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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  April 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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oakland where a two-alarm warehouse fire is now contained. it started around 3 a.m. one person was found dead inside the building shortly after firefighters arrived to the 700 block of 66th avenue. crews haven't determined the cause yet. today the california high- speed rail authority is expected to approve major changes to the planned system connecting the bay area and southern california. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is the live in san jose, where they will meet in just a few hours. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. the clock is ticking for the high-speed rail authority. by law, they have another nine days to approve their own business plan and according to the "l.a. times" that will very likely happen at a board meeting set to happen in san jose in a couple of hours. 150 miles away in fresno is where you will find construction workers building the first sections of tracks, building the guide way where the train will go. back in february the high-speed rail authority announced a big change in plans. the train would first come to san jose, to keep costs down,
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instead of tunneling through the tehachapi and san gabriel mountains which would be very expensive. going to san jose first reduced the coulds from 68 to $64 billion. it was largely a political move since getting the train up and running would help attract more funding. at the meeting today, expect critics to grill the board about where they will find the billions of dollars needed to finish the project. >> this project is going to fail. and when it fails, everybody in california is going to be turned off to the idea of high- speed rail. oh, no, we tried that. that's a disaster. >> reporter: despite complaints the "l.a. times" is reporting the business plan will pass today with a few tweaks but it will be interesting to see if the board has any more ideas on how to pay for it. the meeting begins at 9 a.m. at the county building in san jose. we're live, kiet do, kpix 5. >> i think a lot of people in the south bay want to know what's the latest estimate on when the fresno-to-san jose line would be completed. >> reporter: yeah. the last numbers we heard were
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about 2025 is the completion date. when it's done, the best estimates we have is that it will reduce the travel time from fresno down from about 3 hours to 40 minutes. >> thank you. the smoke and smell of 4/20 is gone on hippie hill but a huge mess remains. kpix 5's anne makovec is live interest on the highs and the lows and the leftovers of 4/20. >> reporter: the city has more clean-up to do here on hippie hill. they are planning on starting that this morning as city leaders take stock in how they handled this huge event, which is unpermitted by the way. it's sort of become a local tradition. thousands of people gathering every april 20th, 4/20, which is code for marijuana here to smoke pot. it's illegal actually to smoke anything in golden gate park but the police basically let it happen. all was going peacefully yesterday until somebody pulled out a gun at around 6 p.m.
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and the crowd around them started a stampede. there was also a separate armed rob pri during the event. >> -- there was also a separate armed robbery during the event. >> we are out here doing it and they are out here trying to cause trouble and that's not needed. we all came together for a purpose, one love. >> reporter: and there was quite a mess once the smoke cleared. approximately 10,000 pounds of trash left behind. it's going to cost the city about $100,000 when it's all said and done, police overtime and clean-up for this event. live in golden gate park, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> how do you think this reflects on the campaign for legalizing marijuana? >> reporter: you know, when you have drama like this, it doesn't reflect well on marijuana but you have to keep in mind there are about 10,000 people here in golden gate park. so that level of issue is not that extreme when it comes to that many people packed into one area.
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also keep in mind there were a lot of other drugs and alcohol out here, as well. in san jose an unusual alliance to stop measure c which would gut the current medical marijuana laws. former mayor chuck reed and other city leaders joins reps from medical marijuana dispensaries at city hall on 4/20. once political adversaries, the group is now uniting to oppose the measure on the june ballot. >> it is creating a completely unfair operating and unsafe environment for the citizens and patients of the city of san jose. you have illegal collectives not paying taxes not paying into the state coffers, not having workers' comp. and not testing their "medicine" and selling that to patients. >> among other things, measure c would list zoning restrictions and allow dispensaries to open next to a daycare, church or home, guts a strong regulatory system
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currently in place, and reduces penalties for selling marijuana to kids to a $100 fine. time now is 5:04. it's been a busy day in traffic. let's start with weather. >> it's very busy in weather. today is like the calm before the storm. i'm impressed the way this system is beginning to shape up. we'll see significant rainfall here in the bay area. okay, less than an inch but we'll a take it! it's our live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge now, mainly cloudy skies, temperatures are mild for this hour into the 50s. it's now 60 degrees in oakland. we do anticipate temperatures today to come down. going to feel a little muggy due to the increased cloud cover in the westerly flow. there you see the clouds stacking up right here in the bay area. mainly cloudy today and we have this area of low pressure that brings us rainfall beginning tomorrow morning. if you want to track the rain and when it should arrive here's your thursday lunch hour. we're talking about mainly cloud cover and there's your rain. this time tomorrow morning, it begins in the north bay.
