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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  April 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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hillary clinton brings out e cash in the golden state. b bernie sanders supporters r right now on kpix 5, hillary clinton bringing out the cash in the golden state. bernie sanders supporters rally against her as he takes time to meet with the pope. >> tracking the weekend forecast. alive look, the warm-up you can expect as you make plans this weekend. warriors have changed history and the other you had to the playoffs. county down to tipoff. thank you for joining us i'm anne-makovec. >> markedly. that -- repeat nba champions. >> taking on the rockets this
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afternoon and came one of the first round playoff series. ahead of the matchup they had a shootaround point guard steph curry says the team is relaxed given the way opponents geared up during the regular season. all year we had everyone, whether the atmospheres affected on the court felt like playoff. >> they did men that spend too much time celebrating the win but they had teams in our thursday and now they say they are fully focused on beating the game this afternoon across the way, a sticking on the world champion kansas city royals at 1:00. adding extra training. the parking lot of the coliseum complex opens at 9 am and for every round of game one warriors will be hosting a free tailgate on the south side.
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food trucks, team merchandise opens that 9:00 this morning. it looks like it will be a lovely day for tailgating. >> if there is ever a good get paid for tailgating, that's ever a good paper tailgating, 80s, sunshine and a great weekend to get outdoors. let's talk about what is going on out there current temperatures are mild out the door in the 40s and 50s areawide. close to the 500 mark four locations 54 and warmer in oakland. sunshine it is sunny and will continue. headlines, sunny, warmer offshore wind will increase temperatures today and tomorrow and we will see cooling next week we will talk about that coming up with your extended forecast and i have a game day forecast. 105, sunny, warm 80 degrees i
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highly recommend tailgating if you have the opportunity. campaign 2016 clinton is making an appearance in los angeles actor george clooney and his wife will host a second sold-out fundraiser at the studio city home. that comes after clinton was joined by the couple in the bay area for a fundraiser. guests greeted by protesters today sanders california tv ads will run during clinton's fund- raising event. >> $27 to make college tuition free. from better care of veterans, healthcare for all. >> $27 focusing on the average contribution to his grassroots campaign. it will want tonight in la as clinton holds the second fundraiser in my last night during her events. at of the critical new york primary bernie sanders took a break from the campaign trail to speak at the vatican. he also met with pope francis. >> it was a real honor for me
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for my wife and i to spend time with him. i think he's an extraordinary speaker today and in world history. >> the speeding happen -- the meeting happen for five minutes, the pope will visit greece today because republican side donald trump is blasting. you rules for selecting delegates and wall street journal op-ed and on the stump he says the system is rigged. >> and then we have a rigged system on top of it but despite the rigging, i think we get there before the convention. i think we do. >> arrival ted cruz accused drop of lining and the chairman fired back saying rules have been in place since last fall. insiders will be breaking down the presidential race tomorrow morning. >> including looking at california delegates selection compared to other states. california unlike other states on the gop side, candidates approve and choose the delegates that they will
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represent them and they submit a list and to the extent they win it comes from the candidate list. it's like that's not like other states in the union. >> that coming up tomorrow on kpix 5 news at 7:30 a.m. developing story, want to punch by the japanese island of type ship it the mountain is erupting following earthquakes. the eruption comes after two earthquakes. 39 people are dead and 1500 injured pick the number is expected to climb and not certain if the eruption was cause by the quake. temple hills maryland, 15 right are dead and another fighting for his life. >> disturbing, shot while making a welfare check. the crew responded to a about a person suffering from a medical issue outside washington. the five are disposed the door
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and when the suspect opened it started firing and hit the firefighters and a neighbor. >> the firefighter was a close friend to many very strong community member and we are thankful for thoughts and prayers in this difficult time. >> the suspect is under arrest and no word on the condition of the neighbor. wildfire scorching 5 acres overnight is being called suspicious. it started at 8:00 last night and dillon beach. two dozen firefighters worked on it and it is fully contained. the sheriff's office tweeted the cause of the fire is suspicious. witnesses saw people running from the scene as the fire started no structures damaged and no one hurt. electrical problem severely disrupting bart seems to be gone but it is not clear what caused it. power surges between pittsburgh
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may point and north concord station not cars out of service in mid-march. messages had to take buses or shuttle trains between the station spit the affected train cars have been put back without a glitch. bart hired consultants to look at data to figure out what caused the surges. was to protect homes in the bay area. -- a push to protect homes in the bay area. prepaid cards like they would debit cards, an interview with the author of a consumer reports investigation into the best and worst and protections that could come your way. beautiful weekend and plenty of sunshine. the full forecast coming up. ,,
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speier is hoping we'll be ae able to do soon, thanks to w n... "called the t consumer watch weekend headlines, say goodbye to robo calls. that is what congress will be a will -- we will be able to do thanks to legislation called
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the repeated objectionable bothering a consumers on phones or robo cop act requiring phone companies to offer consumers a free tools to identify and block robo calls. unwanted calls are one of the most common complaints we get at consumer watch and fcc received millions complaints despite of do not call list because robo calls are coming from scammers usually overseas who do not care about the list and often call from fake phone numbers so they cannot be brought. if passed, the mandatory robo call technology will not block emergency calls and will be given choices. fears recently announced its speeding plans to close stores. complaints are rising pick the most common no-show service complaints.
