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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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camera lens. brian will fill you in with weather in just a moment. it is thursday, april 14. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. and brian joins us now with not only weather, but also traffic. >> absolutely. we're full service here. and we're starting out with more happening in weather at this hour than there is in traffic. as we have showers beginning to sweep through the central bay area right now, we'll get clearing behind that. the focus of the early going is in the south bay and later in the day we'll get clearing and this weekend we're on track for mostly sunny conditions. we shall see. in the meantime, no traffic except for slowing at the turbines at the altamont pass. aside from that, everything is fine. >> thank you. developing news now in fairfield as police search for 28-year-old kyle matthew amos.
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amos is suspected of shooting someone dead in fairfield a week abow. s.w.a.t. teams were close to catching him last night but amos got away just in time. and police taped off this neighborhood last night during a manhunt. officers had received a tip that he was in a home on the 100 block of stevens street. police warned people nearby to stay inside and lock up. they pored through the neighborhood but found out that he left the area before they were ready to start the search. they are now asking for the public's help to track him. the golden state warriors now stand alone with 73 wins! >> quite a moment there. the final moments of the game that put the golden state warriors in the nba history books with the most wins in the regular season. kpix 5 reporter christin ayers was there for all the excitement and got reaction from fans as they left th arena.
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. >> warriors, warriors, whoo! >> it was beautiful. >> oh, it was awesome, man. what can i tell you? best team in the nba by far going to the title, all the way. >> it was the best game ever. i did the championship last year. this topped that. >> reporter: this was better than the championship? >> it was. >> reporter: oh, wow. >> sounds like a championship season. they worked so hard for this. they truly deserve it. >> my mind is actually block. it was incredible. it was incredible. >> steph going for 400 in the same game, i mean, we saw history in the making tonight. >> it was up real. i have chills! i really have chills. >> i think he has chills. [ laughter ] there is one more than one record last night. steph curry hit a flurry of threes and hit a record. >> curry another three, good!! >> curry hit 10 shots from downtown for an nba record 402 on the season. most people were not lucky
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enough to be at oracle arena last night for the game but that didn't stop people from enjoying the game. some fans watched the chase for history at alameda theater. there was a free live simulcast for the game. fans loaded up on snacks and sat back to enjoy all the action. >> celebrate with the community, it's a great event to have. it's free. going to celebrate with everybody out here. >> alameda theater has offered sigh mull casts of some of the previous warriors games. the other huge story in the nba last night the curtain call on kobe bryant's 20-year career. >> i can't believe it's come to an end. you guys will always be in my heart. spent 20 years here. you can't write something better than this. >> he gave the crowd at staples center something he is to remember, scoring 60 points in his final game. some fans paid more than $25,000 to see it in person. in just a few minutes, sports director dennis o'donnell will have eye closer look at kobe's
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big night and more reaction from the warriors' record setting win. >> you know, love or hate kobe bryant, he is one of the best, you have to admit. >> why would you hate kobe bryant? >> well, because he's kobe bryant. >> i missed something. >> the vin scully thing, unbelievable. 88 years old. one of the best. >> yeah. >> 88? >> i think. >> okay. we'll have to look that up. >> he began in 1950 red barber was the big broadcaster for the dodgers, then vin scully was this kid that he just took under his wing, red barber did and vin scully has always been appreciative of him. i have been a giants fan all my life but you have to appreciate vin scully an unbelievable broadcaster and great for him. as we start out this morning we have showers around the bay area. michelle is from denver going -- >> what?! [ laughter ] >> as we have a look at what's happening outside this morning, we have some showers around
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central california right now. and it's all heading south. we didn't pick up much overnight. tenth of an inch at the most. as you can see it's focused now in the south bay and across parts of the east bay so there will be slick streets out ahead of your morning commute ahead drying up in the north bay but right now you can see a lot of widely scattered showers that are heading from hayward and fremont toward livermore in the east bay and here's how it looks at the golden gate bridge. not much in the way of traffic there. numbers right now we're starting out in the 50s even a few 60s. 62 at oakland. 51 san francisco. 46 santa rosa and 54 at concord. out the door this morning a few lingering showers on this thursday morning. temperatures beginning at the upper 40s inland and hoe 50s around the coast and bay and we'll have a look at though low heading south and when that passes through, it's going to be a beautiful afternoon and probably a nice sunset. and then we'll warm it up as we get into the week ahead. now, ladies and gentlemen, let's do traffic. ♪[ music ]