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then slices across the central bay into the santa clara valley. by the evening commute, we have more spotty scattered showers and even the possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm. we clear out nicely just in time for the weekend. we'll talk more about the impending rainfall but right now let's send it over to gianna. >> good morning. we have an ongoing traffic alert as you work your way along 80 this morning eastbound. some updated information. we are getting word from chp that one lane is now open. this is east 80 before cummings skyway. there's two separate accidents here overnight. the latest being a big rig involved with three separate other vehicles. looks like it's a fatal accident. big delays there. one lane is open, the right lane, traffic squeezing through. three left lanes closed. past there, they are just wrapping up roadwork also so that should help relieve congestion through there. use an alternate. traffic is being diverted off
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cummings skyway. use 4 to 680. that will probably change now that the right lane is open. elsewhere a vehicle fire westbound 580 at eden canyon not causing too many delays but it is over to the right shoulder. back to you. >> thank you. it's been a violent week in san jose. the city is dealing with its third homicide this week. police say a man was stabbed to death on mill stream drive around 9 p.m. at the mill pond 2 mobile home park. so far no arrests have been made. today three bay area counties are cracking down on human trafficking. a summit in san leandro is bringing together district attorneys and mayors from alameda, contra costa and san mateo counties. some of the topics include child exploitation, law enforcement and criminal justice. organizers say that 13 of the areas where child sex trafficking is most common are in california. you should never be a litterbug but that's especially true today. the chp and caltrans are out in full force today picking up litter and they will also be patrolling. keep in mind, tomorrow is earth
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day and you can face a fine of up to $900 for throwing trash from your car. offensive graffiti at palo alto high school is prompting mr. toys ask for students' help to find the cull -- prompting police to ask for students' help to find the culprit. messages read black lives suck scrawled around the campus. the school district is asking students who may know something to step forward. >> we work very hard to maintain a safe learning environment so when we see this kind of language on our campus, you know, we have to take it very seriously. >> one silver lining to the incident, students say that the graffiti is sparking healthy classroom debate on racism and politics. an east bay high school is attempting to make amends for having ex-49er ray mcdonald speak to the students. parents criticized tennyson high school in hayward for inviting mcdonald to campus last month. he is accused of raping a woman in 2014 and faces an upcoming
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trial in santa clara county. attorney gloria allred is representing the woman and tomorrow she will speak to students at tennyson about "consent." time now 5:09. your money is getting a historic makeover. a look at the changes. >> a miniature horse, more on the rare surgery. >> we're not horsing around in the kpix 5 weather center. good morning, everyone. we are tracking incoming system that promises to bring rain right here to the bay area. >> and lanes still blocked heading to the carquinez bridge. i'll have an update on this fatal accident in just a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,,
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hi, everyone. good morning. rise and shine. the shark tank in san jose, actually mineta international airport. sharks are up 3-1 over the kings. they head to los angeles on friday. and as they do so, they will be running from the rain. it's come here. we'll talk about that coming up in less than four minutes. more than a century and a half after leading slave harriet tubman's image is part of a change come to your wallet. weijia jang shows us reporter: harriet tubman will be the new face of the $20
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bill. she is making history as the first black american ever on paper money and the first woman in more than a century. tubman escaped slavery in 1849 and led hundreds of others to freedom through the underground railroad. she joined the women's suffrage movement later. >> she didn't stop working to promote democracy in this country. you know, for the entirety of her life. >> reporter: tubman's relatives couldn't be more proud. >> to share the blessing and have it be acknowledged for real to the point that [ indiscernible ] we call money, you know, that's awesome. >> reporter: tubman's image will replace that of former president and "slave owner" andrew jackson. his face will be on the flip side. >> anything is possible. maybe the next [ indiscernible ] i want to be someone that's going to impact the world and