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>> we get a call that says i'm sorry, we cannot make it because of inclement weather it's 70 degrees outside. one of many complaints we received about sears. they tell us demand has outstripped availability of technicians and looking to hire more but california consumers have rights in these situations. you can collect up to $600 in damages if they were a pair or delivery person fails to show up within an agreed upon number four hour window without notice. it applies to companies with 25 or more employees. in the company calls to cancel the appointment in event next time you're entitled to a shorter window of two hours for the rescheduled appointment. many use prepaid cards like regular credit cards, prepaid cards do not come with the same protections. a prepaid card investigation by consumer reports comes out as
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the protection beer is finalizing regulations that will offer more protection joining us today is the lead author. when it comes to complaints about prepaid cards, what did you find? >> we looked at convenience such as can you access money. complaints are one of the things people have complained about. >> not being if you -- not being able to access their money. they could not access their money when they needed to. >> convenience when we measured that it includes access to fee free atms and also online bill pay. >> you found overall cards are getting better. they used to be bad. overall they are getting
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better. >> definitely. they used to have fees and difficult to figure out what terms and conditions were and now it is improving. fees are simpler, easy to access and reasonable. >> they are starting to make good headway. that may be due to pending regulation. they are pushing card companies to make the right decisions and give prepaid cards similar protections . something advocates like consumer reports has been asking for for years. what are productions with the consumer financial protection bureau regulations. >> of resolution, a mistake in the account something it's a double charge that can be fixed. if they have fraud, unauthorized used -- use. those cards provide protections
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voluntarily but we have been fighting about the so this is a win for us. >> you mentioned fraud and that's a common complaint. green.scam where a scammer calls and says amy versus -- via untraceable cards. when you call the card company they say they are not responsible for fraud. i wonder if these protections go into effect, do you think it will help to curb the fraud if they are forced to refund the money? >> it may not curb fraud but consumer will not be left holding the bag. we have an interesting story where consumer scammed -- scammers asked her to cash a check and put the money into green. dot. back to that she got it mailed off and it turned out the
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cashier's check was bogus suit -- so she was left holding the bag. >> hopefully they will be held accountable . you rank the best and worst. what are the top three prepaid cards? >> american express bluebird, walmart. chase and green dot prepaid visa. thank you for joining us. for more information had to the website. here is an with breaking news breaking news in the east bay, streets have been closed and no work after a tanker truck hit a fire hydrant before 4 am at newark boulevard. we spoke with fire and they say streets have been closed as a precaution as they access the extent of the leak and cap it off. separate cisco police
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offering cash for unwanted guns. buyback from 8 am-noon at united fly is on howard street. it is a collaboration between police department and mayors department. free booster seats for kids to use in cars available in fremont. it happens from 10-3:00 i fremont boulevard to show you live in alameda county and the seats must be outgrown or outdated. the person who uses it must be present. a push to protect history has put peninsula neighbors at odds. it started with a petition drive to limit home height to one single story in some palo alto neighborhoods. some neighborhoods are of eckler designs. some who sign want names taken off of list saying they were misled and coerced into giving up property rights. high wind whipping across the california desert through coachella music festival.
