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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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makes some students uncomfortable. only on "5" she told phil matier in this heated election year in the u.s. and heated debate over israel and palestine, students need to hear all the points even if they don't want to. >> reporter: that's right. we sat down with her because it was election year and we first question we had was, what is the primary going to bring to california? take a look. >> i think it will be a very lively election season in california. and particularly on our campus. >> reporter: one might add controversial as well as evidenced by the recent chalkings at two uc campuses with messages like deport them all, build the wall, save the tacos. >> we have seen this across the country. it's generally pro-trump supporters, um, taking some of his slogans and chalking them on sidewalks or on walls on college campuses. um, we had a recent incident at san diego. that is a form of speech in a way. >> reporter: but even at the birthplace of free speech some
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students say it went too far. >> their line of free speech ends the second you impede on the rights of other people. >> everybody likes the freedom of speech but when you're supporting a bigot i think it comes off as hate speech. and it could be not even offensive but also in a sense incite violence. >> reporter: do you think the university should allow it or not? >> should the university allow it? i don't think so. >> i'm not the censor here. i'm not going to make that decision. >> reporter: in another controversial case. students for justice in palestine caused a stir when they set up this mock israeli checkpoint at the gate. some people thought that that checkpoint was hateful. >> we don't find that hateful because we find that as a way for to us show students at berkeley what's happening in palestine. >> reporter: how do you balance the line between offensive speech and political speech? >> well, a lot of as we know
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political speech can be offensive. campus communities ought to be places where different points of view are expressed. >> reporter: chances are we are going to be seeing and hearing a lot of that on campuses because they are where a lot of these candidates from trump to bernie sanders are expecting to get their votes. it might be a surprise, just how many conservative votes there are out there on campus. they are quiet. >> some people have been political but never in the political process they never backed a candidate and now that's the perfect spot for it. >> reporter: here's another twist. talking about politics. let's not forget that before she was the president of uc and director of homeland security, she was governor of arizona. so she is no stranger to the world of debate often controversial heated, question about hate? well, it's all free. >> thank you. police investigating a possible hate crime today at palo alto high school. on monday school officials discovered graffiti supporting donald trump an messages
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reading black lives suck scrawled around the campus. the school district is trying to get student who may know something to come forward. >> we work very hard to maintain a safe learning environment. and so when we see this kind of language on our campus, we have to take it very seriously. >> students say the incident has prompted discussions about race and politics both in and out of school. the state is stepping in to help the town of moraga fix a massive sinkhole now that governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency there. kpix 5's cate caugiran on why the town says it need the government to foot the bill. cate. >> reporter: ken, i'm standing in one of the most affluent towns in the east bay and they say they had no choice but to go to sacramento looking for a handout all to fix that massive sinkhole right behind me. moraga's sinkhole has turned into the town's money pit.