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maybe i'll be on the 50. >> reporter: weijia jang, cbs news, new york. >> the new design should be finished by 2020. that's the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. the redesigned 5 will feature eleanor roosevelt and highlight historic events at the lincoln memorial like martin luther king, jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. paper money might be getting a makeover but the future is of the penny is up in the air. you could call it america's neglected coin. the treasury department says there are about 240 billion pennies in the u.s. economy. but about two-thirds are not in circulation. people cope them at home in jars. the treasury last -- people keep them at home in jars. the treasury last year asked to halt production. it can't be done without congressional approval. i'm guilty of that, too. just keep pennies in the jar in piggybanks. time now 5:14. let's check traffic with gianna. >> pennies bring good luck sometimes if you find one and
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pick it up. on the roads, let's update you on the eastbound 80 at cummings skyway. the right lane is open, three left lanes closed. two accidents here one overnight. the second one happened right after 3 a.m. that one involved a big rig, a fatality. the right lane open now. the good news it is noncommute direction so traffic is getting better through there. you can squeeze by in the right lane, 10 to 15 minutes to get by. eden canyon a vehicle fire there. fire crews are on scene. chp doesn't say lanes are blocked but that's a possibility while they clean up. no injuries no major delays both directions 580 so traffic clear at least this portion of
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580. elsewhere though it gets busier. i'll show you that in a second. here's the bay bridge. more cars out of oakland into san francisco. we are holding steady with drive times, 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. most of the bay area bridges are okay this morning. no troubles on the san mateo bridge. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving along nicely. 14 minutes 580 to san francisco. here's 580 where we are seeing a backup. westbound to 205, at least as you work your way towards greenville we are seeing some decent delays for the morning drive but nothing out of the ordinary. no accidents or incidents through this portion but give yourself 20 minutes to make the drive and then another 15 minutes from the top of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. once you get on 680 no troubles. you have giants in town day game at at&t taking on the d- backs. it's dry now but that will change.
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here's roberta. >> we are going to have the giants forecast coming up. right now let's look towards sfo. good morning. 5:16. mostly cloudy skies over our local airports but so far no reports of any local airport delays. currently we have air temperatures standing in the 50s to 60 degrees and the light winds. a little muggy out the door. the winds today will rotate south and increase 5 to 10 miles per hour. satellite and radar shows we have clouds moving in over antioch and napa valley. temperatures uniform into the 50s. so says jerry wilcox in antioch and dave in napa. those are our weather watchers. your next rainfall, friday morning. from this guy right here, this area of low pressure out over the open waters right now. i have squashed our computer models together to come up with this futurecast. 1:00, everybody cloudy. hit-and-miss scattered showers in the north bay in the
5:18 am
afternoon. this front comes through the bay area by this time tomorrow morning and then sags to the south but behind it more showers and even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm for your friday. now once all this passes through, it will set the stage for a dry weekend. when we tally the numbers we'll have significant rainfall. generally less than an inch but we'll get to that. we have a beach hazard statement in effect for today due to the area of low pressure causing some strong rip currents and sneaker waves so be mindful of that. meanwhile your futurecast shows by about 8:00 .01" of rain. the system will provide us with about nearly an inch of rain in the ukiah area once it passes through at and three-tenths at redwood city. 70s in the central valley today. sunshine in the greater lake tahoe area but up to six inches of snow by tomorrow night in the high sierra and then we have a break saturday, more snow sunday in the greater lake
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tahoe area. breezy tomorrow, northwest winds up t 25. so tomorrow april showers, breezy conditions, seasonal temperatures over the weekend into the 70s. that's a look at your weather forecast. a miniature horse named shine has earned his favorite treat of all. gob stoppers. shine has been one tough cookie after receiving a prosthetic leg. the trouble started last year when he was viciously attacked by a dog. shine's owner found him bleeding badly so she brought him to colorado state university's veterinary hospital. there was an amputation and prepped for a prosthetic. >> he had to fight for two months before we got here. and i knew people fight that hard but he had the fight to make it through this surgery. >> and plenty of gob stoppers are going shine's way because he was nearly trotting just two days after surgery. good morning, everybody. miss me? don't answer that.