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high wind warning. they are gusting up to 60 miles an hour. temperatures should be mild and below 100 degrees. that is good. >> you can see the dust in the air. >> does not look fine. i just came in from la and it was windy. center and is picking up. luckily we have perfect weather here. we will not see gusting winds we will see northerly winds the flow is what helps to warm us up and keep skies blue. beautiful at the tower, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s areawide. 52 san francisco. why are we seeing a beautiful weekend, high-pressure in-place combined with offshore flow giving us the warming trays as we make our way through the
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weekend, warmer tomorrow and you can see the surface profile, surface wind is flowing north and offshore. that will ring us into the low to mid 80s inland for the warmest locations tomorrow. warmer than today . what to expect, sunny, warm this within offshore wind we could see savages 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and locations. and we have a cooldown on the horizon, clouds cooler temperatures into the workweek. enjoy the 80s, 80 degrees will -- livermore, 80% of the, 81 oakland. 84 napa, cherry blossom festival , 75, sunny, warm. you don't often get to say that in san francisco. beautiful day to head out to any of the events. the warmest of the next seven
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days as we can, 84 topping in the low to mid 80s today, warmer by a couple of degrees tomorrow beautiful, sunny conditions again. monday is the transition day and we cool things down. tuesday increasing cloud cover by the second half of the we cooling-off back into the 60s. more cloud cover for us so enjoy the 80s while they last. they will not be around for long. great beach weather. the video after several tornadoes hit oklahoma. six tornadoes touched down in the panhandle on friday accompanied by severe thunderstorms and large hail similar storms forecasted for the next three days in kansas, oklahoma, and texas. here's a look at the hell -- the hail falling. no reports of injuries or damage from the storms are details in the fight against the zika outbreak.
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cdc screening 5000 within the last few months and all those screened travel to or moved from areas where the mosquito borne disease is circulating. just over 4% tested positive for the virus, 94% tested negative and 1% had unspecified barbs in the same family as zika such as dengue fever or yellow fever. the virus scare has prompted a mother to come forward with her struggles after her son was one with microcephaly. >> parents will be dealing with this in the future. the effects can be caused by a number of viruses focused on the brain including zika. her son is severely debilitated by the virus. his condition requires care and monitoring. she says she cannot provide the care without help. >> wade you go? -- where do you go? >> she says she hopes the
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resources are made available to parents and women take warnings of zika seriously. coming up in sports, warriors quest to defend their title continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and today: the sharks take the
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2:30 oracle and if you plan to go to the game, the a's take on the royals around 1:00. fans have been lucky so far two of the best facing against each other and one of the best rivalries between giants and dodgers. everyone is wearing 42, jack segal -- jackie robinson day yesterday. his wife in attendance. crushing a home run off medicine bumgarner, the first multi-homer game in the biggs. la taking the 2-1 me to dodgers opening scoring runs down the left leo -- hernandez 10 for 16 against -- la beating giant 7-3. first of a three-game set the a's taking on kansas city royals. a's down 2-0. rightfield,
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oakland is on the board. the royals up 3-2 and the ninth inning looking for insurance. delivering the first home run, kansas city beating the a's 4-2 and the a's have lost 4 at home and the giants will be in action later today playing a night game against the dodgers. stanley cup playoffs are underweight antedate the sharks take on the kings in la. game 3-4 in san jose and wednesday night san jose beat the kings in game one for- three. sharks holding the pregame rally monday, 5 pm outside the sap center. mda refuses to join the boycott -- >> nba refuses to join the boycott. >> passing a law limiting transgender rice peak nba commissioner calls the law
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problematic for the leak but they are sticking with the plan . >> i think there is something i do not understand about the dynamic north carolina now. this is much bigger, not just then an all-star game for the nba but this is bigger than the nba get steph curry has harsh words for his home state during practice and before the playoff game he expressed disappointment in north carolina and said termination is not tolerable anywhere. we'll see about losing to oracle, ticket scams we will tell you. >> unemployment numbers out for the golden state. we will look at how jobseekers are faring. beautiful weekend and store with highs in the 80s how long will it last details coming up. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile.