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>> aha!! there's the approach to the toll plaza. see how much i know about this. there's the approach to the toll plaza of the bay bridge, right, brian? brian's giving me a thumbs-up. so far, so good. is that the san mateo bridge? very nicely done! it looks to me like traffic is flowing. look, there's brake lights. are there any problems this morning, ryan? okay. everything is okay. ladies and gentlemen, what else do you need to know? back to you. >> thank you. developing napa county this morning, police say that the body of a missing vineyard worker has been found. the sheriff's office tells us that their dive team found a man's body in a small reservoir in saint helena. police did not release the name of the victim but he was reported missing on tuesday. new this morning, the fbi wants to find out who keeps stealing our state's nuts. california makes more all monday's, walnuts and pistachios than any other place in the u.s. but a shipping alliance reports that nut theft
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in california hit an all-time high last year 36 resulting in millions in losses. criminal organizations have been taking advantage of weak points in the shipping process. south bay police nabbed the ringleader of a cross-country counterfeiting operation. a man allegedly printed thousands of dollars of cash all of it fake right out of his apartment in cupertino over the past year and a half. the scheme first came to light in fairfax, virginia. this is the man allegedly behind the whole operation, authorities say that 44-year- old eric arden took orders and then mailed out bundies of fake money. >> mr. astin alone was responsible for the shipment of upwards of 2,000 packages of year of counterfeit currency linked to 30 different states. >> most of the victims were small businesses that did not check for the watermark that can be found on real currency. federal regulators are cracking down on a bay area blood testing company. kpix 5's andria borba shows us why faulty devices have a ceo on the chopping block
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reporter: she is the face of a self-described medical revolution. federal regulators want elizabeth holmes to step aside from the company she founded, theranos, because of problems in the lab. the centers for medicare and medicaid services on a march 18 letter told her that because of 43 of 45 infractions had not been addressed the lab should close. among the problems, standard market testing machines that weren't properly calibrated to give accurate results. >> anytime you receive a piece of equipment, we have to do certain validation tests to make sure it behaves as the manufacturer says it will behave. >> reporter: that's what the clinical director of ucsf labs told kpix 5 last year in an interview about theranos. the company has run into other problems. the nanotainers designed tore tiny amounts of blood testing were called unapproved medical devices by the fda. they want to know who theranos
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gave possibly shaky test results too and is demanding a list of the recipients of nearly 900,000 test results that came out of the newark lab this year. >> it would be one thing if theranos was a company that was just trying to build their device and get it up to marketability. but they are not. they're a company that's already entered the testing field. they are already generating results. >> reporter: cms also wants to bar theranos from any hematology testing. andria borba, kpix 5. time now 4:39. a poor pup recovering this morning after possibly being thrown from a car. more on the search for whoever wanted to hurt martha, the pit bull. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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trump rally in pittsburgh, pennsylvania trump rs and protesters . police in riot gear to the trump rally in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. trump supporters and protestors faced off outside a convention center. police used pepper spray. donald trump is coming to
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the bay area soon. betty yu has more from burlingame reporter: for the first time in generations, california voters could decide the outcome of a presidential primary. and donald trump's fate as the possible republican nominee. >> here in the bay area, for example, we don't normally see anything other than candidates coming here to raise money. we don't see them campaigning here so we're expecting to see advertising and mail and rallies and to see campaign activity, which we haven't seen in decades. >> reporter: all three gop candidates will be coming to california for votes. trump has hired sacramento gop strategist tim clark to direct his campaign. and he says the high stakes race will boost voter turnout. >> we're seeing in district after district just huge numbers of republicans planning to vote. >> reporter: the latest field poll puts trump ahead of texas senator ted cruz by 7 points in the california primary. trump is currently the choice of 39% of california's gop
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voters and 32% support cruz. ohio governor john kasich comes in last at 18%. trump said his administration is going to be pro-jobs, pro- economy, and pro-entrepreneur. he will need to amass the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination. >> by the time we get to june 7, the date of our primary, it doesn't look like he is going to have the necessary votes to reach 1,237. and he may or may not have that number after he gets done in california. so this is very much a make it or break it for mr. trump. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> and it could be a dramatic day in the democratic race for the white house. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in a debate in new york city tonight just days before the critical new york primary. last night bernie sanders drew 27,000 people to manhattan's iconic washington square park one of the largest crowds yet of his campaign. he challenged rival hillary clinton on issues like expanding social security