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hey, we got the giants from last night. eh. we got the sharks! trying to put the kings on ice. we got that, too. >> of course we miss you, vern! what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hey, good morning, everybody. i bet there's a little bounce in the step of the sharks fans this morning. sharks and the kings last night, game 4. they were not fooling around. here's head coach peter deboer. san jose 2-1 series lead. brent burns a no doubt about it shot to open up the scoring. man advantage, captain pavelski in front. it's 2-0! they led 3-0 into the third. sweated out a 3-2 final. what was the difference last night, coach? >> couple of things happened. i think the group, um, you know, felt last game we could have won the game had we cashed in on the power play even though we liked a lot of what we did, we didn't stick one in the net and think they came out tonight to make sure if we got the opportunities to make they were going to put it in and
5:24 am
they did that. baseball, giants madison baumgarner called on to stop a three-game skid last night. what happened against arizona? 7th inning, castilla, that one not coming back, boom! 2-0. giants cut it to one in the 8th. fast forward to the ninth. tying run on third base. trevor brown, he looked at strike three. diamondbacks beat the giants 2- 1 last night. they have lost 7 of the last 8 including four in a row. they will try to stop it later on today. the a's victorious in new york. they beat the yankees 5-2 yesterday. the a's are 5-0 on the road. that's it for now. i'll be back later. have a good one. the warriors are looking to take a stranglehold on their series with the rockets tonight. steph curry has an ankle
5:25 am
injury, status still up in the air. after the practice he spoke about resisting the temptation to come back too soon. >> making sure that i'm not putting myself in jeopardy of doing further damage or hurting myself even more. balancing that with, you know, great time right now for to us keep doing what we're doing and take advantage of, um, this play-off run so just got to be smart. >> golden state can take a 3-0 series lead with a win tonight. no nba team has ever come back from down three games to none to win a series. the play of the day from major league baseball. padres and the pirates and san diego's melvin upton slashing the leather in the 9th inning. take a look at this. upton to the wall over the wall takes the home run away. the very next batter, he makes a nice running catch to cap off the inning. the padres get the win and he has our play of the day.
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and in just a couple of hours the high-speed rail authority is set to lock in their plans to build the bullet train to come to san jose first. >> the smoke has cleared here in golden gate park and there's a bit of a mess left behind. coming up, the moments that proved to be a bit of a buzz kill for the 4/20 celebration. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and the driver of a van, reportedly shot in the h san jose police concerned as they investigate three homicides in the last week. >> and the driver of a van reportedly shot in the head near an east bay shopping center was the victim targeted? >> good thursday morning from the kpix 5 weather center. we have rain and wind moving this way plus, i'll talk about
5:30 am
how much snow to expect in tahoe. >> traffic troubles on 80 butted good news coming up. >> good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. a deadly two-alarm fire cause unclear in oakland. it started at 3 a.m. at a warehouse in the 700 block of 66th avenue. it took an hour and a half to get it under control. oakland fire tweeted out these photos a short time ago showing the massive flames coming from the building. one person was found dead inside. we can breathe in deeply again because the smell from "420" has faded away but all the good times at hippie hill spell bad news for clean-up crews. anne makovec is live where the grass is greener before the event. >> reporter: that is certainly true. they did a lot of the clean-up yesterday from the huge mess that was left behind. they still have more to do here
5:31 am