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the estimated cost to fix it, $3.5 million. >> we are still stabilizing it. we are keeping an eye on it. there's going to be upcoming rain so of course we're very conscious of that making sure the runoff is being diverted properly. >> reporter: money is on the way after governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency for contra costa county to help repair last month's storm damage. and moraga says it need it badly. >> this wipes us out. it wipes out every reserve we have. it put us in a position where if anything happens like an earthquake, which could happen. >> reporter: the mayor says the town as reserves are not enough to cover the repair bill thanks to low property taxes. according to the town, moraga's average family income is around $118,000 a year. that doesn't translate to high revenue. >> towns have to rely on the state to get these fix and not rely on the people that actually live in the city. >> as a practical matter, there's always a reliance on
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the state. you try to do as much as you can locally. it's not like we want to go to the state, you know. it's just we have no choice. >> reporter: special taxes could be one option to build up reserves for future problems. but the mayor says that's an uphill battle. >> this is a fairly frugal town. and it's always been run that way. and it probably always be run that way. >> reporter: as far as the people we spoke with -- >> i'm perfectly fine helping out. this is -- i live in a neighboring community so i would hope that the same would be true if the problem was up there. >> they spend their money and their budget on other things of a lot goes to education what they're known for. >> reporter: the town says it could take another two to three months before that sinkhole is fixed. live in moraga, cate caugiran, kpix 5. local water officials made their case today for ending state mandated cutbacks. last year governor brown ordered cities and towns to reduce water use by 25%. but now many local agencies say
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the wet winter has made those emergency measures unnecessary. the state water resources control board held a hearing this afternoon. it will propose revision to the policy next month. right now san francisco's police commission is getting an update on its "use of force" policy and use of body cameras. the discussions come after several controversial police shootings including this month's fatal shooting of a homeless man who officers say lunged at them with a knife. and the deadly shooting of mario woods was last december. there is a haze over hippie hill in san francisco's golden gate park right about now. [ chuckling ] more than 10,000 people celebrating the unofficial pot holiday known as 420. while toking in public isn't legal, police are looking the other way in general for today at least. but we are just hearing that there might be some trouble right about now. kpix 5's emily turner is out there. let's check in with her. emily, what's going on? >> reporter: veronica, in just the last 15 minutes a couple of
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things have happened. the first was we were sitting in our live truck and a rush of people went screaming running by like some kind of a stampede. none of them knew what they were running from or what happened and we haven't found out. after that we heard several sirens in the background. [ noise ] >> these are the shouts from when there was actually 4:20 this afternoon. of course that's why they are out here. lots of people here at hippie hill the unofficial pot smoking holiday with every kind of smoking apparatus you can think of and plenty more to go with it. the problem is that the crowd here leaves lots of trash behind. about 10,000 pounds they left behind last year will likely be the same this year. the city and police said they would also be out enforcing the illegal sale of drugs as well as other items. but we didn't see much of that at all. mostly it was just a bunch of people out here smoking pot and making a mess. >> check this out.
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this is america, right? you have numerous people different denominations different types different everything coming together for no reason just to have a good time and do what we do which is love weed, man. why not? >> reporter: the park rangers aren't sure why those people went running by. we are working to try to figure it out. as soon as we have that information we'll tell you. but for now we are live in hippie hill in golden gate park, emily turner, kpix 5. >> we have obviously people feeling no pain in the park very expressive tonight. and, um, we want to apologize for the nudity that got on the air there. well, according to a cbs news poll out this morning, more than half of americans think marijuana use should be legal. that's a slight jump from last year. 51% say they have tried marijuana up 8% from last year. 52% say alcohol is more dangerous than pot.
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while just 9% think marijuana is more dangerous. a south bay college student killed in cold blood. police say they don't know why. the public plea to catch his killers before they strike again. >> that big fix. customers cheated by the volkswagen diesel scandal. early details on the major deal about to be announced in a bay area courtroom. >> from bay views to bamboo floors we go inside jerry brown's zen retreat now up for sale. what you would pay if you would like to buy the home of the governor in the oakland hills. >> low clouds increasing right now in san francisco cloud cover on the increase and the extended forecast one day with some rainfall. up to a quarter inch of rain. we'll talk about when and have your weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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their hands... the executio style shooting of a college student. it happened saturday night stay police have a mystery
