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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. now at noon, flames running through a building in san francisco's mission district. it's the second time in two days. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. kpix 5's anne makovec is at the
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poplar street location where crews are mopping up. >> reporter: yeah. they still have the roads blocked off. you can see the building behind me not much damage there on the front. it's all in the back. now that the fire is out, firefighters still have to figure out the cause. this is cell phone video of the flames coming from the apartment building on san jose avenue. there are 12 apartments inside and all of the people who lived there are now out in the street. firefighters got the call at 9:30 a.m. >> fire was coming out first floor and extending up to the second, 3rd and 4th floor. >> reporter: it took firefighters almost an hour to put it out. the building is still standing. but much of its contents are destroyed. >> look at the building construction, it doesn't take much for wood framed buildings to be involved in fires. >> reporter: two firefighters were hurt here this morning. one just a minor cut on his hand. the other one knocked into something and ended up with a bloody nose. so michelle had mentioned at
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the top of the newscast this was the second fire in the mission in the last two days. this is video of the aftermath of the fire yesterday morning. two apartment buildings burned also in this area near 17th and guerrero. firefighters think that that fire started in between the buildings. nobody was hurt. firefighters say today that these two fires were not at all related. they are holding a special meeting, the san francisco fire commission next wednesday night to talk about the high number of fires we have been seeing over the past year here in the mission district. live in the mission, anne makovec, kpix 5. to the weather now and a rainy friday around the bay area. here's what it looked lake in the south bay. drivers with their windshield wipers going. and it wasn't good news for crews working outside. wet streets around san francisco, too. this is the view from our roof cam earlier. roberta gonzales is here with a look at what's falling right now. >> i was taking a look at anne makovec reporting in san francisco. she is going to have hoods up very shortly here because we have rain moving into san
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francisco. good afternoon, everybody! this is our live hi-def doppler radar. as i zoom in, the heaviest rain now is there. you can see by the shades of yellow and orange, that's a moderate to heavy downpour around highway 128 from calistoga back in through saint helena. then we drift over from san rafael through richmond, swinging in towards berkeley. you'll hear the raindrops on your rooftops momentarily. sausalito has light rain. the tri-valley, that nasty 580/680 corridor is very slippery when wet, light to moderate rainfall. south bay picking up a quarter inch of rain in downtown san jose. more rain is there. there you have the raindrops on our camera lens. it's live looking out towards the golden gate bridge, the winds have been whipping up to 25 miles per hour, there you have a rainfall total so far this is since midnight of over a quarter inch of rain right here in san francisco approaching .4" of rain and we do have winds.
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that's been very problematic today. 20-mile-an-hour wind at sfo, 24 san francisco. gusty winds also to 17 in vallejo and 15 in the fairfield area. wind advisory that's in effect. i'm going to pinpoint that location plus rare april snow in tahoe. we'll talk about the advisory you need to know about if you are heading to the mountains this weekend. crews continue to work on the damage caused by a sinkhole in san francisco's pacific heights. the gaping hole 22 feet long 17 feet wide and 10 feet deep opened up on sacramento street late yesterday. a broken sewer pipe is suspected of causing the problem. the street between baker and lyon will be closed for a few more days. new at noon, san francisco health officials are confirming a second case of the zika virus in the city but they say there is no risk to public health. a pregnant woman who recently traveled from san francisco to central america tested positive. she does not have the zika symptoms and is getting care. plans are in the works to make companies pay for
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disasters like the one in san bruno back in 2010. eight people died and dozens of homes were destroyed when pg&e pipeline exploded in a massive fireball. now jackie speier is announcing legislation this morning to make criminal prosecution of pipeline operators easier and more in line with hazardous materials safety standards. >> for pipeline operators, the fines, the standards, basically create an environment so it's a cost of doing business if a pipeline leaks. if there's an explosion. >> she says there have been very few pipeline safety prosecutions because of this high bar for establishing a criminal violation. she says this bill will change that. governor jerry brown is in new york on this earth day as world leaders sign a historic climate change deal. at least 170 countries are expected to sign the paris climate change agreement, which
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aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. each participating country has to submit detailed plans on how it will meet its goals. actor leonardo dicaprio took the stage to convince world leaders to sign the deal. >> now is the time for bold unprecedented action. my friends, look at the delegates around you. it is time to ask each other, which side of history will you be on? >> countries who want to commit to the agreement have a year to sign it. whatkiet do is tracking a flight of a solar plane on the way here to the bay area right now. >> reporter: and we are here at moffett field waiting for the advanced ground crew to arrive to prep for the landing of solar impulse two. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the entire flight is being streamed live on the internet right now. the pilot bertrand piccard is on a marathon flight from oahu
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to mountain view. he took off thursday morning and has been in the air for the past 26.5 hours cruising altitude at 5,000 feet and they are plodding along at 35 miles per hour. the plane itself is a technological marvel. it's covered with 17,000 solar cells that recharge four 38- kilowatt hour batteries and charges before flight then flies around the clock, recharges during the day all while in flight. the team claims the plane can fly "forever" and is limited only by the strength and endures of the pilot. the point? the solar impulse wants to prove to the world clean technology has come of age, inspire kids, government leaders and entrepreneurs to do more to save the planet. >> time for change, a fantastic opportunity for new solutions, new clean technology solutions. exactly the same type of technologies than the [ indiscernible ] that can keep an airplane airborne day and night with no fuel. >> reporter: during landings, get this! two crew members on bikes chase
