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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it is monday, april 11. you see clouds out there? >> oh, plenty. that's a cloud. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. this morning, the search for a missing toddler is continuing as police have located the body of the mother. >> reporter: that's right, brian. the little girl has been missing since february but with the recent news about her mother, the search is intensifying for ariana fitts, the daughter of nicki fitts whose body was found on friday. police will not elaborate on her murder but their concern over arianna grows as the family tries to remain hopeful. the little girl is at risk because she is so young and because her mother is the
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victim of a homicide. police released photos of ariamna over the weekend and are asking people who know anything about the case to call 911. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> jackie, police are not saying anything about why this happened or motivation, nothing about that; right? >> reporter: they are not release anything details about the killing. all we know about nicki is she has been a bay area resident for 12 years and worked at a best buy on harrison street and they are keeping details under wraps. >> okay. thank you. two graduate students are expected to announce they are filing complaints with the state about a u.c. berkeley professor. their attorney said they were victims of discrimination, sexual harassment, and a hostile work environment. these are the latest in a series of similar accusations at the university. new this morning, a palo alto non-profit for people with
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disabilities may have to cancel a camping trip after thieves stole equipment. this is a previous photo from a trip, from abilities united. someone broke into the organization's shed and took off with tents, sleep baggings and other gear worth $1600. it's a monday morning, and we do have a little bit of drizzle out there which hasn't affected traffic yet. >> not too much, yeah. >> we'll have a complete update in a minute. but this morning, first, the numbers in the 50s, a mix of sun and clouds, not severely clear by any means. a mostly cloudy start and drizzle and variable clouds today and that means variable sun and later in the week, a chance of rain late wednesday into early thursday. between now and then, drying out and temperatures in the mid- 60s today.
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66 in santa rosa, and 60 in pacifica. the extended forecast, rain moving in later wednesday and thursday morning. but if you want sunshine and missed out on it this weekend, take heart. saturday and sunday in the mid 70s that. looks good and according to gianna, so does traffic. yeah. we had a 2-car crash reported about 15 minutes ago but that's off to the shoulder so no delays westbound 580 and east of there, we are getting word of an accident, westbound 580 at greenville. chpis headed out to the scene to get more details. they are not block anything lanes, and you are busy 205 connector to greenville, a typical slow and go spot along the altamont area. a look at 101, both directions along the peninsula, if you have an early flight at sfo,
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you're in luck, traffic flowing well in both direction. if you want to use 280 to 380, a 10-minute ride and east 92 at half moon bay, no delay this is morning. if you are commuting out of hayward into foster city, 13 minutes to go between 880 and 101. the bay bridge looks good out of oakland and san francisco, no delays. 19 minutes from the carquinas bridge to the maze and another 10 minutes to work through the upper deck into san francisco. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. fan enthusiasm is sky high for golden state warriors and their big win. >> and that means that ticket prices just go up. we are live at just one of the places where the fan excitement has reached a fever pitch. >> reporter: good morning.