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on their hands -- san jose police have a mystery on their hands, the execution-style shooting of a college student saturday night on lyndale avenue near story road in east san jose. as kpix 5's devin fehely tells you the victim wasn't even 20 years old. >> right now, we have very little to go off of. >> reporter: 18-year-old cruz antonio's death was as brutal as his life was brief, police say. >> the victim's in a neighborhood minding his bone business just walking. for someone to come by, stop the car and then basically ambush him that's pretty sick. >> reporter: as the gunmen sped off cruz was left lying in the street bleeding to death. paramedics managed to get him to the hospital where cruz, who family member describes as full of life, would later die. neighbors were stunned and saddened by what's now being described as an execution style murder. >> the guy was just going for a walk and then somebody just pulls up and this is a nice area so i don't know why that
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would happen. >> reporter: right now investigators say they don't have many lead. they don't know what triggered the shooting, if cruz was targeted or if the gunmen knew their victim but the fact they killed in cold blood and could do it again. >> make no mistake there's a killer on the loose! there's somebody that just got away with murder. and it's incumbent upon people in our community that have information to reach out to the police department. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> witnesses told police the victim and his friends may have been followed before the shooting and one person saw a green honda civic speeding away afterwards. a daring suspect who led san francisco police on a rooftop chase has been identified. alexander [ non-english language ] of vacaville was booked on charges including burglary and assault with pay deadly weapon. on saturday police arrived in the russian hill neighborhood to a burglary and the suspects pointed a gun at them before
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running across the roofs. he jumped off a for story billion and landed -- a four- story building and landed on a car. commuters on both side of interstate 880 out of luck after two crashes backed up morning traffic. northbound a minutemy van crashed into a disabled big rig in union city. the van's driver was seriously injured. on the southbound side an suv cut off another big rig causing it to crash into the center divide. lanes were shut down for several hours. and in oakland, caltrans workers paused to remember their coworkers killed in the "lion king." a bell chimed after each name was read. the workers rededicated themselves to the safety of others. the workers were killed in the line of duty. san francisco federal judge charles breyer will oversee a deal that's being presented
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tomorrow. sources close to the deal say volkswagen will either buy back the cars or repair them depending on the make and the model. about 600,000 diesel powered can, were found to spew nitrogen oxide as 40 times the legal limit. the biggest car charging station in california now open in santa clara. the station on tasman drive has 49 electric car charging hookups. it's across the street from levi's stadium and not far from great america so people can leave their cars to charge while they are out having fun. the station was put together through a grant from the california energy commission. more charging stations may help improve air quality here in the bay area. a new report by the american lung association lists several bay area counties with low or failing grades when it comes to ozone and airborne particulates. the data was tracked between 2012 and 2014. some of the worst air is recorded during the winter months because of wood smoke from heating stoves,
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fireplaces, the report says the trains, ships and idling trucks at the port of oakland also contribute to our regional pollution. salinas was the only california city on the report with no days of unhealthy air quality. bakersfield topped the list for having the most unhealthy days from airborne particles and los angeles leads the nation in the most ozone pollution from car tailpipes. and today, air quality regulators in the bay area acted to force oil refineries to better track pollution from their plants. the five refineries in the region will have to install more monitors to detect releases in neighborhoods and they must provide details about the levels of toxic substances in their crude oil stock. regulators will use the data to see if stricter measures are needed to curb pollution. not too sure about air pollution out there but it really is a beautiful day. >> fantastic. couple of days before a little too hot, couple of days from
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now metropolitan a little too chilly. today was the sweet spot. >> perfect. >> nice looking temperatures. likely one of these temperatures on the television screen that you're going to see in a second close to maybe what your favorite temperature is. fremont is at 77 degrees for you. that was your high today. san francisco is 71. concord one of the few spots in the 80s. san jose 79. wildly comfortable the wine country napa 78 degrees. nothing on the radar now. but by tomorrow night the north bay yes, by friday morning the rest of us absolutely. these numbers are close to normal. the water year began on october 1, so we are exactly normal for san francisco. 100% of average. we are 102% for livermore and san jose. 92% for santa rosa. so frankly i was hoping those numbers would be higher but let's be happy it felt really wet outside and guess what, we just were getting average rainfall. gone will be the 40s on this map. let me show you the overnight
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lows tonight generally in the mid-50s. san jose 54. napa 50. concord 54. redwood city 55. tomorrow cloudy with an onshore flow changing temperatures. we will not be as warm tomorrow. so we have the mid- to upper 70s today. a few of you in the low 80s. 67 in san francisco. san rafael 69. friday morning commute rain is coming. it's going to be moving in exactly in tune with the morning commute. tomorrow it's all about the cloud cover. there may be a sprinkle or two that will last a minute or two, that's it. rain moves into the north bay late thursday night friday morning and we'll stop the clock at 5:00. before the morning commute starts, that's when the steadier rainfall will arrive. we could see up to a quarter inch of rainfall coming up friday morning so a wet morning commute not tomorrow, but the day after. this will be a very nice weekend with highs around 70