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the plane and grab handles on the wings so it doesn't tip over. they are halfway through their trip around the world. next stop is new york city. final destination, abu dhabi. solar impulse two set to arrive at moffett field saturday at 9 p.m. kiet do, kpix 5. campaign 2016 now. donald trump continues to insist the system to select the republican presidential nominee is rigged and his opponents are buying delegates. but trump's new convention manager is working to ease party concerns about the candidate. he says the part trump has been playing is evolving and soon they will see a real different guy. for his part, ted cruz is repeating his claim that trump's not really a republican. >> he doesn't believe anything he is saying. he is just trying to fool gullible voters and he is not going to do any of it. he is not going to build a wall. he is not going to deport anyone. he is lying to us. >> trump is the only republican
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who can still win the nomination at the voting booth. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are spending time in pennsylvania which is the biggest prize on tuesday. clinton is leading in the polls in all five states. more than 450 democratic delegates are at stake in pennsylvania, maryland, delaware, connecticut and rhode island. an autopsy will determine how a music icon prince died yesterday but the coroner says it could take weeks to get results. meanwhile tributes continue to pour in and reporter jamie yuccas says fans are still in disbelief. >> reporter: the fence outside paisley park studios has bloomed into a violet memorial as fans paid tribute to prince. >> he touched many, many generations. he touched many cultures. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: prince's reign over popular music spanned four decades and touched almost every genre. >> he wore his sincerity on his sleeve and could you feel it. >> reporter: an autopsy today
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had help determine the cause of death. but results will not be known for days or weeks. the 57-year-old had reportedly been battling the flu. if mood outside paisley park is somber, it's the exact opposite here outside minneapolis club first avenue where purple rain was filmed. an all-night street party will keep on going. more celebrations of prince's life are planned for tonight and tomorrow. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: with his death, prince is king of the music charts. his albums dominating the itunes top 50 list. christa barnes brought her son to paisley park to create a memory. >> trying to explain to a three-year-old who prince was is not easy. hopefully in times he will understand the importance of being here today. >> reporter: and join the millions of other fans who remember the music. jamie yuccas, cbs news, minneapolis, minnesota. today oakland native sheila e. talked at length to "cbs this morning" sharing personal
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insight about her musical collaborator and one-time fiance. >> he had a great sense of humor. um, and, um, i don't know, we just did a lot of things together. you know, went to the movies, you know, we played -- loved sports so we always played, you know, basketball, ping pong, pool, um, we did a lot of things that, you know, people do and whatever normal might be. i do know a lot, there's things i can't talk about um, i really wanted to just, you know, share my -- anytime that i got a chance to speak with anyone was really just to share the great moments and the great music and the great person that he is and was. >> the bay area is paying tribute to the legendary artist. san francisco's city hall was bathed in a signature purple last my a statement for his music and how much people loved him. also bathed in purple oracle arena where prince performed his last bay area concert just last month. he also attended a warriors game while he was here. still ahead, a big
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milestone in bay area history. how people plan to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of black panther party in oakland. >> overseas president obama meets with leaders in britain and make a minor faux pas when meeting with the queen. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fifty years ago, the black panther party was founded in oakland. this morning, organizers announced plans orate the event du a moment in bay area history, 50 years ago the black panther party was founded in oakland. this morning organizers announced plans to commemorate the event in october. some of the former members of the party say decade later the county is still facing some of the same problems they fought including police brutality. >> we don't want to continue to put a band-aid on the problem. there's got to be a major change in this country. unless that major change comes, we are going to be here 50
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years from now saying the same thing. >> the oakland museum of california will present a major exhibit showcasing artifacts, photos and video recordings related to the black panthers. isis spa was originally named after an egyptian goddess but because the terror group isis brought a negative image to the name the owner is changing the spa name. they want clients to feel safe so they are changing it to eliseium grand skin care with their opening today. the dow is up 22. president obama and the first lady are wishing queen elizabeth a belated birthday. the first couple touched down in windsor just in time for lunch with the queen. on this visit, the president is also meeting with british prime minister david cameron to take care of business and will meet
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with the two princes and princess. the president also almost got into the wrong seat in the car with the queen. our weather producer just pointed out something very important. let's go ahead and call on our live weather camera and tyke add of a good look at the golden gate bridge. you can't see the right side of it there. do you notice that on the approach as if you were heading out of the north bay towards the city of san francisco? we are seeing a downpour here. right now we have temperatures in the 50s and 60s with the rainfall and we have had sporadic rain on-again, off- again all morning long and tallied up to 4/10ths inch in san francisco. san francisco at 24. sfo at 20 with delays on arriving flights over an hour and light winds in san jose increasing. 17 in the east bay.