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benefits. polls show clinton with a more than 10-point lead over sanders in new york. >> are you prepared to expand social security benefits? i am still waiting for her response. >> our potential is still in my mind limitless. all that holds us back is our political will. >> the debate airs on cnn at 6 p.m. pacific time. also, this weekend hillary clinton will make an appearance in california. she will be in los angeles on saturday. two teenagers in orange county went out for ice cream but ended up in a hospital. that's because a car plowed into an ice cream shop. they were standing in had last night. it went to the front counter. investigators say the driver was a woman in her 20s. she was hospitalized. no word on the extent of their injuries. and the search is on this morning because petaluma police want to know who threw a dog out of a moving car. the pup named martha was found badly injured on tuesday but as
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cate caugiran shows us, at least now she is in good hands reporter: hands. good rescue story like this is hard to beat reporter: meet martha a sweet face with a big appetite. this young pit bull is rocking a pink cast. martha is lively and energetic. a big contrast from this. yesterday she was found badly bruised, scratched and more. >> a broken leg, a broken pelvis and one of her canine teeth is fractured. she is very underweight and undernourished. >> reporter: petaluma's animal services executive director picked her up here off northbound highway 101. >> one of the things you worry about with dogs that are in pain is how they are going to react if you're going to hurt them when you pick them up. she let me put my arms underneath her and pick her up with a broken leg and broken pelvis and not so much as a whimper. >> reporter: she was jumped or
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was thrown from a car. no one claimed her yet. jeff said she didn't have an id tag or microchip but has a lot of offers for new homes. the shelter's facebook page, full of them. >> she is safe. she's happy. she's getting all the care she needs and we're going to take care of her. >> reporter: in petaluma, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> martha's vet says she should be fully healed in the next couple of months and depending on the investigation, she should be available for adoption in just a few weeks. time now is 6:46. let's get a check of weather and traffic with brian. >> a few little sprinkles around. did you hit any rain coming in. a little bit. >> yeah. now heading south. that's pretty much all. this was not going to be a big rainmaker and, in fact, it was not. the showers now are focused on the east bay spreading across to the south bay as you will see on the kpix 5 hi-def doppler this morning. most of it moving into the great valley but if we pull in closer you can see that we have plenty of showers spread around from -- this is as of 3 a.m. but you can see the general trend is south and out of the
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bay area but plenty of showers for you in the south bay this morning. it will be clearing up in the north bay in the next few hours. the numbers in san francisco are in the mid-50s for the most part. 54 at concord. 55 at oakland. and in santa rosa this morning 46 degrees. here's how it looks. low pressure now kicks inland then as it does it takes those showers with it. later in the day that post frontal activity could spread a few more pop-up showers later in the day. so it might look like it's clearing and later get more sprinkles. it won't be much. so unsettled today. as you can see on the futurecast, those showers move south and out and then later in the afternoon up in the north bay a few pop-up showers that's about it. by tomorrow morning things are looking okay with thursday dawning bright and beautiful. i mean friday. but today we have a few showers. we expect a few lingering showers, clearing warmer friday and we have a warm weekend ahead still with numbers in the
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70s. that's by saturday and sunday. for today, 65 in oakland. same for concord. livermore 63. san jose 67 degrees. 58 at pacifica. extended forecast, showers today and then nothing but sunny-side up friday through the weekend. notice what happens on saturday and sunday. the numbers at least begin to flirt with the idea of 80 degrees by sunday. by the time we get into next week it will cool down a little bit. but it will be very pleasant with no more rain in sight and temperatures mostly in the upper 60s. that's weather. now ladies and gentlemen, her debut, michelle griego on traffic! >> my debut on traffic! first up is the altamont pass. and you can see that traffic is slowing down a little bit westbound 205 to westbound 580 which is pretty normal at this time of the morning during the weekday anyway. let's take a look at the 580 dublin camera. you can see all of those headlights. that's westbound right there. so of course, cars are starting to stack up on the roads and it's not even 5:00 in the
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morning yet. but again, pretty normal. and look at this. mass transit all on time. you can see bart, ace train, caltrain, muni, no delays at this time. so if you are heading in, now's the time to do it. >> yeah. >> bright and early. >> dark and early. >> brian hackney is giving me a round of applause here. [ applause ] >> thank you. i'll take it. bear sightings in lake tahoe are not rare but paul nelson reports from state line nevada on efforts to care for a couple of orphaned cubs found under the deck of a home reporter: she is preparing for a lot of work and commitment caring for these 3.5 month old bear cubs for the next nine or ten months. each one weighs about 7 pounds. >> they are very timid. they have lost their mom. and they're frightened. >> reporter: she captured them saturday after their 18-year- old mother died of an unknown cause. >> we just knew that we had to do something. we just couldn't let four cubs go and let nature take its course because they were living