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degrees with mainly sunny skies. saturday, sunday and monday. and next week not the 90s or 80s. we'll see highs in the mid- to upper 60s. sometimes we forget what normal is like because it gets really warm and cold. this is what we'll have for the next couple of days, it's normal for this time of the year. it's only april so 68, 69 degrees, perfect, exactly where we should be. >> thank you. it looks more like a zen temple than a governor's mansion. jerry brown is cashing out. we go inside his unique home that just hit the market. >> and how california could make it easier for first time buyers to save up for that dream home. ,, rd ,, ,,
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digs.. are now going on the market. governor jerry brown is cashing out of oakland. as kpix 5's don ford shows us, brown's old digs are now going on the market. >> reporter: doesn't look that special from the outside. i mean, it's a beautiful home. and a nice neighborhood and all. but it belongs to the governor,
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jerry brown. and he is selling it. asking price, $2.9 million. neighbors say they will miss him. >> jerry brown and i, great neighbors. we love to have them around. we hate to see them go. >> reporter: being the governor, of course, there was security. and the property has cameras everywhere. some almost camouflaged like this one in a tree. inside is a different story. understated and elegant. one room complete with garage style doors that opens the whole space to the decks. that's a little different. sometimes the governor would even go for a walk. >> once in a while, blue moon, sunday, sunday afternoons i would see him walking his dog. okay? it was a cute dog. >> reporter: now the house is for sale. and someone else is going to move in. did you vote for him? >> uhm -- [ pause ] >> you're being reluctant. [ laughter ] >> once. [ laughter ]
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>> yeah. we had to see him go. >> reporter: open houses start this week. in oakland, don ford, kpix 5. >> as california housing costs skyrocket, a new bill in the assembly would help first time home buyers save up. it would allow them to open a home ownership savings account, specifically for money toward their first home. individuals could contribute up to $10,000 a year. the account would be exempt from income tax as long as the money is used for a first time down payment or closing costs. coming up in our next half- hour, a sea of smokers at golden gate park but it's not all highs on 4/20. from the traffic nightmare to the trash how the cannabis celebration is turning a bay area neighborhood upside-down. >> and change for a 20? the women who will soon be getting top billing on our money.
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president janet napolitano s us.. in this heated election year.. students need to hea our top stories tonight fighting to protect free speech on campus. only on "5" uc president janet napolitano tells us in this heated election year, students need to hear all viewpoints even if it makes them feel uncomfortable. >> i'm cate caugiran in moraga
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where the town is getting some much-needed financial relief after the governor declared a state of emergency for contra costa county to fix the damage caused by last month's storms. that includes this massive sinkhole the town says it doesn't have enough reserve money to pay for the repairs. and thousands gathered at golden gate park in san francisco for the annual pot holiday known as 420. what's new this year? more police presence. portable toilets and a bigger clean-up evident after. kpix 5's emily turner joins us again life. emily, we're hearing that there was a little bit of a scare along hippie hill a bit ago. tell us about that. >> reporter: a lot of people who, from what we understand, take a look at this video we have just been able to turn around and get back to you, all these people running away, one ofyour crews was in the middle of it all and she says that someone told her they heard a woman scream and then everybody
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started running. at this point that's all we know. we are still working on finding out more information. all the crowds here now very calm are starting to leave. they are all heading to the haight which a whole 'nother story in and of itself. in fact, our very own wilson walker spent the day there talking to neighbors who say their neighborhood is under soon. -- is under siege. >> it's going to be crazy. it's going to be a lot of people and we are going to get busy. i'm ready. you know? fresno. came from fresno. yeah. >> i came from stockton california from the valley. >> i'm from sacramento. >> you know some people come out here to get the free samples. >> like these guys. >> everybody, man. if they're here at 420 you in this parking lot now what's going on man. [ beep beep ] >> we come from redwood city california. >> did you find out where to park yet? >> no, i haven't thought about the it yet. i'm thinking about going to
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mcdonald's to grab a hamburger before i get up in there. >> i got the groceries. i'm taking the hose out of the garage and i i'm bringing the hose to the house so i can flush the pee off. >> i got off powell station and they were completely packed the whole way. >> reporter: it's not officially under way yet and it's mass chaos already? >> i live east and west streets, they are all blocked. >> you're not going to shut whole thing down. i wouldn't want to. but it needs to be managed a little bit more. >> business is slower but everybody is in a hurry to get to the festivities. i'm planning on closing shortly just to kind of close down and get out before it gets crazy. >> i got orange, strawberry, grape and lime.