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we are live at santana row. if you want to see the warriors make a run at history, crack open the wallet. it will not be cheap. the tickets we could find on stub hub in the nose bleed section overlooking the north tunnel at oracle arena, $399. courtside seats? you know the saying f say -- if you have to ask, probably can't afford, two seats available courtside for $7,000 and on the more affordable end, a sports bar and restaurant. we caught up with fans here at the yard house as they oohed and aahd for everyone point. for fans yelling at the tv together is more fun. >> let's go somewhere where everybody will be together and it brings the community together. it's fun. >> reporter: if the warriors get their 73rd win on
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wednesday, they will beat the chicago bull's record from 1995 for the most wins on the season. the warriors barely squeaked by their game on saturday, so you know it will be a great game on wednesday. tip-off at 7:30 p.m. go, warriors. the campaign 2016 is offering to a preview of the national convention. on twitter yesterday, donald trump accused ted cruz of bribing delegates with, quote, goodies, to change their votes. trump's convention manager is calling out the cruz campaign. >> you go to conventions and see the gestapo tactics -- . >> that's a strong word. >> we will be filing protests because reality is they are not playing by the rules. >> the 2016 republic national convention will be in cleveland
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in july. a new poll shows that president obama's approval rating is on the rise. the survey shows 50% approval of the overall job that president obama is doing in office, his highest approval rating since 2013. 49% of those polled said they approve how the president is handling the economy. new this morning, john kerry said he is honored to be the first secretary of state to be visiting the japanese city of hiroshima. kerry became the highest- ranking american official to visit since world war ii when the foreign ministers visited the memorial. >> we came here and who from the experience of touring in this museum, we learned how critical it is to apply the lessons of the past to the future. >> hiroshima is the japanese city that was the target of the
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u.s. atomic bomb in the closing stages of world war ii. a report show that is immigrant children of those in the u.s. without legal status have been blocked from enrolling in some schools because of the interpretations of residency rules. all children have to attend school until at least 8th grade or age 16. a whole new meaning to the word drive through. why a man rammed his car into a jack in the box restaurant not once but twice. >> and one man got a side order of rude witness his s tar -- rudeness with his starbucks coffee. what was whereon his cup. and oakland athletics will
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be playing tonight at 7:05. ,,
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hey, happy monday as we look towards san jose, the apter and the stadium and mostly cloudy skies. but it will change as the day
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goes on and week goes on and more rain coming up later in the week. the complete forecast coming up. police believe that a southern california man was under the influence of drugs when he rammed into a jack in the box restaurant not once but twice. when set the --what set the man off was a locked bathroom. >> reporter: lapd took this guy into custody after he slammed into the restaurant twice. edgar morales was inside waiting for burritos when he took out the front door and then went around the side and took out that door. >> i was scared. >> reporter: scared you were going to get killed? >> yeah. >> reporter: the walked inside and tried to get in the restaurant but william was already in there. >> i heard he was banging the door. i didn't come out. he bang today twice, about three times. >> reporter: witness said that he got into his car and waited
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until traffic cleared and raced across 5 lanes of vermont and crashed head on into the front door. this man was at the front corner table. >> scared. he set his heart was beating very fast. >> reporter: but a few minutes of terror were just beginning. >> then he went around the corner of jack in the box and went to the other side and slam immediate there, too. >> reporter: the district manager said nobody was hurt and a woman who was there said she was very scared when it happened and scared to be inside after because she was not certain it was safe. workers spent the day putting up framing. >> i was super hungry. >> reporter: since this, drive through was the only option. this customer rode through and others did it the old fashioned way until mid afternoon when the drive-through option was
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taken away as well. >> wow. more information on a head- on car crash in rural sacramento that killed 5 people over the weekend, some of the victim professor modesto. it happened at 5:30 in the morning on highway 12. i'm sorry. of it happened at 5:30 on saturday afternoon. three women and two toddlers were killed. the driver of the car that the victims were in tried to pass a number of cars before slamming into a pickup. >> it's unfortunate that someone would take a chance to past vehicles on a busy stretch of freeway that would have made 2 or 3 minutes in the time of travel. >> slippery conditions might have been a factor in the crash and the family in the truck are okay. a man is not laughing at a note he got with his starbucks white mocha coffee. the note said diabetes here i
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come. and the customer said his two sisters suffer from diabetes. >> no, we definitely don't condone. >> the offended coffee drinker said not funny. starbucks said in a statement that they are trying to offer the customer a direct apology. [laughter] all right. a look at the road ahead, here's gianna, ladies and gentlemen. word of a serious accident that happened overnight. lanes are closed, southbound skyline boulevard, a lot of activity in and around the scene. looks like one way traffic in effect because of the accident, but avoid the area if you can. southbound skyline road, closed at berkshire and traffic is closed in effect, and this is from a serious accident that happened overnight. the investigation is ongoing and that's why we're seeing activity there.
