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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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removing sod from this front lawn and this family is ahead of the game. this letter doesn't apply to you? >> no. >> reporter: they removed their lawn and put in drought- tolerant plants two years ago. >> it was a huge undertaking and expense to replace the lawn especially the size we have in blackhawk. i can't expect everybody in here will be willing to do it. >> reporter: the ho alert said hat community has a responsibility to maintain its reputation and believes there is no longer any reason landscaping can't flourish. >> they want us to beautify the area. >> reporter: as long as residents still conserve. >> some people have gone to extremes by not watering at all. that's the problem because it really deteriorates the area. >> reporter: lawmakers are saying that hoas can't punish people for conserving saying we are still in a drought.
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we had a lot of rain but still need to conserve. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. just like juliette said, we are still urged to conserve and water restrictions are still in place. managers will meet later this month. more trouble for u.c. berkeley. last week, the former assistant men's coach of the basketball team resigned and now, two women have come forward accusing an assistant professor of sexual harassment claiming that the investigation into blake wentworth's actions have dragged on too long. we have the latest from cal right now. >> reporter: as the students claim the university is dragging its feet, they filed a claim detailing the allegations.
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>> we can't perpetuate this any longer. we won't tolerate it. >> reporter: standing in front of the building that the professor they say harassed them still works, they spoke out with their attorneys by their side. >> we call on the others impacted by a culture of intimidation, harassment, and fear of retaliation to come pardon and speak out against a failing system. >> reporter: the berkeley graduate students file aid sexual graduate claim against blake wentworth, the state, and the university. >> i am so in awe of them and they are brazen. i think you will only see more people come out. >> reporter: berkeley is under fire for allegedly mishandling sexual misconduct cases. as many as 19 employees violented the sexual misconduct policy in the past five years. many of them kept their jobs protected by their tenure.
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today, gutierrez in the with a university official appointed to approve the university's response for sexual assault and left the meeting emotional, vowing to fight it. >> too little, too late. i don't think anyone at the university will ever be able to account for the students and if a actuality members affected by broken policy. >> reporter: and we put in calls with the university officials and the professor but have yet to more back. maria medina, kpix. bart has arrived a tentative agreement to replace the current contract set to expire next year. under the deal, workers will get a nearly 11% total raise over the next four years. >> the bay area riders get a lot out of this, the certainty of no strikes or service interruptions unless it's planned between now and 2021.
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>> this clearly shows they are making efforts to forge a better relationship and the respect between us and the knowledge of the daily hard work of bart workers to keep our riders moving as the system ages and the records are regularly broken. >> both sides will discuss pensions at a later time. coming up at 6:00, why there was serious urgenerals ur -- urgency to get the deal done. and new leads on the murder of a tourist. joe vasquez has a look at the suspect. >> reporter: yeah. we goat -- got a look at composite sketches. this happened on february 18th at franklin and post. two suspects, a man and a woman, tried to steal a bag
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from the 44-year-old british tourist, the victim. he struggled with the robber and fell to the ground. at that time, the robber hit him several times with an unknown weapon according to police. and now, a look at the sketches, the man, 5'10", a heavy build and wearing a hoodie. the woman is 5'4", small build and dredlocks or graves, and now, let's listen to the police spokesman. >> we are trying to jog people's recollection. that is what a sketch is all about, and we are hoping that anybody who has seen the sketch f they know who the suspects are to please contact us. >> reporter: earlier, police had reported that they believed that a knife was used in this homicide and they are saying that the medical examiner report is not as certain. in fact, they were saying it was some blunt instrument but they are not sure what.
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an urgent search continues for a 2-year-old girl whose mother was found dead in san francisco three days ago. friendsand relatives are waiting for news about the girl and is hoping that she is found safe. they are looking for arianna fitts as they put it, around the clock with numerous resources. her mother, nicole, was found dead on friday night. she was last seen april 1. she worked at a best buy in the mission district. her body was found in mclaren park. the medical examiner is working to determine a cause of death. police are not saying if they identified any suspects. police searching for a drive wanted in a deadly hit and run that happened about 1:40 this morning and temporarily closed skyline boulevard near berkshire. police say that a vehicle hit a
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man and left the scene. witnesses describe it as a dark- colored 2016 mercedes gla. and in san jose, a 31-year- old woman died after being hit by two cars on a freeway on highway 85 near the highway 17 connector just after 5:00. witnesses reported seeing the woman walking along the highway with a backpack and flashlight. both drivers were cooperative with officers. chpdoesn't believe that drugs or alcohol were involved. and another shooting on interstate 80 in richmond around 10:00 last night near the mcdonald avenue exit in the eastbound lane. police say no one was hurt and no arrests have been made. this is just the latest in a rash of shootings on i-80, some of which deadly. a santa rosa dad behind bars tonight. he crashed his car and walked away from the scene leaving his 12-year-old son behind on highway 12 yesterday afternoon.