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one for three and, two for five. >> right now we're cooking sandwiches. we are doing a tritip sandwich. >> this event gives me joy. >> suppose we legalize weed. does some of the mystique come off of this? >> i mean, everyone wants what they can't have, you know? you never seen something like this? total culture shock. total culture shock. >> reporter: so as the sun goes down, it seems like the craziness starts to ramp up which is our cue to get out of here and out of hippie hill. live in golden gate state park, emily turner, kpix 5. a truck driver is dead after his flatbed tumbled down an embankment on highway 17. this happened about 1:30 this afternoon as he was going north between the lexington reservoir and los gatos. the chp says the truck hit a water main and the driver may
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not have been wearing a seatbelt. attorney gloria allred set to address a bay area high school that drew backlash for another guest speaker. parents criticized tennyson high school in hayward for inviting former 49er ray mcdonald to speak to students last month. he is accused of raping an woman in 2014 and faces trial in santa clara county. allred is representing the woman. on friday she will speak to students about consent. well, today high school students supporting gender- neutral bathrooms declared their campus in l.a. a no hate zone. yesterday students tussled with adult demonstrators who carried signs and chanted slogans against the installation of the bathroom. the protestors came from the westboro baptist church an anti-gay group. today some students recounted what the adult protestors said to them. >> some students started throwing some stuff but i mean they were just kept provoking us. >> we were going to burn in hell. that's not right. we weren't born this way.
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>> after class today a few dozen students gathered and cheered. some holding rainbow flags. it's not all about the "benjamins" anymore. today the us treasury department says its adding different male and female historical figures to our currency. cbs news' weijia jang on the big changes coming to your wallet. >> reporter: abolitionist harriet tubman will soon be the new face of the $20 bill. treasury secretary jack lew says hers is an american story. >> a woman can grow up as a slave, remain illiterate and through her heroism and her vision and her determination help to change the course of this country. >> reporter: tubman escaped slavery in 1849 and helped others to freedom through the underground railroad. she later became a member of the suffrage movement. >> someone who was a fremont fighter who freed so many people who were in bondage. she is our moses. >> reporter: the move is a
6:33 pm
victory for barbara ortiz howard founder of women on but she wants the bills in circulation by 2020 the centennial of voting rights for women. >> the federal reserve has a huge stake in this and they need to put it on the front burner. >> reporter: in june they announced they would put a woman on the front of the $10 bill moving alexander hamilton to the back but the huge success of the musical which just won a pulitzer prize may have let him keep center stage. that's just fine with fans who are paying menke minutes to see "hamilton." weijia jang, cbs news new york. >> and some other bill changes to look for. the new 10 will feature faces from the women's suffrage alexander hamilton stays on the front. the new 5 will include images of martin luther king, junior, marian anderson and eleanor roosevelt. it had retain the portrait of
6:34 pm
president abraham lincoln on the front. tonight we're asking you your thoughts on this. are you happy with that pick? is harriet tubman the best choice for the new $20 bill? you can go ahead and tweet my now at #veronicadlcruz. we'll take a closer look at the poll results plus your reaction and a whole lot more tonight on bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. campaign 2016. the two front-runner crushed the competition in new york's primary. and in his response to a protestor today, donald trump already seemed to be gearing up for a fight against hillary clinton. >> look, wiseguy. wiseguy. yeah. that's right. you know, bernie's gone, you to that. >> trump and clinton could expand their leads next week if recent poll numbers hold up in pennsylvania, connecticut, delaware, rhode island and maryland. those five states hold