at hippie hill later on today as the city really takes stock of what was generally peaceful. the smoke-out on hippie hill main tailed a mellow vibe that covered the party in a purple haze. until this moment. [ screaming and running ] >> reporter: it was just around 6 p.m. when someone pulled out a gun on hippie hill and thousands ran. >> a stampede. one person ran, everybody ran. >> it was crazy. >> reporter: this partier was nearly trampled falling through a barbecue and landing in a giant overturned pot of spaghetti. >> all i heard was some girl scream. i turned and everybody running toward me pushing. >> reporter: there was also a separate armed robbery during the event. and there was as we have seen over the past several years quite a mess left behind. approximately 10,000 pounds of trash. we are going to hear from the director of the san francisco
5:32 am
parks and rec department later on this morning about some of the lessons we learned this year. live in golden gate park, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> anne, all this clean-up, how much does it cost the city? >> reporter: they think overall this event costs the city about $100,000 when it comes to police overtime and clean-up. it is an unpermitted event, but it's something that the city has been planning for. >> thank you. as people partied all over the bay for "420" one elephant in the room. recreational pot is not legal in california. oakland's harborside health center is one of many dispensaries ready to back any ballot measure that turns the tables. it even registers voters on site. "fortune" magazine shows harborside has the money to push for legalization. it sells about $35 million in medical marijuana every year. >> we have "high" hopes that we will be legal next "420". >> he is confident california
5:33 am
will be the fifth state to legalize. a recent poll from cbs news shows over 50% of americans also think marijuana use should be legal. developing in antioch police say a highway shooting led to a car hitting a lowe's garden center. the drive had a bullet wound to the head. it's not clear yet if it's related to a nearby incident. there's been a string of shootings on bay area freeways. police say they are gang- related and targeted. yet another homicide in san jose. it's the third this week. police say a man was stabbed to death on mill stream drive around 9 p.m. it happened at the mill pond two mobile home park. so far no arrests. major changes will be announced today to the bullet train system being built to connect the bay area to southern california. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live
5:34 am
in san jose, where the california high-speed rail authority will meet in a few hours. >> reporter: good morning. all the major players in high- speed rail will be here at 9 a.m. they have until the end of the month to approve their own business plan that has drawn fire from critics. but according to the "l.a. times" it looks like that plan is probably going to pass anyway. the project itself is already under way in fresno where crews are busy at work erecting thetors for the elevated portion of the track. they are moving highway 99 about 100 feet. they are 1/2 dozen active work sites the first in a series of construction packages to be stitched together between l.a. and san francisco. to save money they decided to build fresno to san jose instead of tunneling through the mountains to southern california first. the hope is that investors would see the train in operation, making it easier to attract funding to take the train all the way to l.a. it was a coup for the bay area but had critics in southern california howling.
5:35 am
>> what i would say is you have to start somewhere. and the central valley is a god place to start. >> reporter: the high-speed rail authority has been hearing complaints for months. but they are expected to pass the plan today. the meeting starts at 9:00 here at the county building in downtown san jose. kiet do, kpix 5. >> kiet, we know the numbers have been fluid but what's the latest estimate on the cost? >> reporter: so the cost went down from going to san jose, it went down by $4 billion down from $68 billion to $64 billion. back to you. >> thank you, kiet do in san jose. time now 5:35. another check of weather with roberta. >> i like monitoring the weather conditions by seeing our reporters and how they are dressed out there. did you notice the light jacket kiet do had, looking dashing and dapper this morning? good morning, everybody. light jacket. that's all you need as you step out the door this morning.