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in and amongst human beings. >> reporter: this is nothing new. but the number of cubs is unusual. >> you have four orphaned cubs at the same time from the same mother. that is indeed rare. this is a first time occurrence for us to have that many cubs dealing -- having to deal with them at the same time. >> it's very unusual. and this early. we normally don't have cubs this early. it's usually, you know, toward the end of summer. >> reporter: the cubs are being fed food that mimics their natural diet. right now it's formula, rice cereal and applesauce. but officials don't want them to learn to rely on humans for food. late this fall, they will be put into hibernation and placed back into the wilderness. >> we will actually put these cubs in an artificial den and then they will emerge from that den next spring and will hopefully become wild bears on their own. >> reporter: the animal ark has a goal to release all the bears. two were not fit to go back into the wild including in one but 30 others have been successfully raised and
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released so far. >> they do well. they tend to stay in those wild areas and this is a way we can give them a second chance. >> they are going to be able to give those bears what they deserve, a best chance of becoming wild. ♪[ music ] time now 4:51. say good-bye to robo calls. at least that's what one area congresswoman is hoping we'll be able to say soon. more on her plan to get rid of it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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clearing out this afternoon after pop-up showers. we have rain this morning in the south bay but by tomorrow things all clear out. so we're expecting things to be like this. a few lingering showers then clearing and warmer with a warm
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weeks ahead in the 70s. today san francisco is up to 60. concord 65. san jose 67 degrees. we'll all be in the mid-60s after we deal with a bit of rain that we have in the east and south base this morning. increasing sunshine and temperatures are going to be warming up as we head toward the weekend. michelle. because of that bit of rain, you certainly want to take your time when you head out the door this morning. some of the roads are a little slick. these are travel times in the south bay. not bad here. one 280/680 to 237, 12 minutes. u.s. 101, 680 to 85, 11 minutes. so looking pretty good so far this morning. [ phone rings ] >> this is stacey at accountholder services. bay area congresswoman jackie speier has introduced a bill to require phone companies to offer customers free tools to identify and block robo calls. the ftc receives more than 3.5 million complaints last year
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alone despite the "do not call" list. that's because the majority of the robo calls are coming from scammers who often call from fake phone numbers so they can't be blocked. millions of march madness fans may have had their information passed on to cyber criminals. mobile security firm says the security flaw left names, emails, birthdays and passwords open to online theft for those who use the cbs sports app. so far there's no sign any data was actually stolen. cbs sports digital says it has fixed the flaw. there appears to be a new normal for millennials. they are job hopping a lot more than their parents ever did. a new report shows that they change jobs four times in the first decade out of college. that bouncing around has nearly doubled that of the generation before. not only that. they also switch industries. the biggest hoppers, those with gigs in entertainment, government and nonprofit and the media. starbucks is not going to sell alcohol in san francisco.
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the withdrew their application to sell wine and beer at three of its stores at the request of police and the board of supervisors. police say san francisco already has enough places that sell alcohol and allowing starbucks to do so could open the floodgates for more. downtown san jose will be facebook's first big trial location for wi-fi service which the company describes as faster and more reliable. the technology is only being tested on facebook's menlo park campus. the "san jose mercury news" says that small metal boxes will be set up downtown then high speed fiber-optic cables will be installed. facebook says it's simpler and less expensive to install than services like google fiber. four of the bay area's best and brightest young minds got the chance to showcase their science skills in washington, d.c. and they even got to high five the president. look at that. they are among a group of young scientists chosen to present high-tech projects at the white house science fair. president obama said they teach
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the rest of us it's never too early in life to make a difference. >> you teach us about the power of reason and logic and trying things and figuring out whether they work and, if they don't, learning from that and trying something new. you remind us that, together, through science, we can tackle some of the biggest challenges that we face. >> yesterday was the president's sixth and final time hosting the science fair. it is 4:57 right now. ♪[ music ] >> if you are a speed hog, watch out. what it could cost you soon if you take up more than one seat on your next ride on bart. >> reporter: the warriors made it into the record books again. coming up, we'll show you how it all came down to the end of the season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning feeling a bit diffe. city hall, showing i can you feel that? the bay area waking up this morning feeling a bit different. city hall, of course, showing its colors as we celebrate the warriors as the best team in nba history. good morning, it's thursday, april 14. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. even the leader of thation showing support for the warriors historic moment. president obama writing congrats to the warriors a great group of guys on and off the court. if anybody had to break the bulls' record, glad it's them. no one is feeling excitement like the bay area. some fans said it felt like a championship win all over again. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live in oakland with more on the warriors' win. anne. >> reporter: yeah. they broke this record and they did it in the final game of the regular season. how exciting. you can still see confetti here at center cord at oracle a.


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