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homelessness in san francis. the plan mayor ed lee just right now on kpix 5 news at noon. looking to curb homelessness in san francisco. >> a the court is ready as the
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warriors move ahead in the first round of the playoffs. but star player steph curry is questionable. what teammates say they will have to do tonight top score a win even if number 30 is not playing. good morning i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. in north beach he outlined a role on homelessness. it involves transferring five departments into one. >> we're already kind of getting everybody used to the concept of working not in their various departments now whether it's human services or health but thinking about what they can do together in one singular place where we are interviewing people as we speak. >> the department will likely be up and running by the fall.
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happening today a heated debate over whether to allow two story homes in certain neighborhoods of palo alto. >> reporter: we are here in the royal manner neighborhood where 200 homes are either being threatened or could be vastly improved. depending on where you standee on the issue. we are talking about second stories. either by adding them to existing homes or demolishing the older homes all together and building a new two story structure. you know the the floor to ceiling windows are a key design feature. it helps to blur the lines and helps the home feel light, airy, and spare use. a neighbor standing on a second story will allow those to see into the homes and any sense of property will be gone. in this neighborhood homes go for $2 million. tonight the palo alto city council is considering a sip l story over lay which will ban any second story additions or
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new instructions. richard anderson is one of the original owners and has lived in royal manner for 38 years. >> what do you say to folks that say get some curtains? >> it will change the interior. the amount of light that these glass walls will allow into a home is incredible. we grow plants and enjoy the inside of our home as much as the outside. >> there are strong emotions on both sides of the issue. neighbors are split and will likely give passionate ever if they can pugh that they are capable of doing so.
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right now the death toll in ecuador is rising following a powerful earthquake. the quake over the weekend killed 350 people, injured 2500 more with many people still missing. rescue teams pulled this seven- year-old girl and mother from rubble. the spanish red cross says as many as 100,000 may need assistance. san francisco mayor ed lee released a statement saying his prayers go out to the victims of the massive quake. today marks the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake that left much of the bay area devastated. >> there was a moment of silence followed by sirens to honor the victims and the survivors. the quake was 110 years ago today. this was the first year no survivors are alive to mark the equation. city leaders revealed a plan for resiliency.
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to be seen. but that doesn't mean he won't play t y is still listed all eyes are on steph curry. >> reporter: curry is still listed as questionable tonight adds the warriors host the rockets for game two of this playoff series. it was business as usual for the team this morning getting loose and warming up for the game. but we had to ask clay thompson how all curry's possible absence changed the team's strategy. >> obviously bo points out of the lineup. we just have to do it as far as
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moving the ball and being patient. we just got to do it even more. >> earlier mismorning we learned he came in second for best defensive player of the year. le in order said le in order absolutely deserves it. green said last year he got robbed but le in order earned it fair and square. game time tonight 7:30 at oracle arena. jackie ward kpix 5. now to campaign 2016. new yorkers voted in the biggest presidential primaries. shows donald trump with a 33 point lead in his home state on the democratic side polls show former new york senator hillary clinton with a ten-point lead over brooklyn native bernie scenes. the final hours are counting. >> reporter: hillary clinton greeted workers at a hospital in yonkers, new york yesterday.
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>> i think new york values our american values. >> reporter: the democratic candidate holds a ten-point lead overbear plea sanders. but sanders stays polls often estimate his strength. his campaign said he drew 28,000 in brooklyn. although many could be independent. >> the fact theines dependence cannot -- the fact that independence cannot participate -- >> reporter: even though donald trump is poised to win in new york, he is still bashing the party's nominating rule. >> it's a rigged system, it's a crooked system. >> reporter: ted cruz picked up all of wyoming's 14 delegates. he says trump doesn't handle winning well. >> we have won five in a row and donald is upset so he is throwing a fit. >> reporter: trump also has double digit leads in pennsylvania and california. two more states with lots of
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delegates. >> five more eastern states connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island hold contests on april 26th. almost half of golden state voters might not be able to vote in the presidential primaries. it's due to confusion and the registration process. the paper found hundreds of nows of people who intended to register as independents may have registered with the american independent party. looking ahead the encryption battle between apple and the fbi continues tomorrow. it the moves from the courtroom to congress. apple and fbi representatives will be testifying before the house, energy, and commerce committee addressing the debate over the use of encryption. a big win for google today. rejected a challenge to the online book library to authors who believe it makes it harder to market their work. the justices let stand a lower court ruling in favor of the
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mountain view tech giant. now to new details. a man who was beaten in san francisco by alameda county sheriffs deputies returned to court this morning. petrov faces federal weapons and drug charges. he entered a plea of not guilty to all accounts. petrov has been in custody since april 1st when the fbi arrested him in san francisco. san francisco's annual 4/20 celebration is under way in the park. this comes after complaints after business owners who say gotten out of control from garbage to traffic jams to people using the park as an outdoor bathroom. the plan includes street closures and muni reroute and organized cleanup the next day. >> what we want to make clear is that san francisco is an
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incredible place. and i know that, you know, it has its historical events and this event continues to be a challenge but one that we are up for and one that we are prepared to address in a number of days. >> there will also be increased police presence up to 15,000 people are expected on wednesday. gas prices are on the rise again. how much you can expect to pay to fill up in the bay area and the bad news as we look ahead to memorial day. ============== >> good afternoon from our kpix weather center we have a warriors game tonight and a giants at home baseball game. let's give san jose a shoutout and a little bit of love. the san jose sharks playing host to the l.a. king where is the puck drops at 7:35 tonight. i've got the complete forecast coming up after this brief time