5:36 am
we have temperatures very mild in the high 50s and low 60s. south winds 3 to 6 miles per hour. look at oakland! 60 degrees it's in the mid-50s in santa rosa. this time yesterday we were at 48. okay. here's our futurecast. this is what creek expect today by lunch hour. mostly cloudy skies. and then as we proceed to about this time tomorrow, we have rain slicing from north bay across the central bay into the santa clara valley and more rain in time for the evening commute. dry for the weekend. today is a mainly cloudy day. at the coast a beach hazard statement in effect. we anticipate some sneaker waves and very strong rip currents in advance of the area of low pressure. numbers are coming down today but still mild in the 60s and in the low 70s. hey, we're going to track the arena together and also tell you how much rain to -- we're going to track the rain together and also tell you ran up to expect as well as snow in tahoe coming up. traffic alert continues
5:37 am
along 80 this morning. eastbound this trouble spot cummings skyway but they have opened another lane so we have two right lanes now open. two left lanes still closed. this is an overnight accident. actually two separate accidents. the second one that happened about 3:20 this morning resulted in a fatality so a lot of activity for the investigation still on scene. now we are seeing delays in both directions now as you worker way near and around the carquinez bridge. we have late running roadwork on the westbound side that's causing some delays. that should be picked up as of now and, of course, spectator slowing as the morning commute gets in full swing. westbound 580 at eden canyon a vehicle fire clearing, to the right, no delays through there. westbound 580 busy as you work your way out of tracy this morning. gets better towards 680. and the bay bridge the metering lights are on. >> thank you. the political season has created tension nationwide between the candidates and voters. uc president janet napolitano took a term stand in support of
5:38 am
free speech on the campus yesterday. her message comes after recent chalkings at uc campuses with messages like, deport them all, build the wall, save the tacos. janet napolitano says there's a thin line between freedom of speech and hate speech. >> well, a lot of as we know political speech can be offensive. these are open speech campuses and campus communities ought to be places where different and sometimes extreme points of view are expressed. >> she also said it's exciting to see the younger generation so passionate about the political process. but they should express their passion in a respectful manner. on the campaign trail as the underdogs push for more delegates front-runner roast the competition. senator bernie sanders needs to win 73% of the remaining delegates in order to score the party's nomination. senator ted cruz hopes that party leaders will take his side at a republican convention that is bound to be heated. donald trump says that he is going to hire a speech writer and use a teleprompter now to be more presidential but trump
5:39 am
and hillary clinton aren't afraid to tear down rivals. >> we lyin' ted. we have crooked hillary. i won't go over the others because they're now defeated. >> when i hear donald trump and ted cruz talk about international -- [ applause and cheers ] >> -- issues -- >> boo! >> -- i mean, what they say is not only offensive, it's down right dangerous! >> now all the candidates have their eyes on the hundreds of delegates at stake in tuesday's primaries. when you have enough money in the bank to pay for all the basics, the natural next step is investing. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger warns us how our vices can make things go badly. what's the root of our poor investment performance? >> reporter: i blame it on being human beings. it's terrible. because behavioral economists say that we "suffer" from two specific biases when markets are going up. number one, overconfidence in
5:40 am
our own abilities to pick winners. and two, optimism which wednesday many of to us believe that we -- which convinces many of us to believe that we can outperform the market. that's not true. over the last 20 years, the average stock mutual fund investor lagged the s&p by, get this, 4.7% a year. wow! we really stink at investing! [ laughter ] >> what holds us back and what can we do about it? >> reporter: we're talking about when markets go up. but when they go down we suffer from something called loss aversion. that prompts us to blow out of the market at the worst possible time. not to mention that when everyone else is selling, there's something called a purging effect. that's when we do what everyone else does. you know your mom told you not to do that. so to prevent these kinds of reactions, why don't you take a look at your own behavior. over the last decade, were you reactive to events or were you able to stick to your game plan? do you have anxiety about your
5:41 am