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westbound 580 at greenville, and it looks like a vehicle that spun out and is pacing the wrong way, -- facing the wrong way, and out of tracy, we have red on the sensors. slower speed than usual. and working to 680, the dublin interchange, traffic is clear. if you are headed to sfo, no delays. the drive times, an easy ride along 101, 19 minutes. no delays on 280 and if you are commuting out of half moon bay, a 5 minute ride to san mateo. the bridge itself, so far, so
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good. 880 to 101, steady with a 30- minute drive for your drive time. and here is a look at the bay bridge. we are seeing extra volume out of oakland into san francisco. and traffic is pretty light as you work toward the toll plaza and the upper deck into san francisco. san jose, north 101 is looking pretty good out of san jose. you might see extra volume 101 out of morgan hill and northbound 280, 101, 680 to 85, 11 minutes. and commuting from 85 to 101, only 8 minute this is morning. so far, traffic is nice out of the south bay. here is brian with the forecast. maybe a little drizzle this morning but the rain we had over the weekend is gone and we're left with partly to mostly cloudy skies to start
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off monday morning. santa rosa, 54. redwood city, 54 and same for san jose. mid-50s and there, 10 degrees warmer, mid-60s by the time all is said and done today. low pressure system is leaving replaced by another low pressure system off the southern california coastline. problems for los angeles and san diego. for us, a bubble of high pressure and we will be mild, drying out, but wednesday night, a weak cold front from the gulf of alaska that will give us a few showers late wednesday and early thursday. meantime today, morning clouds and partly cloudy. more sun today than we had all weekend. but it won't be much. dry through mid week until late on wednesday giving us a chance of overnight showers. the south bay, 70 degrees at
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campbell, and 67 for morgan hill and 68 for fremont and a touch of drizzle in the east bay and the numbers nudge 70 in brentwood. 66 in santa rosa. along the shoreline, numbers in the upper 50s. bough --bodega bay, 59. and a chance of a few showers late wednesday into early thursday and if you missed on the sunshine this weekend, the sun will come out tomorrow and friday and saturday. and one of the most popular science fiction things in the 60s was "lost in space" and speaking of lost in space, michelle. >> am i lost in space? >> you can relate. a stuffed toy dog is missing and lost in space and now fans have launched a social
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media search. sam was attached to a helium balloon launched into orbit in london. they attached a gps tracker, but it disappeared into the atmosphere. could jordan spieth hold a lead at the masters? could the giants overcome the deficit to the dodgers? history is on the line for the warriors with one game left. to klife, you can learn from granola.
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. good morning. we have new information on a traffic alert in san bruno, southbound 35 is completely blocked. traffic controls are in effect as they investigate a fatal accident that happened overnight. use alternate routes in the meantime. good morning, everyone. we all know the warriors are going for the best record in a single season, and the spurs were hoping to become the first
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team in history to go unbeaten at home. in the 3rd, golden state up 2 and curry knocks that one. curry with the floater. warriors up 8, and they win 92- 86 and tied the 1995-96 bulls with 72 wins. jordan spieth had a 5 shot lead at the masters but put 2 in the water and had a quadruple bogey to fall off the lead opening the door for the 28-year-old from england to win the masters. at&t, the giants rallied from a 5-run deficit against the dodgers. the giants win, 9-6. in seattle, coco crisp, his first homerun since august 2014 came in the top of the 10th to give the as a 2-1 win and a 3-
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game sweep. all good news. the giants winners coming from behind and the as and golden state warriors, mark your calendar, wednesday night. see you tonight. and back to the masters, the winner is the first golfer from europe in 17 years to win in georgia. they spoke about their joy and disappointment respectively. >> you know, things happen, and sometimes, things go your way. >> ultimately you have to your "a game." i didn't have the swings on the back 9. >> it was a tough day for jordan spieth. back to the masters. to the play of the day, this tee off on the par 16 hole.
5:26 am
watch. >> no. no. no. [laughter] >> oh, no. just when you think you have seen it all. the warriors are going for their 73rd win on wednesday, and tickets are available on the secondary market but get ready to pay big bucks. a family grows more concerned on the whereabouts of a 2-year-old girl after police find the body of her mother, murdered.