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regarding president obama's immigration. dem happening today the u.s. supreme court is hearing arguments regarding president obama's executive actions on immigration. demonstrators outside of a rally in support of the president's actions. 26 states are challenging the executive actions that would allow approximately 4 million people to stay in the country and make them work eligible in the u.s.. the obama administration is arguing for two programs to be put into action that would shield those immigrants. right now the ntsb is searching the wreckage for the cargo ship for a data. they hope to determine why or how the ship sank in october. all 33 people aboard were killed. the search will last ten days. tens of nows of runners are
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celebrating marathon monday by taking part in the boston marathon. as don champion reports it's just the third anniversary of the bombing attacks. >> reporter: seda cross the finish line as the winner of the boston marathon for the women. for the 30,000 other winners volunteers prepared finisher medals to be awarded at the end of the race. boston's marathon is the oldest and one of the masspriest -- and one of the most prestigious in the world. three years ago the event was scared by twin terror bombings. since then security has been tight. >> i had to go through security again check my purse. i don't think people are staying away, to be honest with
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you. i don't think they are. there is no reason to. >> reporter: 5,000 uniformed police officers are being backed up by scores of local and federal law enforcement so everyone else here can focus on the runner. >> it makes me feel safe and secure because i was a little nervous. >> reporter: one of them -- the couple and their children flew from san diego to experience this event. >> love the people down here. everything is nice. we will probably be back genomics year. >> reporter: and that is good news for boston in the long run. to texas now where heavy rains have drenched portions of the state causing severe flooding. the houston area is seeing a flash flood emergency and warnings are also in effect in austin, syntan ten owe, dallas, and fort worth. in some is areas houses are completely emerged. and the flooding is causing flight and school cancellations. forecasters estimate that some
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areas could get 16 inches of rain. turning to our forecast now. no rain in northern california. roberta gonzalez is tracking what to expect. >> we will have rain by the end of the workweek but today the coast is clear. we do have prest teen conditions. wall to wall sunshine and unlimited visibility. good afternoon everybody at this particular time take a look the at numbers. anywhere right now from 77 degrees in santa rosa to 80- degrees in san jose and livermore. look at san francisco at 76. boy it only cooled down to 60 in the over tight hours. fifth after shattering recording breaking events. robert sullivan one of my bff's he is one of our weather watchers he says it's a little too warm for yard work but sitting in the shade is another thing. that is good idea. we have another day with record warmth in the bay area. we do have rain on the horizon. and looking ahead to a partly
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cloudy and a slightly warmer weekend. high pressure is in place. backing all the way to the mojave desert. for us it's just a slight offshore flow out of the northeast. but i want to look ahead. this is your wednesday at this time. you will notice a chill, the clouds increasing across the north bay gradually sliding across the entire bay area on thursday and there you have the rain that will arrive by friday. meanwhile today 90 degrees in fresno. equally as warm in brentwood, tracy. pollen report on the medium and high side. if you are sneezing and wheezing, you have been warned another uncomfortable day. 89 in san jose. 84 in oakland. those will go down in the record books today. here's your sen set. by the time it sets boy again a record breaking day today.
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followed by additional cooling on wednesday. the rain arrives after midnight on thursday into your friday and then we dry out and slightly warmer on the weekend. >> heading to the beach today? >> i would like to but i'm head together warrior game instead. >> thank you. now to new details about what you can expect to pay at the the pump according to the average price is $2.88 in san francisco. that is $0.3 increase inlast week and no relief is insight. today millions of taxpayers are facing a midnight deadline to fire returns and millions of others are expected to ask the irs for more time. imparticular a six month extension. if you are included in that group, it gives you more time to file but it does not extend time to pay. the deadline normally falls on april 15th but a legal holiday in washington, d.c. pushed it
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back. take a look at the big board and see how the market is doing. the dow is up 94 points. still ahead apple is making changes to itunes. how it will impact how you pay and when you can expect to see the the difference. >> and we want to invite all of you pet lovers out there. send us your questions about their health and well being. and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday. your favorite ice cream flavors. the warm cookies you crave. now in one delicious treat. baskin robbins new warm cookie ice cream sandwiches.
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president obama to send a message
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about mentoring. ... ...people are new at noon warriors star steph curry is teaming up with president obama to send a message about mentoring. >> you don't need this clip art over here. let's take that out. incredible dancer, i don't know if people will believe you. >> it shows obama helping curry fix his resume and shoot a basketball but it has a serious goal to encourage americans to mentor young people many their communities. it's parts of the presidents my brother's keeper initiative. apple is cutting off your itunes allowance. the company is ending support for the program toward the end of next month. it was a feature that started in 2003 and lets parents add money into an itunes account a month. but now it seemsment tech giant would rather have customers use family sharing to manage purchases on multiple accounts.
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a reminder to you now if you have a consumer problem or question, e-mail our hot line consumer watch or call the hotline. we'll be right back. if ====b r e a k ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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big night for all the bay
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area teams. >> yeah i'm going to the warriors game of course. but also another big game in town yeah we've got our sharks. we also have the san francisco giants in town playing host to the arizona diamondbacks. game time temperatures in the 60's. but it's always advisable to dress in layers. and we have jake on the mound. >> go giants, go sharks, go warriors. >> have a good one everyone. ,, ,,,,
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