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police say 43-year-old ryan lynn was driving a honda when he lost control and went over the median and hit another car head on. the boy was injured but the other driver was not. his father was arrested facing felony charges. a homicide investigation is underway in unincorporated castro valley, the city's first one this year. it happened at 10:30 last night. the sheriffs office tells us that officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the head in a parking lot near the medical have. the victim --center. the victim was meeting a friend when the shooting happened. mayor lee plans to declare all of the homeless encampments safety hazards. this move after police shot and killed a knife-wielding plan on
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thursday who was living in a tent. he is likely to encounter opposition. david campos said that the main problem is the shortage of shelters. oakland is equal to boston for sky-high rent. in oakland, a 1 bedroom is up 14% for the year. the average one bedroom costs a little over $2200. two bedrooms are up 18% on the year at a little over $2700. both of these yearly percentages represent the highest year to year jump of rent in any sea in -- city in the u.s. today, governor brown signed a new family leave law. workers can take up to six weeks off work to care for a new child or a sick family member and will get 60% of their wages starting in 2018
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and low income workers will get 70% of their pay. this ams can am -- comes a week after san francisco approved full paid leave for new parents. a safety warning from palo alto-based tesla. >> why the car company said don't let anyone sit in the third row of their suvs. >> and why top u.s. scientists say the zika virus is much worse than they first thought. >> this week will be the op cyst what we did last week. last week, we started hot and got chilly. this week, chilly outside but as we look towards ocean beach, we're talking rain and also talking 80 degrees. we'll find out when coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the company is a tesla is recalling 2700 model x suvs. >> no one should ride in the third row before the problem can be fixed. >> reporter: you know, the tesla model x is believed to be the first family-friendly tesla because of the third row seat but it announced that their own tests determined it could snap forward. >> could you tell us more about the second row seat? >> reporter: the rear seats passed 15 strength tests before failing the 16th, and the company said there are no reports of seat failures from customers and no mention of the recall on the company's website but the company said it sent an e-mail to owners today outlining the voluntary recall saying we expect all replacements to be replaced on a rolling basis over five weeks
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and ask that you to the have anyone sit in the third row seat. and tesla acknowledges the inconvenience and points to safety as the primary concern but makes no mention providing loner cars to the families f amily -- loaner cars to families who need that third row. >> so a lot of families purchase this car and if the car is recalled, will tesla be required to give the loaner to get the kids to school? >> the short answer no. but we encourage drivers to request a loaner car especially if there is a safety issue. and often, they do oblige. frankly, there are not enough rental cars out there to give
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everyone one, but tesla is really good with customer service. i expect if someone would do that, it would be tesla. >> and this is a time when they are building the brand. >> i would say if you need that third row, ask tesla for a loaner. >> maybe you'll get one. >> let us know what happens. on the health watch, scientists trying to tackle autism are using google glass headsets. stanford researchers have developed facial recognition software to help search for and identify kids' emotions, an ability lacking with autism. the results are encouraging so far. kids are better able to tell the difference between things like surprise and fear. top u.s. health officials say that the zika virus is much scarier than thought and as craig boswell reports, they don't have the money to fight the month scene of the
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accidenty -- money to fight the mosquito-borne virus here. >> reporter: the biggest concern is for pregnant women and their babies, causing their babies to be born with abnormally small heads and other complications such as prematurity and eye problems. >> the virus is likely to be a problem much of the pregnancy and not just the first trimester. >> reporter: 32 cases of pregnant women reported, 7 sexually transmitted and one woman developed a nervous system issue of the 346 travel- related cases. more than $2 billion in funds were requested, and right now, about $500 million from the
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ebola fight is being used. >> it's not just for us to get the job done. it's a temporary stopgap. >> we absolutely hope we don't see widespread transmission in the continental u.s. but we need to stay pretty ready for that. >> reporter: craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> and the issue was front and center in san francisco. a panel of experts explained that scientists are learning a lot about the unusual virus but no one really knows how many babies of women infected with zika will end up with birth defects or problems or if infected adults may develop different i'llnesss. >> it would be hubrous for us to cop exclude that