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was sentenced. now the family of hi im is speaking a convicted killer back out on the streets just 6 years after he was sentenced. the family of his victim is speaking out. >> and a scary scene at the oakland airport as two people end up on the nose of a plane. >> and the skyline closed for a fatal accident. details coming up. good morning. it's monday, april 11. i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm michelle griego. the search for a missing toddler is intensifying after police discover the body of her mother. jackie ward has more. >> reporter: michelle, a terrible story of a mother we now know was murdered and a
5:31 am
missing toddler, arianna fitts missing since february. nicki's body was found a few days ago. police are not releasing details. we don't know if suspects were named or any suspected arrested but police are doing everything they can to find nicki's daughter, ari anna. >> if anyone sees her, we you remember to you call 911. >> reporter: her mother was said to be a happy, pleasant woman and that makes them more confused than ever. police are urged to call 911 if they know anything about arianna's whereabouts. >> jackie, have police given any information on where they are focusing their efforts? >> reporter: we don't know anything like that, michelle. all we know is that she is from the bay area and has been here
5:32 am
for 12 years and has family up and down the coast of california. >> jackie ward, thank you. oakland police say that three deadly shootings over the weekend are unrelated. a man was killed about 4:00 in the morning on saturday around the fruitvale part station and a man shot in the westlake neighborhood. and less than an hour later, a woman was killed outside a home on sunnyside street. no word on the motive behind the murders. a concord family is reliving the pain of losing their son after his killer, esteban nunez, was released from prison after serving 6 years of a 16-ier sentence for the stabbing death of luis santos in san diego. on his last day in officer, governor schwarzenegger reduced nunez's sentence. >> we are just sad and frustrated there wasn't
5:33 am
anything we could have done. >> nunez's father was a polital ally of schwarzenegger. the family released a statement reading in part, quote, our son has paid his debt to society and will continue to pay all legal and fnt obligations to the family. governor jerry brown is expected to strengthen the paid family leave program today. currently, new parents get 55% of their pay for six weeks. the new increase would be 60 to 70% based upon income levels. fan enthuse why is sky high for the golden state warriors after their win last night. >> that's right. and keit do is standing by live where the fan excitement has reached a fever pitch. >> reporter: good morning.
5:34 am
the warriors are on the cusp of making sports history, and if you want to see, get ready to pay. in the nose bleed section for the game on wednesday, $399. that's the cheapest on stub hub. and if you are curious about courtside seats, stub hub has two available for $7,000. the warriors, the moment is not a lot of on them. they broke their losing vehicle in san antonio. >> the team we played against and the setting, back to back, thought about that and liked the lineup. >> you get the teams you are
5:35 am
playing against, it's going to be a battle. >> reporter: if the warriors get their 73rd win on wednesday, they will beat the chicago bulls' record. the warriors barrie squeaked bare -- barely squeaked by on saturday's game. so it will be a great game on wednesday. >> all right. thank you. and the rain has pretty much ended. you may see a little drizzle on the way to work and the next chance of rain on wednesday night. there is the back to back suspension part of the bay bridge, standing proudly since move no of 1936. livermore, 54 and we're in the mid-50s for much of the bay area. we will have sunshine later, a mix of sun and clouds and a chance of rain later this week.
5:36 am
highs today, mid-60s for the bay area. san jose, 69. oakland, 66, and concord, 68, and we'll be dry through mid week and increase clouds late wednesday into thursday and friday, saturday, and sunday, looking good. last time i checked, so was traffic. we have taken the turn for the worse, unfortunately, brian. the investigation continues on a fatal accident in san bruno overnight southbound skyline closed at berkshire until further notice and expect delays working through there. one-way traffic control is in effect as a result. use 280. but if you want to avoid delays on southbound 35, not a lot of options. elsewhere, if you are working at northbound 680, an accident blocking at least two lanes. and it's still early so not too
5:37 am
many major delays and a backup westbound 580 at greenville over to the right shoulder, and you can see delays as far as mountain house. the drive time, 19 minutes from the altamont pass from 680. the dublin interchange. and southbound 85 at 17, word of a vehicle versus pedestrian. not seeing any delays but keep your eyes peels for that southbound 85 this morning. the rest of the south bay, no troubles on north 101. no delays on 101, 280, or 92. the bay bridge, they put the metering lights on about 5 minutes ago. >> gianna, thank you. a close call at the airport when a plane's nose gear
5:38 am
buckled after landing. the cessna landed with the tail up in the air. the pilot landed okay but the front wheel collapsed moments later. fire crews rushed to the runway as a precaution. the pilot and co-pilot were on the plane. no one was hurt. cia director john brennan said his agency will not engage in waterboarding even if the next president orders the agency to do so. represidential candidates donald trump and ted cruz suggested that they would end the ban on waterboarding but brennan said they would not engage in enhanced interrogation techniques. a white house meeting today with janelle yellen and vice president joe biden. yellen said that the economy is close to full health.