investments? some degree of worry, okay. not a problem. but you know the difference between a healthy respect for volatility of markets and the anxiety that can rob you of a good night's sleep. if you fear you may be your own worst enemy when it comes to investing, you should try to use an automatic investment platform like betterment or wells front, rebalance ira. all these companies have great algorithms that should prevent you from acting like the human being that you are. [ laughter ] >> all right. yes. jill schlesinger, thank you. time now 5:41. now you can celebrate "420" all year in las vegas. the pot themed wedding chapel where you could be saying "i do." ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. thursday, 5:43. looking at our live weather camera looking out toward the bay. we have a beach hazard statement in effect for today. we have rain lurking. we have snow that's going to fall in the tahoe area. we have your complete forecast coming up. police are describing the latest homicide in san jose as an execution-style shooting. the victim a young college student was walking near lyndale avenue and story road saturday night. that's when a car pulled up and unloaded on him. 18-year-old cruz antonio is remembered as a young man full of life. right now investigators say they don't have many leads. and they don't know what triggered the shooting. they are hoping anyone with information will come forward. >> make no mistake there's a killer on the loose. there's somebody that just got away with murder. and it's incumbent upon people in our community that have information to reach out to the police department. >> witnesses told police antonio and his friends may have been followed before the
5:45 am
shooting and one person saw a green honda civic speeding away afterwards. san jose police just released this surveillance video hoping it will spark leads in a case that's gone cold. they believe these men may have been involved in a deadly stabbing. 33-year-old michael maynard was the victim. he was stabbed in july of 2014 near south market and park avenue. it happened during a heated argument with a group of men. nearly 2 years later police are hoping that anyone who recognizes these men will call 911 and so far investigators are simply calling them persons of interest. developing this morning, the wwe has lost a legend. former pro wrestling star joan "chyna" laurer has died. police found her body inside her apartment. no word on the time of her death or a cause. authorities say that there's no sign of foul play. she was 46. the new chap until las vegas is letting "420" fun -- the new chapel in las vegas is letting "420" fun last all
5:46 am
year. the cannabis chapel is open for business and the man's weed patterned suit is bound to trump your wedding digs. >> weed here at the chapel of cannabis. >> impressive. it's illegal to smoke weed inside cannabis chapel. the mood is still mellow. the first couple showed up, she has back problems and says medical marijuana has helped her remain happy despite great pain. >> i look at colorado and i look and the washington as an example that definitely says this is something positive for the community if well regulated and taken care of by our government. >> this november nevada voters have a chance to decide if recreational marijuana should be legal in the state. time now 5:46. let check our roads with gianna. it is busy out there. we have a traffic alert in effect along eastbound 80 right before cummings skyway. the two right lanes are open. at one point all lanes were closed but the two lot of lanes are still closed -- the two left lanes are still closed.
5:47 am
so delays there. overnight accident happened at about 3:20 this morning. big rig involved. it resulted in a fatality. you have a lot of activity there on scene for the investigation. we have seeing delays on that westbound side, as well. some roadwork is wrapped up. some spectator slowing through there. so both directions, you're going to see about 10- to 15- minute delays. no need to use an alternate. that will take longer. over to the bay bridge, 25 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. the backups at the bridge all the way to the maze already. metering lights were turned on at 5:30 this morning. you're going to see a few brake lights up the incline. across the upper deck a little slow, as well. reports of an accident west 80 as you exit fremont. it's at the bottom of the ramp there. big rig broken down. possibly an accident, as well. you're going to see some disease as you exit fremont there off the skyway. conditions westbound 580 out of tracy busy through here. a three-car crash. a busier than usual as you come
5:48 am
out of tracy towards the top of the pass. past greenville things look better heading towards 680. 17 minutes is your drive time towards the dublin interchange. also starting to see some traffic at least along 101 to san jose. so it's filling in between 280/680 towards 880 with a slow- and-go ride through that portion. your delays are about 15 minutes now north 101, 280/680 to 237. 280 looks good if you want to use that instead. and the san mateo bridge looks great. no delays here. 14 minutes between hayward and foster city. that's been a very easy ride all morning. and not a bad ride out of marin. so far, so good. south 101, 580 into san francisco, that's only 14 minutes for your drive time. and don't forget we have the giants taking on arizona at at&t. 12:45 first pitch so hopefully, they can get a win, roberta, it's not going so well these days. >> that's really importan. you know why? cueto is taking the mound. if he wins today, that's going to be his 100th career victory. how about that?