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microencephally is the only issue. all right. been away for a couple of days and get back and water, rain. you were busy while i was gone. >> we had active weather. >> we went from 95 on wednesday to 50s and 60s and a lot of people have seen their april allotment of rain in one day and now we'll see the sunshine but not that warm. a peek outdoors, mid-60s. minnesota pokes, -- folks, they would love this, but for us, it's plea -- pleasant. rain is gone and the organized rainfall is gone. it's the east bay and south bay are the rain. livermore, nearly quadruple and san francisco, right at average for the month of april but
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santa rosa at 43% of normal. you got the least amount of rain up towards sonoma and napa. tonight, 40s and 50s and mainly cloudy skies and coastal fog. oakland, 53. san jose, 50. the ocean influence will be there tomorrow, the wind racing into the south bay and keeping the temperatures below average, hovering at 64, 65 for the majority of the south bay. we'll start off chilly, still raining in southern california, raining there off and on for five straight days and that will traverse over arizona and new mexico and moving out and a different low north and west will move in and give us another widespread chance. the bull's eye for us, thursday morning. there is the futurecast. we'll get some showers with the front and that mash the -- may be the last rain chance for a while because the weekend, 60s and warming up to the 80s.
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the next few mornings, cool, cloudy and foggy and rain likely thursday and warmer weather arrives by friday and the weekend, low to mid-60s for the weekend, and mountain view, 66. livermore, 66, and nap -- napa, 67. this past weekend, chilly, cloudy, rainy. next weekend, 60s at the beach and 70s near the bay and 80s inland. we're doing things opposite. we are flip flopping what we did last week and this week. >> not hearing any complaints. >> no, not yet, nothing yet. >> no comment. >> they are all -- it keeps some people happy. so we're doing our job. >> it's too hot. that will start. >> oh, it's coming. >> thank you, paul. as a parent or a grandparent, it can be a struggle to keep technology out of the hands of young kids. >> the new recommendations of
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how much tech children should use. but first, the markets closed down today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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their spend looking at we've all heard that parents are supposed to limit how much time their children spend looking at the screens. but as the devices are more ubiquitous, it's becoming hard. toddlers 2 and over should be limited to just 2 hours of screen time a day. children under 2 should avoid screens altogether. but some parents say it's a catch-22 especially if their child has their own twice. >> before 1-year-old, part of mes if i limit her completely, she will be behind in school. >> a study from babes finds one in three
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parents gives their children a tablet underage 5. they love us unconditionally and it's our turn to show how much we care. >> it's national pet day, a dog, cat, horse, a snake, give them love today. and this is a photo posted of sammy jane on our facebook. >> and these babies that look like they are posing. >> and my cute little guysor patrols looking for snakes, rodentses, lizards, birds, that's what they do. >> and turning 12 this friday, 9 pounds of pekingese fury. sophia. >> fury? so cute and julie watts' her
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bishon. >> and you can go on to our facebook page and share your photos. >> and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a sea lion crisis getting w by the day. and rescuers can barely afford to new at 6:00 tonight, a sea lion cries -- crisis is getting worse by the day.
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the serious fears about the future of the population. and the warriors go for a record-breaking win, number 73, and ticket prices skyrocket. the cost to watch history from the courtside seats to standing room only. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. i will join you then, ken. >> excited about the warriors. >> very much. all right. check out this video going viral. but is it the real deal? the story goes that snowboarder kelly murphy recorded her in nagano, japan without realizing that a bear is behind her. some are calling out this video saying that the audio of the growling bear is suspicious. what's more is that species of bear is not common in that area. if true, it's an incredible close call. stay tuned. >> here's the other thing. how is that bear running so fast in snow that is probably deeper than the bear?
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more question than answers. >> there are. >> but that's a nice pet photo. >> scott pelley's next. urgent appeal for more money to fight zika. >> everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit y thier than we initially thought. >> pelley: also tonight, the 9/11 findings locked behind those doors. pressure grows to reveal the secrets after a "60 minutes" report. highway hazards you never see coming. >> reporter: how often do you see a driver who is medically unfit cause an accident? >> all the time. t pelley: and new kids on the block playing with the kids next idor. ( screaming ) captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the centers for disease control told congress today it needs money and it needs it fast to


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