6:35 pm
primaries on tuesday. trump has 844 delegates right now. he needs to win 57% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination and avoid a contested convention. ted cruz has 554 delegates. john kasich has 147. hillary clinton needs about 30% of the remaining delegates to lock up the democratic nomination. she currently has 1,927. bernie sanders has 1100. another six magnitude quake is being record on the coast of ecuador as aftershocks continue to hit the country after saturday's deadly earthquake. 6.1 magnitude aftershock rumbled through at 3:30 this morning. that's the strongest so far. 553 people died in the quake. hundreds more are still missing. 21,000 people are now homeless there. the earthquake caused about $3 billion in damage. this has a lot of people
6:36 pm
talking. the push in one state for a waiting period for viagra. the message one lawmaker is trying to send. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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disability advocates over g dogs. a lawsuit was filed against uber is nearing an agreement with disability advocates over guide dogs. the lawsuit was filed against the ride hailing service in 2014 because drivers allegedly refused to pick up blind passengers and their guide dogs. the dispute is over whether or not uber is a transportation company covered by disability laws. the terms of the agreement aren't public but both parties are happy with the proposed settlement. men in one state could soon have to wait 24 hours to get viagra and similar drugs and would have to get a sworn statement from their sexual partners detailing their
6:39 pm
problems. a south carolina lawmaker proposes the tongue in cheek bill in response to all the rules the state's male- dominated legislature has placed on abortion. it is not expected to pass. meanwhile, rain delays common in softball but check out what delayed a college game in virginia. a massive dust devil whipped up in the infield there in a matter of seconds. it made its way around the infield before dissipating about 30 seconds later. nobody was hurt. some players used their gloves to shield their faces. this isn't a sillicon valley story you hear every day. two men start a business to give away their profits. how their generosity is making a huge difference. >> mother nature has turned on the fan and that means low cloud cover and cooler temperatures currently at the golden gate and also a sign rain not that far behind. we'll talk about which hour looks to be the wettest and how the weekend is shaping up. i know you have plans outside. that's coming up next. >> hey, why am i in san jose?
6:40 pm
well, it's not to play chess. i can tell you that. play-off hockey to talk about. come on back! we'll set you up. ,,
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this week's jefferson award started the business... they who starts a business with the intent of giving away the profits? this week's jefferson award winners not only started that business, they have been giving away the profits for more than 20 years now. allen martin introduces us to a couple of trail blazers in the world of corporate giving. ♪[ music ] >> from there, you'll go to the shopping site. >> reporter: 25 years ago, mike hannigan and sean makes were selling copiers when they saw an actor put his name on a bottle of salad dressing and thought, why not in us. >> we felt that we could do what we were doing in corporate america but add what paul newman's company was doing with donating the profits to community organizations. >> thank you for calling give something back. >> reporter: that's how give something back office pluto in oakland began. the business partners also call it the beginning of the socially responsible business movement. >> so when we first started,
6:44 pm