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i'm anne makovec. i'm mark kelly. ing today: warrior 7:30. a beautiful saturday take you for joining us. warriors postseason action starts today golden state taking on houston rockets in game one of a first-round playoff series ahead of the game players help shoot out at their facility yesterday . warriors come off a historic regular season with a record 73
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win >> all 16 teams have a clean slate. they will have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs as they try to win a second title. the warriors game tips off at 12:30 this afternoon at oracle. next-door the a's take on the royals at 1:00 peer it will be crowded. bart is adding extra trains warriors warning and that's fans of barcode that allow only one entry but counterfeiters have shown an ability to copy the barcode and gain access to games. wednesday night 60 fans with barcodes that were copied were turned away. once, reportedly use a ticket with a copy of the barcode that had been shown on television. >> frustrating. you make it to the arena and you have to turn around. >> good forecast this week and for tailgating. a great day to be outside this weekend.
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temperatures in the 80s. offshore flow helping to keep skies clear. blue skies at the coast. we could see a reversal but overall we will see plenty of sunshine areawide. temperatures in the 40s and 50s to start the day. low 50s later today sunny, warmer thanks to the offshore winds sunshine although we cool next week. we will take a look at your forecast for the a's if you are going to the game to tailgate, we have the royals versus the a's saturday one, sunny and warm. full forecast coming up in a bit. back to you breaking news this morning and the east bay, streets are closed after a tanker truck hits a fire hydrant.
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it was loaded with gasoline. it happened before 4 am. we spoke with firefighters who tell a streets have been closed as a precaution as they assess the extent of the leak. race for the white house, democratic side, clinton will be in los angeles. george clooney and wife human rights lawyer will hold a second sold-out fundraiser at the studio city home. it comes after clinton was joined by the hollywood couple in the bay area . guess greeted by protesters and bernie sanders supporters. >> i'm here to demonstrate the policies i'm tired of it. i want a fair and balanced system. >> tickets to the event costs 30,000 per person roughly or 350,000 per table. melissa came calls the showdown a bay area drama. >> this does not look great.
7:33 am
bernie is at the vatican talking about inequality. for folks like hillary will not be turned off by the news she is holding a fundraiser. >> sanders and clinton have been campaigning in new york. clinton celebrated a victory playing dominoes at a senior center in harlem. >> in wyoming, donald trump is conceding defeat in the contest for the delegates. he picked up a single delegate in the county convention and this weekend there are one for delegates up for grab at the state convention. -- 14 delegates up for grab it cruz campaign has been working for months line of support. president obama first lady michelle have released their 2015 tax returns. documents show they earned more
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than $436,000 in adjusted gross income last year paying more than 81,000 in federal income taxes giving them an effective tax rate of 18.7%. income declined since 2012 due to less income from the sales of books. evolving stories, japanese island is shaking this morning following earthquakes, aftershocks and volcano eruption. the mountain started erupting this morning sending smoke, ash billowing into the skies. the eruption comes after 6.5 magnitude quake and 7.3 quake, 39 people are dead, 1500 injured. it is possible for every earthquake that it will trigger something larger. >> it is the most dangerous time in the region. >> the official number of people who have been killed and the disasters is expected to
7:35 am
climb. temple hills maryland, a firefighter dead and another clinging to life. both shot while making a welfare check. a crew responded to a call about a person suffering from a medical condition and a home in maryland outside washington dc. the firefighters approached when the suspect opened the door, started firing. he hit the firefighters and neighbor nearby. services today for former new orleans st. clair will smith. >> visitation took place at the training facility in new orleans . he and his wife were shot during a traffic altercation. she was shot in legs and attended the services in a wheelchair. the suspect is in jail. pope francis is reaching out to migrants and refugees trying to reach europe. these on the greek island along with a group of orthodox christian leaders. the leaders will spend one hour reading -- greeting refugees and having lunch. highlighting the plight of refugees and to show a
7:36 am
christian response to the crisis. changes at uc berkeley, vice chancellor calls it quits in the wake of sexual harassment cases. the vice chancellor has stepped down. appointed two years ago, vice chancellor says his illness is a reason. he's not leaving the university plans to join psychology department next year. he wrote a letter citing his wife's health as a reason for leaving. no mention of the scandal. he faced pressure and criticism from students. he went easy on the former dean of berkeley law named in a sexual harassment suit. the search is on for armed robbers in san jose. two men with guns drawn, charging into a quick stop on locust street and demanded money. when the clerk resisted, one robber shot him. they ran out without taking any cash. the clerk is expected to be all
7:37 am
right. it happened on march 8 but police are try to identify both suspects. a state assemblyman facing a court order that he stay away from his estranged wife. a judge issued an order against us and women roger hernandez. accused of choking, hitting susan rubio since they were married. in a divorce proceeding right now lasting 16 months. he was elected in 2010 and running for congressional seat. fire investigators on the scene of an apartment fire in sunnyvale this morning, 50 people do not have a home to go back to . the blaze went to the complex of saratoga road. some were able to run out and others forced to wait for firefighters to rescue them. one person was burned and another person taken to the hospital because of smoke inhalation. a challenger for a bay area congressional seat holding a town hall in low peter.