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san ramon in napa at 17 miles per hour. wind gusts to 45 miles per hour carr hour. hayward got hammered. gentle light rain there. let's check hayward now. as we go ahead and look at our live hi-def doppler, we zoom in. hayward is now right over here. all this is traversing east. it's pouring at the 580/680 corridor in the tri-valley. we have the heavy rain now moving in american canyon and in hercules. we can't rule out the possibility of a thunderstorm containing small hail. a lot of instability on this friday. evening commute drying out. mainly cloudy skies in the overnight hours. temperatures upper 40s and low 50s. rain amounts we have already seen about .4" in san francisco. we'll tack on .2" more.
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around the state a winter weather advisory in the high sierra. snowfall down to lake level 4." 8" in the highest elevations. here's a winter weather advisory. tahoe is open except lifts are closed due to very gusty winds. a lake wind advisory in effect. temperatures here locally today into the 60s. we do again have those gusty winds. your sun goes down very damp conditions but at least the winds will begin to lighten up somewhat for the evening commute and so will the rain. over the weekend, great weather. >> the weekend will be okay. >> right on earth day, cue the rain. give mother earth some rain. >> you heard her. >> thank you. warriors fans were on the edge of their seats for game 3 against the rockets last night even without steph curry. the dubs got off to a rough
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start but rallied in the 3rd quarter. not enough as james harden nailed a jumper in the final moments. the warriors lost. they lead the series two games to one but will have to play game five in oakland. now, tickets for game 5 will going for $179 for the up ever level seats. and $1,900 for courtside at oracle. it is game 5 tonight for the san jose sharks in the stanley cup play-offs. they play the kings at the staples center at 7:30 tonight. the sharks will play their 19th consecutive play-off game against the kings. they lead the series three games to one. it is friday. so it's time to check in with our pet expert. you will love it. how to puppy proof your house as you bring home that furry frnd. so cute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but they can tear up your h. we're talking about puppies. our pet expert -- dr. jill chase -- joins us today with tips on puppy- proofing your home. -"pancakes," a female border collie-she old they are cute and furry and can tear up your house. dr. jill chase has tips on how to puppy proof your house. pancake is the cutest thing i have ever seen and love the name. so how do we pancake-proof our house? >> so last week we talked about what you like for, for adopting a puppy and i thought it would be great to talk about how you -- because i'm big on preventative medicine, right? so i wanted to keep her safe and healthy and happy. so it's very important to puppy proof the house. so everything that's on the floor has to be picked up. i always tell my owners if you leave your shoes on the floor
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and eat them it's not her fault. it's your fault for leaving them on the ground. and actually, interestingly, pancake just recently had an unexpected incident because the owners are good about keeping her protected. she actually ate hair and it came out and it was so stringy that she was having trouble havinger who bowel movement and it scared her. so remember, i know i mentioned this before, never pull anything out. let the body just take it out itself. otherwise you could rip the colon or rectum. >> you have to be careful about the food you leave on countertops or -- >> so puppies wants to eat everything on the ground. even while we were waiting today to do this segment, she was checking everything out. i think somebody must have had potato chips, a cracker on the floor. so she -- you have to be so, so on top of it. remember that if they show any signs of illness no matter what it is always call the veterinarian right away. the sooner we get on top it -- >> if you're not home -- >> they should be in a crate or fenced in area so they can't
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get in trouble. >> pancake doesn't look like trouble at all whatsoever! but you know, probably a little bit of trouble. so if you have questions about your pet's health and well- being, just email us at just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back. your favorite the warm cookies you crave. now in one delicious treat. baskin robbins new warm cookie ice cream sandwiches. create yours today.
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the giants. that story and mo barry bonds is back at at&t park but not in a giants uniform am we are live as the we'll have that and more tonight at 5:00. all right. and that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. it's friday! enjoy your day. right? >> whoo! >> what did you say? >> it's friday! >> whoo!! >> we made it. >> and rain! have a good afternoon.
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>> wyatt: reclaim what's yours? >> liam: yes. >> wyatt: did your bout of amnesia set you back a few hundred years? because steffy's not property. >> liam: oh, g-- i'm talking about the relationship, wyatt. don't pretend you don't know that. >> wyatt: she is a strong, independent woman who chose to marry me. >> liam: because she thought i was unavailable, because she thought i left her. >> wyatt: that's because you d-- >> liam: not by choice, wyatt! >> wyatt: you know what? you're cherry-picking where you want to remember. no. you walked away from steffy before you started playing garden of eden with my mother. >> liam: okay. i may not remember everything, but it doesn't matter. i don't care, because i'm getting my life back, and steffy is a part of that. >> wyatt: huh.


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