 237, no delays. and we have road work eastbound highway 4 between morello and pacheco boulevard.
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two lanes closed until 6:00 but no delays on the eastbound side. the commute direction on highway 4 looks good, nice speeds, 65 miles per hour westbound out of antioch moving into pittsburg. and we have a couple of cars here blocking the slow lane here, and just east, sluggish conditions heading into livermore. looks like it's slow to greenville. the bay bridge off to a great start and traffic is light out of oakland. haven't seen any troubles across the span into san francisco on the bay bridge. metering lights are off, and the san mateo bridge, light from 880 into 101 to the san
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jose bridge. michelle? >> all right. thank you. we know why mtv chose the warner brothers backdrop for the annual movie awards. from host dwayne johnson and kevin hart's "mad max fury road" entrance the show would not have fit in the unusual arena. one of the highlights was the salute to best comedic performance winner, ryan reynolds by dancing deadpools and he got to the stage and thanked everyone including his wife, blake lively, and janet jackson canceled her unbreakable tour to start a family with her husband and said that it will take place
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next year and ticket holders can receive a refund or use their tickets then. what points to buy yahoo some we'll tell you the latest one coming. ,,,,,,,,
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there it is, the highs in the 50s around the bay area, 57 in palo alto and mid to upper 60s under mostly overcast skies. the numbers will also be in the upper 60s for a nice monday ahead. a spot or two of drizzle close to the shoreline on this early going on monday, 65 in san rafael and 66 in oakland, and temperatures today in the upper 60s, low 70s.
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a chance of rain coming in later in the week. we'll cover that in a few minutes. 580 westbound, a few cars crashed over to the right shoulder, slight delays westbound 580 at doherty road. wall street journals as many as 40 companies are expressing interest for making bids for all or part of sunnyvale-based yahoo, among them the british newspaper daily mail and alphabet, the parent company of google considering bids. there is a deadline of april 18th one week from today to accept bids. gas prices continue to rise. the national average for regular unleaded is $2.10 a gallon, as for the local metro area, gas is more expensive. gas buddies $2.75 in san jose
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and $2.74 in oakland. these prices are 30 cents lower than this time last year. the price to watch netflix videos will go up next month for 17 million subscribers in the u.s. the streaming service last year said it would raise the standard plan price from $7.99 a month to $9.99. customers were allowed continue to pay $7.99 until may. no more docking room at the space station. a space x cargo ship made it there, the first time in 5 years that the comdowned had com -- docking board was occupied. nasa is worried this
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morning because a planet- hunting spacecraft is in emergency mode. the last time that they made contact with kepler was quite sometime ago, and since it launch inside 2009, kepler has discovered 5,000 planets outside our solar system. 4:57 this monday morning and the warriors are one win away from setting a record. and if you want to go to the game on wednesday i hope you're rich. the search for a missing 2- year-old intensifies after police find the body of her mother on friday. ,,
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good morning, everyone.
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it is monday, april 11. you see clouds out there? >> oh, plenty. that's a cloud. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. this morning, the search for a missing toddler is continuing as police have located the body of the mother. >> reporter: that's right, brian. the little girl has been missing since february but with the recent news about her mother, the search is intensifying for ariana fitts, the daughter of nicki fitts whose body was found on friday. police will not elaborate on her murder but their concern over arianna grows as the family tries to remain hopeful. the little girl is at risk because she is so young and


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