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>> -- holding a town hall meeting with assembly member at the bistro from 10:30 am-noon. honda has ignored concerns of constituents. if you are trying to get across the bridge later, there will be some lane closures in effect. caltrans doing work as part of a resurfacing project hit the closure on eastbound running from eight- in effect. caltrans doing work as part of a resurfacing project hit the closure on eastbound running from 8-11 in the morning the on ramp from pomona will be close . drivers need to use caution when driving through the zone. bay area homes on the edge of a crumbling cliff are in danger of being torn down. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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,, welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys!
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it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. march. but the number of jobs adde the state's unemployment rate has dropped 5.4% in march but the number of jobs added was 1/10 of what was added than
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month before. california leads the nation. jobless rate the lowest in nine years. home in pacifica in danger of sliding into the ocean. >> owners are now looking for a home with a new address. they want movers to . up the current home and move it 20 feet from the crumbling cliff. >> i would have loved to stay here but i have to stay in pacifica and we want to keep the house. >> the move happens next week with giant girders at a price of 15,000. >> the new earthquake along for retrofitting involving thousands of frame apartment buildings in sandra cano valley, hollywood west side. they have developed their thinking out -- 13,000 buildings with flimsy floors serving as parking spaces during a building boom after world war ii made popular. strong winds sweeping across
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the lug -- los angeles region. blustery conditions of playing a role in a fire that broke out and santa clarita up it the risk is expected to continue through the weekend treat came down including northridge leaving 5000 people without power last night. julie you just got back from the area. . >> it was windy. i was afraid my flight would not take off. but it did. the weather is gorgeous, 80 degrees, sunshine let's look outside, let's talk about what to expect. temperatures in the 40s and 50s to start the day 47 concorde, 52 san francisco, 51 livermore, 54 oakland. satellite perspective shows we have high pressure in place dominating the forecast building into the weekend combined that with offshore winds and we will see
7:44 am
temperatures significantly warmer. starting off notice the direction surface winds, northerly flow and this is going to be a warmer flow especially downslope. coming off the mountains low to mid 80s inland. we are going to see a warm-up. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. sunny, warm offshore wind 10 degrees warmer in some spots. more clouds with cooling as we move into next week. this will be a short-lived warm- up. looking for something to do to enjoy the day, cherry blossom festival in japan town 75 degrees, sunny, warm. and high temperatures today, around the bay low 80s. campbell, san jose, 80 union city, 83 and here, brentwood, 81 and vallejo. along the coast 83 and
7:45 am
papilloma. 80s continuing through the weekend. sunshine and slightly warmer on sunday. monday the transition day will be nice but not as warm. tuesday down into the 70s and 60s and 70s and wednesday topping out warm locations in the 60s increasing cloud cover. a transition if you want to get in of each day this weekend is the time to do it. commuters will soon have added options for getting around the bay. kpix 5 anchor shows us ferry service continuing with the help of approved funds. >> a grant will allow ferry service on the bay to expand to richman and treasure island. $4 million federal grant will build two new birds build near the site of the old sinbad restaurant east of the golden gate ferry terminal. service between san francisco and richmond scheduled to begin the fall of 2018 . service from san francisco to treasure
7:46 am
island begins 2022. >> i like fairies. it's better then bart. when you go underground it is hot. who wants to go underground on a day like this. >> i can bring my bike and ride. it would be cool. they have to finish the bike trail across the bay bridge but this is a great start. >> improvements, ferry building including canopies, plaza and pedestrian promenade. the grant will enable extra ferry service in the event of a regional transportation disruption or disaster. there are currently 11 vessels carrying more than 2 million passengers per year. kenny joy kpix 5. hitting the street and sidewalks, numbers showing just how many bikers are typically in san francisco. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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salute to youth gala benefi nearly 2-thousand five hundd yout a simple way to give back to the community. salute to use gala benefiting kids each year in the city of oakland. it's tough to grow up in oakland. boys and girls club use of the year joining us. >> she 17 and a student at the oakland school for the arts you have been a member for eight years. what is a brought to your life? >> great opportunities. i started the boys and girls club journey when i was nine. at that time there were cultural things i needed to learn to make me the well- rounded person i am today. having that structure and background and support coming from los angeles was the support i needed. >> let's talk about the challenges you went through. it goes into the young woman