5:39 am
wall street reform will also be talked about today. and for the first time since 1913 t costs less to send something in the mail. >> that story and more financial news from jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the markets will open after another down week on wall street. on friday, stocks rose slightly. the futures are pointing to eye higher opening today. companies will be reporting earnings, and it may not be pretty. analysts are expecting the biggest year to year drop since the great recession and for the first time in nearly a century, the cost of mailing a letter is going down from 49 to 47 cents. the postal service was forced to drop a surcharge put in place to close a deficit. >> brian, do you still send
5:40 am
letters in the mail? >> if i am paying bills. you never do? >> well, no. >> no, letters. >> a letter? i don't write a letter. >> jill, what about the nfl getting into virtual reality? >> reporter: the nfl wants to use virtual reality in diversity training for workers. the technology could help employees virtually walk a mile in someone else's shoes and make them more empathetic in the racism and gender issues. i love it. i think that's a great use of it. brian and michelle? >> jill wagner at, thank you. and oakland, moving along
5:41 am
nicely. we'll have the official word coming up from gianna. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forecast in just a few minu happy monday and welcome back. the bay bridge, clouds beyond. we'll have a lot of those but it will dry out and warm up. the complete forecast coming up. new orleans investigators have uncovered an unusual connection between former saints football player will smith and his killer. police say that cardell haynes shot smith and his wife after he rear ended their vehicle. investigators are still
5:44 am
figuring out whether the connection had anything to do with smith's death. >> i think this is just wrong place, wrong time. no way to explain what happened. >> smith's wife is expected to survive. encouraging news over the weekend from an expert on hiv and aids. at the global health conference, a man who began fighting the aids epidemic in 1981 said when he started treating patients, they were not sure they would ever find a cure but he said that line of thinking has changed and how. >> i think we will have a durable end to the hiv-aids pandemic as we continue today. >> in san francisco, there is still 1 new case a day. now we know why mtv chose
5:45 am
the warner brothers back lot for the 25th annual movie awards. from hosts dwayne johnson and kevin hart's mad max spree, the show would not have been the same in the unusual arena. one of the highlights was by ryan reynold's deadpool dancers. reynolds canceled just about everybody including his wife, blake lively. janet jackson has canceled her tour to start a family with her husband and now, she said that the north america tour will take place next year and ticket holders can use them then or get a refund.
5:46 am
thousands showed up in san francisco to celebrate japanese culture. the northern california cherry blossom festival happened in two days with food booths and martial arts performances. it was the event's 49th year and held at one of the 3 remaining japan towns in the u.s. we have two separate fatal accidents, southbound 85 over northbound 17 is completely shut down until further notice due to a vehicle that hit a pedestrian there. and south 85 connector to northbound 17, that is completely shut down. southbound skyline at berkshire is closed due to a fatal
5:47 am
accident that happened overnight. a lot of activity on the scene for the investigation. avoid that area if you can, and you can use west 4 to 280 or highway 1. but right now, skyline road, highway 85 shut down. and we have an accident northbound 680 at jacklin road but we are not seeing any delays. elsewhere, westbound 580 at greenville, a lot of delays due to the accident off to the shoulder, and backup with speeds at 15 miles per hour in spots. it's affecting your drive times out of the altamont pass, 19 minutes to make that portion of the commute. 680, extra volume but is moving through the dublin interchange.