this was a really alien concept. >> reporter: their concept? sell office supplies and furniture and give their profits away. >> how can you make a profit and then give it away and succeed in business? but the more -- but it's obviously possible. >> reporter: so possible that during the past 2.5 decades, while expanding their business from the bay area to the western u.s., sean and mike have been able to donate 73% of their net earnings, more than $6 million to nonprofits that are nominated and chosen by the company's clients. >> being a law firm we do go through a lot of paper. >> reporter: clients like burlingame law firm cotchett, pitre & mccarthy, which has been buying its office supplies from give something back for 18 years. >> the fact that they were able to beat the prices that i was buying and knowing that that money that i'm paying them is going back out into the community to help, of course it's magnificent. who wouldn't jump on that? >> reporter: one of the very first and long-time recipients
6:45 pm
of give something back's generosity is the alameda county community food bank and it all started with a forklift. >> we had a forklift that died. give something back swooped in and invested a pretty big amount, i think it was like $5,000, to get us a new forklift. and you know, ever since then, they have volunteered here. they have been been part of our dna. >> reporter: so for 25 years of giving their profits to nonprofits, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to mike hannigan and sean marx. allen martin, kpix 5. >> the partners say they will be focusing on smaller grassroots nonprofits that don't necessarily get as much money or attention as larger groups. that way, give something back's 20- to 30,000 online shoppers can see the work smaller organizations are doing. now, if you would like to check out office supplies at give something back and send some profits to nonprofits, check
6:46 pm
them out on our website, check in with paul deanno our meteorologist. we have cooler weather moving in. >> today temperatures are perfect. if you like the low 70s, i do. low cloud cover in san francisco. cooled to 65 degrees. the giants bats the past couple days, we need more offense tonight and hopefully they will do it in game three in the series against the diamondbacks. a nice night for baseball in the mid-60s for the first pitch. surf is rough for the next couple of days. it's not going to be crazy high but the swells will build. there's a threat or risk of sneaker waves and he a threat of or risk of rip currents. add that up, be smart in the water especially tomorrow continuing into friday, as
6:47 pm
well. with the cloud cover moving in right now san francisco only dropping to 55. fremont 54. san jose 54. napa tonight 50 degrees. when the flow from the ocean is light, we get a minimal influence. if it's strong, we get more of an influence and we'll stay cooler and cloudier. the onshore flow compared to today will be stronger tomorrow and that will help drop our temperatures another five to seven degrees but all we're doing is heading back to average. san jose at 91 on monday. tomorrow 70. we're cooling back to where we're be. one area of low pressure is passing into southern oregon bringing back the flow from the ocean. our rainmaker is way back here. this line of clouds right here is a front that will march toward us and within 36 hours it will give us some much- needed rainfall. we could take any rain this time of year. helps water our lawns irrigate the crops in the central valley and we'll see that friday.
6:48 pm
cloud cover sprinkles. tomorrow night rain into fort bragg by 11 p.m. watch the rain. i'm stopping things at 5 or 6:00 a.m. we have a line of some moderate rainfall fairfield, vacaville, back to martinez and benicia. san francisco and emeryville, south into san mateo county and santa cruz county. before the morning commute friday that's when we'll have some widespread rain and behind the front still unstable air. scattered showers friday afternoon. so the one wet day of the next seven not tomorrow, but it will be friday. clouds increasing right now. that continues tonight. we are mainly cloudy tomorrow. chance of a few sprinkles. rain mainly before lunchtime on friday. but a chance of showers even into the afternoon. highs tomorrow, back to normal. normal is 71 for san jose. i'm forecasting a high of of 72 for you. fremont 72. los altos 70. san mateo 68 degrees. cloudy day in walnut creek. 69 degrees. antioch your high 70. livermore 71. daly city you hit 65. petaluma your high 69 degrees.