7:50 am
you have become. moving from los angeles as a kid to west oakland, it's a tough neighborhood. what was that like you -- for you. you described it as culture shock. >> definitely. coming back to oakland i moved when i was three. i did not know what oakland was like. it was life-changing for me. growing up and a white neighborhood and santa clarita and was -- i was was mentioned i was a -- i was around white kids and did not have diversity i needed to succeed. coming back i was able to realize what most african american kids who do not grow up an ideal neighborhoods go through. >> drugs, gang violence, shooting can you describe the influence and how easy it is for kids to get sucked into the lifestyle? >> for me i believe oakland has changed. west oakland is gentrified.
7:51 am
back then crime rate was high and being influenced by that and surrounded by that took a toll on my family. losing loved ones, being introduced to a reality i never thought existed but never thought i would be subjected to. >> is difficult for kids who face challenges in the home, you grew up in a single-parent household, what do you attribute your being able to rise above that. >> my mother and boys and girls club of america. for being able to guide me throughout the transition and journey from azan -- adolescent to teenager. a lot of time teenagers can follow what's going on and i did not do that. i did not go with the in crowd. i was able to have people to guide me and say this is what you should do. you don't need to do this. this is not in your favor. do things that will allow you to grow and be youth of the
7:52 am
year. >> you will be gunning for my job someday. imc in the event. scottish rite center in oakland may five. join us and we had the link to buy tickets at the website kpix 5 we had the link to buy -- kpix 5 .com we will tell you how to make this puppy a part of your family. >> sunny, temperatures in the 80s. i will detail how long the temperatures last coming up. ,,
7:53 am
fill of the fish. salmon caught off the pacif co in salmon lovers may have a hard time getting their fill. salmon caught up the pacific coast may be hard to find in stores this summer and costs more.
7:54 am
restrictions announced fisherman half of the opportunity to catch salmon compared to last year. recommendations of an industry oversight body. they -- more people traveling on two wheels they say in san francisco as the network expands. san francisco bicycle count reports biking has increased by 184%. estimates are about 82,000 troops in san francisco per day. a warning about traffic, warriors playing bas -- 80s. -- >> warriors and bas late at the same time they will see heavy volume added service to the coliseum.
7:55 am
looking at ingredients that can be added. >> here is tony with the tip of the day. >> orange bell peppers which are great. red, yellow, green. one of my favorites. they are not locally grown. the value is there. selection is important. when you bite in, bright color all the way around. the crown, and a shrinking. the stem has to be green. bring them home and into your fridge right away. when you sauti them and mix them with green, put them in life.
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green, red, orange, bell pepper taste great and will cook evenly with the others. tony tantillo, eat fresh, stay healthy. they are great. bald eagle showing up around the bay area, waters are cleaner. the majestic birds have been seen perched in the strait near vallejo. audubon society says the population has grown stronger over the last 30 years. pollution in the water made it difficult for the birds to find food. remember the chihuahua on the bay bridge. he's officially up for adoption. san francisco animal care and control is accepting applications for him. he made a mess on the bridge with traffic. >> he needs to be in a calm
7:57 am
household. >> so no young children. >> great day to take a dog for a walk. topping in the 80s, mid 80s for the warmest locations, monday transition day. not as nice, tuesday in the 70s and 60s for the latter half of the week. enjoy it. enjoy the sun. as you head out take your dog for a walk. heading out for tailgating, 80 degrees, sunny, warm for the game later. gametime 1:05. royals playing the a's. be back tomorrow morning 7:30.
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