5:48 am
the bay bridge, metering lights are on, a backup off the approach including 580, 880 and the east shore freeway. carquinas bridge to the maze will take about 23 minutes for that portion of the commute. the san month at -- mateo bridge, 13 minutes between the 880 and 101. bart, muni, and caltrain, all on time. and highway 4 is getting busy westbound out of pittsburgh. looks like it eases out of 242, and a marin county check, light up 101 from 580 into san francisco. 14 minutes to make that portion of the drive. we have rain on the way, brian? later in the week. there is not much in the way of any raindrops, not yet.
5:49 am
54 in santa rosa, and 54 in livermore and starting out monday with 54 in san francisco. so the low leaves, the low that had pestered southern california, moved into the desert southwest and this is weaker and won't pull up much moisture. we will look for things to dry out with a chance of two pop-up showers later in the day over the coast range. for most of us, drying conditions and tomorrow, dry for sure. here's what we expect, drizzle and clouds this morning and later in the day, a peek or two at sunshine and dry l ou mid week, and wednesday night and thursday, a weak cold front from the gulf of alaska giving us a chance of showers. meantime, today is pretty good. sunriseat 6:39 aim and the sun 9 at 18 minutes before 8:00. the forecast highs for the day,
5:50 am
mid to upper 60s. santa clara, 68, and 59 at half moon bay. we start out with mostly cloudy skies, not much of a sunrise today and maybe a little sunlight in the afternoon and temperatures in the upper 60s. pretty much the same for the north bay, fog and drizzle, just a touch on the golden gate bridge. and the extended forecast, we pick up a chance of rain, drying out monday and today, we'll increase clouds in an undramatic way wednesday and a few light showers overnight and thursday morning but if you want your weekend back with sunshine, that is, we have it. saturday and sunday look like it will be sunny and temperatures in the mid-70s. make your plans now. that's what's next on weather and for what's next on the show here is michelle griego. brian, a space mystery,
5:51 am
where is the kepler spacecraft? ,,,,,,
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. ladies and gentlemen, gene autry's old team are taking on the athletics. they came to the bay area when
5:54 am
year? >> 1968? >> oh, very good. southbound 85 connector to the northbound 17 completely shut down for a fatal accident. avoid the area if you can. fatality southbound skyline at berkshire. 2 florida companies are reportedly expressing interest for all or part of yahoo. according to the wall street journal journal, the daily mail is among those companies. the parent company of google is also considering a bid. yahoo has set a deadline one week from today to accept the bids. what goes down must go up. the cost of gasoline is going up, the national average now $2.10 a gallon but not here. for the local metro areas, gas
5:55 am
is still more expensive, $2.75 in san jose and $2.74 in oakland and $2.85 in san francisco, but those prices buyer 30 cents lower than this time last year. video service is about to cost more for 70 million netflix survivors. two years ago, the streaming service said it would raise the price from $7.99 a month to $9.99. existing customers could keep paying $7.99 for 2 years but that expires in may. things are blowing up on the space station but this is a good thing. there is no space left on the docking ports at the international space station. the spacex ship made it there, the first time in five years that the compound has had all of the docking ports occupied. they are busy up there. the dragon had 3 tons of cargo
5:56 am
and an inflatable module that can be blown up to turn into a small bedroom. if it works, it will be a first in space. nasa is worried this morning, though, because kepler hunt is in emergency mode. it slipped into the mode last week and is 75 million miles away, and that makes it harder for nasa to come up with the fix for the system. the search for a missing 2- year-old continues and ramps up more after they find the body of her mother. and the warriors trying to make history with 73 wins on wednesday. if you want the tickets, get ready to pay. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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and i'm brian hackney questions are good morning, everyone.
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it's monday, april 11. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. questions are still swirling around the disappearance of a bay area toddler after her mother turned up dead in a park. jackie ward is in san francisco with the latest on the search for the missing girl. jackie? >> reporter: michelle, the little girl has been missing since february and now with the recent news of her mother, relatives are more worried about her. arianna fitts is the daughter of 32-year-old nicki fitts whose body was found on fried. - - friday and concern over arianna has grown. >> trying to stay positive that we will see her again safely and mostly i'm just scared that she's out there, and we don't know where she is. we want her home. >> reporter: the little


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