6:49 pm
lakeport tomorrow mostly cloudy, 68. friday morning rain. saturday, sunday sunshine. but the onshore flow stays strong. mother nature's air- conditioning even with sunshine will keep us cool mid-60s to low 70s and that's where we stay with the temperatures until the middle of next week. one wet day, that's friday. vern live san jose next. ,, (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪
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in san jose is it hockey? no. play-off hockey starts us off and how are the sharks going to respond tonight? the sharks still have that 2-1 series lead over the l.a. kings. game four tonight of the first round of the play-offs. but is there any kind of lingering oh-oh moment after that overtime loss monday night? >> you're dealing with a team that's won two stanley cups in the last four our five years so they are not going away quietly. we knew this wasn't be easily. >> reporter: here's the tanner overtime goal off sharks turnover. that was the difference in what's been a tough physical matchup. we all expected that. coach was asked about the kings
6:53 pm
outhitting the sharks by 22. ceremony more aggressive. they killed all five of the sharks' power plays. >> they turned the tables a little bit on us there. i think we were on the other end of those -- those are the little battles within a series. and you know, i think that it definitely is an indicator of where your game is at and your desperation level is at. so, you know, that tells me, you know, there's a must-win spot and ours was a little bit below that. so we have to get it back there. >> reporter: nba play-off talk now. and the warriors. the question isn't whether or not they are going to beat the rockets. it's will steph curry play? >> based on how i feel right now, i couldn't play. but, um, tomorrow it could be different. >> reporter: curry not sounding positive about his chances of playing in game 3 tomorrow night in houston but the good news is that he did practice
6:54 pm
today. and the quicker he returns, the better for dr. kerr. >> he is doing a lot better and, um, i'm not going to talk about whether it's his foot or ankle because i messed that up. >> do you know if it's a high ankle sprain? >> i don't know what a high ankle sprain s& is, or flu-like symptoms. s symptoms. >> rockets blown out in game one gave up 115 points without curry in game two. but at least one rocket is hopeful things will be different in houston. >> our key defense is to bring a physical presence on both ends of the floor regardless of who is in those uniforms. chris mullen, jim hardaway and rich richmond could come out in those warriors uniforms and we
6:55 pm
still got to play the same way. hey, golf. she got wet after playing her second title this month. back in daly city with the lpga as the swinging skirts defending champion, she is the only champion this event has ever known. trying to win back-to-back-to- back. and i asked her about this lake merced course being such a comfort zone. >> it's cool to know that you have played well at this tournament before. you have confidence going that this week. but with that, there's i think more added pressure because you are the defending champion and they know that you have won here before so why can't you do it again? >> if memory serves, if you win it this time, you would be doing it on your 19th birthday. am i correct. yes. yes. but either way it would be a fun sunday. [ laughter ] >> i'm looking at this tat on your wrist. is this the date of your first win? >> yeah. it's the date that i'm proud of
6:56 pm
april 27, 2014. so, uhm, you know, i might forget my birthday, you know, later when i'm older but i'll probably remember this one. >> reporter: first round is tomorrow. couple of baseball notes. the a's lead the yankees 5-2 in the ninth. highlights of that coming up in the late show with the giants and the diamondbacks. but at hand here in san jose, it's all about the san jose sharks trying to get over on the kings, trying to get a three-games to one advantage in the play-off. i got my best man, joe cousins, behind the camera working on that post-game for us later on tonight. back to you in studio. >> time to quick talking and start staying the stating. thank you, vern glenn. for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, join us for nightbeat on kbcw 44/cable 12 and here at 11. ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: wow. ha ha ha ha! all right, now. how y'all? thank y'all. i appreciate you. thank you, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. boy, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day with a total of 20,765 bucks, from chi town, chicago, illinois, south side, it's the davis family. [cheering and applause] and from seaside, california, it's the singh family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of
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here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. let's go meet the singh family. [applause] woman: how are you? amrita. steve: hi. how are you? it's what? amrita: amrita. steve: amrita? amrita: yeah. amrita. amrita. steve: ok. amrita: ha ha! how are you? steve: fine. i'm steve. amrita: ah. hi, steve. so how you doing? you know... amrita: ha ha ha! steve: what do you do for a living, amrita? amrita: i actually work for a television station. i'm a news correspondent for television-- indtvusa. steve: in seaside, california? amrita: no. this is in silicon valley--san jose, california. steve: silicon valley? amrita: yeah, where the hi-tech world is. steve: yeah, yeah. now, you do what, now? amrita: i do their news. i do all their readings for the news. i'm on television. it's an internet channel. steve: internet channel? ok. amrita: mm-hmm, so i interview celebrities, big entrepreneur tycoons, and all that. steve: yeah. ok, ok. hey, listen, ladies, so let's have a lot of fun and let's win


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