5:49 am
so go, johnny, go! good morning, we can see layers of clouds out over the bay waters as we take a look at our live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid looking due east. it was a full moon but we can't see it due to cloud cover. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. very mild with a south breeze 3 to 6 miles per hour. here's the deal. satellite-radar indicates that we have clouds stacked up out over the open waters. they are swinging in towards northern california. it will be mainly cloudy today with a few sunny breaks. rainfall? it's on approach from this area of low pressure out over the open waters. so let's go ahead and time the rain together with our futurecast. you can see by the lunch hour today, partly to mostly cloudy conditions. and then the initial front begins to descend on the north bay slicing across the central bay but this time tomorrow morning, it's going to be a wet morning commute for your friday. more dampness by the evening commute and then hit-and-miss scattered showers throughout the evening hours for your friday. a chance of a thunderstorm but all this clears out for the weekend. so the totals are going to stack up like this. generally up to a quarter inch
5:50 am
of rain across the bay area. here you see it. but up to nearly a full inch in the ukiah area. about a half inch in santa rosa. we do have a beach hazard statement in effect for today in advancement of this area of low pressure. it's really churning the surf up and there's a possibility of a sneaker wave and some strong rip currents. today across the state it's currently 35 going up to 63 in the high sierra. i have to tell you in the mountains, tomorrow, up to 6" of snow above 8,000 feet. some very windy conditions, as well. more snow there on sunday. sun-up at 6:26. by the time it sets at 7:52, we have 13 hours and 25 minutes of daylight. not going to see much sunlight, how much. you have the cloud cover temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. today is the calm before the gentle storm with our april showers on friday. it will be a dry weekend. and if you are heading out to the giants game, 63 degrees. time now 5:50. would you pay $5,000 to get to
5:51 am
your destination in half the time? one airline is banking on it. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. close the book on its emiss cheating scandal today in a traffic alert continues eastbound 80 before couples skyway. two left lanes are shut down. you're getting by in the two right lanes. this is due to a fatal accident that happened about 3:20 this morning. now, making matters worse, we
5:54 am
are just getting word of a second accident in the backup. it's eastbound 80 at willow blocking the number 2 lanes from the left. so busy ride both directions of 880 as you work your way through crockett and carquinez. volkswagen will attempt to close the book on its emission cheating scandal today in a san francisco courtroom. the automaker and the u.s. officials have reached a deal that would require volkswagen to buy back or repair 600,000 defective diesel cars. vw admitted to using deceptive software to dodge emissions standards. san francisco federal judge charles breyer will oversee the deal. cars running on hydrogen fuel could soon become more common in california. a new hydrogen fueling location just opened in coalinga. hydrogen fuel is made from natural gas or water. statewide there are only 15 hydrogen fueling stations but with the state investing $20 million this year, the number
5:55 am
will jump to 100 stations next year. >> i think it's a big part of the future. key can't say hydrogen versus batteries -- we can't say hydrogens versus batteries versus advanced hybrids. i think we'll have all of those probably for another decade or so to come. >> vehicles which run on hydrogen don't emit exhaust. they burn water vapor instead. californians may be able to save up for the first home with a little help from the government. a new bill would enable people to open a home ownership savings account with money set aside for a first home. individuals could contribute up to $10,000 a year. the money would be exempt from tax as long as it's used for a down payment or closing costs. it could be the wave of the future. a new supersonic jet that aims to cut commercial travel time by half. it's named boom. it's a throwback to the concorde that was retired in 2003. this is a high-tech innovation that leaves the concorde in the
5:56 am
dust by using existing materials and reinventing them. >> catch a 9:30 flight from london back to new york you land in new york at 8:00 new york time the day you left. you can tuck the kids into bed. >> plans are in the works to build a prototype this summer. a ticket may run up to $5,000. ♪[ music ] golden gate park has a bit of a hangover this morning. coming up, the moment when the "420" celebration got a little bit out of control. >> a high-speed rail authority is set to meet in san jose in a couple of hours. they will likely lock in plans to bring the bullet train to the south bay first. ,, the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you.
5:57 am
warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
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5:59 am
and i'm kenny choi. fi good morning, everyone. it's thursday, april 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi.
6:00 am
fire crews are still trying to figure out what started a deadly fire in oakland this morning. it started around 3 a.m. at a two-story warehouse in the 700 block of 66th avenue not far from the coliseum. the oakland fire department tweeted out these photos showing the massive flames coming from the building. firefighters found one body inside. as san francisco's hippie hill -- at san francisco's hippie hill, the "420" crowd brought smoke and trash. kpix 5's anne makovec is live where the grass was greener before everybody lit up. anne. >> reporter: that's right. cleaning crews arriving here this morning in the meadow hippie hill area of golden gate park to clean up the rest of what they weren't ain't get to yesterday. that is as the city takes stock of exactly how they handled this huge event which was unpermitted by the way. it's become a tradition though. every april 20th, "420",


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